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Raw Results 10/6/14 - Stop Dressing Like A Soviet Street Walker

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RAW Results October 6, 2014
From Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Twoo weeks ago Reigns had surgery. He'll be back tonight to discuss his recovery. Rollins was slimed last week on Raw, he's threatening to storm to the ring to confront Ambrose over this.

Raw Starts


Recap of Ambrose with Rollins' case on Raw last week. They send the Cruiserweight Division out after Ambrose, so he headed off and Rollins got his case back, but with exploding green slime.

In Ring Segment

Rollins stomps to the ring in ring

Rollins – Kill it! Kill that music right now. (heat) You think what Ambrose did to me last week was funny?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – You know what I think is funny, the real highlight from last week.

Video of Ambrose and Cena taking RKOs and curb stomps to end Raw last week.

Rollins – That's what happens when you disrespect me! I'm a patient man and will stand for a lot, but you don't embarrass Seth Rollins. I'm Mr. MITB. I'm the living, breathing future of the WWE.

Noble and Mercury to ringside talking to Rollins.

Rollins – You want me to leave? You don't think I understand what I'm doing out here? You don't think I get that I'm a marked man with a target on my back? I get it, and I've got news for you! I've got news for you! I love it! I love it! This is what I live for. Look at me in this ring, all eyes on me. Everyone wants a piece of Rollins. Ambrose, your beloved Ambrose, he would love to get his hands on me!

Cena is running to the ring. There's heat, but I'm not sure if it's for Cena or what Rollins is saying about Ambrose. Cena in and on Rollins, but Rollins flees the ring and out through the crowd. He left his case in the ring. Rollins is yelling smack at Cena in the ring and doesn't notices that Ambrose casually walked up behind Rollins. Rollins turns to leave, sees Ambrose, and takes blows to the face. Rollins tries to flee back toward the ringside area, and Cena is waiting. Cena brings Rollins over the barricade the hard way. They're fighting and Ambrose flies off the barricade onto them both. All three down. Noble and Mercury jump in. Rollins flees while the other four are on the floor. Cena back into the ring while Ambrose sits on the apron, facing out, looking up the ramp.

Trip's music hits, and he comes out with Steph. Trip in his normal power suit, Steph in black leather pants and a black sleeveless top.

Steph – We are not letting this show dissolve into chaos before it even gets started. We told Rollins that if he came out here, the two of you would get involved, but he let his ego override his brain. Something the two of you know about.

Trip – I'm going to go out on a limb, after seeing Smackdown, to say that the two of you weren't working together on this little attack here, but it's clear you both want the opportunity to get a piece of Rollins. It is a well known fact that there's one thing The Authority stands for, and that's opportunity. Right, Steph?

Steph – That's right, Hunter. And since the two of you want to get your hands on Rollins, and Rollins says that he welcomes the challenge, I throw it to all of you. WWE 'Universe', would you like to see Ambrose and Cena get their hands on Rollins?

Trip – No, I'm sorry, she said, would you like to see John Cena and Dean Ambrose get their hands on Seth Rollins!?!!? well, then, if you want it, then we're going to give it to you in that very ring tonight. It will be John Cena and Dean Ambrose taking on Seth Rollins... and his partner, Kane. And their partner, Randy Orton in a Handicap Match. Be careful what you wish for boys. Have a good night.

Cena doesn't look thrilled, but Ambrose looks as crazy and contemplative as ever.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Big Show pulling down the Russian flag, causing apologies. Video of Big Show apologizing on Smackdown last week.

Backstage Segment

Usos with Ziggler, getting ready for their match. Ziggler seems to have gotten his IC belt that he was talking about being lost in luggage on Twitter earlier today.


Dusts & Cesaro vs Usos & Ziggler

Dusts to the ring. Cesaro out to tag with them. Ziggler to the ring. Usos out to tag with him. Split screen of Usos mocking Dusts, talking all spacy about the cosmic key. Bros before weirdos!

All six in the ring when the bell rings, so Goldust rushes in. All six fight and spread out. Outside the ring Goldust sends Jey into the stairs shoulder first. Ziggler and Jimmy over to tend to Jey who is selling injury. Video recap of the shoulder to the stairs as if it doesn't happen a couple times every show. Stardust on Jey in the ring. Goldust tags in, takes a crossbody, but then fights back. Jey into the heel corner and Cesaro tags in with an upper cut. Jey slammed back into a corner, but then ducks Cesaro and tags out. Jimmy in with blows on Cesaro then a flying forearm. Cesaro fights back with a knee, then an upper cut. Cesaro whipped, lands, tags a bum slam in the corner. Cesaro back up with a knee and tags in Stardust, but it breaks down and all are in. Outside the ring it's Ziggler into the stairs.


Stardust on Jey with an abdominal stretch on Jey. Jey free, but Stardust still on him. Stardust keeps Jey from tagging out while tagging in Cesaro who mocks Ziggler by dropping his elbow for two.

A flamboyant drop kick to Jey sitting against the ropes, but only gets one for it.

"We want Ziggler!" chants as Jey rolls up Cesaro for two.

Goldust tags in to stop Jey from tagging out, and gets two of his own.

Jey fights back with blows and chops, then a big spinning kick. Both are down, and Ziggler gets the tag. He's in on Cesaro who also tags in, but Ziggler in control, flying all over the ring. Ziggler spins and slides all over Cesaro's body, into a sleeper. Cesaro free, Ziggler with a famouser, but Goldust breaks the count. All involved. Ziggler directs the Usos to fly out on the Dusts, but the Cesaro with a big upper cut. An Uso breaks the count.

Ziggler on Cesaro for two.

Stardust tags in, takes Ziggler down for two!

Crash of someone hitting stairs outside. Jimmy with a blind tag, but then a triple superkick on Stardust! Jimmy, the legal man, flies off the corner with a splash on Stardust for three.

Winners – Usos & Ziggler (12:22)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Ziggler and Usos celebrate in the ring together.

Announce Segment

Cole talk about Susan G. Komen Courage, Conquer & Cure. Cena was on Today with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Video of Cena talking up going pink and all WWE does with Susan G. Komen. Kathie Lee and Hoda will be up next!


In Ring Segment

The Exotic Express, Rose, Rosebuds, the Bunny, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to the ring together. KLG and Hoda are in Susan G. Komen robes tat are all feathered and sparkly. Kathie carefully into the ring, Hoda follows. The ring is set up like their Today set, complete with wine.

Rose – Hang on! Hang on! Welcome to Monday Night Raw, where it's party time, all the time.

They say that they're excited to be there, and ready to par-tay, but they're getting growing heat from the fans.

Kathie – What did we do? (Then she laughs off the heat.) Nobody knows how to party like you people do in Brooklyn! My mother was born in Brooklyn.

Hoda – On our show we have fun, but we know nobody parties like on Monday Night Raw.

Kathie – Hoda and I have been known to raise a glass or two, so we're raising one to you! (They drink, shocker!)

Hoda – That's good!

Kathie – Of course it is, it's my gift wine, available at fine stores, and some tacky ones, all around the country.

Hoda – We can have some fun on our show, but not a lot of fun.

Kathie – But tonight, Hoda, we can get crazy! Want to see Hoda do her crazy dance for me? Do it Hoda.

Hoda – I'll do a crazy dance if you crank up the music.

The music comes up and Hoda dances. Rose into the ring. Kathie breaks a bottle over Hoda' bootie. So Hoda does the same to Kathie.

Rose – Hang on. I see you girls are going fit in around here, because Brooklyn, it's party time! Watch this!

Rose drops back onto the Exotic Express, and they lift him back up. Kathie and Hoda out and Rose counts down. Hoda does it, but Kathie wimps out. Finally Kathie drops back and the Exotic Express carry then out as they both try to keep their bloomers hidden. The cameras did a great job of staying out of the crotch shot.


A video where Bray talks about when he found Harper, he was lost. Bray preaches on and on, the way he does, all focused on Harper who ends it with, "You're doomed."


Bo vs Henry

Bo posed in the ring. Video of Bo defeating Henry on Raw last week. After the match, Henry destroyed Bo backstage. Bo looks pissed after watching that video. Henry to the ring, and Bo flees the ring.

Henry with a forearm to Bo' back, then a head butt to the back of Bo's head. Bo choked in the ropes. A big right from Henry. Shoulder block to Bo in the corner. Bo runs the ropes, grabs on, flees the ring to regroup. Henry out and Bo eats announce. Henry lifts Bo and slams him back first into the post. The ref is still counting. Bo into the barricade. Henry clears the shroud off announce and grabs Bo. Bo free of Henry and into the ring. Henry can't get to the ring before he's counted out.

Winner – Bo via Countout (1:53)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Bo is still fleeing with Henry in pursuit.



Recap of the opening segment of Raw.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose comes stomping out to the ring.

Ambrose – I couldn't sit backthere any longer. I've been kicking something around in my head. See lately, lately, John Cena (heat) lately has been up in my space, and I don't think I like it. John Cena is my partner tonight, like he was supposed to be last week, then this happened.

Video recap of the high points of the main event last week.

Ambrose – I told John Cena, don't give me a reason not to like you. I'm trying John. I'm trying real hard. But before we go to battle together tonight, why don't we settle this. Let's hash this out. Please John, indulge me with your presence.

Cena out to solid heat. The fans are singing along with Cena's music! The thing is, they're singing, "John Cena sucks!" along with the music, almost the way they used to chant "Angle sucks!" to his music! Cena around the ring and in. Music ends, and huge heat for Cena. Screaming and nastiness at Cena, and he smirks to it.

Cena – Thank you WWE 'Universe' for a very raucous Brooklyn introduction.

Serious heat!

Cena – I'm sure it would be the same way if you were rooting for Ambrose, right?

Solid pop for Ambrose.

Cena – The unstable Dean Ambrose?

Bigger pop for Ambrose.

Cena – The same, right before that match, the Dean Ambrose that went on air and said you wanted to embarrass Seth Rollins, you wanted to hurt Rollins and would do anything to do so. The same Dean Ambrose that launched himself at me earlier today?

Again, pop for Ambrose.

Cena – Well good, because I actually agree with you, because if you all understand Ambrose's actions, you understand mine, so we're clear.

Serious heat and Cena is leaving.

Ambrose – Yeah, we're clear. You're right. I would have done the same thing to you, because I don't give a crap about you. You don't give a crap about me, but if there's one thing we have in common John, we don't give a crap about what other people think of us. I don't like you, you don't like me. Now that it's out in the open, maybe we can coexist for one night. But if we can't, I don't have a problem dropping you where you stand right now, and taking on The Authority by myself.

Cena back into the ring.

Cena – You gonna take on The Authority by yourself. Let me remind you Einstein, last time you did that, The Authority put your head through cinder blocks and you were out for five weeks. You know what Mr. Ambrose, I have to admit, you've got something no other WWE Superstar has, something I haven't seen in a long time. You got guts. Guts to say and do whatever you want! Just remember, saying and doing whatever you want has consequences, because when you say what you want to the man in this ring who has zero problem dropping with dropping your ass right here, well, I'll put it in a way that you'll understand. Mr. Ambrose, you're giving me a reason not to like you. Give me a reason not to like you.

A smattering of chants, the two legible ones are, "Cena sucks!" and "Ambrose!"

Ambrose – I'm kinda hungry. I think I'm getting out of here. Take a ride on the Q Train, Coney Island, take a ride on the Cyclone, maybe grab a hot dog, check out the Wonder Wheel. Good luck tonight.

Ambrose slams his mic into Cena's chest and leaves. Cena is left in the ring in shock, asking the fans if he said hot dog.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Big Show with the Russian flag. Big Show is in sensitivity training, but will have to listen to Rusev and Lana respond tonight. King talks about Reigns' surgery and his possible return.



Recap of the confrontation between Cena and Ambrose. Ambrose headed off to Coney Island. Then more footage of Ambrose heading into the subway and getting on the Q Train.

Backstage Segment

Cena walking backstage.

Trip – Champ is here! I'm sorry, that's probably awkward. These kids nowadays. These kids, they don't even understand the opportunity that's put in front of them. Doesn't he get, we give Ambrose the opportunity to main event Monday Night Raw, and partner with The John Cena, and what does he do? Leaves his partner hanging to what? Go get a hot dog. He leaves you hanging in this 3-1 Handicap Match. I feel for you. I know how you are, you'll have the whole Cenation just (Trip clenches his fists up in front of himself.) They'll have your back, but it doesn't seem right.

Cena – Look, I know what you're trying to do. Protect Seth Rollins at all costs. I don't care what type of match I'm in, there will come a point where Seth Rollins cannot run away. As far as tonight is concerned. If I have to go through Kane, if I have to go through Randy Orton, that's what I'm gonna do.

Trip – You know John, that's what I admire about you. It's what I've always admired about you. Your resolve, that determination. Just to make sure you get a piece of Rollins tonight, when that match starts, Rollins will start that match when that bell rings. We know you'll get a piece, even though it's 3-1. Just remember, keep calm, and never give up. (each work, Trip points to Cena's shirt)

Brie vs Summer Rae

Brie is having her arm strapped behind her back. Nikki is on stage glaring.

Summer Rae dances around and taunts Brie. Brie slammed back into a corner, then choked by Summer Rae's foot, as if she was Stacy Keibler. Summer Rae takes Brie down for two.

Summer Rae with a facelock on Brie. Brie up to her feet briefly, but then stomped down. Summer Rae chokes Brie against the bottom rope with her shin as Layla taunts her outside. "Derek Jeter!" chants. Brie moves so Summer Rae and Layla knock heads, then Brie kicks Summer Rae to get three.

Winner – Brie (1:56)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants from Brie, and all the fans. Nikki is pissed.

Backstage Segment

Kane is looking at a fruit basket. Miz and Sandow come in. (Each time Miz talks, Sandow mouths along with him.)

Miz – It's the LA way to say, I'm sorry. For the comments I made about The Authority last week.

Kane – Miz, we don't want apples, or oranges. In fact, we see right through you. Both of you.

Miz – I sent you A-list fruit! Are you too dense to appreciate that?

Kane – No Miz, dense is coming into my office and insulting me. Dense is you phony apology fruit basket after hitting me with a chair on Smackdown last week. Dense is how you just got yourself booked in a match against Sheamus, tonight. So you an eat all the organic, gentle treated, harm-free California fruit that you want, but I have a feeling that you'll be eating a brogue kick later tonight.

Kane smiles, so Miz and Sandow put on their shades and leave. Sandow then returns, grabs the fruit basket, huffs at Kane, then leaves.


Swagger vs Kidd

Swagger to the ring with Zeb. Tyson Kidd in the ring with Nattie.

Side headlock on Swagger. Swagger pushes off, Kidd floats over. Swagger over Kidd who slides under, but then Swagger takes him down. Kidd slides out of the ring to regroup. Swagger out, chases, then hides behind Nattie! Swagger distracted takes a kick from Kidd. Kidd all on Swagger and Nattie is pissed. Kidd stomps Swagger in the head over and over. Kidd in to slingshot Swagger up into the bottom buckle. Swinging neck breaker, and Kidd. Kidd on Swagger until he runs into a clothesline. Swagger bomb on Kidd, but then Kidd tries for the sharpshooter, Swagger reverses. Kidd on the apron, then yells at Nattie to get out of the way. Kidd climbs, but caught from the top and into the patriot lock. Kidd finally taps out.

Winner – Swagger (3:24)

Kidd to a corner and removes his boot to hold his foot. He continues to hold his foot and glares at Nattie outside the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole starts talking about how E&C have a show on WWE Network after Raw tonight, and puts them up on the screen, live.

Edge says something about Cole and his job.

Christian – A dork job.

Edge – It was brutal. We'll take it from here. We're going to tell everyone out in the WWE 'Universe' that you can catch E&C tonight on Edge & Christian's Smackdown 15th Anniversary Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness!!!

Christian – What a great Title.

Edge – Flows right out of your mouth.

Christian – We're going to talk about Smackdown, highlights, shenanigans, what you'd expect of E&C.

Edge – Lots of poses.

Christian – Tonight, only on WWE Network, for only $9.99!

Edge - $9.99

Christian - $9.99

Edge – Is it $9.99?

Christian – Yeah.

Edge – That's under ten dollars, what a deal.


Announce Segment

Cole announces Reigns, via satellite.

Reigns – What's up Cole?

Cole – It's been two weeks since your emergency surgery. How are things going? What's the update?

Reigns – Things are doing a lot better. The doctors are happy with my progression. I'm able to move around a little bit more. You know, feeling better, it's situations like this that suck, I'd rather be there with you guys in Brooklyn. (pop) But I know it's only a matter of time. I'm counting down the days until I'm strapping that vest on and I'm right back in the middle of that ring, vibing off the energy of the crowd and kicking ass. With the right attitude, focus, and positive attitude, it will happen sooner, rather than later. (sic) Believe that.


Recap of Cena vs Brock Lesnar at NoC, when Rollins caused the DQ.


El Torito vs Mini-Gator (Hornswoggle)

Los Matadores with El Torito to the ring. O'Neil and Slater out, they bring Mini-Gator to the ring with them.

Lots of yelling between the two little critters, but little else. Mini-Gator to his hands and knees, rushing El Torito. El Torito on Mini-Gator's back, all over him. An Los Matadores cape over Mini-Gator's head to put him to sleep. "This is stupid!" chants. Slater in, takes the cape off, and ends up taking the gator roll to heat. O'Neil on the apron and takes the gore from El Torito. "Derek Jeter!" chants. El Torito twerks, climbs, then flies onto Mini-Gator for three.

Winner – El Torito (2:17)

Los Matadores into the ring to celebrate with El Torito.

Announce Segment

Cole is holding his face, King has to tell him that they're on camera. Video recap of the flag being pulled down, then to Big Show apologizing on Smackdown. Backstage Big Show is waiting.


In Ring Segment

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Again Cole tells us what happened last week with the flag and Big Show apologizing on Smackdown.

Lana – Today is a great day. Today is the birthday of the most powerful man in the world. He is virile, he is muscular, but most of all, he is the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Now get on your feet and pay respect to the super athlete, the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev! I'm afraid that there will be no match tonight with Big Show. Big Show was suspended for desecrating the Russian flag. He should be in prison, just like all of you. By supporting him. You are committing a hate rime. You despise us because we support a superior country, Mother Russia.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up! (louder chants) Rusev tell these bigots what you will do when you face The Big Show.

Rusev – (speaks in his native tongue) America is no superpower! ("What?") America is nothing! ("What?") Big Show is afraid of me. ("What?") Come Big Show! Come on down and let's see what happens! Come so Rusev can crush you! Come Big Show!

"USA!" chants.

Rusev – Da! Big Show is a coward! ("What?") Just like all of you... ("What?") Are cowards!

Rusev poses and yells of mic. The Rock's music hits to utter shock of the fans in Brooklyn. Rock comes out and the fans go wild for him. He's in a Brooklyn jacket, and waves to the fans. He shows off his jacket, then other to the other side of the stage to pose for the fans.

"Rocky!" chants, and he heads for the ring. The fans are wild. Rock slaps some hands before getting up on the apron and posting on the corner. JBL says, "Set your DVR, this is a moment in time!" (You think?)

Lana and Rusev stare and glare at Rock. Off comes his jacket to show his Just Bring It shirt, sleeves removed. Music ends, but the cheers are just as loud.

"Holy shit!" chants for Rocky, and he smiles and laughs. "This is awesome!" chants.

Rock – Rusev and Lana, right now we need you to do two things, that's know your role... (the fans yell, 'And shut your mouths!') 4:30am, The Rock gets up, rolls out of bed in Florida, gets a little caffeine, goes right to the gym, clanging and banging like a mad man in the gym, like you Rusev. The only difference is The Rock doesn't pull his shorts up to his nipples. You're running around here, making everyone look at your Moscow moose knuckle. Then The Rock was done clanging and banging, and The Rock flew, he flew to one place, and that place was The Big Apple.

"Rocky!" chants.

Rock – The Rock's jet landed in Queens, then The Rock took a cab to Manhattan, went to Lana's favorite place in the city, the mean packing district. The Rock didn't wait for a ferry, he swam to Staten Island. The Rock got on the 4 Train and headed right to the Bronx so he could get out and give respect to the captain and say, DEREK JETER!

"Derek Jeter!" chants.

Rock – The Rock had one last burrow to go to. The Rock crossed a certain iconic bridge, went down Atlantic Ave, drove right up to the Barclay Center, in the doors, down that ramp to the people's ring, in front of the millions (and millions) of The Rock's fans, so The Rock could say, finally, The Rock has come back to Brooklyn!

Lana – Who do you think you are? Coming in here and interrupting the great Rusev? (heat) You need to shut up!

Rock – And you need to stop dressing like a Soviet street walker.

"Rocky!" chants.

Rusev – Listen you American piece of garbage, this is your last warning, leave now, or I will crush you.

Rock – Leave now, or you're going to rush The Rock? That's what you think you're going to do? You think you're going to rush The Rock? Of all the things you can say, you come face to face with The Great One, and that's what you say? First of all, your breath is smelling like Chewbacca's hairy beanbag. And you, you, I got to tell you something. Live, in person, you're beautiful. I know, right! I mean, you are stunning, you are smoking. But it's too bad you're walking around like someone's Smirnoff bottle up your Putin. So, now, back to you Chewie, you think you're going to crush The Rock?

Rusev – I...

Rock – It doesn't matter what you think! It doesn't matter, let The Rock tell you something right now. There's a reason no one's beaten you. You're bigger, stronger, more dangerous than practically everyone back there, but here's another fact, we will tell you another fact. No one can tell you this, but The Rock can. You come out here and run down our country, a country we love, when you come out here we don't boo you because you support Russia, we boo you because you're both world class, international a-holes.

"Assholes!" chants.

Lana – Enough. Just like the great Vladimir Putin once said, the comrade wolf knows who to eat, and right now, Rusev is hungry.

Rock – And just like the great Jay Z once said, allow me to reintroduce myself, I am the Jabrone beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, talking is done, you're out of your class, no sleep in Brooklyn, The Rock whips your ass!

And, of course, The Rock does just that, the final hit sends Rusev over the top rope, though badly and Rusev has to make himself go over the top rope.

Rock – Here's something, before you go, that needs no translation, If you smelllllll, what The Rock is cookin'!

The Rock is all over the ring, bouncing out the adrenaline that's in his system from that segment as Lana and Rusev back their way up the ramp. The Rock poses on the corners.

The Rock over to shake hands of those in pink shirts behind announce. He shakes hands with the announcers, then over the barricade to kiss two young women who are still sitting, then back to ringside. But then he sees a child, so he goes over to give a hug before heading off.


Ambrose is getting a hot dog and heads off on the subway.


Fox & Paige vs AJ & Emma

Paige and Fox to the ring. AJ skips out to the ring. Emma dances out to tag with her. AJ isn't impressed, but needed a partner.

AJ sends Fox into Paige, knocking her off and to announce. Paige in, AJ after her. Paige out again. Emma begging for the tag. AJ tags her, so Emma dances, but Fox with a knee, then tossed her out. Emma kicks Fox in the face and rolls her up for two. Emma dances more, but then eats a blow from Fox. Emma sidesteps and Fox eats corner. Emma over the ropes with a hold on Fox. Emmamite sandwich on Fox. AJ decides she's done, and leaves the ring, belt in hand. Emma calls her back, but then turns around to Paige, who tagged in to kick Emma's face off. RamPaige for three.

Winners – Paige & Fox (2:51)

AJ glares from the stage, then leaves when Paige starts screaming at her to return to the ring.


Bray says Harper was just a big child. He goes on about the world and how horrible it is, pointing and laughing, taking his innocence, because he was different. Bray fixed him. Fear him. This video is about Rowan! They shall feel the smoke of his burning.


Happy Birthday!

Bruno Sammartino, he's 79 today!

Miz vs Sheamus

Miz and Sandow to the ring. Sheamus out to face him. Video of Miz on Sheamus with a chair outside the ring on Smackdown. In the ring Ziggler beat Sandow. Sheamus after Miz with the chair, but Miz fled and Sandow got the chair.

Miz back and forth, Sheamus right there for it all. Miz yells about his face, then on Sheamus from behind. Miz ducks Sheamus' elbow, then flees to the apron. Sheamus hung up top, then Miz back in and all over Sheamus. Outside the ring Sandow is moving all over the place, as if he's in the ring. Miz on Sheamus with elbows, knees and kicks. Sheamus grabs Miz, slams him to the mat. "Damien Mizdow!" chants. Sheamus all over Miz, leaving his writhing on the mat. Sheamus rushes Miz and eats foot. Miz ducks the brogue kick, flees the ring.


Facelock on Sheamus, Sandow outside with the same hold on air. Sheamus on Miz, but then slammed into a corner. Miz's clothesline in the corner. Forearms and elbows on Sheamus. "Sandow!" chants get louder and louder. "We want Sandow!" chants fill the arena! Sandow with a blow on Sheamus through the ropes, and gets HUGE pop for it. Miz takes Sheamus down for two.

The announcers are in awe at the love Sandow is getting. "Sandow' better!" chants! Miz kicks Sheamus in the back. Sandow claps for Miz, so the fans clap with him. Sheamus on Miz, gets no reaction for it, but Sandow is getting love. Miz gets his jaw jacked. Sheamus readies for the brogue kick, gets reaction for this. Sandow pulls Miz from the ring to avoid the kick. Sheamus out, sends Sandow into the barricade. Miz sends Sheamus into the barricade, then in. Sheamus with a brogue kick, but Miz ducks and Sandow, on the apron, takes the kick. Miz rolls up Sheamus for three.

Winner – Miz (10:17)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus with a chair. Sandow and Miz up off the floor and flee.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about the 3-1 match later. Cole talks up Susan G. Komen Courage, Conquer & Cure. They go to video of Hogan last week. Joan Lunden will be on next.


In Ring Segment

King – Please help me give a warm welcome to some of the most courageous women in the world who have fought and conquered breast cancer! Now,please welcome journalist, TV host, warrior who is fighting her own fight against breast cancer, Joan Lunden.

She comes out on stage in black yoga pants, pink Susan G. Komen shirt, black hoodie, and a black knit cap over blonde fringe that we all know isn't her own as she showed her bald head proudly recently on the cover of a magazine (People?).

Joan – Hi everyone, it's great to be here. I want to thank all of you, and the WWE 'Universe' and Susan G. Komen giving me the opportunity to speak on the many, many women, including myself, battling breast cancer. I gotta tell you, this is one challenging journey. It's not something that anyone should be ashamed of. The more we are honest with our family and our friends, the more we will overcome this really debilitating disease that is so tough for women to go through. (Tears in her voice already.) Early detection is the key. I really want you all to know, that because of your financial, and moral, and emotional support, you're able to make me and other countless individuals braver, and stronger persons, in this fight against breast cancer. You really are. (pop) One day people like me will be able to join your breast cancer survivors ringside. Michelle Marquette, Lisa Vega, Linda Murray, Theresa Lanna, Ashley Mutmore, Marylou Young, Barbara Banally, and Lisa Fusco. It is a tough fight, and they are the true warrior club, so I ask you that you help Susan G. Komen so that they can help those of us who are fighting, so that we can see that this disease an be a thing of the past. I thank all of you. Have a great night.

Cena comes out, removes his hat, hugs Joan, then escorts her to the back, arms around each other.


Backstage Segment

Christian – The countdown is on, almost time for Edge & Christian's... Reedk of Awesomeness.

Edge – Here's the upside, you won't have to listen to that bag of yogurt Michael Cole anymore, you get to hang with E&C.

Christian – Only on the WWE Network.

They go back and forth saying $9.99 in silly voices.

3-1 Handicap Match – Cena vs Kane & Orton & Rollins

Cena to the ring. Orton to the ring. Kane to the ring. Rollins out with a huge smile, case in hand. Rollins poses on a corner with Orton and Kane clapping up at him.

The bell rings, and Rollins is slow about getting his shirt off to start. Cena at Rollins, but he backs up and tags in Kane. Cena all over Kane, then rushes Rollins, but ends up taking an elbow from Kane through loud dueling Cena chants. Orton tags in and clotheslines Cena in the heel corner. Orton stomps Cena's hand, then on Cena with blow. Cena fights back with a blow on Orton, elbow to Kane, but then into a powerslam from Orton.

Kane tags in and whips Cena, short clothesline on Cena in the corner. Rollins tags in and is all ego getting in the ring. A blow to Cena, then stomps him down in a corner. Rollins rolls across the ring, then dives at Cena in the corner. Rollins then mocks Cena while he's down. A huge right to Rollins' gut, then more blows on Rollins. Rollins whipped, but gets an elbow up. Rollins off the top on Cena for two.

Head butt to Cena's face! Rollins chokes Cena with a foot in the ropes. Rollins mocks Cena more, but then pushed off and Cena with a huge clothesline. Cheap shots on Orton and Kane. Shoulder tackles to Rollins, then a 5 knuckle shuffle. Rollins up for an AA, but Rollins free and pushes Cena into Kane's big boot. The ref calls for a DQ.

Winner – Cena via DQ (4:40)

Chokeslam to Cena, then Orton pounds the mat. Ambrose's music, and he comes out pushing a hot dog cart. He puts up the umbrella, and then heads for the ring. At the bottom of the ramp he stops, eats part of a hot dog, and watches. Orton and Kane out. Ambrose has ketchup and mustard as in holsters. Kane gets the ketchup, Orton the mustard to the face. The cart is pushed and up-ends. Ambrose into the ring. Rollins flees. AA on Orton. Cena with a ls on Kane. Ambrose flies out onto Rollins. Saurcraut and relish on Rollins, then Ambrose with the tongs to Rollins' peepee. AA to Kane in the ring. Rollins flees, leaving Cena and Ambrose in the ring.

Trip's music hits, and out he comes with Steph in tow.

Trip – Impressive mess. Who would have thought Ambrose and Cena, back in the same page again. You still want to fight Rollins, and you're going to get the chance, but first you have to fight each other. At HIAC, Cena will face Ambrose. The winner will not only get to face Rollins, but will get to face him inside HIAC.

Steph – Which means, either way, either Cena or Ambrose will go straight to hell!

Cena and Ambrose talk, Cena turns to leave, but Ambrose grabs Cena, hits dirty deeds. Cena left sprawling as the fans go wild for Ambrose. Video recap of the attack on Cena. Ambrose looks down at Cena, yelling at Cena, pointing at himself, appearing to hold an entire conversation with Cena who is 'knocked out'.

Biggest Pop
The Rock

Biggest Heat
Rusev & Lana
The Authority

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