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RAW Results 2/10/14 – RAW Is Betty

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RAW Results February 10, 2014
From Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Betty White will be on RAW tonight. Tonight's epic main event pits Cena vs Orton!

RAW Starts


In Memory of Frank Bullock 1957-2014.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Betty White to the ring. She comes out on Big Show's arm, looking tiny! They stay up on the stage as Betty looks a bit slow on her feet.

"Betty White!" chants.

Betty – I can't possibly tell you how thrilled I am to be a guest here on RAW.

Big Show – Betty, what are we going to do tonight?

Betty – I'm gonna kick some ass!

Steph and Trip out. Steph in a lovely white and black dress shows off her curves and hugs Betty. Trip hugs Betty and they head for the ring as Betty and Big Show head backstage.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Trip – I'd like to start out by clarifying some confusion from last week. We said if Bryan could beat Orton, we'd reconsider him the face of the WWE. We are reconsidering Bryan, but also Sheamus, Christian, and Cesaro. Even reconsidering Cena. Because in two weeks time at Elimination Chamber...

Orton's music cuts them off. Orton slowly to the ring, all strapped up. He layers them and grabs a mic.

Steph – Randy, are you seriously doing this again as we're talking about the new face of the WWE. I'd recommend you go back and prepare for your main event match.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Orton – Steph, I've been doing some thinking, and I decided that I need to apologize for my actions. I don't want to confuse anyone. I'm not here for them, but to apologize to you Steph and Hunter. I've been childish, foolish, immature. I know I need to give you what you want. For those things to happen, I need to bring the viper, and that starts when I beat Cena tonight.

Steph – That all sounds fantastic, but how can we trust you? Where's this all coming from?

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Orton – Steph, it's coming from the heart. It's coming from the heart.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Steph – I mean, are you feeling the pressure about Daniel Bryan? Is it because these people are talking about him?

Orton – No, I'm talking about SummerSlam, this summer, this arena! I cashed in my MITB against Bryan and you called me the face of the WWE. We standed (sic) united, right here. I want to make good on a promise made to me that night. I want to be the face of the WWE in the ring and out. I want the talk shows, cereal box and billboard. I'm the face of the WWE, not the other five, and certainly not Batista. I'm the face of the WWE.

Bryan's music starts and the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" breaks out in a huge way.

Bryan – So Randy, you think you are the heart and soul of the WWE? Seems to me like you're a different body part entirely.

Steph – Let me make on thing clear, I don't like the two of you interrupting Trip and I, especially on live TV. So going forward every Superstar and Diva in the locker room will have to make an appointment with our DOO.

Bryan – That's why I'm out here, it seems like your DOO Kane is nowhere to be found, except when he's doing your bidding by trying to interfere in my match with Randy. Guess what? Kane failed, and last week I beat Randy Orton. (Orton looks green.)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – And this week I thought I'd go over his head, and this week I don't want an appointment with Kane, I want a match with Kane, right here, tonight!

Steph – Let's be perfectly clear, last week you attacked Kane first. We do not condone Kane's actions, so he's on administrative leave for one week. He has an incredibly strongly worded letter of reprimand in his employee appraisal file.

Bryan – That seems like a real big punishment Steph. Just wondering, who is doing your performance approval? Because it seems to me like you guys are a combination of arrogance (Steph) and stupidity (Trip).

Orton – Wait a minute! This is The Authority, you need to show them respect. Trip is a greatest of all time, and Steph's vision will take the WWE into the future. You need to kiss the ground they walk on Dan! At least be honored to be in the same ring with them.

Bryan – Randy, we all know you really, I mean really like Steph. I remember no too long ago when you handcuffed Trip in the ring and kissed Steph.

Orton – Give me the word and I will punt this little troll all the way to Seattle.

Trip – That's not going to be necessary Randy. Tonight Bryan, you will face, the one. We are doing what's what's best for business, and that's to give you a well deserved night off. Enjoy.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans, then Bryan in Trip's face yelling "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Off mic Bryan gets right in Trip's face. Trip walks around Bryan, holds the ropes for Steph, and they leave.


Rey & The Brotherhood vs The Wyatt Family

Rey out in yellow. The Brotherhood out to tag with him. The Wyatt Family's music cut off The Brotherhood's music. Video recap of Bray taking out Goldust on Smackdown last week.

Cody is kicked by Rowan, then taken down. Back suplex, but Cody lands on his feet. Cody ducks Rowan and lands a drop kick. Goldust tags in, but shoulder blocked to the mat. Blows on Goldust, but Goldust reverses briefly. Harper tags in and on Goldust. Goldust fights back with a kick and upper cut. Goldust whipped, gets foot up, and head scissors off the corner. Cody tags in and lands a low drop kick on Harper through the ropes. Cody then sends Rey sliding across the ring and out onto Harper.


Chinlock on Goldust on the mat, but he's up and free, but eats a forearm. Blows on Goldust in the heel corner, then Harper and Rowan double team Goldust, but Cody breaks the count. Clothesline on Goldust, then Bray tags in and a right on Goldust. Bray all over Goldust, hitting and pushing him. They exchange blows until Bray with a back elbow drops him. Rowan tags in and all over Goldust. Goldust whipped, drops, and Rowan all over him. Goldust with his handspring elbow on Rowan and both are down. Goldust dives, but caught by Rowan. Rowan rushes Goldust, but Goldust pulls the ropes and Rowan out. Harper able to tag in, cheap shot on Cody, then a power slam on Goldust. The fans are hot, and Goldust able to tag out! Rey all over Harper, dropping him to eat post, then seated senton. Big DDT on Harper, Bray breaks the count.

Rey sets up Bray, then Harper. Bray flees, only Harper eats the 619. Bray on Rey outside, but Cody flies on Bray. Rowan sends Cody into the barricade. Goldust into Rowan outside. Bodies everywhere. Rey on Rowan, sets up the 619, but Bray tags himself in and rushes Rey with a sick Sister Abigail for three.

Winners – The Wyatt Family (10:36)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Then The Wyatt Family to Bray's chair.
Bray - …Before The Shield, and they have all failed. You will be no different. You are but tiny little toy soldiers in a war not meant for you. You will fall. In time for my next game to begin. Follow the buzzards.


Announce Segment

They talk about the Royal Rumble, and Reigns' record in the Royal Rumble Match. They show video of his work in the match.

Backstage Segment

Renee – We saw highlight from Royal Rumble, but you will be facing The Wyatt Family. They have some harsh words for you, do you have response to that?

Reigns – Baby girl, actions always speak louder than words. Remember that.

Rollins – The Wyatts like to speak in riddles, Renee we don't. We speak in absolutes.

Ambrose – As in, we will absolutely destroy the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber.

Renee – Dean, there's been some talk about the fact that you haven't defended your US Championship in quite some time, do you have a comment on that?

Ambrose – So I'm supposed to pull US Championship Matches and contenders out of thin air? Is that what I'm supposed to do? Is that how this works? Do you know how much paperwork goes into something like that?

Reigns – What are you talking about? What kind of Champion do you want to be?

Ambrose – I resent that. The fact is that there's no one in this company who has the guts to step up and take it from me. I'll prove it, an open challenge. I'll remind the world that I'm a Champion.

Backstage Segment

Betty with the Total Divas. Vickie pushes her way to Betty.

Vickie – From one cougar to another, welcome to RAW!

Betty – Thank you so much.

Nattie – Thanks to Betty we know the premise of Off Their Rockers, and know you're never too old to play a practical joke. Betty, your generation plays a lot of pranks on our generation.

Dogg – Pardon the interruption. Betty White, there's a rumor going around that the younger generation is going to try to play a prank on you, but don't worry, the New Age Outlaws are here to protect you!

Betty – Well, I didn't know I needed protection. (looking them over and reaching for both of them)

Gunn – You look like you'd enjoy a good cup of tea.

Betty – I'd love a good cup of tea.

Gunn – Well, shall we go?

Betty – Yes, we shall.

They head off with Betty between them, the Divas look quite confused by this.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the history between Cena and Orton. They show video from Breaking Point 2009 when they had an I Quit Match. Cena looked down and out, but fought back and made Orton quit.

In Ring Segment

Santino to the ring with Emma. They both power walk to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Recap of Santino with Emma last week on RAW in the dance off.

Santino w/ Emma vs Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Fandango and Summer Rae in the ring dancing. Santino and a dancing Emma are outside waiting.

They lock up, Santino takes Fandango down easily. Santino with punches. Fandango reverses a whip where Santino tries to float over, but no Fandango. Fandango attacks and beats Santino down. "Santino!" chants. Miz to announce again.

Miz – In LA, and Miz is sidelined by twinkletoes and a man who's older than Betty White. This is awesome.

Fandango takes Santino down, then climbs. Santino runs up the corner, but then punched down. Fandango's famous left leg drop for three.

Winner – Fandango (2:17)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Summer Rae and Fandango backing up the ramp laughing. Emma in with Santino.

Backstage Segment

Byron Saxton– With me at this time, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Not withstanding your tag match with The Real Americans, you're about to be in Elimination Chamber. One of the competitors in that match is your tag partner tonight, Christian. (Sheamus looks thoughtful about this.)

Sheamus – First off, I can't tell you how excited I am to be back in the WWE. With Christian, we've been good friends, and better enemies, but I've always respected him as a competitor, that's why I have no problem teaming with him tonight. Maybe after the show we can go for a pint and celebrate. An Irishman and a Canadian walk into a bar on Hollywood, Blvd, sounds like the start to a bad joke. The Elimination Chamber is no joke as it's the last chance to headline WrestleMania, and I'm not going to take that lightly. Legacies are created in Elimination Chamber, I don't care which Superstars stand in my way, I'll kick their teeth in and become the new WWE WHC.


Christian & Sheamus vs The Real Americans

Christian in the ring, his music still playing. Video from earlier -

Christian – There's been a lot of talk about being the face of the WWE. Since I've been back, I've been thinking maybe I can be the face of the WWE. (he's sporting a black left eye) Maybe I'm not poster-boy material, but my Mom seems to think so. What I am is a two time WHC, and at Elimination Chamber, why not make it three?

Sheamus out to tag with him. The Real Americans out to face them.

Zeb – You know, you two non-Americans make me sick. Because after mysteriously disappearing for months and allegedly licking your wounds in your God forsaken country (sic), you guys, like everyone here tonight, found a way to sneak back across our borders. You found a way to sneak back into the WWE, and rewarded for that criminal behavior by being given the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber. This man might have something to say about that.

Cesaro – Hey, hey, hey! (big pop for Cesaro who smiles acknowledging the fans) It's not going to matter because at Elimination Chamber, I'm going to become the first Real American WWE WHC.

Zeb – Everyone please stand... "We, the people!"

Zeb tells Cesaro to start. Christian behind Cesaro, Cesaro reverses. A big "We, the people!" chants. Gut wrench on Christian. Cesaro pulls Christian up and tags out. Christian takes Cesaro down, then Swagger. Swagger lifts Christian, then tosses him in a corner, but Christian moves and kicks Swagger in the face. Sheamus tags in and slams Swagger face first into a corner, then on him with blows. Snap suplex on Swagger for two.

High knee to Sheamus, then Cesaro tags in. Cesaro on Sheamus with blows. They muscle around, until finally Sheamus hits a short clothesline on Cesaro and gets heat for it! Neck breaker on Cesaro and the fans are even quieter. Christian tags in and off the top as more "We, the people!" chants hit. Christian on Cesaro, and Sheamus tags back in. Dueling upper cuts and the fans are clearly behind Cesaro and not Sheamus! A big right stuns Cesaro. Sheamus elevated over the top, another blow, then climbs. Battering ram off the corner on Cesaro for two.

Sheamus on the apron, Swagger tries to attack, but kicked off. Big "Cesaro!" chants as the show goes to commercial.


Knees to Sheamus. Sheamus telegraphed and kicked for it. Sheamus back with an Irish curse back breaker. Christian tags in with blows on Cesaro, whipped, kicks back, then a sunset for a long two. Cesaro eats a right into the ropes. Christian out with a blow. Handspring elbow from Christian, then sets up for his finisher, but reversed into the air for a sick upper cut for two. Another two from Cesaro.

Swagger tags in and stomps Christian on the apron. Swagger in and slingshots Christian up into the bottom rope for two. Front facelock on Christian on the mat, then Swagger rolls back and forth on the mat. Christian to his knees, then up. Blows to Swagger's guts, then a big right. Swagger stops Christian from reaching Sheamus, then lands his Swagger bomb. Cesaro in, yells into the camera in a major closeup, then pins Christian for two.

Cesaro stomps Christian. Christian up, slaps Swagger, but then caught by Cesaro for a giant swing. Christian ends up outside, and Zeb over to yell at him. Christian back in at 9 and covered for two. Swagger tags in and they double team, but Swagger only gets two for it. Cesaro tags in, but ends up eating corner and Swagger tossed out over the top. Both tag out and Sheamus on Swagger with clotheslines, then a shoulder in a corner. Rolling senton on Swagger for two.

Swagger on the apron and takes Sheamus' forearms, all ten. Swagger elevated in and slammed to the mat. Sheamus set up, but suddenly Cesaro is there attacking, and takes some forearms. Swagger with the Patriot lock, but Christian flies onto Swagger. Brogue kick on Swagger for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Christian (14:35)

Sheamus pulls Christian into the ring to celebrate. Zeb looks pissed, mostly at Swagger. Video recap of the giant swing and other high points of the match. Sheamus and Christian pose on corners for the fans as The Real Americans look pissy outside.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest, John Cena. There's a longstanding history between you and Orton. I just want to get your thoughts on this match.

Cena – For a decade the WWE has been dominated by Orton and Cena. But Renee. As of late you can hear the 'Universe' and feel we are in the midst of great change. In two weeks we launch the WWE Network and that changes things for everybody, but you cannot deny the overwhelming support the 'Universe' has given to Bryan and a bunch of the new WWE Superstars. On the cusp of that great change, I say that this match with Orton is the most important piece of this time line. Yes, the Title will be decided at Elimination Chamber, but tonight is about our future. Because tonight I close my rivalry with Orton. I will beat Orton in front of a sold out crowd in LA. That statement goes to The Wyatts, Cesaro, Bryan, if any of you think you have what it takes to carry the WWE, know that you will have to go through me.


Announce Segment

Recap of Betty White saying she's going to kick some ass. Cole talks up Batista, and they go to video about Batista. 30 Second Fury on YouTube.

Ziggler vs ADR

Ziggler out with his terribly long roots. He's not even to the ring when ADR's music hits and he comes out. Video recap of Batista and ADR fighting last week on RAW.

Blows to Ziggler's head. Ziggler sent to run the ropes, stops himself, wiggles his hips, then hits a drop kick. Ziggler's epic elbows, all ten of them, but only two for them. Ziggler counters ADR's tilt-a-whirl and takes ADR down for two. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants, but ADR back with a big kick to Ziggler's head for a quick three.

Winner – ADR (1:34)

Video recap of the high points of the match. ADR starts to leave Ziggler on the mat, but then goes back to lock on his finishing hold. Batista's music hits and he comes out in back ring gear. Batista spears ADR on the mat. Outside and ADR goes through the stairs! Batista tosses the announce table in a really rough way – tossing monitors like I've rarely seen, pulling the cables from them through sheer force. ADR into the barricade, then Batista grabs ADR for a Batista bomb through announce. Video recap of Batista's attack on ADR. Batista grabs a monitor, lines up, but then talked down. He drops it and leaves.


Bellas telling us how to get the WWE Network, as if they're flight attendants.

Announce Segment

They continue talking up the WWE Network.


Backstage Segment

Trip – Dave, you got a second. It's great having you back, but I can't have you going off like you did on Del Rio out there.

Batista – He deserved it.

Trip – Maybe he deserved it, but I need you to keep it in the ring Dave. Things are different now, it's a publicly traded company. Something goes wrong out there, it's my neck on the line. Listen, I'm trying to fit you in with what's best for business.

Batista – Right now, Del Rio is my business.

Trip – Fair enough, how about this then. At Elimination Chamber, you can have Del Rio.

Batista – Good.

Trip – I'm just looking out for you, man.

Batista – I guess things really have changed around here.


JBL, King and Cole talk about Batista, but then go to the HOF. They introduce the next inductee into the WWE HOF. A great video for Lita!

Backstage Segment

Dogg – So far we're doing a pretty good job of protecting you, aren't we Ms. White?

Betty – Well yes, but I've heard a few things about you guys.

Gunn – Oh, that we're TTCs?

Dogg – 6 time TTCs. But enough about us, let's drink some of that lovely tea I was telling you about. It's my own special blend. It's an orange peko with just a hint of chamomile, and you see, the secret is that hint of chamomile.

Gunn – Would you like to see? (shows off his strap & Betty touches it)

Betty – Isn't it beautiful?

Dogg – Drink up.

Betty – I'd like lemon with my tea.

They argue about who will get the lemons, and they both go off to get them. While they're gone she swaps her cup with Gunn's, then mildly smiles.

Dogg – There's your lemon.

Betty – Let's drink up!

Dogg – Good, we have some business to attend to.

They all drink down their tea, Betty watching closely.


RybAxel vs Usos

RybAxel in the ring. King and Cole both said they made mistakes. New Age Outlaws are at announce, though Gunn is looking a bit off. Usos to the ring to big pop!

Axel and Jey lock up. Arm bar on Jey, but he fights back with blows, a crotch chop to New Age Outlaws, then a blow. Dogg talks about beating up the Usos Daddy. Now Gunn is making rude noises. Ryback tags in and and on Jimmy. Cole makes a teleprompter comment. Dogg says that Gunn doesn't look good. They ask to shut off Gunn's mic. Axel on Jimmy with blows and stomps. Ryback tags in and really stomps Jimmy to growing "Goldberg!" chants that were obviously killed by production. Jimmy up top, facing out, knocks Ryback back, then flies onto Ryback. Both tag out, and Jey all over Axel. Axel's legs kicked out from under them, then lifted, slammed into a corner, then Samoan dropped for two as Ryback breaks it. Jimmy takes Ryback out. Back kick on Axel, runs, tags as he flies out onto Ryback. Jey in and takes Axel down for three!

Winners – Usos (4:22)

Recap of the Usos flying tag, then the ending of the match. Usos staring down New Age Outlaws. Dogg is there, but Gunn holds his bum, drops his strap and runs away and up the ramp.


US Championship Match – Ambrose (c) vs Henry

The Shield to the ring, Ambrose leading the way. Rollins made it over the barricade without landing hard, then Reigns in. Ambrose waits for his challenger. No one is coming out, but then Henry's music hits. Ambrose looks quite nervous now. Henry is all smiles as he heads to the ring. Ambrose makes a big deal about the strap being his.

Henry slowly steps up, Ambrose looks trapped. Rollins and Reigns taunt Ambrose outside the ring. Ambrose rushes in, they lock, and Ambrose slammed back to the mat. They lock up, Ambrose thrown back. Ambrose out to regroup. Ambrose back in gets Henry in a corner and kicks at his elbow and wrenches it in the ropes. Henry comes back with a big boot. Ambrose whipped, then to the opposite corner. Ambrose pulled out, then sent shoulder first into the post.amb on the apron, brought in the hard way. Ambrose kicks at Henry, then on that elbow again, removing the brace. Ambrose on that elbow in the ropes for the four coount. Ambrose back and sent out over the top. "Get back in here," from Henry as the show goes to commercial.


Ambrose on Henry's elbow on the mat. Ambrose wrenches that arm back as Reigns watches closely. During the commercial Henry put Ambrose's head against the post and squeezed it! Henry fights back, gets Ambrose on his shoulder and power slams him to the mat. The fans are loving it. Henry rushes and eats feet. World's Strongest Slam and Rollins in for the DQ.

Winner – Henry via DQ (8:08)

Reigns in and tossed off. Outside Henry grabs Ambrose, but Rollins jumps on Henry. Rollins tossed off, but then Henry eats a spear from Reigns. Reigns checks on his team, then they regroup and start to leave the area.

In Ring Segment

The Wyatt Family music hits and they're backstage. Bray lights his lamp and they head to the ring. The Shield stays at ringside as the other team heads out. Lights up and they're on opposite sides of the ring. They stare. Reigns leads The Shield back over the barricade to ringside. They all step up to the opposite sides, belly up to the ring and stare. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Reigns climbs, so does the rest of The Shield. Bray stares, then says up. They climb up together. Reigns into the ring. Bray starts to get in, but stops and backs off. He motions Harper and Rowan down. Ambrose and Rollins in as Bray gets down and The Wyatt Family back up the ramp. "You suck!" chants as Bray says, "Make your move."


Recap of Orton attacking Cena Sr. ringside last month.



Another Black History Month video about Bobo Brazil. They did another beautiful job with recapping his life.

Cameron & Bellas vs AJ & Fox & Aksana

All the Divas for this match are in the ring.

Nikki tosses off AJ. AJ eats Nikki's knee, then hides in the ropes. AJ out with a kick, then on Nikki, but then her feet kicked out from under her for two. Announce talks about Naomi's injury, and she might need surgery. AJ tags in Aksana, but Aksana slammed back hard. "AJ, this is for you!" yells Nikki, then does the worm. Drop kick on a kneeling Aksana's back for two.

Something was bleeped out as Brie tags in and takes Aksana down. Aksana fights back for two. Knee drop to Brie's side a couple times, then tags out. They double team Brie. Fox gets two on Brie. Brie reverses on Fox, but then taken down. A chinlock on Brie on the mat as Fox bends her back over her knees. Fox with a cheap elbow on Nikki. Drop kick on Fox and am tags in as Eva Marie tends to Nikki outside. Cameron all over Fox, then a slap. Clotheslines on Fox, then a drop kick for two.

Forearms on Fox's face, but Fox back with a knee. Aksana tags in and kicks Cameron. Cameron whipped, gets her feet up, then lands a lovely DDT on Aksana for three.

Winners – Cameron & Bellas (5:08)

AJ is not impressed as she and Tamina leave Fox and Aksana by announce and the Total Divas celebrate in the ring.


Angela got the WWE Superstars and Divas to her school earlier today for a B.A.Star rally.



Cena granted his 400th wish today! He's the #1 wish granter.


Promo for Rusev.

Announce Segment

Cole runs through the opening of the show. To video of Orton kissing up to Steph and Trip.

In Ring Segment

Kane to the ring in a suit. He stomps out, climbs the stairs and into the ring.

Kane – I've been placed on one week leave. As DOO I accept the punishment. I acted of my own volition. I admit it was ill advised. The Authority had nothing to do with it, in fact o have been warned that...

Bryan's music hits and he runs to the ring. Bryan slides in and all over Kane. Kane pushes him off and lands an solid right. Off comes the jacket and Kane set up for the chokeslam, but Bryan free and pulls down the ropes. Kane out. Flying goat. Bryan allover Kane with kicks, then a running drop kick sends Kane over the barricade. Bryan back into the ring and leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. The fans are all right there with him.


Backstage Segment

Betty – I can't tell you how much fun I've had tonight. I've not been around this many shirtless men in tiny trunks since... Last night. Thank you for making me feel so at home. So, let's get to the main event!

Orton vs Cena

Cena out. On stage, off mic, "Yes, this defines our future, tonight!" To the ring to his normal mixed reaction.

They circle, lock up. Side headlock on Cena. Dueling chants for Cena. Cena pushes off. Orton runs the ropes over and under Cena and into a hip toss. Orton flees the ring to regroup. Orton in, Cena smirks. Chinlock on Orton on the mat though huge dueling chants. Into a headlock and Cena calls moves openly. Back and forth until another toss from Cena and Orton flees again. Orton regroups, then back into the ring. Orton kicks Cena and on him with blows to the head. Cena up with punches, whips Orton, then a bulldog for two.

Orton with an elbow to drop Cena, then Orton shows off a bit. Orton stomps Cena's ankle, then kicks his knee. A stomp to the back of Cena's head for two. Orton tucks his head to call moves, then Cena blocks and lands a suplex. Cena rushes Orton, but he moves and Cena shoulder first into the post. Orton stomps Cena and the fight spills outside. Cena's face bounced off announce, which is back up. Cena back first onto the top of the barricade. Cena sent in to chants of, "You can't wrestle!" Orton with forearms over Cena's shoulder, then Orton poses.


Orton stomps on Cena in a corner to mixed reaction that Orton tries to hush. Orton to Cena, but Cena slams Orton to the mat. Both slowly up and they exchange blows. Cena with a shoulder tackle, but Orton ducks the center and Cena flies. He ends up outside! Cena pulls himself up on the apron, then Cena is brought in the hard way as Orton hits a lovely suplex for two.

Headlock on Cena on the mat. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Cena struggles to a knee as he squishes Cena's face. Cena up, muscles free, then gets Orton up. Orton free and lands a sick DDT! Orton gets two for it and is openly shocked that he didn't get three for it.

Orton stomps his way around Cena. Orton listens to the fans, but suddenly rolled up for two. Shoulder tackles from Cena, then slammed to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle on Cena, but Orton fights back with a back breaker for two.

Cena to the apron, pulls himself up, and Orton sets up, but Cena reverses and sends Orton outside. Orton in, dives at Cena, lifted, but then free. Orton with his sick power slam on Cena for two. Cena on the apron, pulls himself up, but then his face bounced off the top buckle. Orton climbs and pulls Cena up. Cena muscles free and Orton knocked down, but then Cena limp up top and and Orton hits his DDT from up there! Orton is all riled up and smiling over his DDT. Orton pounds the mat. Cena up but trip Orton and locks on the STF! Orton struggles and reaches. Orton makes it to the ropes and the move is broken.

Big drop kick from Orton and both are down. Orton up 5, Cena still down and not moving. Orton points at the WrestleMania sign. Orton slowly backs away from Cena, sets up, but Cena avoids the punt. Orton manages an RKO out of that mess, but then Cena kicks out!

Orton is in shock and Cena is still down. Cena shakes his head, then bounces up and lands his AA for a long two. Orton sells as Cena asks the ref if it wasn't three. Cena grabs Orton, back him into the corner, then set him up as Orton looks limp. Cena sets up an AA up there, but Orton suddenly fine and feet. Cena with his flying leg drop to the back of Orton's head. Another AA and Cena gets the three.

Winner – Cena (20:45)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Cena poses and smiles to the fans, then salutes.

Biggest Pop
Betty White
"We, the people!"
Shield/Wyatt Showdown

The Authority

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