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RAW Results 3/10/14 – Bryan's Beer Truck Moment

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RAW Results March 10, 2014
From FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cole says tonight Cena can even his score with The Wyatts tonight. Hogan kicks off RAW at the top of the hour.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Hogan to the ring. Hogan out to huge pop in his red and yellow, feather boa around his neck. He works the fans his whole way to the ring. Cups his ear in all directions. Music ends and the fans chant.

Hogan – Let me tell you something Hulkamaniacs. My last twoo weeks have been off the chains, welcoming back to the WWE 'Universe'. I keep watching the WWE Network at home and relive my favorite WrestleMania matches. Warrior, savage, and Andre. The thing about that Andre match, my heart pounds harder and harder. As I press that monster giant and slam him through the mat, it gets crazier. Sweat on the pythons. Felt like I could pull the bumper off a Caddy! I came up with an idea, and I couldn't wait to tell my Hulkamaniacs in Memphis. In celebrating 30 years of WrestleMania and honoring the biggest man, we're going to have a 30 Over The Top Andre Memorial Battle Royal. Everyone will want to win the Andre The Giant Memorial trophy! In closing, I have one question for you, what you gonna do when Hulkamania and Andre Memorial go wild on you?

Cena's music and he runs to the ring. The salute each other, then hug. Mixed, but mostly heat for Cena.

Cena – I always like to be in this ring in front of crowds like this because of the energy. Tonight I see a sign that says, Hogan, you still got it. It's damn good to have you home, thank you.

Hogan – Thank you.

Cena - The man who was here when WrestleMania was born is back where he belongs. It's unbeliveable to have Hulkamania back, and you start a tradition of your own. That was my favorite moment, watching, can only imagine what it was like Hogan trying to beat a giant. I was going crazy at home, trying to rip my t-shirt, but wasn't strong enough. I knew Hulkamania would live forever. When a man like Hogan comes out and makes a Battle Royal to honor Andre The Giant. I ask, what ya gonna do? (heat) I'm first to put my name in for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

Taker's Wrestlemania Streak's music and, "Memphis, we're here." They head to the ring.

Bray – I have always been fascinated with pride, it's my favorite sin. It has the power to blind even the strongest men, those who claim to be immortal. Take your vitamins and say your prayers, all praise be to hustle, loyalty, respect. As if they can do you any good. You are both liars. Andy your foolish pride makes it so you can pray upon the weak and fill them up with hope. But hope is dead. As will be your legacy John. I can see it in your eyes. You don't get it. How can you possibly get something you can't comprehend, but I can lay it out for you now. If you look up at me, you will see a friend. If you look down on me, you will see an enemy. If you look me square in the eye, you will see a god.

Cena – You even listen to all that weird crap you say? You just said pride was the fall of man, but then that when I look at you, I should see a god. I don't see a god, I see a homeless guy who's spent too much time (singing) Wasting away again in Margaritaville. Looking for his lost shaker of salt. No, you didn't find salt, you found two goons a tiki torch and a rocker from Cracker Barrel. Now you think you can waltz out here in a fedora and Hawaiian shirt and be someone. I say prove it! Excuse me Mr. Hulkster, I might not be able to make that Battle Royal. (to Bray) you say hope is dead, I hope it's not dead because I hope you accept this challenge. I want you at WrestleMania and hope to hell you say yes because you will get the ass whipping of a lifetime!

Bray - A few more empty promises, a little more hope. Well, I say it's always fun and games with you John, until it's you caught in the spider's web.

The Wyatts approach Hogan and Cena in the ring. They hold their ground.


Cena w/ Hogan vs Rowan w/ The Wyatts

Blows on Cena, then a clothesline. Rowan tries to squish Cena's head, but Cena muscles out. A knee to Cena's gut, then a cup handle for two. Elbow drop on Cena, but the stomp misses. Rowan's elbow misses as Cena rolls. Cena with kicks, then dives, but is caught. Fall away slam on Cena. Rowan rushes Cena in a corner, but Cena moves. Cena is caught in a bear hug. Hogan is trying to get the fans behind Cena. Cena muscles free, but a forearm to the back drops Cena to the mat. Cena scooped and slammed to the mat. Cena up, but free. Cena rolls Rowan up for three.

Winner – Cena (3:27)

Hogan in to raise Cena's hand, but then Rowan and Harper up on the apron. "Hogan!" chants. JBL wants to see if Hogan is immortal, but then The Wyatts get down off the apron. The fans boo this. Hogan's music plays and the two of them celebrate in the ring, posing together.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about updating the App to vote for Christian vs Sheamus. Will it be a Falls Count Anywhere, 2 Out of 3 Falls, or Memphis Street Fight. The main event is Bryan and Big Show against Orton and Batista. Also, Taker returns tonight!

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip heading for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Bryan fighting his way through Batista, Orton and Trip last week on RAW.

Stage Segment

Trip and Steph come out. Steph is back in her power suit, matching Trip.

Steph – Last week on RAW Bryan attacked Trip, but was left laying from a pedigree. That's grounds for termination. We're leading by example and apologizing. There's value in Bryan's brand. Not as much as an A+ brand like Orton, Batista or Trip. There's a certain niche following, so we're going to keep him if he publicly apologizes to us. It's time he admits he's wrong. He's not man enough to be in the ring with Trip, not now or at WrestleMania. Trip is above Bryan, professionally, figurative, and literally. If Bryan can do that, we will move forward, if not, there will be sever consequences.

New Age Outlaws out in street clothes, wearing new New Age Outlaws t-shirts. They hug and schmooze Trip and Steph as they head for announce.


RybAxel vs Usos

RybAxel in the ring. Split screen - Ryback says he's in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and will go down as the best big guy in history. Usos to the ring to solid pop. Video of Usos winning TTCs last week.

Ryback and Jimmy lock up. Chops to Ryback. Jimmy lands an arm drag, but then Ryback muscles to the heel corner and Axel tags in. Clothesline drops Axel. Shoulder block to Axel, but then he sends Jimmy out under the bottom, but first his head hits the ropes hard first. Ryback tags in and sends Jimmy in for two. Chinlock on Jimmy. "Usos!" chants. Jey tags in, hangs Axel up top, then a sick clothesline flipping Axel. Samoan drop as King says Dogg sounds really off. Super kick to Ryback who rolls out, then one on Axel. Jey flies out onto Ryback, tagging on his way out. Jimmy up top and flies on Axel for three.

Winners – Usos (3:01)

Dogg rips on Cole's announcing. Video recap of the high points of the match. Dogg is rather cranky.

Backstage Segment

Kane – Last week on RAW you lost to The Wyatts. The first time because Rollins walked out. Then you aired your dirty laundry on Smackdown, which unprofessional.

Rollins – Is there a point to all this?

Kane – The point is, The Shield was an invaluable assets in the past. I'm lighting a fire under you to find out if you're still valuable, or if you've become disposable. It's seems to me that the first cracks appeared when you lost the TTC to The Brotherhood. You face the to exorcise those demons.

Rollins – That's fine. But Kane, I'm wondering, is this about us, or are you trying to deflect the attention that you were pinned by Bryan last week on Main Event?

Ambrose – Yeah!

Reigns whispers in Rollins' ear.

Rollins – Or, last week on Smackdown when Big Show knocked you out and you were pinned by Bryan.

Kane – I'm giving you the opportunity to step it up. So go do it!

Ambrose – We'll step up and always do. And exorcise that demon.

Reigns - We'll destroy any demon that gets in our way. Believe in that. Believe in The Shield.


Big E vs Swagger

Big E poses on apron. Swagger already in the ring. Swagger tells Zeb he has this.

Swagger all over Big E in a corner. Big E reverses a whip, then a shoulder to the gut. Swagger whipped, shoulder to gut, then ten blows. Swagger fights back with a slam. Clothesline on Big E for two.

Chicken wing on Big E. Split screen, Big E says he will win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Swagger gets two on Big E and frustrated. Blows on a kneeling Big E. Swagger runs into a couple clotheslines, the a belly-to-belly. Big E setting up his splash, but Swagger takes out his leg (didn't touch him). Zeb calls for the patriot lock. Swagger doesn't do it. Zeb tries to get Cesaro to get involved, but he won't. Big E rolls Swagger up for three.

Winner – Big E (3:01)

Outside the ring Swagger up in Cesaro's face. Cesaro steps right back up at him. They argue. Swagger asks who's fault it was. Zeb yells it's both of their faults and they are not listening. He's sick and tired of them. Zeb yells at them to shake hands. Swagger won't do it. Cesaro puts his hand out. Zeb yells at Swagger. They shake, but then Cesaro muscles in and won't let go of Swagger who turns purple and yells at Cesaro to let go. Cesaro finally does.



Promo for Scooby Doo WrestleMania Mystery.

Announce Segment

Vote for the stip for Christian vs Sheamus tonight.

In Ring Segment

GONG! Taker to the ring in his slow and eerie way, selling every step, and the fans are loving every bit of it. He raises the lights, then enters the ring. Into the center of the ring, then heads to get a mic as JBL natters on. Music ends and the fans are wild. "Undertaker!" chants. But then Heyman is on the stage.

Heyman – I apologize if my presence has interrupted your train of thought. My name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the advocate for Brock Lesnar. I came out here to advocate the position of you preserve the greatest streak in sports, the greatest streak in entertainment, the greatest streak in sports entertainment. So many of us casually throw that number 21-0 around, as if it trivializes your historic accomplishment. With your indulgence, and with all due respect sir, permit me to put this into historical perspective for everybody. HBK never won two WrestleMania matches in a row. Trip got to two, but never three in a row. Hogan got to three, but not four. SCSA (pop) had a streak of four, but never got to five. The same for Cena (heat) four in a row, never five. The biggest names in the history of WWE. Taker, you've had 21 consecutive victories in 21 matches. That's when a man becomes a myth, when a myth becomes a legend, when a legend becomes a deity of Biblical proportions. Which is why, sir, I'm here to ask you to not step into the ring with Brock at WrestleMania. Come on, everybody need something to worship. They worship you and the streak, and truth be told, witnessing you this close at WrestleMania last year, I worship you and the streak. Brock is the reality that will crash down around the fantasy of 22-0. I will admit, Brock is stepping into the unknown, because there's nothing like fighting you at WrestleMania. It's not an unknown Brock needs to fear, but you do. If you step into the ring with Brock at WrestleMania, your streak will be conquered by Brock Lesnar. (heat)

Taker – Since you seem to be Brock Lesnar's messenger boy. Take this back to him. The fear of death is far greater than the death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. Mr. Heyman, there's one more thing. Tell your client, Brock Lesnar, if he shows up in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX, he will Rest In Peace!



The Brotherhood vs The Shield

The Brotherhood to the ring together. The Shield out through the stands, all three of them.

Cody and Rollins lock up. Cody backed into a corner. Rollins with a few cheap kicks. More kicks in the opposite corner. Cody blocks a suplex, then lands his own delayed vertical slam for two.

Goldust tags in and lands a snap more, then a knee drop on Rollins. Goldust backed into a corner, blows by Rollins. Goldust reverses a whip, then a body drop on Rollins for two.

Cody tags in and comes in over the top. Rollins whipped. Cody tries to pull his legs out, but Rollins flips and lands on his feet. Reigns tags in and on Cody with blows in their corner. Reigns works Cody over in the ropes, then tags out. Rollins off the top with a big punch. Snap mare, then knee drop to Cody's face for two.

Reigns tags in and head butts Cody's ribs. Reigns whips Cody, but Cody moves and Reigns eats corner. Goldust tags in. Clotheslines, then Reigns telegraphs and eats a right. Spinebuster on Reigns for two.

Rollins in and Goldust flies on both of them. Reigns sent flying out, then Rollins out onto them. The Brotherhood both fly out of the ring onto them. Ambrose is riled up, but can't touch them.


Front facelock on Goldust, Goldust tries to fight back, but Reigns with a suplex for two. Big blow drops Goldust, and King amends that it was Ambrose that Henry has a win over, not Reigns. He doesn't want Reigns mad at him. Rollins tags in and locks on a chinlock on Goldust. "CM Punk!" chants. Rollins rolls through, tags out, and Reigns lands his big Samoan leap to the side of Goldust's head. Reigns is smiling, but then Ambrose yells in at him and Reigns loses his smile. All that give Goldust a chance, but a back elbow drops him for two.

Reigns mocks Cody, then tags out. Clothesline to Goldust for two. Arm bar on Goldust on the mat, a foot on Goldust's head. Goldust up, fight back with blows, but Rollins with an enziguri and both are down. Reigns tags in, stalks Goldust, getting between him and Cody, then sending Goldust into The Shield's corner. Blows on Goldust, then a big clothesline. Reigns showboats, then rushes Goldust and eats a sick power slam. Rollins tags in and stops Goldust, but Goldust kicks him off and tags out. Cody whipped, floats over, flips and takes Rollins down. Disaster kick to Reigns on the apron, then up top and lands his moonsault on Rollins for a long two.

Rollins set up top. Cody grabs Rollins and lands a muscle buster! Goldust in and Reigns tossed out. Goldust out, but then back in and lands hard. Rollins and Cody crack heads, but then Cody's disaster is missed, then Rollins curb stomps Cody's head for three.

Winners – The Shield (14:21)

Video recap of the high points of the match. The Shield poses in the ring, then another video recap of the high points of the match.


WWE Slam of the Week

On Smackdown Eva Marie and Nattie defeated AJ and Tamina.

Bellas vs AJ & Tamina

Nattie is on announce pushing Total Divas. All four Divas in the ring.

Nikki pushes Tamina around, Tamina pushed back. Nikki with forearms to Tamina's chest. Arm bar on Tamina and Brie tags in. Back elbow from Nikki, then a knee from Brie on Tamina. AJ distracts Brie, then Tamina with a super kick that knocks Brie from the ring! Brie sells it, then Tamina out to send Brie in. Tamina stomps Brie to keep her from Nikki. Chinlock on Brie on the mat. Head butts to Brie, then Tamina yells at the ref. AJ tags in and lands a back kick for two.

AJ eats a back elbow, but then locks a facelock on Brie, legs around Brie's waist. Brie free and lands a drop kick. Nikki gets the tag and clotheslines, then a drop kick to AJ. A clothesline in a corner, then AJ whipped. AJ gets her feet up. Nikki gets two on AJ, but Tamina breaks it up. Brie flies off the stairs onto Tamina, but AJ kicks out of the ring and knocks Brie out. AJ tries for her finisher, but Nikki blocks and lands her torture rack slam for three.

Winners – Bellas (4:39)

Nattie up on the apron staring at Nikki who is holding AJ's strap over AJ's prone body. Nattie isn't at all impressed and glares at Nikki for it.


Promo for the new season of NCIS:LA.

Ringside Segment

Renee with LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell

Renee – It's great having you here.
LL – The energy is crazy!
Renee – If you could recruit one Superstar, who would you pick?
Chris – Cena, you can't see him.
LL – Taker, Bryan, even Bellas, we have missions for them.
Renee – What can we expect next season?
LL – Energy, witting banter, fun, see the bad guys get caught.
Chris – I'm picking up new pointers tonight.
LL – Running around with conditioner on our bodies, it's new for 2014.



Recap of The Wyatts talking smack at Cena and Hogan to start the show.

In Ring Segment

Bryan out to huge "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Into the ring and continues "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – YesMovement is live tonight! Earlier Steph came out and apologized (finger quotes). Any of you think that was sincere? ""NO!"" Me either. The Authority wants to scare me into falling in line, apologizing for doing something I should have done long ago – kick Trip in the face. Trip, you can't have it both ways, you want to be corporate, that's fine, but if you want to put your hands on me, send people out to attack me, to pedigree me, and you expect me to back down. I'm not going to, I'm going to fight!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – If you want me to apologize for standing up for myself, I don't have two words for you, I've got one. "NO!"

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – Hunter, it ends tonight. Tonight is when it ends. We're all tired of you. You're not listening to me, these people, any of us. Tonight, we're going to make it so you have to listen. YesMovement is tonight, and we are going to occupy RAW!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – You see, I'm not going to leave this ring until I get my match with Trip at WrestleMania. I know you've heard people say it all the time. Tonight I'm not alone. I'm going to fill this ring, arena, this whole place with the YesMovement and I know, it's unlawful, dangerous, subject to prosecution, and all that jazz, but I talked to some members of YesMovement today and I'd like them to come down now. We are not going to take it any more. We will stand tall. (A whole bunch of people come over the barrier wearing Bryan shirts and get in the ring.) We are united. We aren't going to leave this ring until The Authority gives us what we want.

Bryan asks people if that's what we want, they say "YES!" into the mic.


The ring and whole ringside area is filled with people. Bryan on the corner leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Answer our challenge. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

JBL is calling for police, but then Steph and Trip come out. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Trip paces.

Trip – Alright Daniel, you've got your own little moment. I'm sure all the other dirty little hippies and trolls that live under the bridge with you are happy for you. (heat) While I'm happy you all had a movement, this is the time that reality crashes down on you, all of you. You all have about 30 seconds to get out of our ring before you're arrested.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Trip – I'll give you 30, talk amongst yourself.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" (Countdown on the tron.)

Trip – That's all you got?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Trip – I know the fat guy down front doesn't have much more in him, I can see him sweating, come on! Give it to me chubby, come on. You petered out, that's too bad. Your 30 seconds are up you losers. Security!

Bryan – You want us to leave? What do you think if everyone in this coliseum just walks out to the parking lot right now. We can set up our own ring and you can have RAW in front of empty chairs.

Trip – Security, throw all these people out.

Bryan – Oh, here they come! Here they come, all two of them!

A "NO!" line forms and security wants nothing to do with it. They turn and start to leave, but Steph and Trip meet them halfway.

Steph (screeching) – Do your job and clear that ring! All of you are being manipulated by Bryan. You're too blind to see it, you're wrapped up in this power trip. Listen, power can go to your go to your head, but it's false power, false pride, and Daniel is the wrong horse to back. You really think Bryan is worth it?

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Bryan – Steph, Hunter, this is the problem. You guys underestimate the power of these people. Steph,last week you told everybody that you own this ring, arena, these people. You don't own any of this. We own this ring!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – This ends now. Get the next match ready, hit somebody's music. Roll it!

Sandow's music hits and he comes out and heads down the ramp, but the wall off "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – Come on Sandow! Come on Sandow! Come on Sandow! Doesn't everybody want Sandow to get in the ring too?


Bryan – Join the YesMovement. Come on Sandow!

Sandow turns and heads out.

Trip – Hey!

Trip over the yell at Sandow who yells back at Trip from off the ramp. Steph grabs Trip's mic.

Steph (to Sandow) – I've had enough of this, don't you disrespect my husband! Don't you disrespect my family's name. My great grandfather, my grandfather, when I was born this place became mine! It is all mine! I do own you! I do own you! Get out! I said get out! Geeeeet ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Trip holds Steph back.

Bryan – Don't you hear them Steph, they're saying "NO!" We are not leaving until we get what we want. Hunter, you know exactly what we want, a match at WrestleMania XXX.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Trip turns to leave.

Bryan - Hunter, you want your show back? Give us what we want. You like to lay out ultimatums. I'm laying out an ultimatum too. You don't get your show back until we get what we want.

Trip – You want to know what the truth is Bryan. I actually like you, saw something in you. I took it upon myself to try to protect you. To protect you from everything that would happen when you were successful. You would be run out of here. So I tried to protect you. I protected you at SummerSlam. And this happens. You know why I won't fight you at WrestleMania, because I will end all of this. At WrestleMania I won't stop until I end you. That's how I operate. You want to fight me at WrestleMania?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – Be careful what you wish for. You're on! Now shut up and get the hell out of my ring.

Bryan – Wait, wait, wait, Hunter, I misspoke earlier. That's not all I want. See, as much as these people want to see me fight you at WrestleMania, what they really want is to see me fighting for the WWE WHC.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Here's what we really want. If I beat you at WrestleMania, I get added to the WWE WHC Match, then the main event would be Orton (nothing) vs Batista (heat) vs Bryan!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Off comes the jacket and Trip rushes the ring. The two bald security guys stop Trip full body.

Bryan – What's the matter Hunter? Why are you throwing a fit? Why are you throwing a fit?

Trip - You get all of it! You get it all and I end it at WrestleMania, you bet your ass!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" They celebrate in the ring in a huge way!



Recap of Bryan's YesMovement.

In Ring Segment

"Jerry!" chants.

King – It's time to find out what you voted for.
Falls Count Anywhere – 19%
2 Out of 3 Falls – 14%
Memphis Street Fight – 67%

Memphis Street Fight – Christian vs Sheamus

Christian to the ring, though his music is really quiet. Video of Christian's attack on Sheamus backstage a couple weeks ago. The ringside is being set up for the match with instruments everywhere. Sheamus in the ring.

Sheamus with blows on Christian, backing him into a corner, then tossing him out. Christian back with blows, then Christian clotheslined out. Christian into the barricade. Christian tossed onto announce, then face first down. Knees to Christian and Sheamus with a guitar, but Christian ducks and it hits post. Christian lands a guitar to Sheamus' gut. Sheamus reverses and Christian into the stairs. Christian bounced face first, then Sheamus stands on Christian's head. Christian runs up the ramp, but Sheamus attacks from behind. Christian up, but gets free and pushes Sheamus off the ramp. Christian on the stage, kicks Sheamus in the head, then dives off the stage into a huge DDT on Sheamus on the floor! Ref check on both of them.


Christian is whipped, but he moves and Sheamus to the post. Christian out and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. He tests it on the stairs. Christian in and top first to the gut, then the stick to the shoulders and back of Sheamus for two.

More blows with the stick from Christian. Sheamus ducks out of Christian's way, then takes a knee to the gut. Christian out as JBL calls Cole a moron. Christian under to get another kendo stick. Christian sits up top and flies off, but takes a punch to the gut and flips to land on the mat. Sheamus locks in Christian, then lands some clothesline. High running knee on Christian as JBL really goes off on King about being in cahoots with Bryan tonight. Sheamus with a kendo, but Christian kicks. Christian off the top, Sheamus catches and rolls through. Christian on the apron, but then free and hangs Sheamus back first up top. They both grab the stick and struggle over it. Sheamus kicks Christian, gets the stick and beats him with it. White noise on Christian, but only gets two for it.

Sheamus' forearms over the top on Christian. He hit 17 this time. Christian driven to the mat. Sheamus has the fans in the palm of his hand, but Christian ducked out of the ring from the brogue. Christian pulls Sheamus' legs around the post, but Sheamus pulls Christian into the post. Sheamus out and lands the Irish curse off the stairs! Christian rolled in and Sheamus pulls chairs out from under and tosses them in. Sheamus sees the drums, tosses the little ones off and grabs the bass. Sheamus sets it in the corner, then gets in. Christian blocks Sheamus, hits a mule kick, then a chair to Sheamus' gut. Christian piles chairs on Sheamus' front and Christian climbs. 5 star frog splash onto the chairs on Sheamus for a long two. Christian almost pitches a fit on the mat, but stops with his hand on the drum. He grabs the drum and rushes Sheamus with it. Sheamus lands his brogue kick through the drum on Christian for three.

Winner – Sheamus (14:27)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus celebrates in the ring, Christian sits dejected outside the ring. King calls for a slow-mo of the finisher.

Announce Segment

Cole explains how to get the WWE Network for free.

Backstage Segment

Maddox (stuttering to Batista) – I know it's not good, and none of us saw it coming. Steph and Trip have left the building, and the last thing they told me...

Orton – Maddox, Maddox, where's Hunter? Has he gone insane? What is he doing out there? Where is he right now.

Maddox – The Authority has left the building. The last thing they told me, we need you to take care of things. You're our A+ players and we need you to take out Big Show and Bryan.

Orton (to Batista) – For The Authority and for Steph McMahon, I'm willing to make it work, if you are.

Batista slightly smirks and walks out. Orton seethes and Maddox looks like he might hurl.


Stage Segment

Zdravei, zdravei... Lana out to announce Rusev. He comes out and climbs the stairs that are on stage again. He speaks in Bulgarian as the fans "What?" him.


Recap of Hogan's announcement to start the show.

The Wyatts cut into Hogan's video.

Harper is whistling.

Harper – You made a really big mistake John. It's a fearful things to fall into the hands of the reaper.

Bray – I'm not of this world John. It was such a euphoric experience for me to see you out there standing next to the immortal Hulk Hogan. It's almost like I was looking at your future. Do you see yourself in him John. Two men out there that are so self absorbed that they refuse to just let it go! Do you see yourself in me. I know it would be a lot for you to admit that you are every bit a monster that I am! You're underestimating me is the most foolish thing you will ever do. I have a thousand faces and a million names, if you want to see me as a vicious a beast. So I will be. If you want to see me as a smiling child. So I will be. At WrestleMania XXX, John, I accept. Hahaha. But just remember, you are the one with everything to lose. Your time is up and I'm forever. (singing) Time, is on my side!

Rowan – Run.

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.



Big Show knocked out Kane so Bryan could win. On Smackdown, Kane will face Big Show.

Big Show & Bryan vs Batista & Orton

Bryan to the ring. Video recap of the Occupy YesMovement. Bryan watched the tron and was laughing. Batista's music hits and the heat can be heard over it. Batista out to the ring. Orton out to join him.

Orton kicks Bryan, bounces his face off the corner, then kicks when he telegraphs. Orton sent out and flying goat takes him out. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"


Chinlock on Orton on the mat. Upper cut to Orton, but then Orton lands a knee on Bryan. Batista tags in to huge heat! Shoulders to Bryan in a corner. Bryan whipped into the same corner, then another shoulder. A knee to Bryan's back, then he's pulled to the heel corner and chokes him with a knee. Orton tags in, taunts Big Show, then takes a few blows from Bryan from the mat. Orton slams Bryan to the mat. Batista tags in and lands a snap suplex on Bryan, then an upper cut to him as Bryan's head hangs out of the ring. Bryan driven back into the apron, then rolled in. Bryan whipped, but gets his feet up in Batista's face, but then runs into a clothesline for two as JBL is yelling and screaming at King.

Orton tags in and they double team Bryan. Orton head butts Bryan. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. JBL tells Cole to shut up. Both tag out, Big Show with clotheslines on Batista. Batista whipped, back slam, then sidewalk slam on Batista. Big Show starts climbing, but Orton attacks on the apron. Big Show grabs Orton but Batista attacks from behind. Orton tags in and they work over Big Show's knee, then a kick to Big Show's face for two.

Big Show stops a big boot, but a shoulder tackle and a lot of spit takes Big Show down. Batista shakes the ropes, thumbs down, then grabs Big Show, but eats a body drop. Bryan tags in, as does Orton. Bryan runs up and over the top of Orton, then on him with "YES!" kicks, including the biggie, but only gets two for it.

Bryan climbs, Batista tries to stop him, but Bryan fights back. Bryan flies, but Orton moves. Orton pins for two. Bryan locks on the "YES!" lock! Batista in and stops it before Orton can tap. Big Show knocks Batista out. Big Show then eats an RKO. Orton stalks Bryan, but Bryan sees Batista's spear coming and side steps. Orton eats the spear, then Batista eats Bryan's running knee. Bryan's running feet, but Orton side steps. Bryan to the apron and eats the DDT after Orton points to the WrestleMania sign. Orton pounds the mat, but Bryan reverses into a backslide for two.

Bryan's running knee to Orton for three.

Winner – Big Show & Bryan (13:21)

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

Most Welcome Return
Hulk Hogan

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