WWE Raw Results (10/31/16) - Canadian Championship, Jinx You Owe Me A Coke!

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WWE Raw Results (10/31/16)
Monday, Halloween 2016!
From XL Center in Hartford, CT
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hello lads and lasses in the WNW Universe! Welcome back to Monday Night Raw Live Streaming Results! My name is Zack Krasney, Crown Prince of WNW and I'll be your host with the most! Tonight is Halloween and WWE is going to do something extra cheesy I'm sure! We are also fresh off the heels of a successful Hell in a Cell PPV last night. Spoilers: it was very good!

Question of the Night: What should be next for Charlotte and the Women's Championship?

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Monday Night Raw

Opening Segment

Goldberg's music hits and the big man makes his way to the ring to address the crowd.

Goldberg- OK! Brock Lesnar! 3 weeks--

Heyman- Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Paul Heyman and my client is not happy about you chanting the name Goldberg. I will tell you on the record, ladies and gentlemen, you're pissing me off. Now, sir, I have all the respect for you and for your abilities and I'm sure you know that I am not a physical threat to you. Which is why I am somewhat comfortable of honoring my client's instructions to actually step into the ring with you. Because surely Mr. Goldberg, you don't think I came here without significant back up do you? If I may, I'm probably going to make you very happy. I'm going to make all these people happy. I'm going to make your family happy. My client is not just a beast, he is an impatient beast. You sir are 1 and 0 against my client, quiet a streak Goldberg but my client conquers streaks, just ask the Undertaker. Which is why my client has decided not to wait until Sunday November 20th. He's not going to wait for Survivor Series because my client wants to face you face to face RIGHT HERE! So ladies and gentlemen, and you too Bill, I give you the beast!

After several seconds it's clear Brock isn't coming. Heyman laughs to himself.

Paul- Gotcha! Look at the look the face of your son! So disappointed he doesn't get to see his dad fight! It won't compare to the face that he makes when you're victimized by Brock Lesn---Wait wait I'm an advocate!

Goldberg backs Paul into the corner but then Rusev's music hits and he gets in the ring.

Rusev- Who do you think you are? I know his name! Don't chant it! You think you're some kind of a superhero, but I don't think you have it anymore. We all hear you crying about children, you are no superhero because there is no such thing! Now you haven't been in this ring in a very long time. You had moves back in WCW, the spear and the Jackhammer but they required strength and looking at you I don't think you have it anymore. Do you have the heart? When you get beat down, to get back up and keep fighting? I don't think you have that either. It's easy to talk trash to someone who isn't here, and no Brock Lesnar isn't here! I see you shaking in fear of Rusev the Super Athlete! You know what I do to weak people? CRUSH!!

Rusev hits Goldberg with a right hand but Goldberg isn't phased. He blocks another right hand and hits a Jackhammer. He stands up and starts to walk away but then turns and hits a spear on Heyman!

Enzo vs. Gallows in a Trick or Street Fight

Enzo and Cass come out as Buzz and Woody- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that. And this right here is Big Cass and he's 7 feet tall and you can't teach that. Badaboom realist guys in the room! How you doin! Last night at Hell in a Cell, Andy and Big Gal hit me with the magic killer, well hocus pocus I'm back! Big Cass knows you got a friend in me. We know we're not handing out candy but if we did we'd give you lollipops because you suck. I'm gonna give you a beating to infinity and beyond. Cass it's your turn let me pull your string.

Cass- There's a snake in my boot! Big Gal and Andy I wanna see if you have the malted milk balls to go toe to toe with Enzo. Unless you only have a little candy corn. Tonight Enzo will prove there is only one word to describe you! S-A-W-F-T!

Gallows starts off with a quick hit and throws Enzo outside the ring. Gallows talks trash to Cass and gets hit with a kick from Enzo. Enzo shoves Gallows face into a bowl of floating apples and hits him with a skeleton.

We return and Gallows misses a boot but still manages to take Enzo down. He puts him on a set up table and shoves pumpkin guts in Enzo's face. Gallows grabs a kendo stick and blasts Enzo with it over and over. Enzo dodges shot from the kendo stick and starts chucking pumpkins at Gallows but Gallows gets through it and hits him with the stick again. Enzo hits a dropkick to the knee and grabs a pie. Anderson hops up on the apron and Enzo blasts him with the pie. Cass runs in and hits a big boot to knock Anderson off the side and through a table. Enzo with a low blow on Gallows. Cass puts a pumpkin over the head of Gallows and Enzo hits the DDG for the win!

Winner: Enzo

Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship

Brian- Last night at Hell in a Cell I reminded everyone that nice guys like TJ Perkins always finish last. That wouldn't be very nice of me to call everyone here a sucker, but don't think I needed you to let me win. I don't need anyone to let me win but I knew I could play on your sympathies. Weak minded people can get played when you tug on their heart strings. I just needed to remind you of all the favors I did for you and all the things I did for you. When I faked that injury it was the opening I needed, and here we stand! Tonight you get your rematch and I can tell you're determined, but I hope you have a plan to win because you can bet I have a plan on how to keep it.

Perkins is right on top of Kendrick as soon as the handshake is over. Perkins drops Kendrick immediately with the modified GTS. Kendrick kicks out at 2 and slides to the ropes to get Perkins off of him as we head to commercial.

We return and both men are down. Kendrick misses with two clothesline and TJ plants Kendrick and hits a springboard dropkick. Double knees to the gut of Kendrick! 2! Perkins locks in the kneebar! Kendrick makes it to the ropes. Slam from TJ and he goes to the top rope but Kendrick knocks him down onto his private bits. Kenrick tries a superplex but it's blocked. Perkins knocks him down and leaps onto Kendrick and hurricaranas both men over the top rope! The both crash to the floor below. They both go to get back in the ring but then Kendrick stops and gets himself counted out.

Winner: TJ Perkins by count out

Perkins is furious and attacks Kendrick as he's walking out. Perkins locks in the knee bar and won't let it go until the refs pull him off.


Braun Strowman approaches Mick Foley and tells him he wants to be part of Team Raw at Survivor Series. Mick tells him he can't just bully his way into what he wants. Tonight there will be a battle royal for a spot on Team Raw, if he wants competition this is his best shot!


Mick- Last night Raw had a helluva night. A new Cruiserweight Champion, a triple main event, and the first ever Women's Main Event. Everyone is so proud except for Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. While everything they did was technically legal, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Kevin Owens music hits and he and Jericho make their way out.

Owens- We left a bad taste in your mouth? You mind telling me what we did that was so wrong? Let me guess, I walked out champion and not your #1 Draft pick. Maybe that my best friend here outsmarted you. Did that upset you Mick? I know what it is. It's the fact that last night I am the one who made history by stealing the show in the main event and becoming the first man to successfully defend the Universal Championship inside Hell in a Cell!

Chris- That's right Mick Pumpkin. You should be thanking us because last night team Chris and Kevin showed what a real team can do. We showed why we should anchor your team at Survivor Series.

Mick- If this were any other show coming up we'd be talking about a very different situation, but yeah I need you both on Team Raw.

Owens- What'd you say? Did you hear that Chris? You just said you need us. You're right! What you have here are the top 2 guys on Raw! That's killing you isn't it Mick? You're jealous aren't you, Mick? Because in my first Hell in a Cell match I walked out a winner. You made name in them for being a giant loser. You lost FOUR Hell in a Cell. That last one you lost to Triple H. Where did that take place? Right here in Hartford! The dump that is Hartford.

Mick- You know why I have a problem with you? Because you have the talent to walk out a winner on your own! You're happy you walked out a winner? You could've walked out a legend!! You think 18 years from now the WWE Network will show you, Chris, twirling your key?

Chris- I mean, maybe. Last night I had ...the key of Jericho! Lock it in maaaaaaaaaan.

Mick- You think this is a joke? You think I like needing you? I learned to check my ego at the door a long time ago? You want to brag that Stephanie wanted both? She didn't! Steph wanted you, Kevin. Not you, Chris! Steph was furious! I had to stop her from going down last night and firing you on the spot! I had to talk her into letting you on Team Raw. But I need another guy, a guy I can trust...THE Guy!

Roman Reigns music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Roman- Why you so mad boys? Mad to see me? Mick I'd like to thank you for the vote of confidence. Happy Halloween. I like your shirt Mick, you're out here hanging out with Spongebob and Patrick. You even stand like him.

Jericho- You're not even wearing a costume ROMAN!

Roman- I was gonna dress up as a stupid idiot but they didn't have any more Jericho costumes.

Jericho- *gasp* Alright Roman...you know what happens to people who insult me on Halloween? YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!? Did you think I was gonna put him on the list? He's not worthy. No one here is! None of you fans! No one goes on the list tonight!! You're not worthy of the list or the United States Championship. I'm from Canada and I'd make a better United States Champion than you. I'd take it away tonight if I wanted to, ya dig? No matter what these stupid idiots think, I'd take it away from you. I'm sure you're too beat up from last night to defend it. Too beat up, poor Roman!

Roman- I am beat up, I'm fine admitting that, but I'd never pass up a chance to shut your mouth!

Mick- Then it's official. Roman Reigns vs. Chris Jericho for the United States Championship, tonight!

Battle Royal for a spot on the Raw Survivor Series Team

Bell rings and Titus poses and everyone attacks him. Truth and Goldust try to team up on Braun but get destroyed. Truth gets eliminated. Then Bo Dallas. Neville kicks the legs of Braun and Cesaro hits uppercuts on him. Sami Zayn with a Helluva Kick on Strowman. He stumbles out of the corner and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick that sends Strowman through the middle ropes, but that means he isn't eliminated! We go to break.

We return and Sheamus is trying to eliminate Jinder Mahal. Mahal lands on the apron but Cesaro hits an uppercut on him to eliminate Jinder. Cesaro eliminates Darren Young. Strowman gets back in and throws Axel out of the ring. Titus charges at Sami Zayn but Zayn pulls down the ropes and then kick Titus off the apron for the elimination. On the other side of the ring Cesaro eliminates Sheamus! Strowman eliminates Cesaro immedately after. Cesaro and Sheamus argue outside the ring. Neville tries to take on Braun but he is quickly tossed out. It's down to Strowman and Sami. Sami rolls out of the way of a big splash and attacks with forearms but runs into a clothesline. Braun picks up Sami on his shoulder and goes to thrown him over but Sami slides it into a headlock and pulls Braun to try and get him over the rope. Strowman almost goes over but regains his footing and throws Zayn down to the floor.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

Lince and Daivari start the match and Dorado hits a crossbody and a spinning heel kick. Tag to Swann who hits an axe handle. Cedric tags in and goes on the attack but is shoved into the other team's corner. Gulak tags in and hits a suplex into a bridge pinfall. 2 count. Alexander with a flip into a hurricarana. Tag to Tony Nese. Cedrick with a wicked elbow! Nese slides under the feet of Cedric and pulls his legs out of the ring. Both teams stare each other down on the outside. Back in the ring Alexander kicks out of a pinfall at 2. Headlock by Nese. Tag to Ariya who locks in a headlock of his own. Huge running kick from Cedrick! Gulak tags in and stops the tag attempt. Back body drop by Alexander who is able to tag Swann! Swann with a double stomp to the back of the head of Nese. Leaping hurricarana and a Swann splash! All of the men get into the ring and chaos breaks out. Alexander and Lince send the non-legal heels out and leap over the top rope at both. Huge kick to the face by Swann and a cover gets him the win.

Winners: Rich Swann, Cedrick Alexander, and Lince Dorado

In-Ring Segment

Charlotte is carried down to the ring in epic fashion like last night.

Charlotte- Last night, I single-handedly made history when I walked into the first ever Women's Hell in a Cell and walked out the 3-time Women's Champion. The biggest mistake of Sasha's career was getting off that stretcher. There's nothing wrong with losing, you really did push me to the limit. Because Sasha, you're like every women in the WWE, playing second place. Which brings me to Survivor Series, your Queen will captain Team Raw. Nikki Bella, I know you're the captain and I'm giving you one warning. I put you on the shelf for a year, next time it will be FOREVER. Because I am the best in this business. This title says so. Are you listening, Champ? Yeah you Becky! Got it Bliss, Carmella? Mick Foley said there is potential for a weak link on my team in Bayley. Bayley, your captain would like to address you.....That means come out here!

Bayley's music hits and she comes down.

Bayley- I'm not sure why you called me out here but I'm glad you did. Last night, you and Sasha, what you did inside Hell in a Cell, gave me goosebumps. When we were in NXT, the thought of competing at that level was a dream. You guys made it a reality. I just want to say congratulation on winning the Women's Championship.

Charlotte- I would say thank you, but while you're dreaming of this, I'm acheiving all of this.

Bayley- Charlotte I've known you for years and it's clear success has gone to your head. You've become the biggest jerk and I'll never want to be a champion like you.

Charlotte- You won't be a champion like me because you'll never be me. When are you going to realize this isn't NXT anymore. When I look at you I don't know if I see a competitor or a glorified fan wearing a costume. You know, your team is only as strong as it's weakest link. So let's see how strong you are when you face our Survivor Series teammate.

Bayley- I think I speak for everyone when I say, I'm tired of listening to you talk. Let me guess, you want to put me against your little pal Dana Brooke. I don't know if you saw, but I beat her last night.

Charlotte- You think that's so funny do you Bayley? Your not going to face Dana, you're opponent is actually....

Nia Jax music hits and makes her way down.

Nia Jax vs. Bayley

Nia throws Bayley across the ring. Bayley twists the arm and uses the ropes to her advantage. Bayley ducks a clothesline but gets caught in a shoulder breaker. Nia picks up Bayley and throws her. Bayley whipped into the corner and Nia hits a splash. Bayley fights back with boots and then slams Nia's head into the corner. Bayley is shoved chest first into the turnbuckles. Nia locks in a bear hug. Bayley fights it out and reverses it into a headlock. Dropkicks from Bayley to the knees! Running bulldog from Bayley. Bayley gets run over by Nia! Nia looks like she's going for a leg drop but stops and drags her to the corner. Bayley hops up and goes for the Bayley to Belly but gets thrown over the top rope. Nia hits a splash on Bayley against the barricade. Back in the ring Nia hits a Samoan drop. 1-2-3.

Winner: Nia Jax

Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Shining Stars

Sheamus starts off beating down Primo. Rolling Senton and Cesaro tags himself in. Cesaro with a running uppercut and he signals the swing! Primo makes it to the ropes to break it. Cesaro sent over the top rope and kicked to the floor below. Epico tags in and use the ropes to choke Cesaro, then tags Primo back in. Primo with a big running kick. Tag to Epico. Epico puts a headlock on Cesaro but he fights out and hits an uppercut. Tag to Primo and a double dropkick from the Shining Stars. Cesaro dodges a splash and hits the tag to Sheamus. Epico runs right into the 10 beats! Sheamus goes for the Cloverleaf and locks it in! Primo goes to come off the top rope but Cesaro hits him with a wicked uppercut! Epico taps!

Winner: Cesaro and Sheamus

Chris Jericho w/Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns for the UnitedStatesChampionship

The match starts and Jericho runs into and elbow and a hard right hand. Headbutts from Roman. Running shoulder tackle by Reigns, then a hip toss. Roman is showing signs of pain from last night's match. Jericho with a take down and right hands to the head of Roman. Jericho with a big dropkick and heads to the top rope. Roman runs up and hits some rights and climbs to the top with Jericho. Jericho with headbutts of his own and knocks Roman down. Jericho with a high cross body! 2 count. Roman with a huge right hand to a charging Jericho. Roman continues with the punches and then clotheslines Jericho over the top rope to the floor below. Roman goes after him and bounces Jericho's head against the ring then the barricade. Roman throws Jericho into the barricade. Roman goes to get into the ring and Owens shoves Roman into the steel post when the ref isn't looking. We head to break.

We return and Jericho is in control of the match. Jericho with a big kick to the ribs of Roman who was crawling away. Jericho with a knee to the chest of Roman, then a second and third. Back body drop by Jericho. Jericho throws on a headlock. Reigns runs right into the boots of Jericho. Jericho goes for a bulldog but Roman throws him into the corner. Jericho runs into a clothesline and then Roman hits a leaping clothesline. Roman with 10 corner clotheslines. Big boot by Roman! Jericho gets thrown to the apron but he runs to the top rope but when he comes down he gets hit with a right hand! Drive by connects from Roman. 2 count! Roman signals the Superman Punch but Jericho ducks it and tries for Walls of Jericho. Reigns powers out but runs into an elbow. Lionsault but Jericho lands on knees! Roman signals the Superman Punch again but Jericho rolls him up but Reigns rolls through. Jericho going for the Codebreaker gets caught! Jericho turns it into the Walls of Jericho and locks it in! Reigns struggling to get to the ropes! Roman tries to rolls through it and is able to get under Jericho. Roman grabs Jericho and hits a sitdown powerbomb! 2 count! Roman signals for the spear but KO gest up on the apron! Jericho rolls up Roman 1-2-NO! Roman flung to the outside and Jericho goes for the springboard drop kick but Roman hits a Superman Punch! Reigns connects with a spear! 1-2-KO runs in and attacks Reigns.

Winner: Chris Jericho by DQ

Jericho and Owens attack Roman together. Owens and Jericho hit the Pop Up Codebreaker. Seth Rollins music hits and The Man makes his way down to the ring and takes out Owens then slingblade on Jericho! HUGE suicide dive on Owens, then he does it again! Springboard flying knee to Jericho and a Pedigree, except Owens pulls Jericho from danger before Rollins can connect with the pedigree. Rollins turns and sees Roman. They stare at each other, Reigns seems confused. They nod at each other to close the show.

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