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Raw Results 3/16/15 – Jamie Noble Is The Authority's Secret Weapon

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RAW Results March 16, 2015
From Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cena and Rusev will have their contract signing. Orton claimed he'd walk in, spit in Rollins' face and challenge him to a WrestleMania match tonight on Raw!

Raw Starts


Recap of Orton's interview with Cole this past week, creating the storyline, biding his time. Orton had Rollins where he wanted him on Raw last week, the perfect time to strike, right when he needed Orton. He saw fear in Rollins' eyes and enjoyed beating the holy hell out of Rollins. All the weight of the world off my shoulder. That RKO through the table, what a relief. There will be hell to pay, but it will be worth it. When I walk in, I will find Rollins, spit in his face, and challenge him to a WrestleMania match.

In Ring Segment

Kane, Big Show, Rollins and J&J Security are in the ring to heat. "Rollins!" chants.

Rollins – You can't my name now, but you all loved that, didn't ya? You know what that's called? That's called betrayal. There's no other way to describe it. I get that not a lot of you understand what it is to be betrayed, because you need to be a somebody for that to happen. For nobodies like you, it's getting screwed over. For important people like me, who actually made it out of Iowa, made something with their lives, for us, that's betrayal. That's what happened to me courtesy of Orton.

"RKO!" chants.

Rollins – It wasn't that he betrayed me, it's how he did it. He stalked me like an animal, mocked me while I was suffering. I trusted Orton, I vouched for Orton, I called Orton a friend, a family member and he betrayed me. Don't get this twisted, this is what you did to The Shield. That was nothing like what I did to The Shield. That was a sound business decision...

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – It was a business decision to secure my future. What Orton did was in cold blood and without a trace of decency or empathy, borderline sociopathic. For three weeks Orton schemed and conned his way into The Authority, made fools out of all of us, including Triple H and Steph, if not for us opening our arms to Orton, it wouldn't have happened. Disgusts me!

Big Show takes the mic and gets serious heat.

Big Show – Seth, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. I feel as though I'm personally responsible for what happened to you, and it breaks my heart inside. It think of you as the future and the best damn talent in the WWE. What Orton did was just cruel. I thought he could get past his petty grievances, put them aside, see the bigger picture! But Orton is like you said, a slimy, no good snake in the grass. Seth, you know what I do to snakes in the grass, whether they be cobras, rattlesnakes, or little garden vipers, crush them under my boot. ("What?") I am a giant.

Kane – Seth, I'm sorry as well. I wasn't as gullible as Big Show, but Orton sucked me in as well. I'll never make that mistake again and Orton will pay for betraying all of us.

Noble – Seth, I know I'm considered the secret weapon of The Authority, and when Orton came, I didn't see a snake, I smelled a rat. Orton put his hands on me several times, but I don't care about me, I care about you Seth. You're not only my boss, but my friend. What Orton did to you is inexcusable, and it hurt me as well. You know who it really hurt, who it hurt the most Seth? Joey Mercury!

Mercury takes the mic, major sad face with Big Show's hand on his shoulder/back of his neck. Mercury can't talk.

Rollins – It did hurt, but you know what will hurt the most when this is finished? Orton's ego. Because for years and years Orton thought he could do what he wanted with no consequences, but let me tell you something Orton, you've never messed with anybody like me. And you want to challenge me to a match at WrestleMania.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – Well I accept! But only under one condition Orton. You agree to face me tonight, in this very ring, live on Raw! You like to call yourself the face of the WWE, but you're nothing more than a scheming...

Orton's music cuts Rollins off. Orton on stage.

Orton – Seth, I'm not the face of the WWE. I'm just a guy. A guy who last week, made you look like a little bitch. And I am also the guy who will beat you tonight, because I accept you to face me in the main event of Raw tonight! I know when I come to the ring it will be 5 On 1, because I know you Seth, you like the odds in your favor, the deck stacked against me, but that's okay, because you need all the help you can get. Why? Because I've got all the venom for every one of the members of The Authority. Let's just say I suffer a beat down by The Authority, it will be worth it to get you at WrestleMania. If you're at all as smart as I think you are, you will finish the job tonight, because if I make it to WrestleMania, I'm gonna end the future of the WWE.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the contract signing later tonight. Previously Brock Lesnar sat down to talk about Reigns, and we will see it later tonight.

Backstage Segment

Paige and AJ heading for the ring.


AJ vs Nikki

AJ skips out with Paige in tow. Bellas to the ring in blue. Split screen and the Bellas talk about how AJ and Paige were at each other throats, but they've been sisters their whole lives.

They lock up, muscle around, AJ slammed to the mat. AJ lifted by her throat, slammed into a corner. Shoulder slams to AJ in the corner, then Nikki does pushups in the center of the ring. AJ on Nikki with a knee, then an elbow, rolling Nikki up for two.

Lovely arm drag from AJ into an arm bar. Nikki muscles free, fireman's carry takedown on AJ. AJ into head scissors on the mat on Nikki. Arm bar on Nikki, but then Nikki pulls AJ into a short clothesline for two.

Front facelock on AJ, but AJ slams Nikki back to the mat for two.

Headlock on AJ, and Nikki lifts her, but takes knees to the forehead for it. AJ ends up getting hung up in the ropes as Nikki regroups outside with Brie.


Arm bar on AJ on the mat. AJ with blows to get up and free, but then eats an elbow for two.

Arm buster on AJ, and Nikki stays right on her for two.

Hammerlock on AJ into a corner, then back on the arm on the mat. AJ punches on Nikki to get free, locks a front facelock on Nikki, but Nikki slams AJ to a corner. AJ gets her feet up on Nikki, then rides Nikki down. Splash on Nikki, then AJ with a neck breaker on Nikki. Kick to the guts, AJ slides out and pulls Nikki's feet out. AJ climbs, crossbody for two.

Nikki with a knee to AJ's face for two.

AJ pulled up, reverses on Nikki, rolls her up for one.

Drop kick on Nikki. Nikki sends AJ flying out. Paige around the ring to keep Brie out of it. Nikki into the apron as Brie and Paige argue. Pie face to Paige, then Paige eats post. Big right elbow to AJ. AJ appears to be knocked out before the rack attack for three.

Winner – Nikki (11:13)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Bellas all smiles, posing, standing over AJ's prone body on the mat.



Recap of Reigns and Henry getting into it on Smackdown last week. Henry got all up in Reigns' face, grabbed at Reigns, and got nasty at Reigns, so he took a superman punch, then a spear through the barricade.

Backstage Segment

Renee – What role, if any, do you plan to have in tonight's match between Rollins and Orton?

Kane steps in as Big Show starts to talk.

Kane – As DOO I've decided that Big Show will be in Rollins' corner tonight.

Big Show – You've decided? See, you do this to me all the time. Why not pull me aside and talk to me, rather than blabbing it out on national TV? You never talk to me about stuff!

Kane – Did that hurt your feelings? I don't answer to you, I make the decisions.

Big Show – As DOO you do this, you insult me...

Rollins – Hey, this is the same crap that got you sent home last week. Just like Steph said, you need to see the big picture. You represent The Authority, so you represent Steph, Trip, and me. How stupid can you two be?

Big Show (to Rollins) – You better watch what you say.

Kane slaps Big Show on the chest to try to calm him down.

Kane – Steph can address us how she wants, you may not. Big Show and I feel kind of responsible for what happened to you last week, but truth is, we kind of enjoyed it. See Seth, you've acting like an entitled spoiled brat ever since I entitled you to win MITB, and it's about time someone gave you what you deserve. So I won't be at ringside tonight, and Big Show, I extend the same courtesy to you to join Mr. Rollins at ringside this evening.

Big Show growls in Rollins' face, then leaves. Kane glares, then leaves. Rollins is left cussing under his breath.

Ryback vs Miz

Ryback to the ring.


Fram Slam

On Smackdown Miz and Mizdow got into it over beating Ryback and Miz not needing Mizdow. Ryback defeated Miz.

Miz to the ring with Mizdow in tow.

Lock up, Ryback into the corner, blows on Ryback. Out of the corner and Ryback slams Miz to the mat. From the ring, Ryback begs Mizdow to hit Miz. Mizdow thinks on this, but then Miz on Ryback and Miz yells at Mizdow to put the fist down. Back in the ring with a spinebuster on Miz. "Feed me more!" and the meathook on Miz. Shellshocked and it's over.

Winner – Ryback (1:54)

"Feed me more!" from Ryback who then leaves the ring, Miz on the mat. Mizdow in fanning Miz with his own coat. Mizdow pulls Miz up to chants of Mizdow! Miz lands a SCF on Mizdow, one of the worst I've ever seen. Heat for Miz who leaves the ring holding his back, selling the pain.


Recap video of the issues between Rusev and Cena.


Contract Signing

Cena to the ring. Cole tells Cena his contract for his match with Rusev is there, would Cena please sign it?

Dueling Cena chants, but more evenly men than normal.

Cena looks at the contract.

Cena – Lot of enthusiasm for WrestleMania tonight. I share it. I've signed a lot of these, but this contract is most important. Because in just a minute you will be introduced a man who is a hero of the Russian Federation, and laid waste to every man put in his path, including myself. His name is Rusev. Rusev is the Champion of the United States. Think about what that means, I've thought long and hard on it. Rusev represents the USA. What it means is Rusev represents each and every one of you. (heat) I feel the same way. That's what makes this contract, this match at WrestleMania, important. I can do what I did last week, whip Rusev all over this ring, but it does no good. It does no good as long as Rusev wears the US Championship, Rusev will represent each of you. So tonight I will sign this contract, because tonight I publicly say, enough is enough! (pop) These are the facts. Rusev has the luxury to live in the USA. USA has given Rusev great opportunity, but all he does is belittle the USA. I am disgusted, and it's disrespectful that Rusev represents a country that we all love and are proud to call home.

"USA!" chants fill the arena.

Cena – You let that chant fill you with pride. You let that chant fill you with excitement, and fill you with love for the USA. I've had the honor to stand on the front lines with the brave men and women who provide us with the freedom of speech, assembly and religion. But in the same breath, I'm ashamed to say Rusev is the man to bring our Championship into battle, NO MORE! To me this is not a contract, it is a declaration of independence, this is our revolution! Here's what I believe! I believe that the United States of America is the greatest country on earth! And I believe that because we will not quit, and we will stand up and fight! At WrestleMania, what the undefeated Rusev is about to find out, that you can only push the USA so far before we just come back and kick your ass!

Cena signs the contract and throws down the mic.

Cole announces Rusev who comes out in a suit, sans tie, sans Lana who is filming with Edge, but with some other man in a suit following behind him.

Cole tells Rusev it's his turn to sign the contract.

"We want Lana!" chants slowly build and take over the arena.

Cena – Apparently...(can't understand as the mic doesn't pick up in time)...has the balls.

Pop for Cena.

? - As Mr. Rusev's attorney, he will not be signing this contract. Rusev will not be competing American John Cena at WrestleMania. Rusev did not agree to this, or any other match, for that matter. I present to exhibit A and B.

Video of Steph saying that the only way was to get Rusev to change his mind and accept the match. Then to video of Lana agreeing to the match at WrestleMania last week on Raw.

? - The video shows no video of Rusev, the only man who can agree to this match at WrestleMania, therefor, this proposed contract is null and void. However, if Mr. John Cena could extend the American courtesy of freedom of speech, my client will sign this contract if Mr. John Cena can contain his American barbaric behavior and (coughing, or snickering) allow my client to read his prepared speech in full, or there will be no WrestleMania match.

"USA!" chants. This whole time JBL is ripping apart the 'lawyer' on mic, saying he saw him parking cars earlier, is he from Des Moines public theater?

Cena is seething, and Booker T says this is the same thing Heenan pulled back in the day. Cena motions. Rusev pulls out his paper and grabs the mic.

Rusev – America lives and dies for its second chances. John Cena I defeated you at Fast Lane, yet you try and continue having another chance. ("What?") And that's because you're weak. ("What?") Weakness is just one of the many problems with America. ("What?") America worships failures. ("What?") This country's parents are failures. ("What?")

Cena rushes to the table from where he was leaning on the ropes. The 'lawyer' steps up as Rusev steps back to the ropes himself.

JBL – You don't want to stop Mr. Cena, the parking lot attendant will get hurt!

Rusev – Their children will grow to be failures! ("What?")

Off comes Cena's shirt, it flies from the ring as he gets even more pissed off. The 'lawyer' steps up again, and Cole flees from the ring.

Rusev – American people are stained in history. America is a cancer to the world. Oh say can you see, this stupid little land?

Rusev and Cena are staring at each other over the table, both visually waiting to strike.

Rusev – How so proudly you hail, this stupid little country. A country that will die!

"USA!" chants. Evil Cena's face is on as he stares down Rusev. Rusev signs, then quickly flips the table at Cena, as he and his 'lawyer' flee the ring and up the ramp. Rusev is all laughter, then yelling in his native language.

Cena (yelling off mic) – I got this, and your ass I mine!

The Russian flag unfurls over the ring to further make Cena seethe.


A New Day vs Kidd & Cesaro

A New Day in the ring. Kidd and Cesaro lost to A New Day last Monday, and Nattie is blamed for the loss. Kidd, Cesaro and Nattie to the ring. Nattie is in an all black one pieces pleather skin-tight halter jumper with pants – DANG! Before the match starts, Los Matadores and El Torito to the ring to watch.

Kidd below Big E, but then caught with a belly-to-belly. Kofi tags in, they double team Kidd for two.

Kofi slammed back into the heel corner, and Cesaro tags in and all over Kofi. Kofi whipped, bounces off, but slammed down to the mat. Big swing on Kofi, the ref in Kidd's face for getting in illegally. Kidd breaks the count on Cesaro.

Much fighting and distraction outside the ring. Cesaro ducks Kofi who lands TIP on Kidd who flies out, then an upper cut to Kofi's back and Cesaro gets the three.

Winners – Cesaro & Kidd (1:52)

Outside the ring fighting erupts with Los Matadores and A New Day. Woods slammed hard, face first, into the barricade, then rolled in for neutralizer. El Torito off the top on Cesaro. Head scissors on Cesaro that was horrible, but Cesaro sold it and flew from the ring beautifully. All teams arguing.

Announce Segment

Talk about Wyatt calling out Taker. To video of Wyatt calling him out, and how Taker answered Wyatt last week on Raw.


Backstage Segment

Rollins – Tonight, this thing with Orton can't go like last week. I cannot be left high and dry like last week.

Noble – You told us to leave last week.

Rollins – I'm sorry, did you argue with me? Are you paid to argue with me? I'm well aware of your diverse skill set, but I didn't realize it was security, and arguing with the man you're paid to secure.

Noble – If you had just listened to me about what I said about Randy Orton, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. I'm just sayin'...

Rollins bitch slaps Noble. Mercury steps up between them.

Rollins – What are you saying?

Noble – I'm sayin' that you're letting that case, and this future thing go to you head!

Rollins – My head? I have half a mind to fire you! Fire you and send you back to whatever backwoods hell hole you came from!

Noble – Fire me? You can't fire me! I quit! You can't fire me! I quit!

Rollins – You quit? Fine, go on like a baby! We don't need him anyway, right Joey?

Mercury follows after Noble.

Rollins – That's how it's going to be? You quit too, huh? Fine! Fine, I don't need you anyway!

Announce Segment

Cole says it looks like Rollins is losing his support going into his match with Orton tonight. People keep saying Reigns can't beat Brock. Booker T says he'd bet on Reigns. Let's hear these candid and controversial comments from Brock Lesnar.


Brock – I was put on this earth to seek and destroy, and to hurt people.

Video of Brock doing just that.

Brock – Is that sadistic? Maybe to some people. Not to me. I enjoy it. It's what I do. It's why I'm here.

More video.

Brock – What does WrestleMania mean to Brock Lesnar? It's a day I get to show up, kick somebody's ass, and get paid to do so.

Clips from WrestleMania when Brock faced Taker.

Brock – The Undertaker did not stand a chance against me. What do I think about the people who were disappointed that I beat the Undertaker? I don't care. Disappointment, surprise (Brock shakes his head, smiles and sticks his tongue out a bit to show his mirth at it all.) I love every minute of it. Here's my take on my contract with the WWE. On thing is sure, if I stay, I'll be WWE Champion. If I go, I will leave WWE Champion. Roman Reigns is not going to stand in the way of that. As a rookie, I came in here against The Rock, and I sent him to Hollywood. They put me against Taker, I ended the Streak. SummerSlam, John Cena, I suplexed him out of the main event. This is my world. I don't need to hunt, I need to defend, and if you think Brock Lesnar in hunt mode was crazy as BLEEP (he said shit, or fuck), stay tuned for Brock Lesnar in defense mode.

And, even more video.

Brock – If there's one message I have for Roman Reigns. You can think all you want that you can beat me. Dream, wish, because Brock Lesnar is going to kick your ass. It will be like any other ass kicking you've ever received. This isn't a fairy tale. There isn't a happy ending, a feel good moment. At WrestleMania, I am gonna BLEEP (fuck) up Roman Reigns. The end.

Brock gets up and leaves.

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.


Big Show vs Rowan

Rowan to the ring.

As Rowan gets in, Rowan is attacked. The bell hasn't rung as Big Show beats the hell out of Rowan. Rowan choked in the ropes. Scoop slam to Rowan. Big Show pulls him up by his beard, then a KO blow to Rowan. Big Show climbs to the second ropes, then drops an elbow on Rowan. Big Show yelling smack at Rowan, then leaves the ring. Big Show on the apron taking all the heat from the fans. Big Show down and up the ramp catching serious heat from the fans as Rowan is being checked over inside the ring.

Video recap of the high points of the lack of match.

Winner – N/A

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE Hall of Fame. Larry Zbyszko will be inducted in with the Class of 2015. They show a most lovely video about his career.


Battle Royal – Ryder & Fandango & Goldust & Axel & Slater & Swagger & O'Neil & Young & Rose & Kane & Henry

Kane – Forget about Axelmania, there's only one person who will win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, and that's me. That's why I invited you out here, for a demonstration of exactly what's going to happen.

Henry's music, and out he comes.

Henry – Looks like WrestleMania is going to have its own March Madness. That's the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, so I think I'm gonna throw my hat in, because that's what I do!

Everyone all over the place. Rose is out. Henry sends Fandango out. Kane eliminates Goldust. Ryder tossed out, and Young. O'Neil sent out, leaving Henry and Kane in the ring.

Kane and Henry exchange blows. Head butt from Henry. Kane lifted over the top, then Axel in from where he'd rolled out earlier, helped eliminate Kane. Henry then eliminated Axel to win.

Winner – Henry (1:26)


Announce Segment

A 6 Being Interspecies Match has been announced for Smackdown between Los Matadores and El Torito, against Cesaro, Kidd and Nattie.

In Ring Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! The single most credible, authentic, legitimate Champion in WWE or MMA then, now, and forever. It is in the spirit of that credibility, authenticity, and legitimacy that I came out and tell you, just 13 days from WrestleMania, that my client, Brock Lesnar, views this whole concept of rules and regulations and boundaries imposed upon a Title match as something written by a pacifist My client, Brock Lesnar, is not a pacifist. My client, Brock Lesnar, is a conqueror! My client, Brock Lesnar, is a beast. Brock Lesnar is not coming to WrestleMania to make love, Brock Lesnar is coming to WrestleMania to make war. WAR on Roman Reigns. And here's something that nobody has taken the time to think about, what's going to happen when Brock Lesnar decides to violate those parameters? Violate those boundaries? Violate those sensibilities being imposed upon him. What are they gonna do then? What are they gonna do? Are they gonna cut the lights? Are they gonna cut the feed to the PPV? Are they gonna cut the feed to the WWE Network? Are they gonna cut the feed to WrestleMania off? Give you all your money back? It's an impossibility, you know why? Because you're stuck with Brock Lesnar as your WWE WHC! And there's not a damn thing that...

Heyman's mic is cut, again, and he's pissed. Of course he taps on it to get it back.

Heyman – Doing that to me is one thing, but what are you going to do to Brock Lesnar when he does what he's not supposed to do? No one can stop Brock Lesnar, not even Roman Reigns, and that to me is a shame, because if there's one person who could really live up to the hype, it was, past tense, Roman Reigns. He was a standout at NXT, won the Royal Rumble, beat Bryan, the badass of The Shield, but what's going to happen to Reigns when reality bitch slaps him across the face, when Brock Lesnar gives him a prison beating at WrestleMania, because Roman Reigns is not the next great Samoan American, he's the next great Samoan American't. Roman Reigns, you can't beat up Brock Lesnar. You can't beat Brock Lesnar. You can't beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. You can't beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC. You can't beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC at WrestleMania, you can't! You can't! You can't! You can't! Your father should have told you this a long time ago!

Reigns' music hits and out he comes, pissing off Heyman even more. Reigns is wearing a new shirt, "I can, I will" Heyman is seething in the ring. They argue off mic.

Reigns – I've got a lot of respect for you Paul, I really do. Possibly the best talker, EVER, in this business. And a lot of people think you're talking trash about my family, but I don't think that's the case. I think you're giving everybody fair warning on what I am and where I'm from. My issue isn't with you, it's with your client. If you will excuse me, I'm gonna talk to him now.

Reigns turns from Heyman and looks at the camera.

Reigns – If you were here right now, I'd tell you face to face, but you're not. But I think we finally see eye to eye, because I'm not going into this thinking there's going to be a happy ending, or a fairy tale. I'm expecting a fight. Hoping for a war. I'm expecting from this war to be carried out, but that's fine, ask Paul. (to Heyman) I've got a huge family, right? So I'm gonna have plenty of people to carry me out, but while they're carrying me out, I'm going to be carrying out the WWE WHC on this shoulder! (slight pop) Right next to that, I have a huge chip on my shoulder from people telling me I can't, like these guys. (pointing behind himself to the fans) People telling me I can't, but Brock Lesnar I'm gonna beat your ass at WrestleMania! (pop) Not because I want to, but because I need to. Because I can, I will (turns to glare at Heyman briefly), and I believe that!

Heyman leaves the ring. The camera looks at Reigns with the WrestleMania sign over his head. Reigns soaks in all the love and hate from the fans.

Announce Segment

Recap of the opening segment of Raw between Rollins and Orton, then all of Rollins' guys leaving Rollins.


Backstage Segment

Heyman stomping along backstage.

Renee – Can I get some of your comments from what we just heard from Roman Reigns?

Heyman rolls his eyes at Renee.

Heyman – Hahaha. Game's getting kind interesting around here, isn't it?

Renee nods.

Heyman – All that latent hostility, the way he's bottling everything in, Mr. Cool-Calm-Collected. 13 days to WrestleMania. Reigns is a formidable opponent, wants to play chess with the Chessmaster (pointing to his own chest). Checkmate, I'm going to throw a little wrinkle into Reigns' game plan. He won't have to wait for WrestleMania to get into Brock Lesnar's face, I'm going to give Reigns that opportunity next week, right here, on Raw. So next week Reigns will have the opportunity to say anything he wants right to Brock Lesnar's face, and my toes are curling in anticipation because Brock Lesnar gets to say and do anything he deems inappropriate to Reigns' face. Reigns may want to spend a week thinking about it. He can think about it, but he can't do anything about it.

6 Man Tag Match – Barrett & Harper & Stardust vs Bryan & Ambrose & Ziggler

The heels in the ring already. Bryan to the ring through "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Ziggler out to join Bryan. Ambrose out to round out their team. R-Truth music hits and out he comes with a big smiles and heads out to watch.

Ambrose all over Stardust, taking him down over and over, then choking him in the ropes. R-Truth has the IC Title clipped to the back of his suit jacket, from the collar, as he skirts the ring to join them on announce. Bryan tags in with upper cuts on Stardust over and over. Bryan locks up Stardust's legs, then rolls him up in a surfboard hold. Stardust rolled back to pin Bryan for two.

Bryan on Stardust in the face corner with "YES!" kicks. Ziggler tags in, steals the tag from Bryan, causing issues. Stardust sent flying, Harper and Barrett try coming in, but the faces are ready, so they think better of it.


Big DDT on Harper. Stardust tags in and all over Ziggler until a big DDT on Stardust. Drop kick on Ziggler on the apron. Ziggler slammed back into the apron by Barrett who rolls in and covers Ziggler for two.

Ziggler laid across a corner and takes blows. A running kick to Ziggler across the corner. Harper tags in and stomp Ziggler on the mat. Harper uses the ropes, then pulls Ziggler up for an upper cut. Barrett tags in and kicks Ziggler in the gut. Neck breaker on Ziggler for two.

Ziggler whipped, Harper tags in and whips Barrett, but Ziggler moves and Barrett hung up top. Ziggler pulls the rope and Harper out. Stardust in and takes a body drop. Ziggler to his corner, but Stardust and Barrett takes out Ambrose and Bryan. Zig-zag on Harper, but Stardust and Barrett breaks the count.

It all goes higgledy-piggeldy. Harper gets two on Ziggler who amazingly kicks out.


Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat from Barrett. Ziggler free, reverses on Barrett with a big DDT. Both are down and all four of the others are spazzing. Bryan tags in and all over Stardust and Harper with a cheap attack. Bryan sent flying, but not before tagging Ambrose. Ambrose on Barrett for two, but Stardust breakls the count.

Ambrose from the ropes on Stardust. Ziggler in, accidentally superkicks Bryan! Barrett gets Ziggler up, tosses him out on Harper and Stardust. Ambrose avoids the bull hammer and hits dirty deeds for three.

Winners – Ambrose & Ziggler & Bryan (17:43)

Harper attack Ambrose, sends him across announce onto R-Truth. R-Truth tries to shuffle away, Ambrose on Harper and Stardust sneaks up and steals the strap off R-Truth. Ambrose after him, they are in the crowd, and it's Ambrose who gets the belt. The strap is tossed over the barricade and Ambrose is attacked and pulled back into the stands. R-Truth grabs the strap, turns around into Harper. R-Truth tosses the strap in the ring at Bryan. Ambrose off the barricade on Harper. Bryan and Ziggler each have an end of the strap, they start fighting over it. Superkick on Stardust who gets involved. Running knees on Harper who is suddenly back in the ring. Bull hammer on Ziggler, then another on Bryan! Bull hammer on Ambrose on the apron. Barrett grabs his own strap and yells about it, pointing to the WrestleMania sign. Barrett leaves the ring, everyone is splayed out. Barrett gets in R-Truth's face. R-Truth doesn't want to fight, but then he takes a bull hammer as well. On the stage Barrett climbs a ladder to pose with the strap he's held very little of.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Trip in their office.

Rollins – You guys believe what's going on here tonight? First Kane and Big Show leave me high and dry, then J&J quit on me? This is insane. As it stands I'm going to be out there all alone in my match with Orton. What are you going to do to fix this?

Steph – What are we going to do to fix this? Seth, come on, you're a big boy. How about not alienating everyone who's tried to help you? You even made Jamie Noble quit. You've made your own bed, so you need to lie in it.

Rollins – Made my own bed? Me? I made my own bed? If it wasn't for you sending Kane and Big Show home early last week, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Trip – Who in the hell do you think you're talking to?

Rollins – Oh, oh, are you taking a break from playing hide-and-seek with Sting? Is that what's going on?

Trip bows up at Rollins, getting right in his face.

Rollins – What? What? You going to screw up the future of this company? I didn't think so.

Steph steps up between her husband and gets right in Rollins' face.

Steph – How about you take some responsibilities for your own actions? How about you man up, if you can?

Trip – And why don't you run along before your situation goes from bad to worse?

Rollins glares back at them, then leaves.



Recap of the US Title contract signing.


Recap of Wyatt in the ring last week on Raw.


Wyatt approaches a lovely red urn with gold scrolling on it.

Wyatt – The memory is such to treasure. I remember the first time I saw Abigail sitting in that chair. She was so beautiful. Not just in her appearance, but in the things she said. The way she spoke. She told me about all the lies this rotten world had been feeding me my entire life. She taught me about people like you Taker. People have tried to use that memory against me. Tried to use this symbol to burn fear into my heart.

Wyatt removes the lid to the urn, smoke wafts out.

Wyatt – The only thing you succeeded in doing was turning a chair to dust.

Wyatt dumps out ashes.

Wyatt – Hahahaha! Here's the big question everyone's asking, what's left of you.

Video clips of Taker from WrestleMania last year.

Wyatt – Is it agony? Is it fear. Last year we saw a broken Streak, and empty soul. Now you're afraid to show your face, because you know in that moment, the eyes of the entire world will be open as they feel shame at their nakedness. It's a shame what happened to you, your destiny taken, it almost brought me to tears. Hahaha. But this is all your fault. Your fate is sealed. WrestleMania will be your requiem, your final resting place. But it will also be my coronation. ...Will be so proud of me, me destroy the mighty Undertaker, and take my place, my rightful place among the gods. Taker is the watcher of the light and the darkness, but after WrestleMania, no one is safe. Behold the new face of fear. Hahahaha!


Orton vs Rollins

Orton to the ring. Rollins to the stage, looks back, and no one is coming to help him.

Rollins – Randy, it took you three weeks of scheming and conniving and cajoling to make every single member of The Authority look like fools.

Rollins then laughs.

Rollins – But it's only taken me three hours to make a fool out of you.

Trip's music hits, all of The Authority comes out with smiles on their faces. Orton from the ring, grabs a chair, then back in. Trip mocks Orton with a chair. Trip taunts Orton as they all head to the ring together, even Steph. "We want Sting!" chants. They circle the ring. J&J Security on announce side, Kane and Big Show on opposite sides. Trip and Steph on the bottom of the ramp take Rollins' shirt and case for him. Orton looks around at them all. Rollins approaches the ring.

All sides climb at the same time, Orton is ready with his chair. They all climb in...

CAW! And the lights go out! The arena erupts! CAW!

The lights come up and Sting is in the ring next to Orton! The look on Orton's face is pure shock and confusion, selling better than I thought he could.

Chair to Big Show. Bat to Kane. Chair on Rollins, all over him, as Sting uses his bat on J&J Security. Sting back on Kane.

Off comes Sting's coat, and he throws it at Trip who brushes it aside, but of course he's bloody pissed by this. Stinger splash on J&J Security in a corner. Sting yells at Trip, calling him in. Sting grabs Noble, points to Trip, then a scorpion death drop!

Orton on Mercury with an RKO!

Sting and Orton are in the ring as Kane is obviously in pain from something, either his left knee or ankle, he cannot seem to put weight on it.

Trip glaring in at Sting, Sting wanting Trip in the ring. Rollins yelling smack in at Orton.

Video recap of the high points of Sting's return to the ring, by Orton's side.

The Authority back up the ramp together as Sting and Orton pose and smirk in the ring. Right at the end Orton throws Sting a sideways smirk that says everything he's feeling at that moment.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

Biggest Marking Out By A Superstar Moment
Orton looking at Sting by his side

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