WWE Raw Results (8/25/14) - Dust 2 Dust Goes Face 2 Heel

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RAW Results October 25, 2014
From Honda Center in Anaheim, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cena is back tonight as he readies for his rematch. Hogan, Flair and HBK will start Raw this week!

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cena is back tonight as he readies for his rematch. Hogan, Flair and HBK will start Raw this week!

Raw Starts

WWE Hall of Fame Forum

Cole introduces Hogan to the ring. He comes out in red and yellow, minus the feather boa. Flair follows suit, and heads to the ring in a dapper suit. HBK out in a cowboy hat, a Remington t-shirt, jeans and a black blazer, as always looking like he got dressed at the last moment. They all sit at an announce table in the ring. Cole says they will discuss Cena vs Lesnar. Cole says that for those unaware, Brock defeated Cena for the WWE WHC. Last week Cena invoked his re-match clause at NoC.

Cole – HBK, what do you think are Cena's chances winning back the WWE WHC at NoC?

HBK – As much as I'd love to be long winded, but I'm not. With all due respect, his chances are not good. It's ain't happenin'.

Flair – He got the holy hell beat out of Michael.

HBK – Now look, I think, especially this panel here, the three of us know a man comes to a crossroads where he needs to make a decision. We all made it, wasn't easy, but we made it anyway, and I think Cena is at that crossroads, and maybe it's time to say when.

Hogan – Let me tell you something brother. When it's your time, you know it's your time. John Cena's time's not up, he can still go. (mixed)

Cole – Ric, by your earlier statement, it sounds like you agree with Shawn Michaels' assessment?

Flair – First of all, I do agree with Shawn, but I have to say that all three of us think the world of John Cena. He's the franchise, a 15 time WHC! That's right, 15 times, and he is the franchise, like it or not. But do I want him against Brock Lesnar at NoC? I don't think so. I don't feel it.

Cole – Hulk, your prediction? Cena or Brock Lesnar at NoC.

Hogan – I've gotten to know Cena on a close, personal level. This hustle, loyalty, respect, this isn't a marketing logo, it's not a marketing logo. This is really John Cena. He's got heart, he won't stop. So I'm rooting for Cena all the way on this one.

Flair – Whoa, I'm rooting for Cena too.

HBK – This isn't a personality contest. Everybody likes John Cena. It doesn't change the fact that he hasn't got a chance.

Hogan – Wait a minute guys, I saw the first match in Chicago. Brock dominated Cena, beat the hell out of Cena, but Cena found a way to win!

HBK – I don't mean to interrupt you, but obviously, I'm going to. John Cena, you just said it, nobody takes a beating like that and comes out the same man! He's not the same. It's that simple.

Hogan – Before you interrupted me, I said he took a beating, but he got his hand raised. This is the rubber match. They've each got a victory. Some way, somehow, Cena will find a way to get his hand raised brother, that's all I'm saying.

Flair – You don't believe that.

HBK – You don't believe it, he don't believe it, and I certainly don't believe it, and these people don't believe it, and the reason is it's unbelievable.

Hogan – I'll tell you something you can believe, John Cena's a different animal, (Cena' music hits) and he's got something to different...

Cena out pointing to the camera that's not on him. He shows off his towel, then hands it off to a young fan. Mixed reaction, mostly heat for Cena.

Cena – You can hear them, just like I can. Everybody is weighing in on me after SummerSlam. What's going through his mind, what should he do? Brock Lesnar, Heyman, The Authority, the WWE 'Universe', and now a panel of Hall of Famers. I want to say...

"Cena sucks!" chants are louder, and not at all mixed. It's all negativity for the face of the WWE.

Cena – I want to say, before I go any further, I have the utmost respect for the three of you, everyone at this table has influenced my life. Shawn, as a professional and friend. Naich, we've had some professional times, some recreational times styling and profiling. Point blank, if there was no Hulk Hogan, there would be no John Cena. But I'm sick of all this talk about what I should do, and where I should go. I'm out here tonight to tell you what's going on with me! (heat) Everybody saw SummerSlam, I'm not going to dance around it. 16 German suplexes. There is no sports cliché, or winsome mumbo-jumbo that will let me dance around this, SummerSlam was an ass whooping. A 100% beat down. Shawn, insightful as always, you said a fight like that changes a man, and you're right, it does change a man. Because after being dropped on my head damn near 20 times, when I came to in the training room, the doctor asked me what I wanted to do, I said fight Brock Lesnar again! (pop) I see how you're looking at me, I see it! You're saying, good for you John, you got killed in there! Why do you want to be beat down like that again? I stood in there and took a beat down not many would take. Why do I want to get in there again? Am I crazy? Shawn, I don't plan on doing it again, I'm going to bring the fight to Brock Lesnar at NoC. And I know you (HBK) have your doubts, and I know Naich, you have your doubts, Hulkster, I want you to look at me when I'm talking to you. This is the biggest rematch of my life, but I'm not going to NoC to beat Brock Lesnar. I'm going to NoC to beat Brock Lesnar's ass.

Cena drops the mic on the table, leaves the ring and marches up the ramp and out, never stopping, never looking back at the Hall of Famers or the fans. Later Cena will face Bray Wyatt. Later the Dusts face the Usos for the TTC.

Backstage Segment

Split screen, Swagger and Rusev heading for the ring.


Swagger vs Rusev

Rusev in the ring with Lana in a white suit. Rusev abuses his flag in the ring. Swagger out to face him. Video of Zeb taking the kick to the head. Zeb hasn't been heard from since.

They both rush in with punches. Rusev with control with kicks and punches. Swagger comes back with blows, and a back elbow that drives Rusev from the ring. Rusev in to take more blows. Knees to Rusev in a corner. Swagger ducks Rusev and locks on the patriot lock, but Rusev to the ropes and out to get free. The ref starts counting for Rusev. Swagger about to leave the ring, but Rusev stops getting into the ring. We, the people! Rusev in and Swagger takes him down to the mat. Rusev slides out of the ring to heat. Swagger out and sends Rusev face first onto announce, then face first to the apron. Swagger rolls Rusev in, and then splashes him in a corner. Swagger in the ropes and Rusev knocks him to the floor.


Arm drag on Rusev, but a spinning heel kick on Swagger knocks him to the mat. Rusev works to the crowd as Swagger is on the mat. Rusev pulls Swagger up, but eats a belly-to-belly. JBL is complaining about Swagger. Swagger comes back with clotheslines, a splash, a whip, a clothesline. We, the people! And a Swagger bomb that is blocked by a foot, but Swagger is ready, grabs it for the patriot lock. Rusev in the center of the ring, selling the pain, is about to tap, then doesn't then almost does it, then gets to the ropes. Heat from the fans as Rusev outside the ring. "USA!" chants. Swagger out and sent into the apron, back first, a couple times, on those ribs. Swagger rolled in, Rusev in, but only on one foot again. JBL yells at Swagger to get up off the canvas. Rusev sets up, but Swagger reverses into the patriot lock. Rusev free, Swagger with a Jacknife cover for two.

Rusev back on Swagger's ribs. Rusev kicking Swagger's back, his ribs, in a corner. The ref yells at Rusev a couple times. Rusev yells at Swagger in his native tongue. Rusev still on those ribs with kicks, and is able to stand on that other ankle now without issue. Rusev pulled back up to his knees, takes more kicks. The ref forces Rusev back. A kick to Swagger's ribs, then another. Rusev stomps Swagger, the ref backs Rusev off, then checks on Swagger as Lana laughs. More stomping on Swagger's ribs. Rusev is all smiles as he gets heat. Rusev pulls Swagger up for another kick to the ribs. Rusev stomps Swagger's ribs. The ref stops the match for Swagger being unable to continue.

Winner – Rusev (12:15)

JBL is all pissy about Swagger letting everyone down, again. The ref checks on Swagger on the mat as Lana raises Rusev arm. The doctor is in to check on Swagger. Swagger from the ring, but they keep talking to him. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Backstage Segment

Swagger is being checked over and Bo comes in, smiling.

Bo – Hello Jack, tough loss tonight. (heat) Again. You really let your country down, again. When are you going to realize if you want to succeed, all you've got to do is Bolieve. Think about it.

Swagger looks like he wants to destroy Bo.

Cesaro vs RVD

Sheamus is on announce in jeans, a white button down shirt, black vest with a gray pattern on the back, and a black hat. Cesaro is in the ring. RVD out in a black, blue and white singlet. Sheamus says he's never been in the ring with RVD, but they're friends. Sheamus then talks about the King of swingers is the closest he's been to fighting himself, so it's win/win for him.

RVD kicks, more to stretch, but then takes a blow from Cesaro. Kicks on RVD, then an upper cut. Cesaro waves at Sheamus, and ends up getting kicked in the face. RVD with rolling thunder for two.

Blows and upper cuts on RVD in a corner. A big right drops RVD, then Cesaro on the apron waving at Sheamus, then double stomping the back of RVD. RVD sling shot up into the bottom rope for two.

Necklock on RVD on the mat. Sheamus says something about Cesaro in NXT crying for his Mommy and missing his cheese. RVD to his feet, but takes a knee, and a whip, but moves. Split legged moonsault on Cesaro for two.

RVD whipped, tries to float over, gets caught. RVD with a thrust kick. RVD up top, but Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Back in Cesaro hits the neutralizer while staring at Sheamus.

Winner – Cesaro (3:34)

Cesaro from the ring and grabs the strap off announce in front of Sheamus. Cesaro looks it over closely. Sheamus reaches for it. Cesaro looks about to hand it to him, then throws it at Sheamus' face. Cesaro backs up with a smile, but Sheamus doesn't look as happy about it. The ref gets between them, hands on Sheamus' chest, trying to talk him down.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talks about how next week is Attitude Week on the WWE Network. The first 100 hours of Monday Nitro! Also, more of Monday Night War this week! They then go on and on about it being $9.99!

Backstage Segment

Paige skipping for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Paige vs Nattie on Raw last week. AJ distracts Paige and Nattie gets the win for it. After the match AJ is all about Paige and scares her a bit.

Nattie vs Paige

Nattie to the ring, all smiles. Paige out to face her, skipping the whole way.

Nattie rolls Paige up quickly. Paige into the ropes, Nattie backs off, but then Paige with a huge forearm and skips around. Nattie, holding her face, takes Paige head butts on the mat. Abdominal stretch on Nattie, but Nattie is so bent that it's not a stretch on her abdominal area, at all. Nattie manages to reverse it, pulls a leg back too. Paige free with a hair mare, then hits Nattie in the face. Nattie back with a forearm, then a release German that looked rough. Nattie with a sharpshooter, but Paige to the ropes and a break. Paige tries to lock the sharpshooter on, but can't. Nattie tries again, but Paige fights out. Paige turner and three on Nattie.

Winner – Paige (2:53)

Paige gets her Divas Title and leaves the ring, but then AJ's music hits. She comes out in a gray tank top and black and white plaid bondage capris. Paige back in the ring and takes a huge clothesline from Nattie for it. AJ skips around the ring, then in. AJ down, pulling Paige to her feet, checking on her.

AJ – Paige, my little English muffin. I know that you said we're frenemies and you love me. I know you were truly being sincere. But not as sincere as I am.

AJ puts down the mic, then slowly steps up at Paige, being cautious and nervous. AJ wraps her arms around Paige in a hug, around Paige's arms, looking very uncomfortable. Paige uses an arm to back AJ off. AJ extends a hand. Paige finally lets AJ take her hand, but AJ kisses Paige's hand. Paige pulls her hand back, looking shocked and even more uncomfortable. AJ skips around Paige, then out of the ring and up the ramp. Video recap of the hand kiss. Paige is still in the ring looking shocked and confused.


Ambrose's Eulogy

Kane, in a black suit and tie, white shirt, to the ring. The ring is set up for the eulogy. A podium, dark wreaths, and a picture of Ambrose that looks almost as bad as a mug shot.

Kane – We are gathered here this evening to honor the memory of the unstable, lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose. But tonight is not a mourning of the departed, it is a celebration of the future. The future of the WWE Mr. MITB, Seth Rollins.

Rollins to the ring in black suit, tie, and shirt, case in hand. Of course his roots are freshly bleached. They shake hands in the ring to huge heat. "You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – I was the leader of the most dominant group in the history of the WWE, The Shield. There is a reason why I hand picked Ambrose to be a member of The Shield. Pain was never a factor for Dean. Fear was never a factor for Dean. Dean Ambrose was a courageous fighter, but last week, I had to prove at his expense, once again, that The Authority always wins. Now, with a heavy heart I'd like to take a look at the match that you, you, the WWE 'Universe' chose as the demise for Dean Ambrose.

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Rollins – Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Oh, can you imagine the moment of impact when I crushed Dean Ambrose's skull, when I crushed his head into those cinder blocks? I wonder what was going through his mind, do you think it even donned on Dean Ambrose that he was in way over his head? Do you think it donned on him that he was outmatched not only physically, but mentally as well. You know, it's no secret that those cinder blocks weren't out there by accident. That head ache that Dean Ambrose is going to have for the rest of his life, that's no accident either. It saddens me that the casualty that's become of Dean Ambrose's career can be summed up in two simple words – what if? What if Dean Ambrose had known his place? What if Dean Ambrose had recognized my superiority? ("What?") What if Dean Ambrose had simply walked away when he had the opportunity? ("What?") The real tragedy in all of this is that we will never really know the answers to those what ifs. Because, as far as I'm concerned, it's highly likely that you will never see Dean Ambrose again! ("What?") I am the one who crated The Shield, and I am the one who has destroyed it!

Reigns' music hits and Rollins looks shocked and nervous. Kane removes his jacket and tie as Reigns comes down. Rollins follows suit. Reigns right on Kane outside the ring. Kane on Reigns, but Reigns reverses Kane into the stairs. Rollins looks like a trapped rat. Reigns rolls in and all over Rollins, trashing the set in the ring. Reigns with the podium to Rollins head. Rollins ducks Reigns, in a corner, but then takes a huge clothesline from Reigns. Reigns is ready, but Kane pulls Rollins from the ring before Reigns can abuse Rollins any longer. Kane and Rollins on the ramp staring down at Reigns in the ring who glares back. They yell smack back and forth, off mic.


Recap of the Hall of Famers that started the show, arguing about what will happen to Cena at NoC.

Backstage Segment

Goldust – Tonight, we have a golden opportunity to get what we want. It's calling out to us. Can you hear it?

Stardust – Tonight! Tonight the stars align. This celestial event may never happen again! Tonight we become TTCs! Or there will be a cataclysmic eruption of the galaxy. Tonight.

Goldust – They will never forget the name of Goldust.

Stardust – And Stardust!


Tag Team Championship Match – Usos (c) vs Dusts

Usos to the ring. The Dusts out to face them.

Stardust rolls up Jimmy for two. Stardust smiles, but rolled up for two himself. Jey tags in and on Stardust. Jimmy tags in and off the corner. Chop on Stardust in a corner. Stardust with an arm bar on Jimmy. Stardust pins for two.

Arm bar on Jimmy, but reversed to run the ropes over and under Jimmy. Stardust sends Jimmy from the ring. Jey out and around. Goldust flies on one, Stardust on the other! Stardust rolls Jimmy in for two.


Stardust ducks a kick, then takes one to the back of the head. Goldust manages to tag in and get Jimmy down for two.

Arm bar on Jimmy. Jimmy up, punches free, then both with crossbodies that land them both on the mat. Both tag out. Jey all over Stardust with blows, and a kick. Jey gets the fans chanting with him, then bum slams. Goldust in, misses, takes a Samoan drop. Jey then flies out on Stardust. Jey seems to have 'hurt' his knee out there. Jey and Stardust fight outside, but can't get back in the ring before the 10 count.

Winners – Dusts (7:38)

Goldust – Hold on, no, we're not doing that like that! This was our one opportunity for those titles and you get counted out on purpose? Just to save those things? How about this, I want a rematch, and I want it now!

The Dusts attack the Usos together. Jey is down on the mat. They send Jimmy from the ring by announce, then they go after Jey' 'injured' knee. They wrap Jey' knee around the post. Jey is left screaming in pain as Goldust is on his knees, his brother straddling him.


Backstage Segment

Rollins – We gotta do something about Roman Reigns.

Kane – You're right.

Rollins – He keeps sticking his nose in our business, and too stupid to understand that what we did to Ambrose will happen to him.

Kane – There's the answer. Tonight Roman Reigns will compete in a match against Seth Rollins and me.

Rollins – Hohohoho! Handicap Match! Handicap Match! How poetic.

Kane – Just like Dean Ambrose, our business with Roman Reigns ends tonight.

Announce Segment

Cole talks even more about the WWE WHC at SummerSlam. Hours after the match they caught up with Brock Lesnar for his comments.


Recap of Brock Lesnar winning.

Brock – It's the greatest thing I've accomplished. I came back to the WWE to conquer the WWE 'Universe' and become WWE WHC.

More video from the match.

Brock – I hit Cena with an F5 off the bat. I gave him a chance to stay down. That's all he had to do. But instead, this no give up bullshit had to take over, and quite frankly, I don't think it did him any favors. In my mind, I was inflicting the right amount of pain that I wanted to inflict on Cena.

Heyman – The only reason Cena survived the beating he took at SummerSlam, because Brock Lesnar took pity on Cena and decided to end the fight.

The video goes to Trip saying Cena has decided to use his rematch clause.

Heyman – And now, talking about humiliation, my client is humiliated by the fact that Cena would invoke this rematch clause. How dare you sir. Are you out of your mind? Do you understand the unrepentant beast that sits before you now? This was a huge mistake. I'm a fan of your Cena, but this was a bad mistake.

Brock – I don't know if your dad sat on the edge of your bed when you were just a little boy and filled your ear full of all kinds of garbage. Little Johnny someday you're going to grow up and become a man. But someday you're going to run into a guy that is going to knock your ass down, and you're going to stand up, and he's going to knock your ass down, and you're going to stand up, and he'd going to knock your ass down, and then he's not going to let you up! You're not going to get up John Cena. It's over my friend. I don't feel bad for you, because for the last 12 years, that's what you've been living on. Then Brock Lesnar shows up. John Cena. Mark my words, NoC, is going to be your last night in this universe. Game over. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring in sliver trunks, wearing the IC strap backward on the stage, then turns it around to head to the ring.


Ziggler vs Miz (Damien Mizdow)

Ziggler in the ring waiting. Miz to the ring.

Miz – Thank you, thank you. This morning I went to Disney Land, but unlike the rest of you, I didn't have to wait in line, I was whisked to the front. Mickey even asked me to take a picture with him. This is just one of the perks you get when you're a Hollywood movie star. The other, having my own stunt double. So ladies and gentlemen, the man playing the role of Miz in this match, a man, I admire his level of commitment in all of his roles, my stunt double, Damien Mizdown!

Sandow comes out wearing that horrid white coat that Miz has been wearing lately. Cole says the IC Championship debuted 35 years ago today. (Wikipedia says Pat Patterson won the IC for the first time on September 1, 1979. So what Cole said isn't exactly right, but it could have been debuted before that, then Patterson won it after? Semantics?) Miz to announce as JBL and Cole argue about dates and when Patterson won the IC Title.

Sandow wearing all black ring gear, and needs to remove his shades. Sandow taken down for two.

Sandow all over Ziggler, stomping him on the mat. Lovely snap suplex on Ziggler. Blows on Sandow on the mat. Head butt to Ziggler, but he comes back with a jaw breaker. Sandow drops a knee on Ziggler, then sells a painful knee. Clotheslines to Sandow, then a splash in a corner on Sandow. Sandow takes out Ziggler's knee, and locks on the fig 4. Ziggler won't tap, tries to roll over, and makes it. Sandow to the ropes, holds on, Ziggler lets him free. Zig-zag on Sandow for three.

Miz – He's fired!

Winner – Ziggler (2:21)

Miz claps for Ziggler as he goes around the ring, and up the ramp. Ziggler yells back at Miz the whole way.


WWE Slam of the Week

Nikki turning on Brie at SummerSlam.

In Ring Segment

King – I think I speak for everyone when I say one of the most shocking moment at SummerSlam was Nikki turning on Brie and costing her the match against Steph. I could have said it was in the heat of the moment, until this happened on Raw.

Video of Nikki talking smack about Brie. Brie tried to make things right, but Nikki is all out heel.

King – Hopefully this can be the first step in getting the Bellas back together. Please welcome Nikki Bella.

Nikki bounces out in a black bandage dress and platform stiletto Louboutin.

King – Nikki, listening to the audience, they're not as forgiving as Brie. That being said, lets welcome Brie Bella.

Brie out in Brie Mode t-shirt, black leather skirt, red and black flannel tied around her waist, and black stiletto booties.

Nikki – Wow, you couldn't even get your own entrance music.

Brie – Nikki you can have the stupid music if you want.

Nikki – I deserve the music, I mean, maybe get your own.

King – This isn't about entrance music.

Brie – No, it's not. It's about the person I trusted most in this world back stabbing me. Jerry, I love my friends, I love my husband, but Nikki and I have been together since before we were born. When my Mom was pregnant, she saw ultrasounds of Nikki and I holding hands in the womb. Nikki, I know your feelings are hurt, I know you feel I abandoned you. I left for my husband, I didn't know you'd be mistreated by that witch Steph McMahon. I, but if that's what you feel, I'm sorry, from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry. Forget all this, forget Total Divas, this is Brianna speaking. Please, I'm sorry.

Nikki – Brie, I don't know what to say except, except, that's the biggest load of crap I ever heard. I mean, I get it, I'm the selfish, materialistic one, and you're the innocent beautiful woman tat just wants her family back together. Is that the story you're trying to tell these people? Maybe they're all stupid enough to believe it, but not me. Oh, no, because I know the real you. You've always wanted the spotlight, and always wanted to be loved more. Admit it.

Brie – I always did! This is insane, this was never about me!

Nikki – Oh, admit it Brie, it was always about you! Stop acting like such an angel, it's such an act. Maybe we weren't holding hands in that ultrasound. Maybe you were doing what you always do, holding me back! I'm just so done! I'm just so done! I'm so done with you! I'm so done with our family always treating me like an afterthought. I'm so done with all these guys in the audience with this fantasy about twins that you're all too fat and ugly to have! And most of all, and most of all, I'm so over your scraggly hair, your save the earth crap, your log cabin house, and oh god, I'm so over your troll-faced husband!

Brie (off mic) – You are horrible.

Nikki – You! I'm so done playing second fiddle to a sister who never gave a damn about me!

Brie – Yes, I do!

Nikki – Oh, right, Mrs. Daniel Bryan, everyone's favorite Bella Twin. Let me tell you about the real Brie Bella, the one who stole all my boyfriends when we were young!

Brie – I did not!

Nikki – The Brie Bella that always got in trouble and always pointed the finger at me because she was the good twin, and I was the bad twin!

Brie – You're lying!

Nikki – Brie, you know what I'm not lying about? When you quit, you abandoned me!

Brie – No!

Nikki – Yes! I was put in 3-1 and 4-1 Handicap Matches! Every week I was forced to do something demeaning and you sat home watching it all on TV. You cared more about trending on Twitter than me!

Brie – Give me a break Nikki!

Nikki – Give you a break? You know what? You are one sad excuse of a sister.

Brie – Stop!

Nikki – You are one sad excuse for a human being!

Brie – Stop it! Stop it Nikki. I don't know you...

Nikki – Oh, is Brie going to cry? Is the good Bella twin going to cry? Hey, everyone, look at the real Brie Mode! A pathetic, hot mess.

King – Nikki, that's enough.

Nikki – Stay out of it, old man! Get out! Get out!

King leaves the ring.

Nikki – As far as I'm concerned, I have no sister! (Nikki grabs Brie's hair and pulls her face close.) I wish you died in the womb!

Nikki lets go, drops her mic, looks about to leave, then turns and knocks Brie, chair and all, over backward. Off comes the Louboutins, one of which is thrown at Brie, then she's all over her sister on the mat. King in and grabs Nikki around the waist and pulls her off Brie, though she took some extensions with her. Nikki turns on King and bitch slaps him. Nikki all over Brie, ripping at her hair, slamming her around on the mat. Finally King and refs pull Nikki off. The whole time Nikki is yelling that she doesn't have a sister and that Brie is dead to her. Nikki from the ring, straightens herself, and walks out without looking back. Brie is in hysterics on the mat as her twin leaves her.

Video recap of the high points of the segment.

Brie is sitting on the mat in tears, King holding her hand and patting her back.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Nikki and Brie for a moment, then go to the opening of Raw. "Jerry!" chants as they go to video of Cena talking to the Hall of Famers.


Handicap Match – Reigns vs Kane & Rollins

Reigns to the ring. Kane out to the stage. Rollins out to join him, they head to the ring together. Kane is still Korporate Kane, in his dress pants and dress shoes. Video recap of Reigns breaking up the eulogy earlier in the show.

Reigns on Kane with blows, then a clothesline over the top that Kane telegraphs by getting ready with his arms over the top rope. Reigns pulls Rollins in, and he's all over him in the ring. Shoulder to Rollins in a corner, then Kane comes in and attacks from behind. Rollins tags in and stomps Reigns on the mat. Rollins with a splash on Reigns in a corner, then another. Kane tags in and whips Rollins into Reigns, but Reigns elevates him out. Clothesline on Kane, and one in a corner. A bitch slap on Kane, then blows on Kane through the ropes from outside. Rollins grabs Reigns, but slammed back into the barricade, the apron, then slammed back first onto the apron. Reigns with his running kick on Kane through the ropes. Reigns in, and ready, but Kane blocks for a chokeslam. Reigns counters and spears Kane. The ref is counting, but Rollins attacks Reigns from behind with the case to get the DQ.

Winner – Reigns via DQ (2:37)

Rollins beats Reigns down with the case. Reigns from the ring and Rollins checks on Kane, says they need to finish this. "You sold out!" chants for Rollins. Reigns into the barricade outside. They are all over Reigns outside, then Kane removes the cover to show the cinder blocks by announce. Kane grabs Reigns as Rollins clears announce. Kane holds Reigns, but then Reigns slams Kane back, and punches Rollins coming off the table. Superman punch to Rollins, then Kane into the post. Rollins over the barricade from the time keepers area. Reigns grabs one of those fantastic cinder blocks and approaches Rollins by the ring. Reigns throws that fantastic cinder block at Rollins' head. Rollins ducks and the block explodes as it hits the ring post. Cole asks if King is okay, and I was nervous as King didn't answer quickly, but he appeared to be okay from the flying debris. Reigns then with a superman punch on Kane in the time keepers area. Rollins on the ramp hugging his case and yelling smack at Reigns that he created Reigns and will destroy him. Reigns yelled back at him.

King has a piece of the block in front of him. The camera is on announce and King doesn't look right. He looks like he sweating more than he should be, and really off compared to how he normally looks. He argues with JBL as normal, but really looks drawn and not right.

They go on to talking about the WWE Network for $9.99!

Backstage Segment

Bray – John Cena. I've said it before, I believe you are a shell of a man that never really existed at all. Hahaha! And now, after your recent run in with The Beast, I believe your shell is cracked. Hahaha! Now you're running around like a wounded animal, stumbling through the woods. What type of man would I be if I continued to let you suffer. If I continued to let you spread your disease across the world, naw John. I'm a man of mercy, and by my hand, I will put you down. No worried here John, because it's so much nicer on the other side. Hahaha! Run!


Los Matadores vs Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater

Los Matadores and El Torito in the ring. O'Neil and Slater are also in the ring and waiting. They go to video taped earlier of Slater and O'Neil.

Slater – We are is Disney Land! I can be Spiderman, and you can be Peter Parker!

O'Neil – No, no, no.

Slater – I can be the Incredible Hulk, and you can be Bruce Banner.

O'Neil – No! How about I'll be Thor?

Slater – Thor don't have a counterpart.

O'Neil – Exactly!

Slater – That don't make any, that's not a good point.

O'Neil – Yes, it is.

Slater knocked down with a shoulder block, then again with another. Slater over and under, but then takes a crossbody that takes him down. Diego tags in, landing on Slater for two.

Shoulder block from Slater who mocks Los Matadores, but then taken down. An arm drag on Slater, then Fernando tags in. Drop kick from Fernando. A chop to Slater. O'Neil distracts and Slater takes Fernando down for two. O'Neil tags in as Slater holds Fernando for O'Neil. Cole talks about Mr. Belding being there tonight! Slater tags in, then stops Fernando from tagging out. Chinlock on Fernando, but up and elbows free. He rolls Slater up for two, but then Slater is tagged out by O'Neil. O'Neil splashes Fernando in the "heel" corner. Fernando fights back, but O'Neil lifts him and slams him across the corner, then a chop to Fernando. Slater tags in, Fernando wraps around him and takes Slater down for three.

Winners – Los Matadores (4:03)

Announce Segment

Cole again brings up the opening of Raw and shows the video, again!


Kofi vs Bo

Kofi in the ring, waiting. Bo out to face him.

Bo wants to shake, Kofi won't, and Kofi takes him down. Kofi under Bo who swings wildly until a crossbody takes him down. Bo fights back with blows, and then looks lost about the direction off the match. Kofi off the ropes with double knees on Bo. Ten blows on Kofi in a corner. Kofi whipped, gets his feet up. Kofi up top, then Bo knocks him off. Bo grabs Kofi for what was an epic fail of a Bo-dog! (King mentions how bad the finisher was!)

Winner – Bo (1:43)

Bo takes his victory lap, then back in the ring with his mic in hand, smile on his face.

Bo – You are not like Jack Swagger. You just let yourself down. Jack Swagger let down his entire country. You both need to learn to Bolieve!

Swagger is there, behind Bo, grabs him, Bo doesn't seem to understand what he was supposed to do, and is awkwardly slammed to the mat.


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Cena shows off his 'Never give up' towel, then heads to the ring. The hat flies off into the crowd. Off comes the shirt and it flies to the fans as well. DEP! The lights go out. DEP! The lights come up. Bray is in the ring, Harper and Rowan at the bottom of the ramp. No music, they just appeared.

Cena rushes Bray, backs him into a corner with blows. Cena backed off. Bray at Cena, but Cena comes back with a wicked clothesline! Cena bounces on the balls of his feet, yells at Bray to stay down. Bray to his knees, Cena grabs him, pulls him up and hits a German on Bray. Bray looks dazed on the mat. Cena again tells Bray to stay down. Another throw on Bray and the ref checks on him. Bray slowly lolling on the mat. Cena grabs Bray and lands a fishermans. Cena tells him to stay down, but only gets one for it.

Cena all over Bray in a corner, beating him down. Lots of screaming, but little can be understood. Knee to Bray who is still lolling in the corner. Cena pulls Bray up and lands another German on him. Bray is holding his face, laying on the mat. "Cena!" chants start to grow, but not take over. Another clothesline on Bray, then glares down at Harper and Rowan. Cena grabs Bray, but eats elbows to the face. Bray splashes Cena in a corner, but Cena muscles out with a spinebuster, all over Bray with blows, but Harper and Rowan in and attacking Cena.

Winner – Cena via DQ (4:20)

Big Show and Henry to the ring. Henry sends Harper out of the ring, Big Show with blows on Rowan in a corner. Raw quickly goes to commercial.


Big Show & Henry & Cena vs The Wyatt Family

Big elbow to Rowan from Big Show. Head butt to Rowan in a corner, then he hushes everyone for the big slap. The ref yells at Big Show, but Big Show with more blows, then another slap on Rowan's chest. Henry tags in and whipped into the face corner on Rowan. Blows on Rowan in a corner. Henry then rushes Rowan, but eats a foot. Clothesline to Henry for two.

Bray tags in and kicks Henry as Rowan holds him. Bray on Henry with blows to the head, over and over, showing his ire. Harper tags in and on Henry with a headlock. Henry elbows out through "Sexual Chocolate!" chants. Rowan body slams Henry to the mat. Harper tags in and rushes Henry in a corner. Big Show gets chants going for Henry. Henry gets a foot up in Harper's face and is able to tag out. Big Show with clotheslines on Harper, splashes him in a corner, but Big Show coming off the ropes into Harper's big boot. Rowan tags in, but then Bray tags in on Big Show for two.

Rowan drops a knee on Big Show. "Cena!" chants start from women and children. Harper tags in, whips Rowan into Big Show, then a big boot to Big Show for two!

Bray tags in, kicks Big Show while he's down as Cena calls to Big Show. Bray pushes Big Show over, but up with a chokeslam on Bray! Both are down, reaching to tag out. Cena with clothesline on Harper, and a cheap blow on Rowan. Suplex on Harper, then clothesline to Rowan who rushes in. STFU on Harper who taps out.

Winners – Big Show & Henry & Cena (6:39)

Rowan rushes in and eats an FU! Big Show and Henry shove Bray into the ring, and he takes an FU as well! "Be the man John, be the man!" yells Big Show! Harper is lifted, and he takes an FU also!

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Cena poses on a corner, then looks into the camera, tells Brock Lesnar that he's coming for him, and has a plan for him next time. Cena from the ring, talks to a specific family, hands off his upper arm band to someone, and talks to the family a bit more.

Biggest Pop
Big Show & Henry

Biggest Heat

Most Mixed

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