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Raw Results 9/1/14 – But, I Never Told Anyone, Or, Tell Me We Didn't Just See That!

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RAW Results September 1, 2014
From Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Most of this commercial was without audio. There was something about Brock and Cena, and then audio came up to talk about Raw starting with Highlight Reel.

Raw Starts

Highlight Reel

Jericho is announced, already in the ring in a black v-neck t-shirt, black vest, and sparkly black scarf. He's all smiles, but JBL is being nasty already through the "Y2J!" chants.

Jericho – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho. This is the Highlight Reel in Des Moines, Iowa. I love cheap pops. It's always great to be in front of hard working fans such as yourself. Give yourselves a hand for that. But my guest hasn't worked a day in his life. Everything he's received in the WWE on a silver platter. Tonight on the Highlight Reel, Randy...

Trip's music hits, and out comes Trip, Rollins, Kane and Orton, all in black suits. Orton with his shirt open, no tie. The same for Rollins, but wearing a black shirt. Trip in a pink shirt, and darker pink tie. Kane looks all corporate with a white shirt and red tie. Trip leads The Authority into the ring. JBL wants them all to beat up Jericho, and he will join in!

Jericho – Randy, I wasn't expecting you to bring your law firm of Sellout (Kane), Suckup (Rollins), and Schnoz (Trip).

Kane – Chris, as Director of Operations, may I remind you...

Trip – Don't worry Kane, I've got this. This is Chris Jericho! The man that never grew up, and I mean that both figuratively, and literally. (Trip holds his hand to show that Jericho is short.) I'd love nothing more than swap insults with you, but I have business to take care of.

Jericho – You're right Hunter, (into a baby voice) I'm just a wittle guy. But I'm confused as to what you're saying. You usually don't conduct important business in this ring, unless your wife is being put in jail.

Trip – You should be more concerned with thanking me than coming up with witty banter, as much as I would love that. That scarf is just a treasure trove. But...

Jericho – At least it's not a pink tie.

Trip – Yeah, it's violet nimrod, anyway... (The tie is most obviously a darker pink than his shirt, at least on my TV.) You should be thanking me for making this the most historic Highlight Reel in history.

"You tapped out!" chants at Trip.

Trip – I have been reviewing the match at SummerSlam between Cena and Brock, talking to the experts, reviewing commentary from our HOF forum last week, and have watched the match from SummerSlam over and over again. All of you can on the WWE Network for only $9.99. (fans are not happy) In watching it, I've decided it might not be what's best for business to have a rematch with Cena and Brock Lesnar. (heat) I am contemplating naming a new #1 contender for NoC.

Jericho – Hold on, you mean to tell me that you can get the WWE Network for only $9.99?

Trip – Don't know if you've heard.

Jericho – Second, even though you've granted Cena the match, you might have changed your mind? Who you gonna give the chance to now?

Orton – Chris, there's only one man in this arena who can beat Brock Lesnar. He is a 12 time World Champ, a third generation wrestler, and the most vicious Superstar in that locker room. By the way, he has earned everything he's gotten.

Kane – Or maybe it's someone who digs up a certain mask, opens the gates of hell and places a demon on The Beast Incarnate. (heat)

Rollins – Or maybe, the future has already arrived! (pop)

"Rollins!" chants for the home-state hero.

Rollins – Maybe the future has already arrived in Mr. MITB himself. I mean, I did take out Ambrose, and have become one of the most intelligent and dangerous in that locker room.

Jericho – Maybe, you should give the chance to a six time World Champ, and the first Undisputed Champion in this history of this business, Y2J, the Ayatollah of Rock & Roll...

Cena's music cuts him off, and he's out being pissed. He stomps out, around the ring, to get in on Jericho's side of the ring. Off comes the hat, as he predictably rubs his head and returns the cap to it. Mixed reaction, mostly heat for a pacing Cena.

Cena – What the hell are you talkin' about? Just because your best friends Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels doesn't think I can't beat Brock Lesnar doesn't mean I can't, doesn't mean I won't! (heat) Funny, those same two guys never thought I could beat you at WrestleMania 22, and you tapped out. You don't remember that? You can go back and watch it for $9.99. This isn't back in the day when you're kibitzing with your buddies about who you like, and who you don't. You're the COO, which means I don't care how many times you watch the footage, or how many HOFers you talk to, I invoked my rematch clause, ("What?") you authorized it. ("What?") Which means that you even think about taking it away from me, I'll think about taking you to court. Yeah. I will sue you for every single penny you have, then I'll be COO and my first order of business will be to look you straight in the eye and say Triple H, you're fired! So, how about you save yourself a headache and your job. I meant what I said, at NoC, I'm not going to beat Brock Lesnar, I'm going to beat Brock Lesnar's ass!

Trip – Wow. All I can say is, wow. This is actually where you're at with this. You're going to sue? John Cena? That's a new shirt you're wearing, hustle, loyalty, respect lawsuit. It's got a good ring to it. You're so blind that an opportunity for redemption that you're threatening lawsuits? That's exactly what I'm trying to protect you against. John, you might not understand it. You might be small-minded like the people here, but I know what my damn job is! I know what being the COO, it means doing what's best for business for the WWWE every single day! Now, I might be the first to admit that I no longer think that John Cena being WWE WHC is what's best for business any more. But I also know that John Cena's career ending at the hands of NoC is not good for business at all.

Rollins – Hunter, I say let him have the rematch, what's the worst that could happen? I mean, if an opportunity should present itself, there's always Plan B.

Orton – Seth is right, give John Cena his rematch, he's earned it, as have I. Let me have the winner one on one. After all, what happened to my rematch, way back, from WrestleMania?

Jericho – Randy, let me interject, this is still the Highlight Reel. Since WrestleMania, you've had 4,000 Title matches and succeeded a total of, never! (far off look from Jericho) As a matter of fact, the last big match I saw you have, you were Superman punched and speared by Roman Reigns!

Orton – Chris, you know as well as I do that Reigns beating me at SummerSlam means nothing, Reigns means nothing, and if he were here right now, I would drop that piece of crap where he stands. Proceed with caution, or you would not like the punchline.

A beat too long before Reigns' music hits. Out comes Reigns through the stands to the ring. Reigns into the ring. In the stands is a sign that says, "I could be at home watching Nitro!"

Reigns – Well, here I am Randy, drop me. Just like I thought, all talk. And you two don't seem happy to see me. You still upset from me breaking up your eulogy for Ambrose? No, you're pretty pissed from when I almost crushed your head with that cinder block last week, huh? That's be reminding you that we still have unfinished business. But it sounds like business is about the WWE WHC, and my name should be in that mix.

Trip – Sounds like everybody in the ring feels like they're the guy who can take on the challenge of Brock/Cena at NoC. Cena, you think you've proved your resolve, I don't know I believe it yet. Matter of fact, I don't know that you're believing it yet. I'm gonna give everybody in this ring to prove themselves tonight, let's see who stands tall. John Cena, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns take on Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and the Demon Kane. Let's see who can earn their spot, who can prove it. I'll sit right down there, and I'll be watching.

Trip leaves with Kane, Orton and Rollins in tow. Rollins in the other side with the case, but Reigns hears him rushing with the case. Reigns takes Rollins down and grabs the case to look at it.

Rollins (off mic) – That's mine, you give that back!

Reigns throws it at Rollins, hard! Rollins takes it in the gut, and sells it.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Big Show and Henry facing Rowan and Harper, over 1,400lbs in the ring. And does Miz have tricks up his sleeve. Video of Sheamus defeating Sandow for Miz. Miz in at Sheamus, then out. Ziggler sends Miz in, Sheamus with a brogue kick, but the stunt double takes it and Sandow is down.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus and Ziggler heading to the ring, talking and laughing.



Rollins' failed attempt to attack Reigns and was taken down.

Ziggler & Sheamus vs Miz & Cesaro

All four are down at the ring. Sandow dressed as Miz is at a chair outside the ring with a makeup artist.

Ziggler and Cesaro lock up. Ziggler to the ropes, a cheap kick on Ziggler and Cesaro with an upper cut. Ziggler's epic elbows on Ziggler from Cesaro. Ziggler lifted, gets free, lands a drop kick. Ziggler wants Miz, but Miz is in the chair getting a drink from Sandow, and a makeup touchup. Cesaro on Ziggler, so Miz tags in, shows off his face, and on Ziggler for two.

Miz stomps Ziggler, then rips at Ziggler's face. Facelock on Ziggler. Ziggler to his feet, gets free, then lands a Thesz Press. Hip toss, but then Miz flees Ziggler to save his face. Sheamus tags in, then out, behind Miz and hits Miz in the face. Miz sent in and Sheamus all over him, then to the corner, and a high knee to the face. Miz comes back on Sheamus, but not for long and Sheamus with a blow across Miz's back. Miz to the apron and ten beats, all 17 of them. Sheamus lifts Miz in for a rolling senton for two.

"We want Ziggler!" chants. Sheamus blocks Miz, Miz hides his face. Cesaro with a blind tag, then in on Sheamus.

Cesaro drops an elbow on Sheamus as the makeup artist and Sandow tend to Miz outside and the "We want Ziggler!" chants continue to get louder. Cesaro on Sheamus in a corner with a slap, Sheamus gets MAD. Sheamus on Cesaro, but Cesaro with a big fallaway slam for two.

Sheamus whipped, gets his feet up. Sheamus rolls up on the corner, Cesaro up, but eats a head butt. Battering ram from the top and both down. Cesaro with Sheamus' ankle tags out, but then Ziggler gets the tag. Ziggler all over Miz in the ring. Miz counters the famouser, but Ziggler back and lands a huge DDT, but Cesaro breaks it up. Sheamus takes Cesaro out over the top. Miz and Ziggler slowly up to their feet. Miz ducks the famouser, and sends Sandow in. Ziggler takes Sandow out, and Miz hits the SCF for three.

Winners – Cesaro & Miz (11:53)

Sandow holds Miz's drink, then Ziggler in and takes the bottle and chugs. Video recap of the high points of the match. Miz gets more makeup.

Announce Segment

King thinks Cole needs a touch up. Then Cole talks about Brie after what happened on Raw last week. Video recap from last week.


Nikki narrates pictures of their childhood. She talks about prom, the boys he adored. He disappeared, she found him with Brie in the parking lot. She cried her eyes out, and never told anyone that.


Eva Marie & Cameron & Rosa vs Naomi & Layla & Summer Rae

Layla rolls up Rosa for two. Then bridges for two. The fans are dead. Layla with a horrid cover on Rosa, then a kick to her face for another two. A horrible reversal, then Layla off the corner with a crossbody that ends up with all six in and the ref calling for the double DQ.

Double DQ (1:03)

Rear view on Cameron. Double drop kick on Eva Marie and Rosa from Summer Rae and Layla. All this to push Total Divas.


Recap of Rollins and Kane taking out Ambrose. Then last week they tried to take out Reigns, but Reigns fought back.


Henry & Big Show vs Rowan & Harper

Big Show and Henry to the ring. DEP! Fireflies everywhere in the stands, then they are there on the stage, heading to the ring through it all.

Rowan locks up with Henry. Rowan taken down hard. Henry with shoulders on Rowan in the face corner. Rowan whipped to neutral corners. Rowan whipped, splashed by Henry and Rowan drops. "Sexual Chocolate!" chants, and Cole says the fans there have been watching the WWE Network. Rowan down, and stomped. Harper distracts as Henry on the second ropes, and a Rowan arm to Henry's leg drops him. Harper tags in.


Rowan on Henry into the heel corner, Harper tags in. Rusev with Lana in tow, heading to the ringside area. Harper distracted by them, and Henry gets his feet up. Big Show tagged in and all over Harper with clotheslines. Splash on Harper in a corner, then a spinning back kick to Rowan's face as he rushes in. Big Show out, slammed into the wall by Harper, and The Wyatts are in control. The ref is counting Big Show out, but he's in after nine. Harper knocks Big Show down, stomps and pins for two.

Rowan tags in and stomps Big Show on the mat. "USA!" chants against Rusev and Lana. Rowan grinds his fists into Big Show's temples. Big Show to his knees, flips Rowan over his head, to the mat, but a big boot to a kneeling Big Show drops him to the mat. Harper on Big Show, but Big Show comes back with blows and chops. A slap and a kick to Big Show and he's down again. Harper all over Big Show on the mat. "Sexual Chocolate!" chants again. Rowan in and pins Big Show for two.

Rowan kicks Big Show in the ribs. Big Show off the ropes, and Rowan lifts him, doesn't struggle, and body slams Big Show to the mat! Rowan goes for it again, and is blocked. DDT on Rowan and both are down. Both tag out. Clotheslines on Harper, then Harper whipped and Henry splashes. Harper body slams Harper, but Rowan breaks the count.

Big Show in and sends Rowan out with one hand. They fight in front of announce. Henry lifts Harper, but Rusev in the ring with a kick to Henry that drops him with Harper on top.

Winners – Big Show & Henry via DQ (11:28)

Harper in with a chair, but Big Show takes it away. Rowan up with a chair, but backs off seeing Big Show with a chair, standing over Henry. Big Show stands protectively over a downed Henry. Video recap of the high points of the match. Henry slowly to his knees as Big Show tends to him and Rusev yells smack from the stage. Henry up and into a hug. Henry is now fine and yells at Rusev.


Nikki talks about Brie being jealous. On their 16th birthday Nikki got her license, Brie failed. The got a used car for their birthday. Nikki drove Brie everywhere. Brie stole the car and Nikki's license. Brie totaled the car, and gave Nikki's license. Her sweet innocent sister blamed her, but she never told anyone.


Announce Segment

Michael Sam invited to Raw next week, with an open mic.


Recap of the history between Brock and Cena going into NoC. The HOF Forum, Brock talking, Cena taking out Bray on Raw last week.

Stage Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC Brock Lesnar! (mixed) My client has authorized me to enlighten you on the term over-compensatory behavior. As any educated, authorized psychoanalyst would surely testify on my behalf, that's exactly what's been exhibited by your hero John Cena ever since he was defeated in the most one-sided, lopsided Title match in WWE history at SummerSlam by my client, Brock Lesnar. What I'm about to tell you is not conjecture, it is historical fact backed by the evidence you will witness now, at this very moment. My client, Brock Lesnar beat, victimized and conquered John Cena at SummerSlam and let me add a new adjective to that vivid and oh, so accurate description, my client Brock Lesnar emasculated John Cena at SummerSlam. Ladies and gentlemen, as any great Champion before him, John Cena has now suffered the fate of seeing the day where he has been stripped of his manhood. And what happens when a Champion suffers that fate? They stop listening to reason. Last week, John Cena didn't listen to reason with the HOF panel. Tonight, John Cena didn't listen to what was reasonably best for business by Trip in that very ring. Trip sees Cena as a cash cow that will be milked for the last time by Brock Lesnar. John Cena is so desperate to hold on to your image of him as being virile and relevant, that is why he at through The Wyatts last week and why he will be spectacular in the main event tonight. Well, bravo John Cena, because you can stack that entire locker room together and multiply it by infinity and it still doesn't equate to half of the brutality and dominance that John Cena will suffer from and be subjected to at NoC by my client, the Beast, the Champion of The World, Brock Lesnar!

Announce Segment

King says not to believe a word Heyman says.

In Ring Segment

Swagger to the ring, Zeb in tow!


Swagger vs Axel

Video of Bo throwing in the towel on Smackdown, and cost Swagger the match, then attacked an injured Swagger.

They circle, lock up, and struggle around. Swagger into a corner and takes a very weak chop. Swagger tosses Axel across the ring. We, the people! Swagger grabs Axel, but a blow to the ribs stops Swagger. Bo on the stage, chairs being setup. Axel slides under Swagger, and all over Swagger. Bo calls someone up as Axel gets two.

Someone sits in one chair, then in the other two chairs as Swagger throws rights. They look like fans from the audience. Swagger out, Zeb talks him up. Swagger hangs Axel up, then with a great elbow and splash on Axel. Bo is all smiles as Swagger with, We, the people! Axel tries to block Swagger, ends up in the patriot lock and taps out.

Winner – Swagger (2:35)

Bo – Jack, Jack! Congratulations on your victory! I have something I want to show you. You know how I told you about the 318,000,000 Americans you let down by losing to Rusev at SummerSlam, well, I want to introduce you to a few. This is Richie. He's a farmer, from here, in the heartland of America. Richie bet an entire month salary on you winning at SummerSlam. And then he went on to bet double or nothing on your rematches against Rusev. Richie's savings are completely gone, and the bank is taking his family's farm. Now, let's say hello to Angelo. Angelo was an up and coming tailor who came to this beautiful country only a few years ago. Angelo has been so upset at your recent performances that he failed his citizenship test and is now being deported, back to Italy. And Jack, Jack, this is Jennifer. You used to be Jennifer's son's favorite wrestler, but you know who her son wants to be like now, after SummerSlam? Vladimir Putin!

Putin's picture up on the tron, and gets the appropriate heat.

Bo – But they can turn this all around Jack. You can turn this all around. I want everybody in this arena, and the millions watching at home to stand up, go on, stand up with me. (The three on the stage stand.) And put your right hand over your heart and repeat after me, all you have to do is Bolieve!

A small group of fans in attendance say it with Bo.


Adam Rose vs O'Neil

Rose and the Exotic Express to the ring. Up on the ropes, falls back, gets carried around, then into the ring as the rest dance outside. Slater and O'Neil in the ring.

O'Neil on Rose who gets free and rolls around the ring. O'Neil rushes Rose and eats a foot. Back breaker on Rose, then Rose is tossed to the mat like a piece of trash. Slater tries to get fans to chant for Gator. The bunny bounces around the next side of the ring, and bounces to Slater. O'Neil on Rose in a corner. The bunny shakes his tail at Slater, and Slater pushes him down. Thesz Press on Slater and he beats Slater down. Rose rolls up O'Neil for three.

Winner – Rose (1:51)

O'Neil sits on the mat looking dejected. Rose out, and he helps the bunny send Slater into the stairs. Cole says, "That's one nasty wabbit!" Rose follows the bunny who bounces away as JBL continues to complain. Cole says the bunny is going to come after JBL. JBL says, "I have one clothesline from hell left, and will take that bunny's head off."

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Nikki is being so bitter in those videos.


Nikki talks about their graduation day. Brie almost didn't graduate for her grades. Nikki tried to help her, but she didn't want it. Nikki took Brie's finals for her, but never told anyone.

In Ring Segment

Rusev out, abusing the flag, Lana in tow.


Announce Segment

They talk about it being Attitude Week on the WWE Network, for only $9.99! after Raw the first Nitro will be airing.

Rusev vs Ryder

Lana – Today in America, you celebrate Labor Day, another day off. Which means you continue to propagate the concept, educating your youth that it is okay for Americans to be entitled to be corpulent and listless. In contrast, in Russia today, we celebrate the Day of Knowledge where we celebrate and also promote the education of our youth. In essence, you and your Labor day, what is that American word? You suck!

Ryder on Rusev with blows, then jumps on Rusev, but slammed. Ryder kicked in the face, and he's down. Lana tells him to crush, and Rusev stomps Ryder's back, then the accolade. Ryder taps out.

Winner – Rusev (0:54)

The star back on Rusev, and the flag unfurls. Out comes Henry, running to and into the ring, but Rusev retreats and leaves the ring. "USA!" chants.

Henry – What you scared of? Why you runnin'? You scared, huh? You know what, I'm scared too! Scared of what I might do if I get my hands on you. I'm the strongest man in the strongest country,and that country is the United States of America!


Henry – You look me in my face, boy, because everything I'm about to say, I really mean! You think that because you're undefeated, you're invincible. I've got another thing coming for you. I just opened an international wing in the Hall of Pain! And you're going to be the first inductee!

Rusev and Lana yells smack off mic as the fans love Henry.

Backstage Segment

Trip – I don't get it, and it's one of those things, you're not going to be able to explain it to me. You've already beaten Brie Bella, I don't understand why you want to get back involved.

Steph – I'm not getting back involved, it's just, this is business. Watching Nikki tell those stories about growing up Bella, I can relate to them, they struck a chord in me.

Trip – It's just loser, let it go.

Steph – When our employees have problems, my door is always open. The thing too, about Nikki, I've been given so much, and the opportunity to give back is right in front of me. Why are you looking at me like that?

Trip – It's just you. I love you. You have a big heart. You're always trying to help everybody. You're so cute. (Trip kisses her on the cheek.)

Steph – I can't wait to see Nikki's face when I make the announcement.

Trip – I'm so proud of you. (They kiss.)

Steph – Wish me luck.

Trip – Good luck.


WWE Rewind

Recap of Nikki getting in Brie's face last week on Raw, then beat her down.

In Ring Segment

Steph out in jeans, a black top and black blazer, hair pulled back on one side, and all smiles.

Steph – As a principle owner of the WWE, and one of the most powerful females in the world, it is my duty to recognize Nikki Bella to have the courage to stand up in the face of adversity and tell her story. Nikki, would you please come out here?

Nikki out in a backless silver halter dress and seriously high heels.

Steph – Nikki, you look stunning.

Nikki – Thanks so much Steph, and thanks for the opportunity to get everything off my chest. It feels so good to have someone support me, thank you.

Steph – I understand exactly how you feel Nikki, but I had no idea how deep those family issues ran with you. I mean, this audience understands what it feels to feel weak and powerless, be in the shadow of people greater than them, people like me. Nikki, you sister just took that spotlight from you. I have to say, as a mother, as a businesswoman, and as a sister myself (a hand on Nikki's shoulder, Nikki holds Steph's hand there), I'm proud of you. Nikki, you know I have three daughters, you know I raise them with love and respect, true family values, and thank God there isn't a Brie among them. Now, Brie is self-centered, Brie is cruel, but you Nikki, you are empowered, you are exactly the face of the Divas Division that I'm looking for, that's why I'm officially granting you a match for the Divas Championship!

Nikki flings her arms around Steph and they hug tight.

Steph – You deserve it.

Bellas music hits and Brie comes out.

Steph – Cut that music! Cut that music! Thank you, that music is specifically reserves for Nikki Bella from here forward.

Brie stomps out in her red Brie Mode t-shirt and leggings.

Steph – Brie, why don't you turn around, no one wants to hear what you have to say.

Brie – You know Steph, this doesn't concern you, this is between my sister and I. Tell me Nikki, is this what it's all been about? A Divas Title Match. Is this why you've been telling lies about me all night long while you've destroyed our sisterhood, our family? You've literally turned my life upside down, and for what?

Nikki – For what? For ME!

Brie – You?

Nikki – God, listen to yourself Brie! I mean it's all about Brie, all it's ever about. I see right through you. Steph sees through you too. I'm counting down the days that your goat-faced husband does too, and when he does, he will divorce you. Let's all face the facts here. I'm going to be the next Divas Champion, the Bella everyone's talking about and you'll be some memory, some little...

AJ's music and she skips down and around the ring, grabbing a mic on her way by, then into the ring. She looks all coy at Steph and waves up at her.

AJ – Hi Bosslady!

"CM Punk!"

AJ – Now, I'm not sure if you and your little husband have forgotten the concept of #1 contender. See, there's one contender. And since I never got my rematch, that person is me. And I know that we can all agree that I don't play well with others. So White don't we do what's best for business and let the Bellas work on their little issues and leave the Divas Title to me!

Steph – Thank you for the education AJ, I appreciate that, always love being enlightened, but I think we have...

Paige's music hits and out she skips to the ring, and in. Steph hands her the mic.

Paige – Thank you Stephanie. All these talk about the Divas Championship, there's only one thing missing, the bloody Divas Champion, okay?

AJ says something to Paige off mic.

Paige – What did you say to me?

Nikki – Wait a minute! You two stop, you sound like two little immature girls. Brie, look, I can make all this simple, all this go away, and you're going to like this, believe me. I'll forgive you, but under one condition, you sacrifice for me the way I've sacrificed for you all these years. Now, I don't want you to do anything you haven't already done, okay Brie. I want you to quit! Don't give me that face! Unbelievable, you're going to give me that face? You won't even quit for your flesh and blood? Why don't you go back to that hole that you and Daniel Bryan call a home, and have a bunch of little troll babies. When you get there, never, ever come back. If you truly think it's not about you, then turn around, walk away, and never come back. If you love me as a sister, you will go and never come back. Go! Leave!

Brie starts to leave.

Nikki – God, you're such a quitter! Do it, quit! Leave, go! If you love me, you will go! Leave! Go! Leave me alone!

Brie turns and pushes Nikki, who slams into Paige behind her. Both go down to the mat. Brie leaves the ring with her head held high to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" AJ picks up the Divas Title, looks at it and skips around the ring, over Nikki's legs, past Steph, around a couple times until Steph steps in AJ's way and stops her. AJ looks defiantly up into Steph's face. Steph holds out her hands.

Steph – Give me the Divas Championship AJ!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph - NOW!

AJ smiles up at Steph and holds it out. AJ smirks and heads to the other side of the ring, then leaves, skipping up the ramp. Steph hands the strap to Paige who skips across the ring, then turns to watch Nikki and Steph, glaring. Video recap of Brie pushing Nikki down. On the stage Paige is holding her strap tight.



Nikki berating Brie and Brie pushing her down.

Announce Segment

Next week Jericho faces Bray in a steel cage on Raw.

Backstage Segment

Bray – Chris Jericho, it appears that a week from today, you and I are going to be locked inside a steel cage. Well then, how majestic, don't you think that one must wonder how far a rat must go to outrun a serpent, how far Chris. For within these steel walls, the world will turn its back on you, it's time to pay for your sins Chris. Run!

Jimmy vs Goldust

The Usos out in red and orange. Jey's leg is taped after last week on Raw. Video recap of Jey hurting his knee and not answering the ten, so the Dusts accuse and attack. The Dusts out to the ring.

Goldust – Look, look guys, we want to apologize for our actions last week, we are very, very sorry...

Jimmy and Jey attack Goldust and Stardust. Jey is held off and Stardust removed from the ring.

Jimmy on Goldust, then eats a spinebuster for two.

Goldust tosses Jimmy upside-down into a corner. Clothesline drops Jimmy for two.

Facelock on Jimmy on the mat. Jimmy up, takes a couple knees, comes back with a couple clotheslines of his own. Blows to Goldust's gut, then a Samoan drop. Jimmy smiles, all playful, then a bum slam. Superkick to Goldust, but Stardust puts Goldust's leg on the ropes.

Jey after Stardust, but Stardust with a cheap kick on the bad knee, and Jimmy flies out on Stardust.

Goldust kicks Jimmy as he comes through the ropes. Final cut on Jimmy for three.

Winner – Goldust (2:12)

Goldust attacks Jey outside, lifting him by the bad leg, slamming it into the post. Stardust with a chair, slamming it into Jey's heavily wrapped knee, against the post. Jey falls to the floor screaming at the top of his lungs, wailing. Jimmy to his twin's side. Video recap of the chair shot on Jey's knee. Jimmy with his brother who is wailing, as JBL condones what the Dust brothers did.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Ambrose was taken out, and shows video of it all. Then on to Reigns fighting back from it all.

Backstage Segment

Kane, Orton and Rollins discussing their match.



Promo for Total Divas.


Recap of Rusev costing Big Show and Henry their match.

Backstage Segment

Henry – He kicked me and I went out to give him a little payback.

Big Show – He ran too. He ran like a little coward. But Mark, Rusev needs to be stopped, but we have the chance to be the most dominant tag team in WWE. Don't forget our deal.

Henry – You're right man, but I've got to get him first.

Big Show – I'll be in your corner. I'll watching your back. I'll be in your corner, man.

Henry – No, no, no. I have to do this for me, and for my country. I appreciate your help, but I've got to do this by myself.

Big Show – Alright man, respect. You give him no mercy. NO MERCY! He's in the Hall of Pain!

Henry – Yes, sir!

Big Show – He's in the Hall of Pain!

Henry – Yes, sir!

Big Show – He's in the Hall of Pain!

6 Man Tag Match – Cena & Reigns & Jericho vs Orton & Rollins & Kane

Trip and Steph to the ring, hand in hand. They go around the ring as video recap of the start of the show plays. Steph and Trip sit by announce. Cena to the ring, showing a bit more of his normal self, not just stomping out.


The match started during the commercial. Kane takes Reigns down for two. Orton tags in and stomps on Reigns. Upper cut on Reigns, then head butts, but Reigns blocks a blow and comes back with rights of his own. Below a wild swing from Orton and Reigns with a right and a Samoan drop for two.

Clothesline on Orton in a corner, but Reigns distracted and takes a back breaker off the corner for two.

"JBL!" chants.

Rollins tags in and goes out to grab Reigns and bounce him off the apron, then into the barricade. Reigns rolled in for two.

Rollins on Reigns on the mat, Steph is clapping for Rollins. Reigns up, but Rollins on his back with a sleeper. Reigns slams back into a corner. Reigns slammed down by his hair. Kane tags in to work in his dress pants, and ring boots. Dueling chants for Cena who hasn't been in the match. Back suplex on Reigns, and Orton tags in to stop Reigns from tagging out. Orton pins for two.

Orton taunts the fans, listening for reaction, then stomps his way around Reigns, then a foot on his throat as Cena screams to be let in. Reigns reverses on Orton, and both are down. Cena is reaching as Orton holds Reigns' foot. Rollins tags in and Reigns specifically tags in Jericho. Jericho all over Rollins, then a drop kick to Kane on the apron. Running bulldog, then lionsault on Rollins. The fans are wild. Walls on Rollins in the center of the ring. Rollins is screaming, Jericho lock it in, but Orton breaks it. Superman punch on Orton. Chokeslam on Reigns. AA on Kane. Rollins off the top with a curbstomp, but misses most of it. Jericho rols up Rollins for two.

Enziguri on Jericho for two.

Bodies everywhere. Code breaker on Rollins.


Orton on Jericho, Jericho back with chops. Jericho into Orton's sick power slam as Cena is still screaming to come in. Orton gets two for it.

Jericho was beaten down all through the commercials. Rollins with a chop on Jericho in a corner, then a running forearm to Jericho's face. Rollins climbs, waits, but Jericho counters with a drop kick to a flying Rollins. Both are down! Trip on his feet. Kane tags in and on Jericho for two.

Jericho whipped, comes out with a sidewalk slam on Jericho for two.

Facelock on Jericho on the mat. Kane yelling smack at Jericho as he holds him, and takes back to the mat in the hold. Steph is watching with a nasty smirk. "Y2J!" chants. Jericho up, chops on Kane, whipped, gets a foot up, but comes out into an upper cut for two.

Orton tags in and stomps Jericho's ribs as Kane holds him. Orton knees Jericho in the nose and gets two for it.

Orton on Jericho's back with forearms in a corner. "Y2J!" chants as Jericho is up top being beaten by Orton. Orton climbs to hit his father's move, but Jericho fights back and Orton flies off. Crossbody on Orton for two, both are down.

Kane tags in, a right to Reigns, then grabs Jericho. Jericho fights back and tags out. Cena with shoulders, then his slam. Big boot to Rollins, but then Kane catches him. Jericho on Kane, but then Orton on Jericho. SICK clothesline on Kane, then a sick German on Rollins! Kane up and eats an FU. Cena taunts Trip then tags Reigns in. Reigns spears Kane for three with the fans yelling and counting with him.

Winners – Cena & Reigns & Jericho (17:41)

Cena out to yell at Trip. Rollins jumps on Cena, so he takes an FU onto the table. Cena all pumped up. He poses on a corner as Reigns and Jericho pose as well, though Jericho is tired and looks to be hurting a little, and all smiles. Cena out and grabs a sign. One side says, "Tag me in!" The other says "Can't C Me!"

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