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Raw Results 12/15/14 - You Still Haven't Learned What It's Like To Be A Man, Or, Paul Heyman Hasn't Even Played Checkers Athletically!

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RAW Results December 15, 2014
From Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

WWE week on USA! Raw Is Jericho tonight!

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Jericho's music and he's out in very faded black/gray jeans, a maroon deep V, a black vest, a deep red leather jacket, and a black scarf with white and red skulls. On his way to the ring, with his huge grin, Jericho hugs a boy with Down Syndrome before getting in the ring.

Video of Jericho's Slammy win last week, and the dive that won it for him.


Jericho – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho! I can't think of a better place than Detroit Rock City! I can feel the energy tonight. It's perfect because Y2J is the Special Guest GM on Raw. Tonight I'm going to make this show about you, every Jericholic here and at home! As you can see, because of all of you, I won a Slammy for Extreme Moment of the Year for jumping off a cage. I thank you for voting for me!


Jericho – I could stand here all night listening to that, but I'd get in trouble. I couldn't make it to Raw last week, but Fandango accepted for me. (heat) That's what I thought! I was sitting there, and I thought, I'll be damned if I'll let some tangoing troll, some waltzing weirdo, some herdy-gerdy horse's ass accept my award for a Slammy! (pop) So, that's why I demand, as the GM of Raw, that Fandumbo, Fan-asshole (he got bleeped for that), Fandumbat, Fandingo, Fan-Dodge-Durango, Fan-Wango-Tango, Fan-I-see-a-little-silhouette-o-of-a-man-scotta-moosh-scotta-moosh-can-we-do-the-Fandango! Fandango! I demand that the man come out and give Y2J my Slammy. Get out here Fandunghole!

Jericho waits, but then it's Heyman!

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name (monster heat). Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and truth be told, confession on the table, I'm a Jerichoholic! Which is why I'm so used, when they say truth to power, I'm the power that people speak with, however, tonight Paul Heyman's not in power, because tonight, Raw Is Jericho! If I may? I kind of find that ironic, because one would think if you're going to have a Special Guest GM on Raw, wouldn't you want the man with the best tack record of running exciting promotions in that job? No disrespect Mr. Jericho, wouldn't you put Paul Heyman in charge of Raw? Now, I know that you just accepted the offer, and it was a high dollar offer, and you're in demand, but I do have a beef with you, sir. For you to win the Extreme Moment of the Year, I'm sure you campaigned on Social Media for it, and I'm all about self-promotion myself, but come on Mr. Jericho, if anyone should accept a Slammy for anything about the word extreme.

Heyman smiles and throws his arms wide. The fans start the obligatory and well deserved "ECW!" chants.

Heyman – I admit Mr. Jericho, I'm not the (shaking his jowls while putting on a strange voice) Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla. How do you do that without getting dizzy?

Jericho – You'll give yourself and aneurism.

Heyman – But I, Sir, am the father of the extreme concept. I am the Grand Pu-bah of the hardcores! I am...

Jericho – You are the walrus!

"Walrus!" chants.

Jericho – You are the walrus, goo-goo-gachube. And you're right, you did give me my first big break in ECW, but in doing so, you also ripped me off. You owe me $200. Yeah, you've owed me $200 since 1995. You had the Jericho, Best of tape, showed it every week on TV, you owe me $200. Give it to me. Come on, I want $200.

Jericho starts poking Heyman all over, not actually reaching into pockets, but touching Heyman all over, even his head.

Heyman – Don't touch me! Get your hands off me. It's not funny. I'm not a fighter, I'm an advocate. I'm not out here tonight to advocate on behalf of my client, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar. I'm here for more selfish reasons Mr. Jericho. I'm out here to advocate my own position, because I, Sir, on this show, want to address this whole issue with Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins who had a chance to become a true Paul Heyman Guy by taking Cena out of the Title equation at the Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins who could have knocked John Cena out of the #1 contendership. Seth Rollins who failed in his past last night. I cannot wait to say this...

Out comes Rollins with J&J Security in tow.

Rollins – What's that Paul, did I hear you say that you couldn't wait to see Seth Rollins later tonight, huh?

Rollins into the ring, letting the fans get their, "You sold out!" chants going.

Rollins – Did you have something you wanted to say to me Paul, face to face?

Heyman – You're crowding me sir.

Rollins pushes Heyman back.

Rollins – Am I crowding you Mr. Heyman, is that what's going on?

Heyman – I'm not a fighter. I'm not even a sports entertainer, I'm an advocate. So, in the interest of being reasonable, I'm going to take a step back.

Rollins – Alright Paul. Let me ask you this. Last night at TLC, you were right there. You watched the whole thing. You saw me put Cena through a table. You saw a WWE official raise my hand in victory. And, once again you saw that victory get taken from me. Just like at Survivor Series, I had the match won for Team Authority. The Authority would still be in power if not for one man. The vigilante himself, Sting. And just like that, last night at TLC I had Cena where I wanted him, then there's Roman Reigns. You know, as well as I know, as well as all these people know, that John Cena cannot beat me on his own. John Cena needs help to beat Seth Rollins, because I am that good. (J&J Security clap) John Cena...I've had enough of John Cena. He wants to come out and talk about hustle, loyalty, respect, how he is a stand up guy. You know what John Cena really is? John Cena is a coward. He can't beat me without help and knows that. If John Cena was half the man he thinks he is, then he'll accept the challenge I'm about to lay down. I want to challenge John Cena to a rematch. But not tonight. (heat) Hear me out. I went through hell last night in that Tables Match, when I'm good and ready, I want to face John Cena one on one...

Cena's music and out he comes to a bitching Rollins.

Cena – You shut your mouth kid. Go play in the corner with the other kids. The grown men are in the ring right now. (pop) I wanna make something real clear. Just because you walk out here and put a mic in your hand doesn't mean that you have testicles in your pants. Here's what happened last night. We had a match, and you lost.

Between Cena and Rollins is a sign a couple rows back. It's perfectly between them, and bits of the sides are cut off, but it very clearly reads, "Cena, turn heel, you-douch!"

Cena – You gave a hell of a fight, but you lost! Yet you're out here whining, complaining, and making excuses, which means you still haven't learn what it's like to be a man! Because a man doesn't whine and complain and make excuses for defeat. A man simply picks himself up, dusts himself off, and continues to fight. (turns to Heyman) Even if that fight is with a Beast. (to Rollins, and almost finding a southern accent through the rest of this bit) After I beat you last night at TLC, it was made official, at Royal Rumble I'll face the Beast for the WWE WHC, and that is gonna be one fight. I still showed up looking for a fight tonight. I couldn't help through all your crap you say something about a rematch, which was actually one of the really nice things you said, because I was felling the same way. You said that I can't beat you with help, you're right. I can't make matches. If we're going to do this tonight, we need somebody with power to make that happen. Where am I going to find somebody who's in charge of Raw. Hell guys, it's Chris Jericho, Y2J. Welcome back to Raw!

Jericho – Well thank you John, it just so happens I have the power to make matches on Raw. You want Cena vs Rollins rematch, you've got it! But, I know you went through hell, you're beat up, but everyone knows I always have an agenda. How about we make this match in a Steel Cage?

Cena (leaving the ring) – See you later on tonight Seth.

Rollins – This is what you...You gotta be kidding me! Who do you think you are? You think you run the place? You're the worst GM of all time. You're worse than that stupid computer. You're worse than Daniel Bryan. You know what it is? You're jealous! Chris Jericho is jealous of me! I get it, I understand. You are nothing compared to me. You're so rusty, you don't know what it takes. I went through hell in that Tables Match last night! You know what? You're jealous of me. You want to do it yourself, but can't. You couldn't even beat the janitor, Chris. You're out of shape, you couldn't beat the popcorn salesman. You couldn't even beat Paul Heyman!

Another sign jumped out at me, "Eat, Sleep, Disappear, Repeat!"

Rollins – This is ridiculous!

Heyman is in the corner laughing away at it all.

Jericho – Hold on a second. Hang on. Calm down man, calm down. You're right, the popcorn guy's a ninja, but I think I can beat Paul Heyman.

Heyman is getting it.

Rollins – Now, I'm pretty positive Chris, I don't think you could beat Paul Heyman.

Jericho – No, now, I think I could beat Paul Heyman.

Rollins – Paul Heyman's an advocate. He's not a fighter.

Jericho – You came out and made a point and gave me an idea. I think I could beat Heyman. Am I the only one who thinks I could beat Heyman? (pop)

Heyman – Hold it here. For the record, I think you can beat Paul Heyman, change the subject.

Jericho – This is kind of fun, right? Raw Is Jericho, we will have fun tonight. Tonight, two big main events! Rollins vs Cena in a cage! And Y2J vs Paul Heyman here tonight! On top of that, I want you to go to the WWE App and choose what type of match we will have tonight! When we're done Heyman will never, ever be the same, again!

Jericho from the ring. Rollins and Heyman in the ring arguing off mic. Jericho is all smiles.


Announce Segment

Jericho vs Heyman
A – Extreme Rules Match
B – No Holds Barred
C – Street Fight

Big Show & Harper vs Rowan & Ziggler

Big Show, Harper and Rowan in the ring. Lilian announces Ziggler to huge pop. Ziggler out with the IC strap, and his Slammy in hand. Harper watches him closely.

Ziggler up and in. Ziggler ducks Big Show. Big Show back at Ziggler, and he's not able to duck. Ziggler into a corner, gets his feet up. Ziggler with blows, then a drop kick. A cheap shot on Harper on the apron, then back at Big Show, but caught and tossed off. Big Show pulls Ziggler up and slaps him against the apron. Big Show then walks on Ziggler's gut. Ziggler reaches for Rowan. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants are loud. Ziggler up, but then a shoulder tackle and Ziggler is back on the mat. Ziggler rolls out, so Big Show out and sends Ziggler into the barricade. The ref starts counting Ziggler out. Big Show smiles in the ring. Ziggler struggles back to the ring, pulls himself up and back in before ten.


Harper with a facelock on Ziggler. Ziggler free, lifted, lands on his feet, but a right drops Ziggler for two.

Big Show tags in, Harper poses on his way out. Big Show rides Ziggler down to the mat with an elbow drop for two.

Stills from the IC Match from TLC in split screen. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Head butt to the back of Ziggler's head. Harper tags in, pulls Ziggler up, slingshots him up into the second rope for two.

Ziggler pulled up, into the ropes, lands his side against Harper. Ziggler to the corner, gets a foot up. Harper rushes Ziggler, eats post shoulder first Ziggler is able to tag out. Rowan all over Harper, splashes in a corner, then his full nelson slam. Cheap shot on Big Show. Harper comes back with a blow, but Rowan's spin kicks drops Harper, then Big Show. Ziggler in, Ziggler and Harper out. Ziggler takes Harper over the top of announce and down the back. KO on Rowan for three.

Winners – Big Show & Harper (10:08)

Cole said it's the cover by Rowan – oops! Harper gets up, leaves Ziggler behind announce. Video recap of the high points of the match. Cole says the doctor is tending to Ziggler. Ziggler to his feet, selling pain, and holding his arm.

Backstage Segment

Fandango and Rosa are all cozy, but then Fandango turns around to find a pissed Jericho. They glare.

Fandango – If you're looking for your Slammy, all you have to do is take it from Fan...

Jericho – Shut the hell up! Yeah, I want my Slammy, and when I'm done with Heyman, I'm coming back here, I'm going to dance on your face, and I'm gonna take my Slammy, Junior!

Jericho leaves, Fandango doesn't look impressed.


Announce Segment

They talk about everything everywhere last night. They go on to talk about Ambrose vs Bray. They show stills from the match. They will be on the Super Smackdown Live tomorrow night.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome, A New Day. Guys, congrats on your first big win. You have a rematch against Stardust and Goldust. They've been talking negativity. How will that effect A New Day tonight?

Xavier – Sister Renee, the negativity is gone. I said everything in the darkness is exposed in the light. I said that's what A New Day is all about. Tonight we show them something they've never seen. Tonight we unleash the PhD!

Kofi – Hold on my brother. Let me drop some bars really quick. Is that cool?
Goldust and Stardust, painted up faces, call it art.
It's clear they thought we'd be a walk in the park.
Somebody should have told them, A New Day ain't afraid of the dark!

They all yell and celebrate.

Big E – You can sense it. And, you can taste it. But soon, soon, Sister Renee, you gonna feel the power of A New Day!

Kofi – You still got that handkerchief, right? We feel the power of your sweat as it drips down on us right now. Could you please, towel off son!

In Ring Segment

Bellas to the ring together.


Bellas vs Fox & Nattie w/ Kidd

Nikki and Fox circle, but then Nikki with a cheap shot on Nattie. Spinebuster on Fox for two.

Front facelock pulls Fox to Brie tagging in. Double elbows to Fox for two.

Cole called Nattie Kidd's husband!

Clothesline from Brie for two.

Facelock on Fox on the mat. Nattie tries to get a 'Foxy' chant going to no reaction. Fox up, jawbreaker split and tags out. Blows on Brie, then snap mare and double drop kick to Brie's back. Nikki knocked down and Nattie locks on the Sharpshooter. Brie taps out.

Winners – Fox & Nattie (2:10)

Kidd out to check on Nikki, then in to celebrate with Nattie.


Highlight Reel

Jericho – Detroit Rock City, having a good time? Good! Welcome to the Highlight Reel! Last time I did Highlight Reel I predicted The Authority would lose power, and I was right! Yeah! I'm like a magical clairvoyant. I predict that one of my next guests will be wearing a silk/rayon pantsuit that's way too tight. Either in the colors of red, white, or blue, and hopefully it's not the guy. My guests now, Rusev and Lana!

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Lana in a red skirtsuit! "USA!" chants. Rusev poses with the strap to heat.

Lana – Before you bore us with your juvenile humor, let me remind you that last night, at TLC, Rusev remained undefeated when he crushed that stupid American once again. So, if you have any intelligent questions, that would be worthwhile, which you're probably not capable of that. We will give you the honor to ask.

Jericho – First of all I appreciate that. And I was right, you are wearing a suit again, red. Fake diamond buttons, right? Isn't the rule that you're not supposed to wear the same outfit on TV twice in a row? Kind of a girl thing, right. Why are you so angry all the time. Is it that bun that makes you look like a big pineapple on your head?

Lana – Oh please, shut tup!

Jericho – You don't have to tell me to shut up. Rusev why you always so angry? All that pent up stress? Maybe you need to release some of that stress, man. Maybe you need to show Lana your Sputnik!

Lana – Shut tup!

Jericho – I struck a nerve! There's something going on between you two, huh? Rusev and Lana sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes...You know it. Are you just Putin's butt puppets? I think there's something going on here. Is it possible that the guy who looks like an unwashed cab driver really has a thing for you and wants to show you his cosmonauts. You know? He wants to be with the grimy, slimy, frozen-faced, basket case, dingbat, ringrat, holarchy, right? It's the US Champ, and the Communist tramp! Let your freak flag fly, baybay!

Lana – Shut tup! Shut tup!

Jericho – Shut up!

Lana – Shut tup!

Jericho – Shut up!

Lana – Shut tuuuuuup!

Jericho – Shut uuuuup!

Rusev takes Lana's mic and glares at Jericho. "Y2J!" chants. Lana talks to Rusev off mic.

Rusev – Little man, big mouth. You talk too much. Maybe, I just crush you now.

Jericho – Listen, I don't know what it is about me, maybe I say the wrong thing sometimes. Like every time I'm on Raw, somebody wants to beat me up, somebody wants to fight me, but it's the same for you Rusev. Every time your out here somebody wants to fight you. And I know there's somebody who wants to beat you up, right here, right now!

"Feed me more!" Out comes The Big Guy! "Feed me more!" and he gets in the ring. Jericho fled the ring to them. Ryback stands there seething as the fans loudly chant, "Feed me more!" Rusev talks smack off mic, as does Lana. Ryback says a bit, but it's Rusev who's backing away. Lana down the stairs. Rusev poses with his strap on the apron. "USA!" chants. Rusev leaves with Ryback watching him the whole way. Rusev shows his strap the whole time. Ryback gets his "Feed me more!" chant going loudly, him leading it all.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up TLC. They show stills from the Tables Match and all included.



Promo for The Ascension!

Stardust & Goldust vs A New Day

A New Day to the ring. Dusts out to face them.

Goldust on Woods and Kofi on announce. Woods takes Goldust down for two.

JBL says they're too happy, too positive, they're hiding something. Kofi says they're just having a good time. They do everything together. Goldust from the ring. Stardust drops down, they talk. Stardust tags in wearing black, silver and red tonight. Big E tags in and whips Stardust. Stardust off the corner and Big E catches him. Back breaker, still holding him. Another back breaker. Woods tags in and they double team for two.

Kofi talks about how much Big E sweats. Big E tags in with a blow on Stardust. Big E slams Stardust and tags out. Big E lifts Woods to land on Stardust for two.

Woods on Stardust in a corner as Kofi talks about them playing odds and evens to decide who works each match. Stardust out. Goldust in and back out.


Goldust on Big E in the heel corner with blows. Goldust rides Big E's leg down with a knee. He continues to work that left leg. Stardust tags in and stomps Big E. kicks to Big E's gut. Stardust over the top and out, hanging Big E up top. Goldust tags in and on Big E with a facelock on the mat. Big E works his way up to his feet and free with blows, but takes knees to the gut. Big E gets an elbow up, but ends up in a spinebuster for two.

Stardust tags in and kicks Big E down for two.

"CM Punk!" chants show the fans aren't into this. Blows on a sitting Big E, then stomps him. Front facelock on Big E on the mat. Goldust tags in and drops elbow, then knees on Big E. facelock on Big E, but he's up. Goldust takes Big E down hard. Stardust tags in and stomps Big E down, and around, showing his time with Orton. Front facelock on the mat. Big E is able to fight back, taking Stardust down. Both on the mat. Big E crawls to his corner and able to tag out. Woods in on Goldust who also tags in. Woods with a strange flipping clothesline on Gloria for two.

Goldust comes back with a SERIOUSLY SICK (possibly faster than Orton) clothesline on Woods for two.

Woods with a blow on Goldust who rolls out. Stardust in and sent out. Big E tags in, gets down, Woods uses Big E to launch himself out onto the Dusts. Big Show catches Goldust and they hit the midnight hour on Goldust for three.

Winners – A New Day (13:51)

Kofi is all excited and to join his team in the ring.


Backstage Segment

Renee – My guests at this time, the WWE TTCs Miz and Mizdow. Miz how do you think you will fare going against Jimmy Uso.

Miz – Renee, let me set the scene for you. A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there was a young man named Jimmy Uso who was TTC. But his feelings of inadequacy and jealousy led to his downfall, and I'm TTC, I'm the Hollywood A-lister, and the only way Jimmy Uso will be on a red carpet is if he's with Naomi to a movie premier or record launch. But, Jimmy Uso is quickly, quickly spoiling any opportunity she may have at making anything of herself. Tonight the credits will role on the story of Jimmy Uso.

Miz and his stunt double leave.

Backstage Segment

Exotic Express are all dancing along, led by Rose.

Rose – I have a huge announcement. After Raw tonight, we will have the biggest after-party in history.

They all dance, then they all stop. Rose asks what happened. Kane is there.

Rose – Oh, look everybody, it's Kane.

Kane – Let me be clear. I don't like your freaky friends. I don't like your constant noise. But, most of all, I don't like you.

Rose – Kane, don't be a lemon, be a rose...

The Bunny gets between them.

Kane – You have a match, and it's next.

Rose – Oh, really? Against who?

Kane – Me! Party over.

Kane leaves and the Bunny is crying.


Rose vs Kane

Exotic Express to the ring. Rose off the ropes and it looked like the Exotic Express almost dropped him. Korporate Kane out to face him as Exotic Express cowers.

Rose ducks Kane, then on him with blows. Rose can't pull Kane off the ropes, and is tossed out. Kane out, so Rose in. Rose on Kane with blows, but pushed off. Kane lifts Rose, but he gets free. Blows on Kane, then splashes Kane. Rose celebrates, then eats a big boot. Rose up, Kane catches him, but the Bunny is up. Bunny flies, is caught, and Kane chokeslams both of them, then pins Rose for three.

Winner – Kane (1:28)

Kane about to leave, then comes back for the Bunny. Tombstone on the Bunny!

Cole – The Bunny's headed to the pet cemetery!

Kane leaves pasts Exotic Express who cowers from him.

Announce Segment

JBL is cheering the Bunny's demise. Cole talks about Jericho starting Raw with Rollins, Heyman and Cena. Video of Rollins verbally abusing Jericho. That leads to Jericho facing Heyman tonight.

Backstage Segment

Heyman is getting ready for his match. He's taping his fingers with black, and wearing a black hoodie.


Street Fight – Jericho vs Heyman

Jericho out in a blinkie jacket, and to the ring. As he walked down the ramp he flicked his head the way he always did when he had long hair, even though he hasn't had long hair in years! Heyman out in black sweats.

Heyman – I, ah, I know you're expecting me to have a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve here, and I don't have any. I could give you a bunch of analogies, like, if you back even a squirrel into a corner, he'll rip your face off. Or, even something humorous, like, hey, Chris Jericho, my name is Paul Heyman and I'm the Jew in Jujitsu. But I don't find anything funny about this. I don't find this to be entertaining. I don't find this to be entertainment. I find this rather disturbing, because I know what a crowd pleaser you are, and understand that the beating you're about to give me is anything but rated PG. (into the ring) I've been thinking about this, and I'm not going to rub it in your face that I gave you your greatest career break in ECW, and the fact now that you've sold millions and millions of CDs, and you have a podcast that's rated #1, and that you're a globally touring concert. (seeming to have troubles breathing) I gave you your break, and I'm not looking for a piece of the action, I just don't understand how you could fight me over $200. (Heyman's voice is getting squeaky) from 20 years ago. I get it, it's the principle of it all. I don't blame you. Why don't we call it even? I give you $200 and you give me a pass. Heyman reaches into the pocket of his hoodie.

Out comes the checkbook! Heyman starts writing and Cole yells about that bouncing! Jericho slaps the checkbook out of Heyman's hands, then kicks it from the ring.

Jericho – I don't want $200, I want to go to the App and see what kind of match we're going to have right now. Which one is it? Which one did you vote for?

Extreme Rules – 39%
No Holds Barred – 18%
Street Fight – 43%

Off comes Jericho's jacket, and Heyman looks about to cry. Or throw up.

Cole – Paul Heyman hasn't even played checkers athletically!

Heyman – Okay, if you think I'm the guy they portray me as on TV, that I will back down from you. If I have to (voice cracks). I just don't understand why you're going to go with an App. I don't understand why you think it's fair to get in a fight with – Brock Lesnar!

Brock's music hit and Jericho looks a bit green. (but that might be my new TV) Brock down and circles the ring. Heyman down the stairs, all smiles. Jericho watches Brock as he circles. Brock bounces on the balls of his feet, then jumps up on the apron.

Brock steps up to Jericho, smirks. "This is awesome!" chants and they haven't even touched. Jericho attacks, tries for a code breaker, but lands on the man. F5 on Jericho.

"Cena!" chants.

Heyman in and raises Brock's hand. They leave the ring together.

Winner – Heyman? (0:45)

(I timed from Jericho attacking to Brock's arm being raised.)

The doctor in to check on Jericho on the mat. Video recap of the high points of the match(?).

In Ring Segment

Rosa in the ring dancing. Fandango out to dance with her.


In Ring Segment

Fandango holds the Slammy high.

Fandango – It looks like Raw Is Jericho is now Raw Was Jericho, and just like my WrestleMania...

Reigns cuts Fandango off and comes through the stands. He's now wearing a Roman Reigns t-shirt, and no vest. His pants are also quite different.

Fandango – You think you...

A blow shuts Fandango up. Fandango to his feet and eats a spear. Reigns smirks at the fans for serious pop. "Roman Reigns!" chants after he grabs a mic, so he lets it go.

Reigns – I...

Big Show's music cuts him off! Big Show to the stage.

Reigns – Show, I'm telling you now. You come down to this ring, and I'm gonna hit you in the mouth.

Big Show stops in his tracks, then starts up.

Big Show – Oh, I'd like to see you do that pretty boy. Everybody's excited you're back on Raw, but you made one little mistake, you put your hands on me last night. I'm sorry pretty boy, so I'm going to have to put you back on the injured reserve list. You feel me?

Big Show on the apron, eats a superman punch over the ropes. Big Show is pissed and tosses around stairs, but doesn't get back up on the apron. Big Show heads back up the ramp and out. Reigns poses for the fans and gets great pop for it.



Recap of Reigns spearing Fandango and then punching Big Show off the apron.

Miz vs Jimmy Uso

Miz to the ring with Mizdow in tow. Jimmy to the ring with Jey in tow. All of them with Slammys in hand, though Mizdow is a fake.

Jimmy after Miz and he flees the ring. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Miz in, then flees the ring again. More chants for Mizdow. Miz in, then flees again, Jimmy after him. Back in and Jimmy grabs Miz and slams him down. Naomi is watching backstage with a smile. Another slam to Miz. Mizdow slams himself outside. A chop to Miz in a corner. "Mizdow!" chants. More chops to Miz, and Mizdow continues to sell it all. "Mizdow's awesome!" chants. Blows on Miz on the mat. Miz to the apron hangs up Jimmy. Miz climbs and flies right into Jimmy's right. Another chop on Miz, then Miz slides out. Miz catches Jimmy's foot as it slides out, spins him around, and kicks Jimmy in the face. Jimmy back first to the apron. Jimmy rolled in and takes two from Miz.

Miz with a bridging hold on Jimmy, outside Mizdow is bridging too. "Mizdow!" chants. Jimmy free, but blocks Miz. Miz blocks Jimmy and lands his neck and back breakers for two.

Miz with blows on the mat on Jimmy. Miz poses. King comments on Mizdow being a righty when Miz is a leftie. Jimmy with clotheslines, then Miz flies outside of the ring. Jimmy flies out on Miz, so Mizdow flies too. Miz in, Jimmy climbs with a crossbody for two.

Miz catches Jimmy, sets up, but Jimmy counters and hits his Samoan drop. Miz in a corner, so Mizdow in, throws himself down. Mizdow tossed out, giving Jey a chance to get into it. Jimmy up, splashes Miz for three.

Winner – Jimmy Uso (6:25)

Usos celebrate in the ring together. Video recap of the high points of the match. Now Mizdow is on the mat writing in pain with Miz. Usos pose with Slammys.


Backstage Segment

Naomi walking with a big smile on her face. Miz comes along holding his side. Mizdow is holding his side too.

Miz – You must have been torn, or the man trying to launch your Hollywood career. That's tough. With the issues with Jimmy aside, I want you to know I'm a man of my word. As I'm still Champion, I'm still trying as hard as I can to get you your music deal.

Naomi – But I...

Miz – I know that you want to be Divas Champion more than anything. I will give you the opportunity to tell everyone about it. Tomorrow, on MainEvent, you, as my guest on Miz TV! This is a massive opportunity to reach millions on my massively popular talk show. For us to will learn about you on a global platform. I don't think anyone's done that for you. I'm going to do that for you, because you're wildly talented, and I believe that you deserve the Divas Championship. I know a lot is going on right now, but I think we can agree that your husband will not have a problem with that. See you tomorrow.

Miz and his mimicking Mizdow leave, then return.

Miz – This is a huge opportunity for you. So, maybe you don't tell your husband about it. Your call. Just sayin'.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest at this time, Seth Rollins.

Rollins – Renee, before you even get started, this is getting ri-diculous! A short 24 afters, a short 24 hours after my hellacious match with Cena at TLC and I'm expected to be in a Steel Cage Match tonight? With the same John Cena who has cost me two matches of my career in the past two months. You know how that happened? Because this is a madhouse Renee! Everyone's doing what they want. No one's safe. The only reason I feel safe is I got J&J Security here. You're not safe. The supposed people in power are not safe. You saw what happened to Jericho out there. Chris ran his mouth and deserved what he got, but that's not the point. The point is, this place is missing something. We need the guidance and control of The Authority. We need The Authority back in power. I'm in no condition to perform. Any normal man wouldn't be here tonight. He'd be in a hospital somewhere. I'm no normal human being. I'm going to summon the courage to go out there tonight and finish what I started at TLC, and in the process teach Cena a lesson that he will not soon forget. Let's go boys.

In Ring Segment

They are lowering the cage to the ring.



Ho Ho Hogan will be on the Christmas episode of Raw next week.

Steel Cage Match – Rollins vs Cena

Rollins to the ring with J&J Security in tow. Cena's music hit to heat. He comes out and checks the cage, just to make sure it's there. He hands out his gear, his hat put on the head of the same little boy who Jericho hugged at the start of the show. Cena's second round of music runs and he poses on the stairs before getting into the ring.

The bell and Rollins rushes up the cage. Cena catches him at the top and pulls him back in. Cena stops being whipped face first into the cage. Dueling Cena chants fill the arena. Rollins all over Cena for two.

Blows to Cena's face. Cena in a corner and takes a running forearm to the face. Rollins yells smack at Cena. Rollins tries to rush Cena, is caught, taken down. Rollins voids the slingshot into the side as he catches himself and starts climbing. Rollins eats cage, then Cena with a huge bulldog off the top rope for two.

J&J Security open the cage door. Cena climbing the other side, but seed Rollins heading for the door. Cena catches Rollins. Cena almost out, pulled back in. Rollins almost out, only his calves on the apron, but Cena pulls him back in. Rollins takes Cena down for two.

Rollins to a corner and climbs, Cena on the second ropes, gets Rollins on his shoulders. Rollins manages, in a rather rough way, over Cena's back and down. Rollins lifts Cena and powerbobs him into the opposite corner.


Both men are down on the mat. Rollins slowly to his feet, a little wobbly. "Cena!" chants from women and children. Cena up, fighting Rollins. Shoulder blocks, back slam on Rollins. Serious heat for the set up, but Rollins kicks Cena in the face to stop it. Rollins taken back down and eats the 5 knuckle shuffle. Mercury on the cage, so Cena throws Rollins into him. AA on Rollins for a long two.

Dueling Cena chants as both men are down. Cena to the door, and Noble closes the door and tries to hold it closed. Cena smiles. Noble yells at Rollins to gets up. A shoulder block to the door sends Noble to the barricade. Rollins is there. They fight to the top rope. Rollins down to the mat. Cena with a leg drop to the back of Rollins' neck for a long two. Cena readjusts, possibly his boy parts, then gets up and climbs the ropes, then the cage. Rollins grabs his ankle and pulls Cena down. Rollins climbs, but caught for an AA, but Rollins grabs the cage and climbs a bit. Rollins off the ropes with a lovely flying knee to Cena's face for a long two.

Rollins yells smack at Cena on the mat. "This is what you asked for! This is what you wanted!" Cena eats the cage. "Cost me two time! Two of the biggest matches of my career. You put yourself in this situation, and now you're going to pay!" Cena eats cage again. Dueling "Let's go Cena!" and "Let's go Rollins!" chants. This time Rollins gets Cena up, Cena reverses and Rollins eats cage. Both men are down. Cena starts crawling for the door. Cena's head out, but Mercury slams the door on Cena's head. Rollins pins for two.

Mercury looks to be almost in tears. Mercury is busted open above his right eye, below the brow. Not a lot of blood, but an obvious injury. Cena locks on the STF. Rollins crawls to the door. Rollins free, sliding out. Cena pulls Rollins in, but J&J Security pulling him out. Cena wins, but the case is slid in by Noble. Rollins takes Cena down for two.

Noble makes sure Rollins sees the case. He picks up the case and swings. Cena ducks and lands a HUGE clothesline that about turns Rollins inside-out! JBL is impressed by the clothesline. They exchange blows, back and forth. Rollins up, but somehow lands on his feet. Rollins with the case to Cena's face for a very long two.

J&J Security are freaking outside the ring, Rollins frustrated in the ring. Mercury tells Rollins to climb out. Rollins starts climbing the corner. Rollins to the top, but then Cena up and grabs Rollins as he hangs. Cena able to drag Rollins back in. Cena up top with an AA on Rollins from up there. Both men are down on the mat as Cole starts screaming in his greatest JR impersonation for one of his best friends.

Brock's music hits. He comes out with his strap over his shoulder, Heyman, who is back in his suit, in tow. Brock gives Heyman his strap and heads into the ring. Brock surveys the situation. Brock pulls Cena up and lands three Germans, the third a release. Brock carefully measured the ring to make sure he wouldn't send Cena into the cage for the release. Brock grabs Cena and lands an F5!

Heyman over to Rollins and extends a hand. Rollins shakes Heyman's hand. Brock from the ring. Heyman on the ramp. Brock smirks. Heyman says, "Eat. Sleep. Suplex. Repeat."

In the ring Rollins lands a curb stomp on Cena in front of an almost dead crowd. Rollins grabs his case, heads over to the door, and then slowly steps out onto the stairs. Rollins makes a show of walking down the stairs slowly, then finally to the floor with both feet for the bell.

Winner – Rollins (23:39)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rollins with J&J Security on the stage, looking back at Cena in the ring. Noble and Mercury raise Rollins up on their shoulders, he raises his case high.

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