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Raw Results 8/10/15 - Like Some Kind Of Cross Dressing Jedi Manure Spreader

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RAW Results August 10, 2015
From Xfinity Arena in Everett, Washington
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Rollins to the ring, strap around his waist, smile on his face. Video of Rollins breaking Cena's nose a couple weeks ago. Heat for Rollins, even after the video.

Rollins – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Rollins! (heat) I am the man, the man who broke the face that runs the place, Mr. You Can't See Me, your WWE WHC, the Champion of Champions himself, Seth Rollins! Now last week...

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – So what? We've gone over this. Last week I presented Cena with an opportunity of a lifetime, title vs title match at SummerSlam. It's been a week, and, what is Cena said? His reply? Nothing. We haven't heard anything from Cena, complete silence. I know he's at home, in bed, licking his wounds, but what about my challenge? Is he listening to Dr. Dre? Maybe contemplating revitalizing that rap career of his? What ever career he had as a rapper, I don't know. Cena's not straight outta Compton, he's straight outta action. I destroyed Cena's WWE career, just like I destroyed his face with my knee.

Solid pop. "Thank you Rollins!" chants.

Rollins – It's really interesting to me that he hasn't answered my challenge, and if he doesn't want to show up at SummerSlam and face me like a man, lose to me like a man, then he can forfeit his US Championship to the rightful true Champion. Either way, yours truly will walk out of SummerSlam the first man ever to hold the WWE WHC and US Championship at the same time. Cena doesn't have the guts to show up and answer my challenge, but I hear rumors he's going to be on Tough Enough. That's ironic because it's further proof that Cena's not tough enough to hang with me. Look, I'm on your side, I wish Cena had the guts to show up here. I wish he was half the man he says he is to come here and he would... What? Are you? Wait? Are you serious? Cena is here? Cena is here? No, sorry, Cena is here via satellite. Does that mean he's really going to show his face? John, can you hear mean John? Cena, are you there?

A still of Cena, broken nose and all, doing what all the late night shows love to do, with a fake mouth moving in the still picture.

Fake Cena – Yabba dabba doo! Doo, doo, doo, dooooo! The Champ is here!

Rollins hides his eyes from the pic of Cena's nose.

Rollins – Actually, John, no, the real Champ is right here. I understand why you didn't want to show up tonight, you look terrible.

Face Cena – I feel terrible!

Rollins – You feel good enough to show up at Tough Enough tomorrow?

Fake Cena – I need to go to Tough Enough to be a competitor, you knocked me all the way back to square one. It was a life changing incident for me, I used to talk about hustle, loyalty, respect, and now it's surgery, recovery, and rehab. I'd just like to tell my Cenation to never give up, unless Rollins breaks your face, then you should totally give up.

Rollins – John, does that mean you're giving up?

Face Cena – Oh yeah, look at me! I look like I got a nose job from Picasso.

Rollins – I'm shocked, but John, you're doing the right thing, because the WWE Universe deserves a fighting Champion and that's Seth Rollins. I proved what kind of fighting Champion I am when I beat Neville in the very first WWE WHC Open Challenge. I mean, Neville gave it everything he had, came really close, but doesn't have what it takes to be Champion, to be the man. To be the man in this ring you have to beat every single...

Rollins is cut off by Cesaro's music and the fans are wild! He comes out in his suit, sans tie.

Cesaro – Far be it for me to come out here and interrupt your far too hilarious monologue of you just going on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and some more on, and on, and on. Since you mentioned your WWE WHC Open Challenge, let me be first in line to challenge you, tonight!

Cesaro who spoke all the way to the ring, dropped his mic, serious faced, looking at Rollins face to face in the ring.

Rollins – Keep your button buttoned, keep your glasses down, I didn't say anything about a WWE WHC Open Challenge for tonight. Not for tonight, no, that was last week. One time thing. Besides, what do you think you've done to earn a shot at me WWE WHC, huh?

Kevin Owens' music, and out he comes.

Owens – Seth, the answer you're looking for is nothing. Cesaro has done nothing to deserve a title match, though he might think he does, because last week, and this week, some idiot has printed out thousands of Cesaro section signs and passed them out to the rest of the WWEE (sic) Universe sheep out there who just want to hold up a sign, no matter what's written on it. That's not enough to earn a title match. I, on the other hand have beaten Cena. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is something neither of you can say. In fact, Seth, if I remember correctly, you tapped out to Cena two weeks ago on Raw. So, if anybody deserves a title match tonight, I have it under good authority that it's me.

Rollins – Are you deaf and dumb, look, you morons, I didn't say anything about defending my WWE WHC tonight.

Orton's music hits and Rollins looks really frustrated.

Orton – I like what you've got going on in here. Kevin, have you put on weight lately?

Owens – No.

Orton – Seth, The Authority this, The Authority that, I have it on my own authority that if anyone deserves a title shot tonight, it's me.

Orton slides into the ring to join the other three.

Rollins – Look, it's not gonna happen, alright. Tom Brady has a better chance at getting a free meal in Cincinnati, than you jerk offs at getting a title shot tonight! I don't care what any of you, or The Authority thinks,, I only care what I thinks, and I thinks you idiots should get the hell out of my ring. (sic)

Trip's music, and out he comes at Rollins' little The Authority slap.

Trip – I find that to be an interesting choice of words Seth, 'I don't care what The Authority thinks.'

Rollins – That's not what I meant, you know I care very deeply, these three out here...

Trip – Be that as it may, we are two weeks away from SummerSlam. And doctors are telling me that Cena is 50/50 at best to make it to SummerSlam, which creates a lot of turmoil as it relates to the WWE WHC. Then again, that turmpoid breeds for some great competition, doesn't it boys. So there will be a Triple Threat Match, with Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and The Viper, Randy Orton. The winner of that match will compete in tonight's main event. The main event that sees that person face Seth Rollins for the WWE WHC.

Owens, Orton and Cesaro are all smiles in the ring, Rollins not so much.

Announce Segment

JBL goes with Cesaro. Byron goes with Orton. Cole picks Owens to win this. Later, Miz TV with Bryan!

Backstage Segment

Team BAD heading for the ring.


Team Bella vs Team BAD

Team PCB are on announce. Team Bella to the ring in red and black. Team BAD out to face them.

Sick side headlock flip on Naomi, taking her to the mat. Naomi runs under Fox a couple times, then a solid back breaker on Naomi for two.

Nikki tags in and they double team Naomi as Charlotte talks up her genetics. Lynch looks comfortable, but not chatty. Naomi double kicks Nikki back as the "We want Sasha!" chants fill the arena. Banks kicks in for two on Nikki.

Foot choking Nikki, and Naomi tags back in. Naomi whipped, takes an elbow, then slammed to the mat for two.

The fans are dead as Naomi takes an elbow and Nikki off the corner kicks Naomi in the face.


Banks with Nikki's arms wrapped back on herself on the mat, knee in her back. The fans a little louder for Banks. Nikki up, but slammed down off the ropes for two.

Banks with a cheap shot on Brie, then smack on Team Bella as Tamina with a cheap shot on Nikki. Banks for two on Nikki.

Nikki dragged back from tagging out, all over Nikki on the mat. Nikki up, slams Banks back into a corner, then flips her to the mat. Banks back on Nikki, but kicked off. Brie tags in, knocking Tamina off the apron. "YES!" kicks to Banks! Naomi takes a cheap shot, but Banks ducks. Brie with a missile drop kick and Brie mode, but Tamina tags in and takes Brie and Team Bella down. Tamina misses a superkick and Brie gets three for it.

Winners – Team Bella (9:07)

Team BAD in and attacking Brie, so all in, so Team PCB in and Banks tossed out hard. Brie eats corner. Double Striker on Tamina from Lynch and Charlotte! Brie on Lynch, but then a spear from Charlotte. Banks back in and she stares off with Charlotte. Then Team PCB and Team BAD are in, staring off. Team BAD backs off as Team Bella yell smack from the ramp.


Los Matadores vs New Day

Stephen Amell is in the front row. Los Matadores are in the ring. New Day out to face them to "New Day Sucks!" chants.

Kofi locks up with Fernando. Fernando under Kofi a couple times, then monkey flips, and Kofi lands on his feet, then eats a drop kick. Big E tags in and takes Fernando down hard. Big E stomps Fernando in the heel corner. Kofi tags in, stomps. Prime Time Players are watching closely backstage. Big E and Kofi continue to tag around, stomping Fernando, then Kofi slams into Fernando in the corner. A kick to Fernando's face for two.

Arm and chinlock on Fernando on the mat as Woods yells smack outside. Kofi slams Fernando to the mat. Beg tags in, splashes Fernando for two.

Woods yells about it being too hot as Big E claps in the ring. Big E stops Fernando from tagging out, but then sends Big E shoulder first to the post. Diego tags in, as does Kofi. Diego all over Kofi, off the corners and ropes, all over Kofi. Chops on Kofi, then Diego mocks Kofi and lands a drop toe hold. Big E tries to get involved and distracts enough for Fernando and El Torito to take out Woods outside. Big E gets Diego, and with Kofi, double teams for three.

Winners – New Day (3:59)

New Day dances in the ring, as Big E tries to make it look like he has any rhythm.


Backstage Segment

New Day celebrates.

Renee – Congratulations on your victory.

Woods talks about their winning cementing them as #1 contenders.

Renee says New Day will face Prime Time Players at SummerSlam, as well as Los Matadores.

Big E is annoyed, but Kofi is all excited.

Renee says Lucha Dragons have been added in.

Big E goes on about opportunity for everyone. Woods asks about Harlem Heat. Big E asks about Doom. Kofi asks about Men On A Mission? Woods is all excited about them being 2 time Tag Team Champions.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – I get all that, but at the end of the night I have to defend my WWE WHC. I've proven time and time again how good I am. Not like I'm a l lump of coal that will crumble under pressure. I've beaten Ambrose, Reigns, even Orton, and won it from Lesnar at WrestleMania!

Trip – This is about building a legacy Seth. It takes time. Tonight you're defending the WWE WHC, but against a guy who just got done competing in a hellacious Triple Threat Match. You opened this door yourself. You opened that door. You did it last week with Neville, who pushed you to the brink, but you proved yourself. But now you have to do that every single night.

Rollins – You're right. Cena can do it every week. I can do it better.


Last Thursday Reigns challenged Wyatt and Harper to face Reigns and Ambrose at SummerSlam. Wyatt came back and accepted. Family versus family, but Wyatt welcomes this war.

The match has been made official.


Triple Threat Match – Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

Cesaro and Owens in each others faces. Owens on Orton, so the two of them go after Owens. Owens rolls out to be clotheslined by Orton. Cesaro all over Owens for two.

Owens whipped, takes an upper cut, then whipped for another. Orton in for a t-bone on Cesaro, Owens breaks it up, but Owens lands on Cesaro. T-bone on Owens! Cesaro on the apron, but in and reverses on Orton, but Owens pulls Cesaro out. Cesaro eats post by Owens, then Owens hangs Orton up top. Owens gets two on Orton in the ring.

Owens stomps Orton. Orton comes back, exploding out of a corner on Owens. Cesaro in with a clothesline on Orton. Orton tossed out, then Owens sends Cesaro out. Cesaro back first on barricade, and then Orton reverses Owens into the barricade. Orton sends Cesaro who stops himself and goes after Owens. Owens drops Cesaro gut first on the barricade. Orton puts Owens back first on the barricade. Orton in to pin Owens for two.

Orton gets another two on Owens.

Cesaro in with upper cuts on Orton, three, but then eats one from Owens, then another, and a third. Cesaro tossed out hard, then Owens kicks on Orton. Orton reverses into his 'vintage' backbreaker. Orton smirks as Owens rolls out, holding his back. Cesaro up on the apron, shoulders to Orton's gut. Crossbody on Orton for two!

Cesaro pulls Orton up for another upper cut, but Orton comes back with one. They exchange upper cuts. The fans love them. Orton whipped, comes out with a huge clothesline! Cesaro blocks an RKO, gets Orton on the mat, locks on the crossface! Orton struggles to the ropes, but the rope won't break the hold for the rules of the match. Orton rolls out to break. Owens pushes Cesaro off the apron, then Owens with a cannonball from the ring on Orton and Cesaro outside.


Cesaro slams Owens into a corner, Owens comes out with elbows. Cannonball on Cesaro in the corner, then Owens pulls Cesaro out for two.

Owens' elbow is bleeding a tiny bit, just ring rash. Owens climbs, but Orton knocks him to sitting up there. Orton up there, but Owens head butts him down. Cesaro with a drop kick to Owens' face up top there! Cesaro and Orton make eye contact and climb. They double superplex Owens to the mat! Cesaro crawls, but Orton breaks the count.

Cesaro up in Orton's face, they exchange blows. Cesaro sets Orton up, and he's swinging! Cesaro locks on the sharpshooter! It's locked in tight, ala Hart! Owens rolls in, Cesaro on him, but kicked off. Owens rolls up Cesaro for two.

Cesaro over the top, lands on his feet on the apron, but clotheslined down by Orton. Orton with his sick powerslam on Owens. Both on the apron, so Orton up, grabs them both, double 'vintage' 'vintage' DDT! (according to Cole) The fans are wild for Orton who pound the mat, but Cesaro counters. Owens pulls Orton out into a fallaway slam into the barricade. Cesaro then flies out over the top on Owens, landing on his feet! "Cesaro!" chants! Owens rolled in, Cesaro climbs with crossbody, Owens rolls through for two.

Cesaro launches a twisting upper cut off the ropes on Owens for two.

"This is awesome!" chants fill the arena. Owens set up top, Cesaro climbs, but Owens punches and Cesaro loses his balance to fall. Owens off the corner with a swanton, but Cesaro gets his knees up. Cesaro rushes Owens, but eats a superkick from Owens. Owens sets up for his popup, but Cesaro over the top, and Owens eats an RKO. Then Cesaro eats an RKO and takes the three from Orton!

Winner – Orton (18:10)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Orton poses as he's catching his breath from that solid A match. Rollins doesn't look too thrilled backstage, strap over his shoulder, watching a monitor. Video recap of the high points of the ending of the match.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – I didn't really have a lot of friends growing up. It might have been nice to have a friend, someone to play ball with, steal cars with. Later in life I learned it's good to have a friend, someone to call when you get arrested in Laredo, or another Mexican border town.

Reigns – Stop, I'm sorry. I think what he's trying to do, I'm your first real friend, right?

Ambrose – Yes.

Reigns – I'm pretty cool, huh? Wyatt continues to talk about family, and Harper will do anything for Bray.

Ambrose – But Wyatt wouldn't do the same for Luke Harper.

Reigns – See, we're brothers, you're not even friends. We've been through the war together, all over the world. Pop quiz, how do I take my coffee?

Ambrose – Hot! With just a little bit of sugar.

Reigns – Just a little bit. Water?

Ambrose – Room temperature.

Reigns – And my beer?

Ambrose – Ice cold!

Reigns – Boom!

Ambrose – Bray, and Luke, we're going to put your twisted little family lives to the test, tonight, and at SummerSlam!

Reigns – Believe that.



Promo about Taker, he's impending doom. Cena, Booker T, Trip and others talking him up. Taker and his Streak. He changes with the times. It snowballed from the first time, all the way to 21-1. It will never be seen again. Then it goes to Heyman talking up Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is ferocious says Trip, Ambrose, and others. Lesnar ended the Streak, but now Taker is back. Austin talks about Taker being darker than ever. They show the neverending fight. Same arena, same time.

After Raw, on the WWE Network is a closer look at Taker vs Lesnar.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring.


Ambrose vs Harper

Reigns to the ring to be there for Ambrose. Reigns with a smile for Ambrose, then into the ring to join him. Wyatt and Harper to the ring through the fireflies. Harper pushes Byron around, out of his chair. Wyatt takes the chair.

Ambrose on Harper who reverses in a corner. Ambrose reverses on Harper and takes him down. Snap mare on Harper and Ambrose gets two for it.

Upper cut on Ambrose who comes back with blows. Harper with a swinging slam on Ambrose for two.

Harper slams Ambrose to the mat. Another slam on Ambrose. Ambrose fights back with an elbow. Harper tossed out and eats a drop kick through the ropes. Ambrose off the apron with an elbow for two.


Harper slingshots Ambrose up into the second rope for one.

Reigns talks Ambrose through the gator roll. During the commercial Ambrose took a serious big book. "Sit down Byron!" chants. Wyatt turns and mocks Byron on his feet. Ambrose eats the second buckle for two.

JBL compares Harper's move to Taker's snake eyes, though it was on the second buckle. Ambrose slammed down, then again, so Wyatt on his feet with a smile. Harper gets a hand up in the ref's face. Harper telegraphs, slammed back to the mat by his hair. Ambrose up top, lands a tornado DDT on Harper. Both are down. Ambrose with blows on Harper. Harper reverses, Ambrose reverses into a sunset. Harper counters dirty deeds. Ambrose slams Harper to the mat. Ambrose with a foot off one corner, onto Harper. Harper comes after Ambrose with a big boot, lands on corner and out. They fight outside. Wyatt over announce. Ambrose uses the ropes and lands a clothesline outside on Harper. Into the ring for two on Harper.

Ambrose rolls out, Wyatt after him. Ambrose ducks and takes double feet from Reigns. Reigns all over Wyatt, then Harper with a superkick on Reigns. Ambrose flies out onto Harper! "YES!" chants. Ambrose up top, Harper knocks the top rope. Harper with a sick clothesline for three.

Winner – Harper (10:27)

Harper and Wyatt from the ring, on the ramp. Video recap of the high points of the match. Reigns and Ambrose recuperating in the ring. Wyatt yells, "Follow the buzzards!"


Miz TV

Miz – Welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, welcome to Miz TV. Before I start, in the audience, the star of Arrow, Stephen Amell. My guest tonight, you all know him, you all love him.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Miz – I plucked him from obscurity and mentored him to greatness, the one, the only Daniel Bryan!

Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in jeans and a red and white flannel shirt. Bryan leads "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in the ring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Miz – I think I speak for everyone, welcome back to Miz TV!

"Daniel Bryan!" chants just keep going, and going, and going.

Miz – When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut. I have a show to run here. As I was saying, welcome back to Miz TV.

Bryan – Thank you Miz.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan has that shocked look he gets when the fans love him like this, like he cannot believe that he's THIS over with them.

Bryan – Miz wants you to shut up, you'd better listen to him!

Heat! "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Miz – My hand is up, you know what that means!

Bryan – I have to be honest, I'm not really here to be on Miz TV. You thought I'd miss Raw in my homeland of Washington state! Sea! (Hawks) Sea! (Hawks) Sea! (Hawks)

Miz – I'm a Cleveland Browns fan myself. (heat) I want to talk about how I made your career.

Bryan – Wait, wait, wait, wait. Miz, you love to take credit for my success.

Miz – Absolutely.

Bryan – You can take credit for a lot of things, like your A List Hollywood career, as well as his upcoming movie, Santa's Little Helper, which I'm sure will be a huge success.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Miz – Yes it will be a huge success, out this Christmas on DVD and Blu Ray.

Bryan – You cant take credit for your amazing wardrobe, but my accomplishments are not thanks to you. They are thanks to hard work, everyone here tonight, and everyone who's supported me my entire career.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Miz – Well, we will have to agree to disagree, but we will agree on your current medical status, which you are still not cleared to return to the ring. You're on the shelf, like a broken old toy that nobody wants to play with. What is that like? Because I've never experienced an injury in the WWE. I want to know what it's like to sit at home and dwell on the past.

Bryan – Well, it's tough, because I've been kind of busy. In a nod to Mick Foley, I've been writing a book that just happens to be a New York Times Best Seller, called "YES!" My Incredible Journey to WrestleMania, available now. And I'm a judge on the greatest show in the history of shows, called Tough Enough.

Miz – You know, I was actually flipping through your book and was surprised that there weren't more chapters devoted to me. But, I'm also a judge, as you forgot to mention, on Tough Enough, the greatest show there is. The most qualified judge on Tough Enough. My wisdom, like my natural good looks, is priceless, and I feel like I taught you the value of being a Champion. When you were injured you did the right thing. Don't you think Ryback should follow your lead and do the right thing?

Bryan – And what is that, exactly?

Miz – Cancel the Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam, vacate the IC Championship, and give it to the #1 contender, which is me. I'm sick of him with his nagging leg injury...

Big Show's music cuts Miz off.

Big Show – You know Miz, it amazes me. You talk about Tough Enough, being the IC Champion, what's amazing is the amount of crap that comes out of your mouth and you still have white teeth! You're like some kind of cross dressing Jedi manure spreader. Yeah, you. You honestly think you have a chance of winning the IC Championship? And you, Daniel...

"You should retire!" chants at Big Show.

Big Show – You want me to retire? ("YES!") Find someone to retire me! You think someone can retire me? Find someone!

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback!

Ryback – It's feeding time!

Ryback to the ring. All the chairs are gone, Miz and Big Show are up, Bryan is in the corner with a smile, out of the way of any possible action. Miz leaves the ring as Ryback comes in. Bryan also leaves the ring. Ryback and Big Show face off through "Feed me more!" chants from the fans. Big Show steps up at Ryback who also steps up. Bryan over to Miz and rolls him into the ring. Miz looks not at all happy about this.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Miz is freaked, then Big Show pushes mix through Ryback into a corner. Miz tossed off, then back bumped in a corner. Ryback slams into Big Show, slamming him into Miz in the corner. A big clothesline to Big Show and he rolls out. Miz is flattened in a corner. "Feed me more!" chants.

Bryan points at Miz and gets "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, then leads "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Ryback turns it into a "Feed me more!" chant and clotheslines Miz from his feet. Miz's shoe came flying off and out of the ring. JBL says he has Miz's one shoe.

Ryback and Bryan raise hands in the ring, leading both "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and "Feed me more!" chants. Bryan poses on a corner as Ryback poses with the strap against the ropes.



Promo for Taker/Lesnar show after Raw on WWE Network.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the Divas Revolution, and goes to a great video about Charlotte.


Recap of the fight after the Divas match earlier in the show. There will be a Divas Three Team Elimination Match.

Rusev vs Henry

Rusev to the ring with Summer Rae. Lana is on announce. Henry out to face him, USA flag in hand.

Henry with rights on Rusev. "USA!" chants. Henry whipped, comes out with clotheslines. Rusev whipped, splashed. Summer Rae screaming on the apron. Rusev whipped, kicks Henry in the face. Lana pulls Summer Rae off the apron. Summer Rae rolls Lana into the ring, at Rusev's feet. Lana looks up at Rusev, then stands. Summer Rae attacks Lana from behind.

No Contest (1:05)

Henry tries to get in to help, but kicked from the apron. Henry eats post outside. In the ring Summer Rae slams Lana face first to the mat, a couple times, he suit jacket off. Rusev pulls Summer Rae up, but then tells her to crush. Summer Rae with her version of the accolade, wrenching Lana's head back dangerously, until Rusev pulls her off.

Rusev calls for the flag. The Bulgarian flag unfurls with his face over it. Summer Rae claps for Rusev, still standing there in her undergarments and skirt. The ref checks on Lana.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Ziggler needing to get back very soon for Lana's sake. They go on to Stephen Amell and what a strange week it's been for Neville. Video of Neville almost beating Rollins last week on Raw, and how he was mocked by Stardust in a backstage segment.

Ringside Amell doesn't look impressed.


Recap of the Night

Last week on Smackdown Stardust took out Ryder for three, then mocked Amell.

Barrett vs Neville

Barrett in the ring. Neville out to face him.

They lock up, Barrett on Neville's hair, backing him into a corner for blows and then a back breaker for two.

Barrett yells smack, then tossed Neville out. Neville to the corner, hard, laid across, taking blows. Neville moves and Barrett's knee off the buckle. Neville climbs, red arrow for three.

Winner - Neville (1:17)

Stardust is right there attacking Neville as he's still on the mat, not even to his feet. Stardust looks out at Amell. Stardust out of the ring, puts his hand/star together, and stares at Amell. Stardust turns away, then pie faces Amell. Stardust into the ring, so Amell over the barricade, over the ropes and into the ring as if he's done it every day of his life. Amell spears Stardust, then blows all over him. Security is there to pull Amell off Stardust. Stardust rolls out and regroups with Barrett. Neville extends a hand to Amell who shakes.



For NXT and the epic wrestling, this Wednesday, Bayley battles Becky Lynch.


Recap of the confrontation that finally happened between Amell and Stardust.

Backstage Segment

Trip – You alright.

Amell – Yeah.

Trip – I brought you here as a guest, not a participant. You're lucky to walk out of that ring in one piece.

Neville – Stardust started all this.

Trip – I will deal with Stardust.

Amell – Let us deal with Stardust.

Trip – Us? Us? You are not now, and will never be, one of us. You're an actor.

Amell – I get it. I get it. I'm an actor, also a man. If a man is going to put his hands on me, I'm going to take care of it.

Neville – Let the two of us take care of Barrett and Stardust at SummerSlam.

Trip – What's it gonna be, the Red Arrow and the Green Arrow? Here's the thing. I'm done talking about this. The parking lot is that way.

Amell – Whatever your lawyers want me to sign, I'll sign, make the match!

Trip – Wanna play tough guy, huh? You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. I want the papers signed by 9am tomorrow. I will not be responsible for your funeral, but if you want it, fine. Wade Barrett and Stardust against Neville and the Green Arrow at SummerSlam.

They shake hands.

Trip – Don't bring a stuntman, because this is on you. Good luck. You're gonna need it.

Security try to guide Amell out, he shakes them off.

Announce Segment

They talk about what Amell is getting into. Then they go onto the $9.99 promo.

Backstage Segment

JoJo – Please welcome my guest, Sheamus. Sheamus, up next Orton takes on Rollins for the WWE WHC. What are your thoughts on that match?

Sheamus – My thoughts, well JoJo, I was thinking about who to root for tonight. Do I root for that slimy little snake Randy (Sheamus yawns) Orton. Or do I root for the skunk haired weasel Seth Rollins. Although, I do find him very entertaining. If he thinks what he did to Cena's face last week was something, then one brogue to his ratty mug will have him cat as the (something) in the new reboot of Goonies. Hahaha! Hahahaha!

JoJo – Sheamus?

Sheamus – I wasn't finished lass. Either way what Triple H said earlier tonight, there's a lot of chaos and uncertainty around the WWE WHC, but one thing is for sure. With this, at the right time, I will be the new WWE WHC. And, who knows, the right time may be tonight.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.



Video of the neverending fight between Taker and Brock Lesnar. Next week they will be in the arena at the same time again, what will happen?

WWE WHC Match – Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton

Video recap of the high points of #1 contender match for this match. Rollins to the ring to face Orton.

They circle, then Rollins flees the ring to heat. Rollins on the apron making the ref back Orton off. Rollins drops down and around the other side of the ring and in. They circle, Rollins on Orton with kicks, stomping him down in a corner. Blows to Orton's head, the ref counts, pulling Rollins off. Orton up, takes another blow, backed into another corner, takes more blows, Rollins backed off by the ref. Rollins whipped, comes out, almost eats an RKO! Rollins pushes off and flees the ring, leaning against the barricade, breathing heavily, trying to regain his personal control.


Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton struggles around, and around, not making it to his feet at first. Rollins ducks his head to call the moves into Orton's ear, then Orton up, blows on Rollins, but then slammed back to the mat for two.

Running forearm on Orton in a corner, then a neckbreaker on Orton. Dueling chants of, "Let's go Orton!" and "Rollins sucks!" Orton on Rollins with a blow through the ropes, then back in on Rollins for two.

Rollins counters the powerslam, but then Orton tries again an hits his sick move on Rollins. Rollins on the apron, but gets free of Orton and the ring. Rollins grabs his strap to leave, but Orton clotheslines him over the barricade into the timekeeper's area. Orton then bounces Rollins' face off announce, and then slams Rollins back first on announce. Into the ring Rollins tries to flee, reverses on Orton. Rollins tries to send Orton into the ref, Orton stops himself. Rollins rolls Orton up for a long two.

Rollins argues, so Orton rolls Rollins up for two.

Rollins kicks a kneeling Orton in the face. Rollins climbs, but Orton knocks him to sitting, the painful way. "RKO!" chants from the fans are growing. Orton climbs, they go to the top, hit Cowboys superplex from the top on Rollins. Orton slowly crawls to the cover for two.

Orton shakes it off, looks down at Rollins, calls the moves as he pulls Rollins up by his hair. Rollins kicks Orton, sets up, but Orton reverses. Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins on the apron. Rollins in and Orton to the apron. Enziguri to Orton on the apron. Rollins sets Orton up for his own DDT, and hits the 'vintage' move on Orton himself! Rollins is all cocky, mocking what Orton does at this point in the match, badly pounds the mat, waits for Orton. Orton holds his neck slowly to his feet, Rollins sets up for the pedigree, Orton counters. Rollins elevated over the top to the apron, climbs, flies, eats an RKO! Sheamus pulls Orton from the ring as he pins Rollins.

Winner – Rollins (14:28)

Orton into the post. Sheamus then sends Orton over the barricade and out.

Sheamus in with his case in hand, brogue kick to Rollins' face. Sheamus argues with the ref, and argues, taking way too long. Then Orton is there, turning Sheamus around into an RKO! Orton stares down at Rollins and Sheamus on the mat.

Video recap of the high points of the match, specifically the RKO to end the match, one JBL calls one of Orton's most beautiful in a sea of beautiful RKOs.

Orton continues to stand over Sheamus on the mat. Orton then poses on a corner while Sheamus rolls from the ring. Raw ends with Orton on the corner.

Biggest Pop
Daniel Bryan
Sasha Banks

Biggest Heat

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