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Raw Results 7/13/15 – Take A Look At The Future Of Women's Wrestling!

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RAW Results July 13, 2015
From Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Recap of Brock Lesnar and Heyman starting Raw last week, talking smack about Rollins, and what will be happening to him going forward after provoking The Beast. J&J loved their car and showed it off, but Brock ended up destroying it with fire axes, again sending debris into the audience. Then Brock 'broke' Noble's arm. At the end Brock stood atop the car, looking like he did back in the day. They go on to show the car being crushed at the junkyard.

In Ring Segment

The red Caddy, after being crushed down, is sitting just below the stage, the top totally flat. Brock Lesnar's music hits, and out he comes with Heyman in tow. The fans erupt for him. Pyro, and Brock heads to the ring. Brock jumps up on the ring, Heyman up the stairs and in.

"Suplex City!" chants. Brock smirks. Heyman obviously loves it too.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen... (pop) My name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the Cadillac crushing, J&J conquering... (pop) I'm not done yet, who this Sunday night makes Seth Rollins pay for his sins, The Beast of Battleground, Brock Lesnar! (POP) I don't know about you, but my heart is pounding against my chest, because I cannot wait for Sunday when history is made again, an extraordinary opportunity to see this beast to see Brock Lesnar enter the ring a challenger! How many times have you seen Brock Lesnar a challenger? As a rookie he stepped into the ring as a challenger, victimized Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and walked out WWE WHC. When Brock Lesnar went to UFC he stepped into the Octogon with Randy Couture, and walked out, once again, a Champion. Last summer at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar walked into the ring as a challenger, what happened to the Champion, John Cena? Eat, sleep, suplex, repeat and Brock Lesnar walked out the Champion, and would still be the Champion today if not for that sneaky, slimy, revolting, disgusting, thief in the night, Seth Rollins. (heat for Rollins) This Sunday night, I don't beg or plead a lot, but I beg you, circle the date on your calendar, Sunday night, July 19th, Brock Lesnar will enter the ring the challenger, Brock Lesnar will not leave the ring the same way! (pop) Sunday night, Seth Rollins you are going to get beat up by Brock Lesnar! You're going to get your ass kicked by Brock Lesnar! You're going to be suplexed by Brock Lesnar. You're going to get F5d by Brock Lesnar! You're going to get pinned by Brock Lesnar! And when Brock Lesnar puts his foot on your chest, and the ref raises his hand in the air, the announcement will be, ladies and gentlemen once again, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC...

He's cut off by Rollins' music, who comes out with Kane in tow. Rollins glares at the Caddy. Rollins is seething! "Justin Bieber" chants.

Rollins – Real proud of yourself Lesnar. This makes you real happy, doesn't it? (pointing at the Caddy) This puts a smile on your face? Good! I can't wait for Sunday when I wipe that smile off your stupid face. Last week I gave you every opportunity to come out and conduct yourself like a man, but you acted like a coward. All that aggression, and you took it out on an inanimate object, and not just any innannimobject (sic). Blululululula (sic). Not just any inanimate object...

Everyone laughs at his verbal fumble, including Brock who is actually laughing in the ring.

Rollins – Shut up. (heat) That is a gift I gave to my friends, and I'm still shaken up about it, right now!

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Rollins – What's worse than that is that you parade it around the country like a trophy, a symbol for what I will look like after Battleground. You can have it, because this is my symbol! (holds up the strap) That's the biggest separator between you and me. You see I am everything that's right about the WWE. I'm a real Champion. You're a thug, a criminal, a vandal. At Battleground, I will take a trip to Suplex City. I will bring the matches, gas, a burn Suplex City to the ground, Lesnar!

Brock – I can take you to Suplex City tonight, bitch!

Kane – Gentlemen! I understand the tensions are running high, and justifiably so, but I urge all parties to act calm. Tonight there will be a contract signing for Battleground. As DOO, it's my job to ensure it goes smoothly. I will not allow it to devolve into chaos. Brock Lesnar versus Seth for the WWE WHC is what's best for business. So, Mr. Heyman, if your client does ANYTHING before that match...

Heyman – Are you about to threaten Brock Lesnar? Brock, I think we're about to be threatened by the Undertaker's baby brother! I'm sorry, I apologize. Was I not supposed to say that?

"Baby brother!" chants for Kane. Heyman smirks at this.

Heyman – Come on, have some respect to the DOO. I know I was not supposed to mention that my client conquered Taker's undefeated Streak. I know I'm not supposed to talk about your family. I assure you, sir, this is a wonderful idea. Let me get this straight, my client, The Beast, Brock Lesnar in a contract signing, what could possibly go wrong in a scenario like that? My client, Brock Lesnar will come to that contract signing with peace, love, and understanding in his heart. Unless, Seth Rollins wants to violate the 11th commandment – thou shall not intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar. Because if you do, sir, I assure you, Suplex City comes tonight to Atlanta, GA.

"Suplex City!" chants as Brock Lesnar's music plays to end the segment.


Ryback & Orton vs Big Show & Sheamus

Ryback to the ring. Miz iz on announce. Orton out to tag with Ryback. Video of the feud and attacks between Sheamus and Orton. Sheamus to the bottom of the ramp. Big Show out to tag with him.

Side headlock on Sheamus into a back suplex. Shoulder to Ryback through the ropes. Ryback flies over the top and out onto Sheamus. Back into the ring to lead "Feed me more!" chants.


Upper cuts on Sheamus from Orton. They exchange blows, then an upper cuts to Sheamus. Sheamus lands in a corner begging for mercy. "RKO!" chants. Sheamus to his feet, but Orton in control and stomps him on the mat. Ryback tags in and Sheamus on him with blows. Sheamus whipped, then stomped down. Sheamus to the apron, hangs Ryback up top. Sheamus continues working over Ryback. "Feed me more!" chants. Big Show tags in and stomps Ryback down over and over, as Ryback across the bottom rope keeps bouncing up to be stomped down again. Sheamus tags in, but Ryback also able to tag out. Orton all over Sheamus who rolls out. Orton out and gives chase. Back slam on Sheamus on top of the barricade. Sheamus blocks eating stairs, but Orton keeps on him. Back in the ring, Sheamus with a knee to the gut, then a shoulder to Orton's gut. They collide and Orton out, hitting a Flair flop.


Headlock on Orton on the mat. Orton up, but takes a back breaker from Sheamus for two.

Sheamus drags Orton to the corner and tags out. Big Show walks across Orton's gut. Big Show slams his bum down on Orton's gut, twice. Sheamus claps and the heels get heat. Big Show calls for the chokeslam, grabs Orton who counters with a DDT! Both men are down. "Feed me more!" chants. Both tag out. Ryback all over Sheamus with clotheslines, then a Thesz Press and then a splash on the mat. A splash in a corner, but then Sheamus gets his feet up. Spinebuster from Ryback, but then Miz is up and on mic, yelling at Ryback to stop pandering and finish him! Miz yells at Big Show to get him. Miz flees with Big Show on his tail. Miz falls at the bottom of the ramp, Big Show slows a bit to give Miz a chance to get up and get ahead again, then he chases Miz to the back. RKO on Sheamus, then Ryback climbs! Big splash on Sheamus for three.

Winners – Ryback & Orton (15:26)

Backstage Segment

Kane – I know what I'm doing.

Rollins – You were told by The Authority to protect me, and you seem to be doing the exact opposite. Contract signing? Me and Lesnar out there at the same time? He's an animal!

Kane – Don't worry, I have a plan.

Rollins – I have to admit I'm worried. If you would indulge me a little and tell me what this plan is? And please, tell me it's not to provoke him like last week. You saw what happened to J&J last week. Keep this up, and it won't end well.

Kane – You keep this up, and it won't end well, for once.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring.


Highlight of the Night

Reigns with a superman punch to Sheamus last week on Raw. Wyatt's music, and he comes out, so Reigns attacks, but it wasn't actually Wyatt who was backstage laughing, saying, "Anyone but you Roman, anyone but you."

Ambrose vs Wyatt

Video of Wyatt attacking Reigns at MITB last month, costing him the win and the case. That gave Sheamus the opportunity to win the match.

Wyatt to the ring to face Ambrose through all his fireflies. He blows out the lantern, and Reigns is running down behind him, and attacks Wyatt. Reigns all over Wyatt, into the barricade, the apron, the other barricade, and then into the post. Wyatt leaning on the apron takes Reigns' double foot kick. Reigns with blows on Wyatt, then rolls him into the ring and Wyatt fights back. It doesn't last long and gets gets Wyatt up. Wyatt fights back, then takes a superman punch. Wyatt rolls out. Reigns leans out and takes Wyatt's lantern to the face.


In Ring Segment

Bellas and Fox in the ring, all in red and black.

Nikki – So, um, on November 23rd of last year, I defeated AJ Lee to become your Divas Champion. For the last 232 days, I've defended against every challenger, gave every Diva a chance and the definition of fearless. In this ring, on red carpets, reality shows, in movies, you name it, I am THE total Diva. And now, with my lovely sister Brie, and Foxy by my side. We are dominant. Us three are most powerful, because I have this.

Nikki raises the Divas Championship high in the air, and the other two pose on each side of her.

Nikki – Us three make the decisions in this Division, we rule it, and whether Paige, Naomi, or any other WWE Diva, none of them, and I mean none of them...

Steph's music hits and she comes out in a black, white and blue color blocked sleeveless dress with black shoes. Smiles all around in the ring.

Steph – I'm sorry Nikki, the way you were talking about the Divas Division, it made it sounded like your run the Divas Division, like you own the Divas Division, like you own the WWE. Let me be very clear, I own the WWE. The legacy the WWE leaves behind is on my shoulders, and that includes the Divas Division. Now you are right, Team Bella has been unstoppable. There hasn't been that level of competition I've been looking for, and I think the WWE Universe has been looking for. Let me tell you there is a revolution in women's in sport happening right now. Women's soccer, UFC, tennis. Women are making a mark and it's time for us to do the same and make a mark in the Divas Division right now! (pop) But I'm not going to do that alone. First, let me introduce the woman who is trying to make a difference, Paige!

Nikki – I don't even understand why Paige is out here! Honestly, how many times has Paige failed? How many?

Steph ignores Nikki as Paige comes into the ring.

Steph – Hang on a second here, Paige is out here because I want her out here. Now, things are going to change, starting now. I want this revolution here in WWE. Paige wants it, but courage can't do it by itself. It takes backup, but for some reason no one has been willing to stand by your side, but I know someone who is. I know someone who has had to fight, scratch and claw to get everything she has. Someone who's not afraid of the fire. Someone I'd want in a Fox hole with me! Joining Paige right now is Becky Lynch!

Out comes Becky Lynch! She's bouncing, running, and doesn't look injured! The fans are loving her! Paige and Lynch shake hands.

Steph – Now, I'm looking at this, you're still out numbered, there's three on Team Bella. So, joining Paige will be a woman who is bred for this business, someone who is high styling and profiling, someone who says she is genetically superior, Charlotte!

Out comes Charlotte, posting on stage, then heads to the ring, a walkover beside the ring, and then a split into a back rollup in the ring. Charlotte turns to stare down Team Bella, before shaking Paige's hand. Wooooooo! from many fans.

Steph – Woooooooo!

Before Steph can say more, Naomi and Tamina come stomping to the ring. On the way out, Naomi starts talking.

Naomi – Hold up, wait one minute! We got some unfinished business with Bella and Paige.

Steph – Naomi, I'm so glad you're out here.

Naomi – Steph, we're all the competition we need, so when are we finally going to get our chance around here?

Steph – You're right Naomi, you should be out here, and I'm glad that you are. You know what, there's someone else who thinks a lot like you are, someone who isn't afraid to step up, seize that opportunity and take that moment, someone who calls herself the Boss, the current NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks!

Sasha Banks comes out working her character, the way she always does. Banks into the ring and poses. She stands by Naomi and Tamina.

Steph – Let me ask you something Nikki, is this what you had in mind when you said you were looking for a little competition? I've set the table for opportunity, so who's going to take it?

Team Bella step right past Paige, Lynch and Charlotte, and at Naomi, Tamina and Banks. Paige, Charlotte, and Lynch step behind Team Bella. When Team Bella decide not to truly approach the first three, the turn to see that they are blocked from behind. "This is awesome!" chants.

Nikki shoulders pas Banks hard, so Banks grabs Nikki by the hair and slams her to the mat. All nine start fight. Banks on Fox. Brie on Lynch. Charlotte with Tamina in the center of the ring. Tamina tossed out by Charlotte. Charlotte grabs Brie for a drop kick, then kips up. Nikki and Fox rush her, but Charlotte is all over them both. Enziguri on Charlotte from Naomi. Paige on Naomi with a PTO! Naomi screams until Tamina kicks Paige in the head. Banks back on Fox, and Naomi kicks Nikki to the mat. Brie with a Thesz Press. Banks kicks Fox in the corner. Running double knees to Nikki's chest in one corner, Fox's in the next, but Lynch steps aside and Banks eats corner. Lynch with a slingshot kick to Banks' face, sending her from the ring. Brie on Lynch from behind. Charlotte blocks Fox's scissors kick and locks on the SEXIEST back bend bridging Figure 4 I've seen in my life! Lynch with a hold on Brie. Banks back in and grabs Nikki with a code breaker, then locks on her own submission hold on Nikki. So it's all NXT Divas with holds on Team Bella in the ring.

"NXT!" chants.

Paige, Naomi and Tamina back into the ring as Team Bella leaves. "This is awesome!" chants. The six Divas in the ring argue as Team Bella are on the floor at the bottom of the ramp. Steph, on stage, a hand on her hip, nodding and smiling.


New Day vs Prime Time Players & Henry

New Day in the ring preaching and clapping. Prime Time Players out on stage, then call out their mystery partner, who is, Mark Henry!

Kofi on O'Neil with kicks, but tripped to the mat. Big E tags in and taken down by O'Neil. Young with a blind tag, and O'Neil slams him onto Big E. Young clotheslines Big E from the ring. Kofi flies in, but O'Neil catches him with back breakers. Woods in, Henry lifts him and throws him out on New Day.


Woods drops O'Neil into the heel corner. Big E tags in and stomps. Kofi tags in and stomps. Woods tags in and stomps. Big E tags in and stomps. Kofi tags in and tossed into O'Neil for two.

Drop kick on O'Neil, and he's covered for two.

Woods tags in and all over O'Neil on the mat. Big E tags in, splashes O'Neil for two.

Big E mocks O'Neil with barks. Woods tags in and on O'Neil's face for two.

Woods with an arm and head hold on O'Neil on the mat. O'Neil up, Woods on his back, but cannot get to his corner. Woods takes him down, then mocks O'Neil with barks. O'Neil finally tags out. Henry all over Woods, then a cheap shot on Kofi and Big E! Woods takes out Henry knees for two. Young makes the break.

TIP on Young. O'Neil in and taken down by Kofi. Woods feeds her a boot, but Henry back with a WSS for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players & Henry (8:04)

Prime Time Players stop Henry from leaving, and get him to dance with them in the ring. Henry is REALLY good at it, and ends up laughing and smiling in obvious glee.


Recap of Rollins and J&J calling out Brock Lesnar, but Brock does the most damage, and mostly to the Caddy.


R-Truth vs Barrett

R-Truth in the ring. Barrett out to face him. Video of Barrett beating R-Truth on Raw last week.

Side headlock on Barrett, pushes off, but R-Truth with a shoulder block. R-Truth over Barrett, then dances. R-Truth under Barrett, then rolls him up for two.

Barrett comes back on R-Truth hard, then mocks R-Truth with a 'What's up?' Barrett gets two on R-Truth.

Barrett with a sick back breaker on R-Truth for two.

Barrett takes R-Truth down, then stomps him. Barrett calls for all to hail him, then drops an elbow off the corner onto R-Truth for two.

Knees to R-Truth's face as he's in the ropes, then kicks R-Truth in the face. R-Truth back in and covered for two.

Barrett on R-Truth who fights free with blows to Barrett's face. Big splash on Barrett in a face. R-Truth whipped, tries to float over, gets caught, but still takes Barrett down hard for three with the lie detector.

Winner – R-Truth (3:12)

R-Truth pulls stuff from under the ring. He has his towel cape, his abused BK crown, and his plunger scepter. R-Truth waves to the fans as Barrett freaks out at the ref in the ring.

Announce Segment

Byron mocks JBL by siding with King R-Truth. Cole talks about Lana and Rusev, and how Rusev attacked Ziggler last week on Raw.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring through the fans singing with his music.


In Ring Segment

Cena is in the ring waiting, no mic in hand!!! Rusev's music and out he comes with Summer Rae in tow, wearing a short hot pink dress.

Rusev – I am the greatest US Champion ever! And I will never lost my title if not for that blonde headed snake that calls herself Lana.

"USA!" chants.

Rusev – USA, that's why I broke your stupid boyfriend Dolph Ziggler! Just like I'm going to break you tonight Cena!

Kevin Owens' music hits and he comes out with mic in hand.

Owens – Hang on a second. Just hang on. John, I said many times that if anybody's going to beat you for that title, it's me. I beat you for the US Title tonight, and at Battleground, you can have your rematch.

Cena points at Rusev.

Rusev – Listen you stupid French American, whatever you are. I was here first. And besides, you have two stupid first names! Which is it? Make up your mind.

Owens – I was here first. Rusev, here's what you need to do. Take your little Lana wannabe out of here. Take your flag, and stick it up your Chernobyl, buddy, huh?

Owens and Rusev argue off mic in the ring. Cesaro's music hits and the fans go WILD! Cesaro to the ring, towel over his head, and right up to Cena in the ring. They talk off mic. Rusev and Owens both grab Cesaro and pull him back. Suddenly we lose sound, so obviously someone said something they shouldn't have. They continue arguing off mic. Cena leaves the ring and Cesaro throws a punch at Owens, then Rusev. Owens and Cesaro send Rusev out. Cesaro and Owens fight. Rusev back up and knocked down. Owens from the ring as well, and Cena is left smirking outside the ring.



Promo about Swerved, on WWE Network after Raw tonight.

Cesaro vs Owens vs Rusev – Winner Faces Cena in US Challenge

Owens and Rusev on Cesaro, beating him down in a corner. Cena is on announce, which explains why he didn't talk before the match. Cesaro fights back, gets whipped, and Rusev on Owens in a corner. Cesaro comes from the corner, ducks Rusev, lands a drop kick on Owens. HUGE suplex on Rusev from Cesaro. Cesaro stomps Rusev, but sent out by Owens. Cannonball from Owens, then Owens eats an upper cut from Cesaro. Cannonball from Rusev on Owens, an upper cut to Rusev for two, Owens makes the break.

Owens with a slam on Cesaro, and climbs. Owens flies, but Cesaro gets his knees up. Rusev with a superkick on Owens for two, Cesaro breaks the count and takes two of his own.

Upper cut on Rusev. Rusev reverses a whip, but eats Cesaro's foot. Rusev grabs Cesaro badly and lands him on the mat on the back of his head for two – Cesaro looks a bit shaken.

Rusev stomps Cesaro, then Owens, then back on Cesaro, then back on Owens. Cesaro pulled up, a scoop slam by Rusev who then climbs. Cena talks them all up. Owens stops Rusev up top with blows, and climbs. Owens on the second ropes, but Rusev blocks. Cesaro up there, spins with a powerbomb that sends Rusev flying. Cesaro on Owens for two, then on Rusev for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Cesaro sits Rusev up top, then lands a drop kick to Owens' head. An upper cut on Rusev up there, then splits Rusev's legs and climbs. Owens on Cesaro from behind, but Cesaro is free. Cesaro eats an elbow, then DDT on Cesaro, but Rusev off the top to break the count.

Rusev on Owens for two.

Rusev on Cesaro for two.

Rusev screams in frustration. Rusev and Owens exchange blows. A head butt to Owens' back, then a standing switch. Cesaro behind with a double German! Cesaro on Owens for two!

Summer Rae tends to Rusev outside the ring. Rusev then fights with Owens outside the ring. Cesaro with a spin over the top to take out both Owens and Rusev. Cesaro off the top with a cross body on Rusev in the ring for two.

Cesaro sets up, but wen's superkick stops the spin. Owens drags Rusev, climbs, moonsault on Rusev for two.

Cesaro sends Owens out over the top. Rusev with a fallaway slam on Cesaro, then stomps him. Rusev with the accolade, but Owens kicks Rusev in the face. Owens yells at Cena that he sees him. Owens grabs Rusev, pulls him up and points to Cena. Rusev reverses into an Alabama slam on Owens, then stomps his back. Rusev stares at Cena, then locks on the accolade. Cena up, but Cesaro kicks Rusev in the head. Cesaro lifts Rusev from down low into a beautiful delayed vertical that Cena says the Universe should take note of. JBL says that if they have eyes, they will. All three slow to their feet. Owens with blows on Cesaro, then Rusev and back again. Slap to Cesaro, then Rusev. Cesaro slaps Owens, and the two of them all over Owens. Upper cuts on Rusev and Owens. Owens sent out over the top by Cesaro. Rusev takes Cesaro down. Owens decides he's done and starts to leave. Rusev from the ring as well, staring up the ramp.

Rusev with a facelock on Cesaro on the mat. Owens is out of the match through count out – I guess. Cesaro with a springboard spinning upper cut on Rusev! Upper cuts on Rusev in a corner. Rusev to the mat, Cesaro lands a drop kick to Rusev's face as he sits there. Cesaro climbs, grabs Rusev on the apron, but Rusev fights back. Rusev tries to do something like a suplex, but botches it, and they're both on the floor out there. The ref checks on both of them. Rusev slow to get up, Cesaro slower. Cesaro sent into the ring. Rusev yells smack at Cena on announce. Rusev climbs a corner, but eats an upper cut, then another and Rusev is sitting up top. Eesup, but Rusev knocks him down. A kick to Rusev's head and Cesaro up again. Cesaro tossed off face first. Rusev flies, but eats mat as Cesaro moves. Cesaro with a quick crossface on Rusev. Rusev powers free and plants Cesaro for two.

Rusev, bleeding from the mouth, on Cesaro, but Cesaro with a sharpshooter. Cesaro tossed off and eats a heel kick. Rusev with a rolling splash on Cesaro. Rusev sets up Cesaro, but Cesaro blocks Rusev and lands head butts. Cesaro reverses it all into the big swing! Sharpshooter on Rusev! The fans in the front row are beating on the barricade, on the ringside of it, with their arms. Rusev to the ropes, but with Triple Threat Rules, the ropes won't break the hold. Rusev slides out, so Cesaro flies onto him. Upper cut on Rusev outside. Rusev in, Cesaro climbs. Rusev grabs at Cesaro and basically drops him on the mat for three.

Winner – Rusev (21:07)


US Championship Match – Rusev vs Cena (c)

Lilian announces them in the ring. Rusev looks like he can barely stand.

Cena kicks at Rusev, then takes him down. To their feet and Cena takes him down again through dueling Cena chants. Scoop slam on Rusev for two.

Big fisherman's on Rusev for two.

Belly-to-belly on Rusev for two.

Rusev crawls to the ropes and lays under there almost crying. Elbow to Rusev in a corner, and Rusev back down to all fours. Rusev struggles up, and Cena on Rusev again. Rusev slow to his feet and take a shoulder tackle from Cena. Rusev forces himself up into the next shoulder tackle. Cena waits for Rusev, then slams him to the mat. Cena looks a bit ashamed, and makes this a very fancy 5 knuckle shuffle. Rusev uses the ropes to get to his feet. Cena gets Rusev up, but Rusev reverses into the accolade! Cena leans back, powers to his feet, holding Rusev up and slams him into a corner, but cannot hold it and back to the mat in the accolade. And then there's Owens kicking Rusev in the head.

Winner – Rusev via DQ (4:49)

Popup powerbomb on Rusev. Owens, off mic, yells down at Cena prone on the mat, "I told you, nobody's taking it from you, except me! It's my title!"

Owens leaves the ring, and both men still down on the mat.

Backstage Segment

Kane is talking quietly to a young woman in a headset about things being set up.

Rollins – Kane, you got a minute? Everything set up?

Kane – Everything's set up.

Rollins – This plan better work out, because if it doesn't, it's on you!


Stage Segment

All the Tough Enough contestants on the stage together. Lita's music hits, and she comes to the ring in black pleather leggings, a white top, a tight black jersey jacket cut like a motorcycle jacket, and sparkly white girly shoes.

Lita – It's great to be back here, what a night of competition on Raw!

"Lita!" chants.

Lita – A lot of fresh blood in this ring tonight, so, keeping with that theme, why don't I introduce you to this season's cast of Tough Enough! Amanda! Josh! Chelsea! Mada! Gabi! Patrick! (pop) Giorgia! (heat) Tanner! (heat) Sara Lee! ZZ! (big pop)

Announce Segment

Recap of the video of Wyatt turning on Reigns, them feuding, right through tonight.

Backstage Segment

Stardust, in full paint, gems on his forehead.

Stardust – Gravity causes the earth to rotate at one thousand miles per hour! The slightest shift, a sudden ripple, and it's complete chaos. All the time, the world, the world needs more heroes. What's a hero? Heroes, villains, from where I stand, the view never changes. Neville claims the forced of gravity have forgotten him, have forsaken him. Those forces that you ignorantly neglect will bring your crashing down. In their wake, a new star will rise. Embrace the strange.


Neville vs Stardust

Neville to the ring. Stardust out to face him.

"Cody!" chants from the fans. Neville extends a hand. Stardust shakes it, then kicks Neville down while shaking it. Stardust all over Neville, takes him down a couple times, then clotheslines him to the mat. Neville starts coming back, but Stardust is still in control. Neville over the top, lands on the apron, gets an elbow up at Stardust, then a kick on Stardust. Neville up, but down when Stardust gets up. Stardust plants Neville in the center of the ring. A cartwheel from Stardust, then a facelock on Neville on the mat. "Cody!" chants. Neville up, but slammed back by his tights. Stardust bows, then kicks at Neville on the mat. Reverse chinlock on Neville, but he gets up and free, kicking at Stardust's gut and face. Forearm to Stardust's face, another in a corner. Neville whipped, floats over, flips across the ring, then rolls up Stardust for two.

Stardust rolled up for another two.

Neville pulls Stardust off the ropes backward, but Stardust rolls through and holds Neville's tights for three.

Winner – Stardust (4:07)

Backstage Segment

Brock Lesnar leading Heyman toward the ring.


Contract Signing

Rollins and Kane to the ring.

Rollins – Before we get started out here tonight, I want to say how sick and tired I am about seeing Brock destroying the Caddy I gave J&J over and over and over all night long. So, if I could, I'd like to remind all of you and Brock Lesnar of the destruction I am capable of.

Recap of Rollins, Kane and J&J taking apart Brock three weeks ago on Raw.

Rollins – You know in this world, all a man really has is his word. I'm proud to come out here and give you mine. I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar. This Sunday at Battleground, I Will conquer the Conqueror again. I will defeat the one in 21-1. I will be the wrecking-ball that destroys Suplex City, and the fire that burns it to ashes. This Sunday at Battleground, I will stand in the remnants of Suplex City as the still reigning, undisputed WWE WHC.

Brock's music and he comes out with Heyman in tow. Brock gets pyro for a second time tonight. Brock bounces up on the apron and into the ring. He stands behind his chair. Heyman grabs the mic. "Suplex City!" chants. Rollins yells at Brock, off mic, to sit down. Brock actually does sit. Rollins carefully and slowly sits across from me.

Heyman – You don't have to lock eyes with me, I would never take my eyes of The Beast, Brock Lesnar. You do, however, have to listen to what I have to say, because Mr. Rollins, ever since you turned on your brothers in Shield, me, personally, have wanted to see someone get their hands on you. Ever since, Mr. Rollins, you sold your soul, so you could build yourself as the future of the WWE, they've (fans) wanted to see someone get their hands on you. (pop) And Mr. Rollins, ever since you've violated the 11th commandment, thou shall not intentionally provoke, Brock Lesnar, ever since you cashed in your MITB, ever since you stole that title, Brock Lesnar has wanted to get his hands on you. See, here's the problem, as I see it, Mr. Rollins, all the pressure is on you, six days away. This Sunday night, every single person watching Battleground, is paying to see you get your ass kicked. (pop) And I swear by my god of retribution, Brock Lesnar, everyone will get their money worth, because this Sunday at Battleground, you're going to get your ass kicked. (pop) You're going to get beat up. You're going to get hurt. You're going to get slapped. You're going to get suplexed. You're going to get F5d. You're going to get pinned. You're going to get dethroned. This Sunday at Battleground, Seth Rollins, you sir, are going to Suplex City. And your going to be dragged down there by one beast, one conqueror, the real future of the WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman puts down the mic and tells Rollins to sign. "Suplex City!" chants. Rollins, all pissed, signs the contract, then slides it across the table. Brock smiles, signs the contract himself. Immediately Heyman is tweaking and yelling at Rollins.

Heyman – Hey, hey, hey, hands on the table! Hands on the table!

Rollins – Hey, look, I know you have a devious mind Heyman. I don't have a plan. Are you paranoid? Are you out of your mind? Are you...

Brock quickly flips the table as Rollins slides back. Brock pulls out an ax handle that was under there. Brock takes it, then flips the table back upright. "Suplex City!" chants. Brock slams the ax handle back down on Rollins' side of the table, and sits in the chair again, looking calm. Rollins slowly slides up on the table, grabs the ax handle and backs away, never taking his eyes off Brock. Brock continues to sit there, holding his chin with two or three fingers, a slight smirk on his face.

Suddenly, Brock stands up, lifting the table as he goes, and in one fluid motion, flips the table on its side and slams the top of the table into Rollins. Shoulder blocks on Kane in a corner. Rollins attacks Brock from behind, but Brock quickly turns and hits Rollins with a release German. Rollins flies through the air and takes the move beautifully, one of the best I've seen one of Brock's release German's taken. Brock then clotheslines Kane from the ring. Kane lands on his feet and grabs Brock's feet, pulling him from the ring. Brock makes quick work of Kane, so that when Rollins launches himself from the ring, Brock is there to catch him. Brock turns, right into a big boot from Kane. Rollins and Kane work Brock over outside the ring. As Kane removes his jacket and tie, Rollins uses the ax handle on Brock. Brock into a barricade, then Rollins sends Brock flying into the stairs Kane is holding. Kane then hits Brock with the stairs again. Kane pulls Brock up, and sets Rollins up for what looks like a curb stomp, but Rollins is actually setting up for a pedigree.

Brock is too strong, and sends Rollins flying back into the barricade. Brock turns back and launches himself at Kane who catches him for a chokeslam, but Brock counters and Kane takes an F5 to the floor. Rollins sees that Brock is coming for him, so he flees the area. Over the barricade and through the crowd, almost taking Heyman out in the process. So Brock returns his attention to Kane. Brock sets up Kane's ankle on the bottom set of stairs, and grabs the top part. The way he's holding the stairs, he has the V toward himself, so rather than hitting Kane's ankle with the flat of the stairs, Brock actually slams the corner of the stairs down next to Kane's ankle, then bounces the stairs in the opposite direction. With the camera angle, it looked great. If I hadn't known what I was looking for, I would really think Kane's took the stairs flat on his ankle. Kane rolls on the floor holding his lower leg, not at all the area that the stairs would have landed on if they'd actually touched him – another major indicator that Brock did a great job with that move.

Brock back into the ring and grabs the WWE WHC. Brock poses with the strap above his head, and gets some solid pop for it. Rollins is way back in the crowd, but not in the stands, watching Brock in the ring with his strap.

Video recap of the high points of Brock's attack on Kane's ankle. They go to video of Rollins watching Kane taking the stairs shot and sells his shock to it in a huge way.

Rollins back into the ring and starts throwing the table, then the chairs. The chairs go flying from the ring.

Rollins – From day one Lesnar, you came in here and thought you were untouchable. You ran through everybody. You ran through John Cena, Taker, Reigns, but you didn't run through me! At WrestleMania, I took this title from you because I am better than you! In six days, at Battleground, I will do what no other man on this earth can do Lesnar. I will prove again that you are not a machine, not a monster, a man with a pulse and you can be beat! I will rip that stupid sword tattoo right off your chest. I will cut you in half Lesnar, and I will be forever know as the man who slayed The Beast! Me! Me!

Quiet heat for Rollins, but more people are focused on Kane being tended to.

Rollins – This was your plan Kane? This was your big plan to get rid of Lesnar, huh? How'd that work out for you, huh? Like your whole career has worked out for you, a big disappointment! You are nothing without me Kane!

Kane is lolling on the floor, rolling around to sell his pain.

Rollins – You are nothing without me, and guess what, you're without me, so now you're nothing! I told you if this didn't work out, it was on you. Look at us Kane, how's it working out, you piece of crap? You never was, you wannabe Hall of Famer. How's it working out? Well, it's on you!

Rollins starts leaving, the turns back. Rollins over to stomp Kane's ankle, then leaves the area. Kane starts rolling around again, really selling his pain.

Biggest Pop
Brock Lesnar
NXT Divas

Biggest Heat
New Day

Best Surprise
Divas getting "This is awesome!" chants

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