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Raw Results 6/22/15 - Sometimes In Life It's Easier To Pretend That You Are Right, Than Admit When You Are Wrong; Or, A Needle In The Balloon Of Positivity

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RAW Results June 22, 2015
From Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar's music hits, he comes to the ring with Heyman in tow. Brock is in a suplex city shirt. He jumps up on the apron and into the ring. Video recap of Brock's return last week. Music ends, and the "Suplex city!" chants start.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and tonight, as his advocate, it's my honor and pleasure to give to you his official return to Raw, The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar! So, for those of you who may be a first time viewer, you wouldn't know Brock hasn't been on Raw, he's been gone, take this refresher course as to what happened the last time Brock got his hands on someone on Raw.

Video recap from WrestleMania where Rollins cashed in his MITB contract, and won the WWE WHC. The next night on Raw Brock wanted to revoke his rematch clause. But Rollins said he'd give his rematch, but not then, and laughed. Brock attacked. Rollins tried to flee. Rollins caught again, but is able to flee. The announce table was turned over on Booker T and JBL, then attacked Cole with an F5. A cameraman takes an F5 and he was suspended by a seething Steph.

Heyman – There was no question that he was going to leave that way. What did I do to negotiate his return. They don't want his money, but his apologize. Not in private, but right here, right now, tonight. I need to let you know that if Brock doesn't apologize to JBL and Cole, he will not return to WWE and will not face Rollins at Battleground.

Heyman points at announce. Cole says it's not necessary. JBL says it is. "Suplex city!" chants. Heyman speaks to Brock off mic. Brock leaves the ring and all behind announce are nervous. Brock looks back at Heyman who is telling him to do it. Brock steps up, Cole, and JBL stand, looking scared.

Brock extends a hand and shakes JBL's JBL stands there in shock.

Booker T steps away, and Brock steps up to Cole who is obviously scared. Brock extends a hand. Cole slowly reaches for it. Brock gets Cole in a headlock, quiet! He sits Cole down, pats him on the head and apologizes with a smile.

Heyman – My client has apologized. You've accepted, haven't you Mr. Cole. Yes, I have. It's upon me to offer a public apology in advance to what my client is going to do to that slinky, slimy, disgusting, disreputable, repulsive, repugnant, dirty, lousy, rotten, stinking, sycophantic, parasitic thief, Seth Rollins. The Champion who won the title from the challenger, the first NXT Champion, I wonder how that happened! He was protected in NXT from day one. Protected by his brothers in Shield from day one. Protected by The Authority from day one since he made the decision to sell his long term soul for the short term gain of being listed in the history books of being WHC in 2015, until they decided that sacrificing the future to the conqueror is that's beast for business. Seth Rollins, on July 19th, you may think you're flying to Battleground, but you have a one way, all expenses paid trip to Suplex city, bitch! Though the accommodations are not first class courtesy of McMahon and his billions, The Authority of all their reign, not accommodated by J&J Security who beat you, by Kane, who wants to eat you, not by the WWE Universe who is dying for someone to beat you. No the accommodations are by Conqueror of The Streak, The Beast of Battleground, and the former and future reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC of the world, Brock Lesnar!

Backstage Segment

Ambrose heading for the ring.


Ambrose vs Kane

Ambrose to the ring, wearing Ambrose hoodie and t-shirts. Korporate Kane to the ring to face him.

Ambrose behind Kane, takes an elbow to the face, then off the ropes, a back elbow drops Ambrose. Back suplex on Ambrose. Kane with a right, then another on Ambrose. Blows on Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose reverses on Kane with chops in the corner. Ambrose backed off, steps back in to a big right. Ambrose stomped down on the mat, then choked on the bottom rope. Ambrose back on Kane with rights in a corner, then bites Kane. Chops to Kane on the ropes, but comes back with a clothesline on Ambrose for two.

Ambrose off the ropes takes Kane down. Kane out, Ambrose after him. Ambrose sent in, and attacks Kane as he comes through the ropes. Leg drop off the corner on Kane's head as it's through the ropes. Ambrose over the top and out, but then sent to the stairs back first.


Head butt to Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose fights back with elbows, then blows on Kane, but comes out of the corner into a sidewalk slam for two.

Chinlock on Ambrose on the mat, with a knee in his back. Ambrose struggles up to his feet, elbows free, then a jaw buster that Kane sold, but missed by at least five inches. Immediately into a DDT on Ambrose for two.

Kane on Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose whipped and takes a short clothesline there. Ambrose whipped again, gets an elbow up in Kane's face. Kane pushes Ambrose into the ropes, he comes back with a neck breaker. Both are slow to their feet, but Ambrose with the rights and lefts on Kane. Ambrose whipped, gets a knee in Kane's face. Missile drop kick on Kane. Ambrose rolls Kane up for two.

Low rope and Kane out. Ambrose runs the apron onto Kane with that elbow, then flips through the bottom rope and back on Kane. Into the ring and Kane grabs Ambrose, but Ambrose free, out of the ropes, and lands a clothesline. Ambrose sets up, but music hits and Ambrose distracted by Rollins. Ambrose flies out onto Rollins. Ambrose climbs, kicks Rollins off the apron, but caught by Kane with a chokeslam off corner for three.

Winner – Kane (11:30)

Kane stares at Rollins, confused as to why he was out there, and helping him.

Announce Segment

Talking about Owens vs Cena at MITB, how it's a MoTY candidate, and Cena was able to pull off the win. After the handshake, Owens attacked Cena and beat him down. Cena will speak tonight.


Backstage Segment

Rollins – When we work like that, we can't be stopped.

Kane – We?

Rollins – Yeah, we! We need to get the band back together.

Kane – After all the disrespect you've shown me, why would we do that? Oh, I think it's obvious, Brock Lesnar's back and coming for your title, and you need backup.

Rollins – Are you saying I'm afraid of Brock Lesnar? That's the furthest thing from the truth. I beat Brock Lesnar for this title at WrestleMania, and Will destroy him at Battleground. I don't need... This isn't about Brock Lesnar, this is about family. This is about you and me, Kane. What do you say?

Rollins extends a hand, Kane walks away. Rollins looks pissed and annoyed.


Onraw last week, Reigns spoke out to Wyatt last week who responded from backstage, taunting Reigns with a pic of his daughter. Then, on Smackdown, Wyatt distracted Reigns in his match with the same pic. Sheamus beat Reigns for it. After the match, the same pic was in the middle of the ring with Reigns.

Prime Time Players vs The Ascension

Prime Time Players to the ring dancing and smiling.



O'Neil won Celebrity Father of the Year. His sons are adorable, but he really impressed with how humble he is. Even O'Neil's mom spoke up about him.

In the ring, Young hugs O'Neil who gets pop from the fans.

Konnor on O'Neil who floats over and takes Konnor down. Leg drop on Konnor, and Young tags in. they double team Konnor, O'Neil slamming Young down on Konnor. O'Neil tags in and takes an illegal Viktor out, but Konnor attacks O'Neil from behind. Backstage New Day is watching this match, and Big E is eating again. Viktor tags in and attacks O'Neil's arm through the ropes, then in to stomp that arm. O'Neil into the heel corner and takes chops. Konnor tags in, works from the apron, then in to stomp O'Neil down for two.

Viktor tags in, and they double team O'Neil. Young breaks the count.

Konnor tags in and lands a clubbing blow on O'Neil's upper back. Facelock on O'Neil on the mat, but he's up and back suplexes free. Clapping for O'Neil as both tag out. Young all over Viktor. A clothesline on Viktor off the ropes, then a belly-to-belly. Clotheslines on Viktor in a corner, then a suplex, but Konnor breaks the count.

O'Neil in with a spinebuster. Gut check on Viktor from Young for three!

Winners – PTPs (4:05)

Backstage New Day are arguing about things, but in the ring, PTPs are dancing.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus' music and he heads to the ring, case in hand. PTPs skirt Sheamus as heads to the ring.


Sheamus vs Reigns

Sheamus showing off his case in the ring, to everyone, whether they care or not. Video stills recap of Sheamus winning the MITBLM. Reigns through the stands to ringside. Sheamus from the ring to the apron, held back by the ref. Reigns into the ring.

They muscle around the ring, neither getting the upper hand. Finally Sheamus on the ropes. Break and Sheamus pushes Reigns. They lock up again, this time Reigns into a corner with a clean break. Sheamus kicks on Reigns, side headlock on Reigns. Reigns pushes off, then lands a right. Sheamus taken down and rolls from the ring to regroup. The fans are wild for Reigns. Sheamus grabs Reigns' foot from the apron, Reigns kicks Sheamus in the face. Reigns out and bounces Sheamus' face off announce. Sheamus rolled in, so Reigns in with blows on Sheamus. Sheamus reverses a whip, but Reigns out with a solid clothesline that drops Sheamus. "You look stupid!" chants on Sheamus as Reigns works him over in the ring. Sheamus fights back with shoulders to Reigns in a corner, but Reigns takes Sheamus down hard. Sheamus on the apron, hangs Reigns up top. Sheamus rolls back in, slams Reigns to the mat, then stomps him. Reigns choked in the ropes, then takes the beats while through the ropes, but then Reigns reverses, holds Sheamus' arm and lands elbows. Irish curse back breaker on Reigns. Both are slow to their feet.


Reigns in a hold by Sheamus on the mat. Reigns up, punches free, takes Sheamus down. Reigns off the ropes with clotheslines, then a flying Reigns off the apron really takes Sheamus down. Short clotheslines on Sheamus in a corner. Reigns from the ring, but Sheamus blocks Reigns' double foot kick with a huge right to Reigns! Sheamus sends Reigns into the barricade by the timekeeper's area. Reigns then rolled in, Sheamus following. Reigns sells that his back hurts as Sheamus gets two for his work.

Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns to his feet, punches on Sheamus, but then takes another Irish curse. Another Irish curse, then a third, but Sheamus still only gets two for it.

Sheamus sets up, but Reigns is able to fight out of it. Sheamus tries again, but Reigns to the ropes, so Sheamus sling shots Reigns up into the bottom rope. This time Sheamus is able to lock on the Texas cloverleaf. Reigns sells the pain of the hold, trying to gets to the ropes, but then rolls it over and punches free. Sheamus with a big clothesline as soon as Reigns is up. Sheamus with a forearm to Reigns' kidneys, then a again. The third time is blocked by a back elbow. A number of back elbows, then Reigns suplexes Sheamus to the mat. Both are slow to their feet. "Let's go Roman!" chants. Sheamus on Reigns in a corner, but Reigns with a suplex for two.

Again, both men are moving slowly. Sheamus telegraphs, is kicked. Sheamus clotheslined out, Reigns goes with him. Sheamus leaning on the apron takes Reigns' double kick. Sheamus leaning on announce takes Reigns' flying elbow (?) landing him across the table, JBL's hat on the floor, and Reigns rolls it.

Of course Wyatt is on the tron humming again, sitting at a tea party.

Wyatt – Don't worry, he'll be here soon, I promise. You wouldn't stand us up, would you Roman? Find me!

Reigns leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. (17:14)

Wyatt – See, I told you he would come. Hahahaha!

Across from Wyatt is a chair. It's is rocking, but it's empty.



Video recap of the high points of the match. Reigns into the ring when Wyatt appeared on the tron, distracted Reigns and he left to find Wyatt.

Announce Segment

They talk about Wyatt's mind games.

Backstage Segment

Reigns is looking for Wyatt, and he thinks, his daughter, backstage. He hears Wyatt singing. He runs into the room Wyatt had been in. The tea party is set up, candles all over the place and writing on walls surrounded by pics. "Anyone but you" on one wall, "Liar" on the other wall. All surrounded by pics of Reigns with the eyes and mouths removed.


Recap of the opening segment of Raw.

Backstage Segment

Rollins up to J&J Security, getting coffee.

Rollins – Old time's sake?

Mercury throws his cup over his shoulder and glares at Rollins.

Rollins – Oh, come on guys! We gotta stop pretending like we're not on the same page. Come on boys, stop pretending.

Noble – You think we're playing? Seth, we dedicating our lives to protect you and make you WWE WHC. How did you repay us? You belittle me, and belittle Joey, call us hobbits, dumb and dumber?

Rollins – Oh, come on guys, we love those movies. We're family, it's what family does. You're more than a security team, you're my friends. Not for Brock Lesnar, I can take care of him on my own. I can beat him, because I'm WWE WHC. I need you because I'm YOUR WWE WHC. I represent The Authority with this, and you're a huge part of that, and if I wasn't able to make it to Battleground because of a minor disagreement with my security team, that's not on me, it's on you guys. What do you say, are we cool, or what?

Mercury and Noble turn and leave a frustrated Rollins alone.

In Ring Segment

Neville to the ring.



The Today Show cast playing with Cena. Natalie impressed Cena the most, but I loved Hurricane Roker. Cena was pushing Tough Enough

Neville vs Kofi

Neville is in the ring waiting. New Day out to the ring together, talking smack and clapping. They clap together in the ring as the fans chant back at them.

Kofi on Neville from behind with blows. Side headlock on Kofi through "New Day Sucks!" chants. Neville off the ropes over and under Kofi, then takes Kofi down. Snap suplex on Kofi into an arm hold. Kofi up, guiding Neville around and out of the ring. Neville back in to blows. Neville beaten down in a corner, taking smack from Big E and Woods. Kofi takes Neville down and climbs on the corner, dropping a knee on Neville's face for two.

Woods takes someone's camera and starts snapping publicity photos at ringside. Neville working to his feet, sends Kofi flying off him, then again flying into the air to drop hard. Head scissors on Kofi. They end up outside the ring, but New Day makes Neville back off Kofi with intimidation. Prime Time Players rush out and back New Day off. The ref tosses Prime Time Players out! After getting involved, the ref tosses Big E and Woods out as well. Kofi into the ring, right in the ref's face, screaming at him. Neville takes Kofi down with a kick, then climbs. Red arrow for three.

Winner – Neville (4:28)


Owens' attack on MGK, and how he apologized via Twitter.



Sneak peek of Mr. Robot.

Barrett vs Ryder

King Barrett to the ring with his crown and scepter in hand, and cape over his shoulders. Split-screen of R-Truth acting as King, talking smack about Barrett.

Ryder takes Barrett down for two.

Shoulder drop on Ryder who comes back with a flapjack. Ryder on Barrett with blows in a corner, but then dropped to the mat and stomped by a pissed Barrett. Short clotheslines on Ryder in a corner, then a clothesline in the ring that flips Ryder for two.

Barrett chokes Ryder on the second rope, then lands a swinging neck breaker for two.

One lone man yelling, "Let's go Ryder!" A few join him as Ryder slams Barrett face first to the mat. Ryder ducks Barrett and lands a flying clothesline of his own. Ryder off the second ropes with a missile drop kick, but the broski boot is avoided. Barrett rolls out, but then eats a foot out between the ropes that drops him hard to the floor. Barrett rolled in, but hits a rope and drops Ryder up top. Bull hammer from Barrett on Ryder up top for three.

Winner – Barrett (3:21)

Barrett shows off and celebrates in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole starts the conversation about Owens and Cena. Cole talked to Owens on the WWE Network last week. Video of Owens saying that Cena told Owens he deserved to be in the WWE at MITB, but it wasn't Cena showing respect, but trying to Hogan the spotlight, even if Cole doesn't see it after 10-12-15 years of this.


In Ring Segment

Cena out to huge heat, and the fans singing along with his music. Of course Cena shows off his towel, then heads to the ring. So much heat as he shows off his strap.

Cena – This, a symbol of excellence and opportunity. I'm damn proud to be Champion of the US. The very opportunity that defines this could destroy me. Right now there's a man named Kevin Owens, by God he's white hot and a man on a mission. At Elimination Chamber he beat me, but that wasn't enough, so grabbed a mic to say my time was up, and his time is now. At MITB, after a hard fought battle I offered a gesture of mutual respect. Owens took that opportunity to put me out of commission. Last week on Raw Owens took the opportunity to assault a 95 pound musician. Owens' focus is to his latest opportunity. To take this from me. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, Owens is a great wrestler! But I have seen how he carries himself, my opinion is that he's a garbage human being. Owens knows how much this Championship means to me, and knows how hard it would be for me to walk into Battleground, face defeat, and with my head down, hand over this symbol of excellence to someone I think is just a dirt bag. Here are the facts. Owens beat me at Elimination Chamber. At MITB I won the fight, but not the war. If I accept Owens' challenge, I might be signing up for a fight that I just can't win. So, right now I have a choice to make. What do I do? What do I do? I could say no. No is simple, and no is fair. A couple weeks ago I wanted to face Owens for the NXT Championship, and he said no. So I could say no and I'm still the Champ. But the Champ of what. Owens knows that if I refuse, everything he's said about me is true, that I'm just a slimy product of corporate America. That hustle, loyalty, respect, that a lifetime of never giving up is nothing more than jargon created by suits. So I'll do what a Champion does, I'll fight. Even if I'm walking into a fight I can't win, because if there's something I've tried to hammer home every single times I put my hands on this, this Championship will not be protected by politics. Let the best man win, and if you want some, come get some!

Out comes Kevin Owens, NXT Championship strap over his shoulder. He stays on the stage.

Owens – I guess I should be pretty upset about all you just said about me, but John, the truth is, I'm not. The thing you will learn about me, I never put much into other peoples' opinion. I never have, and don't care what anybody thinks of me. If I did, I probably wouldn't look the way I do. For many years I've been called many things. Out of shape, a slob, hell, you just called me a dirt bag! While this out of shape, slob dirt bag beat you at Elimination Chamber, and left you laying at MITB. You remember, don't you? See, the difference between you and I is that you really care deeply what these people think of you. That's fine. What I care about is winning titles. The minute I stepped foot in NXT, I took the NXT Championship. And, now that I'm here and see how much that US Title means to you, I want it. You called it a symbol of excellence, and I agree. I now want to make it a symbol of MY excellence! (pop) For that to happen, we need to have a match. And while that whole, want some, come get some, you didn't actually say you'd give me a title match. But, I get it. I want something from you, so let me give you something you want first, something you crave, all these peoples' approval. Let me make sure the WWE Universe will cheer the mighty John Cena and boo the evil foreigner! Here we go. John, at Battleground (Owens speaks French – which I no longer can translate like I could in high school). See, here we go. John, I'm pretty sure I know what you're going to say, but, what do you say, buddy?

Cena – These people are not indifferent to you because of where you're from or what language you speak. They are indifferent to you because you're a disrespectful suck bag. You wanna speak French, hell, I'll speak French. (Cena speaks French.) You want the Chinese version, I'll give you that too. (Cena speaks Chinese.) And now I will use some red blooded heartland Indiana, Americana. (pop) At Battleground, you wanna fight, you got it, I accept. And my final message is one that any language in the world will understand. Cena points to body parts and places as he speaks. I will kick your ass! The Champ is here!

Cena poses in the ring. Owens looks annoyed and talking smack off mic on the stage.

Backstage Segment

Trip – I'm not sure about the sign language at the end, I think he was making that part up.

Steph – Could be that Kevin Owens is getting under his skin.

Rollins steps into the shot, next to Steph.

Steph – Hi there Seth, Brock got you down?

Rollins – No, how many times do I have to say I'm not afraid of Brock Lesnar.

Steph – I didn't say you were afraid.

Rollins – Actually, it's Kane and J&J.

Trip – Screw them, you don't need them. I told you that before. You don't need them, you never did.

Rollins – You're right! You're right! You know, The Authority is more than a business relationship, it's a family, and I feel that I've damaged that relationship over the past weeks, and now that I'm on top of the world. I crushed Dean Ambrose, and will do the same to Brock at Battleground, I just want this family to be all back together. I spoke to Kane and J&J, and they didn't seem to get it.

Steph – Considering the damage you said you did in the relationship, did you consider an apology?

Rollins – Do you think they'd apologize to me? That would really go a long way in...

Trip – Cut the crap Seth! You want those guys back because Brock Lesnar's back. We invested a lot in you and made that match with Brock Lesnar because we believe you're ready for it and can get the job done. You're scared of Brock Lesnar, and that's smart. If you weren't scared of Brock Lesnar, you'd be an idiot Seth. You should be scared. A smart man, no matter how confident he is in his abilities, always has a plan B. A smart man would have backup. A smart man has a fool proof plan. What's a smart man do? A smart man walks to that ring. A smart man like you walks down to that ring and apologizes. A smart man says the three little words that I'm positive makes this all go away. I am sorry.

Steph – You've got to be the bigger man, Seth.

Rollins – What if Brock shows up.

Steph – Look, if you want to put the band back together, you know what you've got to do.

Trip – Yeah, just how bad do you want this (knocking on the front of the strap) family?

Rollins takes a deep breath and is deep in thought.


WWE Rewind

Paige's talk with the Divas, trying to get them behind her to take out the Bellas, but the Bellas put enough fear into the other Divas that they ditched Paige.

Bellas vs Naomi & Tamina

Bellas to the ring with Fox in tow. Video of Fox helping Brie defeat Paige on Smackdown last week. Fox is in red and black with the Bellas.

Naomi backs into her corner, tags out, then slings Brie into her corner and Tamina gets on her and slams Brie to the mat. Brie whipped, eats an elbow. Snap mare on Brie, then her head wrenched to the side as she sits on the mat. Brie off the ropes into a Samoan drop for two.

Brie into Tamina's corner and Naomi tags in. Forearms to Brie's face, then Naomi drives Brie face first into the second buckle. Brie whipped, kicks Naomi away, then sends Naomi out through the ropes. Naomi around, pulls Nikki off the apron so Brie cannot tag out. Naomi eats a jaw buster and Brie tags out. Nikki in with solid clotheslines, and a drop kick. A drop kick to Tamina on the apron. Alabama slam, but Tamina breaks the count.

Tamina rushes Brie, but trips over the ref! (same ref) Brie off the top with a missile drop kick. Naomi with a rear view on Brie. Nikki throws Tamina into a rear view. Rack attack for three.

Winners – Bellas (3:46)

Backstage Segment
Brock talking to Heyman off mic.


Henry vs Ryback

Big Show is on announce, in street clothes. Big Show asks if this is the guy who stole Booker's job? Cole says Booker is filming Tough Enough and will be back.

Henry is in the ring. Ryback out to face him.

They lock up, Henry into a corner. Ryback with "Feed me more!" gets the fans going. Hammerlock on Henry who easily sends Ryback flying, then hitting the mat. Big Show speaks quite eloquently about his coming match and the match going on now. Ryback with a shoulder tackle on Henry. Henry rolls out, Ryback out after him. Ryback on Henry, but Henry reverses Ryback into the apron, then into the barricade.


Vulcan nerve pinch on Ryback on the mat. "Feed me more!" from the fans. Ryback up, shoulder blocks in a corner on Henry. Ryback on Henry with blows, but easily tossed off. Big Show says Ryback doesn't have the power, but then Ryback with a beautiful spinebuster on Henry. Ryback sets up, but then eats a big boot. Big Show to the apron to cheer-lead for Henry. Henry sets up for the WSS, but Ryback free. Ryback with a meathook, then climbs to the top! Ryback splashes Henry for three!

Winner – Ryback (4:20)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Big Show doesn't look happy, yelling at Henry that he had Ryback beat. Henry isn't taking that from Big Show. Henry pushes Big Show off, so Big Show leaves Henry to loll on the mat. Henry is selling his pain as Big Show stomps up the ramp.

Announce Segment

They look at the men and women in Tough Enough.

Backstage Segment

JoJo – Ryback, impressive win tonight, but what do you think about the announcement earlier that at Battleground you will be defending your IC Title in a Triple Threat Match again Miz and Big Show?

Ryback – Don't go calling me Flyback tonight after that Big Guy splash tonight JoJo. The Big Guy has a few tricks up his sleeve. I'm here to take on all comers. Everyone knows that in a Triple Threat Match I can lose my Title without being pinned. This, right here, means the world to me. All the sacrifice, all the years, winning this at Elimination Chamber. My parents haven't spoken in 15 years. They recently came together to watch me defend this IC Championship, and I've never been prouder. I will fight with every breath to hold onto this. It doesn't matter if it's one man, two men, the entire locker room, hell, the entire world, The Big Guy is here to stay. Together, me, and the WWE Universe, together we say "Feed me more!"

Ryback stops chanting, the camera pulls back to show Big Show clapping.

Big Show – Nice inspirational speech Ryback. You know that I will expose you for the fraud you are. At Battleground I'll expose you for the itty bitty boy in a giant's world.

Ryback – I see what you did there big man, you're real cute. All talk and no action though.

Ryback drops the strap and they start fighting. Ryback goes down first, but then comes back fighting, sending Big Show into a garage door, then into some rolling cases, and falling pipes. Big Show stays down and refs rush to stop it.

Ryback – You're not so big now!



Recap of the altercation between Big Show and Ryback backstage before the break.

Ziggler vs Rose

Ziggler out with Lana in tow. Lana, in a red suit, sans red lipstick heads to the ring on Ziggler's arm. Adam Rose and Rosa are in the ring together.

Rose – You people just don't get it. You don't get what real art is. You don't get what real passion is. You most definitely don't get what true love is. But me and my Rosa, we get it. I love us.

Rosa – I love us!

Rose – And once I unveil my masterpiece to the world, maybe, just maybe, you mouth breathing dullards who inhabit in this country, then maybe you might finally get it. Dolph, Lana, don't be jelly of us. Take a look, because this is what true love looks like.

Rose and Rosa suck face before Rosa leaves the ring with the lolly. They continue to kiss on the apron.

Drop kick to Rose. Rose fights back, stomping Ziggler in a corner. Elbow drops on Ziggler, the way Ziggler normally hits them. Rusev watching on a monitor backstage. "We want Lana!" chants. Rose gets Ziggler in a sleeper, but Ziggler suplexes free of the hold. Rose rushes Ziggler and eats an elbow. Clotheslines on Rose, then a splash in a corner. Ziggler shows off, then drops his epic elbow for two.

Rose with blows on Ziggler, then a huge running clothesline in a corner. Ziggler side steps Rose. Rose ducks the famouser and hit a beautiful spinebuster on Ziggler for a long two.

Rose climbs to the top, but Ziggler gets his foot up for a superkick to a flying Rose (sorta) for three.

Winner – Ziggler (3:02)

Lana steps coyly to Ziggler who unpins her hair and then they kiss.

Rusev is seething backstage, and cannot watch as Lana and Ziggler makeout in the ring. Rusev tosses his crutches, then ends up falling and hurting himself. He looks up to see Summer Rae looking down at him in a skin-tight hot pink burnout tank dress. She extends a crutch to Rusev.

Summer Rae – Lana's not worth it.

Rusev takes the crutch, still looking annoyed. Summer Rae flips her blonde hair and swishes away.

Backstage Segment

Noble – Me and Joey to run interference for him? He expects me and Joey to go out and take a beating for him. He wants to call us Dumber and Dumber, clearly we are like Yoda from Star Wars. We got smarts, Steph.

Steph – You clearly have the ears like Yoda. Listen, guys, we have all invested in Rollins. He hasn't been the most gracious Champion. We aren't the only one who invested in him. He's the WWE WHC, largely because of all of you.

Trip – With all due respect, Yoda, I don't think you can appreciate the pressure that comes with being the WWE WHC, can you? Do you know what it's like to have everyone you know gunning for you. You can't turn your back for a second because someone will shove a knife in it. That's pressure. Defending it night after night, that's pressure. You guys can't understand, Kane, you know. The WWE WHC can drive a sane man crazy. (back to J&J) And you guys, better than anybody, know his schedule.

Steph – Seth Rollins, I wish he was willing to face Brock Lesnar on his own, but he needs your support. All we're asking is that you go out there and hear him out.

Kane leaves with J&J in tow.

Trip – Yoda! (Trip rolls his eyes at the thought.)


In Ring Segment

Rollins to the ring, looking nervous.

Rollins – Sometimes in life it's easier to pretend that you are right, than admit when you are wrong. Sp I have come out here tonight in front of all of you to be the bigger man and admit that I have been wrong. I'd like to ask Kane, Joey and Jamie to come out here so I can apologize individually.

Kane's music hits and he comes out, sans shirt, looking like he's ready for a match, elbow pads and all, with J&J in tow.

Rollins – Gentlemen, what I've learned over the past week is that a team is only as strong as it's foundation, and you are my foundation. Before I get on with this, I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with Brock Lesnar. I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar. I beat Brock Lesnar before, and I will beat Brock Lesnar again at Battleground. This is about us. This is about family. Joey...

"Suplex city!" chants.

Rollins – Shut up! Shut up! I'm trying to make an apology! Joey, Jamie, I am so, so sorry. It's like I said, you and I, we're all cut from the same cloth. We're all champions. I've looked up to you my entire life as role models. I've modeled my in-ring style after you guys, and you've had my back time after time after time. The things we've been through, you've always been there for me! I apologize to both of you, individually and collectively, and hope you will be part of my family again.

They whisper to each other as the fans chant, "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" They appear to be turning to leave when Rollins tries again with them.

Rollins – Okay, look, guys, take a second to think about this while I talk to Kane. Kane, I think, out of everyone in the ring, I owe you an apology the most. I've said and done a lot of really crappy things to you. I've called you a lot of really crappy names. I've called you a dinosaur, and Kane you are far from a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are extinct, and you are alive, and well.

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Rollins – Kane, you're like a fine line, you just get better with age, everyday, every month, every year. You are forever, and will always be the Devil's Favorite Demon. Personally, you're my favorite WWE Superstar of all time.

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – So please, please!

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – I'd like to extend the same offer and apology that I extended to J&J. Would you please come back so we can be a family again?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

More whispering between J&J, and a contemplative look from Kane.

Rollins – Look, guys, I'm here practically begging for you to come back! What more do I have to do? I've apologized to you, to you, to you. Guys, please, please, will you please take me back?

Rollins extends a hand.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants.

Brock Lesnar's music, and he comes out with Heyman in tow. Brock walks around the ring, watching the four in there watching him. Heyman stops over by announce, leaning on the table with that evil grin of his.

Kane looks ready. J&J remove jackets and ties, unbuttoning collars and cuffs, then then they slap Rollins on the back and leave him in the ring alone. Rollins looks like he's about to barf, but then Kane attacks Brock from behind, pulling him down off the apron. Blows on Brock, until one clothesline drops Kane. Very quickly Mercury is swatted away into the barricade. Brock picks up Noble and slams him back first against the barricade.

Brock into the ring, and Rollins attacks him, but very quickly Rollins takes a release German suplex. Another release German suplex on Rollins.

"One more time!" chants.

A third release German suplex on Rollins.

"One more time!" chants.

Brock lifts Rollins for an F5, but Kane is there, wrapping a hand around Brock's throat. Brock drops Rollins, and Kane backs Brock against the ropes. That doesn't last long as Brock comes back with knees to Kane's chest and head. Brock backs up to come off the ropes, but Kane is ready with a chokeslam to Brock.

Brock sells the move, slowly getting to his feet. Kane grabs him again, but Brock back with knees to Kane. A release German suplex on Kane.

Brock grabs Rollins for an F5, again, but Kane is down there and drops Brock to the mat with a chop block to the left knee. Rollins also falls to the mat, but rolls to the side. Brock backs Kane into a corner, lands shoulder blocks to Kane's gut. Rollins with a cop block on Brock's left knee. Kane stomps Brock. Rollins pulls Brock to a corner by the ankle, then wraps Brock's knee around the post. Kane grabs a chair and slams it into Brock's knee as Rollins holds the ankle. Cole is yelling about the possible shattered kneecap.

Back in the ring and both Kane and Rollins are stomping Brock. But, just barely, I could see that there was a stretcher at the bottom of the ramp, right by where Noble went into the barricade. They seem to be careful not to show that direction, if possible. Rollins kicks Brock in the head.

Brock pushes Kane away. Rollins on Brock with blows. Mercury is back in the ring, holding Brock's ankles, to keep him down. Mercury with a lot of blows on Brock on the mat. Kane and Mercury hold Brock as Rollins climbs. Rollins off the top with a knee to Brock's head.

Another chokeslam on Brock from Kane. Off comes Rollins' shirt, and he tells them to get Brock up. Rollins with a pedigree on Brock. Mercury hands Rollins his strap. Rollins rolls Brock over, poses as screaming that he's the WWE WHC. Rollins gets HUGE heat for this.

Raw goes off the air with Rollins on one knee over Brock, pointing at his strap and yelling in Brock's face. From one angle the stretcher appears to be starting to move away, but I'm not sure.

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