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WWE Raw Results (12/19/16) - Raw...Or Else!

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WWE Raw Results (12/19/16)
Monday, December 19th, 2016
From Schottenstein Center in Ohio
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome back to Monday Night Raw here at Wrestling News World! I'm Zack Krasney, your host as usual! Last night was Roadblock End of the Line. We had some big title changes last night, but most importantly Team Kevin and Chris are back together! Nothing stronger than a good bromance! Tonight will be the official start to the build to the Royal Rumble! My favorite PPV of the year!

Question of the Night: Who would you want to win the Royal Rumble in a perfect world?

Monday Night Raw

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are in the ring to start Raw.

Owens- Welcome to the Kevin O...You know what welcome to the Chris and Kevin show! Like that? I even said your name first! There is nothing I will not do to make sure this title stays with me. Even if that means taking a Codebreaker from my best friend. Chris I gotta admit, when you showed up last night I had no idea what you were going to do, you had everyone fooled, even me. As much as that Codebreaker hurt, it didn't even compare to you not being my best friend. All that matters is you and I are together and the Universal Title is right where it belongs.

Chris- Believe me that Codebreaker hurt me more than you. I had to make people believe. Now I want you to believe that we're best friends by giving you the hug of Jericho. Bring it in maaaaaaaan. Now that Team Kevin and Chris are back together, we're going to hand out punishments like Santa hands out coal.

Owens- Like Michael Cole? Imagine how bad Christmas would be if Santa went around handing out Michael Coles.

Chris- Let me tell you this Santa, you stupid idiot! You know what happens when you make lists and steal Chris Jericho's gimmick! You wanna know what happens, Kris Kringle! YOU JUST MADE THE LIST

Mick Foley's music hits.

Foley- Hold it right here Chris, you don't talk about Santa that way. Let me tell you about Santa, he knows when you've been naughty he knows when you've been nice. And you've been real naughty Chris. I wanna expand on punishment, why didn't you talk about what happened after the match?

Owens- Are you proud of that? That could've ended my career.

Foley- That's what's known as payback.

Owens- I'm a national treasure!!

Chris- That's right Foley! What they hell are you wearing Foley!?

Foley- Really?! You don't get to tell me what the worst thing you've ever seen is. THIS is the worst thing you've ever seen. *Foley took of his sports coat to reveal a terrible shirt.* They only reason Reigns and Rollins aren't out here right now is because I promised them more vengeance tonight, right here it Pittsburg!

Owens- Let's pretend we're in Pittsburg for a second

Foley- Right here in Columbus, OH!

Owens- You know what Foley, you trying to throw us off our game? You saw what happened last night, bottom line is we made sure I'd win. Tonight we'll figure something out.

Foley- You always find a way. Chris always finds a way to get involved. It stops at the Royal Rumble. Santa brought you two a present from the North Pole! *A small cage is lowered* At the Royal Rumble, Roman will get his rematch and Chris will get in this cage and be suspended above the ring during the match.

Chris and Kevin argue that it's crap. Jericho calls the cage flimsy and he gets in the cage to show how crappy it is. Foley locks him in it. Foley looks for the key and says he forgot the key. He signals for the cage to be raised and it slowly raises it.

Foley- We'll find that key but in the meantime, have a nice day!


We return and Chris Jericho is getting oxygen from doctors in the back. Owens is telling him they need to get their head in the game for tonight.

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here, this is Big Cass and he's 7-foot tall and you can't teach that! Bada boom realist guys in the room how you doin!?

Cass- Rusev, last night you took the coward's way out. You may have notched a victory but that doesn't change the fact that there's only one word to describe you! And I'm gonna spell---

Rusev's music cuts Cass off.

Big Cass vs. Rusev

Cass throws several right hands and then puts Rusev in the corner. Cass hammers away at Rusev. Cass hammers away and stomps Rusev over and over. The ref tells him to back off but Cass keeps going! The ref calls for the DQ but Cass keeps beating Rusev without mercy. Rusev is finally able to get away and he runs through the crowd to get away.

Winner by DQ: Rusev

In-Ring Segment

Sasha Banks makes her way down to the ring with a crutch and a brace on her leg.

Sasha- Last night I literally gave blood, sweat, and tears. To tap out twice didn't almost break my leg, it broke my heart. For the last few months, Charlotte and I have gone to war. We've made history together. Last night, I walked out without my Women's Championship and as much as it hurts me, the better woman won. I call myself a boss, but I don't feel like the boss anymore. Charlotte as champion, I learned how to win and lose with respect. Charlotte I'm asking you to come out here so I can look you in the eyes and congratulate you.

Nia Jax music hits and she makes her way down to the ring.

Nia- I don't know why Charlotte's not here and I don't care. You can be a boss to all these sheep out here, you'll never be the boss to me. You're weak. You're wounded. Above all, you're just a little girl.

Nia kicks out the crutch from under Sasha. Sasha tries to fight back but Nia throws her across the ring. Nia grabs the crutch but then throws it down and walks away.


Cesaro and Sheamus walk into Mick Foley's office and he congratulations them on their win. He unveils new Raw Tag Team titles! They are the same design but a red belt with silver plates. A WWE employee runs in and tells Mick it's an emergency. Braun Strowman is destroying random workers backstage and just causing destruction. He tells Foley, Sami Zayn only lasted 10 minutes last night because Braun let him. He wants revenge tonight! Mick tells Braun he convinced Sami to take the night off, he's probably 100 miles away by now. Braun tells Mick he doesn't want to hear "or else."

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

Cedric with a huge elbow and then a reverse hurricarana that throws Dar out of the ring.

We return from break and Dar goes for a stomp from the top rope but misses. Alexander with a flipping kick. Cedric with a springboard clothesline and a Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander


Woods- After 483 days, the historic tag team championship reign has hit a roadblock.

Kofi- But, we can't mourn forever. Look at it this way, Ric Flair couldn't have become a 16-time world champion without losing 15 times.

Big E- And that'll be Charlotte in a month. And the New Day can't become your 3-time champs without losing a few times.

Woods- So as long as we keep looking good, we will once again become your WWE World Tag Team Champions!


Cesaro- Don't do that. We talked about this.

Sheamus- Either way, I'm full of positivity tonight because today really is a New Day. It is day 1 of the reign of the new WWE Tag Team Champion, Sheamus!

Cesaro- Cesaro!

Sheamus- Sheamus!

Cesaro- Cesaro!

Kofi- Hold up! First things first, you mean to tell me after 1 day of being champions they gave you guys new title belts?!

Woods- What?!

Kofi- We had to walk around with those cooper...but for real, we knew at some point we'd lose. If we're being honest, we're happy it was you.

Sheamus- Thanks, Kofi.

Woods- Hold on, shame on you! When we said congrats we meant to Cesaro!

Big E- He's got cat-like reflexes and he's strong like an....

Cesaro- Ox?

Sheamus- Bear?

Kofi- Carpenter ant that can lift up to 150 times it's own weight.

Cesaro- Well I need to be strong if I'm teaming with someone like Sheamus and hits massive ego.

Sheamus- I don't care what these people think. Shame on me?! It's because of me we became champions! Chew on that! Drink it in! As for you three muppets, your reign of terror has come to an end. What was it? 483 days? Disgracing these titles. Here's the thing, if you can hold them for 483 days, I can hold onto them for 20 years.

Woods- Oh really think you can beat our record? For 483 there was dancing, music, laughter, and like 20 New Day shirts, which you can still get on! There was a breakfast cereal. There was the Old Day!

Big E- We don't talk about that.

Woods- We lasted on the Power of Positivity!

Big E- You'll never beat our record beeecaaaauuseeeee NEW DAY ROCKS!!

Anderson and Gallows music hits

Anderson- When I look inside that ring all I see are a bunch of, uh, NERDS! Yeah, not good brothers. I don't know the bigger joke, that New Day thinks they are the greatest tag team in history or that Sheamus and Cesaro think they won by themselves.

Gallows- That's right geeks if it weren't for us beating down on Nerd Day all the time, you two would never have won those titles.

Shining Star's music hits.

Shining Stars- There's no reason to fight. It's the season for giving. Boy, do we have the greatest gifts for you guys, we should all just relax at the Shining Star resorts!

All the teams start brawling at the same time.

Gallows and Anderson & Shining Stars vs. New Day & Cesaro and Sheamus

Anderson and Kofi are in the ring and Anderson puts Kofi in the corn and kicks him in the face. 2 count. Tag to Gallows who hits a big right hand and then kick to the side of the head of Kofi. 2 count. Headbutt from Gallows and a tag back to Anderson. Anderson locks a chinlock in but Kofi fights out, only to get hit with a heel kick. Tag to Gallows who puts Kofi in the corner and hammers the guts of Kofi. Gallows with a slam on Kofi but misses an elbow drop. Kofi can't make it to his corner to make a tag. Gallows catches Kofi and chokeslams Kofi! We head to break.

We return and Kofi is being put on the top by Anderson. Kofi fights back and hits a tornado DDT! Tag made to Gallows who knocks Big E off the side and Shining Stars take out Sheamus and Cesaro. Boot of Doom! 1-2-NO! Kofi kicks out! Kofi sidesteps both Gallows and Anderson and tags Big E! Belly to Belly on Anderson! And another and another! Big E goes for the splash but Sheamus tags himself in. 10 Beats on Epico! Running Senton by Sheamus. Sheamus signals the Brogue kick but Primo causes a distraction. Tag to Cesaro, double team White Noise but the pin is broken up. Big E takes out Primo, Anderson takes out Big E, Cesaro takes out Anderson and then hits the Swing on Epico and steps into the Sharpshooter. Epico taps!

Winners: New Day & Cesaro and Sheamus


Neville- Last night I single handedly destroyed the Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann and his buddy TJ Perkins. And you people cheered me? That's rich. It's been a long time since you people cheered for me. Usually, you only cheer for me if I'm beaten if you think I'm going to lose. I don't need your cheers or your pity. Make no bones about it, this is a warning, if your favorite happens to be on 205 Live, that's too bad because I'm going to oblitorate that division!

Rich Swann comes out.

Neville- Shut up Rich! It was me that took you under my wing in Japan and ME who taught you everything you know! Where is the respect for the true king of the cruiserweights?! Where is the respect!

Swann- You can call yourself anything you want, but as long as I have this title I'm the best. And you can't handle it.

Brian Kendrick- Rich Swann how dare you! Where is your respect! When they started this division I asked where Neville was? He and I are a lot alike. He is a king among men.

Neville- He's right, at least Brian earned his opportunities. Unlike you, you need to be taught a lesson.

Kendrick and Neville attack Swann. Neville stomps down Swann until Perkins runs out to make the save. Perkins rights right into a big kick from Neville, who then beats down TJ and Swann. Neville leaves them to Kendrick who hits Sliced Bread #2 to Perkins.

Titus O'Niel vs. Sin Cara

The match barely starts when Braun Strowman's music hits and he get into the ring and destroys both men. Braun hits a wicked slam on Titus on the outside. Sin Cara tries to leap over the top rope onto Braun and gets caught and slammed. He picks up Cara and carries him towards the back but Mick Foley comes out to try to talk reason into him. Braun says he warned Mick and then throws Cara off the side of the stage.


Charlotte makes her way to the ring- Bow down to your Queen! The 4-time Women's Champion. I'd call Sasha out here but after what just happened I don't think she's gonna make it. Last night at Roadblock after 30 minutes and overtime, I beat the boss out of Sasha Banks! I have cemented myself as the greatest superstar the WWE has ever seen. I mean really, better than Trish Stratus, Fabulous Moolah. I'm the Queen of PPV! Every month all of you think this will be the month Charlotte loses, but it never happens. I'm a guaranteed win.

Bayley's music cuts her off.

Charlotte- Why are you interrupting me?!

Bayley- I'm not here to interrupt you, I'm here to congratulate you. Honestly, Sasha vs. Charlotte is going down as the best rivalry in WWE history.

Charlotte- Alright enough out of you. I don't even know why you put on ring gear, because you don't belong in this ring. You belong with those who pay to watch me.

Bayley- I wasn't finished, now that the Charlotte/Sasha rivalry is over it's time for the Charlotte/Bayley rivalry to begin! Last night there was a scoreboard, it was all about that scoreboard. But our scoreboard reads Bayley-2 and Charlotte-0. Don't think I forgot about Survivor Series.

Charlotte- Those don't count. Last night I held up 4 fingers for my fourth title reign and the four horsewomen. I was always number 1 and you were number 4. There's a reason you weren't called up with Sasha, Becky and myself.

Bayley- You think I haven't heard that before? If I'm not good enough why don't you prove you're better tonight.

Charlotte- You want to challenge me? Well you are dressed like a 5th grader, so get me a ref!

Charlotte vs. Bayley

Charlotte twists the arm of Bayley but she fights out and reverses it. Bayley with a shoulder tackle. Bayley gets thrown into the corner. Bayley grabs and pulls the arm of Charlotte and then locks in a headlock and turns it into a headlock takedown. High elbow by Bayley. Bayley tries for a pin and gets 2. Charlotte able to lock in a headlock of her own then gets a 2 count. Crossbody by Bayley! Drop toe hold by Bayley then around the world she goes! 2 count. Charlotte rolls out of the ring as we head to break.

When return Charlotte is using her legs to slam Bayley's head against the mat. Bayley tries to turn it into a pinfall but only gets 2. Charlotte slams Bayley's head into the turnbuckle. Double clothesline! Forearm by Charlotte, but Bayley fires back with one of her own. They exchange forearms and then Bayley hits a tackle! Running elbow to the back of Charlotte and then to her front! Bayley with a Twist of Fate through the ropes. Bayley with her unique splash in the corner. Bayley goes up top but Charlotte pulls her down onto the ropes. Charlotte sends Bayley face first into the bottom turnbuckle and then Charlotte connects with the moonsault! Charlotte is shocked and Bayley rolls her up! 1-2-no Charlotte kicks out. Chops from Charlotte. Bayley rolls up Charlotte and gets the win!

Winner: Bayley

Filmed Segment

Enzo has been forced to do Sensitivity Training all night. He makes fun of Jinder Mahal through the majority of it. At the end Rusev and Jinder team up to beat down Enzo.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Jericho and Rollins start things off and Jericho hammers away at Rollins and then tags Owens. Owens stomps away at Rollins then tags Jericho. Jericho attacks for a bit then tags Owens. Owens throws a few punches and tags Jericho. Rollins fights back and sends Owens out of the ring and hits slingblade on Chris. 2 count. Chops from Rollins. Rollins hits a suplex on Jericho and tags Roman. Roman drops an elbow on Jericho for 2. Tag by Owens. Owens gets in and gets blasted by a right hand. Roman ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Owens with a high knee to the gut of Roman. Tag to Jericho who runs into a right hand. Team Kevin and Chris start to walk out. Roman and Rollins go out and get them. Reigns and Rollins double team Chris with a clothesline and big boot. We head to break.

We return and it's Owens and Roman. Roman blasts Owens who rolls out and pulls Roman out with him. Roman throws Owens into the barricade and then hits a drive-by! Roman rolls Owens in and goes for the 10 clotheslines in the corner but Jericho runs in to stop it. Roman knocks Jericho away but turns around into a Superkick from Owens. Owens hammers away at Roman. Tag to Jericho but Roman starts to fight back, only to run into a dropkick. Owens tags in and stomps Reigns in the head. Owens kicks Roman right in the chest. Tag to Jericho who slaps Roman around a bit. Roman seems to only be getting angered by it. Roman gets up and blasts Jericho and then Owens. Jericho hits a dropkick to subdue Roman and then tags Owens. Owens locks in a chinlock. Roman fights out and hits a Samoan Drop. Both men make tags. Rollins in and takes out both KO and Jericho. Neckbreaker AND DDT on Jericho/Owens. 2 count on Jericho! Jericho with a high elbow and tries the lionsault but misses. Rollins goes for the DDT but it's reversed, enziguri by Seth! Seth sends Jericho to the outside and hits a suicide dive on both Jericho and Owens! Seth rolls Jericho, but Owens grabs the leg of Rollins. Roman with a Superman punch on Owens! Flying knee by Rollins to Jericho. Seth goes for a frog splash but Jericho gets his knees up! Jericho locks in Walls of Jericho! Seth gets to the ropes and Roman hits the Superman Punch! Braun Strowman runs out and attacks Roman Reigns!

Winners by DQ: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Owens and Jericho double team Rollins. Braun gets in the ring and Owens and Jericho head for the hills! Braun grabs Seth and hits a running powerslam! Owens and Jericho rolls Roman back into the ring with Braun. Strowman hits a running powerslam on Roman, too.

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