WWE Raw Live Event Results (2/9/13) – Springfield, Missouri

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Wrestling News World reader Jacob Myers attended Saturday’s WWE Raw live event in Springfield, Missouri, and sent in the following results:

* Zack Ryder b. Corey Graves. Prior to the match, Graves came to the ring talking down to Ryder in a promo.

* Tensai b. Alex Riley. Before the match, Vickie Guerrero came out and reminded the crowd of Tensai dancing in lingerie. She then decided to start the match with a dance-off. Tensai began dancing and Riley interrupted him, starting the match. Tensai incorporated dance moves into his moveset, getting a nice pop every time. Tensai won by pinfall. After the match, Alex Riley got onto the mic and said that there was a rock in his shoe, so he demands a rematch. Tensai

* Tensai b. Alex Riley, squashing him immediately to a sizable pop. After the match, Tensai danced up the ramp.

* Kaitlyn b. Tamina to retain the Divas Championship.

* Team Rhodes Scholars came to the ring and announced that if the crowd could answer questions correctly, they would receive a T-shirt. They were interrupted by the The New Age Outlaws, to a huge pop.

* The New Age Outlaws b. Team Rhodes Scholars. Billy Gunn got the win, pinning Cody Rhodes.

* Justin Gabriel b. David Otunga

* Chris Jericho b. Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E Langston in a People's Choice match. The choices were "No DQ" or "2 out of 3 Falls," and the crowd chose No DQ with 53% of the vote. AJ was ejected from ringside during the match.

* The Miz & Ryback b. CM Punk & Antonio Cesaro. Ryback got the win, pinning Cesaro. During the match, The Miz botched a stalling suplex on Punk and dropped him almost straight on his head. Punk rolled out of the ring and was being checked by officials for a few minutes. He was slow getting back to his corner and even went to the wrong corner at first. He was visibly shaken up and was much slower than normal in the ring. After the match, you could tell it had an impact on him.

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