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WWE Raw Live Coverage & Open Discussion (4/2/18)

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On the final Raw before their Mixed Tag Team Match at WrestleMania, Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey will stand face-to-face with Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. Will these two teams brawl before The Show of Shows? Also on Raw, Seth Rollins battles Finn Bálor one-on-one, six nights before both challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship in a Triple Threat Match on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Team Rousey vs Team McMahon Face Off:

The Coach kicks us off and is the mediator for the face off between Team Rousey and Team McMahon. Coach first introduces Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Team McMahon make their way down to the ring and point at the Wrestlemania sign. Coach introduces Team Rousey next and Kurt Angle comes out first followed by Ronda Rousey. Before we could get into the questions HHH interruptes Coach and says the Rousey chants will die at Mania and says Kurt set her up to fail. Ronda wants to know why Stephanie and HHH are two face and signed her with alterative motives. Kurt listed her accomplishments and predicted she will tap out Stephanie. HHH believes Rousey is going to lose on Sunday. Both teams were asked questions and answered them. It escalated quickly Stephanie brought up how Rousey reacts to losing and Rousey countered with threatening to rip her arm off. Both teams got in each others faces and ended with cheap shot to Angle and Rousey going through a table.

Sonya Deville vs Bayley:

We're back from break and Baykey has already made her way down to the ring and is standing by the newly Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal Trophy. Absolution made their way to the ring during the break. Sonya started out with a few kicks then Bayley gains control tossing Sonya in the corner then maintains a headlock which Deville broke free and did shoulderblocks in the corner. As we go to break Deville is in control. Back from break and Deville is still in control. Near fall from Deville then multiple knee strikes. Bayley is starting her comeback which leads to a near fall for Bayley. Match leads to the outside which leads to a near fall from Bayley then near fall from Deville leading to Mandy getting involved then Bayley rolls up Deville for the win. Post match beat down by Absolution leading Sasha coming out to save Bayley. Sasha wanted Bayley to raise her hand but they end up fighting which leads to Absolution taking them both out. Winner: Bayley 

A video package was played about Asuka and her undefeated streak.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor:

Finn makes his way to the ring first as we go to commercial break. We're back from break and The Miz comes out and is joining the commentary table. BURN IT DOWN Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring first his match against Finn. Seth and Finn trade wristlocks to start the match and Seth gets theupper hand which eventually ends in a stalemate. Back and forth action leads to Seth gaining control for a one count. With a couple of armdrags Finn was in control for a moment which leads to another standoff heading into the break. Coming back from commercial break Finn is in control. Finn and Seth in the middle of the ring trading blows leads to Finn being tossed out of the ring and Seth coming out to follow up the attack. Finn gets tossed back in the ring only to toss Seth out of the ring leading to his trademark kick on the apron. Finn hits knife edge chops in the corner leading to Seth getting the upper hand and hitting the blockbuster in the corner. Mid March split screen promoting Nakamura vs Styles and Rollins is still in control. Rollins gets a near fall. Finn starts his comeback but Rollins counters into a near fall then Balor gets a near fall. Cole brings up the fact that Miz hasn't had a match in three weeks. Balor hits the slingblade leading to Rollins hitting the suicide drive heading into commercial break. Back from break and Finn is in control with the slingblade then a huge kick from Rollins leading to a near fall. Balor went for the Coup de Grace but Seth stops him. Seth goes for the falcon arrow mid way through Finn counters for a near fall. Seth hits a knee for a near fall. Rolkins hits the frogslpash but Finn gets the knees up for a near fall on Seth. Finn went for a kick on the apron but Seth counters and tries for the bucklebomb but Finn counters and dropkicks Rollins into the barricade. Back in forth back in the ring. Rollins with the curbstomp for the win. Winner: Seth Rollins 

The Andre the Giant Memerial Battle Royal, Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal, and the finals of the Crusierweight Title Tournament will be on the Wrestlemania kickoff.

Video package with an in-depth look at Brock Lesnar vs Roman Regins

Paul Heyman is backstage talking to someone on the phone then is interrupted by Kurt who wants the main event still intact for mania. Kurt doesn't want Brock to get hurt or Roman come out to the ring and Paul laughs at Angle about being considered for Brock's well being.

Who is Strowman's Partner?

The Bar comes down to the ring to find out who Braun Strowman's partner will be at Wrestlemania as we head to commercial break. Back from the break The Bar are in the ring and they aren't scared of whoever Strowman choses. The Bar says that Braun and his partner need to be on the same page and he can't win the titles by himself and if Braun and his partner aren't on the same page then he won't win the tag titles. Braun comes out and says he found a partner. Braun's partner wants a match with one half of the bar. Braun goes backstage to find him and it's Braun's brother "Brains" which is basically Strowman in disguise and he takes out both members of The Bar.

Goldust declares himself as a participant in the Andre the Gaint Memeerial Battle Royal. Woken Matt interrupts and says he will win the battle royal and that Goldust is schedule for deletion tonight.

Woken Matt Hardy vs Goldust:

We are back from break mid match with Matt coming back in the ring and proceeds to make the crowd clap. Goldust hit a spinebuster then Hardy gains control with multiple turnbuckle shots leading to a near fall. Goldust gains control for a minute but eventually Hardy hits the Twust of Fate for the win. Winner: Woken Matt Hardy 

Alexa and Mickie talk about Renee doing an interview with Nia about how she feels about Alexa and they continue to make fat jokes.

John Cena calls out the UnderTaker One last time:

Cena comes down to the ring and goes his usual shtick. Cena says he is wrong and silence means no UnderTaker. Cena says he is going to Wrestlemania as a fan. Cena says Cole told him to enter the Battle Royal or one of the multi man matches or be Braun's partner but Cena doesn't want to take that spot away from a full time superstar. Cena says he's going to Wrestlemania as a fan. Cena puts over basically everyone on the Wrestlemania card. Cena ask the crowd to help him summon the UnderTaker. Cena took one last jab at UnderTaker and still no sign of The Phenom.

Kurt tells Roman to not cost him another Wrestlemania match and wants him to leave. Roman is tired of the disrespect from Brock over the past six years. Roman also told Kurt to take his peace treaty back to the pawn shop where he sold his gold medals.

Elias does his usual guitar rift and asks the crowd what WWE stands for. Elias disrespects the city of Atlanta. Slater and Rhyno interrupts Elias.

Elias vs Heath Slater w/Rhyno:

Elias comes out strong with shoulderblocks in the corner. Slater fires back but is ultimately derailed and hit with drift away allowing Elias to pick up the win. Winner: Elias 

We're back from commercial break and Braun is backstage and runs into Curt Hawkins wearing a pick me Braun shirt trying to be on Braun's team which Braun ask about his win/loss record which leads to Braun throwing him into the wall.

Nia Jax's Exclusive Interview:

Alexa's comments brought her back to her childhood. Nia says she is not perfect or a goddess and she was just being herself. Renee says everyone looks up to her. Nia says the comments from Alexa and Mickie shattered her confidence a little bit she also doesn't take crap from anyone. Nia calls Alexa an insecure little girl and that she will squash her like a big and take the title on Sunday.

RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs Dana Brooke and Asuka: Before the break Alexa Bliss and Mickie James made their way down to the ring. We're back from break and Dana Brooke and Aduka both make their way to the ring. Corey predicts that Asuka loses tonight. Dana Brooke and Alexa start the match off and Dana gets control with a wristlock. Back and Forth wristlocks leading to a right hand shot from Alexa. Handspring elbow from Dana in the corner. Bliss gains control and tags in Mickie. Brooke rolls up Mickie for a near fall. Shoulderblocks to James in the corner but Mickie gains control and stays in control heading into the break. We're back from the break and Mickie is still in control with a headlock but Dana breaks free only to get put in a headlock again. Mickie tags in Alexa. Alexa has Dana in a side headlock but Dana delivers a suplex allowing Dana to tag in Asuka and Bliss tags in Mickie. Asuka is in full control knocking Alexa off the apron and Mickie out of the ring. Asuka brings her back in but eats a kick and Mickie gets two near falls but Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock for the submission victory. Post match Alexa and Bliss attack Asuka and hit a DDT on Brooke. Nia comes out to attack Alexa but Bliss escapes and leaves Mickie to deal with Jax and takes a Samoan Drop. Winners: Dana Brooke and Asuka

Kurt stops Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman who are on the way to the ring and warns them no funny business and Paul assures him only positive words and comments tonight.

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman:

We're coming back from break and Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are making their way to the ring. Apparently some of the WWE superstars are out here as a barrier to keep Regins and Lesnar apart. Paul says Angle is too busy with Rousey and has no control.

wrestlemania cardie. ase follow us @WNWNews on Twitter for the latest news, including our premium articles where you can catch breaking news first. To subscribe to a premium membership click here. Paul reminds everyone about the last time Brock was in New Orleans and said that was a spoiler when he announced it would happen. Heyman says Brock will F5 Regins for the one two three calling it a spoiler. Paul says if Brock loses then this will be the time we will see them and he will be going to UFC. Paul says Roman's only choice is to lose to Brock on Sunday. Roman comes out to get at Brock after what Heyman said about him but the superstars aren't allowing it. Roman doesn't understand why full time talent are protect Brock who is a part timer and they move out of his way as he heads to the ring. Brock tells Roman to think about it before getting in the ring. Roman enters the ring and they are at a standoff until Brock dips out of the ring and retreats. Lesnar grabs a steel chair and enters the ring. Regins hits THREE SUPERMAN punches on Lesnar and before he could stand up all the way Roman knocks him down again with TWO more superman punches and grabs the Universal title and stands over Brock but Lesnar stands back him and hits Roman with an F5 to end the show.

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