RAW Results 7/7/14 – Russo, The Only One Writing Fan Mail To Miz? Or, OMG! Reigns Broke Finlay In Half!


RAW Results July 7, 2014
From Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Bret Hart on RAW. Rollins faces Cena in the main event, and Reigns starts the show at the top of the hour.

Raw Starts


Recap of the opening of last week's RAW, between The Authority and Cena. On video of the main event of the same RAW, right down to Cena being destroyed, Kane tombstoning Cena, and Rollins out with his case. Ambrose right behind him to stop Rollins from cashing in on Cena who is completely out cold. Reigns back and spears Kane. Reigns and Trip stare each other down, but it's Trip who drops off the apron of the ring.

In Ring Segment

Reigns in the stands, heads to the ring. Cole tells us to use #RomanIsRaw on Twitter. Reigns grabs a mic through cheers and pop.

Reigns – Unlike some people, when I come to the ring, I come with a point. Trip says he put me in the Battleground Fatal 4 Way because it's what's best for business. But maybe he did it so I could neutralize Cena, which I can. Maybe he thinks Kane can neutralize me, but he can't. All that happens and Orton is walking out with the Title. But he won't. I assess and attack. I've assessed this a thousand times, and I know what will happen. I'm a wanted man around here, but I've got a hair trigger.

"Cena sucks!" chants.

Reigns – When Roman Reigns is in the house, you're damn right Cena sucks! (HUGE pop) I don't are if The Authority is here or not, what they have to say it's irrelevant. What Orton has to say is irrelevant, because he's just a pawn in this game. Me, I'm not a pawn, I'm just the next WWE WHC. (pop) Believe THAT!

Fire erupts and out comes Kane. Kane glares down at Reigns. Reigns glares back at him.

Reigns – With their absence, are you, ah, standing in for The Authority now? Are you no longer the Devil's Favorite Demon? Because lately you've looked like Triple H's lapdog. Let me correct myself. Lately, you've just been Randy Orton's bitch! (pop)

Kane starts toward the ring. Reigns drops the mic and leaves the ring to meet Kane on the bottom of the ramp. Reigns on Kane, but then Reigns into the barricade. Reigns rolled in, but back out on Kane. Kane clotheslined over the barricade. Reigns over with a big head butt on Kane. Back and forth, then Kane fights back, bouncing Reigns' head off something back there. Reigns over the barricade. Kane over and Reigns face first into the post. Reigns rolled in, Kane in to stop him, but all the refs run to the ring (5, I think), but Kane chokeslams a ref in the ring.

Then the producers out! Fit Finlay, Mercury, and Jamie Noble are the three producers out, all in suits. Fit and Jamie hold Reigns back. Fit gets shovey with Reigns, then walks off. Jamie takes a punch, then Fit takes the spear. Kane on the apron takes a superman punch from Reigns. Mercury backs against Kane, as it he can hold Kane back by himself.


Rowan & Harper vs Usos

DEP! Rowan and Harper in the ring. Usos out to face them in black and white.

Jey exchanges blows with Harper, ducks a clothesline and lands a crossbody and blows. A kick sends Harper out. Jimmy tags in, and Rowan out over the top. Outside The Wyatt Family regroups, back up on the apron. Harper in on Jimmy in a corner with blows. Harper on Jimmy's hair. Jimmy whipped, ducks, but taken down. Harper wails, then chokes Jimmy with a knee on the mat. Rowan tags in and chokes Jimmy in the ropes. Dueling chants for the Usos and The Wyatts. Rowan with a chinlock on Jimmy, but Jimmy up. Jimmy slammed back down, but Rowan lands hard. Jey tags in and tries to take Rowan down. Finally a drop kick takes Rowan down for two.

Jey eats corner, then eats a shoulder tackle from Rowan for two.

Harper tags in and hits Jey in the throat as Rowan holds him. Rowan tags in, Harper throws Jey, then Rowan splashes him for two.


Rowan covers Jey for two. Rowan drives his fists into Jey's head. "CM Punk!" chants. Rowan rips on Jey's face, then chinlock. Jey up, punches free, but into the heel corner. Jey fights back, takes them both out, and Harper in, but Jimmy tags in. Jimmy with a crossbody and clothesline on Harper. Samoan drop on Harper, then Jimmy gets the fans chanting, but ducks Harper. Corkscrew off the top, but Rowan breaks the count.

An Uso flies out onto Rowan, then the other take a back kick from Harper for a long two.

Harper sticks his tongue out, but then caught through the ropes by Jey and pinned by Jimmy for two.

'This Is Awesome!' chants. Harper tosses Jimmy badly, then powerbombs Jimmy, but Jey breaks the count!

The top rope pulled, Harper out, then eats a double kick over the top rope. Rowan trips one from outside, but the other takes Rowan down. The problem is that he also eats Harper's clothesline for three.

Winners – Harper & Rowan (12:08)

The Usos argue that Harper pinned the legal man to win this match.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE Network being free this week, no credit card needed. King says everyone who has it, loves it. 90% satisfaction rate. JBL talks up all the PPVs, and all the original content on the WWE Network.

Backstage Segment

Orton – The nerve Reigns had to put his hands on you. If he'd done one more thing, I'd have been out there. I'd have had your back, just like you'll have my back at Battleground.

Kane – That's right Randy, one way or another, the WWE WHC is coming back to The Authority.

Rollins – That's what I like to see boys, a little solidarity. Huh? Huh? You know with The Authority not here tonight, it's important that we have each other's backs. No matter who wins at Battleground, I'll think twice about cashing this in at Battleground. (Rollins leaves.)

Orton – I don't know about you, but I'm starting to hate that kid.

Kane – No nearly as much as I'm starting to hate you. (Kane leaves.)


One Arm Tied Divas Match – Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox

Fox in the ring. Nikki to the ring. Video of Brie quitting in Steph's face, then slapping her, hard. In the ring, Nikki shrugs. The ref ties Nikki's arm back, Fox is all smiles, and the fans are dead quiet. Fox taunts the ref, messes with the ropes, then attacks Nikki. Fox not tied and attacking Nikki through,"Boring!" chants. Nikki knocked from the ring, so Fox out, sending Nikki back first into the barricade. Nikki falls, her head slammed back to the barricade. Fox waving her finger, yelling at fans. Nikki rolled in. Fox in and hit by Nikki, but Fox stomps Nikki. Fox out, but can't get back in for being kicked at by Nikki. Fox gets two Red Bull cans, shakes slams them around to spray, then back out, stomping both feet down each step. Nikki is seething on the mat as the ref unties her. The match never starts, the bell never rings.


RVD vs Rusev

Rusev in the ring abusing his flag.

Lana – Oh Canada, if you would just accept the leadership of the world's true peace keeper, Vladimir Putin.

RVD out to the ring in purple.

RVD ducks Rusev, but then whipped back. Kicks to Rusev's face. Rusev lifts RVD out, but he lands on the apron. RVD in over the top with a huge DDT. "ECW!" chants. RVD up, Rusev tosses him off the top. A blow to the back of RVD, then Rusev stomps him. RVD lifted, knees to RVD's kidneys, then RVD tossed off. Facelock on RVD. Split screen to Zeb challenging Rusev to face Swagger at Battleground. "We, the people!"

RVD on Rusev's face, but then lands an elbow. Rusev kicks RVD in the side of the head. Knee to RVD's face. RVD in a corner, kicked in the thighs by Rusev. Front facelock on RVD, down to the mat. Cole and JBL get into it on announce, again, and then silence. Rusev catches RVD, then Rusev sets it up so RVD can get two for it.

RVD whipped, gets his feet up. RVD off the top with a single leg missile drop kick. Rusev avoids rolling thunder. Rusev takes RVD down hard, and Lana calls for the crush. Accolade and RVD taps out.

Winner – Rusev (4:39)

Lana puts Rusev's star back on him. Video recap of the high points of the match. The flag unfurls from above.

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring.



Reigns cutting down Kane earlier to start the show, then the fight that ensued.

Orton vs Ambrose

Orton to the ring. Ambrose out to face him, shoulder still taped.

Ambrose taunts the heck out of Orton through chants for Ambrose. Orton backed into a corner, until Ambrose forced back. Orton rolls from the ring to regroup and set Ambrose on edge. Arm bar on Orton, down to the mat, knee in Orton's back as Ambrose talks smack through it all. "I love in Bermuda, I don't need a vacation!" says JBL as they were talking about The Authority on vacation. Orton up, but Ambrose takes him back down and keeps working him. Orton up, into a corner, takes a shoulder to the gut. Ambrose backs out, pulls Orton into a short clothesline. Ambrose stomps Orton, drops a knee, but then Orton pulls Orton face first into a corner. Orton on Ambrose in the corner with blows, but then Ambrose reverses it to huge pop. Slap to Orton, then a drop kick against the ropes and Orton to the mat. Ambrose drops a hard foot to Orton's gut, then rolls Orton, locking Orton's legs, and pulling Orton's arms around into a serious hold! Orton to his feet, uses the leverage to send Ambrose flying, then clotheslines Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose eats corner, then eats the next corner. Back elbows on Ambrose, then Orton with blows on Ambrose. Heat for Orton and he's sucking it up. Orton turns, but Ambrose trips Orton and takes him down hard, then sends him from the ring.


Orton has Ambrose's arm wrenched back, Ambrose face first on the mat. Ambrose to his knees, rakes Orton's face to get free, then eats a drop kick for two.

Orton back on Ambrose's arm on the mat, Ambrose's wrist wrenched back. Orton gets two for it.

Ambrose up, lands a lovely DDT on Orton, takes the time to regroup, rather than cover Orton. He works the blood back into his shoulder, and gets to his feet. They exchange blows, Ambrose ducks Orton and lands his own clothesline. Ambrose with a crossbody on Orton with blows. Ambrose kicking on Orton in a corner, Orton to his bum on the mat. Orton pulled up, reverses on Ambrose who reverses into a beautiful Figure 4! Orton sells every moment of it, grabs at Ambrose's arm, and then Orton to the ropes to serious heat!

Orton sells his knee pain as Ambrose up, backs to a corner, then climbs. Ambrose off the corner hard, does nothing, then takes a drop kick from Orton through terrible camera work! Orton up to pose, then down to upper cut on Orton, but Ambrose off the ropes to take Orton down with a clothesline! Orton pushes Ambrose off, but Ambrose sends Orton out. Orton back first into the barricade, then Ambrose throws a chair into the ring. Ambrose with four more chairs, all into the ring. Orton rolled in, and grabs a chair and Orton quickly rolls out. Ambrose out, sent shoulder first into the post! Little Naich isn't counting them out as Ambrose goes over the barricade into the timekeeper area. Ambrose pulled up, takes Orton's DDT off the barricade. Orton into the ring and the ref starts counting. At 6 Ambrose to his knees, and barely in before ten. Orton isn't impressed.

Orton stomps Ambrose, sends him to the apron, set up his DDT, but Ambrose reverses into two. A backslide on Orton for two. Ambrose bounces off the ropes, the strange way he does, but right into the RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (17:39)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Renee – With Orton having a strong showing tonight, has to be weighing on you going into Battleground. But tonight you're wearing a target on your back, facing Rollins.

Cena – A man with a target on my back? Renee, I wear a 40lbs medallion of gold and diamonds making me the biggest target in the WWE. I have a briefcase over my head. A match at Battleground, where I don't have to lose to lose, and, on top of that, I gotta keep my head on a swivel because I don't know where the next attack is coming from. A lot of people talk about what's best for business. This is a symbol of handling business. Love it or hate it, since I've been in the WWE, I've been handling business.

Reigns walks up.

Reigns – Good luck in your match tonight, John.

Cena – Strong words out there tonight Roman, I don't need luck tonight, homes.

Reigns – You're going to need a ton of it when you face me in the Fatal 4 Way Match, homes. (An eyebrow quirk on the last word.)

Reigns leaves, Cena glares.


ADR vs Ziggler

Fandango is on announce, dancing, saying he's in the Battleground Battle Royal.

ADR is in the ring. Ziggler out to face him.

Fandango isn't happy about Ziggler and Summer Rae kissing. ADR with a shoulder block on Ziggler. Ziggler back with a neck breaker as Fandango says he likes Fandango. Ziggler clotheslines ADR from the ring, but then ADR uses the ring skirt to lock Ziggler up and lands an enziguri. In the ring ADR gets two.

Knee drops on Ziggler for two. Fandango says Layla is in the back somewhere, crimping her hair. His forced accent makes it sound odd. Cross body on ADR. Ziggler up top, but ADR pushes him and he lands badly up there. ADR flips Ziggler off the top for two.

Video recap of the big move. ADR is breathing hard, then he kneels to wait for Ziggler. Ziggler ducks, they go back and forth, Ziggler gets ADR down for two. Fandango is all brooding on announce.

ADR pushes Ziggler off, but Ziggler back with a drop kick for two. Fandango says he's the Fonze of the WWE. So of course all the Happy Days comments fly. Ziggler ducks the enziguri, then lands his famouser for a long two.

Fandango's music, and he's on announce dancing, shaking his hips. Fandango steals JBL's hat, and Ziggler is distracted for ADR to take him down for three.

Winner – ADR

Video recap of the high points of the match. ADR will face Sheamus on Main Event tomorrow night, for the US Title. Fandango is still dancing to his music on announce and none of the announcers are comfortable with the blatant sexuality in front of them.

Backstage Segment

Stardust blows gold confetti, and talks to what looks like Goldust, but is mostly just a blond wig.

Stardust – What's your sign? Capricorn? Aries? I'd have never guessed it. The roads. The roads that we are traveling, they're going to require something, to use a human term, something bizarre?

Goldust – Bizarre? There is nobody more bizarre than us! Where we're going, we don't need roads. It's written in the stars!

Stardust – I told you! Time isn't linear, it's a celestial cosmic clock. Oh, look!

Goldust is now in his wig.

Goldust – And they'll never forget the name of Rhodust. (guessing on this last word)

Stardust – Staaaaaardust!


Backstage Segment

Layla – Hey! What were you doing out there? Were you jealous because Dolph kissed Summer?

Fandango – Baby, you know I only have eyes for you. You know that.

Layla – So, what was your motivation?

Fandango – Dolph embarrassed me last week, it's an insult to me, to our love.

Layla – I hope so. I honestly don't know what I would do if you still cared for Summer.

Fandango – Ssshhhh! Baby, our dance is so beautiful, no one will ever cut in. Know that.

They kiss, then Layla nuggles into his chest. Fandango looks over Layla's head to stare at Summer Rae who is in a tight dress, showing off her curves with her hip cocked out, and smiling back at Fandango.

In Ring Segment

King – The last time I left this arena in Montreal, it didn't think I'd ever be back. I want to say that thanks to the company doctors, the Royal Victorian Hospital here in Montreal, and all of your thoughts and prayers, I'm back. That night put a damper on what was supposed to be...

"Jerry!" chants.

King – Thank you. Put a damper on what was supposed to be a great night for two countrymen of yours. Pat Patterson and Bret Hart. Tonight, it's my honor to bring out a true Canadian legend, a fellow HOFer, the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart!

Bret Hart comes out to monumental pop from his fans. King hands Bret the mic. Bret soaks up the love.

"Thank you Bret!" chants.

Bret – I just wanted to say, no matter what happened here in the past, it's always great to be back in Montreal. I speak from the heart when I say that if I could have one more match, if I could lace up my boots just one more time, it would be here in Montreal, in front of the greatest fans in the world.

JBL says, "I'd debate that.

Bret – In fact, I got goosebumps up my arms. I'm getting that feeling I'd get when I was WWE World Champion. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. It's the kind of rush I'd get when I had dreams of being the Excellence of Execution.

Bret's music hits again, and out comes Bret 'Sandow' Hart. He's in what looks like Bret's ring gear, right down to the leather jacket (but not the actual jacket).

Sand-Hart – May I present the real best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. Bret 'The Hitman' Sand-Hart! (climbs in the ring) You know, being here in Montreal, I'm reminded of a regret I have in my career. I'm not talking about the fact that I tapped out to my own submission hold to my idol Shawn Michaels, right here in this building. (serious heat) Or that I was so embarrassed that I pretended it was an elaborate screwjob! That you all bought into! My one regret is that through my own career, is that I was actually proud to be from a 3rd world country like Canada. (huge heat) But you know, come to think of it, I have another regret, that I never stood in the ring with the greatest performer in the WWE, Damien Sandow. Now Bret, I know that...

"You suck!" chants. Bret motions to the fans and says something off mic to Sand-Hart.

Sand-Hart – I know that talking has never been your strong suit...

Bret punches Sand-Hart right out of his wig, and out of the ring.

Bret – No, punching was. (meaning his strong suit)

Sand-Hart glares up from the floor as Bret's music hits, and the fans worship Bret Hart. Video recap of Bret knocking Sand-Hart from the ring.

Sheamus to the ring. A fist punch, then hug between Bret and Sheamus before Bret leaves the ring.


Sheamus vs Sand-Hart

The match started during the commercial break.

Sandow with blows on Sheamus outside, then throws Sheamus into the barricade. Sandow rolls Sheamus in for two.

King doesn't understand why Sandow is resorting to all this stupidity. JBL says he's having fun, and did Bret Hart better than Bret Hart did Bret Hart! Sandow off the corner onto Sheamus with a punch. Sandow sets up for the sharpshooter, but Sheamus grabs Sandow's beard to stop it. Sandow to the apron, takes the ten beats – all 16 of them. Sheamus sets up, and lands his brogue kick for three as JBL yells about this not happening again in Montreal, then 'Bret screwed Bret!'

Winner – Sheamus (2:37)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus celebrates in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome The Miz. Last week you made your triumphant return.

Miz cuts Renee off with a hand.

Miz – I'm sure you have an outstanding question, but more important, I have a letter from a fan. Dear Miz, You're my favorite WWE Superstar and movie star. Last week when I heard of a former WWE Champion and multimedia star would return, I said a little prayer that it was you. I wasn't disappointed. But then you were interrupted by that rat faced, tattooed rock star, Jericho. When he viciously attacked you when you weren't looking, a part of me died inside. Please, put him in his place and continue your climb to headline WrestleMania once again, signed your biggest fan, Johnny Russo. ("What?") I get thousands of these letters Renee. The magnitude of what Jericho could have done to my face. This face is my livelihood. This face is my moneymaker. Think of what could have happened to The Marine 4, think about what could have happened to this company if something happened to this face. Most importantly, think about what the fans would loose. Little Johnny Russo. Don't worry Johnny, when it comes to this fist, Jericho is ready for his closeup. (camera closes in on Miz's fist)


WWE Rewind

Miz getting in Jericho's face on RAW last week, then Miz taking the code breaker, then DEP!

Miz vs Jericho

The lights go out, Jericho in his blinkie jacket, out to the ring. Cole tells us that we need to use #Y2J. Miz out to face him in his own leather coat and aviators.

They lock up. Side headlock on Miz. Shoulder block on Jericho, then Miz stomps Jericho on the mat. Jericho up, comes back with chops. Miz hides his face from a punch, then clotheslined from the ring. Miz up and knocked off the apron. Jericho is bleeding from the right ear area. The ref wipes the blood off. Jericho out, sends Miz in, lands a running bulldog, and yells to the fans. Miz knocks Jericho from the ring, then checks his own face. Miz out, sends Jericho back first into the apron. 'This Is Awesome!' chants. In the ring Miz is on Jericho's face with blows, then a sick kick to the face for two.

There's a tiny bit of blood on Jericho's ear as Miz locks on a chinlock. Jericho elbows free, chops Miz, then a forearm to Miz. Shoulder block to Miz, then Jericho climbs. Off the top onto Miz's face, then Jericho sets up for the walls. Miz counters and sends Jericho flying. Miz gets two for it.

Miz rushes, stops himself before hitting the buckle, but then taken down by Jericho for two.

Chops to Miz, then Jericho whipped and floats over, but Miz takes Jericho down for two.

Jericho yells at Miz that he sucks in movies, etc. Jericho rolls Miz up for two.

Miz locks on the (horrid) Figure 4 in the center of the ring. Jericho to the ropes and the hold is broken. Miz works Jericho's legs, but Jericho hits Miz in the face! Jericho lock son the walls and Miz quickly taps out.

Winner – Jericho (5:53)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Jericho is calling for love, pointing to his bleeding ear, then DEP! Then Bray is in his rocker with a mic.

Bray – We're waiting Chris. We're all waiting for you to come save us! Hahaha! I was wondering to myself, Chris. I was wondering how you were going to save an entire universe when you can't even save yourself? Hahaha! Do you think it will be your words that can protect you from me? Because I believe that last week, in that very ring, I proved that actions speak much louder than words. Hahaha! Actions scream eternities to a generation with no tongue, yeah. You can go on Chris and say whatever you think you need to say, but I will hold your every word against you. Never, eeeever, let you forget. Because these people Chris, look at these people, that you used to call Jerichoholics, are now, they sing to a different tune. Because they know that I inspire them. They know that I got the whole world...

Jericho – Quiet! Would you please, shut the hell up! (The fans were right with Jericho, yelling the words.) Quiet Wyatt, you don't have to say anything else, because for once, I agree with every word you're saying. You're right, actions do speak louder than words, and right now my actions are this. This is just you and me, I'm going to come up that ramp, knock you out of that rocking chair, and beat your ass!

Jericho from the ring, then DEP! The spotlight on Bray is back on, and Rowan and Harper stand right behind, to the sides of Bray's rocker. The camera lights in the audience are more than ever. Bray laughs as Jericho looks on. "Y2J!" chants. DEP!


Dactyls vs Paige & AJ

Dactyls are in the ring. Paige comes out, slapping hands. Video recap of Paige losing the Divas Championship to AJ last week on RAW. AJ out to join her. Paige takes Justin's mic.

Paige – No, no, no. just let me introduce. Tag team partner for tonight, from Union City, New Jersey, the Divas Champion, the great AJ Lee!

Paige and AJ talk a bit, then Paige takes an arm drag from Naomi, then a snap mare. Knee drop on Paige's face for two.

Cameron won't take Naomi's tag, yawning, and Naomi gets two for it.

Drop kick to Naomi's face for two.

Paige stomps Naomi down in their corner. AJ tags in, kicks Naomi, then head scissors on Naomi. AJ pins for two.

Paige cheers on AJ as she puts on a front facelock. AJ up around Naomi's waist. Naomi tries to tag out, but Cameron is putting on lip gloss. Paige tags in, and both Paige and Naomi clothesline at the same time. Cameron takes the blind tag, but the Paige turner on Cameron for three.

Winners – AJ & Paige (3:46)

Naomi in Cameron's face. Cameron pushes Naomi's forehead back, three times, with her hand. Naomi right in Cameron's face then the pushing match starts. There's hair pulling and punches, not real wrestling. Ref between them and he gets bonked by Naomi. Am and Naomi back at it, handsful of hair, they end up outside the ring. Am stomps off and acts like she won. Naomi gives a nasty smirk at ringside.


WWE Extreme Moment

Kofi managed to beat Cesaro last week on RAW, then Cesaro beat Kofi down all over the ringside area, and into the stands.

Cesaro vs Kofi

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the one behind the one in 21-1. I serve as the advocate for Brock Lesnar who conquered Underaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! I'm also pleased and proud to represent...

Cesaro – Paul, Paul, Paul. You can't talk to those people in English. They're French Canadians, but they don't even speak French. They speak Quebecois. (pop) The French can't stand them, neither can the rest of Canada, (Cesaro then speaks in French and talks down Quebecois. My French class in high school was Quebecois, and I have no clue what Cesaro said, other than it's bad. The fans there really didn't like it.)

Kofi to the ring bandaged from his attack by Cesaro last week.

Kofi all over Cesaro, sends him out, then into announce. Cesaro rolled in, goes to the top rope, but knocked by Cesaro. Cesaro off the apron onto Kofi outside. The fans are chanting back at Cesaro what he said about them, though I still don't know what it was. Kofi on Cesaro, but Cesaro is blocking, and Kofi is countering. Military press on Kofi for two.

Cesaro all over Kofi's mid-section, but then Kofi rolls Cesaro up for three.

Winner – Kofi (1:51)

Cesaro attacks Kofi, sends him into the post. Big E in to protect his friend Kofi, takes Cesaro down and out of the ring. Big E and Kofi show solidarity in the ring as Heyman over to the ramp with Cesaro. Big E and Kofi really want a fight.

Backstage Segment

Cena is brooding backstage, but bounces right up when Rollins comes in.

Rollins – Hey, don't come at me like that. Just because we have a match tonight doesn't mean we can't talk like two civilized adults here, alright? I know you don't trust me, and last week I did consider cashing in, but that was last week. Tonight's not about that. Tonight's about who's the best. When I beat you, greatest WWE Champion of all time, the measuring stick, and I prove that I'm the best, maybe then I'll cash in my contract. Or maybe, God forbid, you get hurt out there (laughter in his voice), an opportunity presents itself, maybe then I'll cash in. Either way, your days are numbered John, because if it's not me, maybe it will be Kane.

Cena – Maybe.

Rollins – If not Kane, maybe it will be Orton.

Cena – Maybe. Civilized. This is good. In the most civilized way possible, let me say, I think you're full of crap. Thank you for an extremely backhanded compliment. Allow me to give you a little one. You're good Seth, you're damn good. I know what The Authority sees in you. Now let's think, all those days you were dressing under the arena with The Shield, scrapping for everything. Times have changed, and I'm not talking about your futuristic jumpsuit. I mean you walk around now like a kid who signed a big contract, the case literally guarantees him to be Champion.

Rollins – That's right.

Cena – No, the only guarantee you got, tonight you have a match with a Champion, which means I guarantee you're in for the fight of your life, Seth.

Rollins (looking down his nose at Cena) – See you out there.


Bo vs El Torito

A Matador in the ring with El Torito. Video of Bo getting into it with El Torito on Smackdown.

Bo – I never duck out of a challenge. I take on all comers, little guy. Anytime, anyplace, because I simply Bolieve!

El Torito around Bo, but Bo tells him to stop, then gets down on his knees. El Torito slaps Bo, then with a rolling kick to the groin, then another. El Torito from the ring, but then Bo yells at him. El Torito fights back. Fernando pushed away, then Bo pushes El Torito down. A running Bo-dog off the second ropes for three.

Winner – Bo (1:23)

Bo with his victory lap. During the lap Bo knocks El Torito down with his hip, but never losing stride.


Cena vs Rollins

Cena out to serious heat. Rollins out with case in hand, showing it off from ever angle possible.

Cena, with a smirk, circles on Rollins who removes his shirt. Cena yells about it being the big time, right here. Finally they lock up, I an hear Cena calling moves, then Rollins runs the ropes over and under, then into a hip toss. Rollins into a corner, avoids the bulldog, kicks Cena, then takes Cena down for two.


An interesting arm hold on Cena, but then Cena lifts Rollins high, then landing him on the back of his head on the mat. Rollins back and rolls Cena up for two.

Rollins stomps Cena in a corner. Rollins out, works Cena on the apron. "Fruity Pebbles!" chants from the fans. Rollins in and takes a side slam from Cena. Cena avoids a kick, lifts Rollins, Rollins reverses and takes Cena down for two.

Rollins yells smack at Cena that it's not about the case or the contract, then slaps Cena around, saying that Rollins is the best. "You sold out!" chants for Rollins. Rollins avoids the STF, so Cena lifts Rollins for a powerbomb for two.

Rollins sells the pain on the mat as Cena looks shocked he didn't win the match. Cena climbs, but Rollins kicks Cena to the side of the head, knocking him to the mat for two.

Dueling Cena chants start and grow. Cena avoids a flying punch on the mat, then goes into his normal routine of moves, into the 5 knuckle shuffle. Rollins up, but manages to land on his feet from the AA! Cena then locks on the STF, Cena releases, slides Rollins into the enter of the ring to reset, but then fire erupts on the stage, and out comes Kane.

Orton attacks Cena from behind, then Kane is there and they're both on Cena on the mat. Reigns' music, and he comes stomping out and down the ramp. Superman punch to Kane on the bottom of the ramp. Reigns into the ring, another superman punch to Orton. But then Rollins with the case to the back of Reigns' head. Rollins then on Cena with the case. Rollins realizes this, and calls a new ref out. Rollins argues with Little Naich, both holding the case, but then, out of nowhere, Ambrose tackles Rollins to the floor in front of announce. They end up in the ring, and Ambrose clotheslines Rollins from the ring, and they fight their way up the ramp, Ambrose in control the whole way.

Cena slowly reviving on the mat, but Orton slides in. Suddenly Super Cena lands an AA on Orton. Kane comes in, but then Reigns spears Kane away from Cena.

In the center of the ring Reigns grabs Cena's hand and raises it. Cena looks shocked, about to hit whoever was touching him, as Reigns smirks at Cena. Reigns waits as the fans chant, "Spear!" Cena grabs Reigns' arm and raises it to huge pop. Reigns smirks at Cena. A few more moments, then Reigns lifts Cena's arm to heat from the fans.

Biggest Pop
Bret Hart
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Jerry Lawler

Biggest Heat
Seth Rollins
Randy Orton

Most Mixed
John Cena

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