Raw Results 5/11/15 – 'This Is Awesome' Chants Show A Changing Of The Guards?


RAW Results May 11, 2015
From US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Backstage Segment

A limo pulls up. The driver gets out, scurries to open the door, and it's Trip who gets out. No Steph, just Trip, and he looks a bit cranky.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Trip announced to the ring. Cole talks about Bryan being there and will address the fans tonight.

Solid heat for Trip.

Trip – Daddy's home. That's what I say to my children, and immediately they behave better. Daddy's home and it seems like it's something I have to say to my DOO Kane and my WWE WHC Seth Rollins. You leave for a couple weeks to do things like, I don't know, run a multi-million dollar company, and people can't do what you ask them to do. I'm not asking them to like each other, just want them to do what I tell them to do. I'm not about to watch this whole thing unfold because of someone's unchecked ego. We're going to clear the air once and for all tonight. Seth, Kane, please come to the ring now.

Rollins' music and he comes out with J&J Security in tow.

Rollins – Let me be the first to say, I totally agree with you 100%, we are on the same page.

"We want Ambrose!" chants from his hometown fans.

Rollins – Never mind that, we're on the same page, what's best for business, me at the top of my game, but we can't have that when there's a seven foot cancer walking around The Authority trying to poison it from the inside. I don't really know what Kane's deal is, maybe he's jealous because he's not the man, never was the man, never will be the man, feel like he's...

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – I'm trying to talk to my boss here, come on! (heat) I kinda feel like Kane's made it his personal mission to make sure I lose my WWE WHC. A couple weeks ago in a WWE App vote...

"We want Ambrose!" chants.

Rollins – He gave the power to these people to make my Payback match a Triple Threat Match, then added Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose to my match! Happy, I said his stupid name! So now it's a Fatal 4 Way, basically a 3-On-1 Handicap Match, and I don't have to be pinned to lose my Title! So you put all that together, and that Kane has assaulted me on several occasions, put that all together...

"Asshole!" chants from the fans stops Rollins in his tracks.

Rollins – I have to say that I don't think Kane's fit to be DOO any longer. And, look, I know you and Kane go back a long way, and he's one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE history, but he isn't the Kane you ran with. He's broken and can't be fixed. Maybe it's time he's taken out back and put out of his misery, if you know what I mean. I know that's harsh...

Kane's music hits. He comes out as Trip and Mercury say things to Rollins.

Kane – Seth, I may be older than you, but with age come wisdom, and I'm being told to grab you by your turkey neck and chokeslam you straight to hell! (pop)

Rollins – This is what I'm talking about, directly threatening me. (Kane in his face yelling back, but not clearly.) I should be a man and slap you right in your face! Do something about this!

Trip – Enough! Enough. Kane, you know I respect you, but you need to get on the same page as the rest of us here.

"Asshole!" chants are starting, and getting loud again.

Trip – You need to check your ego aside. Rollins can be a little irritating sometimes and you want to punch him right in his face! But you don't. You don't because I say you don't, and he's what's best for business. Right now you leave me no choice but to say if Rollins doesn't walk out of Payback as WWE WHC, maybe your services as DOO are no longer needed. (heat)

Kane – It's a shame you feel that way, because as much as I respect you, it might be worth it to eviscerate him!

Rollins pointing fingers right up in Kane's face.

Rollins – Direct insubordination! Direct insubordination! You should fire...

Trip – Seth, shut up! Kane, you need to let me know right now, if this is not something you can do, maybe we just should amicably part ways. I can see by your silence that's what you don't want, but I need to know we're on the same page. Tonight, all four participants in the Payback main event will see action in this ring tonight. (pop) Kane, I need to know you're invested in this, so I'm going to give you a reason to be invested facing Reigns tonight. And Seth Rollins, the WWE WHC!

"Asshole!" chants.

Trip – Tonight, you're gonna face in the main event, Randy Orton!

Rollins stomps around, all pissy again. Noble grabs Rollins' mic from him.

Noble – With all due respect Hunter, it's easy for you to roll in and out of here in your limousine and making a match when we're six days away from a PPV. In case you ain't been watchin' on your big screen at home, Seth Rollins is the man around here!

Trip stares over J&J Security at Rollins, then down at Noble.

Trip – I'm sorry, were you two still here? Because there's another guy in the Fatal 4 Way who needs to see competition tonight, in fact, I think he should see competition right now. Maybe I'm way too high up here, (squatting, his bum out, right down below Noble's line of sight) I think he needs to see competition right now! And since the two of you little fellas seem to stack up to one man, you will do just fine in a Handicap Match against Dean Ambrose!

The fans knew it was coming, but went wild!

Trip – You and you (Kane and Rollins), come with me!

Trip leaves the ring with an arguing Kane and Rollins in tow. Ambrose's music hits and out here comes. J&J Security flee the ring, and the fans are insane!


Handicap Match – Dean Ambrose vs Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble

Noble and Mercury discuss, then Ambrose rolls out, pulls Noble off the apron. Mercury rolls out as Ambrose rolls in. Ambrose all over Mercury in a corner. Head butt, then scoop slam on Mercury. Mercury with flailing blows, but then into the ropes and holds on. Mercury clotheslined out, so Ambrose brings Noble in. Noble begs Ambrose, on his knee.s Ambrose extends a hand, pulls him up for dirty deeds, but Noble escapes. Outside the ring they double team Ambrose, but he comes back clotheslining them over announce. Ambrose sits Indian style on announce with a smile. Ambrose climbs, Noble distracts and Mercury covers for two.

Noble in and on Ambrose with clotheslines as JBL talks up Noble being Cruiserweight Champ, and Mercury three time Tag Team Champ. Drop kick from Mercury on Ambrose for two. Booker T calls it a textbook move.

Ambrose shoulder tackles Mercury, but they butt heads and both are down. Noble tags in, but Ambrose bounces up. Ambrose with blows all over Noble, shoulder tackles, off the corner but Noble free and flees. Ambrose then dives through the ropes onto both of them. Ambrose climbs, hits his elbow on Noble, but Mercury breaks the count.

J&J Security double telegraph, kicked, clotheslined. Dirty deeds on Noble for three.

Winner – Ambrose (5:18)

The fans are wild for their hometown hero winning. Video recap of the high points of the match. Ambrose is soaking up all the love from his fans.


Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett

Ziggler to the ring. Sheamus on announce, as they will face off at Payback. Barrett out to face him.

Barrett – Ziggler, over the past few weeks a commoner friend of yours is challenging the King. A peasant by the name of Neville. Gravity hasn't forgotten Neville, in fact ytoung Neville will be fully reacquainted with gravity when he meets a bull hammer at Payback. Meanwhile Ziggler you and I have some unfinished business. Tonight I'm stealing a page from Sheamus. You're going to get a new job. You're going to go from being the common show off to being a royal arse kisser, so ring the bell!

Superkick and Ziggler gets two for it.

Sheamus goes off about how Ziggler plays dirty, knowing he can't beat Barrett clean. Elbow to Barrett. Barrett out of the ring, so Ziggler out and Sheamus to his feet.


Zig-zag on Barrett for two.

"Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Barrett blocks Ziggler. Ziggler back on Barrett. Barrett sets up, but then eats a drop kick for two.

Barrett shoulder first, but Sheamus up and distracts Ziggler. Bull hammer for three.

Winner – Barrett (6:00)

King Barrett grabs his (cruddy) crown and leaves. Sheamus into the ring where Ziggler is still lolling on the mat. "You look stupid!" chants at Sheamus. Sheamus taunts and kicks Ziggler all over the mat. Sheamus yells smack at Ziggler and the fans through it all. Blows on Ziggler in a corner. Then Super Ziggler is back with blows, but then eats a brogue kick and it's over for him. Sheamus is all bowed up as he walks around the ring, then yells, "Are you not entertained?" Sheamus leaves the ring with a smirk.


Rowan vs Fandango

Harper and Rowan to the ring. Video of Rowan returning to Harper's side last week over Fandango. Fandango out to face him.

Fandango on Rowan with blows as the announcers announce their time for Rowan winning this match, all under two minutes. Rowan slams Fandango down for three – the announcers yelling about the times they went for.

Winner – Rowan (0:37)

Announce timed it, so I didn't have to!


WWE Rewind

Bret Hart announced Sami Zayn to the ring. Zayn wrestled hurt through the whole match, and earned an A for the match from me last week on the RIB!

US Open Challenge

Cena to the ring through singing, that he sucks, but not as loud as last week.

Cena – Little bit different from last week, sounds like some John Cena in the house tonight. (pop) Don't get your panties in a bunch, sounds like there's a lot who aren't John Cena fans. Regardless of who you like or who you don't like, there's something you can appreciate – this here. It's the US Championship.

"USA!" chants.

Cena – I like you, we all live in America, and think it's the greatest country on earth, and this is its trophy. Now, I wanted to win this trophy because I thought the wrong guy hand it, but it's renewed my purpose. If you ask anybody, they will say THE Championship is the WWE WHC, but there's scheming, plotting, and so sought after that you guys know of WWE Superstars who will work their entire careers and never get near that trophy, but that's not the case with this. This is what I believe in. This is what you believe in, and this is what the USA is all about! (pop) It is a symbol of excellence, sportsmanship and opportunity. Each week I give the opportunity to any man brave enough to walk that ramp and make history. Stardust, Barrett, Kane, Zayn. Whether you're a Superstar, The Authority, or, as we saw last week, an NXT Superstar, everybody's got a chance. There's one man without a chance, Rusev. This Sunday I face Rusev in an I Quit Match. I never give up. Rusev told me how he was going to make me quit, so I've been advised to cancel the Open Challenge. (heat) I also think that's a bad idea. Why don't we leave it up to a vote? Do you want to see a US Championship Match right here, right now? (pop) It does sound like Cincinnati is the place to be, and John Cena is the guy to beat. The John Cena US Open challenge starts now. You want some? Come get some!

US Title Match – John Cena (c) vs Neville

Neville comes out to face Cena!

They circle, then lock up, backing Neville into a corner. Cena with a clean break, and a smirk as they circle again. Dueling Cena chants stop the match for a moment as they both look around at the chants. Arm bar on Neville, Neville flips around to reverse it, then a suplex into the arm bar on Cena! Cena backs into a corner, Neville with a clean break. Cena shows that his arm is hurt by shaking it a bit. The fans are LOUD! A blow to Neville's face, then a back elbow to Neville for two.

Headlock on Neville on the mat. Dueling Cena chants. Neville reverses the side headlock on Cena. Cena free into a drop kick. Cena out to regroup.


Cena whipped, but moves. Cena's shoulder blocks, but Neville free and lands a German, bridging for two.

Baseball slide to Cena that drops him. Neville readies, off the top rope on Cena. Cena took bum to the face, and didn't look comfortable, but not bad. Neville covers in the ring for two.

"NXT!" chants. Shoulder block to Cena through the ropes, but then Cena plants Neville for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena lands the move. Neville up, but Neville grabs the ropes. Neville free, then lands a boot to Cena's face. Neville off the second ropes, flipping through the air on Cena for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Cena with blows on Neville. Neville kicks back, dropping Cena to his knees, but then gets planted to the mat, and Cena gets two for it.

Both down. Cena up, gets Neville up, Neville wiggles and rolls Cena up for two.

Neville whipped, floats over, flips across the ring, lands an elbow, but caught by Cena. Cena gets him up, but Neville lands on his feet, kicks Cena for another two!

"This is awesome!" chants. Neville pulls Cena to a corner, but Cena reverses into the STF. In the middle of the ring, and Neville screams no. Neville rolls Cena on his back for two. Big clothesline sends Neville flipping through the air. Dueling Cena chants as they both slowly get up. Enziguri on Cena. Cena grabs Neville, lands an AA, but only gets two for it!

Both slow to their feet. Cena glares at Neville on the apron. Dueling Cena chants. Cena easily lifts Neville to his shoulders, climbs the corner, but Neville free lifts Cena, carries him to the center of the ring and lands a powerbomb for two!

Neville climbs! Red arrow on Cena! But Rusev stomps Neville in the back and the bell is called.

Winner – Neville via DQ (14:52)

Superkick to Neville. Cena slow to his feet as Rusev readies. Kick to Cena's face and he's back down on the mat. A stomp to Cena's back, then the accolade! The ref finally gets Rusev off Cena, but the fans are chanting, "We want Lana!" Rusev poses with the strap as the Russian flag unfurls. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Kane vs Reigns

Kane to the ring. Reigns through the stands to face him.

Kane on Reigns as soon as he comes over the barricade. Kane beats on Reigns with knees to the gut. Reigns back into the post, then a right lands Reigns on the floor. Reigns eats the stairs. Kane pulls Reigns up and rolls him into the ring. Reigns with a right over the ropes. Comes out to slam Kane back into the barricade. Reigns backed into the apron by Kane. Kane grabs the front of Reigns and slams him back and forth from the apron to the barricade, then back again, over and over. Reigns over the stairs, then Kane starts pulling apart announce. The shield, the monitors, all cleaned off. Reigns comes back with rights, Kane bounced off the apron,. Kane reverses, but Reigns jumps over stairs. Kane blocks the superman punch. Back and forth. A superman punch, then Reigns spears Kane onto announce that doesn't break. Kane on the floor behind announce, not moving, selling it all.

Reigns stands on announce triumphant, showing he's ready for Payback. Kane still isn't moving. The refs are telling Reigns to get off announce and leave Kane alone. Reigns just stares. Video recap of the high points of the attack and beat down.

Reigns is still staring down at Kane who is just starting to move.


WWE Slam of the Week

Last week on Raw Naomi and Tamina attacked the Bellas on the ramp before a match could even start.

Brie vs Tamina

Brie out with Nikki in tow. Tamina out with Naomi in tow.

Naomi – Last week on Raw the Bellas got a taste of their own medicine when it comes to strength in numbers. I'd be Divas Champion now if not for Brie. But with my family by my side, we're gonna show the Bellas who's really running the Divas Division.

Tamina – Tonight, payback comes early.

They lock up, Brie backed to a corner, side steps and attacks Tamina. Brie all over Tamina until Tamina kicks her in the gut. Back elbow to Tamina, but Tamina grabs her by her hair and slams Brie back on her knee. Brie whipped and falls to the mat. Chinlock on Brie with a knee in her back. Brie up and free, but takes a forearm to the face. Naomi struts outside the ring as Tamina drops knees to Brie's gut for two.

Brie choked in a second rope. Brie pulled off the mat, lands on her feet. Brie on Tamina briefly, but a clothesline drops Brie for two.

Brie pulled up by her hair, lands on her feet. Clothesline, and drop kick to Tamina. Back elbow on Tamina, then a missile drop kick on Tamina for two.

Brie with a drop toe hold and Tamina in the ropes. Brie mode with her knee to Tamina's face in the ropes. Tamina blocks the second on, then a sick superkick for three!

Winner – Tamina (3:34)

Tamina from the ring to celebrate on the ramp with Naomi who is all bouncy smiles. In the ring Nikki is comforting her twin. Video recap of the high points of the match. Dirty looks from both pairs.



Earlier Sandow went all Macho Man Randy Savage on Axelmania before Raw, during the Pre-Show.

Axelmania vs Macho Mando

Axelmania in the ring. Macho Mando out to face him in bright lime green with stars, the headband, sparkly cape, glasses, etc. Mandow even does Savage's hand movements to get the crowd into it. Axelmania rips his shirt off.

Axelmania on Mandow with blows. Big boot from Mandow, then a scoop slam. Mandow climbs, but The Ascension comes out to cut him off.

Viktor – You think this is entertaining? (pop) These two imitating relics from the past to jump start their pathetic careers.

Konnor – Dressing like a legend doesn't make you a legend. Difference between being laughed at and laughed with.

Viktor – The dawning of the age of destruction. We are The Ascension.

Konnor – Welcome to the Wasteland.

Konnor into the ring, Mandow gets rid of him. Viktor is in, taken down by Mandow. Mandow gets Axelmania to drop the big leg. Then Mandow up, but Konnor saves Viktor from the big elbow. Axelmania and Mandow scream out at The Ascension. Macho Mandow's music plays. Mandow extends a hand to Axelmania. The fans love this. Mandow talks up Axelmania to him. In a very Hogan way, Ambrose shakes. (3:17)


In Ring Segment

Bryan out in a blue and black plaid flannel, the IC belt in hand, leading "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" to the ring. Bryan into the ring, soaking it all up. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in the ring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants make him light up in the ring, all smile and eyes.

Bryan – So, the last couple week I've been in and out of doctor appts, and a lot of down time. I don't do well with down time. I need to be where there's action, excitement, energy!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I needed to be standing back there, behind the curtain, waiting for my music to play, to be part of a reaction like that. How long have you guys been treating me like I'm something special. It's been years now that you've treated me way better than anybody in the back ever treated me. And that's why it was so crushing to me last year, almost a year ago when Steph stripped me of my WWE WHC. (heat) Not just because of me, but I felt like I let you guys down. They weren't going to give me an opportunity! You guys gave me an opportunity!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and Bryan is all smiles again.

Bryan – But the hard thing to admit, is that Steph was right to do it. (heat) because no one knew how long I'd be out and couldn't defend the Championship. You deserve a fighting Champion. That's why I asked to come out tonight.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – I had an MRI last week. They don't know how long I'll be out. They said maybe weeks. Maybe months. They said, I might never be able to wrestle again. (Bryan' voice caught in that sentence, actually saying those words.)

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – But, despite the uncertainty of my career, that makes me know what needs to happen with the IC Championship. You deserve to have Superstars fighting for this Championship. You deserve Ziggler, Barrett, Ambrose, fighting for this Championship!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – The IC Championship shouldn't be on a physical therapists chair, it deserves to be in this ring, and in this ring is where I'm going to leave it. Tonight I officially relinquish my IC Championship.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "Thank you Daniel!" chants from the fans, and Bryan has tear in his eyes.

Bryan – You guys have got it all wrong, the thing that you guys have done for me, I have one thing left to say. Thank you!

Bryan looks at the strap and puts it on the mat. The mic is placed with it and Bryan leaves the ring. The camera is close up on Bryan who is in tears on his way up through the chants of, "Thank you Daniel!" At the top of the ramp, eyes wet, he turns around, over his shoulder and looks at the fans. Bryan then turns fully, gets a "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going and leaves with a wistful smile.


Announce Segment

Cole tells us again about Bryan. Booker T looks about to cry. JBL talks up Bryan, and how it was injury that conquered him, and he gets that. Booker T said it's scary not knowing.

Big E vs Cesaro

They come out talking up Cincinnati, but can't get them chanting with them. They talk some more in the ring, but the fans aren't on the same page as them. Cesaro out with Kidd and Nattie (in quite the sexy outfit) to the ring.

"New Day sucks!" chants. Big E on Cesaro with blows, then a side headlock. Cesaro off, running the ropes, Big E tries to jump over, is caught and slammed. Double feet to Big E's gut. Upper cut in the corner, then Cesaro climbs and flies on Big E for two.

Cesaro's rhythmic stomping on Big E gets the "New Day sucks!" chants going.


Abdominal stretch on Cesaro. Cesaro free and with blows on Big E. Big E catches him back in an abdominal stretch. Gut wrench suplex on Big E that showed strength of ten men! Big E plants Cesaro to the mat, but then Cesaro rolls out of the way of the splash. Big E plants Cesaro to the mat for two.

Clothesline on Cesaro for two. Cesaro somehow manages to flip Big E to the mat, almost landing him on the mat on his head. Upper cuts back and forth in the corners. Cesaro calls for the swing, but New Day gets all involved, so Kidd has to take Kofi out off the apron. Cesaro manages to take Big E down for three.

Winner – Cesaro (8:54)

New Day yelling smack from the ramp as Cesaro and his team celebrates in the ring.

Announce Segment

Another PPV has been added for May, and it will have the return of the Elimination Chamber. Sunday May 31st on the WWE Network.


Backstage Segment

Prime Time Players playing at being DX! Young is in a blonde wig, all Billy Gunn. They're more New Age Outlaws, more than Trip and HBK. They have three words for us, millions of dollars!

Bray Wyatt to the ring, lantern in hand, thousands of fireflies saluting him.

Wyatt – I feel sorry for all of you. I wish I could reach out and fix everything. I wish that I could wake you up from this nightmare, but I can't. Fear is all around you, it's all around you, it's engulfed this world like a wildfire. If you need proof all you need to do is open a newspaper, turn on your TV, and you will see that fear is all around you, left and right. Fear of a crumbling economy. Fear of a crumbling economy that will never stop. Fear of a global conflict. Fear of a dying earth. Yet, there's those of you who are still not willing to accept this true power of fear. You have adopted the man's ideal that if you work hard enough you can overcome all the odds. Ryback must be quite the inspiration to each and every one of you. Hahaha!

"Feed me more!" chants.

Wyatt – Here's a guy who shatters his ankle into a million pieces. The doctor comes to him and says, Mr. Ryback, sir, I'm afraid to tell you this, but I don't think you will ever compete again. Hahaha! The Ryback doesn't accept his fate. The Ryback overcomes his injury and fights back and here he is today, doing what he loves, once again. My hero. But then, along came the spider. I understand that Ryback has come toe-to-toe with fate and overcome all the odds, but he ain't never seen nothing like me before. Hahaha! He ain't never seen nothing like the new face of fear before. I'm sure Ryback is asking himself right now, why me, poor Ryback, why me? The answer is simple. He was in my way. Hahaha! Hey kids, you wanna hear something your parents will never ever tell you? These nightmares, they won't stop. And sometimes, the bad guy just wins. Hahaha.

Wyatt drops to his knees, arms out, and yells off mic. "Behold, the new face of fear!"

Ryback's music hits and the lights come up. Out comes Bryan with a bead on Wyatt. Ryback into the ring, Wyatt on Ryback early, but Ryback comes back with a spinebuster. Wyatt sells the move and rolls from the ring. Wyatt looks up at Ryback from the floor outside the ring, right by the bottom of the ramp. Wyatt to his feet, but completely selling the move, staggering around as Ryback looks out at him.


Orton vs Rollins

Orton to the ring. Rollins out to the ring to face him.

Rollins quickly on Orton. Orton locks on a side headlock, into a takeover. Rollins' legs gets him free. Shoulder tackle to Orton. Orton comes back with an elbow to Rollins' face. Orton telegraphs and is kicked for it. Rollins on Orton with blows, but then telegraphs himself and is slammed back to the mat by his hair! Orton stomps his way around Rollins, then drops a knee on his face for two.

Rollins avoids the second knee drop, but fights back. Orton shakes off his knee, but Rollins slams Orton face first to the second buckle. A high knee to the top of Orton's back, sends him from the ring.


Headlock on Orton. Orton to a knee, but then slowly back up to his feet. Orton pulls Rollins' hair, then head butts free. Rollins off the ropes takes Orton down for two.

Rollins argues with the ref over his count. Rollins on Orton in the corner with a knee. Orton whipped, but Rollins stalls before rushing him and ends up elevated to the apron. Rollins up, but Orton knocks him to sitting up top. Rollins sells crotch pain up there. Orton paces, then smiles widely. Orton climbs, all the way to the top to hit his father's superplex! Both slow to get up, but grabbing at each other as they do. Head butt from a kneeling Orton on a kneeling Rollins. To their feet and they exchange blows. Orton kicks Rollins in the gut. A blow from Rollins, an upper cut, a chop, and they're both hurting. Rollins off the ropes into clotheslines, but hold on to avoid the powerslam. Orton rushes Rollins, eats a foot. Rollins climbs, but eats a powerslam as he flies toward Orton. Orton pins for two.

Rollins flies off the top rope with a knee to the side of Orton's temple for two.

Rollins pulls Orton up. They end up reversing back and forth, finally Orton hitting a t-bone on Rollins who rolls to the ropes. Orton on the apron takes an enziguri type kick. Orton outside, Rollins flies out through the ropes onto Orton, sending him into the barricade. Both back into the ring. Orton side steps Rollins. Rollins avoids an RKO, then kicks Orton in the face for two.

Orton moving really slow to get up. Rollins mocks Orton by slamming his hands on the mat. Orton up, counters Rollins. Rollins sent through to the apron, and Orton hits his 'vintage' DDT! Orton points to his ear, works the crowd for noise, gets ready to pound the mat, but Noble and Mercury are there attacking Orton from behind.

Winner – Orton via DQ (15:13)

Noble into the post shoulder first. Rollins attacks Orton from behind with a clothesline, then blows.

"We want Ambrose!" chants.

Kane's music and out he comes to the ring. Rollins standing in the ring with J&J Security. Kane around the ring, scares someone out of his chair, then takes it. Kane seethes looking into the ring. All three start stomping Orton. Ambrose and Reigns are there to clear the ring. J&J Security are out first, leaving Rollins cornered between all three.

Dirty deeds on Rollins, then Ambrose stares at Kane.

"RKO!" chants from the fans. Orton stares down at Rollins. Ambrose pulls Rollins to his feet and holds him up with a smile. Ambrose lets go of Rollins just before Reigns' spear takes Rollins to the mat hard.

Kane is still there seething with the chair in hand. Ambrose and Reigns pulls Rollins to his feet. They then push Rollins at Orton who lands an RKO and the fans go wild.

Spear on Orton!

Dirty deeds on Reigns.

Kane is still standing outside the ring, chair in hand.

Announce Segment

They sell the Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens match from February where they about brought the house down, as it's airing right after Raw tonight.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
New Day

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