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WWE Raw Live Results (5/26/13) - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Below are quick results from Sunday's WWE Raw live event in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada:

* R-Truth b. Antonio Cesaro

* Bray Wyatt b. Zack Ryder

* Kofi Kingston b. WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose when Roman Reigns interfered. When The Shield was in the process of bringing Kingston to justice, Team Hell No made the save.

* Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No b. The Shield via disqualification when Roman Reigns introduced a chair into the match. They did the same comedy bit after the bout they did on Saturday night, with Daniel Bryan performing a chokeslam and Kane getting mad. They hugged it out.

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn b. Tamina Snuka. Vickie Guerrero introduced Tamina to a love to heat.

* The New Age Outlaws w/Shawn Michaels b. The Rhodes Scholars

* Ryback b. Chris Jericho in a no disqualification match that was voted on by the fans.

Wrestling News World reader Moustafa Mohsin attended and sent in the following live report:

I was in attendance at the House show today. I also have pics of my ticket, some entrances and arena pics to prove the validity of this (i.e HBK's entrance)

When we got here, the lot was half full, we were there an hour early. They had Indy wrestlers promoting and signing autographs. The "Gothic Knight" was featured.

I was wearing my "Worlds biggest member" DX shirt, I was quiet pleased to see everyone in the spirit wearing all sorts of merchandise. Huge line ups at the merchandise sands and lots and lots of Bret Hart gear was selling (his hometown is only 80 miles away from here) the arena was just over 1/2 full (enmax center seats 3500 people) Justin Roberts voice came on and asked "please rise for your national anthem" and they played "Oh Canada" for the crowd.

Roberts came in first to a huge pop, first match was R-Truth vs Antonio Caesaro. R-Truth got a huge pop and the crowd played into the "what's up?" Bit. They played to the crowd with both of them posing at a time, r-truth getting the pop, Caesaro getting booed. The crowd were chanting "what's up?" Throughout the match. Very standard match otherwise. The crowd were hot as well. R-Truth wins the match via

Roberts announced Ryback vs Jericho and everyone cheered. He announced that we will vote which stipulation "2 out of 3" or "no DQ" which got the most pops.

Bray Wyatt (new guy?) came out to boos, he was facing Zack Ryder who got a louder pop than R-Truth earlier. Highlights of the match were when Ryder was getting the upper hand otherwise a very ordinary match, the crowd were only alive for Ryder's come backs. Wyatt won via modified pump handle slam. the crowd cheered as Ryder exited. Roberts gave a quick update on voting "86% no DQ 14% 2 out of 3"

Next match was for US Championship. Kofi got a huge pop, Ambrose got booed but definitely some cheers there. The crowd were hot for the entire match. Really cool spots from Kofi throughout the match. Kofi won via DQ After interference from Reigns. They continued the beat down until Kane and Bryan came in to a huge pop. They cleared the ring and Vickie showed up to huge heat and announced a 6man tag between them which got a huge pop. Bryan started the match to a loud and very
consistent "yes!" Chants. Rollins started from the other team. After a couple of moves Reigns was tagged in, and the crowd chanted "bring on Kane!" Which got the biggest pop so far. Very good tag match, with the ending being Bryan making a hot tag to Kane, who cleared the ring and tried chockslam Rollins, but Reigns came in with the chair who got DQ. But kofi and Bryan and came in with their chairs. They all hit their finishers. Bryan then hit a chockslam, Kane appeared upset. Bryan came on the mic and said "I have a better chockeslam" and the crowd erupted in "no! No! No!" Chants, Bryan then said "did you call me Goat Face!" To the crowd. Then both Bryan and Kane shoved eachother, then crowd chanted "hug! Hug!" And they did to a loud pop.

Roberts came on and announced that Ryback and Jericho autographed pics were selling at the merchandise stand as he announced a 15 min intermission which drew a decent "Boo!" Chant from the crowd lol.

Vickie Guerrero came on after the intermission and got huge heat, she said the crowd are stupid because they can't find their own seats. The guy infront was chanting "Screw my friend! screw my friend!" then his friend said "ill do it! ill do it!" Funny. She introduced Tamina.

Kaitlyn came out next to a pop. It was for the divas championship. Once the match started, the same guy (I'm assuming) was chanting "we want tables" which got the crowd laughing. Very ordinary divas match. The crowd were screaming "where's fandango?" And the crowd very faintly started Fandangoing. Then some other faint "HLA" (hot lesbian action) chant began. The crowd were not paying attention to the match that's for sure. Kaitlyn won via spear.

Next match was Rhode Scholars (who got a decent heat) vs new age outlaws who got a huge pop (myself included, I was wearing the DX gear lol) road dogg did his bit and billy said he "forgot his line" and dogg said "I know someone who can remind you" and HBK's music came on to the biggest pop of the night. The crowd were all focused on HBK. Once the match started everyone was chanting HBK. there was someone in the crowd that yelled "silence!" Funny. The crowd then began chanting
"thank you Shawn, thank you Shawn" and another "one more match! One more match" Chant began. Sandow left the ring and Shawn went to hug him, then gave him a chop, crowd laughed and cheered. Dogg pretended he was upset and a big "hug it out" chant broke out. They did. Then Shawn added in the ref to the hug which got the crowd laughing. Once the match got going again, someone in the crowd screamed "go home Michaels!" And then someone tried to start a "you screwed Brett!" Chant but someone from the crowd yelled "shut up" Sandow began tune up the band which got a heavy boo. Rhodes did a "suck it" to HBK which drew heat as well. Dogg made the hot tag to billy who cleared the ring. Dogg distracted the ref enough for HBK to come in and sweet chin music Sandow for billy to pin for the victory. Huge post match pop to HBK who posed for the crowd and slapped Billy's ass. Roberts came back to announce the main event and Ryback came in to a half cheer half boo from the crowd but Jericho got a huge pop (almost as loud as Michaels) roberts announced that it was DQ match again the crowd popped. Jericho got the crowd to cheer for him by motioning towards his ears for chants. Ryback left the ring, grabbed a "Y2J" sign and ripped it, someone yelled "he spent all night on that sign" funny. Jericho left and hugged the same fan which got a huge pop. A "don't use steroids chant broke out" Ryback was getting the best of Jericho and put him through the steel steps. A very loud "Goldberg" chant broke out and stayed for a good 10 seconds. Jericho fought back and got outside and grabbed a kendo stick for a huge pop but Ryback kicked him, grabbed it and used it on him for a near 2 count. Ryback then began punching Jericho on the ground and then yelled "STUPID!" Jericho then got back and got the upper hand. He hit the lionsault for a near fall. Then hit Ryback with a kendo stick. For anther near count. Ryback left the ring to grab a table which did get a big pop. He set the table at the apron. Ryback tried to slam him on the table but Jericho reversed it. Then Ryback went for shell shock but Jericho reversed into walls of Jericho but he got to the ropes. Ryback then nailed him with a meat hook clothesline for the win. Ryback then began assaulting Jericho. He set up Jericho for a spear through the table but Jericho got out of the way and Ryback went through. Then Jericho hit the code breaker and the crowd erupted. He posed for the crowd who were still cheering. He did a hulk hogan like cheering where he went through each corner of the crowd to get that section to chant. He then shook the crowd's hands. Roberts closed the show to Fandango's theme song.

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