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Raw Results 6/15/15 – Suplex City. Population: Seth Rollins

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RAW Results June 15, 2015
From Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Cole talks about losing Dusty Rhodes, and how he was celebrated last night on MITB. To video of all the Superstars on the stage last night. They rang the bell ten times as tears flowed. "Dusty!" chants. Then they went on to play the tribute video they showed last night. The video ends and the "Dusty!" chants start again.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Rollins' music, and he comes out by himself, strap around his waist, smile on his face. Rollins to the ring, yelling smack the whole way.


Rollins – Thank you for coming out to Monday Night Raw. Actually, actually, welcome to Monday Night Rollins! Let's face it, week in and out, I'm the best thing about Raw, and your WWE WHC. Before we go further, I want to acknowledge Ambrose. Ambrose brought the fight to me like never before. He kept his promise and brought his A game. The only problem is that as good as it is, it's not quite as good as mine. Last night I made good on my promise and beat Ambrose by myself in one of the greatest Ladder Matches in WWE history and took back my WWE WHC. Hey, I don't want to be all bragadocious. I'm just one man and it takes a great team to make a great man thrive. Grasping the Title I had to hold back tears thinking of those who got me to the top of the mountain. I'm a first class team player and want to take a second to acknowledge all the people who helped me get to where I am. Think about it, I'm just a kid from Davenport, Iowa. Think about how far I've come. It's incredible. I want to thank everybody. I actually made a list, that's how important this is to me. (heat) Please, please, please. Lack of respect from you guys, come on now! First, and foremost I'd like to thank Seth Rollins! And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins, and there's more. I don't want to leave anyone out, this is real important to me. Uh, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins. Oh, yeah, I'm leaving someone out. Yeah, Seth Rollins. Last, but certainly not least, Seth Rollins. Who else would I thank? Not dumb and dumber, aka J&J Security. I didn't need them. I certainly wouldn't thank the devil's favorite dinosaur. I didn't need him. Hell, I didn't need Triple H and Steph. You know why? Because that's how good I am! With my performance last night, I might have well punched my ticket to the Hall of Fame. Parents all over the world are going to be naming their children after me! (off comes the belt) Take a good look, because this is what a WWE WHC looks like. (heat) Johnny Idiot Face (Manziel) over there isn't going to bring you a Title. (heat) LeBron James isn't bringing the Title back to Cleveland! (more heat) This is the only Championship you should be celebrating, so soak it up, because I'm leaving this piece of crap town, and I am taking this Title with me. You understand that?

Ambrose's music and out he stomps. Rollins is pissed in the ring as the fans go wild for Ambrose on the stage. Ambrose limps to the ring. They meet at the bottom of the ramp with punches. Into the ring and Rollins is clotheslined out. Ambrose throws off his jacket and follows. Rollins goes right after Ambrose's knee again. Rollins with blows on Ambrose on announce, but then Ambrose kicks Rollins off, and flies off announce onto it. Into the ring, but Rollins flees to heat. Ambrose is in the ring, really ready to fight. Rollins grabs his strap and heads up the ramp. Ambrose grabs a chair and a mic, back into the ring.

Ambrose – That Title might have slipped, literally, through my fingers, as we crashed to the mat last night Seth, but when you're out here running you mouth, I remembered just how much I enjoyed making your life a living hell over the past year. Hell, I don't think I want it to end. So, we're going to change things up tonight. I'm going to take a seat, right here in the great state of Ohio, and I ain't leaving until you get your ass back out here.

Ambrose sits and waits with a smirk.


In Ring Segment

Ambrose still in the ring, waiting. The fans love it.

Backstage Segment

Rollins rushes in to Trip and Steph.

Rollins – So, what's the deal? We going to let Ambrose sit out there and hold the show hostage? That's what we're doin'?

Trip – It's taken care of.

Rollins – So, I beat him last night. It's my Title, my show, we make the decisions around here, right? Not him. Right?

Steph – Are you listening to yourself? We are. We heard you out there in the arena, and certainly don't sound like you need us. You certainly said it again.

Rollins – I didn't say that.

Steph – You did say that.

Trip – Now you're calling her a liar?

Rollins – N-n-n-n-n-n-no! I didn't do that. I'd never say that.

Trip – It's what it sounds like.

Rollins – I'd never say that. I would never disrespect you guys like that. You know that. I was out there sticking it to everyone who said I couldn't do it on my own. J&J Security, Kane, all these stupid people. This is us, right? This is what's best for business. Let's get Ambrose out of here and we can move on as us.

Trip – We were just discussing what's next for the WWE WHC, who you next challenger is. Could be anybody, including Ambrose. But you'll find out tonight, when everybody else does. We'll make the decision by the end of the night.

Rollins – Do I get a say in that? I'm the Champ.

Trip – We trusted you to beat Ambrose all by yourself. Now, you can trust us to make this decision all by ourselves.

Rollins – But...

Steph – Thanks for stopping by.

Rollins leaves and Steph looks up at Trip.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus' music hits, and out he comes, mic and case in hand. He swaggers down the ramp.

Sheamus – You know Deano, you and I are very much alike. We both like to fight, and we both made bold predictions at MITB. The difference is lad, I'm a winner, and you're a loser. At MITB, you lost, where I became Mr. MITB! (heat) You know what? This means I'm one brogue kick away from becoming WWE WHC anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Who knows, may even happen tonight. The Authority thought it would be a great way to celebrate for me to come down here and kick your head straight off your shoulders. Purely for my entertainment.

Ambrose moves the chair from the ring, and is ready for the match. "You look stupid!" chants.

Sheamus vs Ambrose

They circle, Ambrose dancing a bit. Sheamus on that left leg and backs him into the corner. Clean break, but then Sheamus lands Ambrose on the mat and kicks his knee. Ambrose into a corner, knee in the ropes, taking abuse from Sheamus. Ambrose comes back out with blows to Sheamus' face. Ambrose into the ropes, comes out with a forearm. Shoulder blocks on Sheamus in a corner, but then Sheamus on Ambrose's knee. Sheamus on Ambrose's knee on the apron, then from the ring. The ref counting as Ambrose slammed back into the stairs. Ambrose rolled in, Sheamus after him. Sheamus kicks Ambrose's knee. Ambrose ducks a short clothesline, then out of the ropes on Sheamus. Forearm to Sheamus' face in a corner. They collide in the center of the ring, and both go down.


Ambrose on his head, his leg bent back over the back of a kneeling Sheamus' neck! Ambrose won't tap out, then starts kicking Sheamus in the head. Ambrose comes out of a corner on Sheamus with blows and chops, but is taken down by the knee again. Ambrose free of what could have been a Texas cloverleaf. Sheamus sent out. Sheamus returns and eats a twisting neck breaker. Sheamus slow to his feet, but then eats corner. Running bulldog on Sheamus. Ambrose climbs, but Sheamus knocks that leg out. Rolling senton on Ambrose. Sheamus locks on the Texas cloverleaf, full on Ambrose. Sheamus sits down low into the hold. Ambrose wiggles and squirms toward the ropes, and makes it. Sheamus has to break the hold.

Ambrose on the apron, Sheamus slowly lands his beats, but then elbowed by Ambrose, and Sheamus takes the beats himself. Ambrose ducks the brogue, then hangs Sheamus up top. Ambrose up top and lands his elbow for a LONG two.

Running high knee on Ambrose, but then Ambrose explodes out of the ropes with a huge clothesline. Ambrose sets up, but Sheamus flees, yelling that he doesn't need this, he's Mr. MITB. Then Orton's music hits. Ambrose on Sheamus from behind. Ambrose ducks the brogue and rolls Sheamus up for three.

Winner – Ambrose (11:02)

Sheamus flees the ring as Orton rolls in. Orton stops Sheamus by the barricade. Blows and upper cuts on Sheamus. Back into the ring, and Orton stops Sheamus on the apron. 'Vintage' Orton with the DDT. Orton sets up, but Sheamus blocks the RKO and flees the ring, and the area. "Randy!" chants. Sheamus up on the stage, clutching his case.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Well, look who it is, Harry, Lloyd. I hate to be the guy who says I told you so, but ah, I told you so. I beat Ambrose without either of your help, you know why? That's how good I am. I'm willing to bring you guys back if you know who Hunter and Steph might be choosing.

Noble – Look Seth, we ain't heard a word, even if we had, we wouldn't tell you. But I know who I think they should choose.

Rollins – Oh, really?

Noble – They should pick the Superstar who pinned you in the middle of the ring, just last week. My boy, Joey Mercury.

Rollins – Wow, just when I think you couldn't get any dumber Jamie. Are you drinking your grandaddy's moonshine? Reliving your glory days of WCW? No one wants to see a match between Joey and I. I think you're here praying I'll give you your jobs back.

Mercury – I think, you're afraid of me...

Rollins – Oh, I...

Mercury – I wasn't finished! I know you're afraid to get in the ring with me, no matter what happens the rest of your career, the record books will always show, you lost to J&J Security! See you're all by yourself, vulnerable, so it doesn't become a question of if you lose that Title, but when!

Noble slaps Rollins on the shoulder as they leave.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Dusty Rhodes, and how we are all hurting. They will celebrate Dusty all night. They go to more and different video of Dusty. This was when he faced Harley Race for the NWA WHC, on August 21, 1979, and won.


King Barrett vs R-Truth

R-Truth out to the ring with a sheet tied over his shoulders, a BK crown covered in foil, and a plunger with TP hanging from it, in hand. Barrett out in his own King gear, looking pissed. R-Truth looks across the announce table, where he's sitting next to JBL and said, "What up Coach?" at Byron! (I actually snorted laughter at that one.) Barrett is pitching a fit in the ring. JBL tells R-Truth he's in this match, not on announce tonight. R-Truth up to the ring in crown and sheet.

Off comes the crown, and a big boot from Barrett followed blows. Barrett sets up, but R-Truth rolls him up for three.

Winner – R-Truth (0:21)

Barrett hits his bull hammer then throws the sheet around.

Barrett – This isn't a joke, I earned the right to be called King. I went in the KoTR Tournament. This is prestigious and you're making a mockery of it. But now you will all hail King Barrett!

Heat for Barrett as he puts on he crown and throws down the mic.

Backstage Segment

Superstars all excited about Machine Gun Kelly. Paige shows up and and says hi, then says a meeting for the ladies later, she will text them where. She leaves, then MGK leaves the Divas with Fandango and Slater.


WWE Rewind

Cena vs Owens at MITB last night.

In Ring Segment

Kevin Owens to the ring, NXT strap over his shoulder. Cole talks up all of Cena's huge injuries.

Owens – John Cena is not here tonight. (solid pop) When you want someone to blame for that, look no further than Cena himself. Now, I'm not denying that I played a part in it, after our match, I did powerbomb him on the edge of the apron. Cena forced me to do that. Because after the match, as we shook hands, Cena said something that was the most disrespectful thing I've heard in my 15 year career. He stood here, said, 'You belong here, in this ring, in front of all these people." I know I belong here, I've known I belong here since I first stepped into a WWE ring. I know, and I don't need you to endorse me in any way, shape, or form.

"Fight Owens Fight!" chants.

Owens – People want to talk about me being a sore loser, how about Cena being a bad winner. After his victory, he could have walked to the back like a gracious winner does. Like I did, when I beat him at Elimination Chamber. He stood here and demanded I shake his hand. That wasn't respect, that was Cena hogging the spotlight, because Cena always has to be the hero. The fact is John Cena disrespected me, and I did what I had to do. Regardless of what happened last night, I still hold a victory over the US Champion, and I want a rematch. But this time, when I win, I want the Title. Now, this is about the time when Cena's music would hit, he'd run down the ramp, slide in, hold up the Title for the Open Challenge, but something tells me he's not doing that tonight. So I will. I'm issuing an Open Challenge right now. Anyone in that locker room who wants a piece of Kevin Owens, let's do it!

Ziggler comes out with Lana in tow. They kiss on the stage. Lana stays on the stage.

Ziggler – Kev, other than kissing Lana, you just made my night. I'm not out here to defend John Cena, but you got a lot of guts standing in that ring talking about sacrifice. You wanna talk about sacrifice? I've scratched and clawed for everything I got in this business. This city has scratched and clawed for a Championship, and I'll be damned if I don't give them one now. You want a challenge for the NXT Title, you're looking at it, brother.

Lilian starts announcing the match, and Owens cuts her off.

Owens – Wait blondie. I said I was issuing an open challenge, I didn't say anything about the Title being on the line. So Ziggler, you wanna go, we'll go. The Title's not on the line.

Ziggler vs Owens

Owens all over Ziggler at the bell, then tosses Ziggler out.


Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler struggles up, punches free, but his drop kick is slapped away. Back senton on Ziggler for two.

Ziggler hung up top, Owens talks smack at Ziggler. Ziggler hung up on top for two.

Owens kicks at Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler whipped, hits the mat. Owens stomps Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler pulled to his feet, lands some blows. Ziggler clotheslines Owens and himself over the top and out. Forearm to Ziggler's face, it's solid. Chop to Ziggler's chest. Ziggler comes back with blows of his own. Ziggler launched over the barricade and into the ringbell table! Owens poses in the ring for the fans. Ziggler slowly getting up as the ref counts. Ziggler climbs over everyone to get to the ring. Ziggler in at nine.

Ziggler avoids the back senton, then plants Owens with his big DDT!


Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Jaw breaker on Owens, then a foot in Owens' face. Ziggler with blows, but then off the ropes into a back elbow. Owens rushes Ziggler, eats a foot for a long two.

Ziggler up for the famouser, but caught. Ziggler manages to roll Owens for two.

Famouser for two!

Owens ducks Ziggler who eats corner. Owens is launched in a release German, then hits his cannonball for two.

Zig-zag on Owens for a long two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Owens kicks Ziggler's knee, then kicks Ziggler in the face. Pop up powerbomb on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Owens (15:35)

A little girl is yelling at Owens, wearing a Cena shirt. He waves his hand in front of his face. Both the little girl, and a man in a suit scream at Owens.

Backstage Segment

Divas milling around.

Paige – Ladies, could you gather around? Thank you for coming, short notice. I gathered everyone because we need to take a stand around here. Our careers, our lives, our world has been dominated by the Bellas. They have stopped at nothing to make everything about them. We need to stop that.

Summer Rae – Hold on a second. Is this because you lost, again, to Nikki last night?

Paige – I did lose to Nikki last night, and it sucks, but it's not about that. It's about standing together, because if we don't, then we'll never have our moment.

Fox – Um, how are we supposed to trust you? You've turned on everybody.

Layla – That's true.

Paige – I haven't been the best ally. It isn't about that. It's about us sticking together. They're going to continue to chew us up and spit us out, and why? Because of who they're married to? No. We have a chance to prove ourselves to The Authority, to the people, and to the Bellas that we're just as powerful and strong as them.

Naomi – I cannot stand the Bellas, and I may even agree with you, but you must be crazy if you think I'm gonna let you boss me.

Paige – I'm not trying to boss anyone around. I am crazy. I'm so crazy that I challenged the Bellas to a 2-1 Handicap Match tonight. Yes, if you take on one, you take on both. I don't have to be out there alone. Who's with me?

Nikki – Sorry we're late to the meeting. Excuse us. I'm sorry Paige, were you saying something? From the looks of it, you have everyone hanging on every word of yours. I actually have some words I'd like to share. Ever since I helped Steph McMahon win at SummerSlam last year, (to Brie) no offense Brie.

Brie – It's okay.

Nikki – I've been the Divas Champ, and it's not by accident. It's a free country, so if you want to side with Paige, well, by all means, side with Paige.

Summer Rae leaves. Then Fox, Layla, Rosa, Tamina and Naomi also leave Paige standing alone.

Paige – This isn't over.

Nikki – Funny, because it looks like it is. It's so tiring being the Champ.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.


Orton vs Kane

Kane out to face Orton.

Orton on Kane with kicks and blows. More blows on Kane in a corner. Kane comes out with a right, then another. Orton off the ropes into a big boot for two.

Low drop kick on a sitting Orton for two.

Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton fights back to his feet, cannot force free, and back to a knee. Orton keeps struggling in the hold. Orton finally up with a back suplex to get free. Orton stomps his way around Kane, tries to drop a knee, but Kane moves. Kane with his sidewalk slam on Orton for two.

Orton whipped, eats a clothesline in the corner, then tossed to the mat. Orton up, they exchange blows. Orton pushed into the ropes, comes out, is caught with a hand, but gets free. Kane telegraphs and is kicked. Kane whipped, clotheslined in the corner, then again. The third time, Kane blocks with a blow. Kane out and off the ropes into that sick power slam. Kane to the apron, and Sheamus' music hits. He comes down the ramp. Kane from the ring and grabs a mic.

Kane – As DOO, I've decided that the rest of this match is No Holds Barred, anything goes.

Sheamus all over Orton. Kane in, takes Orton down for three.

Winner – Kane (4:20)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus poses over Orton with the case.

Announce Segment

Stills of Wyatt taking out Reigns last night.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Kane, Kane, Kane! Congratulations out there. Hard fought victory. You know, it must put you in a better mood than last night, considering you lost and I won without your help. You might not be able to admit it now, of all my doubters, you were my biggest. My success pains you because it reminds you of all you used to be – a Champion, a winner, someone to be feared, things you no longer are.

Kane – Seth, anyone can win one match. If you truly want to be the mat, the future of the WWE, you have to win match after match after match, night after night after night. It takes an entire team behind you to do that. You don't understand that. You're not an architect, you're an idiot. Because no one can do it on their own.

Rollins – I can do it on my own. I did, and will continue to do so. Someone like you wouldn't understand that, because you've always had someone holding your hand. From the Corporation, to the Paul Bearer, to your big, bad brother... whoa!

Kane grabs Rollins by the front of his shirt and pulls him in tight.

Kane – Let me make something clear, no matter who is named your next opponent, don't EVER mention my family again! Or I will eviscerate you, understand me?

Rollins breaks free.

Rollins – Don't you ever put your hands on me, again. I'm the WHC. I hope Trip and Steph name you my next opponent. Look at you, you're a sad excuse for a human being, and you need to be put out of your misery.

Rollins leaves and Kane seethes.



Another American Dream, Dusty Rhodes video. 2007, Dustin and Cody inducted their father into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Big Show vs Miz

Ryback is on announce. Ryback thanks Dusty for all he did to help Ryback in his career.

Big Show to the ring. Miz to the ring.

The bell rings and Miz flees the ring to remove his shades. Big Show out, so Miz in, and attacks Big Show. Big Show stands up and Miz flees again. Big Show out, so Miz into the ring. "This is awful!" chants. Big Show in and appears to have hurt his leg. Big Show lures Miz in and attacks him. A chop to Miz, then another in the next corner.

Ryback – Hit him in the face Big Show.

More chops on the hometown boy. Big Show whips Miz, but Miz gets his feet up. Miz tossed out, Big Show follows. Miz laid on announce for another chop. Big Show picks up Miz and throws him at Ryback.

Ryback – He got Miz all over me!

Miz quietly rolls back in and waits. Big Show stands arguing with Ryback. The bell rings.

Winner via Countout- Miz (2:46)

Ryback into the ring, but Big Show flees. Ryback calls for his belt and poses in the ring.


In Ring Segment

Reigns through the stands to the ring.

Reigns – Last night was not a good night, and I got very little sleep, which makes for a long day, which means I'm pissed off. I'm not waiting until Battleground, I say we throw down, right here in the Cube! (pop) Bray Wyatt, bring your ass out here, right now!

Reigns paces the ring.

DEP! But Wyatt stays backstage.

Wyatt – In the morning two stars will rise. One speaks the truth. The other tells lies

Reigns – Shut your mouth and get out here now!

Wyatt – Hahahahaha! Hello to you too, Roman. What a fiery temper you have. You want answers, but you haven't the capacity to comprehend their meaning. Oh, how quickly we forget (something) ascending that ladder, and grabbing MY destiny! But it was you, Roman, it was you. Two weeks ago, you stole my opportunity. I could have changed things. I could have been that beacon of hope the world so desperately needs. But you, selfishly, denied me. I think it's that ego of yours. That ego that makes you do such crazy things. Come to think of it. You remind me of someone I knew a very, very long time ago. He too was the chosen one. His people believed that this chosen one would lead them to paradise. He was chosen, while the other was cast aside. Now we know, they made the wrong choice. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is look outside your window, you will see that this, all of this is no paradise. In fact, it's quite the opposite, don't ya think. Just like you and I are opposites. I am the yin to your yang. We balance this whole thing out, man. Whether you're willing to admit it or not, we need each other. That's how I knew, I knew last night when I saw you climbing that ladder. I knew the true justice. The justice you once said you fought for, it needed to be sought out. Anyone but you Roman, anyone but you. I will temp you, I will lie to you, I will haunt you, and ultimately, I will destroy you! But not tonight. What kind of example would we be setting, with Father's Day right around the corner. Hahahaha! (Looking at a pic from that commercial Reigns did with his daughter a while back.) I'm a little tea pot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout. Huh. Patience Roman. Our fun is just getting started. RUN!


WWE Rewind

Stills from the Divas Championship Match at MITB.

2 On 1 Handicap Match – Paige vs Bellas

Paige to the ring. Bellas out to face her.

Nikki hides in the corner from Paige. Brie tags in. Then Brie hides in the corner. Nikki tags in, then speared to the mat. Blows on Nikki. Nikki pushes Paige down. Nikki shows off, is rolled up for two.

Cheap shot on Brie, then knees on Nikki on the apron. Brie trips Paige on the apron. In the ring Nikki gets two for it.

Brie tags in. Brie with a missile drop kick for two.

Elbows over Paige's shoulder, then an arm and neck hold on Paige, Paige's arm around Brie's waist. Nikki, on the apron, puts her hair up in a ponytail. Brie hits Brie mode for two.

Paige pulled up, Nikki tags in for a double flapjack on Paige for two.

Knees to Paige's back. Nikki on the mat with head scissors on Paige. Nikki rolls it over and does pushups, still holding Paige. Paige rolls Nikki back to get free.

Brie tags in, but Paige ducks and Brie slams into Nikki. Brie rushes Paige and eats corner. Knees, then short clotheslines on Brie. Brie into a corner, kicking Brie in the head. Paige throws Brie into Nikki on the apron. Rampaige for two, Nikki breaks the count.

Nikki tags in with her big right punch. Rack attack on Paige for three.

Winners – Bellas (5:34)

The Bellas celebrate as Paige lolls on the mat. The Bellas pose, then taunt Paige before leaving the ring.


Machine Gun Kelly

He comes out and sings. Much love from his hometown. Backing up the ramp, and Kevin Owens is there. MGK wants to shake Owens' hand. Owens isn't impressed. MGK pushes Owens. Owens kicks MGK, and he falls back a lot harder than expected as MGK lands on his bum. Owens goes after, lifts MGK high and powerbombs him off the stage into a specially set platform.

The refs, trainers and doctors are out there, but MGK's guys are there, saying they're taking him to the hospital, and gets him out of there quickly.



Recap of the issues between MGK and Owens.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Owens having no business being there, and MGK is a guest of the WWE. The fans are chanting, "New Day Sucks!" They go to video of the new Terminator movie.

Neville & Prime Time Players vs New Day

New Day clapping in the ring. Split screen they talk about how they're not going to freak out, but teach PTP about POP, because today is a New Day.

Neville to the ring. Prime Time Players out to join Neville. Split screen of PTPs being all silly, being NAO, then to clapping and mocking New Day.

Young and Woods lock up. It's a mess and Young into the corner. Arm bar on Woods who punches free. Woods whipped, floats over. Woods over and under until he eats a big right. Inverted atomic drop, then Woods down for two.

Kofi tags in, moving slower than normal. Kofi off the ropes into a hooking clothesline. O'Neil tags in and double teams Kofi. Side buster, then Kofi tossed off. Big E in, then out the other side. Neville in and flies out onto all New Day.


Woods on Young on the mat. Young up, punches free, but eats the heel corner. Big E tags in, tosses Young face first on the corner, and Woods gets a foot up there too. Kofi tags in and gets two on Young.

Young head butts free of Kofi. Kofi climbs, flies on Young. Kofi pins, but Young grabs the rope.

Big E tags in, drags Young, then Woods tags in, and back on Young with a hold on the mat, screaming that they're the champions. Young free, but a cheap shot on O'Neil. Young between Woods' legs, and tags out. Neville all over Woods, and a cheap shot on both Big E and Kofi. Neville too fast to see all his moves, until he gets Woods in place and bounces up top. Kofi is there, so O'Neil pushes him off the apron. Big E in, but eats a spinebuster. Neville in and rolled up, but Young breaks it.

Kofi tags in, gets Young out. Neville tags out. Young on Kofi's ribs. Neville tags in, red arrow on Kofi for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players & Neville (9:29)

They celebrate together in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. More celebrating in the ring for the three.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Owens again. Stills from last night against Cena. Owens mocked Cena, but Cena came back to win. After the handshake, Owens attacked Cena again. Now Cena is injured. Then onto Owens attacking MGK. Cole wishes the best to MGK.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose is throwing darts at Rollins' picture. Kane comes in and Ambrose laughs.

Kane – Dean, as DOO, it's my job to make sure everything in the WWE runs smoothly.

Ambrose laughs more.

Kane – What's so funny?

Ambrose – I was just picturing as WWE WHC. You're a funny guy Kane, I don't think you get enough credit for it.

Kane – Unlike you Dean, I have been WHC.

Ambrose – But that wasn't you you! That's hellfire and brimstone guy Kane, tombstone, yeah! You used to tear people apart in the most sadistic ways possible. That guy. I used to like that guy. That guy was WHC. What you are now is some sort of glorified messenger boy in a suit.

Kane – I am DOO of a global company.

Ambrose – What it says on your business cards and what you actually do are two different things. In the end you are loyal to The Authority, so your heart is not in this. Just a job. Me, this is my life. This is what I live for, laying it on the line, every single night. And, last night, I had the WWE WHC literally in my fingers, I tasted it, and I like it. I will not stop, until I get another taste. I NEED that Title and I will never, ever stop until I get it. That's what I live for. What do you live for?

Ambrose leaves Kane standing there thinking.

Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph heading for the ring.



Another great Dusty video.

In Ring Segment

Trip and Steph to the ring.

Steph – First of all, I'd like to apologize for the actions of Kevin Owens against MGK. Disciplinary actions will be taken against Kevin Owens, because it's what's best for business. When I say what's best for business, it's not just a catchphrase, it's truly how we run this global property. That's how we put smiles on people's faces the world over. We have the distinction of who the next opponent, who the next challenger will be for the WWE WHC against Seth Rollins, and I guarantee that we have made that decision doing, what's best for business.

Trip – A lot of Superstars feel they deserve a shot at Seth Rollins and the WWE WHC, but I can assure you, it will not be Joey Mercury, it will not be Jamie Noble, it won't be Kane, and I can assure you it will not be Dean Ambrose.

Heat from the fans.

Steph – They didn't like that one. Well, if it's not Ambrose, then who will it be?

Rollins' music hits, and out he comes with a big smile on his face, laughing his way to the ring. Rollins shakes hands with both Trip and Steph, before grabbing a mic.

Rollins – You know guys, it really doesn't matter who you pick for my next opponent, because you've been right about me all along. There is nobody on the roster who is capable of taking this from me. I am every bit as good as you say I am, and better. Whoever you pick as my next opponent, I'm gonna beat them, embarrass them, and make you guys proud.

"We want Lesnar!" chants are forming.

Trip – And you very well might make us proud Seth, the thing is, while a lot of people have doubted, you have proven from WrestleMania when you became WWE WHC. You've proven yourself over and over. You've beaten Roman Reigns, you've beaten Randy Orton, you've beaten Dean Ambrose. Last night at MITB, you did exactly what you said you were going to do, without any help, without any backup whatsoever, you beat Ambrose. You've proven yourself, and you might say you never really needed anybody's help in the first place.

Steph – Some people might say that, you're a very polarizing person, Seth. We are proud of you and your accomplishments, but some people think that without The Authority, you're ripe for the picking. Now, you've also tested our patience a fair amount, therefore, you might have something a little bit left to prove.

"We want Lesnar!" chants.

Trip – Seth, we have invested everything in the future, and in you. Sometimes in life you have to take a step back and look at your investment, and ask if this investment is truly going to pay off, or just suck cost. If you wanna know what you have with a lump of coal, you stick it under immense pressure. Under immense pressure it could crumble and turn to dust, and render it useless, or turn it into the diamond you always hoped it could be. Seth, the question now is, do you crumble, or do you become the diamond we've invested in? Because Seth,the pressure is on.

Off mic Rollins says, looking Trip in the eye, "I'm ready. I'm ready."

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and out he comes with Heyman in tow. Major pyro for Brock, and Rollins looks like he's going to vomit. Brock around the ring, staring at Rollins, Rollins watches him all the way around. Brock jumps up on the apron. Brock and Heyman into the ring. Heyman and Trip shake hands. Heyman with that slimy smile. Steph shakes Heyman's hand with a shrug.

Chants of "Suplex City!" and "Suplex City Bitch!"
All the adults leave the ring, as Brock stares at Rollins. Rollins cannot look Brock in the eye.

Brock steps up at Rollins, smiles and nods his head.

Rollins steps back very slowly, still not meeting Brock's eyes. Brock steps up, Rollins back very slowly, eyes down. Brock up, Rollins back still slowly, eyes averted. Rollins gets to the ropes and slowly leaves the ring to heat.

The Authority watches Rollins leave the ring. Rollins slowly walks around the ring, watching Brock. Rollins backs up the ramp, still looking scared enough to barf. On the stage, Rollins holds his hair back with his hands, eyes wide.

Biggest Pop
PTPs & Neville

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Owens attacking MGK
New Day

Most Mixed

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