Raw Results 4/27/15 – Brogue, Two Brits, And A Batty Bopper


RAW Results April 27, 2015
From Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


All about King of The Ring, showing past winners, and possible winners this time around.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Rollins announce to the ring to solid heat. J&J Security and Kane in tow, and as soon as they make it to the stage, the heat gets much louder. Stills from the Steel Cage Match last night on Extreme Rules, including the RKOs on Kane and Orton. Rollins' music ends to serious heat.

Rollins – Finally, last night, Randy Orton learned what the WWE 'Universe' has known for a long time. You cannot outsmart Rollins. Need I remind you that I'm the man that single handedly built The Shield, and single handedly destroyed it. I cashed in MITB at the most opportune time at WrestleMania, beating Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to be WWE WHC. And last night I proved that I'm going to be a fighting Champion, a valiant Champion. Orton thought that he'd get what he wanted in the cage, but I had Orton where I wanted him.

"You suck!"chants.

Rollins – Orton wanted me by myself, and I beat Randy Orton all by myself.

Kane looks shocked and annoyed by this, rolling his eyes at it all.

Rollins – I had the edge going into the match by banning the RKO. In my victory I added insult – an SKO out of nowhere! Haha! SKO, Seth KO! I know, but I digress. Every great general has his good soldiers, and I want to thank the best soldier of them all. Let's thank Kane for doing what's best for business, as his role as the Crypt Keeper. Did I say that out loud? The Crypt Keeper is an old relic from the 90s, you're Kane, the Gate Keeper of all keepers and kept the gate so good as more talented people did the job in the ring.

Kane – No offense Seth, as a matter of fact, I was thinking that if it wasn't for my work as the Gate Keeper, and your illegal use of the RKO, Randy Orton would be Champion right now, and instead of coming out here, you'd be whining and pointing fingers like the spoiled little brat that you are. You see Seth, I'd much rather be the WWE version of the Crypt Keeper than be the WWE version of Justin Bieber. Whoops, did I say that out loud.

Rollins – You're just jealous of me Kane because every night I go home Champion, and maybe you should just go home!

Kane – And you you're scared, because you know you wouldn't be Champion if you didn't have six guys helping you out!

Rollins – I'm not scared of anything! I'm not scared of you! I could wrestle circles around you Kane! I'm not afraid of anybody, I...

Orton's music cuts Rollins off. Orton stays on the stage with his mic, and speaks both calmly, and eloquently, not at all robotic-ally.

Orton – I'm not typically the type of guy who would come out here to complain about someone cheating to win, but when a man in your own administration goes on record to say that you cheated to win last night, it feels to me like grounds for a rematch.

Huge pop from the fans in attendance.

Rollins – That is not what he said! This is not the Kane regime, not the Orton regime, this is my time! Rollins regime. As long as I'm Champion, you only get one shot at the Title, and you squandered it last night.

Orton – Shut up Catwoman, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to Kane.

Kane – Randy does have a point...

Reigns' music cuts Kane off. Reigns comes down through the stands, wearing yet another new Reigns t-shirt! Ringside Reigns smirks at the camera, then up on announce to pose to solid pop.

Rollins – Get over yourself. What are you out here for?

Reigns – I'll tell you why I'm out here if you'd just shut the hell up! (pop) I'm sure you've noticed you're missing your giant, and you're missing him because I speared him through a table, just like this. (pop) Then I flipped another table like this on top of him, so I guess you can call me the last man standing. And I have to say, Randy, with all due respect, you had your shot, man. So, I have to say if anyone deserves a match against Seth Rollins, or Justin Bieber, whatever we're calling him today, (pop) for the WWE WHC...

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Reigns – You'll have to sing us a song, or something, Seth. But like I was saying, if anyone deserves a match against Rollins for the WWE WHC, it's me! (pop)

Rollins – Congratulations Roman, you won a match, yay! You know, there seems to be a common denominator between the two of you. Oh yeah, you both lost to me! So let me spell it out so you can understand it, you Neanderthal, neither of you deserve an opportunity at my WWE WHC...

Kane cuts Rollins off by clearing his throat.

Kane – Actually, Seth Roman and Randy make compelling arguments, so I'm going to do what's best for business, and set everything aside and show them the real power of The Authority!

Rollins – You talking about a Tag Team Match?

Kane – Yes, and as for your Title defense at Payback, I'm going to let the WWE 'Universe' decide that.

Rollins starts arguing off mic, J&J Security getting between him and Kane as Reigns and Orton look on from where they stand.


King of The Ring Tournament – Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett

Ziggler to the ring. Split-screen -

Ziggler – It's hard to concentrate on the KOTR when all I can think about is what Sheamus did to me after I beat him last night. That was the most humiliating moment of my career. Believe me Sheamus, there will be payback.

Bad News Barrett out to face him. Split-screen -

Barrett – I'm afraid I've got some bad news for the other competitors in this tournament. There is only one man fit to be the King. Only one man possesses the class and elegance required to be the King. Think about it. I will rule!

Forearms to Barrett's face. Barrett kicks Ziggler to the mat, and into a corner. Blows on Ziggler, then Ziggler off the ropes into a back elbow for two.

Elbow drop to Ziggler, then another over Ziggler's shoulder, before Barrett stomps Ziggler under the ropes. More blows to Ziggler's head, but then Barrett telegraphs to be kicked, then Barrett eats a drop kick.


Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler working his way to his feet. During the break Ziggler took a big boot over the top rope. Ziggler free, side-steps Barrett who lands shoulder first to the post. Both slow to their feet. Ziggler on Barrett with blows, then a clothesline. Splash on Barrett in a corner. Ziggler up and on Barrett's back, pulls him down for two.

Ziggler ducks Barrett, lands a DDT for two.

Ziggler tripped, Barrett sends him flying into the corner, snake eyes. Wasteland on Ziggler for two.

Ziggler holding his neck on the mat as Barrett readies the bull hammer. Ziggler ducks, lands a superkick for a long two.

Sheamus out on mic to distract Ziggler, saying there was a full Irish moon last night? Leave a bad taste of Celtic arse in his mouth? Bull hammer from the apron on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Barrett (8:25)

Barrett celebrates as Ziggler is left lolling on the mat.

Backstage Segment

New Day heading for the ring, trying to get everyone clapping with them.


Big E vs Tyson Kidd

New Day to the ring clapping, catching solid heat from the fans.

Woods -We are the Champions! We want to thank every clapper out there. They clapped away our struggles. They clapped away our doubters. For a New Day! (SUCKS) This is a celebratory day and we want to teach you a new clap. Forget all that 'sucks' stuff, try this one. New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!

"New Day Sucks!" chants. Woods is annoyed, but then #Truth to the ring.

Big E claps in the ring, the fans chant. Kidd kicks Big E in the head, dropping him, but then Big E fight back with power. Kidd to the apron, but Big E gets him up. Kidd free with an enziguri over the top rope. Missile drop kick and Big E rolls out. Outside, Kidd on the apron kicks Big E in the head. Back in the ring, a big clothesline from Big E, and Woods holds down Kidd's foot, and Big E gets the three.

Winner – Big E (1:22)

New Day flee and celebrate on the stage as #Truth is pissy in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the US Title Match. Stills from last night, including Lana on the apron, then kicked out. After an AA, Cena won. In three week Cena will face Rusev in an I Quit Match, a match Cena hasn't ever lost. But later, Cena will hold his Open Challenge.

In Ring Segment

Ryback out to the ring in yellow and blue.


Ryback vs Bo Dallas

Bo – Ryback, your actions at Extreme Rules were reprehensible. You might be The Big Guy, but tonight, I'm gonna be the bigger man. I'm gonna give you the chance to clear your name, in front of these disgusting cheese heads! (heat) I'm gonna give you one opportunity to walk away. All you had to do was Bolieve!

They lock up, and Bo slammed down face first. Back elbow to Bo off the ropes. Bo holds the ropes and the ref pulls Ryback off. Bo kicks at Ryback, then ties him up in the ring skirt and lands blows for two.

Bo kicks Ryback in the face, then a facelock on the mat. Bo on Ryback's back with a sleeper, then lands an elbow on Ryback's face. Ryback comes back with a spinebuster. "Feed me more!" A meathook to Bo. Shellshocked and it's over.

Winner – Ryback (2:06)


The lights go out. The spotlight in the ring, and Wyatt is behind Ryback. Ryback turns into Sister Abigail, then Wyatt crab walks to Ryback in the center of the ring. Wyatt poses on his knees, arms out, head back, next to Ryback.


US Title Open Challenge – John Cena (c) vs Slater

Cena out to a loudly singing crowd. Cena is wearing the US Title belt backward.

Cena – I don't know why you would have missed it, but spoiler alert, the Champ is here! I'd love to talk about how brutal that Russian Chain Match, but then Rusev was barking orders at Lana and she heads into The Authority. Ten minutes later she walks out with another rematch! Kinda makes you think what that plan was about. All that aside, I have to give big stinky Rusev what he deserves. He keeps that pimp hand strong. I kid! He gets my respect because he refuses to quit, until Payback. Be careful what you wish for. If you think I'm going to walk into a match on American soil, defending the US Championship, and a man like you will say the words, I quit, but you are going to get a beating of a lifetime. (pop) I will defend our Championship, no matter the cost, and will never surrender!

"USA!" chants.

Cena – Proud to be Americans, just like me. Payback is the final chapter between Rusev and Cena. Because if Rusev beats me, I've disgraced all of you, this nation, the US Championship and in no way do I deserve a rematch. So there you go Rusev, putting it all on the table. You win at Payback, you get the Championship and never see me again. Sounds simple, but there's a statue outside you just saw, of a man named Vince Lombardi. (pop) Vince Lombardi once said, the harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. Since I won this US Championship, all I've done is fight to prove this is the new symbol of excellence and symbol of opportunity. Tonight as Rusev rests, I provide opportunity, because we all know that tonight, Green Bay's the place to be! (pop) And John Cena is the man to beat. So the John Cena US Open Challenge starts now. You want some? Come get some!

3MB music hits and out comes Slater!

Slater – Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Not only am I going to take advantage of a crushed John Cena, but I'm about to become your new US Champion of the world! I'm gonna start my own discount Slater check, baybay! You know, something like the discount double check, but for someone much, much better looking that Aaron Rodgers! (heat) Sorry, but it's true. So, Johnny boy, Randy Orton isn't here...

Rusev attacks Slater from behind, sending him flying forward down the ramp. Slater stands and takes a superkick to the face, dropping him off the side of the ramp.

Cena lays the US Championship belt on the mat in front of himself, as if it's a line in the sand.

Lana hands Rusev the mic, then he flails his arm and demands she head to the back, catching him more heat. She stands still for a moment, then leaves.

"We want Lana!" chants, and Rusev yells back in his native language.

Rusev – You see this John Cena? Look at these people, they're all quitters. They have given up a long time ago. They quit on their dreams, they quit on themselves. And you, at Payback, you will be just like these stupid Americans.

Cena – Why don't...

Rusev – You will be nothing together, God bless America! You will all be saying, I quit!

The Russian flag unfurls over Cena in the ring as Rusev pounds his chest.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Kane I'm not mad. We need to talk, I need some clarification about my Title defense at Payback. You said something about the WWE 'Universe' decide? What's that?

Kane – By using the WWE App...

Rollins – You know I beat Reigns and Lesnar at WrestleMania, and beat Orton in a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules, there's no reason either of them should have a shot at my Title. Kane, are you out of your mind?

Kane bows up at Rollins, so J&J Security step in front of Rollins. Rollins pushes his way to the front, to face Kane again.

Rollins – Hey, do you have any idea what Trip and Steph will say about this? Do you care? Or are you too stupid to care?

Kane – You know Seth, you really like to carry yourself like you're The Man.

Rollins – I am The Man!

Kane – I thought that letting the WWE 'Universe' picking one of two options for who you face at Payback was something you could handle.

Rollins – I can handle that.

Kane – But threatening to tattletale and insult my intelligence, there's only one thing I can do, and there's another option. Tonight on the WWE App, the WWE can vote for your opponent to be – Orton, or Reigns, or Orton and Reigns at the same time in a Triple Threat Match.

Rollins – What are you talking about Kane? A Triple Threat Match for my Title, are you crazy? Out of your mind? We have a match tonight, and after that you find out who you face at Payback.

Kane leaves.

Rollins – A Triple Threat Match? A Triple Threat Match? That's the last thing that I want! The last thing I want!


King of The Ring Tournament Match – R-Truth vs Stardust

R-Truth out to the ring. Split-screen -

R-Truth – If I become the exalted KOTR would be to get rid of all spiders, and ban them from WWE.

Stardust to the ring. Split-screen -

Stardust – It's written in the stars, my destiny to sit upon the throne as supreme intergalactic overlord czar champion overlord. The path to my reign is upon the tears and footsteps of your surrender. How glorious.

R-Truth stops Stardust and rolls him up for one.

Stardust hides in the ropes of the corner, then comes out with a right. Running bulldog on R-Truth for two.

"Cody!" chants. Stardust takes R-Truth down, and hisses at him. Stardust wraps R-Truth's arms around his own throat, wrenching back on R-Truth's thumbs. Stardust with a blow, drops and lands another blow up on R-Truth for two.

"Cody!" chants, and Stardust wrenches back on R-Truth's arms again, around his own throat. R-Truth up, elbows free, but slammed down again. Stardust with a cartwheel across the ring. JBL references Lanny Poffo in tribute. R-Truth whipped, but gets an elbow up. Clotheslines to Stardust, but misses his kick. Stardust rolls R-Truth up for two.

R-Truth kicks on Stardust for two.

Side Russian leg sweep by Stardust for two.

R-Truth reverses for two.

More blows to R-Truth, but R-Truth comes back with his lie detector for three.

Winner – R-Truth (3:59)

R-Truth and Barrett will face each other in the brackets.


Fandango vs Rose

Fandango dances out to the ring to his original music.

They lock up. Shoulder block to Fandango. Rose runs the ropes, over and under Fandango. Rose out, but then hangs Fandango up top. Fandango choked in the ropes, taking blows to the head. JBL talks about how the ref calls himself Little Naitch! Fandango chops back at Rose. Fandango clotheslines Rose from the ring, then flies out over the top, takes out Rose and two of Exotic Express, and lands on his feet! Rosa is there taunting Fandango. Party foul from Rose on Fandango for three.

Winner- Rose (1:52)

Fandango outside the ring, Rose and Rosa inside the ring. Rosa glares out at Fandango.

Rosa – I can't believe that you chose them over me. You don't deserve to dance to that music. But I found someone who treats me like the sweet flower that I am!

Rosa drops the mic and she starts sucking face with Rose. Rose falls to his bum and Rosa rides him down, ends up straddling Rose on the mat.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Bryan is not cleared to compete and isn't here. Brie is with Renee backstage.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Brie, not with standing your match with Naomi later, your sister retained her Divas Championship, however, your husband Daniel Bryan was not cleared to compete at Extreme Rules. How concerned are you for his health? Any idea when he will be able to get back in the ring, if ever? Any insight you can give us?

Brie – Renee, this has been such a heart wrenching time for Daniel. He had a Cinderella story, his dream came true. Daniel loves the WWE more than anything else in the world. It weighs on him, it weighs on us, and it kills me so much because I know how badly my husband wants to be here, he would do anything to compete. But only time can tell, but the one thing we're feeling is grateful. The WWE 'Universe' cares so much, and he cares so much for all of them.

Brie is then attacked by Naomi.

Naomi – No one cares about you, or your husband.


Brie vs Naomi

Brie in the ring to a mixed reaction. Nikki outside the ring with her Divas Championship held high. Naomi out to face her, again wearing her blinkie shoes.

Thesz Press on Naomi, then blows. Brie then takes Naomi down again and the fists are flying. Brie ducks Naomi, then Naomi hides in the ropes. Naomi with a cheap forearm to Brie's face, then kicks Brie when she's down. Running bulldog, Brie's face eating the second buckle. Naomi pins for two.

Chinlock on Brie, a knee in her back, on the mat. Brie up, fights back, but then takes a big knee to the chest off the ropes. Big leg drop from Naomi for two.

Naomi back on the chinlock, knee to the back. Brie free, slinging Naomi by her arms, then face planting Naomi – both landing badly on the mat. Brie with control, Brie mode knee to Naomi. Missile drop kick to Naomi for two.

Naomi kicks up at Brie's head, then rolls up Brie with an inside cradle for three.

Winner – Naomi (3:39)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Naomi dances in celebration on the ramp.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring.


King of The Ring Tournament Match – Ambrose vs Sheamus

Ambrose – If I were King, I'd waive all tariffs on ale, ban pop-country, and disputes will be settled by street fights!

Sheamus out to face him.

Sheamus – I've been dreaming all day about this KOTR Tournament, because the one thing that entertains me is a real fight. I been KOTR before, and I promise to win it again. When that crown is on my head, I'll make every little guy in my kingdom just like Dolph Ziggler, kiss me arse.

They lock up, struggle to a corner, and finally break. Lock again, Sheamus on Ambrose from behind, so Ambrose takes the fight down, and they struggle there. Side headlock takeover on Sheamus. Shoulder block drops Ambrose. Ambrose tries to take Sheamus down, Sheamus won't comply. Back and forth, then Sheamus with a stiff right, then a really stiff upper cut. Sheamus ripping on Ambrose's face in a corner. Ambrose comes back with chops. Ambrose reverses a whip. Sheamus counters Ambrose's bulldog, but then Sheamus is knocked out.


Sheamus on Ambrose, Ambrose fights free. Sheamus with a rough modified suplex on Ambrose. A blow to Ambrose's head and Sheamus yells smack. Ambrose up to more blows, but then comes back with a big clothesline! Both are down, the ref is counting. Sheamus up, so Ambrose bounces up. Ambrose with many blows on Sheamus, but then slams Ambrose down and holds Ambrose down by his hair, a hand on each side of Ambrose's head. Sheamus sets up, calls for brogue, but then Ambrose moves. Ambrose rolls Sheamus for two.

Sheamus rushes, Ambrose moves, Sheamus shoulder first. Ambrose flies out onto Sheamus. Ambrose up top, Sheamus to Ambrose, so Ambrose flies over Sheamus, rolls through in the ring. A kidney shot to Ambrose for two.

Sheamus gets Ambrose up, but Ambrose blocks white noise for two.

Ambrose on Sheamus, Sheamus reverses into the cloverleaf, and really chokes down on it. Ambrose crawls to the ropes, and makes it. Sheamus has to break, but Sheamus uses almost all five seconds. Ambrose rolls out to the apron. Sheamus sets up Ambrose, but Ambrose elbows at Sheamus to get free. Ambrose climbs, lands his elbow from up top for a long two.

Sheamus out, Ambrose rushes him and is slammed on announce. Ambrose fights back from laying on announce, then flies off announce onto Sheamus. Sheamus into the post. Brogue kick on Ambrose outside the ring. Suddenly Ziggler is there attacking Sheamus, beating him down. Sheamus scurries free through the stands.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (12:39)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Ambrose is pissed that he lost via DQ. He raving mad, yelling at the ref for the loss, because he didn't do it.


WWE Rewind

Miz defeated Sandow, with the help of Summer Rae, to retain his name.

In Ring Segment

Sandow – Allow me to beg your indulgence for a minute. My name is Damien Sandow, and one thing I'm not going to do is lie to you. Three years ago I came to the WWE with a blue bathrobe and the idea that I was going to enlighten everybody. Needless to say, we all know how that one ended. After that, I was actually told to my face that I was not entertaining enough. (heat) You said it, not me. What followed, some people thought that I was losing my mind, but I was on a quest to entertain. You may remember Bret 'The Hitman' Sandhart?

Pic of Sandhart.

Sandow – Then, what we call the Magneto incident.

Pic of Sandow in his Magneto Pjs.

Sandow – And then there was the time I showed you my ill skill on the rill, as LeBron James.

Pic of that as well.

Sandow – Then, of course, who could remember WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon.

Pic of Sandow as McMahon.

Sandow – And then came Damien Mizdow. (heat) Again, I said I'd be honest with you, Mizdow caused me to lose a lot of respect with my peers, but I gained something that means much more. I gained the respect of the WWE 'Universe'. (serious pop) That connection we have is the most valuable thing as a WWE Superstar that I could possibly have. Thank you. (pop) Without you guys, I would not be in the WWE right now.

"Thank you Mizdow!" chants.

Sandow – You're welcome!

The fans go wild for this.

Sandow – Now, where do I go from here? I don't really know. Every...

Sandow is cut off by Axel!

Axel – Don't change the channel, because Axelmania is running wild! If there's one thing I can't stand is a guy who doesn't know who he is, and tries to be someone else.

Sandow rolls his eyes, and mouths, "Okay!"

Axel – So Damien Sandow, what ya gonna do?

Sandow (mocking) – What ya gonna do?

Axel starts to rip his shirt, and Sandow does the same. Axel stops, so Sandow stops, mocking Axel's facial expression.

Axel – What are you doing?

Sandow (mocking) – What are you doing?

Axel – Are you mocking me?

Sandow (getting dumber by the second) – Are you mocking me?

Axel – Stop it.

Sandow – Stop it!

Axel walks across the ring, Sandow does the exact same thing.

Axel – I said stop it.

Sandow – I said stop it!

Axel – You knock this off now! Knock it off!

Sandow – You knock this off now! Knock it off!

More walking, kicking the bottom rope in ire. Sandow does all the same things, but in a much whinier tone. Sandow smiles at the fans, and they cheer.

Axel – You think this is funny?

Sandow – You think this is funny?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Sandow – They said it!

Axel holds a hand out, walks away, Sandow mocks, then Axel holds the ropes for Sandow.

Axel – Get out of the Axeman's ring, now!

Sandow squats, puts out an arm, and mocks Axel's words further.

Axel looks pissed, and stands up. Axel attacks, but doesn't get far. Axel off the ropes and into a big boot. Sandow with hands to his ears, gets cheers, then off the ropes, but before dropping Hogan's leg drop, Sandow thinks better of it, and turns it into Sandow's elbow. Then the leg drop. Axel ends up outside the ring holding his mouth on the floor. So Sandow sits on the apron, just inside the ropes, holding his mouth, mocking him. Then Sandow to his feet and yells at Axel, "I'm a new me!"


Wyatt – (unintelligible) ...learn to play with fire. Tell me friend. Hahaha. Will you ever realize who you truly are? Or will you always be a man with his own vanity. You may not know yourself, but I know you. I can see right through you. I know what drive you. I know what motivates you. And I know what scares you. What you witnessed tonight was only the beginning. Open your eyes, man. Run!


Announce Segment

They talk up Tough Enough, and show videos they've been sent.

King of The Ring Tournament Match – Neville vs Harper

Neville to the ring. Split-screen -

Neville – King Harley Race, King Booker, King of Harts Owen Hart, all of them winners of the KOTR. All defied the odds, descended the throne to live their legacy. Now tonight do I not only do I intend to defy the odds, I intend to defy gravity to become KOTR.

Harper out to face him. Split-screen -

Harper – I am KOTR, I will sit upon my throne made of barbed wire and twisted, rusted steel, and rule through pain and suffering. My reign of terror is coming to the WWE. Long live the King.

Harper lifts Neville up, Neville wiggles down, flies around Harper into head scissors. Harper flies out, and Neville slides out. Neville slid in, slides out the other side of the corner, then off the apron with a hurricanranna. Back in the ring, Harper uses strength to take Neville down for two.


Facelock on Neville on the mat. Neville up, punches free, but punched by Harper. Harper sent flying through the ropes. Harper rushes Neville who ducks. Harper's big boot sends him over the top and out. Neville on the apron, thinks for a moment, then balances on the top rope and flips onto Harper. In the ring a solid missile drop kick on Harper. Neville with a standing SSP on Harper for two.

Neville on the apron, flips over Harper in, but then takes a big boot and flipped to the mat for a long two.

Harper stalks Neville, pulls him up by his hair, sets up, but Neville free. A big German on Harper! Drop kick to Harper. Neville on Harper, but caught in a sit-down powerbomb for a long two!

"This is awesome!" chants. Harper pulls Neville up by his hair, getting yelled at by the ref. Neville tries to fight back, but slammed into a corner over and over. An upper cut, then Neville set up top. Harper climbs, sets up, but Neville head butts Harper. Neville falls, then kicks Harper in the face from the apron. Neville hits a sick powerbomb off the corner. Neville climbs to cheers. Red arrow and Neville advances!

Winner – Neville! (10:25)

Neville celebrates to huge pop from the fans. Video recap of the high points of the match. Neville is still celebrating.

In Ring Segment

Reigns to the ring.


Orton & Reigns vs Reigns & Kane

Orton out to join Reigns. Kane out to the stage. Rollins out with J&J Security in tow. All four head to the ring.

"Justin Bieber!"chants. Reigns is smiling at Rollins to start this. Rollins on Reigns' arm, working him over, can be seen calling moves into Reigns' head. Rollins rolls out to regroup. Rollins kicks Reigns, but then caught off the ropes and slams him to the mat. Rollins eats face corner, and tags out holding Rollins. Orton all over Rollins, hangs him up top, and he flops into the ring. Orton stomps and grinds his foot into Rollins' gut. "RKO!" chants. Orton smiles, puts Rollins in the face corner and tags out. Reigns on Rollins who flees the ring to J&J Security. Rollins in to tag out. Kane in with a side headlock on Reigns, but Reigns reverses and slams Kane to the mat. Into the face corner and Orton tags in. Orton on Kane in a corner. Kane sends Orton off the ropes into a big boot. Blows on Orton in the heel corner. Rollins tags in and works over Orton, then sends him from the ring. Orton holding that bad shoulder of his.


Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton to his feet, but cannot seem to get free. Finally a head butt from Orton, but Rollins brings Orton down backward for two.

Rollins chokes Orton in the ropes. T-bone suplex from Orton on Rollins and both are down. Both are able to tag out. Clothesline to Kane, then ten blows in a corner on Kane. Reigns on the corner with a flying clothesline on Kane. Rollins in for a Samoan drop, then sent out. Reigns then sends Kane out as well. Mercury grabs Reigns' ankle from outside. Reigns gives chase and runs into Kane outside. An upper cut, then into the post. Kane slams Reigns back for a second time into the post. Reigns rolled in, and Kane all over him. Kane stomps Reigns and tags out. Rollins drops a knee on Reigns, then keeps working Reigns' back. Reigns up and back on Rollins with blows, but then eats an enziguri for two.

Rollins pulls Reigns up, calls moves into the top of Reigns' head, hiding it with his own hair. Kane tags in, is taken down, but sits right back up and on Reigns. Bear hug on Reigns' 'injured' back. The fans get behind Orton and Reigns, cheering for them. Reigns elbows free. Kane telegraphs and is kicked for it, but then takes Reigns down for a long two.

Back into the heel corner and Rollins tags in, stomping the heck out of Reigns, yelling smack at Reigns. Kane tags in, grabs Reigns, lands an upper cut and rights. They exchange blows, back and forth, but then eats Kane's knee. Reigns blocks the suplex and muscles Kane over in a suplex of his own. Orton is reaching for Reigns to tag out. Rollins tags in and stops Reigns. Reigns whipped, but moves and rolls up Rollins for two.

Reigns slams Rollins down, and makes it to Orton. Rights on Rollins, then clotheslines. Rollins avoids the powerslam. A blow to Orton, but Orton hits his powerslam and pins, but Kane breaks it up.

Reigns in and punches Noble off the apron, but then turns into Kane who wraps his hand around Reigns' throat for a chokeslam. Reigns powers out of Kane's grasp, and then Rollins who appeared to be aiming for Reigns' back, lands a drop kick on Kane, knocking him from the ring. Big right on Rollins from Reigns. Superman punch on Mercury. Rollins knocks Reigns out. Orton with his huge DDT, and the fans go WILD! Orton sets up, but Rollins rolls Orton up.

Rollins kicks Orton in the face, and he rolls out of the ring. Rollins flies out, right into Kane, as Reigns and Orton split apart. Kane sends Noble and Mercury across announce, then attacks Rollins with a big right before sending him back in the ring. Superman punch to Rollins, then an RKO on Rollins for three – the fans counting the three loudly, and cheering for the winners.

Winners – Reigns & Orton (18:47)

Kane is seething outside the ring, absolutely livid. Video recap of the high points of the match – specifically Rollins' attacks on Kane, and Kane's attack on Rollins. Orton up the ramp celebrating.

Kane – Now it's time to find out who the WWE 'Universe' voted to be Seth Rollins' opponent at Payback. Will it be Orton, Reigns, or both?

Reigns vs Rollins – 15%
Orton vs Rollins – 7%
Triple Threat Match – 78%

Rollins looks like he's about to vomit as Reigns is all smiles in the ring. Reigns spears Rollins in the center of the ring. Reigns poses as a corner of the ring, as Orton watches smiling from the stage. Video recap of Rollins' reaction to his Payback match.

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