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Raw Results 9/29/14 – Thank You Rollins!

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RAW Results September 29, 2014
From Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The Lunatic Fringe returned last week and stole the case, The Authority will demand it back. Hogan will be there to start of the month of pink with Susan G. Komen, Courage, Conquer & Cure!

Raw Starts


Recap of the fighting between Ambrose and Cena against The Authority last Raw – from the start of the show, to Ambrose hiding under the shroud to end the show. On Smackdown, Rollins and Kane attacked Ambrose, but he took them both down and stole Rollins' case.

In Ring Segment

Trip and Steph announced to the ring. Trip out in his power suit, but no pink tie. Steph in a black dress with a flared bottom that's too short and too young for her. The Susan G. Komen logo is on the ramp.

Steph – Thank you for that warm welcome.

"CM Punk!" chants.

Steph – I always wonder why these people cheer for quitters. I understand, they can relate. They are quitters themselves. They'd rather quit than fail, rather than digging in and fighting for what you believe in. When things get hard at work, they just quit their jobs. Hard with your husband or wife, you give up on your family you give up on yourselves. You take the easy way out. You quit or you steal, just like Ambrose on Smackdown, when he stole the case from Rollins. It's so unnecessarily because it still belongs to Rollins. He just wanted send a mess age to The Authority. So we're out her to send a message to Ambrose that this will not be tolerated. (heat)

Trip – The case is a symbol that represents this business. We will not let anybody, and we mean anybody ("What?") disrespect this business. ("What?")

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, (HUGE pop) and pardon the interruption, but I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! It's ironic sir that you mention the word disrespected, because my client feels disrespected. Disrespected by the preposterous notion that John Cena was within a moment of becoming the WWE WHC at the expense of my client, Brock Lesnar, and disrespected by your boy, Seth Rollins, not only got involved in what was to be a successful Title defense by my client, Brock Lesnar, but curb stomped my client from behind. And then, I can't believe I'm saying this, attempted to cash in the MITB contract. Which is why, with all due respect, my client, Brock Lesnar, has instructed me to come here tonight, to Chicago, of all places (pop) and find out, first hand, if my client has a problem that he needs to deal with involving Seth Rollins, or if my client has a problem that he needs to deal with...

Steph – Excuse me, Paul, you're a very shrewd businessman, if I was you, I'd choose my words very carefully, because if you're threatening us...

Steph is cut off by Rollins' music. He comes out in black suit and shirt, sans tie and case. He is showing some dark roots through the blond. "You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – First thing's first, let's get something straight. No one in The Authority told me to run down at NoC and try to cash in my MITB contract on your client, I did that on my own. And further, no one suggested that I curb stomp Brock Lesnar's face into the mat either. I acted alone, and knowing you as I do Paul, I thought you'd understand and respect my decision at NoC. You have to know where I'm coming from, I'm trying to build a career the way you've built a career, on opportunity, Paul. You're an opportunist Paul, and I thought you'd understand my opportunity at NoC. I speak, or, I think I speak for everybody here when I say, none of us wanted to see John Cena win the WWE WHC again. Right? Look, because of the kind of man I am, I wanted to become Champion by beating the best, and the best is your client, Brock Lesnar.

"CM Punk!" chants. Rollins looks down at his mic, everyone in the ring waits for a moment for the chant to run down a little.

Rollins – Brock Lesnar should be flattered and complimented by what happened at NoC, not insulted, but, if he is offended in any way, from the bottom of my heart, to you and Brock, truly, truly, I'm sorry. (serious heat) I'm sorry Paul.

Rollins extends his hand, and Heyman shakes it!

Heyman – What you did took a lot of chutzpah, but if you do it again, you won't be dealing with Paul Heyman, you'll be dealing with Brock Lesnar.

Heyman turns to the leave the ring, Rollins sneers a bit behind Heyman's back.

Trip – Heyman!

Heyman stops and turns. Trip right up in Heyman's face.

Trip (in a too calm, but tense voice) – I enjoyed our conversation, have a nice night.

Trip puts his hand up, between the two of them who are almost touching belly to belly, and shakes a freaked out Heyman's hand. Heyman then flees the ring and almost runs up the ramp.

Rollins – Now that that's out of the way, I want to thank you. That you came out here to chastise Dean Ambrose on my behalf, thank you. Look, I know Ambrose, he is not normal, he's the furthest thing from normal, and doesn't respond to things like this the way normal people do. Ambrose thinks this is funny. He's laughing about this now, guess what Ambrose, this is not funny, it's never been funny. There's personal items of mine that you have in MY briefcase, that need to be returned to me immediately. If you do not come down to this ring right now, stomping you head through cinder blocks is gonna look like nothing when I get a hold of you, and trust me...

Ambrose (on the tron) – Seth!

Rollins – Get out here!

Ambrose – Seth!

Rollins – Come on out here.

Ambrose – You lookin' for this? These days I want to take a needle and sew my eyeballs shut. Looking at The Authority makes me sick. Seth, you used to be a man, but now, now since you're letting your corporate Mommy and Daddy fight your battles for you, I have a messgae for all three of you. If you want this back, come and get it.

The tron goes black. Trip and Rollins from the ring, Trip extends a hant to help Steph who is in high heeled booties. They get to the top of the ramp and Cena's music hits. Cena out and on Rollins. Into the ring, Rollins out, through the crowd, then back up on stage with Steph and Trip. The three stand on the stage, mocking Cena, waving hands in front of their faces. Cena poses in the ring to pop.



Susan G. Komen video, narrated by WWE Superstars and Divas.


Recap of The Authority heading after Ambrose, but Cena was there to attack Rollins. It looked as though Rollins got the upper hand after ditching Cena in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Rollins, Steph, Trip, Noble and Mercury, lined up from left to right.

Steph – It happened as you said, Ambrose is playing mind games. You're not going anywhere.

Trip (to Rollins) – You stay right here. (to Noble & Mercury) I'm giving you the authority to go get this done. I want that case back in one piece. I don't care how many pieces Ambrose is in. get the case back in one piece. This ends tonight.

Noble – Understand Boss. I've got an idea. Why don't you let us have some of those sledgehammers.

Trip – You aren't thinking like a cohesive unit. Just go get the job done. Get the case back, I don't care how.

Steph – They'll get it.

Triple Threat IC Championship Match – Ziggler (c) vs Cesaro vs Miz

Cesaro out. Video of Battle Royal on Smackdown where Cesaro won his way into this match. He faced Ziggler last week, but the ref blew the call in that match. Ziggler out to the ring. Miz out with Sandow in tow. Video of Ziggler beating Miz for the IC Title last week on Raw.

Cesaro and Miz on Ziggler, stomping him down in the corner. Miz tries to steal one over Cesaro for two.

Gut check on Miz for two.

Cesaro eats Ziggler's foot, but then Miz on Cesaro and rolls up Ziggler for two.

Outside Sandow is yelling and pacing. Miz on Ziggler's hair, but Ziggler fights back. Neck breaker on Ziggler, but then Ziggler throws Miz into Cesaro with a back breaker on Miz for two.

Sandow yelling at Cesaro from outside. Cesaro lifts Miz over his head, Ziggler in with a drop kick to Cesaro's back, knocking all to the mat.


Cesaro on Ziggler, but Miz in. Ziggler rolls up Miz, and the three roll each other up all over the mat.

Ziggler on both with a double DDT, and all down. Cesaro pulls Ziggler into a short clothesline which he ducks and splashes mix in the corner. Miz out and Ziggler with another double move, getting two on Miz.

"This is awesome!" chants. Sandow grabs Ziggler from outside and Miz gets two for it. Ziggler out to take out Sandow. Ziggler back in and rolls up Miz for another two.

Ziggler off the corner, Miz catches him and sets up, but pushed off and Miz eats an upper cut from Cesaro through the ropes. Cesaro in, on Miz. Ziggler grabs Cesaro, slingshots him up into Cesaro's crotch! Ziggler locks on the fig 4! Miz screaming and yelling, but then Cesaro in with a double stomp on Ziggler's gut. Cesaro rolls up Ziggler for two. Cesaro with another two on Ziggler, this time with both legs hooked.

Miz ducks Cesaro, so Cesaro eats corner. Clothesline on Cesaro in a corner, then Miz up top. Miz flies, right into an upper cut. Ziggler in with a superkick on Cesaro and pins Miz for three.

Winner – Ziggler (9:53)

Ziggler celebrates, then out to celebrate with the fans! Miz on the floor in pain, with Sandow right next to him also selling his leg. The fans are loving Ziggler as Cesaro seethes on the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Noble and Mercury into the Exotic Express, then at Big E to see if they'd seen Ambrose. Then to Khali.

Noble – You seen Ambrose?

Khali – I can't hear you.

Khali puts his hand just over Nobles head to indicate that Noble is too short for him to hear.

Noble – I said, have you seen Dean Ambrose?

Khali (to Mercury) – Who this Dean Ambrose?


Announce Segment

King and Cole talk about Susan G. Komen and how they have gone pink for the month.


A disjointed video, very much like Bray's original videos, talking rhetoric, and really focusing on Harper. Bray talks about how he faced him, then sent him out to walk with the sheep (meaning Jericho). Bray talks about setting someone free, and Harper talks about being doomed.

Backstage Segment

Mercury – Not yet. We went to catering, the trainer's room,, the male locker room, the female locker room.

Noble – Hunter, we've been to the loading docks, luxury suites, everywhere and can't find him.

Steph (to Noble) – Is that mustard on your face? Did you stop for a hot dog, a hamburger, or something?

Noble – No, no, we've been looking...

Steph – You know what? Here's a little bit of inspiration for the two of you. You find Ambrose, or you're fired!

Noble and Mercury about fall over themselves to get out of there, and Sandow and Miz come in at the same time.

Miz – You tell him, tell him!

Sandow – This is a travesty. I don't even get a one on one rematch for my IC Title? I'm a bona fide A-list Hollywood celebrity. A Triple Threat Match? I'm beginning to think you're having a hard time doing your job, to focused on your precious Seth Rollins.

Both Miz and Sandow start yelling together, "I demand action!" over and over.

Rollins steps up as Trip laughs in their faces.

Trip – It's alright, I got this. This is great! Exactly what I need. Things start to get stressful around here, things get tense, you come in here to make me laugh. In the mean time, this stunt double has a match tonight, against Sheamus. That's funny. Miz, you come in here barking orders at me again, your little straight-to-DVD career is going straight to the unemployment line, you hear me? (Miz nods) Get out of here.


Rosa vs Layla

Rosa in the ring with Nattie and her husband TJ. Layla and Summer Rae is outside the ring waiting as they show video of the issues between Nattie and TJ from Total Divas. They argue in the ring, then as they head from the ring.

Layla backs Rosa to the ropes, then Rosa stumbles to the mat in a botch. Nattie and TJ argue outside the ring. Facelock on Rosa on the mat. Summer Rae is taking pictures of Layla from outside the ring. Nattie yells more smack at TJ, then watches Rosa. TJ is playing video games, and Nattie gets in his face again. Rosa with a knee on Layla. A chunk of extensions are pulled out, I think from Rosa's head. Layla out, Rosa out too. Summer Rae gets in Nattie's face. They fight outside as TJ ignores the whole thing. Back in the ring Rosa is pissy, but then Layla grabs the front of her tights and slams her into the ropes. Layla with the layout for three.

Winner – Layla (2:56)

Nattie takes TJ's phone as Summer Rae and Layla torment Rosa in the ring. Nattie returns to her friend.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose with the case, walking along back there somewhere.


In Ring Segment

Ambrose's music plays, and he heads to the ring, from around the stage. He has a big black duffel bag over one shoulder, the case in the other. He throws both in the ring, then under the ring to pull out a table and slide that into the ring. Ambrose sets up the table in the ring, then grabs the case and puts it on the table, centering it.

Ambrose – For those of you who were looking for me earlier, I was in the concession stand the whole time. You walked right by me. I waved, but you were eating a hot dog or something. While I was up there, I decided, I don't like the way The Authority runs their merch stand, so while we're here tonight, we're going to have a Dean Ambrose merch sale!

Ambrose opens the bag and pulls out handfuls of shirts. They're everywhere, of an assortment of wrestlers.

Ambrose – Everything must go! Everything except, of course, this is priceless. In our short time together, me and this case have gotten very close. I went through this case earlier and found some of Rollins' personal items. When we were in The Shield, we were close, but I didn't know you had this side to you. Now I know why you want this back so bad. Well, you're not going to get it. The rest of this stuff is up for sale, make me an offer! What do these things go for? $19.99. I'm a very cheap man, I like the inexpensive things in life, so let's start the bidding at $1! A buck for a T-shirt. We have John Cena, if you're up for that sort of thing. Sheamus t-shirt. I'll sell a Sheamus t-shirt for a quarter.

Noble and Mercury are high tailing it to the ring, all the while looking like they have sticks up their bums in those suits.

Ambrose – How dare they call me unstable! (he turns to see Noble and Mercury) They sent the Cruiserweight Division out to get me. (great pop in Chicago, and here in my house) You want me to throw it? (meaning the case) I'm not going to throw it, it's very valuable. (Noble and Mercury up on the apron)

"Table!" chants.

Ambrose – You guys are going to have to stop being so intimidating if you want to get through and reach me. Bring it down just tad. If you guys want the case, that's fine, come in here and get it.

Mercury and Noble look at Ambrose, then drop off the apron and leave, but Noble points and yells something.

Ambrose – I forgot what I was charging for these things. I stole them all anyway, so, you want them for free?

Ambrose rolls out with handfuls of shirts, throwing them all to the fans. In and out of the ring, throwing all the shirts to the fans all the way around the ring. #AmbroseLive is trending worldwide. Security comes to the ring, trailed by Mercury and Noble. Rollins brings up the rear, but stays way back.

Ambrose – I'm busted! I'm busted! Are you guys real security? I thought you were Rosebuds last week. Alright, I've had my fun, I'm sorry, alright. Take your case back. You're Mr. MITB, take the case back, I'm sorry. I want no problems.

Ambrose from the ring, then into the crowd. Rollins is being careful. Rollins into the ring to get his case. Rollins grabs the case, opens it a little, turns back to Ambrose who is way out in the stands, still apologizing off mic. Rollins turns and opens the case fully. Green paint explodes out of the case and all over Rollins' face and suit. Interesting to note that it's the exact same shade of green that DX used for almost all of its years. Huge pop at the paint, and Ambrose looks shocked by it, then smiles as the fans start chanting, "Ambrose!"

Ambrose – I had nothing to do with that. I'm sorry!

Rollins wipes his eyes and is shaking in fury.

"Ambrose!" chants.

Rollins (off mic) – You've got to be kidding me! You think this is funny? This isn't funny, look at me. I look like a jerk! I look like a jerk.

off comes the jacket as he pitches a fit.

Rollins (still off mic) – This is your fault. (Noble) This is your fault! (Mercury)

Video recap of the paint explosion. JBL says Noble is laughing at Rollins. Video of Ambrose's face as he goes from shocked to smiling.

Up on the stage Rollins is still seething. In the stands, Ambrose is still laughing.

Announce Segment

King talks about the free shirts being worn in the crowd as JBL screams about them being stolen.



Smackdown 15 will air October 10, for their 15 year anniversary.


Recap of Rollins eating green and Ambrose laughing.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – I could have been permanently blinded! (Kane and Orton laugh) You guys think this is funny? You think this is funny?

Orton – Yeah.

Trip – Your eyes are burning? Get to the trainer and have him rinse your eyes out. Alright?

Rollins – It's not funny!

Trip – Where's Ambrose?

Kane – Last report, he was heading to John Cena's locker room.

Trip – That's great. Find great. Find somebody to tell them that they will be competing in a tag team match tonight, against the two of you.

Orton – We have to fight Seth's battles again, after last week?

Trip – Did you see Seth? And after what Cena and Ambrose did to you two last week, I'd think you'd be chomping at the bit to get back at them. No?

A strange grinding match. They can't figure it out.

Steph – It's not mine!

It's the case that's vibrating. Rollins comes back in and grabs the case.

Rollins – It's an electric razor!

Rollins stomps off and they all try not to laugh.

Bo vs Henry

Henry to the ring. Recap of Henry's match with Rusev at NoC, then to recap of their match the next night on Raw.

Henry – As you can see, it's been a very emotional time for me. I want to apologize to you guys, because I know you expect more out of me...

Bo's music cuts Henry off. Bo out to the stage.

Bo – Mark, don't apologize to the WWE 'Universe', apologize to yourself. You lost to Rusev, twice. You've been knocked out, passed out, and even cried your eyes out. ("What?") You're not living up to your potential. ("What?") It's time to close your hall of pain. ("What?") And join the hall of the Bolievers! After all, being a Boliever means never having to say you're sorry. (Bo down the ramp and into the ring.)

Bo ducks Henry. Henry grabs him for a head butt, then another. Bo tossed into a corner, then takes a chop to the head. Henry talks smack the whole time. Bo whipped and hits the mat. "I'll give you something to Bolieve!" Bo slammed to the mat. "Bolieve that!" A head butt to Bo, then another. Bo on the mat, so Henry climbs the corner to drop his bomb, but Bo moves. Bo hits his running Bo-dog for three.

Winner – Bo (1:43)

Bo celebrates from the corner, on the mat, because he's hurting.



Recap of Henry's loss to Bo.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Bo, congratulations on the biggest victory of your career. Just when it looked like all was lost, how did you do it?

Bo – Renee, I've been telling everybody for months, all you have to do is Bolieve!

Henry attacks Bo from behind, tosses him around on anvil cases, then rolls one into Bo as he sits wedged between others, and then again.

Henry – That's what I do!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Henry taking it out on Bo. He goes on to talk about the WWE Network.

Backstage Segment

Stardust, nose to a plasma globe, talking about stars being many parsecs beyond, then right before them, they celebrate. He's almost unintelligible.

Goldust – No, we have obtained the cosmic key, and only it determines our fate. All this is just science fiction.

The throw the plasma globe and other Spencer's lights to the floor.

Stardust – This, this is science fact! (holding the TTC that's around his neck)

Goldust huffs, and Stardust makes his star with his hands.

In Ring Segment

Brie out in a shirt that says 'sweetest twin' and removes it to show her top says 'Brie mode'.


Brie vs Cameron & Eva Marie

Nikki out in a red dress, mic in hand.

Nikki – Well, well, well, how appropriate is this? It's the quitter getting ready for her match in the same place she quit at. My, my, my, how things have changed since them, and for what? I remember, your precious Daniel Bryan. That worked out for you, didn't it?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Nikki – Speaking of Daniel, it worked out so well for you that he's sitting home recovering. Let's be honest Brie, you didn't quit for Daniel, you quit for the attention of all these people who are uglier trolls than your stay-at-home husband. That's who you quit for! But you know what, when you quit Brie, I was put in handicap matches for punishment, and you were nowhere to be found. I'm feeling like a little bit of payback tonight. Per The Authority, who were nice enough to let me make this announcement, you're in a Handicap Match of your own. Girls.

Cameron and Eva Marie out together, Nikki stays on the stage.

Eva Marie sends Brie into the heel corner. Arm drag on Eva Marie, and Brie keeps her down with the arm bar. Eva Marie up, knee to Brie's gut, but Brie fights back. Cameron after Brie, but Cameron kicked off the apron. Back to Eva Marie, and she takes Brie down hard. Eva Marie chokes Brie against the corner with a foot. Cameron tags in, on Brie, then Eva Marie tags back in and stomps Brie down. Cameron tags in with a snap suplex for two.

Nikki is seething on the stage. "JBL!" chants. Facelock on Brie on the mat. Cameron holds it tight, but Brie up. "Jerry!" chants. Brie into the heel corner with an elbow for Eva Marie, then on Cameron. "Michael Cole!" chants. Brie sends Cameron into Eva Marie on the apron. Brie rolls up Eva Marie for three.

Winner – Brie (2:55)

Nikki is seething, throwing fire with her eyes, so Brie gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going through the stands to piss her off that much more.


O'Neil talking about losing his grandmother to breast cancer when he was a teenage. He talks about how she'd be the loudest in those stands. He wishes she could be here for his accomplishments. Together we will dominate breast cancer.


Slater & Gator vs Los Matadores

Adam Rose and the Rosebuds are over at announce. Bunny is sitting on Rose's knee.

Slater and Gator come out, then Hornswoggle comes out in a gator costume! Los Matadores and El Torito are already in the ring. O'Neil from the ring to hug Rev. Jesse Jackson who is in the front row! A couple weeks ago O'Neil won a humanitarian award from Jackson.

Hornswoggle stares at the Bunny. O'Neil on Fernando, but reversed and takes chops in a corner. O'Neil back on Fernando, but then eats an elbow. Fernando off the corner, is caught and takes a back breaker. Slater tags in from behind, O'Neil isn't thrilled with this. Fernando flees and tags out. Head scissors on Slater, then he's taken down a couple more times. Slater chopped, but then reverses a whip. Diego comes out with a clothesline. Hornswoggle into the ring, so El Torito in and scares Hornswoggle from the ring. Slater rolls up Diego, holds his tights for three.

Winners – Slater & Gator (2:06)

O'Neil and Slater kick Los Matadores from the ring, then O'Neil brings El Torito into the ring. He and Slater taunt him, then O'Neil slams him to the mat. Hornswoggle down with a gator roll on El Torito. Rose tells the Bunny to get him. Rose and Bunny up. Rose takes O'Neil from the ring. Los Matadores in and take Slater down. Bunny bouncing on the bottom rope, then climbs and splashes Slater. Rose's music plays. Bunny out and has his paw raised by Jackson who is all smiles.


In Ring Segment

Rusev out with Lana in two. Rusev holds the ropes for Lana. Video of Big Show's right to Rusev on Smackdown last week. The flag unfurles. "USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up! (Lana goes on and on in Russian.) What we are about to show you speaks for the rapid decline in this American society. (heat) As you can see, Rusev proves his superiority over Big Show, and then Big Show, such a sore loser when he attacked Rusev from the back in a most cowardly way, and then, your Big Show, the decorated Champion tries to intimidate an innocent...

Lana is cut off by Big Show's music.

Big Show – That was really, really, really good. The way you twisted the facts around. That whole propaganda machine you two run, I see how it works for you. You know how you tell everyone how great Russia is, how great Putin is, we all know it's a bunch of crap!

"USA!" chants.

Big Show – The thing is Lana, you can't handle the truth! I'm sorry, I always wanted to say that. That's pretty cool, huh? The truth is, this is what really happened.

Video of the love between Henry and Big Show, how Big Show was behind Henry, and Henry ended up in tears. Big Show promised Henry that he'd knock out Rusev. On Smackdown Big Show was all over Rusev, chokeslamed him, then Lana grabs Big Show's ankle. Rusev with the flag on Big Show for the DQ, so Big Show with the KO.

Big Show is all smiles through the "USA!" chants.

Big Show – Yes, that, young lady is...

Rusev – I want to jam my fist down your throat and pull out your guts! I will bite your ear. I will kick you in your groin! ("What?") Big Show, I will break every bone in your body! ("What?") (Rusev then in his native language.)

Big Show – Enough! Enough! Enough! We don't speak Russian! Enough talk, what do you say Chicago, why don't the Big Lebowski go down there and knock down a white Russian?

Big Show heads to the ring. Rusev, never taking his eyes of Big Show, backs up and holds the ropes for Lana, then waits for Big Show, until Big Show is in the ring, then Rusev rolls out. Rusev and Lana yell smack in at Big Show. "USA!" chants. Big Show looks up at the Russian flag, acts all innocent, sidles over to it, makes like he's going to touch the flag, taunts Lana and Rusev, then grabs the bottom of the flag as Lana screams. One big pull and the flag comes down in the ring. Big Show is all smiles, but Lana screams more. Rusev to the ring, backs off. On the apron, is knocked off. Then Rusev in to the ring, and Big Show quickly tosses him right back out.

Video recap of the pulling of the Russian flag.

Announce Segment

Recap of The Authority demanding the case back to start the show. Ambrose taunted them. Cena got involved, physically, with Rollins. Later Ambrose returned the case, with a green slime bomb in it. Rollins pitched a complete fit over it.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome John Cena. Tonight you're pairing with Ambrose to take on Kane and Orton, how do you think that's going to work out for you tonight?

Cena – Listening to the WWE 'Universe', I love this place, they are always loud and proud. If I can quote old blue eyes, 'This is my kind of town!' Tonight, the Windy City seems unstable. We all heard them chanting Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrose. Tonight, I'm glad I'm fighting with him, and not against him, but that's just for our match with Randy and Kane. Dean Ambrose and I have the same target in our sights, Seth Rollins. If he's unstable enough to get in between...

Ambrose is there, skulking around, taping his hands.

Cena – Mr. Ambrose, would you like to add something?

Ambrose – Not really, no. Just that, after we're done with Kane and Orton tonight, Rollins is mine.

Cena – If Seth Rollins dare show his face tonight, before, during, or after our match, he has a beat down coming by my hands. I'll be cashing in.

Ambrose – Right. Just remember John, nobody takes food off my plate, not even you. See you out there.

The fans are chanting, "Ambrose!"


AJ vs Fox

AJ's music and she comes skipping out to the ring, Divas Title around her waist. AJ kisses the belt, then gets in. Paige out to the stage with a mic.

Paige – When I first started.

"CM Punk!"

Paige (louder than the chants) – When I first started, I couldn't see that certain individuals were preying on my kind nature, and mistook my kindness for weakness. Big mistake. So, after very careful consideration, I'd love to introduce you to AJ Lee's opponent tonight, and my new best friend.

Out comes Fox.

AJ up in Fox's face. Fob boob bounces AJ, then bounces her to the mat. AJ back with head scissors on Fox, then a sick clothesline on Fox in a corner, then a heel kick from AJ. Fox rolls out and Paige gets her to her feet. AJ climbs, then flies out on both of them. AJ up, then all smiles and skipping around them. Fox rolled in. AJ in, pulling Paige by her hair, but Fox with scissors kick to the small of AJ's back for three.

Winner – Fox (1:25)

Fox out of the ring to dig under it. Paige into the ring and stomps AJ. Fox with a couple cans of soda, shaking them up by slamming them into each other. Paige holds AJ, so AJ kicks Fox. Fox comes back with a nasty kick that drops AJ. Paige with the rampaige on AJ, leaving her flat out on the mat. Paige holds the strap high, then flops it across AJ. Paige drops the two cans of Mt. Dew on the mat next to AJ as they both leave.


The same disjointed video, mostly focusing on Harper. Bray talks about giving him a reason to exist.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.


Sheamus vs Sandow

Miz is on announce, with Sandow and Sheamus in the ring.

Sandow ducks Sheamus, then taunts him. Sandow hides in the ropes, then Sheamus takes him down with a side headlock take-over, keeps the hold on, and does it again. Sheamus goes after Sandow's face, so Sandow flees to Miz's side. Miz tells Sheamus he won't get it because he's ugly. Sandow on the apron, Sheamus sets up, but Sandow pulls down Sheamus' arm over the top. Sandow all over Sheamus, but Sheamus clears and is all over Sandow in a corner. Sandow comes back with a DDT on a kneeling Sheamus. Sandow with a headlock on Sheamus on the mat, Sandow yelling the whole time. Sheamus elbows free as Cole mocks Miz. Sandow all over Sheamus in a corner, stomping on him, then knees to Sheamus' face, even through the admonishment of the ref. Sheamus slowly to his feet, but with his double hand clotheslines on Sandow, then a high running knee. Another high knee in the corner on Sandow. Sheamus about to punch Sandow, then decides to put Sandow on the apron for the ten beats. Sheamus taunts Miz, then punches Sandow's face. Miz to his feet, so Sheamus out and sends Sandow into Miz. Sandow rolled in, then eats a brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (5:25)



Promo for The Best of Sting DVD!

In Ring Segment

Justin announce Hulk Hogan to the ring. He comes out in pink, posing and working it for the fans.

Hogan – Well, let me tell you something brother. It's hard to believe that Hulkamania has been running wild for over 30 years. I've had some special moments in my career, especially in sweet home Chicago, brother. Not only is it an honor to stand in this ring, but to make this announcement. This has been the third year that the WWE has teamed up with Susan G. Komen to fight breast cancer and to save lives. You know, I turned in the red and yellow, and the whole WWE has gone pink to honor breast cancer awareness. You know, guys, we can sit here and watch all our WWE Superstars, and the Divas on the WWE 'Universe', in the end of the day, they're all heroes brother, but the real heroes are the men and women with the disease who keep fighting to find a cure. They're an inspiration to all of us. Please help me extent a huge welcome to all the breast cancer survivors here, please give them a huge round of applause for their courage in fighting this disease.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Hogan – I want all my Hulkamaniacs, throughout this month of October, to turn in to Susan G. Komen Manaicas and buy the gear to fight the fight brothers, when you buy the merch for Courage, Conquer & Cure, the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, and all their programs. It's a huge honor for me, probably the biggest honor ever, for me and the whole WWE joining this fight. In closing Maniacs, whatcha gonna do when Komen-Mania and the WWE runs wild on you, brother?

Hogan poses for the fans who cheer for him.

Backstage Segment

Orton – Taking care of Seth's battles for him. I don't care about that stupid case, and I know you don't care about that stupid case, I'm sick and tired of all of this.

Kane – You're sick of this? I'm supposed to be DOO, but lately the only thing I've directed is putting out the fires Seth starts. You know what I'm going to do?

Steph – I'll tell you what you're going to do, you're going to do your jobs. When John Cena and Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins, they were attacking The Authority. We are more than just a moniker, we are a family. We stand by one another, through thick and thin. And tonight Seth Rollins was embarrassed by that lunatic, Dean Ambrose. If he could be, he'd be right by your sides tonight, besides, like Hunter said earlier, you'd think you'd want to do this, since neither of you were successful in your singles matches. Now, come on, now is the time to man up, reestablish your dominance, and squash what the people are saying about you.

Orton – Wait a minute Steph, what are people saying?

Steph – Randy, they're saying you've gone soft. That the two of you lack the killer instinct that once defined you.

Kane – Are they saying that, or are you just saying that to get what you want?

Steph – Kane, does it really matter?

Announce Segment

Cole pushes the Monday Night Wars series. They show a sneak peek of Austin Era.


Announce Segment

Next week on Raw we will see Reigns, and he will talk about his recovery. Also, on Raw, Big Show will face Rusev!

Ambrose & Cena vs Kane & Orton

Ambrose out. Video of Rollins getting green slimed earlier. Cena out to tag with him. Kane out in his dress pants. Orton out to tag with him. Video recap of the attack on Cena last week on Raw, but Ambrose was under the shroud and brought the attack to them.

Orton is pissy, and Cena all smiles. Ambrose rolls his eyes at Cena. Dueling Cena chants before they even start, and Cena smiles. They lock up, Cena behind, then takes a sharp elbow to the face. Orton on Cena in a corner. Cena reverses a whip, hits a bulldog, but nothing further and is caught by Orton and into the heel corner. Kane tags in and on Cena through continuing dueling Cena chants that are still as loud as the start of the match. They fight back and back, Cena gets Kane up, but can't handle Kane's weight and crumbles. Orton tags in and stomps the heck out of Cena. Ambrose wants in, is pacing as Orton keeps working Cena.


Cena with blows on Orton, and elbows on Kane on the apron. Orton takes Cena down and poses before pinning Cena for two.

Orton up slowly, taunts Ambrose, then turns and pounds the mat. Cena pushes off the RKO, but Orton takes Cena down for two.

A kick to Cena's ribs, then Kane tags in. A big boot on Cena for two through a chant of, "We want Ambrose!" that fills the arena.

They show the exploding green slime again and again, split screen. Cena fights to his feet, but Kane drops him again. Cena rushes his own corner, but stopped with a side slam from Kane for two.

Orton tags in and stomps his way around Cena. Orton taunts Ambrose who rushes in, but is stopped by the ref. Orton gets two on Cena.

A head lock on Cena as the dueling chants start again. Cena to his feet, but he's stopped before reaching Ambrose. Orton sets up, but Cena elevates Orton up and out. Ambrose is shaking and pacing. The hot tag and Ambrose takes down Kane, then he's all over Orton. Clothesline and Orton is out. Kane grabs Ambrose's ankle, so Ambrose flies out on Kane. Ambrose back in and he flies out onto Orton. Back in and a boot from Orton, but Ambrose uses the ropes in that cool way he does, and back on Orton. Dirty deeds, and Ambrose goes to pin, but Rollins causes the DQ.

Winners – Cena & Ambrose via DQ (10:46)

Kane in on Cena. Ambrose fights back and Rollins flees. Low rope and Kane is out. Ambrose tries to fly out, his foot is caught on the rope, and he's stopped just shy of hitting Kane, but Kane the consummate pro, he falls back and sells the fingertips that touch him!

Ambrose after Rollins who tries to flee, but he's cornered in front of announce as Cena comes around the other side of the ring. Ambrose on Rollins, tosses him into the ring. Rollins catches Cena who slides out, even though it looks as though nothing happened there. Ambrose on Rollins, but then Orton in and attacks Ambrose from behind. Cena in and tosses Orton out. Cena with blows on Rollins in a corner. Ambrose dives over Cena to get to Rollins in a corner. Cena pushes Ambrose off and goes back after Rollins with punches. Ambrose tosses Cena from the ring, grabs the case, then slowly after Rollins. Orton in with an RKO on Ambrose. Outside Kane with a right on Cena. Kane chokeslams Ambrose, then delegates authority over Orton and Kane, telling them to hold Ambrose's head over the case. Curb stomp on Ambrose into the case.

Cena in, but he takes an RKO. Kane grabs Cena, at Rollins demands. Kane with a chokeslam on Cena. Rollins grabs the case, and Orton motions for some reaction from the fans. Kane holds Cena as Rollins mocks him. Cena takes a curb stomp to the case!

Rollins yells smack, then the three of them stand over Cena. "Thank you Rollins!" chants are heard loudly through the arena!

Video recap of the high points of the match, and after the match. Rollins hugs his case and the three celebrate in the ring together. Again, then show the curb stomp on Ambrose.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Rusev & Lana

Surprise of the night...
Rusev speaks great English!!

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