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Raw Results 4/20/15 - You Win, You're The Bigger Man. Literally, And Figuratively.

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RAW Results April 20, 2015
From Times Union Center in Albany, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Orton winning last week on Raw to get to make a stip for his Extreme Rules match against Rollins. Then dissension within The Authority ranks. Kane ended up laying down, but not after much angst and a few shots on Rollins, almost becoming Klassik Kane. Rollins said the RKO will be banned, but Orton says the match will be in a cage!

In Ring Segment

The cage is over the ring, hanging there. Orton's music hits. Orton to the ring, announced by Eden. The cage is down on the ring. Orton checks it, gets in, slamming the door behind him, then pacing around the ring.

Orton – You know, for someone who prides themselves on being the smartest in the room, Rollins is one dumb bastard. Last week Rollins got to pick a stip and banned the RKO. Rollins made a mistake. He thinks it's my greatest weapon, but it's not. My greatest weapon is being able to inflict unspeakable pain upon those who I deem necessary and who I think deserves it, and Rollins deserves it. An RKO would be too quick and easy, so I will make it slow and agonizingly painful. When the door is locked, and everything is secure, I'm going to break your jaw. I'm going to break your jaw Seth, so these people and myself won't have to listen to you week in and week out. Then, I'm gonna drag your carcass to a corner and stick this boot so deep in your gut that I won't just knock the wind out of you, I might break a rib or two. As you're gasping for air, I'm going to pick you up my your hair...scratch that, I'm going to pick you up by that stupid little blond streak you got and run you into the cold hard steel over and over until every bone is aching, every inch of you feels like it's on fire. Once the beating is over, so will your reign as WWE WHC.

Rollins' music hits, and out he comes with J&J Security in tow, and stops on the stage.

Rollins – Randy, Randy, I don't want to come out and state the obvious, but you really have a bit of an anger problem.

Orton – Are you just now realizing I have issues with anger? Seth, that's not my problem. I don't have an anger problem, I have a Seth Rollins problem, and Sunday, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it goes away.

Rollins – Yeah, about that. Randy, I gotta be honest, I wasn't really paying attention, but let's see if I got the gist of it. I'm a jerk, you're gonna beat me up, and all these losers who are looking for an excuse to ignore their miserable lives ate it up. Am I right? That about cover it?

Chants of, "Randy Orton!" and "You sold out!" can be heard.

Rollins – Randy, let me explain something to you. I play this game of human chess better than anyone. That's why I'm well on track to becoming the greatest Champ of all time. In that ring I can out maneuver everybody. Outside of that ring, I can out-think everybody. This Randy, this, all this, all of it, I'm the best at it. I'm standing here with the Title to prove it. I'm not taking anything from you Randy, you're one of the best of all time, a sure fire HoFer. As good as you are, I'm that much better. Cage or no cage, The Authority or no, you can make all the excuses you want, but at Extreme Rules, you will not be walking out WWE WHC. That is a promise. Get it all out of your system right now...

Orton – You just gave me a great idea, get it all out of my system. Since you banned the RKO on Sunday, after the break, I'm going backstage and RKO every son of a bitch I see! Then, before Raw goes off the air, Seth, I'm going to RKO you, and that's a promise!

Lots of glaring back and forth, but Orton is smirking, Rollins isn't.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring, all riled up.


WWE Rewind

At WrestleMania Ambrose through some ladders outside, sent by Harper. Following Smackdown, Harper puts Ambrose through announce.

Ambrose vs Harper

Ambrose is pacing in the ring, pissed. Harper to the ring.

Harper – Dean Ambrose, I don't know why you ain't afraid of me boy, but after tonight, you will be.

Blows back and forth,then Ambrose runs the ropes, avoiding Harper, then flies on him. Back and forth, then Ambrose eats a back kick to the mouth! Blows from Harper, but Ambrose is able to send Harper out. Ambrose with a suicide dive through the ropes. The shroud of announce removed, but then Ambrose sent over the barricade. The fight in the stands. Head butts on Harper, then he's back over the barricade. Ambrose on the barricade and flies, but caught by a right from Ambrose. A big clothesline from Ambrose, and they fight up the ramp. Harper lifts Ambrose, slamming him into the LED board. Harper sets up, but Ambrose free. Harper sends Ambrose off the stage, then flees. Ambrose back up on the stage, his music plays, and he paces. (Setting up for Extreme Rules.)


Backstage Segment

Rollins and J&J Security walking backstage, looking really nervously around for Orton. Suddenly O'Neil is behind them barking. He and Young laugh at them freaking out. Noble gets in O'Neil's face. A crew member is laughing at it all, and Rollins gets right in his face. Then Trip is there and scares Rollins. Trip shakes hands with all of them. Trip taunts them about Orton with a smirk. Rollins says he will handle Orton. Rollins wants to know if Trip has talked to Kane yet. Trip says Kane needs to cool off. Trip says they will talk when Kane gets there. Rollins asks about Orton, then asks for more security. Trip tells Rollins that it's one guy! Trip leaves and Rollins looks both pissed and scared.

In Ring Segment

Lucha Dragons to the ring.


Lucha Dragons vs A New Day

"New Day Sucks!" chants.

Kofi smiles ay Sin Cara across the ring as the "New Day sucks!" chants start again. "Lucha!" chants from the fans. Big E tags in, as does Kalisto. Big E keeps him from tagging out, then ends up really botching Kalisto's move! Kalisto kicks Big E in the face, then manages to take Big E down. #Truth and Nattie watching backstage. Kofi and Sin Cara tag in, working the ring quickly, but Cole forgot which Lucha was in the ring. Beautiful suplex on Kofi for two.

Kofi sends Sin Cara out, and Woods yells at him. Kofi with a baseball slam on Sin Cara, and back in for Big E to tag in. Frequent tags and they're all over Sin Cara for two.

"New Day sucks!" but then Big E clotheslines Sin Cara.


Drop kick to Sin Cara, and Kofi on him with punches. Big E tags in. #Truth analyzing the match. Kalisto is able to tag in. A corkscrew off the top, Kalisto with head scissors into a DDT on Kofi, Big E breaks the count.

Kofi and Big E both sent flying out. Sin Cara tags in, and both fly out on Kofi and Big E. the ref counts all of them outside the ring, but Kofi back in at 9. Woods, under the ring, holds Sin Cara's feet to keep him from being able to get into the ring and break the count.

Winners – A New Day (9:36)

Big E tossed out. Woods eats an RKO, then Kofi does too. Orton and Big E argue over the top rope, Big E almost in, but then decides better and leaves his partners in the ring with Orton. Orton poses on the corner to huge pop. Video recap of the RKOs.


Cena's stunner and win over Bad News Barrett on Raw last week. But then Rusev attacked with a chain, setting up their Russian Chain Match for the US Championship.



Reigns and Big Show on Smackdown. Big Show was pissy about how Reigns disrespected him on Raw. Then Big Show beat Reigns down on the stage, and on the car. Big Show, sitting on the broken car talked about what he did to Reigns. Big Show said they will have a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules.

Fandango vs Axel

Fandango comes out to his original music. Axel already in the ring. Axel dances badly in the ring.

Fandango behind Axel, but takes an elbow to the face. Axel beats Fandango down. Fandango off the ropes into a drop kick. Axel then poses, ripping off his shirt, but Fandango from behind rolls him for two.

Drop kicks and clotheslines to clothesline. Fandango slams him to the mat, dances, then climbs. That left leg drop on Axel for three.

Winner – Fandango (1:17)

Fandango dances to his music, out and around the ring. The fans are singing along to his music.

Backstage Segment

Trip walking along, smile on his face. He's heading to the ring for an announcement about Tough Enough.


In Ring Segment

Eden announces Trip to the ring.

Trip – A year ago The Authority was at a crossroads, needed to make a decision about the WWE. They found a man to lead the WWE into the next gen. A man to be the face of the WWE. If you look at it a few weeks after the greatest WrestleMania in history, you'd have to agree that Seth Rollins is that man. Now it's time to find the next Seth Rollins. That starts on June 23rd, live, on the USA Network, of Tough Enough. A reality show to allow you to possibly live your dream, and who hasn't dreamed of being a WWE Superstar? Who hasn't closed their eyes and dream what it's like to be on that stage? To hear their music hit, the roar of the crowd, walk down that ramp, stand in this ring, in front of tens of thousands of people, in front of millions at home. Who hasn't dreamed what they would see? Ask yourself, what would it be like to stand in the ring at WrestleMania, in front of 60,000 people, hold the WWE WHC over your head? To feel that fame,power, glory? All of it? That is the dream, and I'm here to tell you that being a WWE Superstar is better than any dream you could ever have. Now, you have the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. It starts tonight, show the WWE 'Universe' that you are tough enough. Send your video submission to, starting right now. Maybe you will be one of the ten men and five women, where at the end of the season, one man and one woman will be chosen by WWE decision makers and the WWE 'Universe' to receive WWE contracts, making them WWE Superstars. Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes? If you do, then show the world that you are truly tough enough!

Kane's music, and he comes out in his suit, looking a bit hang-dog.

Trip – Kane, I have to admit that you're a little seasoned to be in Tough Enough.

Kane – All week I've left voice mails, texts, emails...

Trip – Kane, I got all of them, to be honest I was waiting for you to cool off.

Kane – Be that as it may, it's been my honor to be your DOO, but I cannot deal with the constant disrespect of the man who I helped become Champion, Seth Rollins. Since it's clear you put your faith in a man I feel is not worth your investment, my decision becomes obvious. I'm giving you my two week's notice.

Trip – Let's not do something we will regret tomorrow, let's just, go in the back and talk. We will talk like men, work it out like adults.

Rollins comes tearing out from backstage with J&J Security in tow.

Rollins – Not worth the investment, are you kidding me? Look, Boss, if he wants to quit, I say let him quit. We don't need a loser like Kane in The Authority anyway! I say goodbye, good riddance. To hell with him.

Kane – It's funny Seth, I don't remember you having the gall to call me a loser when I had my hand wrapped around your throat. And chokeslam...

Rollins – Then what happened Kane?

Trip – Not the time or the place guys.

Rollins – Then what happened was that you pulled me on top of you so I could win. Because it's your job to lose. You didn't want to do it, but you sucked up your pride, tucked your tail between your legs, became a coward and did what you were told, because that's what you always do!

Kane – You are nothing but a spoiled little punk who's been given everything and thinks that he earned it. You're only Champion because we made you Champion! I handed you the MITB case myself. You think anything would be different if we recruited Dean Ambrose? If we'd wanted to, we could have made El Torito Champion!

Rollins – Oh really?

Kane – Really!

Trip – Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough! (to Rollins, specifically) Enough! This is not how we do business. (to both) Kane did what was right last week. Kane did what's best for business, and always does. There's been no one more loyal to The Authority than Kane. Which is why, in your Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules, I'm making Kane Guardian of the Gate. Anyone wants to get in or out of that cage, they will have to go through Kane.

Kane – Thank you Triple H, I won't let you down.

They shake hands.

Rollins – You can't be serious. You're gonna reward Kane for this behavior.

Trip – What did I just say?

Rollins – You said you were going to make Kane Gate Keeper for no good reason.

Trip – Which, to me, means that you should learn to get on the same page as him, really fast.

Kane extends his hand to Rollins. Rollins shakes, then stomps out of the ring with Trip and Kane watching him stomp off petulantly. Trip then pats Kane on the shoulder.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the Divas Battle Royal and shows video. Paige gets on mic in her home country, but then attacked by Naomi. Naomi beat Paige down hard. Paige is out of action now.

Backstage Segment

Naomi heading for the ring.


Backstage Segment

Kane – It means I'm going to protect the integrity of this match.

Rollins continues to argue over Kane's voice, and Kane keeps arguing back. Trip walks up.

Trip – You're at it already? I've known you for 20 years and you are one of the toughest men I know, but you are a corporate man now, with corporate responsibilities, which means you are no longer hellfire and brimstone, you understand me? No longer!

Kane – Oh yes, I am, and I'm gonna prove it.

Rollins – You see what I'm talkin' about?

Trip turns back to snarl at Rollins. Rollins eyes get wide and he leans back.

Trip – It took a lot of people to make you Champion, first and foremost, the guy who just walked out of here.

Rollins – Yeah, but.

Trip – You need to start appreciating that. You wanna think you're the man? That (strap) doesn't make you the man. Going out and proving it every night, THAT's what makes you the man! Which is why tonight...

Rollins – Tonight? Why tonight? What about Orton threatening to RKO me?

Trip – Tonight, tonight you're going to step into the ring and have the match you were supposed to have last week. Tonight you are facing Dolph Ziggler. And you had better start showing the world what I already know.

Rollins – You know what? I don't need to face Dolph Ziggler tonight, I will destroy Dolph Ziggler tonight. After that, the world will know exactly what I'm all about. I'm no longer the future, I am the man.

Naomi vs Brie

Naomi swaggers out in lime green leopard outfit. No smiles, no dancing. Split-screen...

Naomi – How many times do I need to beat a Bella for me to prove that I should be Divas Champion, yet those people keep telling me to be a good girl and wait my turn. Paige got in my way, I removed her from the equation. Truth is, I don't care what those people want from me anymore, I'm done waiting.

Bellas to the ring together, Brie in red, Nikki in a two piece tight light pink outfit.

They lock up as Nikki is on announce. They work back and forth until Brie is pushed off. Lock up and Brie backed into a corner, head slammed back a couple times. Naomi pushes Brie back to the mat. Brie side-steps and Naomi eats corner. Naomi off the corner with a knee to Brie. Back elbows drops Brie. Side headlock take down on Brie, and Naomi keeps the hold on. Back up and Brie with forearms and a clothesline. Brie on Naomi in corner. Naomi comes out with a forearm. Brie back with elbows to Naomi's face. Knees to Brie's side, then kicks Brie out through the ropes.


Front facelock on Brie in the ring. Naomi drops elbows, then kicks at Brie on the mat. Punches to the back of Brie's head, then Brie slammed to the mat. Naomi yells smack, then kicks Brie. Chinlock on Brie on the mat. Brie up, but a kick to the back of Brie's knee drops her. Naomi all over Brie with blows to the back of the head, Brie to the ropes. Moreblows on Brie, then knees in a corner. Hair mare on Brie, then facelock on the mat. Brie up, but blows drop her again. Naomi telegraphs, then both are down. Clothesline then drop kick from Brie. Brie with her screaming knee. Drop kick off the corner for a long two on Naomi.

Knees to Brie's gut, then slams Brie head first in the corner. Naomi off the corner, but Brie ducks. Brie gets two for it.

Rear view on Brie for three.

Winner – Naomi (9:18)

Naomi points to Nikki on announce. Nikki stands and raises the strap high. Naomi, all out heel, is focused on Nikki.

Backstage Segment

The Superstars all sitting around an eating in catering. Slater sits with Rowan.

Slater – Hey man, you know how John Cena has the Open Challenge for the US Championship? I'm accepting tonight. You're looking at the next US Champion, you hear me. What kind of salad dressing did you put on yours?

Rowan stands and leaves. Slater stands at yells at Rowan.

Slater – Hey. Hey man, you're walking away from the new US Champion!

Slater then eats an RKO through the table he was just eating from. Orton reaches down and takes a chip, and eats it. He counts on his fingers.

Orton – That makes three.


In Ring Segment

Reigns to the ring through the stands. Video recap of Big Show attacking Reigns on Raw last week.

Reigns – You're going to have to excuse me, because I don't feel like talking, I feel like fighting. So, Big Show bring your ass out here right now!

It's Bo Dallas' music.

Bo – Roman, I couldn't help but to notice anger in your voice. As the Jedi master Yoda said, in the greatest Star Wars movie ever made, Episode 1 – Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering, and we all know you suffered after being chokeslammed on a taxi cab last week. And you've definitely suffered after failing at WrestleMania. Roman, face it, you're kind of a bust. (Reigns smirks a bit.) You're Outback Jack in kevlar. You are the Tim Tebow of the WWE! (Reigns rolls his eyes at this one.) You get chance, after chance, after chance, and you've failed every single time. (Reigns is looking decidedly annoyed now.) But it doesn't have to be that way, despite what millions of people think, I know that one day, you can be WWE WHC. If you work hard, your dreams will, and can come true. All you have to do is Bolieve!

Superman punch to Bo. Reigns is ready, and when Bo gets up, Reigns spears him.

Reigns – If Big Show had any guts, he'd be out here tonight. But he has no choice on Sunday. At Extreme Rules I will bring the big fight to Big Show, and I will be the last man standing, and you can...

Reigns looks down at Bo on the mat. Reigns takes on Bo's signature big eyes and sing-songy voice.

Reigns – And you can Bolieve that!

Backstage Segment

Ziggler getting ready for his match.


Sheamus vs Ryder

Sheamus to the ring. Ziggler will face Sheamus at Extreme Rules in a Kiss My Arse Match. Ryder out to face him.

Sheamus – Ring the bell ref, now, before we get started with this.

Brogue kick.

Sheamus – Well, that was easy, huh? Oh, arg, right now I could pin Ryder 1-2-3, but where's the fun in that? I think he deserves more than a five second match. Come on Ryder! Come on. That's the problem with the WWE. All these pretenders. Like you, none of you would last 5 seconds in the ring with me. You alright lad?

Ryder up top, hanging off, taking knees to the chest.

Sheamus – I thoughts you New Yorkers were supposed to be tough. Ziggler, Bryan, and Ryder, all pretenders. You shouldn't stay.

Ryder tossed from the ring.

Sheamus – I'm giving you the chance to embrace real Superstars, like myself. Only you and this fella look stupid.

Brogue kick.

Sheamus – How about the hometown hero? Where's your spirit? How about one more to finish the job? Brogue, brogue, brogue!

Ziggler attacks Sheamus from behind with a zig-zag. Sheamus from the ring and Ziggler checks on Ryder.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (3:33)


US Championship Open Challenge – John Cena (c) vs Kane

Cena to the ring through the fans clearly singing along with his music. Eden doesn't finish announcing before he takes her mic.

Cena – Albany, you still got something in the tank? You know and I know that on Sunday, we go Extreme! For one night it's not about the rules, but about the revenge. Rusev means business, and why shouldn't he?

Dueling Cena chants.

Cena – It seems as though Rusev brought friends tonight, but Rusev means business because I gave him his first loss at WrestleMania. And I know he, along with some of you, cringe each time you hear, the Champ is here! But that's why at Extreme Rules, a normal win won't be good for Rusev, he wants to destroy. That's why Rusev chose a Russian Chain Match, where the winner has to touch all four corners consecutively, but to do that, the loser must be beaten damn near lifeless. So Rusev's plan is to lock me into ½ of that chain and do something that no man has done before, and that's take the fighting spirit away from me. Because whether you're a Cena fan or Rusev fan, you know I will never give up, and fight to win. Rusev fans will dig this one. Rusev's plan is to beat me motionless, to confidently stomp to all four corners to get back his US Championship, drop his Russian flag, and to prove to all of you that WrestleMania was a fluke. That's a hell of a plan. There's just one problem. My name is John Cena, and for ten years I've proven that I get back up! Here's my plan for Sunday. Rusev, I'm locking you into ½ of that chain, beating the dog crap out of ya and take to each corner, get my hand raised, drop the American flag, and prove that WrestleMania was no fluke, it was a statement. A statement that the Champ is here, that this is s symbol of excellence and opportunity, and at Extreme Rules Rusev has the opportunity to that that chain shove straight up his ass! I know what you all are thinking, does that mean I'm not defending the US Title here, hell yeah we're gonna have a fight up in here tonight! I just want to send a message to the underdog, under-appreciated, undersized that's thinking that I'm focus on Sunday, and not in a losing mood. Albany is the place to be, John Cena is the man to beat, and the US Open Challenge starts now. You want some? Come get some!

Out comes Kane, in his dress pants,ready for a fight.

Kane kicks Cena in the gut, drops him. Cena off the corner. Blows in the next corner. A kick to Cena's head during dueling chants. Cena whipped so hard he hits the mat. Cena drops and rolls to the outside. Kane lifts Cena to drop him on the top of the barricade. Cena in the ring, hanging on the apron, takes a blow to the head. Into the ring, Cena off the ropes into a 'vintage' sidewalk slam for two.

Shoulder blocks to Cena in a corner, making Cena scream. Cena whipped out, then back into the same corner. He hits the mat and rolls out again. Kane out, takes blocs from Cena. Kane reverses and Cena into the barricade. The ref is counting Cena out.

Cena back in at eight. Kane right back on Cena with blows and stomps. Rollins and J&J Security are watching backstage. Suplex on Cena for two.

Kane stops Cena, slams him into a corner and Cena crumbles, but Kane can only get two for it.

Dueling Cena chants, and Cena taken down again. Kane holds Cena's arm and pulls him into a short shoulder block, then another short shoulder block for two.

The dueling chant get louder. Cena fights back, but his first shoulder block does nothing to Kane. The second one Kane pushes off and Cena hits the mat. Cena whipped, then splashed. Kane tries again, but Cena side-steps and Kane eats corner. Cena slams Kane, but is caught by a hand to his throat. Chokeslam to Cena for two.

Kane yells at the ref to count correctly, really getting frustrated. Kane slices his thumb, but Cena down, gets Kane up for the AA for three.

Winner- Cena (6:21)

Cena celebrates on the ramp, as Kane seethes on the mat.


Backstage Segment

Kane is seething as he walks along. He gets to a glaring Trip. Kane glares back, then keeps walking along, nothing said by either.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome Miz. Tonight the entire Miz brand is on the line when you face your former stunt double Damien Mizdow.

Miz – Renee, I'm an A-list Superstar, no my stunt double, not my assistant, me! I'm the sole reason Damien Sandow has a job in the WWE any more, and then to have the audacity to challenge me for my brand is an absolute joke! This is my movie. I did my own stunts. I went through boot camp training to prepare for this role. I'm a fighting machine, and tomorrow I will wake up victorious and will celebrate my latest film, while that poser, that poser...

Renee – Sorry Miz, Byron Saxton is live with US Champion, John Cena!

Miz – Come on!

Backstage Segment

Byron – Congratulations on another successful Title defense, you are still US Champion.

Cena – You want to talk about the unexpected, Kane? I mean, I guess that's what's great about the US Open Challenge. On Raw you can expect the unexpected. And this Sunday, the Champ is...

Rusev blindsides Cena, sends him flying through the air, and to the cement floor with his chain wrapped fist. Rusev then wraps the chain across Cena's face and locks on the accolade. Finally people pull off Rusev, but it looked like he was going to pull of Cena's nose!



Recap of Rusev's attack on Cena backstage.

Mizdow vs Miz

Mizdow out with Summer Rae in tow, wearing a tiny white cami and daisy dukes with high heels. Video recap of Mizdow challenging Miz to a brand challenge match. Mix talks down Summer Rae and she slaps him, as Mizdow says every word, and sells the slap to Miz. Miz out to face him, dressed exactly like Mizdow. Video of Miz on Tough Enough.

Miz takes off his shades to heat. Mizdow to pop. Mizdow immediately rolls up Miz for two.

Side headlock on Mizdow. Mizdow blocks Miz's double move, then backslides Miz for two.

Miz out to yell smack at Summer Rae. Mizdow out, chases. Back in the ring and Miz gets two for it.

Miz on Mizdow in the ropes. Snap mare on Mizdow, then a kick to his face for two.

Miz shows off, but Mizdow catches him with the double move, then a right in a corner. A spinning move, then a DDT on Miz for a long two.

Miz blocks the SCF, rolls with tights for two. Mizdow into the ropes, Summer Rae rakes his eyes. Miz rolls him up for three.

Winner – Miz (2:44)

Summer Rae squeals and runs in to join Miz.

Miz – On behalf of this momentous victory, I feel it's only fitting I say this one more time, because I'm the Miz, and I'm...

Orton spins Miz into an RKO!



Wyatt – (Unintelligible) Is it money? Is it power? Is it respect? For most men, it would be the combination of the three things, but you, you're different, just like me! But unlike me, there's the fear that motivates you. You can lift all the weights of the world, but there's not enough muscle to lift off the weights of your own personal failures. The weight will drag you down. That weight will suffocate you. That weight will blind you, until all you see is my face, looking down at you. Hahaha! (Unintelligible) I wait for that moment man, when you realize all your hard work was for nothing. It all fades away. And so will you, right? Behold the new face of fear!

Rose vs Ryback

Ryback to the ring. Rose is in there waiting.

Rose tripped to the mat, then chopped in a corner. Shoulder blocks in the next corner. Rose gets a knee up in Ryback's face, then a sick missile drop kick off the corner on Ryback. Blows to Ryback on the mat for one.

Rose on Ryback's back with a sleeper. Ryback drops to him bum to slam Rose off his back. "Feed me more!" and meathook on Rose. Ryback gets Rose up, marches, then shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (1:29)

Ryback is celebrating, but the hot dog and the banana from the Exotic Express are in and push Ryback from behind. Meathook to each, then Ryback calls them stupid. Both of them up, and shellshocked on both at the same time.

Ryback – What did the banana say to the hot dog? Nothing, because their asses just got shellshocked!

Rosa is in to the ring to check on Rose!

Backstage Segment

Renee – Excuse me Kane. It's been a roller coaster of a night for you. Being named the Gate Keeper at Extreme Rules, nearly resigning your position, not to mention losing to Cena. But what do you have to say about what was said on social media following your loss?

Kane – What are you talking about?

Renee pulls things up on her phone and reads them.

Renee – #WWEJ&JSecurity, the boss just said, after I beat #HeelZiggler, let's get Kane a gift, denture cream, or a box of Depends. Good one Seth!

Kane stomps off and into The Authority's office, right up to Rollins.

Kane – Denture cream or a box of Depends?

Rollins – Hey, hey, hey, how did you hear about that? That's supposed to be a private conversation!

Everyone turns and looks down at Noble who looks away.

Trip – Just calm down.

Kane – Private conversation? I'm here now, so say it to my face!

Rollins – You want me to say it to your face?

Kane – Yes!

Rollins – You want me to say it to your face? I'm sorry!

Everyone looks at Rollins in shock.

Rollins – I'm sorry, alright. This whole Orton thing has me on edge, alright. I know you helped me at MITB, but it's really embarrassing when you mention it over, and over, and over again. Alright? That said, I know you've done all you can to help me stay on top, and I appreciate that. I appreciate it so much that I'm going to dedicate my match with Ziggler to you. Alright? You win, you're the bigger man. Literally, and figuratively.

Rollins takes off with J&J Security in tow, heading for the ring for his match. Orton appears way behind them, right outside the door they just came out of.


Ziggler vs Rollins

Ziggler to the ring. Rollins out with J&J Security in tow.

Rollins kicks Ziggler down, and kicks him when he is down. Ziggler into a corner, blows from Rollins landing him on the mat. Dueling chants of, "Let's go Ziggler!" and Let's go Rollins!" Ziggler on Rollins. Lands a neck breaker, then an elbow drop for one.

Ziggler clotheslines Rollins over the top, and rides him over. Rollins slammed back first into the apron. Ziggler takes Rollins down hard in the ring for two.

Suplex on Rollins for two.

Ziggler caught by Rollins, launched snake eyes in the corner.


Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up, slammed back to the mat by his hair. Running forearm to Ziggler's face in a corner, then a knee drop on the mat for two.

Rollins taunts Ziggler, slapping his head as he's still on the mat. Rollins keeps working Ziggler, then a back suplex on Ziggler for two.

Rollins stomps the heck out of Ziggler on the mat. Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler wiggles to his knees, then to his feet, jaw buster on Rollins to get free. Rollins sells the move, then eats an elbow. Ziggler ducks and Rollins eats corner. Clothesline on Rollins, then a splash in the corner, but then comes off the ropes into a knee to the gut. Rollins reverses on Ziggler's DDT. Ziggler ducks Rollins' kick, then Ziggler back and lands his DDT for two.

Rollins rolls Ziggler up for two. Enziguri on Ziggler for two.

Both are slow to get to their feet. Rollins up, pulls Ziggler up. "We want Randy!" chants. Ziggler reverses on Rollins, and slides through for two.

Superkick on Rollins for a LONG two.

J&J Security are worried and pacing outside the ring. They talk Rollins up as Sheamus is there to distract Ziggler from outside. Rollins with his corner powerbomb, then plants face first for three.

Winner – Rollins (11:36)

Rollins – I just did what I said I was gonna do, and it proves I am the man. As for old Randy Orton, at Extreme Rules, Randy, your RKO won't save you, and I'm gonna prove for once and for all that I am...

Trip's music cuts Rollins off. Trip to the ring.

Trip – Ladies and gentlemen, the man who will defeat Randy Orton this Sunday, the WWE WHC, Seth Rollins!

Rollins poses and acts the peacock.

Trip – Now that we have a second, let's take a look at...

Rollins pulls the mic out of a shocked Trip's hand. Trip really looks very unhappy about this.

Rollins – Wait, wait, wait, wait, before you continue, let me finish my thought. I just proved that I'm the man by dismantling Dolph Ziggler, and this Sunday at Extreme Rules, I will prove that this is my WWE when I pin Randy Orton's shoulders to the mat for 1-2-3, rendering Kane as Gate Keeper completely useless, and, speaking of Kane, you need to stop being so...

Kane's music hits. J&J Security up the ramp, trying to stop Kane. Trip also on the ramp. Rollins calls for the cage to come down. Kane heads down the ramp, but is stopped again. Rollins demands they hurry with the cage as he watches Kane intently. The cage locks into place, and the fans erupt. Rollins turns to find he's in the cage with Orton. Rollins tries to flee, but he's caught by Orton. Orton all over Rollins. Rollins back up, standing on the top rope. Orton pulls Rollins off the rope, hitting the RKO out of nowhere on Rollins as he comes down.

Trip looks really unimpressed as he looks in the ring, but it's not sure if he's looking at Rollins for what he's said, what he's done, or into the ring at Orton for the RKO. Orton poses on the corners for the fans.

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