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RAW Results 4/7/14 – Redemption & Justice

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RAW Results April 7, 2014
From New Orleans
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

We saw the end of the Streak. Brock and Heyman will be there. And then there's what Bryan pulled off at WrestleMania. All that and more on RAW.

Raw Starts


Recap of Bryan's career before and into the first season of NXT, short hair and clean shaven. To Superstar of The Year, the flying goat, and the leader of #YesMovement. Trip stepped in and took Bryan down at SummerSlam, made sure Orton was WWE WHC. The ultimate underdog, the B+ player, stood up to The Authority, took over the love of the WWE 'Universe'. Through it all Bryan kept going, and got Trip at WrestleMania, and the stip for the main event. He went into WrestleMania and won it all.

In Ring Segment

The fans in New Orleans are chanting "YES!" as the video ends. Justin announces the new WWE WHC, Daniel Bryan. Bryan out and the chants get louder. One belt around his waist, the new WWE Champ strap in hand. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan soaks it all up, grinning through the continuing chanting that just isn't stopping, even to hear him talk.

Bryan – You guys never get tired, do ya?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – Be careful, I don't want you to hit your neighbor. I don't think you know hard it is to do this holding two titles.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I'll do it one more time, but then have to give my shoulders a break.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – It's funny because it was a little over two years ago that I started doing this, and the day after WrestleMania everyone here and at home chanting that one word.

"You deserve it!"

Bryan – I might deserve it a little bit, but you deserve it. When I started Yessing, it's not a hand gesture, a movement, it's not about positive thinking, it's about the power that we all have to make change. Because of your power, last night I beat The Authority at WrestleMania XXX and I stand here as the new WWE WHC!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip's music hits and out he comes to the ring, looking rather surly, with Steph in tow in a black dress. Heat for Trip. "You sold out!" and "Asshole!" chants for Trip. They stay on the apron.

Trip – I'm not gonna step into the ring Daniel Bryan because I don't want to do something to you that I'm going to regret. At least not yet.

Bryan – Wait, wait, wait, you're not gonna get in the ring?

Bryan takes a belt in each hand, goes over to Trip and gets the huge "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going again. The fans are wild and loving it.

Trip – Enjoy your moment, because that's all this is Daniel, a moment. It's not gonna last. We all know it. It can't last. It won't make it through the night, and I'll makes sure of that. Tonight you're going to defend that WWE WHC tonight, against me. I'm not just going to become the 14 World Champion, I'm going to put an end to this crap. I'm going to put an end to you. I'm gonna shut them up. I'm going to shut up the world! You can shake your head and smile, but the reality is this is my show and there's not a damn thing you can to about it!

Trip throws down his mic and stomps up the ramp while Steph is heading down the stairs and well behind him. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans, led by Bryan. Bryan poses in the ring as Steph glares over her shoulder on stage as she and Trip head out. More "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about what will happen to Bryan. JBL says Bryan will be ended tonight. Cole then talks about The Streak, and how Brock ended it. Brock is here tonight.



Stills from WrestleMania XXX.

Backstage Segment

Steph – I can't wait for you to shut him down, to shut all these people up.

Trip – I'm going to make them all choke on it.

Steph – They absolutely will, and you're going to end #YesMovement, tonight.

Batista – I don't get any of this tonight. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't lost to Bryan.

Trip – Wait a second. Talking about losing? Who tapped out last night?

Batista – You asked me to come back, and I did. I earned a one on one shot, not Triple Threat Match.

Orton – If anyone is more deserving, it's me. I have a rematch clause and I want it tonight.

Trip – You want a rematch and you want a rematch? How about I'm the COO of this company and I'm going to run it as I see fit? That means you both get rematches, just not tonight. Tonight I take care of this problem.

Orton – Take care of this problem, so that means...

Steph – You are both right, all right. You're deserving of Champion matches, but tonight you're in tag team action against the Usos for the TTCs.

Orton – You make that sound like a good thing. If we wanted the TTCs, we'd take them. I want the WWE WHC, it needs to come back where it belongs.

Trip – Understand this, we all have our problems. You have your problems, I have my problems. This is all happening for one reason only. Historically, when we're on the same page, no one can stop us.


New Orleans, we're here. They head to the ring. Still from his match last night.


The Wyatts vs Cena & Big E & Sheamus

Sheamus to the ring. Big E is ringside. Cena out to HUGE heat.

They all slide in at the same time and the fight stares. Harper tossed, then Rowan. Cena all over Bray and the bell sounds. Cena with a right, but Bray's drops Cena. Head butt to Cena. "Let's Go Wyatts!" Cena blocks a blow and on Bray with blows and the fans are not happy. Cena tags out, then hits a running bulldog on Bray. Sheamus in with a battering ram. "Let's go Wyatts!" Rowan tags in and the red heads go at it. Blows back and forth, Sheamus with the upper hand. Forearm to Rowan's face. Blows to Rowan in a corner, and a "Boo!" each time one it hit! Big E tags in and is whipped into Rowan by Sheamus. Rowan hits Big E for a pop. Big E lifts Rowan for back breakers and he gets some pop for that. Rowan is able to kick out.

Harper tags in to pop. Rowan knocked off apron by Harper. Shoulder tackle by Big E, then Cena tags in to slam Harper to heat. 5 knuckle shuffle is blocked and Cena face first to the mat for pop. Cena kicks out to heat!


Side headlock on Cena. "Let's go Harper!" Cena to a knee and Harper keeps the hold. Cena up, Harper on his shoulder to heat, but Harper reverses into a DDT to pop, but Cena kicks out to heat. Rowan tags in. JBL wants to take this crowd with them everywhere? Cena slammed to the mat, then drops a leg. Bray tags in to pop. Bray stomps the heck out Cena in the heel corner to serious pop. Big clothesline to Bray to serious heat and both men are down. "John Cena sucks!" Cena slammed to the mat for two.

Head butts to Cena on the mat. Dueling Cena chants as Harper tags in and works Cena over on the mat. Upper cut to Cena. Cena pulled up and lands a body drop. Rowan and Sheamus tag in, Sheamus gets heat. Sheamus all over Rowan, lands a high knee, then slams Rowan to the mat. Harper in and slammed down on Rowan! Sheamus up with a double battering ram off the top. Sheamus mocks Bray, sets up, but Bray distract. Harper tossed out, but Rowan with a huge clothesline!

Bray tags in, as does Big E with clotheslines. Bray slammed badly to the mat, then splashed by Big E. down comes the straps. Bray up, but Harper in and kicks Big E in the jaw. Rowan in and takes Cena out. Sheamus then takes Harper out! Back bend in the corner, then Bray walk! "Bray's gonna kill you!" Sister Abigail on Big E for three.

Winners – The Wyatts (14:00)

Cena sitting on the ramp is in shock! Off mic Bray yells, 'Follow the buzzards!"

Announce Segment

Cole into a promo for Slam City.



All about impossible, and Bolieve.

Fandango & Summer Rae vs Santino & Emma

Summer Rae and Fandango out dancing on stage. The fans are all into his music. Fandango has this huge peacock collar to his coat. Santino and Emma to the ring together.

Fandango dances at Santino who dances silly back at him. Huge hip toss on Fandango, and cobra out, but Summer Rae tags in. Emma whipped, but side-steps. Emma's dilemma on Summer Rae. Emma with a cross body on Summer Rae sitting in a corner. Emmalock and Santino keeps Fandango from getting in the middle of it. Summer Rae taps out.

Winners – Santino & Emma (1:28)

Santino grabs Emma from behind and spins her around. They dance in the ring.


In Ring Segment

Brock's music and out comes Brock with Heyman in tow. Brock has quite a blackened left eye. They head to the ring, Brock's pyro hitting way late. Still of him looking down at Taker after pinning him for three. Taker laid out on the mat after the match. Brock smiles at the heat. Cole talks about Taker in the hospital over night with his severe concussion. Brock into the ring, Heyman bowing to him on the mat. Cole pushes #ThankYouTaker Huge heat for Brock and Heyman.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and it is the greatest privilege of my career to serve as the advocate for The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. The conqueror of Taker's streak! A streak that lasted nearly a quarter of a century that ended in 3 seconds at the hands of Brock Lesnar. I know you're in shock, which shows your lack of intelligence, because...


Heyman – I hate to say we told you so, but ladies and gentlemen, we told you so! My client stands before you with a shirt that says – eat, sleep, break the streak! You have the temerity to doubt the strategy of the greatest manager in sports entertainment history, Paul Heyman. Or the physical credentials of the most dominant athlete in WWE history, ever, Brock Lesnar! Let's get one things straight. Brock isn't here to put smiles on people's faces, he's here to shock the WWE 'Universe' and put tears in the eyes of children. (this gets some pop) Now that you know all the headlines, lets go a little bit off page and shoot from the hip. 5 seconds after walking through the curtain at WrestleMania, Taker collapsed. You don't want to hear this story, it's a little too real for you. All the paramedics are panicking backstage. The most ruthless man who's ever had the pleasure of meeting me, McMahon left WrestleMania and road to the hospital with Taker. Taker is being treated today for a severe concussion. He came this close to having a broken neck, this close to a cracked skull. And the greatest thing Taker ever did was not getting his shoulder up on that 3rd F5, because if he did, he would have had a broken neck. Brock would have cracked his skull. Brock Lesnar was prepared to beat on Taker to such a degree that the complexion of this television show would have changed tonight, because Brock wasn't done until the streak was dead. (mixed) Here's what really gets to me, when the match was over, John Brashaw Layfield, and those two other things that call themselves announcers, stood up and gave a standing ovation along with 80,000 other people in the Superdome. Superdome Hogan, not Silverdome! And gave a standing ovation to Taker. To the guy who lost the fight. Here's what I don't understand. Brock always taught me in every fight there's a winner and there's a loser, last night Taker was a loser! The winner, whether you like it or not, was Brock Lesnar! But since this is supposed to be the wildest crowd of the year, you should feel empowered, because each and every single one of you is exactly like every single member of that WWE locker room. You're all a bunch of wannabes! (heat) When Brock Lesnar walked through that curtain last night, he didn't get a standing ovation, everybody looked down. You know why? Because nobody respected Brock Lesnar, which is fine for Brock because Brock respects nobody. He barely tolerates me, and he surely isn't going to respect somebody who flies in from around the world to sit here on the Monday after WrestleMania, trying to get noticed on worldwide TV! (heat) So notice this, okay? There's a lot of people in the back who say, I could have been the one who jumped from the ring to the octagon, but Daniel Bryan never fought in an octagon. John Cena never fought in an octagon. Taker never fought in an octagon! You know why? They're all wannabes, Brock Lesnar is the one! There's a lot of people who want to be the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Champion, the Ultimate Fighting Champion, the WWE Heavyweight Champion. The Rock never pulled that off. Hulk Hogan never pulled that off. SCSA never pulled that off. Know why? They're all wannabes. Brock Lesnar is the one! Then you got a bunch of guys in the locker room coming up to me saying, 'Hey Paul, I could have been the one to break the streak. I could have beaten Taker.' Randy Orton didn't break the streak. Shawn Michaels didn't break the streak. Triple H didn't break the streak. They're all wannabes. Brock Lesnar is the one. Brock Lesnar is the one in 21-1. (mixed) I'm sorry, are you saying What to me? ("What?") Oh, I forgot who you are, so I'll say it slowly for you. Brock Lesnar is the one in 21-1! ladies and gentlemen, there are WWE HOFers, legends and WWE Superstars and the key to that is they're all plural, lumped together, and one who stands head and shoulders above the rest, on a platform of his own. There's only one Beast Incarnate, only one conqueror of the streak, and there's only one Brock Lesnar.



Adam Rose promo on The Exotic Express bus.

Tga Team Championship Match – Usos (c) vs Batista & Orton

Batista to the ring. Orton out to join him. Usos out with their new tattoos, dancing, and the fans right with them.

Jey on Batista to start. "You tapped out!" chants at Batista. Orton tags in and then Jimmy tags in. Jimmy with rights on Orton. Head butts back on Jimmy. "Y2J!" chants. "CM Punk!" chants. Batista tags in and they go back and forth. Jey rushes in to rescue his twin. Batista out to grab Jimmy and Orton on Jey. "Let's go Lawler!" and then "JBL!"chants. Jimmy into the barricade, then Jey eats a DDT off the barricade.

Double Count Out (2:12)

Batista bomb on the stairs on an Uso. Orton and Batista into the ring. Much heat for them as they pose in the ring with their arms raised.


RVD vs Sandow

RVD to the ring through huge pop. Sandow already in the ring. "RVD!" chants.

Kick to Sandow's face and he's from the ring. RVD on the corner calling RVD, but Sandow trips him in the middle. Sandow with head butts and knees to RVD. RVD knocks Sandow from the apron and heads out after him. "ECW!" chants. Sandow on the barricade and RVD on him with blows. RVD flies onto Sandow on the barricade and they both ended up sprawling. "You still got it!" chants for RVD. Sandow on RVD, but then RVD catches Sandow and takes him down. Rolling thunder, then RVD up top. 5 star frog splash on Sandow for three.

Winner – RVD (2:49)

RVD poses and gets the fans chanting.


Rey vs Barrett

Rey out in black and light blue. Bad News Barrett out to face Rey. "Bad News Barrett!"

Barrett – I'm afraid I've got some bad news!

Rey attacks Barrett as the bell rang before Barrett grabbed the mic. Barrett sent out, Rey slides out on Barrett. Barrett rolled in, Rey with a shoulder to his gut. "Bad News Barrett!" Barrett on Rey with blows on the at. He poses for a bit of pop. Rey into a corner. The fans sing Barrett's music! Side slam on Rey for two.

"Bad News Barrett!" Rey across the corner taking blows. Barrett poses for pop, then kicks Rey in the corner. Rey up top and Barrett up, but Rey with a head butt knocks him down. Seated senton on Barrett. Rey manages a DDT for two.

Barrett set up in the ropes, then 619! Rey is getting serious heat! Barrett knocks Rey to sitting up top. Barrett with his big punch on Rey for three.

Winner – Barrett (4:07)

Fans clapping along with Barrett leading them in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about being on The Soup this Wed.


Rusev video.



Another, different, video for Adam Rose.

Rusev vs Ryder

Lana out on mic, the way she has been for weeks, but getting "What?" for Rusev. Rusev out and to the ring with Lana in tow. Ryder in the ring. Rusev poses in the ring.

Rusev pushes off Ryder's hands and on him with kicks in a corner. Ryder out with blows, then a kick, but then Ryder runs into a sick kick! Ryder pulled up, put on the top rope and kicked over and over. Sick fall away slam on Ryder! "USA!" Rusev lifts Ryder and slams him back first. Rusev locks on the accolade (Steiner recliner).

Winner – Rusev (1:21)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the HOF and it on the WWE Network. Video of the HOF.


In Ring Segment

Warrior's music and out he comes in a gray suit, red vest, tie and pocket square. Cole says it was July 8, 1996 when Warrior was last live on RAW. As he gets into the ring he's wearing a long air brushed Warrior coat. He shakes the ropes, then into the ring. Into the ring and more rope shaking.

Warrior – Speak to me Warriors!


Warrior – As I thought about what I was going to say this evening. It's been hard for me to find the words.

He pulls a Warrior mask out of pocket. Hands off the mic and puts on the mask.

Warrior – Well then, you shut up Warrior, and let me do the talking! No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own. Every mans heart one day beat their final beat, their lungs breathe their final breath, and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, it makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalize by the storytellers, by the memory of those who honor him and make the the running the man did live forever. You, you, you, you are the legend makers of The Ultimate Warrior! (pop) In the back I see many potential legends, many with Warrior spirits, and you will do the same for them. You will decide if they lived with passion and intensity, so much so that you will tell their stories and make them legends as well. I am The Ultimate Warrior, you are The Ultimate Warrior fans, and the spirit or The Ultimate Warrior will run forever!

He removes the mask as the fans chant and cheer for him. More rope shaking and he leaves the ring. Hand slapping and waving from Warrior.

Backstage Segment

AJ and Tamina heading to the ring.


In Ring Segment

AJ skips to the ring, Tamina in tow. AJ skipped around the ring, kisses her blet, then gets into the ring as Tamina looks annoyed. Tamina on the apron and into the ring.

AJ – 295! For 295 I have been your Divas Champion, the longest reigning Divas Champ of all time. A couple months ago I tore the Divas all a new one. I gave them a chance, 294 days to prove me wrong, and they couldn't. Last night they proved I'm the hero of this story. Last night at WrestleMania it was AJ Lee against the world. But it's always been that way, the odd were 13-1, and I overcame the odd, like I've been overcoming the odds my entire life. I've gone from being a poor girl in New Jersey, to being the best Diva in the world.

"CM Punk!"

AJ – I am the savior of your Divas Division. I am the Divas Division.

Paige's music hits and she stomps to the ring with a slight smile on her face in a grayed-purple and black two piece ring outfit. "Paige!"

AJ – What the hell are you doing here?

Paige – I just came to do what no one else would. That's to congratulate you AJ, you did great last night.

AJ – Well, thank you. I think every single Diva should be lining up to congratulate me, and thank me for everything I've done for them. But as much as I appreciate it, I don't need your congratulations, so why don't you go running back to NXT, (stepping up on Paige) because the Champion doesn't like being interrupted. (heat)

Paige – I'm sorry, I just wanted to say congratulations AJ.

AJ – Well, aren't you just the sweetest little crumpet? (AJ pokes the TIP of Paige's nose!) But you know what, while you're here in my ring, and you're all fancy and dressed, why don't I do to you what I did to every single Diva last night. Why don't I beat you?

Paige – I'm not ready to. I'm not.

AJ – Not ready? I think you are.

AJ slap Paige across the face and she falls into the ropes and to a knee. Paige holds her face.

AJ – Are you ready now?


AJ – Are you ready now, Paige? Ready or not, I think we need to have a match right, and for special post-WrestleMania treat, I will put my Title on the line! Let's get a ref out here right now! Ready, or not, this is my house. I'll tell you when you're ready.

Divas Title Match – AJ (c) vs Paige

"This is awesome!" The bell rings and AJ attacks Paige. AJ skips around Paige, mocking her. AJ pulls Paige up and back kicks. AJ into head scissors into the black widow, but she can't lock it in. Paige free and slams AJ to the mat with the Paige turner for three!

Winner & new Divas Champion – Paige (1:19)

Paige flees the ring as Tamina rushes in. Paige is in shock of it all as she poses on the ramp with the strap. Paige hugs the strap as she cries. AJ freaks out in the ring. Paige kisses the Divas strap. Video recap of the high points of the match. Paige poses with the strap high over her head as the fans continue to cheer.



Recap of Paige beating AJ to become the new Divas Champion!

In Ring Segment

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal statue is in the ring. Hogan's music hits and out he comes. "Hogan!"

Hogan – Well let me tell you something, brother. You know something Hulkamaniacs, we had the biggest WrestleMania of them all, right in the middle of the Superdome, brother! Right here in NOLA, dude! We made history and there were many great moments, but the I loved the most was the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. That was the greatest for me. "Cesaro!" You know Hulkamaniacs, watching that Battle Royal, watching Big Show go over the top rope it made my heart feel great brother. I knew the big man was looking down with a smile. It will keep going down because of all of you. It's time to present this trophy. There was supposed to be 30 men in this, but there was 31, and one took it all. Let's hear it for Cesaro!

Cesaro comes out with Zeb in tow! The fans are singing along with Cesaro's music. Stills of Cesaro swinging Swagger earlier in the night. Then Cesaro lifted Big Show, held him, then tossed him out.

Hogan – Congratulations, brother.

Hogan hands over the mic, and seems to leave. Cesaro leans on the trophy for a moment with a grin.

Zeb – I can take it from here, Cesaro, let a real American talk. (Cesaro looks pissed) Then I will turn the mic over and you will tell everybody what kind of a guy you are. I will tell you, 10 months ago I brought you into the fold, though you aren't from here, as a real American, I also made you a Zeb Colter guy! You want to hear some more things?

Cesaro – I'm sorry Zeb, I'm not that guy. I'm not a Zeb Colter guy. I'm a Paul Heyman guy!

Out comes Heyman to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and not only am I the strategist behind the breaking of the streak, I'm the advocate for the King of Swing, Cesaro!

Zeb – Wait a minute, you're telling me you're jumping ship to Paul Heyman?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Heyman – I know it comes as a shock to you grandpa. It seems to be the week of shocking moments for Paul Heyman guys. So, my first order of business for my new client is to instruct Mr. Layfield and these two other so-called announcers in exactly how I'd like them to discuss the future of the King of Swing, Cesaro. As you Real Americans would say, pardon, moi!

Zeb yelling in Cesaro's face. Swagger attacks from behind, then knocks over the fake trophy,m then throws the pieces out. Then the table. Cesaro in and all over Swagger.


Cesaro vs Swagger

Match started during the break. Heyman is hugging the Andre part of the trophy. Swagger running the ropes, but caught by Cesaro and slammed for two. Swagger out of the ring, so Cesaro out and on him. Zeb is pacing out there. Swagger in and Cesaro up top, but Swagger up and throws Cesaro across the ring for two.

Swagger on Cesaro in a corner, backs off and Zeb grabs at Cesaro. Hip toss on Cesaro into the center of the ring. "We, the people!" Forearm to Cesaro's back, then to the other side and another forearm. Cesaro comes back with upper cuts, but then Cesaro is slammed for two.

"Cesaro!" Cesaro with his feet up to stop the Swagger bomb. Cesaro climbs and grabs Swagger my the head. Cesaro on the second rope, Swagger on the apron, and Cesaro suplexed Swagger into the ring for two.

Swagger whipped, short upper cut, then again, and again, and again, and again! Cesaro calls for the swing, but Swagger flees the ring. Swagger backing up the ramp, and Zeb is keeping Swagger from the ring. The fans are chanting, "Pussy!" at Swagger!

Winner – Cesaro via Count Out (5:17)

Zeb and Swagger on the mat as Heyman, Cesaro and the Andre part of the trophy pose in the ring to serious pop.


Announce Segment

News sites front pages from all over the world of Taker's loss at WrestleMania.


Recap of Bryan starting RAW.

Backstage Segment

Steph with Kane and The Shield.

Steph – I don't care what happened between you at WrestleMania, or what happened to your brother at WrestleMania, what matters is Trip becoming 14 time WWE WHC tonight. All of you are going to make sure it happens.

Rollins – That's all great, but I feel like. I feel like, Kane, you're missing some buddies over there. Where are New Age Outlaws.

Ambrose – Okay man, we already know. As long as we're around, I don't think we'll see them again.

Reigns – And I'll see to that personally.

Kane – You three don't know that you're on thin ice, do you. (Steph says his name quietly, but he keeps going.) Because Trip sees you for what you are! Nameless, faceless, expendable pawns. (Again Steph says his name, but to no avail.) You think you can go around and beat up Trip's friends? (More Steph, getting louder.) He thought you learned your lesson, when I had you decimated on Smackdown, he was the one who told me to do so!

Steph - KANE! Listen, there's an injustice here, and no one understands that better than you three, it's what you stand for. #YesMovement, Bryan, it's disrespectful in and of itself that Bryan is the WWE WHC. You all know that, you want it, you know what it means to be Champ. You are all going to be on the same page, because what Trip, the boss, what he wants, he gets. Do I make myself clear?

Kane – I'm sorry.

Steph – Do I make myself clear?

Reigns – Crystal.


WWE WHC Match – Daniel Bryan (c) vs Triple H

Bryan the ring leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with a strap around his waist, the other in hand. Same belt in the same hand he had when he came out the first time. He hands them over to the ref. Batista and Orton come out together, sans music. One around one side of the ring, the other on the other. They slide in and attack Bryan. They beat Bryan down on the mat, both working Bryan over. Shoulders to Bryan in a corner by Batista. Then an RKO from Orton. They get some heat and cat calls. Batista bomb.

Fire erupts and out comes Kane, all suited up. Kane into the ring, tells them, off mic, to back off. Kane grabs Bryan, pulls him up and chokeslams Bryan to the mat as the fans chant, "Hounds of justice!" then "3MB!"

Trip's music hits and out he comes, dressed for the ring, left thigh wrapped, bottle of water in hand. He spits on stage, then heads down to the ring, Steph in tow. Orton, Batista and Kane out of the ring to the bottom of the ramp. Trip calls the ref in. The ref checks on Bryan as the fans chant, "Bullshit!" at it all. Trip tells him if he wants his job, ring the bell.

Trip and Steph start their "YES!" chants, but the fans chant "NO!" back at them. The Shield's music hits and out they come, through the crowd, with their new masks from last night. They come out by announce. Orton, Batista and Kane on the apron as The Shield stares from the other side. "Hounds of justice!" chants. They remove their masks and stand at the ready. The Shield on the apron to face off across the ring from Orton, Batista and Kane.

Trip tells them they're not doing this.

"This is awesome!"

The Shield into the ring. Trip gets in their faces and tell them no. Batista, Orton and Kane into the ring. Trip tells them this is not happening. This is not going to be a war.

Reigns spears Trip! The fight breaks out. Rollins and Ambrose fly out on Batista and Orton. Kane on Reigns, but he lands his superman punch. It's The Shield, Bryan and Trip in the ring.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip to a knee and he's surrounded. He tries to talk them down, but then turns and takes a running knee from Bryan! Kane pulls Trip from the ring. (4:10) The Shield and Bryan pose in the ring as Orton, Batista, Kane all stand around Trip on the floor. Trip to his feet and Bryan leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Trip staggers, but Kane keeps him standing. Bryan continues the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest Pop
Bray & Wyatts

Biggest Heat
Triple H

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