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WWE Raw Live Event Results (1/19/13) - Ontario, California

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Wrestling News World reader Cameron Dougharty attended Saturday night's WWE Raw live event in Ontario, California and sent in the following live report:

Brodus Clay v Jack Swagger
Clay wins in a glorified squash.

Bo Dallas v Tensai
Dalllas won with a small package roll up

CM Punk came out and told the crowd he wasn't medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Dolph Ziggler came down and said he got the flu from a fan tonight and said he couldn't compete either.Vickie Guerrero came out and made the main event between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler v John Cena and Ryback

Alex Riley v Damien Sandow
Sandow wins after a solid 10 minute match.

Antonio Cesaro v The Miz US Title match No DQ Match
Hell of a back and forth match, they teased using tables all match long. Cesaro hit neutralizer for win After the match The Miz put Cesaro through a table via spear.

Kaitlyn v Tamina Divas Title
Kaitlyn retains title

Cody Rhodes v Zack Ryder
Ryder upsets Rhodes in good match

John Cena & Ryback v. CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler
Cena hit the AA on Ziggler for win after the referee made AJ Lee and Big E Langston leave The ringside area.

Overall a very good show.

Biggest Pop: John Cena
Most Heat:CM Punk (a lot of Punk fans too)
Best Match: Antonio Cesaro v The Miz

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