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WWE RAW Live Results & Discussion (10/9/17)- The Shield is Back!

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Welcome Everyone For Monday Night Raw!! What will happen tonight after all three former Shield members stood together to end Raw last week? Will they reunite? Let's find out!


The start of the show, there was a recap of last week's Raw. It focused on the Miz vs Roman Reigns, showcasing Sheamus and Cesaro coming to the aid of Miz...

The Miz was in the ring for MizTV. Miz said he went from the A-Lister, to THE GUY. He said he couldn't have done it all by himself, so he was giving out Mizzies... Classic! His first Mizzie was given to Curtis Axel. Axel said he wanted to dedicate his Mizzie to Bo Dallas. (Dallas not present.) Miz said next Mizzie was for "Best Supporting Actors" and it was for Sheamus and Cesaro. The Bar then came out down to the ring. Sheamus thanked Miz, and said it was an honor. He thanked Roman Reigns for making it all possible. "ROMAN, WE DID IT!!" Cesaro then went on to say that it wasn't for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who also helped The Bar win the Mizzie. Miz said that he, along with Sheamus and Cesaro, put an end to Roman Reigns. Miz finally drum rolled the third Mizzie, giving it to himself. The fans chanted, "YOU DESERVE IT." Miz then said he dedicated his win to his unborn child, going on until Roman Reigns interrupted him..... Roman told Miz to shut up and gave them one chance to get out of his ring. Miz said there was four of them, and only one of them. He said the rumors of the Shield reuniting were like Roman, all hype. "Rumors? Who said anything about Rumors."... Out came Dean Rollins and Seth Rollins. The Three Shield members stood together, looking around the arena, with them charging the ring. They all went to one side of the ring, going in the ring, battling Miz and The Bar. The Shield cleared the ring, staring down Miz, Rollins and Ambrose chased him back into the ring, only for Ambrose to give him a Dirty Deeds. The Shield picked Miz up and performed a Triple Powerbomb. They stood in the middle of the ring, fist bumping each other, the crowd erupting in cheers.....

Cole hyped up Bray Wyatt for later in the show, asking if Sister Abigale is alive?(c)

A Susan G. Komen ad aired.

Back from break, Jason Jordan headed to the ring, as Karl Anderson was already in the ring for them set to go one on one....


Jordan gained the early control, using his amateur wrestling until Anderson caught him with a punch. Jason was distracted by Luke gallows, allowing Karl Anderson to get control heading into break.(c)

Coming Back, Anderson worked on Jordan's left arm, keeping him to the mat. Jordan fought back, throwing punches, and dropped Anderson with a back suplex. He fired up, running Anderson into the corners. Gallows tried to interfere, but got knocked down by Jordan. He then performed his neck breaker on Anderson for pinfall.


Backstage was Elias, on his way to the ring coming up next..(c)

Miz was in the trainers room, Axel icing him. Kurt Angle walked in, telling Miz that himself, Sheamus, and Cesaro will face the Shield in a TLC Match at TLC.

In the ring, Elias was in the ring, asking the people of Indiana "Who wants to walk with Elias?" He said Apollo Crews doesn't. He told everyone to shut their mouths so he could sing a song. He started to play his song, but it was interrupted by Titus O'Neil. He was playing a Banjo. He asked the crowd if they want to walk with Titus Worldwide. He told Elias he had a song for him, singing that he was going to lose in Indianapolis. Apollo Crews came down to the ring for his match against Elias...(c)


Elias was stomping Crews in the corner back from break, beating him down. He went for a pin, only for Apollo to kick out. Elias went to the top rope, holding onto Crews, performing the Walk With Elias move. Crews fought back, using his kicks and a close line, following a moonsault for a two count. The fight was taken outside the ring, Crews flipping backwards onto Elias, then throwing him into the ring. Elias took control shortly afterword, performing Drift Away for a three count.


Enzo Amore was shown in the back, coming next..(c)

Back from break, Enzo came down to the ring. He called out Kurt Angle because he had some things to say to him. Angle complied, walking to the ring. Enzo brought out the no contact clause, asking if Kurt signed it. He said yes. Enzo questioned why Kalisto was allowed to put his hands on him, and was granted a Championship match at TLC. Angle said he signed Kalisto after he signed the clause, therefore it didn't apply to him. Enzo said Kurt should be worried about making him happy. Angle agreed, calling off the match with Kalisto and Enzo at TLC. Instead, he made the match for later in the show. Enzo said yes only if it is in the main event. Angle said yes, but the no contact clause would not be in effect tonight. Kurt went on to say that Enzo VS Kalisto will be a Lumber Jack Match for the Cruiserweight Championship....

Braun Strowman is action next!(c)

Braun came out to the ring, following Matt Hardy for a match.


Hardy tried to lock up with Strowman, but kept getting shoved down. Braun Srowman tossed Hardy out of the ring heading to break.(c)

Strowman had Hardy in a headlock, with Matt trying to fight back with his quickness. Hardy used kicks against Braun, going to the top rope. He did a tornado ddt, and gave Strowman a Twist of Fate for a one count. He went for a second one, only for Braun to reverse it into a Choke Slam. He picked up Matt and performed the running PowerSlam for the pinfall,


After the match, Braun picked up Hardy and put him on his shoulders. He began to walk him up the ramp, until the Shield came out and confronted The Monster. The three fought off Strowman, with Dean and Seth holding Braun, allowing Reigns to spear him on the stage. The Shield then took Strowman over to the announce table, performing the triple powerbomb on him. The three stood tall, watching down at the fallen Strowman...(c)

Back from break, the announcers went over the attack the Shield had on Braun Strowman.

The three were shown back walking backstage. Seth said the Shield is back and stronger than ever. Dean went on to say they will face whoever comes at them. Reigns said they will go against the entire world if they have to. Seth finished it up with, "And you can Believe that."

Mickie James was introduced to the ring. James said ever since she came back to Raw, she said she feels like she hasn't felt like she fits in. She said she can thank Alexa Bliss for that. She said all can she do is hide behind Nia Jax. James said it's time to put her big girl pants and be a woman. She said age is just a number, and the only number she is worried about is the number 7. In two weeks, it will be Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James for the Women's Championship. Alexa came out and apologized to Mickie. She then went on to show a presentation of Mickie James career, basically making her out to be old. After it finished, Alexa said she will run circles around Mickie at TLC. James went on to say that she should say it to her face. Alexa came down to ringside, and said yes but backed away. James ran at her and attacked her. Alexa ran off up the ramp as Mickie James' music played.

The announce team hyped the Lumber Jack Match between Enzo and Kalisto for later in the show.(c)

A Vignette aired for Asuka at TLC.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was with Bayley and Sasha. They both wanted a shot at Asuka at TLC. In came Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, and Emma. They all went on to say that they want a match with Asuka at TLC. Angle told them all they solve their issues in the ring, scheduling a fatal 5 way match between them later in the show.


Kendrick took control over Cedric quickly, tagging in and out Gallagher. Kendrick kept Alexander in the corner, beating him down. Jack tagged in, putting him in a submission, only for Cedric to fight back. He reversed him with a kick, tagging in Ali. Mustafa worked over Jack until Kendick tagged in. Gallagher caused a distraction, with Mustafa throwing him into the barricade. Going back in the ring, Brian Kendrick took control, performing Slice Bread for the win...


Up next, is Sister Abigale alive?(c)

Kurt Angle was in the back on the phone. Miz walked in and said that they would only face the Shield at TLC if only they stay true to their word. Angle questioned what he was talking about. Miz said that they said they could go against four or five people. So he insisted on finding another partner. Angle agreed, and incomes Braun Strowman, revealed as the new partner of the Miz at TLC. Now it will be the Shield vs Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Braun Strowman...

Finn Balor came out to the ring, the crowd chanting, "Too Sweet!". He said last week Bray Wyatt introduced the world to Sister Abigale. He said he is speechless. He said he is desperate for attention, and to instill fear, and for the WWE Universe to listen to his garbage. Finn said he isn't afraid of Bray, or Sister Abigale. Bray Wyatt intro cut came in, and said he should be afraid of her. She was turned into some type of monster. She chose Bray, and together they will be strong. Bray turned into Sister Abigale and talked to Finn in what seemed to be riddle talk. She said she must punish Balor. She said Finn can't beat her. She finished up with telling him to RUN.

Later in the show, Cruiserweight Championship.

Up next, Woman's Fatal Five Way Match.(c)

Each woman made their entrances


Emma stood in one corner as the other four women fought it out. Alicia Fox and Emma stood face to face until Dana Brooke attacked Fox. Emma and Dana worked together for a moment until the two fought each other. Bayley made it back into the ring, fighting Brooke. She performed a Bayley to Belly on Dana for a pinfall, eliminating Brooke. Assuming now it's a elimination match? Before break, Alicia Fox used a kick on Bayley to eliminate her.(c)

Back from break, Emma and Alicia foxed double teamed Sasha. Emma then tried to roll up Fox, but kicked out. The two squared off, fighting each other. Sasha came back and double dropkicked both of them. She fought off Alicia, gaining control with double knees to the face. She put Fox in the bank statement, forcing her to tap for the elimination. Emma came in, quickly rolling up Sasha for the pinfall.


The commentary hyped Enzo Amore vs Kalisto in a Lumber Jack Match for later in the show.(c)

Renee Young was backstage with Finn Balor. She asked him his thoughts about Sister Abigale. Finn said Bray unleashed something awful. He knows the evil ahead of him. And now he knows what he has to do...

The commentary team went over the start of the show with MizTV.

Next week, it will be Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage.

Backstage, Kalisto was interviewed. He said he was inspired by the likes of Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero. With Enzo being Cruiserweight Champion, it is a slap to them, and to himself. He said he will win the Cruiserweight Championship.

The Lumberjacks began to make their way to the ring before break.(c)

Enzo made his entrance first, talking his way to the ring. He looked around the ring, saying none of the lumberjacks could cut him down. He called all of them SAWFT. Out came Kalisto next. JoJo made the introductions for the championship bout.


The match started with Enzo kicking Kalisto in the gut, putting him in a headlock. Kalisto made his way back, dropkicking Enzo out of the ring. The lumberjacks looked at Enzo, with him getting back into the ring. Kalisto worked over Enzo with the control heading into commercial break.(c)

Coming back, Enzo was in control, throwing Kalisto onto the apron. He reversed it, performing a cross body on Enzo. Kalisto was then tossed over the top rope by Enzo, getting beat down by some of the Cruiserweights before getting thrown back inside the ring. Enzo put Kalisto in a headlock, keeping him down and slowing the pace. He slammed his head down on the canvas, going for a kick to the ribs. Kalisto reversed it, and the pace picked up. Kalisto charged Enzo in the corner and ran into a boot to the face. Enzo took a shot at one of the lumberjacks, and then a brawl erupted outside of the ring. Kalisto hoisted Enzo up for a suplex off the top rope, onto the lumberjacks outside of the ring. The two men made it back into the ring. Kalisto went for Del Sol, only to be reversed into Enzo's finisher. Enzo went for the pinfall, only to be broken up by Mustafa Ali. Enzo Closelined Ali at ringside, getting back inside. Enzo put Kalisto up on the top turnbuckle, and Kalisto took control with the Salina Del Sol for the pinfall.


After the match, the Cruiserweight Division celebrated with Kalisto with winning the Cruiserweight Championship to close out the show.(E)

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