Raw Results 7/6/15 – O'Neil Shows Up JBL On Announce; Or, Cesaro Takes Cena To The Limit Like Few Have – EVER!


RAW Results July 6, 2015
From Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Rollins, Kane and J&J taking out Brock Lesnar, followed by gifts from Rollins to the guys last week on Raw.

In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar to the ring with Heyman in tow. Brock jumps up on the apron, pyro from all four. Brock then paces around the ring as Heyman grabs a mic. "Suplex city!" chants.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the 9th mayor of Suplex city, Brock Lesnar. It's come to our attention that Rollins and his band of merry men thinks he's still in Japan. That shows that you can put a title on anyone, and at the end of the day there's some dumb schmuck Justin Bieber wannabe that lucks into the WWE WHC. Let me spell this out so someone like Rollins can get it. You're going to learn that Brock Lesnar is the lord, by god, hallowed be his name. Brock Lesnar is not a god of love, of family, of charity, of forgiveness, he's the god of violent retribution! And that violent retribution will come at the expense of Rollins and anyone with him. I assure you that this is the sword that will pierce his shield. Let's take a look at history when Brock took the Streak from Taker. (heat) Don't boo the Advocate. Brock didn't have respect for Taker, but didn't disrespect him either. He conquered it. When Brock took John Cena to Suplex City, Brock didn't have respect for Cena, but didn't disrespect him, so he conquered him. When he showed Reigns what a brutal beating was as WrestleMania. Now, Rollins, my client harbors disrespect for you. You broke the 11th commandment, you intentionally disrespected Brock! Rollins didn't just provoke you once. At WrestleMania he cashed in. he didn't just do it twice, slimming out of your rematch the next night and got suspended, but three times when they all piled on the Beast who was still breathing and still alive, salivating for revenge against Rollins. My job is to see you that on July 19th, my client, Brock Lesnar will get his hands on the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Seth Rollins and will take the Championship back! The title match might take place there, but the beating and suplexes begin tonight! They will take place at the altar of the beast, the city hall of Suplex City in Chicago, IL! My client has heard that Rollins will be here tonight.

"Suplex city!" chants.

Heyman – Since Rollins will be here, my client isn't going anywhere. Someone better tell the Champ there's a Seth slapping, Rollins busting, back breaking beast of Battleground, Brock Lesnar!

Announce Segment

Fake pics of Kane on vaca in Hawaii. And J&J's road trip, making their way to Chicago, and will show us bits throughout the night.

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.


Big Show vs Ryback

Miz is ringside in a director's chair with a mic. Ryback to the ring to face Big Show.

Video of Ryback's WWE.com interview about Big Show with Cole this week.

Miz on mic yelling for them to tear each other up, let's go! Big Show tosses Ryback across the ring. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans. Ryback behind Big Show, into a side headlock. Big Show pushes Ryback into a corner. Ryback behind Big Show, takes an elbow to the head, then into a corner again. Slap to Ryback's chest. Miz gets a "One more time!" chant going. Miz tries again, up on the apron, but Big Show is too slow. Another slap to Ryback's chest. Knees to Ryback's gut, over and over. Ryback under Big Show's arm, then a Thesz Press, but Ryback all over Big Show on the mat. Big Show with a right slaps at Ryback to stop him. A knee to Ryback in a corner, and Miz is laughing about it all. Big Show after Ryback, but Ryback moves and Big Show bum first into a corner. Ryback with blows, Miz egging him along. Big Show lifts Ryback and plants him to the mat.


Big Show has Ryback's legs tied up in a great looking submission hold with Miz on the apron cheering him on. Big Show up to go after Miz who says he was just cheering him on! Ryback lifts Big Show, but falls back for two.

Ryback takes out Big Show's knee. Ryback on Big Show with Miz cheering him on. Ryback on Big Show with shoulder blocks, finally taking Big Show down with the third on. "Feed me more!" chants and Miz distracts, but Ryback with the meathook, and splashes. Ryback climbs, but Big Show moves and Ryback eats mat. Chokeslam on Ryback, Big Show up on the corner, drops a big elbow, but Miz is there attacking Big Show for the bell.

No Contest (12:26)

Miz all over Ryback with blows and kicks. Miz back on Big Show, then back to Ryback to stomp him. But Big Show is up, and so is Ryback. "Feed me more!" chants and Miz is begging for his life. Ryback blocks Miz's exit. Miz tells them that this is for Battleground, not here! He begs them. Miz is shellshocked. Miz is chokeslammed by Big Show, then Ryback clotheslines Big Show to the mat.



Total Divas promo.

Announce Segment

More fake pics of Kane in Hawaii. Then onto clips of J&J in their new car around Chicago in the rain, wearing their suits and ties.

Brie vs Paige

Team Bella in the ring posing. Paige out to face Brie. Video of Fox vs Paige last week on Raw, and with distraction, Paige won.

They lock up, to their knees, roll, then back up, still locked. Blows on Brie in a corner, Paige stomping her down. Paige backs off, then eats an elbow, and flipped to the apron. Paige hung up top, backward! Brie out to roll Paige in. Brie gets two for it.

Naomi and Tamina are watching on a monitor backstage.

Brie with an arm bar on Paige, Paige's throat behind Brie's knee. Paige uses leverage to get two.

Fox with a cheap shot pulling Paige's hair through the ropes, so Paige moves and Brie mode is to Nikki and Fox! Paige rolls up Brie up for two, twice!

Paige goes on a rage of blows, then a superkick to Brie. Brie fights back in a corner, then comes off the second ropes with a drop kick that hits only air. Nikki on the apron, but Brie into her, then a superkick to Fox on the apron. This distraction is enough for Brie to face plant Paige for three.

Winner – Brie (3:12)

Team Bella celebrates, then a scissor kick from Fox, and Nikki with a rack attack on Paige. They go back to celebrating in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole tells us how to get the WWE Network. They go onto the feud between Wyatt and Reigns. Video of how Wyatt keeps ambushing Reigns.

In Ring Segment

Reigns through the stands to the ring with fist bumps and lots of slaps on the back from fans.


Reigns vs Sheamus

Sheamus to the ring with his case in hand.

They lock up and muscle around the ring. Side headlock on Sheamus, who pushes off. Shoulder block to Sheamus. Sheamus up top, but pulled off by one leg by Reigns. Reigns clotheslines Sheamus from the ring. Reigns out, sends Sheamus into the barricade, back of the neck first. Sheamus back in with a high running knee on Reigns as he gets back into the ring. They exchange blows with Sheamus in the ring, Reigns on the second rope on the apron side. Reigns' head bounced off the top, and is sent flying back to the apron, then flops to the floor.


Headlock on Reigns on the mat through "CM Punk!" chants. Reigns looks like a wet dishcloth in Sheamus' elbow. Reigns finds life, gets free, but knocked down again. Sheamus fixes his floppy 'hawk, then Reigns catches him with a Samoan drop. Both men are down on the mat and slow to rise. Reigns side-steps Sheamus who flies out. Sheamus in for clotheslines, then a flying clothesline off the ropes. Clothesline in a corner, then Sheamus telegraphs for a kick. Sheamus reverses, but Reigns rolls through. Sheamus grabs Reigns who counters. Sheamus' head through the ropes, and takes a double kick. Back in for a Samoan drop. Reigns is ready, even if the fans aren't. The block for the superman punch was horrid, and then an Irish curse back breaker for two.

They block and throw blows. Sheamus climbs, comes off the top into a superman punch.


The fireflies are out, and Wyatt comes out. Reigns from the ring, with a superman punch on who he thinks is Wyatt, but then when he keeps attacking, a wig comes off. It's not Wyatt.

Wyatt from backstage – Hahaha! Anyone but you Roman. Anyone but you!

Winner by Count Out – Sheamus (11:16)

Orton's music, and he comes out. Orton and Sheamus fight outside the ring, Orton easily getting the upper hand. Sheamus tries to escape, but is stopped. Orton off the post, then they head into the ring. RKO on Sheamus! The fans go WILD for Orton who poses as they continue to show their love for him.

Backstage Segment

Trip on his cell.

Rollins – All around the town boys.

Trip – How's that car treating you? Love the upgrades. I need to talk to Seth.

Rollins – Talk to you later boys.

Trip – Love that car. What you planning to do about Brock Lesnar tonight?

Rollins – That's why we came in here. With Kane out, and Jamie still busted up with his ribs, you got any advice for me?

Trip – My advice is to walk out of Battleground as WWE WHC at all costs.

Rollins – I got Battleground in the bag, I'm talking about tonight.

Trip – Since you have Battleground in the bag, conventional wisdom would be that you just ignore, as you have the advantage, let him stew, let him boil, let him make a mistake at Battleground. That's not how Brock Lesnar opperates. You need to do the unthinkable, the unconventional, something no one will expect and, if you think about it Paul Heyman gave you the template for that tonight in the 11th commandment.

Rollins – Never intentionally provoke the Beast. Intentionally provoke the Beast. I have to call out Brock Lesnar. I have to call out Brock Lesnar, the last thing anyone will expect me to do. Bring him to the ring and do what we did to him two weeks ago. Show him what fear is all about.

Trip – Yes.

Rollins – Show him what it is to doubt.

Trip – Yes.

Rollins – Show him why I'm the man, why I'm the WWE WHC! I'm calling out the Beast!

Trip – Yeah Seth, show him. Show him.


WWE Rewind

Summer Rae talking up Rusev, talking down Lana, and ended up getting slammed to the mat for it.

In Ring Segment

Rusev and Summer Rae in the ring. Summer Rae in a short, tight, red dress. "USA!" chants start.

Rusev – Yes, your USA loves opportunities. I've been so inspired by my new woman to always have a submissive Summer. The way she openly and honestly apologized on Smackdown, I came out to apologize myself. I apologize.

"We want Lana!" chants from the fans, neither Summer Rae or Rusev look happy about this.

Rusev – I give you Summer! I will apologize for wasting a year of my life on that snake, blonde headed witch of a Lana that called herself woman.

Solid heat!

Rusev – And I won't apologize for all you stupid Americans for taking her under your wing, and now loving her like she never did anything wrong. And I won't apologize to the little, pathetic Dolph Ziggler, I won't apologize that I put myself as low as him. That man is clearly not on my integrity level, my aggression, and strength. And honestly, I'm better looking and more passionate.
""USA!" chants.

Summer Rae – You should be showing this man the respect he deserves.

Serious heat.

Rusev – Don't waste your precious words, hot Summer.

Rusev kisses her hand. They look like they're about to kiss, Rusev licks his lips, but Ziggler's music hits. Ziggler comes out with a black suit jacket over his t-shirt. Lana is in a navy suit.

Ziggler – Rusev! Rusev! Rusev, how distorted is your reality. You ankle is broken, but is your brain broken too? Everything you've gotten in the WWE is due to one person.

Ziggler and Lana get in the ring. Lana is wearing red stilettos with her navy suit!

Ziggler – Everything you've gotten in WWE is due to Lana. Yeah, so you can complain all you want, but you know you lost the best thing that ever happened to you. You know that song you butchered a couple weeks ago? It's going to come back to haunt you. You don't know what you've got till it's gone, gone, gone. Brother, it's gone! And I found her.

Ziggler and Lana start kissing. Rusev steps away, but Summer Rae steps up, yelling at them. Lana steps up to Summer Rae, and off comes those sexy red shoes. Summer Rae removes her nude stilettos and tosses them aside to show she's ready. Rusev steps in front of Summer Rae, then attacks Ziggler with a crutch. Rusev beats Ziggler with that crutch, breaking it over Ziggler. His ankle appears to be fine. Superkick to Ziggler's face, cast and all, sending Ziggler's gum flying. Lana to Ziggler's side on the mat as Rusev removes the cast and throws it out of the ring in front of announce. Summer Rae shows her black panties when kicking Lana in the back. Lana's panties are in the public eye when Summer Rae tosses her out through the ropes. Rusev is all over Ziggler, beating him down on the mat. "USA!" chants. Rusev grabs the other crutch, grabs Ziggler by the back of the hair and pulls him up, and Ziggler fight back a bit, but doesn't get far. Ziggler's throat to the top of the crutch, and Rusev slams the bottom of the crutch down to try to injure Ziggler.

Refs back Rusev off, and docs in to check on Ziggler. Before they can get Ziggler from the ring, Rusev attacks again, and beats Ziggler more with that crutch. As Raw goes to commercial, Rusev stands tall with the crutch as Ziggler is tended to.



Recap of Rusev's attack on Ziggler. During the commercial, Ziggler was stretchered out, Lana by his side.

Bo vs Ambrose

Bo to the ring with a huge smile on his face, running around and into the ring.

Bo – That was a horrible thing we saw happen to Ziggler. Horrible. It shows bad things happen to bad people. And good things happen to good people. Good people like me. All you have to do is Bolieve!

Ambrose to the ring with a smile on his face.

Bo extends his left hand to shake and is taken down. Ambrose stomps him in a corner. Bo bounced off a corner, chopped. Bo whipped, but moves and takes Ambrose down for two.

Dueling chants of "Let's go Ambrose!" and "We Bolieve!" It goes on longer than any dueling chant I've heard in YEARS. Bo takes Ambrose down, takes a lap around the inside of the ring. Ambrose rolls from Bo's knee. Ambrose with blows, then out of the ropes. Clothesline in a corner, then a running bulldog on Bo. Ambrose off the top on a standing Bo with an elbow, riding him down to the mat. Bo comes back with a blow, Ambrose out of the ropes with a clothesline. Dirty deeds for three.

Winner – Ambrose (3:00)

Ambrose celebrates as Bo is prone on the mat.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Rollins talking about calling out Brock. They go to more video of J&J in their new car driving Chicago.


R-Truth vs Barrett

R-Truth and Barrett arguing over crowns in the ring.

R-Truth on Barrett with blows, and rolls Barrett up for two.

Side headlock on Barrett who grabs R-Truth's hair to get free. Barrett on R-Truth in one corner, then the next. R-Truth gets a shoulder into Barrett's blow, then clotheslines him from the ring. R-Truth gets the fans riled up, but then Barrett pulls him from the ring and slams him back. R-Truth in the post face first. Barrett in to pose for the fans. He gets a tiny bit of heat. Barrett out, grabs R-Truth and bounces his face off the apron. R-Truth bounced off the next post. R-Truth rolled in, and Barrett in for two.

Barrett all over R-Truth with blows on the mat. Headlock on R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth free. Barrett telegraphs and is kicked, but then lands a big boot for two.


Barrett stomps R-Truth, then drops an elbow. Chinlock on R-Truth who gets his feet, but then dropped to the mat again. R-Truth swipes Barrett's feet out from under him, then gets an elbow in his face. Clotheslines on Barrett, and R-Truth is riled. Scissors kick on Barrett for two.

Splash on Barrett in a corner. R-Truth around behind Barrett, rolls him up for two.

R-Truth taken down hard by a low blow by Barrett. Barrett sets up, yelling at R-Truth to get up. R-Truth ducks and rolls Barrett for two.

R-Truth off the corner, but eats the bull hammer as he flies. Barrett gets three for it.

Winner – Barrett (8:54)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Barrett celebrates in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Rollins heading to the ring with J&J flanking him. Rollins has a piece of wood of some sort in his hand.



Recap of Ziggler being attacked by Rusev. Ziggler stretchered out, and loaded into an ambulance backstage, Lana with him, sans shoes.

In Ring Segment

Rollins out to the stage. J&J roll out in their new Caddy with the camo racing stripe they added to snaz it up. They all have wooden handles, without axes or sledges on them. All three to the ring.

Rollins – Triple H and Steph McMahon chose Brock Lesnar to be my opponent at Battleground because they know what you all need to understand. I am the man, and the undisputed future of the WWE. I've been proving it over and over and over again. The latest time was two weeks ago, reuniting The Authority and leaving Brock Lesnar lying in this ring like a whimpering dog. I conquered the Conqueror, I set fire to Suplex City, and at Battleground, I will burn it to the ground. Brock Lesnar is yesterday's news. That neanderthal cannot thank with a thinking man's Champion.

Video of The Authority beating down Brock Lesnar two weeks ago on Raw.

"Suplex City!" chants.

Rollins – Chant that all you want. I'm the Architect. I'm the man who destroyed the Shield, I reunited The Authority, I cashed in at WrestleMania in the main event and beat Brock Lesnar to become WWE WHC. There's nobody else on planet earth who can beat Brock Lesnar. At Battleground I'm walking in with this, and walking out. Earlier tonight Paul Heyman mentioned something about the 11th commandment and not provoking the Beast. Brock, here I am, and I'm wondering, are you the Beast everyone says you are?

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Rollins – Brock are you the Beast everyone thinks you are? Or, are you just Paul Heyman's bitch?

Rollins drops the mic and waits, wooden handle in hand. He's laughing and joking with J&J, then Brock's music hits, and out he comes with Heyman in tow. Rollins is all laughing and pointing at Brock. Brock says something to Heyman – telling him to stay back? And Brock heads down the ramp. Rollins and J&J are ready, wooden handles in hand. Then Brock smirks and backs up the ramp – that really isn't a ramp this week, or the car couldn't have driven over the way it did. Rollins is all smiles, then Brock motions for something. Heyman rolls an anvil case fire kit over and opens it for Brock. Out comes a black handled fire ax. Brock pulls out another black handled fire ax, one over each shoulder.

Brock drops one ax, then kicks back into the Caddy's door. Brock slams one ax through the driver's side door. Brock grabs the second ax and puts it through the back side window. The ax through the driver's window. More damage to the doors, the quarter panels, the back window, the trunk, and then rips a back door off and beats it up, throwing it toward the audience.

J&J rush Brock. Mercury is tossed aside with one hand on his bald head. Brock then grabs Noble, who Cole is screaming about having broken ribs, and locks the kimura lock on Noble, then makes that motion that he did when he 'broke' Trip and HBK's arms. So, Brock 'broke' Noble's arm here. Noble flops on the floor, selling the pain. Mercury tossed onto the hood of the car and rolls off. Brock with a head bouncing belly-to-belly suplex on Mercury onto the hood of the car.

Brock removes his shirt to solid pop, then heads for the ring. Rollins flees the ring, and into the stands. Brock gives chase, for a tiny bit, then back to the ring. Brock grabs the WWE WHC strap and holds it high into the ring. Brock smirks, then drops the strap, heading from the ring, taking one of the wooden ax handles with him. Brock puts it through the hole he made in the driver's side window, but doesn't make it any bigger. Video recap of the high points of the destruction of the car. Coming back, Brock is standing on the hood of the car, Heyman below being all proud.



Recap of the destruction of the Caddy, and J&J.

Lucha Dragons vs New Day

Lucha Dragons to the ring. Prime Time Players are on announce. New Day to the ring, clapping. They are not thrilled looking at the car, knowing how it is to face Brock.

Kofi and Sin Cara start, Kofi whippeding Sin Cara, Sin Cara whipping and hitting a body drop that looks barely executed correctly, giving even the announcers a pause. Kalisto in to double team Kofi. Big E tags in to settle the score, and get the "New Day Sucks!" chants started. Kalisto works fast against Big E, a spiral off the ropes onto Big E, and continues to pinball around to knock him from the ring. Sin Cara in and they are going to fly, but Woods stops them on the apron. So they double team a drop kick onto Woods. Then both Lucha Dragons fly out onto New Day.


Kofi on Kalisto on the mat for two.

Big E tags in and takes Kalisto down to the mat. Big E with a beautiful belly-to-belly on Kalisto who flew with such a lovely grace. Big E with an abdominal stretch. O'Neil and JBL are arguing about the car, and the match in front of them, and the match is more important. JBL brings up O'Neil going to college in Florida. O'Neil asks what degrees JBL has, as O'Neil has a Masters, and an undergrad on his wall. Then O'Neil says, "Hot tag to Sin Cara, going to call this match as JBL isn't doing it..." O'Neil is all up in JBL's business about doing his job and calling the match. Kofi off a corner, grabs Kalisto for a DDT, but takes a suplex and bridge. Big E in to break it up. Lucha Dragons fly out, Big E catches Kalisto, and Woods moves. Big E tosses Kalisto outside the ring. Into the ring and they double team Sin Cara for three.

Winners New Day (10:22)

PTP from announce to yell smack with New Day.


US Championship Open Challenge

Cena to the ring with the fans singing along with his music, louder than ever.

Video promo for Beast From The East. Finn Balor beat Kevin Owens for NXT Championship!

Cena – A thousand thank yous for the serenade to the ring. Sounds like some of you are upset tonight. Would that have anything to do with Owens losing the NXT Championship? If that's the case, have no fear, the Champ is here! (mixed) Which means you will get a Championship match tonight on Raw. (mixed) I've had a lot of wonderful moments in this building, in front of an always raucous crowd, and it will be my please to make another tonight. I want to give a word to the wise, you better bring your A game, because this is the Allstate Arena, which means Chicago is the place to be. (pop) John Cena is still the man to beat. (heat) And the US Open Challenge starts...

Owens' music cuts Cena off.

Owens – Every week is the same thing. Every week the worst part of Raw is when you come out here and say the same garbage over and over again. I'm so sick of it, but it ends tonight! Your time is officially up, because I no longer just want the US Title, I need the US Title, and I need to take it from you so we no longer have to hear this stupid garbage come out of your mouth ever again. Now, I was fine waiting for Battleground, but now that I don't have the NXT Championship anymore, I'm taking that Title from you, right here, right now, let's go!

US Championship Match – Cena (c) vs Cesaro

They are about to start the match, but Cesaro's music hits! Cesaro comes out, dressed for the ring, mic in hand!

Cesaro – Hey Kevin, nobody wants to hear you stand out here and whine about losing the NXT Championship. (pop) And if you need to do anything, you need to step aside, because if anyone deserves to challenge for the US Championship, it's not you, it's me. See, last week on Raw, I had Mr. Never-Give-Up ready to give up. The only reason I'm not standing here as US Champion today is you. Because you were jealous that I was about to do what you haven't been able to. You couldn't do it before, you can't do it at Battleground, and that's beat John Cena for the US Championship. So, if you don't get out of this ring now, you won't just have a problem with John Cena, you'll have a problem with me.

Owens is all loose limbs, and leaves the ring to Cesaro. Lilian announces the match, and Cena seems to revert ten years, showing off the way he did when he was the Master of Thuganomics.

Dueling Cena chants, and they lock up. Side headlock on Cena who pushes off. Cesaro runs the ropes over and under Cena and lands an upper cut. Cena from the ring, so Cesaro holds the ropes for him to return.


Cena suplexes out of a side headlock by Cesaro. Cena sets up to solid heat, but Cesaro up with a wicked clothesline on Cena for two.

Cesaro pulls Cena up, but Cena lands a drop kick on Cesaro, then rushes Cesaro in a corner, but Cesaro moves and stomps Cena on the mat. Cesaro with a delayed, into one hand, and squats, on Cena for two!

Cesaro pulls Cena up, but Cena blocks the suplex, gets Cesaro on his shoulders and plants him face first to the mat. They exchange blows, getting much reaction. Cena gets Cesaro up, but Cesaro reverses into a DDT for two.

Cena from the ring, so Cesaro off the apron with a double stomp to Cena's gut! Cena rolled in, and Cesaro covers for two.

Chinlock on Cena. Cena free, but Cesaro takes him down for two.

Cesaro back on Cena with the submission holds on the mat. Cesaro really works the holds as Cena appears to nap a bit, and turn a little red.


Cena with a shoulder tackle, but caught on the second one with a back breaker by Cesaro for two.

Cena side-steps and Cesaro eats corner. Cena takes Cesaro down, sets up, but Cesaro up again. Cena plants Cesaro again, sets up again! But Cesaro catches Cena's wrist and pulls him into an crossface! Cena powers out and lifts Cesaro, but Cesaro reverses. Cena with a drop toe hold, locks on the STF! Cesaro to the bottom rope for the break!

Cesaro with gut wrenches on Cena, three in a row for a long two!

Running upper cut to Cena in a corner. Cena whipped, takes another running upper cut. Cena whipped, takes another upper cut, then Cesaro locks up on Cena for the swing, but Cena sits up in it, and lands a DDT on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro with a drop kick, knocking Cena to the floor. Cesaro out with an upper cut on Cena. Cena rolled in, Cesaro up top. Cena rolls through, sets up, but Cesaro lands on his feet. Cena reverses on Cesaro with head scissors on Cesaro for two.

"This is awesome!" chants (for good reason). Cena gets Cesaro up, but Cesaro free. Cesaro slingshots off the ropes with a twisting upper cut on Cena for two!

Cesaro climbs, Cena on the apron. Cena grabs Cesaro and works free. Cena dives off the apron onto Cesaro. Fall-away slam on Cena into the barricade! "Holy shit!" chants can be heard. Cena flips Cesaro into the time keeper's area. Cesaro with a cold water bottle on the back of his neck, then thanks someone for it before Cena sends him back into the ring. Cena climbs. Cesaro up and lands an upper cut. Cesaro climbs up, both up there. Head butt to Cesaro. Cena off the top with a leg drop to the back of Cesaro's neck for two.

Cena gets Cesaro up, but can't keep it. Cena tossed high for that sick upper cut, but it hit his chest. Cesaro gets two for it.

Cesaro looks frustrated, and sells it. Cesaro up, but Cena quick with an AA, but only gets two for it.

Cesaro grabs Cena for the big swing! Cena doesn't protect his neck, but won't catch crap, as he's Cena. Cesaro locks on the sharpshooter for his injured partner! Cena heading for the ropes, then drops to reverse into the crossface. Cena rolls through, so Cesaro counters back, keeping the hold, and they're in the center of the ring. Cena reverses into the STF! Cesaro to his feet, spins Cena around his own body, and lands a suplex on Cena for two!

Cena tries his springboard stunner, but it's again botched/missed, so Cesaro comes back with his neutralizer on Cena for two!

Cena locks on a hold, into a tornado, but Cesaro reverses into a crossface. Cena makes it to the ropes to break the hold, and gets solid heat for it.

Both men are slow, winded, but still going. "Cesaro!" chants. Cesaro up on the corner and superplexes Cena from the apron and into the cover for two.

A quiet dueling chants for Cena can barely be heard. Cena floats over, reverses and lands a powerbomb on Cesaro for two.

Cena on Cesaro with blows. Cesaro up on Cena's shoulders, and Cena climbs! On the second ropes Cesaro fights back. Cesaro sets up the neutralizer up there. Cena fights it. Cena sets up the AA up there, and they come off the second ropes with the move, and Cena gets the three.

Winner – Cena(30:12)

Cena is still on the mat, but Owens is there. Owens tries for his pop-up powerbomb, but Cena free, and lands a really sloppy AA, and Owens flees the ring.

Standing ovation for Cena.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Rollins & J&J

Most Mixed
Brock Lesnar

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