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RAW Results 2/3/14 – The Viper Is Beheaded

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RAW Results February 3, 2014
From CenturyLink Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Last week Brock got involved in the Tag Title Match. Because of that this week the Tag Title will be defended in a steel cage. Also, Orton will be starting RAW!

RAW Starts

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring. Cole says that Orton isn't in a good mood because he has to face Cena, Bryan, Sheamus, Christian, and Cesaro in an Elimination Chamber for his WWE WHC.

Orton – It's been a weeks since The Authority said I havbe to face at Elimination Chamber. Unfair? Understatement.

"CM Punk!" chants FILL the arena, right over Orton trying to talk. Orton is visibly rattled, speaking much faster than normal, no dramatic pauses, trying to push through, and over, their chants.

Orton – They are try trying to strip me of the Title I won through hard work and dominance. I have a question, how many times do I have to beat Cena? (heat) How man times to I have to beat Bryan? (louder heat) The same for Sheamus, Christian, and Cesaro. One, if not most of you want to see one of them beat me. Is that right? Well, that's not going to happen. I will be victorious at Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania when I face that jacked up, muscle bound, genetic freak Batista. (heat) Back in Evo we were equals, but a lot has changed, and I'm better than you Dave, and all in the Elimination Chamber. I'm the greatest Superstar of this generation, or any other, and the main attraction on Monday night RAW! (heat)

Trip's music plays and out he comes in his power suit, Steph by his side in a lovely black tank dress that nips in at the waist, then flares our gently from her hips and shows off her beautiful curves, ending mid-calf, over black tights, or boots (can't see very well).

Steph – Randy, you just need to calm down.

"CM Punk!" chants, as loud as earlier, if not louder. Steph plows right through.

Steph – You have a habit of self-destructing. You over think things, and get paranoid. You need to not bite the hand that feeds you, think about what we've done for you. You're going to let this get to you. You're better than that.

Orton – I could care less what these people think. I face impossible odds, and still have the titles.

Trip – You come out saying the same thing, how unfairly you're being treated. Those are not words I expect from The face of the WWE. Maybe we should put our faith in someone else.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Randy, at Elimination Chamber, you're competing against five other. Over the next weeks, you will face each in singles competition. If the person you face tonight defeats you – and I can't believe I'm saying this – we may have to consider as the new the face of the WWE. That Superstar is Daniel Bryan.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Trip is on stage leading the chant, raising his arms, as Orton seethes in the ring!


Recap of New Age Outlaws defeating The Brotherhood at Royal Rumble.

In Ring Segment

The Shield to the ring through the stands. Video recap of Reigns muscling out of the STF, then The Wyatt Family attacked Cena and The Shield lost the match via DQ. Video recap from Smackdown where The Shield was told they'd be facing The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber. Reigns stepped up into Trip's face and said the are not asking for Trip's approval, they wanted the match.


The Shield vs Big E & Kofi & Rey

Big E and Kofi waiting, Rey out to join them.

Ambrose and Big E lock up. Big E tosses Ambrose off, shoulders to the gut in the corner, then Big E on Ambrose's arm. Kofi in an all over Ambrose. Kofi backed into the heel corner, tags out. Kofi kicks Rollins for two. Kofi with a monkey flip on Rollins, then a corner clothesline for two.

Kofi backed into the heel corner, and Ambrose in on Kofi. Ambrose all over Kofi, then tags out. Reigns with blows on Kofi. Rollins tags in. Snap mare on Kofi, into a headlock. The fans behind Kofi, but Rollins keeps corner. Ambrose tags in and acts a bit odd before dropping elbows. "Daniel Bryan!" chants can be heard starting, then stopping. Rollins tags in and on Kofi on the mat. Big scoop slam on Kofi, but Kofi avoids the knee drop. Rey able to tag in with a seated senton, then on Rollins, rolls through, kicks Rollins in the face for two. "619!" chants. Rey flies onto Rollins shoulder, but Reigns tags in and clotheslines Rey off Rollins.


Reigns drags Rey by a foot, then locks on a headlock. Reigns keeps control, then tags Ambrose in. Ambrose all over Rey on the mat, really ticks off the ref and gets yelled at. Ambrose comes back with two. Chinlock on Rey on the mat. Rey hung upside-down, takes blows from Ambrose. Ambrose back off and rushes Rey who sits up and Ambrose takes the post.

Big E and Reigns tags in. Big E takes Reigns down. Into a corner shoulder blocks to the gut, then belly-to-belly. Big E with a splash, but The Shield breaks it up. All six in, and Reigns is busted open. Reigns about to spear Big E, but Ambrose tags himself in, making Reigns rather unhappy, and gets the three.

Winners – The Shield (11:36)

Reigns' right eye was wiped when Ambrose got the three. Rollins plays peace-maker between the two. The Wyatt Family's music hits. On the tron.

Bray – The Shield, come out, come out, wherever you are. I understand you more than you can comprehend. I've got your blueprint stamped, right here in my brain. I know what you are. You're pawns. Moving forward, never back, always clawing forward, just for that wonderful moment. The moment where you sacrifice yourself in the name of your game. There's a tid-bit that I know, that you don't. Your moment is closer than you think. I will build my empire next to the sea, and smile from my throne, as I watch my enemies drown. Hahaha!

Harper – Is it worth it? That you three fail to realize is that he has always been your king. (whistles)

Rowan (still under his mask) – Run.


Announce Segment

The Seahawk Tweeted to Daniel Bryan.


Barrett – Could I have some decorum please? Last night's Super Bowl was the most watched TV event in US history, but for the 11.5 million of you watching, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. You spent the entire game shoving junk food down your fat gullet, and clogging your arteries, so much so, that most of you won't survive until next year's game. Ha ha ha, ha ha. (Think Nelson from Simpsons.)

King (Standing with a foot on announce.) – Barrett, Barrett, over here! I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you, hopefully next week, you won't be around!

Announce Segment

Cole shows us how to download the App for Android. Punk's pic is still on the App. Cole explains that we're getting the PPVs for $120 a year with the WWE Network. They go to video of WWE Network's Countdown.

In Ring Segment

Christian to the ring.


Christian vs Swagger

Swagger takes Cesaro down. Front facelock on Christian, then he's tossed into a corner, takes a shoulder to the gut. Christian is whipped, moves into the ropes, then kicks Swagger in the head. Swagger tossed out, right in front of Zeb and Cesaro. Christian with a drop kick through the ropes on Swagger. Christian works Swagger from the apron, then taken down, and into the stairs. Christian into the stairs again, then rolled in for two. Jerry Lawler is trending on Twitter. Hip toss on Christian for two.

Zeb yells in at Swagger, and Cole talks about Zeb slapping Swagger last week. Swagger telegraphs, is kicked, but then Christian lifted, then slammed upside-down into the corner, then to the mat for two. "Let's go Christian!" chants as he's choked in the ropes. Swagger slaps Christian in the head on the mat, taunting him. Swagger stomps around Christian on the mat, then up on the corner, poses, but when he comes down, Christian gets his feet up in Swagger's face. Both men are down. Christian gets the fans going, then slaps Swagger. Missile drop kick on Swagger, but then takes a knee to the gut. Christian reverses the gut wrench and gets two for it.

More clapping from Christian to get the fans going. Drop toe hold on Swagger into the ropes, then a right from outside. Swagger hug up backward up top, but then Christian off the top is caught and Swagger locks on the ankle lock, but Christian counters. Christian to the mat, Swagger up, but Christian's feet up in Swagger's face for the Swagger bomb. Christian off the corner rolls Swagger up for three.

Winner – Christian (5:58)

Christian outside. Zeb in yelling at Swagger who is bleeding from his mouth, again.


Recap of Brock attacking The Brotherhood last week on RAW.

In Ring Segment

New Age Outlaws to the ring. Road Dogg on mic, giving his same schpeal, but the fans are right there for it. He gives a cheap pop and goes right into it. JBL, as usual, picks on Gunn forgetting his words. The Brotherhood out to face them.


Announce Segment

Betty White is the Special Guest Star next week on RAW!

Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match – New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Brotherhood

Goldust and Dogg circle, then lock up. Dogg taken down, then Goldust runs the ropes and takes Dogg down again. Dogg to his corner for cuddles. Dogg tries to escape, but Goldust stops him at the door. Dogg yells, "What are we doing in here?" Gunn tags in to a small, "Billy!" chant. Goldust bows up and huffs in Gunn's face. Gunn comes back with a crotch chop. Cody tags in and off the corner onto Gunn's arm. This appears to be the House Show Cage as there's no holes for the camera to poke into the ring. Cody rolls Gunn up for two. Gunn sets up, Cody reverses and rolls Gunn up for two. Gunn and Dogg regroup. Gunn on Cody's left arm, then to the heel corner to tag out. Dogg flips Cody by that arm, then wrenches his arm in the ropes.

Huge "CM Punk!" chants fill the arena.

Gunn tags in, wrenches Cody's arm in the ropes, and then down on the mat. Dogg tags in and on Cody with a blow, then back on that left arm. Cody into a corner, then into the middle to take a blow, but Cody comes back with a clothesline for two.

Cody stomps away on Dogg's shoulder, then locks on a hold and takes Dogg down to the mat. Cody drops knees on Dogg's arm and gets two for it. Goldust tags in and slaps Dogg. Arm drag, then leg drop on that arm. Goldust keeps working that arm on the mat, slamming it back on the mat, then into an arm bar. Dogg comes back to slam Goldust into a corner, then whips Goldust to the other side. "USA!" chants for some reason. Blows on Dogg in a corner, all ten. King is in awe that the fans are cheering for both teams in this match. Back and forth until Goldust goes slamming into cage under the ropes. A chant that sounded like, "We want blood!", but maybe they wanted something else as they went to commercial.


Betty White is trending on Twitter. Goldust lands face down on the mat, Dogg pins, but only gets two for it. Chinlock on Goldust on the mat as JBL talks up the New Age Outlaws and all they've done. Goldust avoids an elbow drop, and Dogg tags out, but Gunn keeps Goldust in the match. Goldust whipped, but hits his handspring elbow to Gunn's jaw. Goldust dives for his corner, but cut off. Gunn slams Goldust down for a long two.

Dogg tags in as JBL and Cole argue about New Age Outlaws' return to the ring. Dogg with his punches, then dancing, but then eats a Goldust spinebuster. Both tag out. Clotheslines to Gunn, then Gunn into the cage. Cody hits his brother's upper cut, then Hardcore's kick. Cody reverses famouser, but then takes a blow from Gunn. Dogg into the cage. Goldust in, and he's into the cage. Disaster kick, but Cody only gets two on Gunn, and the fans are not happy!

Cody looks around, then climbs. Dogg knocked down, then Cody to the top, stands up, hits his moonsault and seriously injures his arm in the process. Gunn was legal, so a famouser, then three on Cody.

Winners – New Age Outlaws (16:20)

New Age Outlaws from the cage, but Goldust is to his brother's side, checking on him. Cody is holding his left arm delicately. Video recap of the moonsault from all angles. Dogg caught most of the move, but Cody didn't even look back before jumping. Cody is still on the mat, but sitting up with his brother behind him, sticking to him like glue.


Ryder vs O'Neil

Ryder in the ring. O'Neil to the ring trying to look heelish. Video recap of Smackdown – O'Neil never got in their tag match against RybAxel. O'Neil verbally abused a bleeding Young, then beat him down. O'Neil smiles up at the tron.

Ryder ducks O'Neil, but then lifted to sit on the top rope, then O'Neil pushes him off. They fight outside, but then Miz stomps to the ring, around to announce and grabs a headset. He rips on O'Neil's barking, and Ryder's fake Championship. Then Miz stomps off announce as O'Neil puts a bear hug on Ryder. O'Neil telegraphs and is kicked for it, but the fans chant loudly for "CM Punk!" Ryder gets two on O'Neil, but O'Neil's feets were almost caught in the ropes in the corner in the process. Broski kick, then Ryder flies, but is caught and slammed. O'Neil splashes Ryder, then hits his spinebuster-esque finisher for three.

Winner – O'Neil (2:45)


In Ring Segment

Fandango and Summer Rae to the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole sets up for Black History Month, and those who paved the way to greatness. They show a lovely video for Ernie Ladd!

Dance Off

Fandango and Summer Rae dancing in the ring. Santino comes out to challenge him.
Santino – Fandingo,you do not want to have a dance off with me, I'm a dancing freak. I just learned three new moves that will blow your mind and blow you away. (dances) So how about Summer Day has a dance off with someone in the audience tonight. (Summer Rae agrees) I choo-choo-choose you! I know this woman, she trains at NXT, her name is Emma. Summer Rae, you go first.

Fandango's music plays and she spins and throws and arm up.

Santino – That's it? That's your dance. Feast your eyes on the swirling hips and entertaining maneuvers of Emma.

Emma dances horribly around the ring, but Santino loves it.

Santino – That was so fun to do. I will poll the audience. Who thinks Summer Day was the winner? (silence) Or Emma was the winner? (pop) The winner is Emma!

Santino and Emma hug and bounce together in the ring as Fandango and Summer Rae stomp off.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE Network and original programs. They show Legends House.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.


Sheamus vs Axel w/ Ryback

Axel to the ring with Ryback in tow. "Goldberg!" chants.

Axel all around Sheamus, sends him into a corner, then they finally lock up. Axel backed into a corner through a loud "CM Punk!" chant. Sheamus throws Axel off and smiles. They lock up, side headlock on Axel. Sheamus backed into the a corner. Shoulder blocks to Sheamus' gut. Sheamus reverses a whip, then a shoulder to Axel's gut, and a high running knee. Axel rolls out to the apron as Sheamus smiles again. Chinlock of sorts on Sheamus over the ropes, but Sheamus reverses into his ten forearms, then sends Axel off the apron. Ryback around to check on Axel. Sheamus out, slams Axel face first onto announce. Axel rolled in, Sheamus in and on Axel on the mat. Sheamus telegraphs and an attack on his shoulder with a knee. Sheamus shoulder first into the post. Sheamus stays to the post regaining composure, but the work has been done. Axel on Sheamus on the apron, and while Sheamus tries to fight back, Axel all over Sheamus' shoulder. Sheamus up and free of Axel, but taken down again. Sheamus into the ropes and eats a drop kick for one.

Sheamus tries to push Axel away, but Axel all over Sheamus' shoulder in the ropes. Axel chokes Sheamus on a bottom rope. "CM Punk!" chants again, and Ryback seems to be getting pissed about it outside – can be seen yelling back at the fans. Arm bar on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus muscles his way to his feet, then punches at Axel. Axel whipped, but a foot to that shoulder. Axel out to a clothesline, then beating Axel up in a corner. Axel up, but elbow free. Axel up again, hits white noise. The fans are a bit loud as Sheamus sets up. Brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (7:04)

Sheamus celebrates in the ring as Ryback yells smack from outside. Video recap of the brogue kick. Sheamus motions for Ryback to join him in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole welcomes the Aussies for the first time watching Tuesday Afternoon RAW!

Backstage Segment

Batista heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Batista to the ring in a denim jacket over the same purple burnout V-neck T-shirt, and rather slim (almost skinny) jeans, work boots, and shades. The jacket comes off before he gets into the ring. His music ends and ADR's starts. ADR comes out in a V-neck T-shirt of his own, a black blazer over it, and straight legged jeans (same color as Batista's).

ADR – Before you put these people to sleep talking about how your going to headline WrestleMania, or how you're going to be Champion again, why don't we talk about this Batista... Why don't we talk about our unfinished business.

Batista – Look man, I don't know what your deal is, and I don't know how to make you understand, but I don't have an issue with you. Me coming back has absolutely nothing to do with you.

ADR – Batista, you don't tell me when we're done, I tell you when we're done. While you were sitting on your couch for the last four years waiting for your movie agent to call you, I was here. I was here winning all the major titles. Batista, being famous doesn't make you a Champion, having cohones makes you a Champion. Then you call yourself, the Animal, to me, you're nothing more than a little chihuahua who is afraid of Alberto Del Rio. Batista, I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to hurt you until you say, please, Mr. Del Rio, don't hurt me. Don't break my arm...

Batista (slightly chuckling) – I'm going to tell you again. I don't know what your deal is, but I'm telling you, I have no...

ADR punches Batista in the face with the mic. ADR all on Batista's face with punches. Off comes his blazer, and he keeps punching on Batista. ADR backs off to bounce off the ropes and Batista is up and kicks ADR, but before he can set up his move (Batista's shirt riding up and showing some plumber bum), ADR flees the ring. And off comes Batista's shirt, and he throws it. Batista is seething in the ring, yelling smack, "You want it? You've got it!" Batista shakes the ropes and seethes at ADR who's on the stage. Batista has snot in his face fur, and glares up at ADR. Video recap, and we return to Batista's face clean of snot as ADR taunts Batista by coming part way down the ramp, then back to the stage. Batista picks up the mic, throws it down on the mat and keeps yelling, "You want it? You got it!"

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Orton's whining. King says The Authority might have a new face of the WWE.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring. R-Truth and Woods out singing.


Announce Segment

Henry will be back next week.

Ziggler & R-Truth & Woods vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family to the ring.

They remove Rowan's mask, then he kicks on Woods. Woods tossed into the ropes, then shoulder blocked to the mat. Woods up, elbows free, then chops. R-Truth with the blind tag and Woods distracts long enough for them to double team him. R-Truth drops a leg for one.

R-Truth slammed back into the heel corner. Harper tags in. R-Truth fights against them, but double team and taken down by Harper. Blow drops R-Truth, then Bray tags in and they double team. Bray on R-Truth with blows on the mat. Woods yelling at R-Truth to fight. Splash in a corner and "We want Ziggler!" chants. Chinlock on R-Truth in the mat as Woods yells it at him. Harper takes R-Truth down and yells in a strange way, but then runs into a heel kick from R-Truth. Ziggler gets the tag, and a crossbody takes Harper down. Drop kick on Harper, then on him in a corner with ten blows. Neck breaker takes Harper down, then an elbow to the chest. Ziggler dives, then hits a huge DDT, but Rowan breaks the count. All six in, fighting from the ring. Clothesline from Harper, then Bray tags in. Bray in a corner, bends back, then grabs a lifeless Ziggler, hits Sister Abigail for three.

Winners – The Wyatt Family (5:01)

Up on the tron is The Shield.
Ambrose – We're so scared of you Bray Wyatt. We don't live in your little fantasy world, with your monsters, evil spirits, lamb masks and evil rocking chairs. So take that crap somewhere else.

Rollins – Bray, you're real good at spewing rhetoric and analogies about what you think is going on. But man, you are so delusional, you're a figment of your own imagination. The grandest delusion is that you and your little family can hang with The Shield.

Reigns – Take a look around Wyatts. You're standing in The Shield's yard now and we don't play games. Come Elimination Chamber, playtime's over. Believe that, and believe in The Shield.

In the ring Bray laughs maniacally, writhing a bit.

Bray - "I welcome this war, bring it to me! I welcome this war!"



The same Rusev promo we saw on Smackdown.

Naomi vs Aksana

Dactyls to the ring. Aksana is in the ring with Fox, waiting. The match is about to start and AJ's music hits. AJ, wearing her cap, comes skipping out, Tamina in tow. AJ heads to announce and puts her cap – too small – on JBL's head..

They lock up. Aksana backs Naomi into a corner, holding her ponytail. Naomi reverses it and all over Aksana. Naomi whipped, floats over, then shimmies her bum. Naomi plants Aksana, then, legs around her waist, rolls her around the ring in a circle. Aksana fights back and slams Naomi to the mat. Aksana in her red ring gear, legs cut off like her purple, with a lovely snap suplex on Naomi for two!

Chinlock on Naomi, but up. Naomi slammed back by her hair. AJ calls Cameron a "Glorified cheerleader, and she does it so well!" Cole goes on about Mr. Belding retweeting for JBL, giving him more publicity. Naomi fights back on Aksana. Aksana rushes Naomi in a corner, eats feet. Drop kick, then another on Aksana. Naomi whipped, gets Aksana, hits her bum shimmy on her. AJ goes off about it needing to be illegal, this is a PG show. Aksana drops a knee into Naomi's eye socket, and it looks rough. Naomi hits her split leg moonsault on Aksana for three.

Winner – Naomi (4:51)

Fox grabs Naomi, but Cameron in. Fox takes the rear view and rolls out. Naomi keeps holding that left eye, as it's obviously hurting. AJ shows off her strap, and Naomi points, but her eye is bothering her.



WWE Network.

In Ring Segment

Bryan out smiling to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Orton out to face him.


Bryan vs Orton

They lock up, struggle around, Bryan into the corner, Orton pulling at his hair. The ref breaks it. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Orton tries to shush the fans who boo him. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Orton on Bryan, but Bryan back with a back elbow. Orton oversells the elbow, then forgets. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and Bryan takes Orton down with an arm hold. Arm bar on Orton, then bites Orton's hand. Orton head butts Bryan and seems to rattle him a bit, Orton looks a bit rattled too. "CM Punk!" chants. Orton takes Bryan down for two.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants, and Orton tells them to shush. Shoulder tackle on Bryan gets serious heat when Orton poses. Big knee sends Orton flipping through the air, then "YES!" kicks in a corner. Orton sent flying across the mat, and Bryan on Orton, but the ref pulls Bryan back. Bryan out, grabs Orton's leg and slams it around the post. Bryan grabs it and slams it again. Bryan backs to the other side of announce and lands a drop kick to that leg of Orton! Bryan in, drags Orton by that leg, and locks a hold on Orton in the center of the ring. Bryan stomps that leg, then locks it up into a different hold, then slams back onto the mat. Bryan keeps the hold on a screaming Orton. Bryan manages to roll Orton up for a long two.

Big upper cut on Orton, then Bryan stomps that leg. "CM Punk!" chants. Orton taken down for two. Bryan back on Orton's left leg with another hold on the mat. Orton bites Bryan to get free. Bryan has welts forming on his chest. An upper cut on Bryan, then another. Bryan reverses an upper cut into a backslide for two. Bryan on Orton's leg, and then hits an arm drag holding the leg. Orton to the ropes, slams down on Orton's leg on the bottom rope. Orton out, but out with kicks to that leg, then the gut. Bryan sends Orton flying over announce, and they didn't have reaction time, so Orton landed on Cole in a big way. King asks if Cole is okay... JBL says he hopes Cole isn't. Back in the ring Orton's leg tied in the ropes, and Bryan lands another drop kick! Orton set up top, but up and with head scissors sends Orton flying for a long two!

Bryan sets up his surfboard, but Orton keeps his arms out of the way, so Bryan jumps, slamming Orton's knees to the mat. Bryan kicks Orton's legs out from under him. Bryan keeps kicking Orton's left leg as Orton is down on the mat. Orton up, his leg is kicked out from under him. Bryan locks on a half Boston crab. Orton pulls his body as Bryan wrenches it on more, but then Bryan pulls Orton to the center of the ring. Orton whimpers, but then pulls himself to the ropes, but Bryan holds it as long as he can. Orton out, Bryan out after him, Orton slams Bryan back first on the barricade. Bryan rolled in, Orton gets two for his work.

Orton smirks, but sells the leg. Stomping Bryan on the mat, selling again, but the second stomps and Orton is barely selling. Head butts on Bryan, then blows to the head in a corner. Bryan reverses the corner and kicks on Orton. Bryan whipped, runs up the corner, on Orton, but then eats that sick power slam!


"YES!" kicks on Orton, but Orton reverses into a suplex! Bryan lands roughly, but is holding his shoulder to sell the move. Bryan rolls out, lands on the mat. Outside, Orton on Bryan with chicken wings, sending him into the post. Bryan again into post, then the stairs, all shoulder first. They get back into the ring at 9, but Orton only gets two for his troubles.

Orton on Bryan's right arm. Bryan face down as Orton works that arm. A foot on Bryan's hand, the Orton stomps the lower arm. Orton pins Bryan's arm between them, and pins Bryan for two.

Knee drop to Bryan's shoulder, then wraps the arm again to get two. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Orton poses to heat. Orton to the apron, they tuck in to call moves, then Orton drops down wrenching Bryan's shoulder. Orton back into the ring, grabs Bryan's beard, sets Bryan up top then on him with blows to the head. Orton up, more blows, then sets Bryan up. Orton all the way up, but Bryan blocks! Bryan head butts Orton. They struggle up there, Orton on Bryan's shoulder, but Bryan with blows. Another head butt sends Orton flying. Bryan up top, points up, missile drop kick! Bryan lands on his shoulder on the mat and writhes. "Daniel Bryan!" as both men are down. Head butt to Bryan. Kick to Orton. Bryan with some "YES!" kicks, and the fans right with him. Orton attacks Bryan's shoulder and they're both down. Orton up, stalks Bryan, but Bryan grabs Orton's arm! Bryan tries to lock in the "YES!" lock. Orton gets a foot to the ropes. More "YES!" kicks from Bryan in a corner. Bryan lands his running drop kick. Another running drop kick, but for the third, Orton reverses with his own drop kick! Both down, but Orton grinning. Orton on Bryan, calls moves, then sets up and hits his DDT. Bryan on the mat, Orton poses, though looks to be in not perfect shape. Orton pounds the mat, but eats a superkick! Bryan climbs, flying head butt for two!

Bryan goats up and with "YES!" kicks to the kneeling Orton. Kane to the ring, Bryan with a drop kick on Kane. Orton out, so flying goat! Bryan sends Orton in, Kane rushes him. Drop toe hold to the stairs. Bryan avoids RKO, hits his running knee for three!

Winner – Bryan (27:54)

Bryan in the ring. Orton in, but Bryan knocks him out. Kane in, Bryan on him. They double team Bryan. Off comes Kane's jacket and tie. Chokeslam to Bryan. Kane calls fire from all four, but the fire is slightly slow in reacting. Kane and Orton pose to end the show.

Biggest Pop
Punk in absentia

Biggest Heat
The Authority

Biggest Ineffectual Hissy Fit

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