WWE Raw Live Results (4/17/13) - Rotterdam, Netherlands (Updated With Reader Reports)

Below are quick results from Wednesday's WWE Raw live event from Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands:

* Zack Ryder b. Heath Slater

* R-Truth b. Antonio Cesaro

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn, Cameron & Naomi b. The Bella Twins & Tamina Snuka

* William Regal b. Michael McGillicutty

* World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler b. Daniel Bryan

* Brodus Clay & Tensai b. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow

* WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No b. World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

* WWE Champion John Cena b. Ryback in a Tables Match

Wrestling News World reader Remko Hooft sent in the following report:

* Zack Ryder b. Heath Slater.

* R-Truth b. Antonio Cesaro.

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and Cameron & Naomi b. Tamina Snuka and The Bella Twins.

* William Regal b. Michael McGillicutty.

* World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler b. Daniel Brian in a champioship Match. Before the match the attendends had the choice to make it a championship match or not.

*Kane vs. Big E. Langston ended in a no-contest after Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Brian enterd the ring. Wich resulted in a tag-team match.

* Team Hell no b. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston. After the match Daniel and Kane where fighting over the 1 tag-team title belt at ringside, wich let them eventually hug it out.

* Tons of Funk b. Rhodes Scholars.

* John Cena b. Ryback in a championship Tables match.

Biggest pop:
- Daniel Brian (twice)
- William Regal
- Kane

Biggest Heat:
- Dolph Ziggler
- Road Scholars
- Big E. Langston

Wrestling News World reader Boyke Sewlal sent in the following report:

- sold out crowd
- first time since 21 years that WWE came to the Netherlands.
- we could tweet if D Brian vs Ziggler would be for the title
- crowd was vary into it
- largest pop: D. Brian
- biggest chant YES YES YES
- huge chants let's go Cena/Cena sucks

Zack Ryder def Heath Slater
Antonio Secaro def R Thruth
Willam Regal def Michael McGillicutty
Kaithlyn+Naoimi+Cameron def Bellas+Tamina
Dolph Ziggler def Daniel Bryan (Match of the night)
Funk+Tensai def Rhodes Scholars (fun match)
Kane vs Big E - no contest because Ziggler interfered...Vicky came out
and declared this a tag match:
Team Hell NO def Ziggler+Big E
Cena def Ryback in a Tables match!!

Great evening: both World titles on the line, Tag champs and Divas Champs all there!

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