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Raw Results 10/13/14 – Cena Needs A Rabies Shot!

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RAW Results October 13, 2014
From Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Big Show knocked out Rusev a few weeks ago, and will try again tonight. Cena and Ambrose will face off at HIAC to try to face Rollins. How will they get there?

Raw Starts


Recap of Trip announcing Cena vs Ambrose, the winner facing Rollins in Hell In A Cell. Ambrose took Cena down hard. On Smackdown, Miz TV, they got into it verbally, then attacked Miz together. In the end Ambrose ate an AA.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose's music, and comes out in his Unstable shirt, sans leather jacket. Ambrose paces all over the ring.

Ambrose – There's nothing I'd like more in this world than to be in Hell In A Cell with Rollins, all that steel and danger, nowhere to run, so I can brutalize him so bad he never heard the name Dean Ambrose. Before I get there, I got a littleb something standing in my way and it's stressing me out! Pissing me off. This 15 time WWE Champ, (heat for Cena) the face of the WWE. I gotta get through John Cena first in a No Holds Barred Contract On A Pole Match. I told John I have no problem dropping him where he stands, and did. Cena did the same to me on Smackdown. It's clear that The Authority wants us to do, want us to tear each other apart. It's all about protecting the golden boy Seth Rollins. It's fine, there's only one way to do this, go to HIAC, get the contract off the pole, pull the pole down, and I'm going to beat John Cena senseless with it! (pop) Then I'll go in that cell and bounce Rollins' head around in there like a basketball. There's nothing The Authority and Cena can do about it!

Ambrose tosses the mic, but then Cena's music hits, and out he comes. Ambrose grabs the mic off the mat. Cena gets solid heat from the fans.

Cena – This is why they call it Hotlanta. All are excited, but you need to relax. Relax because this match is in two weeks. A match the WWE 'Universe' wants to see, by the noise here. They know we each got a chance, and want to see who gets Rollins. You're out here beating your chest and talking trash. Why? So you can leave me unconscious again. Maybe you walk out of here, or maybe you don't. I'm gonna give you some veteran advice. You got the match of your life at HIAC. Shut up, instead of coming out here and acting all crazy take these two weeks and prepare for the match of your career. I'm gonna bring it at HIAC.

Ambrose – Thanks for the veteran advice, big brotha. I got news for ya. I am ready. I've been ready to whip your ass for years. Don't talk to me like I'm some kind of chump and don't act like you care about me, give a damn about me, like I should trust you for one second.

Cena – It is your instability that will ruin your opportunity. Throw it all away, take a shot at me right here, and you'll see why I've been at the top 15 times. You will see who I am and what I stand for, and you will see that you are way out of your league, and way over your head, son. I'm giving you a chance. You have a hell of a match in two weeks. Pipe down and get ready.

Trip's music hits, and out he comes with Steph in tow. Steph is in all black, including blazer.

Trip – Woah, woah. Slow down guys, you're getting ahead of yourselves. You got two weeks until HIAC when you're going to rip each other apart. You know HIAC where you have the No Holds Barred Contract On A Pole Match to see who gets to face Seth Rollins in Hell In A Cell. Which you can see on the WWE Network for just $9.99.

Steph – For our own personal amusement, how about we see the two of you in tag team action tonight?

Trip – You mean Ambrose and Cena as partners, I don't think they could get along for five minutes before they beat the hell out of each other.

Steph – Why, because of all this blustering back and forth? Oh, you're the veteran. Oh, you're unstable. It's just talk!

Trip – You don't think they're going to fight?

Steph – I think they're afraid to fight each other.

Trip – You might be right. They might be afraid of each other. You want to bet?

Steph – Let's bet.

Trip – Standard?

Steph – Standard. (they shake on it)

Trip – Fine, make the match.

Steph – The two of you will be in tag team action, a Triple Threat Tag Team Match against Usos and the TTCs, Gold and Stardust.

Steph and Trip leave, and the Dusts come out together. Usos out to the ring next.


Triple Threat Tag Team Match – Cena & Ambrose vs Usos vs Dusts

Ambrose and Jimmy face off. Side headlock on Jimmy. Jimmy pushes off and takes a shoulder block. Ambrose runs the ropes, then takes Jimmy down. Side headlock takedown on Jimmy. Cena kindly takes the tag, takes Jimmy down with an arm hold. Jimmy whipped, running bulldog, Jimmy kicks out.

Ambrose tags in, they double back elbow Jimmy and Ambrose gets one for it.

Jimmy whipped, gets a big foot in Ambrose's face. Jey in and is down. Ambrose all over Jey, then a nice tag to Cena who whips Jey, but then eats a blow. Crossbody, but Cena rolls through, holding Jey, gets Jey up. Jey free, kicks Cena in the face for a long two.

Cena backed into Uso corner. Jimmy tags in and they double team Cena for two.

Arm hold on Cena. Dueling chants for Cena ring through the arena as he gets to his feet. Cena free, lands a drop kick. Cena rushes to Ambrose, but eats a Samoan drop for two.

Ambrose cheers Cena on as Jey tags in. Arm hold on Cena as Dusts discuss the match from the corner. Jey still on Cena's arm as the fans chant for Stardust! Cena free, but then takes a drop kick to the ribs. Jey misses Cena in the corner as he side steps. Ambrose and Jimmy tag in. Ambrose allover Jimmy, taking himdown. A cross body on Jimmy, but then telegraphs and is kicked, but he uses the ropes and comes back to take Jimmy down. Outside Stardust on Jey.


Stardust with a front facelock on Jey. Jey face out in the Dust corner, Goldust comes in and they double team Jey for two.

Goldust yells smack at Jey, but then eats chops when he's up. A big blow sends Goldust flying across the ring, but Goldust back in control enough to tag out. Stardust flips Jey's arm, taking him down, then a knee to Jey' spine on the mat. Jey struggles, but it's Goldust who tags in. a big blow drops Jey as "Uso!" chants start. Goldust stomps Jey, but then sends him into Stardust accidentally. Both Dusts from the ring, and Jey about to tag out, but Goldust pulls Jimmy off the corner. Ambrose over to take out Goldust! Cena reaches for the tag, and gets it! Clotheslines on on Stardust, then slammed to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle on Stardust, then up, but Stardust lands on his feet from the AA! Goldust with a power slam on Cena! Usos in, then they fly out on the Dusts in front of announce! Cena climbs, and he flies out on both Usos and Dusts! Ambrose climbs and takes them all out, including Cena, with an elbow. Cena, Ambrose and Dusts in. Dirty deeds on Goldust, AA on Stardust, and Cena gets the three.

Winners – Cena & Ambrose (14:24)

Cena about to get on the corner when Trip's music hits.

Trip – Well Steph, as much as it pains me to admit, you were right. They were able to get along. One dollar. You know how I hate to lose thought. Maybe they didn't have the proper motivation. Maybe you two just need that spark to make this all go down. You both want Rollins in HIAC, right? Why wait to see who gets it? Let's do this. Let's hang a contract in that contract and let them rip each other limb from limb, break bones, I don't care. Only one of you is going to face Rollins in HIAC. The man that takes that contract down, and you will tear each other apart to get that right. Tonight, hell starts for both of you!

Ambrose looks ready, but Cena doesn't look thrilled.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up USA vs Russia. Video of Rusev taking the KO punch.

In Ring Segment

AJ to the ring. Video of AJ tagging with Emma last week, Emma got flattened while AJ watched from the stage.


AJ & Layla vs Paige & Fox

Layla in the ring. Split screen, says she dislikes Layla the least, so they can get along for the night. Layla wants to hug, AJ isn't thrilled. Paige and Fox to the ring together.

AJ skips around, then locks up with Fox. Fox lifts, AJ free, then Fox kicked down. AJ reaches Fox's arm, but Paige won't tag in. Fox with a terrible and reckless back breaker on AJ for two. Paige tags in and skips around AJ in the ring. AJ up as Paige's back is turned. Paige flees with AJ on her tail. Paige into the ring, tags out. Fox attacks AJ from behind. Fox's kick misses and Fox hung up top. Layla won't tag in AJ. Shining wizard on Fox for three.

Winners – AJ & Layla (1:48)

AJ runs up the ramp, grabs Layla and slams her face first on the ramp! Layla pulled to ringside, slammed into the barricade on one side, then the other. AJ to the ring, Fox hiding behind Paige, but AJ grabs her belt and leaves with it. On the stage AJ kisses her belt.


Big Show pulling down the Russian flag.


Backstage Segment

Steph puts a pink ribbon pin on Trip, tells him it looks good.

Trip – They're going to tear each other apart tonight. Randy?

Orton – Before I go out there and destroy Ziggler, proving I'm the best in that ring, no one can hang with me in the ring, I want to get one thing clear. Rollins says he's the future, but the future is far off. He also wants the spotlight, that's fine, as well as long as he doesn't try to steal my spotlight. Cena or Ambrose can beat Rollins any day of the week, but they can't beat me, which is why I want a match at HIAC too. Whoever Rollins faces at HIAC, give me the other guy. Orton vs Cena in the main event, or Orton vs Ambrose in the main event at HIAC. What do you think?

Trip – Sounds good.

Steph – I like your enthusiasm.

Orton leaves, and Trip speaks under his breath to his wife.

Trip – Competition.

Announce Segment

They talk about how Orton gets the loser, but no one actually says Orton gets the loser.


The same Rowan video.

Ziggler vs Orton

Ziggler to the ring.


Orton to the ring. Cesaro is on announce.

Cesaro says he's beat Orton, and willing to do it again. Ziggler backed into a corner. Clean break. Ziggler backs Orton into a corner. Orton without a clean break, so Ziggler blocks and on Orton hard. Orton out, Ziggler out to follow. Orton eats stairs, then rolled into the ring. Blows on Orton in a corner. Cesaro says he's a better IC Champ. Ziggler splashes Orton in the same corner. Ziggler mocks Orton, Orton rolls out of the way of the elbow. Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton up, back suplexes free of the hold. Cesaro says JBL knows quality when he sees it. Orton takes Ziggler down. Orton with a finger to his ear for the fans. Orton eats corner, then the next, and the third. A drop kick to Orton for two.

Orton grabs the front of Ziggler's trunks and sends him face first into a corner. Orton poses to mixed reaction, mostly heat, then pulls Ziggler up on the apron. Ziggler reverses and hangs Orton up top. Ziggler in for one.

Ziggler sends Orton into the barricade. Into the ring and Ziggler gets two. Something is bleeped out, but not sure what. Into the ring and Ziggler shoulder first into the post. Orton sends Ziggler to the apron, but counters and out to the apron. Drop kick and Orton flies off the apron. Ziggler motions Orton to the ring. Rollins out to the stage, case in hand. Orton yells at Rollins to go back.


Rollins to the bottom of the ramp. Orton on Ziggler on the mat with a headlock. During the break Ziggler onto announce and Orton in control. Ziggler up, punching Orton, but Orton catches Ziggler, and sends him into the buckle, head first. Orton gets two for it.

Orton glares at Rollins, sets Ziggler up top. Upper cut to Ziggler, then a head butt, still sitting up top. Orton climbs, but Ziggler fights back. Ziggler with a head butt. Orton with a head butt. Orton up, Ziggler with another head butt. Orton knocks the ropes and Ziggler falls to sitting again. Orton up and hits his father's superplex. Orton gets two for it.

Ziggler flops around on the mat as Orton regroups. Head butt to Ziggler. Ziggler up, kicked, then punched, but comes back with blows of his own on Orton. Orton blocks, then kicks Ziggler down to the mat. Ziggler with a neck breaker on Orton, an epic elbow for two.

Rollins watching the match from even closer to the ring. Orton blocks a kick, then lands a 'vintage' powerslam for a long two. (Reported that Orton could be seen calling moves after this. Thanks Ed!)

Orton sends Ziggler to the apron, hits his DDT. Orton pounds the mat, but Ziggler reverses and rolls Orton. Famouser missed, Ziggler takes Orton down for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Both slow to their feet. Ziggler ducks, but then Orton counters a famouser into an RKO.

Winner – Orton (18:37)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Orton standing over Ziggler, then celebrates. Rollins to ringside, looks in at Ziggler, then around and into the ring. "You sold out!" chants for Rollins. Rollins backs up, then lands a curb stomp on Ziggler. Orton glares at Rollins from behind as he holds his case high.


Rollins vs Swagger

Swagger with Zeb in tow.

Rollins smirks at Swagger, they circle, Rollins on Swagger, then tossed off. Back and forth, caught by Swagger, but then pushed off and Rollins poses with a smile and yelling smack. Hammerlocks and reverses, back and forth to Rollins in control, then Swagger, then Rollins with an arm bar. Swagger misses wildly, twice, then Rollins slides out, yelling more smack. Rollins in over the top, takes a shoulder block. Rollins to the apron, brought in the hard way. Rollins climbs, Swagger up to, but Rollins jumps to the floor, bringing Swagger's arm with him, hanging it up top. Rollins all over Swagger's left arm and elbow. "We, the people!" chants. Blows on Swagger in a corner. Swagger sent arm first into a corner. Swagger down, Rollins on that arm, wrenching it over Swagger's head. Swagger to his feet, flips Rollins to the mat, then slams Rollins to the mat hard. Swagger on Rollins in a corner, then sends Rollins flying. Rollins out, so Swagger out with a huge clothesline on Rollins. Rollins eats stairs, and Orton comes down the ramp in his new Orton shirt. Swagger knocked off the apron by Rollins, then Rollins flies out onto Swagger. Orton and Rollins yell smack.


Swagger blocks a blow, then lands a couple of his own. Rollins into a corner, floats over, takes Swagger down for two.

Rollins splashes Swagger in a corner, then poses and mocks the fans for heat. Rollins drops knees to Swagger's ribs on the mat. Swagger up and on Rollins with blows. Snap mare on Swagger, kick to Swagger's back. Like Orton, Rollins is taking too long. "You suck!" chants for Rollins! Rollins uses that ire to stomp Swagger, then back on his arm on the mat. "Let's go Orton!" chants. Swagger to his feet, reverses, whips Rollins. Rollins tries to float over, is caught and taken down for two.

Rollins whipped, pulls and HBK, ends up in a body drop by Swagger. "We, the people!" Swagger bomb on Rollins for a long two.

Rollins free, boots Swagger in the face, then flies off the corner, but caught and slammed to the mat for a long two.

Swagger takes out Rollins' knee, then locks on the patriot lock. Rollins rolls through, tries to take Swagger down, can't, so kicks him in the face. Both men are down, Orton is smirking. Rollins comes back and rolls Swagger up, two hands full of tights, for three.

Winner – Rollins (15:31)

Orton in with an RKO on Swagger. Rollins up in Orton's face. They argue off mic. Orton looking down on Rollins, really giving him crap. Rollins backs off and leaves the ring, holding the case high, asking Orton if he knows what that means.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome Dean Ambrose. You've already competed tonight, this next match will test your stamina and will, and it's against Cena. What can we expect tonight?

Ambrose – I'll tell you what not to expect, don't expect me to be a nice guy, or nice to Cena. Trip knows that and known me for a long time. He's knows I mean anytime, anywhere, I mean it. Way I see it, I get the next stop two weeks early, and in two weeks I'm sending Rollins to hell. Cena and Rollins both are on (singing) the highway to hell.

Backstage Segment

Tom – Please welcome, Big Show. Recently you face Rusev on Smackdown. You won, but not via pinfall or making him tap out. No one had done that, will you do that tonight. As you said to your tag team partner Mark Henry, you're standing up for 318 million people tonight.

Big Show – Tom, one thing you conveniently left out, after I defeated Rusev, I knocked him unconscious. I proved that Rusev isn't unbeatable. Rusev has a glass jaw and tonight I'm going to shatter it. My partner Henry had a lot of weight on his shoulders and came so very close, no offense to Henry, if someone's going to carry 318 million, and the thousands here in Hot Atlanta, then put that weight on my shoulders, because they're the biggest in town. I'll show Rusev exactly what I learned in Sensitivity Training.

In Ring Segment

Rusev out with Lana in tow.


Rusev vs Big Show

Lana – Today in America you celebrate Columbus Day, a day you honor Christopher Columbus for discovering this pathetic country. ("What?") Some would say that Columbus was stubborn, clueless, and an egomaniac who simply got lost, but others would say Columbus wasn't very nice to the Native Americans where they were banished to a reservation and built a casino. That's not very nice. ("What?") But the fact is, that most non-Indians are stubborn, clueless, just like Columbus, who lose their money faster than the Atlanta Braves lose their baseball game.

Serious heat. Tomahawk chops from the fans for the Braves. The fans are so loud and negative to Lana and Rusev that Lana starts screaming off mic at them.

Rusev – Big Show, Big Show your actions will have consequences.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup!

"USA!" chants get louder!

Rusev – Big Show, if you you have a spine, I will rip it out with my hand, and rip it off! (heat) Just like Mark Henry, you will fail, you stupid Americans. Big Show, you will be rushed!

Big Show to the ring.

Rusev rushes Big Show, eats a big boot. Blow to Rusev's back. "USA!" chants. Rusev into a corner, then tossed from the ring. Big Show out, grabs Rusev, and lays him on announce for a chop. Little Naitch yells at them to get into the ring, now. Rusev into the barricade. Big Show pulls Rusev up and rolls him into the ring. Big Show in, head butts Rusev to the mat. Chop to Rusev's chest in a corner, then he's sent sprawling from the ring again! Lana yelling at Rusev to get up. Big Show out and sends Rusev into the barricade. Big Show stands one foot on Rusev's face. "Let's go Big Show!" chants. Rusev, on the apron, takes a huge chop. Big Show in over the top. Another head butt from Big Show. Big Show drops a huge elbow on Rusev. Another Tomahawk chop going by the fans, and Big Show does the chop with them, as he has Rusev held into the corner, and after chopping the air, chops Rusev. Big Show stands on Rusev. "USA!" chants end abruptly as Rusev lands a lovely drop kick that drops Big Show. More Tomahawk chops from the fans as Rusev stomps Big Show. Rusev holds his chest, then mounts Big Show, trying to weaken him. "USA!" chants and Big Show is up with blows on Rusev. Rusev clotheslines Big Show from the ring.


Rusev with a hold on Big Show on the mat. Big Show to his feet, punches Rusev to get free, but takes a knee to the ribs. Rusev rushes Big Show, slamming him forward into the corner. Big Show to his knees, so Rusev on him with a front facelock. Big Show to his knees, Rusev keeps the triangle hold on Big Show. Big Show's head is turning purple. Big Show is on one knee, fading, but then comes back, stands up, punches free. Head butt drops Rusev. (Reported Big Show is calling moves, thanks Botch Reed.) Big Show on the second ropes, but Rusev moves out of the way of the flying elbow. Rusev back on Big Show with the hold, but Big Show is fighting it. Big Show to his feet and slams Rusev. Lana looks worried outside the ring. Big Show to his feet, but Rusev ducks the KO. Rusev takes Big Show down and tries to lock on the accolade.

Henry to ringside, beating the apron, trying to get Big Show back in it. Rusev breaks the hold and goes after Henry on the apron. Rusev tries to lock it in again, and does. Henry up and into the ring, knocks Rusev off Big Show.

Winner via DQ – Rusev (14:13)

Henry helps Big Show to his feet. They talk, both upset. Big Show wanted to knock out Rusev, didn't want Henry in. Big Show puts an arm around Henry, he understands. The Russian flag unfurls over the ring. Big Show from the ring, Henry on the other side. They have them corned by Announce. Rusev rushes Henry. Henry with blows. Rusev to Big Show, and takes the KO punch. Lana is left screaming as Rusev is laying on the floor blinking. Henry leaves with Big Show's arm over his shoulder, helping his friend backstage. Lana is looking down at Rusev on the floor.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Last week on Raw Mizdow cost you the match against Miz. How do you feel going into this match with Miz?

Sheamus – You know there's only one thing worse than Miz, and that's two Mizes? Or is that Mizis? Or Mizus? Either way, their like a bad rash that won't go away, but don't worry Darlin', because I have the cure, take two brogue kicks and call me in the morning.



Sneak peak of Chrisley Knows Best. Todd and the kids are in the front row.

Sheamus vs Miz

Tom is with the Chrisley family. Todd says Grayson, the youngest son, watches it all the time, so this is a blessing. The fans behind Todd are laughing and making nasty hand motions at Todd. Miz and Sandow to the ring.

Miz is removing his shades when the bell rings. Miz barely ducks and flees. Sandow is doing everything outside the ring that Miz is doing inside the ring. (Jesse says he sees a guy behind Chrisley getting ejected.) Sandow is pulling his own beard to continue what Miz is going through. Sheamus throws Miz out onto Sandow. Miz is begging in the ring, Sandow begging outside the ring. Miz with his corner clothesline on Sheamus. Miz throws blows, as does Sandow. Sheamus down for two.

Cole says this is the strangest thing he's seen, so JBL goes off about the Gator/Dinosaur facing a bull, and the Gobbledegooker! "We want Sandow!" chants. Outside Sandow is on the floor holding the same hold on air that Miz has on Sheamus. Shmcomes back with clotheslines, a high running knee, but then Miz moves. Sheamus planted for two.

Miz slaps at Sheamus as he kneels on the mat. King mentions how Canada saved him, talking to JBL. Cole says JBL wasn't there, that he was the one next to King through it all. Miz out, hides under the ring. Sandow on Sheamus as Miz comes out the other side and into the ring. Sheamus looks under and doesn't catch the ten count.

Winner – Miz via Countout (5:26)

Sheamus into the ring, but Miz flees. On the stage Miz and Sandow laughs at Sheamus.

Backstage Segment

Nattie, Brie, and Naomi, all in pink and black ring gear, Rosa in a black dress, knock on a door. Naomi tells Miss Honorary Total Diva to come out. NeNe comes out in black pants and a white shirt. Nattie tells NeNe to look fabulous. Cameron comes by and gets in NeNe's face after slamming into Naomi. They both 'girl bye' at the same time. Can and Nikki leave then. NeNe asks if she's always like that. The Total Divas agree that she is.


Nikki & Cameron & Summer Rae vs Naomi & Nattie & Brie w/ Rosa

Nikki, Cameron and Summer Rae in the ring. The other four out to face them. They then announce NeNe Leakes to the ring. She comes out in the same outfit, and seems to have knee pads on.

Cameron on Nattie, pulling her hair, then slapping Nattie. Nattie slaps Cameron down hard. Cameron pulls Nattie into a corner face first. Solid snap suplex from Cameron. Nikki tags in and takes Nattie down hard for two. Nikki slams Nattie down over and over. Nikki mocks Brie, so Nattie rolls her up for two.

Front facelock on Nattie. NeNe and Rosa cheer Nattie on. Nikki slams Nattie into the heel corner by her hair. Summer Rae tags in and takes Nattie down hard. Summer Rae dances a bit, but her leg drop misses. Brie in and all over Summer Rae. Nikki attacks from outside, but Brie comes back to take Summer Rae down. A knee to a sitting Summer Rae's face, but Cameron breaks the count.

Naomi in, and Cameron takes her out. Nattie in and they fight to the outside. Brie is face jacked and Nikki tags in. Brie in the rack, but Brie uses the ropes to kick off her sister. Brie face plants Nikki to the mat for three.

Winners – Brie & Naomi & Nattie (3:36)

NeNe and Rosa in the celebrate with the winning Divas.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome John Cena.

Cena – You can hear the WWE 'Universe' in Atlanta is hot tonight. The same city that hosted WrestleMania 27 gets a special treat, the main event from HIAC. I will go one on one with Dean Ambrose. The 'Universe' has been buzzing trending all night. They saw Ambrose leave me laying last week, they jumped to their feet and chanted Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrose! (fans join him) They see the same thing in Ambrose I see. He's a wild man, a loose cannon, but the only guy with the guts to stand with Cena. Tonight is brutal and destructive, but tonight guts are not enough. It's about toughness, guts and brains. The Authority says we will rip each other to pieces, and if I need to, that's what I'm going to do. Tonight's not about hot dog carts, Miz TV, one dollar bets, and my name isn't Billy Ray Valentine! 'Universe', get ready, because you're going to see the brightest young star in the WWE go face to face with the man who runs the place, and that match is next!


Bray will never get along, will walk alone in this journey. Will leave smoke, desolation, and damnation. They are all now loose.

In Ring Segment

Steph and Trip to ringside. Steph is wearing leather, or pleather, pants, which I didn't notice earlier.


No Holds Barred Contract On A Pole Match – John Cena vs Dean Ambrose

Cena to the ring. Ambrose out to face him. Rollins out to the stage, slowly down the ramp. Then Orton's music, and he comes out and down the ramp. Steph poses like Orton from her seat. Orton and Rollins side by side. Kane's music, and out he comes. Kane between the other two, and the three come to ringside together.

Bell rings and both rush for the pole. Ambrose on Cena with blows. Ambrose flies on Cena, takes him down. Cena into a corner, Ambrose stomps him as the camera goes in and out with each stomp. Ambrose to the pole, but Cena stops him with a back suplex. Over rotated suplex from Cena on Ambrose. Another suplex, again over rotated, but not as bad. Cena at the pole, but Ambrose tosses him out. Rather than climb, Ambrose after Cena outside with blows. Up the ramp, Ambrose on Cena. Cena fights back with blows, lifts Ambrose, but no luck. Ambrose lands a suplex on the stage. Ambrose limps down the ramp, hand on his back/kidney, but then suddenly runs in and holds his back again. Ambrose climbs, but Cena grabs him. Ambrose on Cena's shoulders. Cena falls back to the mat.

Cena up, but Ambrose pulls Cena off. Ambrose up, but free from the AA. Ambrose uses the ropes to fly at Cena. Cena blocks dirty deeds, then locks on the STF! Ambrose bites Cena's hand to get free. Cena from the ring, so Ambrose flies out on him. Cena into a barricade, then Orton tells Ambrose to go get it. Ambrose punches Orton in the face. Cena attacks Ambrose from behind. Rollins tells Cena to get him! Cena sends Ambrose into all three of them!

Orton on Cena in the ring. Ambrose tossed out. Kane takes an AA. Ambrose climbs, is up top, mocking Cena with a hand in front of his face. Cena starts to rush Ambrose, but Ambrose takes the contract down for the bell.

Winner – Ambrose (6:27)

Orton on the corner, staring at Cena who has his fists up. Orton slowly drops down to the apron as Ambrose holds the contract mocking Rollins who is all the way up on the stage. Video recap of the high points of the match. Steph and Trip to the stage, standing on each side of Rollins. Ambrose still holding the contract in the ring, and laughing!

Biggest Pop
Big Show

Biggest Heat
Lana & Rusev
The Authority

Most Surprising
Rusev's drop kick

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