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Raw Results 4/13/15 – Kane Joins The Lay Down World Order


RAW Results April 13, 2015
From O2 London in London, England
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Cena's music hits to serious heat! He comes out to the loudest singing to his music I've ever heard. Cena is all smiles with his black eye from Stardust last week. JBL welcomes Cole back to announce with him and Booker T. The fans are still singing loudly with Cena's music.

Cena – Ladies and gentlemen, don't adjust your TV. We're live in London, and London is live!

The chants are all a mess.

Cena – Unfortunately there's times London and I don't get along. But no person can deny that there's people as far as you can see, and not one person can deny that the London crowd has more passion than any crowd we perform in front of. (pop)

More confused chants.

Cena – I got heat saying it last time, but I think London deserves WrestleMania. (huge pop) Tell me I'm wrong!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – But those who make those choices have chose for you to wait. Like Rusev, we could fight here, but he's waiting for Extreme Rules. You don't want to listen to me talk, you want to see a fight, right? Let's get to it. The John Cena Open Challenge starts now. You want some, come get some.

US Championship – John Cena (c) vs Bad News Barrett

Barrett out to face Cena. "Bad News Barrett!" chants.

Barrett – Thank you too, but I haven't actually done anything yet. Funnily enough John, I actually agree with you, why should we wait. Why should I wait to face Bryan for the IC Title at Extreme Rules? When I can just go ahead and beat you now for the US Title, in front of the greatest nation in the world, England!

Eden in to announce the match.


"John Cena sucks!" singing from the fans. Side headlock on Barrett. Dueling Cena chants. Barrett pushes off, but takes a shoulder block for two.

Side headlock back on Barrett, and to the mat. Barrett kicks Cena for telegraphing. Cena rolls out to regroup through the serious noise of the fans. Side headlock takeover on Barrett. Up and Barrett punches free. Cena off the ropes into a big boot for two.

Barrett ducks under Cena. Knees to Cena's face in the ropes. The ref backs Barrett off, then he's back on Cena with knees. Barrett backed off, then a big boot to drop Cena from the ring. Barrett off the apron to land on Cena outside. Back into the ring for two.

Barrett eats corner, then a drop kick from Cena. Cena climbs, crossbody for two.

Cena takes Barrett down, sets up, but Barrett rolls out. Cena slides out, but Barrett with blows, then sending Cena into the stairs. Cena rolled in, Barrett gets two for it.

Barrett stomps, then on the second ropes, but Cena moves from the elbow. Cena comes back with a 5 knuckle shuffle. Barrett comes back with a side slam for two.

Cena comes back with blows, but Barrett with an elbow. Big suplex from Barrett for two.

Cena counters into the STF. Barrett to the ropes to break.

A big right drops Cena to his knees, then a kick to Cena's face for two.

Exchange blows on their knees, then to their feet. Barrett with the upper hand, kicks Cena in the face. Wasteland for a long two.

Barrett raises his arm, fixes his elbow padding, but Cena with an AA for a long two.

Cena looks confused on the mat, not sure how Barrett kicked out. Cena pulls Barrett up for another, Barrett free, lands the bull hammer for a long two.

Both lolling on the mat. Cena ducks Barrett's bullhammer, hits his stunner and then AA for three.

Winner – Cena (9:51)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Rusev's music, and out comes Lana.

Lana – John Cena, you disparage Rusev for waiting invoke his rematch. But, by waiting, you...

Rusev in the ring behind Cena. Rusev hits and knocks out Cena with a chain wrapped fist.

Lana – As I was saying, by waiting, we have time to negotiate. The Authority has granted us a request. Your match at Extreme Rules against Rusev will be a Russian Chain Match.

Rusev over Cena yelling smack at him. Rusev then holds the US Title and chain high in the air as the flag unfurls above them. Video recap of the attack.

Announce Segment

Cole says that his lawsuit with Brock Lesnar is a private matter that he may discuss later. Video of the Triple Threat Match last week on Raw. Reigns took out The Authority, then Big Show took out Reigns, letting Orton get the win over Ryback, even with Rollins and J&J Security involved in it all. Then, the Bellas to announce.


Divas Battle Royal

Bellas on announce, the rest of the Divas in the ring. Paige out to huge pop to round out the group.

They fight in the ring, but there's only eight of them in there. Summer Rae and Nattie fight on the apron, knocked off. Emma eliminates Rosa. Emma climbing and kicked down by Fox. Scissors kick from Fox on Naomi. Fox and Cameron on Paige, but gets back into the ring. They continue to beat her down together. Naomi watches from a corner. Paige through the ropes, but holds on for deal life. Naomi with a double rear view on Cameron and Fox. Cameron and Fox eliminated. Paige lifts Naomi, they fight. Naomi on the apron, front facelock on Paige, so both on the apron. Naomi into the ring, pushing on Paige. Paige with knees on Naomi through the ropes. Naomi kicks Paige over the ropes, but she holds on. More fighting through the ropes, but Paige in. Rear view misses, then Paige eliminates Naomi!

Winner – Paige (3:55)

Paige posing toward the Bellas in front of announce.


In Ring Segment

Byron – You are the #1 Contender for the Divas Championship. What's going through your mind right now?

Paige – Byron, I won the Divas Championship on my first day in the WWE. Two weeks ago I teamed with AJ to win my first WrestleMania! Nothing feels better than to win this Battle Royal in my home country in front of you. This is where I started with my family, in carnivals, high school gyms. I was getting five pounds just to make it to the WWE! So, to be on the biggest stage of them all in front of my dad, my brothers, the best friends in the world! (pop) I just have to say one thing. This is my house!

Byron – You have anything you want to say to Nikki Bella?

Paige – Well Nikki, obviously...

Naomi tackles Paige. Naomi tackles Paige from the ring. They both land outside. Naomi slams Paige into the barricade a couple times, then in Paige's face, yelling about it being Paige's house? Paige slammed hard into the barricade again, then stomps Paige a bit. Naomi sits Paige up, then backhand bitch slaps Paige before leaving with the refs yelling at her. Naomi all bitchy at the fans backing up the ramp.


Wyatt – (unintelligible) It becomes and obsession. It becomes a sin. Love can be blinding. It can cloud your judgment. It can consume your well being, and can cost you everything that you worked so hard for. You, you're in luck friend, because I've decided to reach deep inside of you and rip out that love. I will fill that empty void with good, old fashioned, fear. Hahahaha! For fear is much stronger than any love could ever be. Think about it man. Sooner or later, you're going to have to watch everything you love fade away. What will you do when that one thing you love so much is taken from you? I'm doing you a favor, so pay close attention, friend. I'm talking to you. Hahahaha! Behold the new face of fear!


The Ascension vs Lucha Dragons

The Ascension in the ring. Lucha Dragons out to solid pop.

Konnor on Sin Cara, stomping him. Into the heel corner, Viktor tags in and continues stomping. Konnor back in with blows for two.

Viktor tags back in to continue on Sin Cara. Sin Cara fights back, but cannot get to Kalisto. Konnor tags in, but Sin Cara drops and Konnor eats corner. Drop kick to Konnor and is able to tag out. Kalisto is all over Viktor, head scissors slamming Viktor's head to the mat for two. Konnor sent out. Kalisto with a corkscrew off the ropes, then flies out on Konnor. Kalisto tags out, is on Viktor, then Sin Cara flies onto him for three.

Winners – Lucha Dragons (2:15)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Lucha Dragons celebrate on the corners.


About Marine 4.


In Ring Segment

Booker T in the ring, announces Reigns. Reigns through the stands to heat, and love from those who can touch him on his way by. Then more heat in the ring.

Booker T – Roman it's been two weeks since WrestleMania, facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC. We all know that opportunity was ripped away, how are you feeling? What's your mental state?

Reigns – As you can see, I'm mentally strong for a reason.

Booker T – You look good.

"Suplex City!" chants.

Reigns – Yeah, I went there! I woke up the next day, that's why I'm mentally strong. I went to suplex city, and it hurt. We didn't lie to you. We told you we were gonna give you a fight. We told you we were gonna give you a brutal fight. You like brutal fights? (pop) I also told the world I was gonna do a few things. I was going to hit him in the mouth, come out swinging, and make him taste his own blood, and that's what I did. You saw him. I made Brock Lesnar look different. And I told the world I could beat him, and I could have. I'm telling you Book, I was this close! I had fight in me, punches to throw. Seth came out and did what he was supposed to do, capitalize on the moment. He took my moment. But I told the world that I can and I would, and when it comes to Rollins, I can, and I have beaten Rollins. That means I will become WWE WHC.

Booker T – I believe that. We all know if not for Big Show, you would be facing Rollins at Extreme Rules. But now that's not gonna happen.

"Thank you Big Show!" chants.

Reigns – Big Show screwed me, and I wish I could give him all the credit, and he's done great things, but lately he's been Seth's giant bitch. Am I right? (big pop)

Big Show (tron) – Roman! Roman! Roman! Let me cut you off before you say something really dumb. Don't try to fade the heat from me, away from the fact at WrestleMania, you failed. By that reaction, a lot of people are happy you did. You were losing your biggest match of your life! I won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, making me the greatest giant in history. You're a bum Roman, a potential that will never be. I can do what I want, when I want, whether following orders or making or making orders. I enjoy keeping you down. My mission, my goal, my pleasure is making you the most epic failure in WWE history. When I'm done, you're not even going to be able to smell the WWE WHC. I knocked you out last week. Every time you try to get up, I'm gonna be there waiting and knock you down.

"Boring!" chants.

Reigns – See Book, this is coming from the Jumbo Tron. He's a Jumbo Tron giant, all the way in the back. You've got two types of Superstars, guys who come out, fight, kick ass, and prove themselves every night. Then there's guys like that. A giant sellout, always making excuses and either too lazy, or doesn't have the balls to say it to my face. I didn't forget you screwed me, but I've punched you in your mouth enough to make it even. But if you continue to get in my business, I'm going to shove that giant trophy down your throat and retire you. And you can believe...that!

Reigns poses while looking up at Big Show. Reigns all smiles and smirks as he poses. Reigns up the ramp and out, but then there's Big Show tossing Reigns into the LED wall. Reigns then tossed into the old car on the stage, denting the door.

"Please retire!" chants.

Big Show tosses Reigns into the front door of the car, denting that door too.

"You sold out!" chants.

A running knee to Reigns' face.

"You've not got it!" chants.

Big Show lifts Reigns and slams him on the roof of the car. Big Show climbs the car, denting it with each step, then chokeslams Reigns into the roof, really denting the heck out of it. Big Show climbs down and glares at the fans. He leaves to chants of, "You sold out!"



Recap of Big Show's attack on Reigns.

Orton vs Cesaro

Orton to the ring. Cesaro out to face him with Kidd and Nattie in tow.

They lock up, Cesaro backed into a corner. Reversal, then again. Clean break. Side headlock on Cesaro. They both shake something off. Blows on Orton in a corner, then an upper cut. Orton off the ropes into a shoulder block. Cesaro through the ropes, but avoids the DDT. Kidd on Orton outside. Orton clotheslines Kidd outside and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ – Orton (2:19)

Kane – Cut the music, don't celebrate yet Orton. The Authority is back, but their desire to come to work cannot overpower their want to not to come to England. (heat) Which leaves me in charge. As DOO I'm fair and impartial to each and every employee. With the stip of the WWE WHC Match on the line, I can't allow this to end in DQ. Since Randy, you want retribution against Kidd. It will restart as a 2 On 1 Handicap Match. Ring the bell!

Cesaro & Kidd vs Orton

Both all over Orton on the mat.


Cesaro tags in and continues to stomp Orton. Orton up, gets an elbow on Cesaro, sets him up in the ropes, but Kidd somehow tags in and on Orton. Kidd sets up, but Orton free and Cesaro tags in. Orton on Cesaro, but Cesaro tags out. Kidd over the ropes, rolls up Orton for two.

Orton manages to get his DDT on Kidd. Orton poses, then sets up, but Cesaro saves Kidd. Orton rolls out, grabs Cesaro slams him back first on the barricade. Kidd on the barricade with a knee to Orton's face. Orton rolled in, and Kidd off the top rope with an elbow for two!

Orton fights back on Kidd. Cesaro in and takes a powerslam! Kidd off the top rope and into an RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (3:44)

Orton poses for the fans on a corner. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Rollins, Kane and J&J Security watching Orton win on a monitor.

Rollins – What now? You got any more bright ideas?

Kane – Yeah, I got a bright idea. Why not beat Ziggler tonight? Then you and Orton can pick a stip for Extreme Rules.

Rollins – Brilliant, but I think I got a better one. You see, we can't be taking any chances tonight. I won't face Ziggler tonight. I'll be facing Jamie who will lie down for me.

Noble – Why should I have to do it when it was Kane who made the Triple Threat Match last week, and it's Kane that gave Orton the option to make the stip tonight!

Kane – I've got another idea. One that involves a car battery and your testicles.

Rollins – Take it easy. Jamie has a point. It's all on you.

Kane – I'll be out there taking your back, as I always do, but are you afraid of Ziggler?

Rollins – Hahaha, no, but we can't take any chances, I have to win tonight. So, Mr. DOO, I need you to change my opponent, someone I can beat with my eyes close. Someone who knows what's best for business.

Kane – You implying that I just let you pin me?

Rollins – I'm not implying anything, just saying that our number one priority is me and my Title. So, if that's what needs to be done, maybe you're the man for the job. Or we can get Trip on the phone, wonder what he'd say.

Kane leaves and Rollins stops J&J Security from following.

Rollins – He knows he has no choice.


Rose vs Ambrose

Rose dancing in the ring. Ambrose to the ring to face him. Video of Ambrose's WrestleMania bump, then going through announce two weeks ago on Smackdown.

They lock up, Rose into a corner. Ambrose all over Rose, but then takes a sick spinebuster for two from Rose.

Exotic Express dance on the ramp. Rose locks on a headlock on the mat. Ambrose up and out, big blows, forearms knocking Rose down. Running bulldog on Rose. Ambrose climbs, but Rose rolls out. Ambrose to the mat, suicide dive on Rose through the ropes. Back into the ring, Ambrose bounces out of the ropes, onto Rose. Dirty deeds and it's over.

Winner – Ambrose (2:11)

Backstage Segment

Kane on his cell asking to have Trip calling.

Big Show talks to Kane about what it means to be on the winning team, and doing what's best for business. It's not just a phrase, it's words to live by. Rollins losing could be bad. Orton as WWE WHC is not what's best for business. We don't always do what we want, but what we need to. Think about this, for all our sakes.

Kane says he will face Rollins and will do what's best for business.


Stardust vs Fandango

Stardust working the fans. Fandango already in the ring.

Stardust on Fandango with blows. Stardust all over Fandango, takes him down off the ropes, slamming him face first to the mat. Fandango whipped, but comes out kicking on Stardust. Fandango up top, but Stardust moves. Drop kick on Fandango for three.

Winner – Stardust (1:07)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rosa in to check on Fandango.

Fandango – I finally realize what the problem is, I've been sharing my gift of dance with you (Rosa) when I should be sharing it with the entire world!

Fandango's old music is back, and the fans are loving it, dancing right along with it! Fandango steals JBL's hat for a moment and JBL is loving it!

Backstage Segment

Bryan – What are you doing?

Kane – My job. Clearing my conscience. Please, just go away.

Bryan – No, I'm not going anywhere. Wait a second...please? What happened to you? Oh. I get it. You're going out to lay down for Seth.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants about drown out Bryan.

Bryan – You think what's best for business is emulating one of the key moves that put WCW out of business. Well that's real smart. You know, the Kane I knew would go out there and tombstone Seth through steel steps and damn near end his career. I'd insult you, if I thought it would make a difference. But I'm not even angry, I just feel sorry for you.

Kane - LEAVE!

Bryan – Okay, but if you have any ounce of pride when you go out there, don't be a stooge, be a man.

Bryan leaves and Kane is still seething.



Cena defeating Bad News Barrett to retain his US Championship, but then Rusev attacked Cena with a chain to set up for their Extreme Rules.

Rollins vs Kane

Rollins to the ring with J&J Security in tow. Kane out in his full suit, looking mad. Kane into the ring where Rollins is clapping for him. Kane glares as Rollins laughs.

Kane removes his jacket after the bell. Then his tie, as Rollins tells Kane he doesn't need to take them off. Then Kane removes his shirt, glaring at Rollins who looks confused. Kane right up in Rollins' face. Rollins still all smiles, telling Kane to lay down, it's what's best for business. Kane rolls his eyes, then drops to a knee. Rollins keeps up with telling Kane what to do. Kane sits on the mat, then lays down. Rollins covers, but Kane quickly tossed him off.

J&J Security into the ring, getting in Kane's face about this. Kane grabs them, but lets go and they flee. Rollins up to Kane, screaming at Kane. Rollins pushes Kane and Kane bitch slaps Rollins. Rollins on his knees begging Kane to not do it, think about his job and his future, not to do it. Rollins begs him not to do it. Kane calms a bit, but then Rollins screams at Kane to lay down, get it over with.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans.

Rollins continues to berate Kane, and takes a chokeslam for it. Kane starts to call for a tombstone, looking very much like the Kane we loved for years, but then lays down and pulls Rollins' arm over his chest for three.

Winner – Rollins (4:33)

Kane stomps up the ramp, leaving Rollins cradling his strap with J&J Security on each side.

Backstage Segment

Mizdow heading for the ring.


WWE Slam of the Week

Miz and Mizdow on Smackdown last Thursday. Mizdow shakes Miz's hand, says he's sorry, then takes Miz out, then kisses Summer Rae who really sells it.

Miz vs Mizdow

Miz to the ring to his music. Mizdow comes out to the same music, with Summer Rae in a black barely tube top, and red high waisted short shorts.

Miz removes his shades to heat. Mizdow, on the other hand, gets huge pop for it. Miz gets heat for removing his coat. Mizdow gets pop, but Miz attacks in the middle of it. The ref gets Miz off Mizdow under the ropes. Big boot to a seated Mizdow. A big right to Mizdow. Summer Rae gets a chant going for Mizdow. Mizdow lands Miz's double move, but then gets hung up top. Off the ropes and Mizdow gets three.

Winner – Mizdow (2:03)

Mizdow leaves with Summer Rae as Miz has a hissy fit in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Prime Time Players talk down A New Day, and The Ascension, but now it's Los Matadores. They forgot the bull, so they use a rainbow Teddy with paper horns. They even rip on them for losing their cultures with these characters. They then do their own PTP thing.


Ryback vs Harper

Ryback to the ring. They lock up, struggle around into a corner. Harper bitch slaps Ryback on the break. Side headlock on Ryback, but not for long and a shoulder block on Harper. Ryback off the ropes into a big boot that stuns him for two.

Upper cut to Ryback, then a front facelock into a gator roll. Ryback muscles free, but takes a slap. Ryback fights back, slamming Harper down to the mat. "Feed me more!" led by Ryback, but Harper rolls out. Harper pulls the hood off announce and slams it in Ryback's face.

Winner – Ryback via DQ (1:48)

Ambrose runs out, Thesz Press on Harper. Harper free and flees the ring. Over the barricade, then tosses a chair back into the ringside area.

Announce Segment

Cole discusses Paige winning the Divas Battle Royal, but Naomi attacked Paige and beat her down. Video recap of this.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Naomi, I'm sure your emotions were running high earlier, but can you tell us what motivated you to attack Paige like that in England?

Naomi – I'm disappointed in myself for loosing my cool and attacking Paige the way I did.

Naomi was looking down, looking ashamed, but then breaks into laughter with a big smile.

Naomi – Yeah, right. I could care less. Are you an idiot? This isn't about Paige, the country we're in, or about emotions, this is about me. Me! Let me ask you this. Who's the Divas Champion?

Byron – Nikki Bella.

Naomi – Exactly. Nikki Bella, the Diva I beat twice. So, tell me this. Why did we have to have a Divas Battle Royal tonight?

Byron – I don't know.

Naomi – Exactly. Nobody knows. It's ridiculous. It blows my mind. Do wins and losses mean anything around here? I was on the same season of NXT as AJ, but she's gone after her opportunity. Girl after girl after girl had their opportunity, and I'm still sitting here. Just asking and wanting a chance. Everyone's calling AJ a legend. How much can a person take? I'm over it. I think people have taken my kindness for weakness way too long. So I'm not waiting or asking for a chance anymore. I'm taking it.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring.


Ziggler vs Neville

Ziggler – Not bad guys. Kane, if you think laying down for Rollins is what's best for business, you might want to change your name to the Devil's Favorite Dumbass. I went there. I live to compete in this ring, and now, taking a page out of Cena's notebook and issue an open challenge. Anyone who wants to go toe to toe with the best there is, come on out!

Out comes Neville.

The fans are wild for this match, before they even touch. They lock up, arm bar on Neville who reverses and flips Ziggler to the mat. Arm holds back and forth, struggling around to a drop kick on Neville. Arm bar on Neville. Neville whipped, floats over, flips to the other corner, kicks Ziggler in the face. Standing moonsault on Ziggler for two.

Headlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler dives, is caught, lands his SICK DDP on Neville.


Neville fights back with blows on Ziggler, then lifts him high to land on the mat. Ziggler sent out, then Neville with a top rope moonsault. Neville walks the barricade, then double flips onto Ziggler on the floor. Ziggler rolled into the ring for two.

Neville on Ziggler from behind. Ziggler with elbows, but then into a sick and fast drop kick. Superkick on Neville for a long two.

Ziggler into a corner, takes a kick to the head. Neville climbs, but Ziggler moves and Neville lands on his feet. Neville into the post, then a zig-zag and the three.

Winner – Ziggler (9:39)

Ziggler checking on Neville, but Sheamus is there to attack Ziggler. A brogue kick to Neville for histroubles. Sheamus talks smack to the fans, then to Ziggler. Ziggler fights back on Sheamus, beating him down all over the place. Ziggler up on Spanish announce, runs along the top of both tables to fly on Sheamus. Sheamus fights back sending Ziggler into the post, then brogue kick. Sheamus poses while standing on announce.

Sheamus stands over Ziggler showing he's the bigger man.


Recap of Big Show's attack on Reigns on the stage and the car on stage.


In Ring Segment

Rollins to the ring with J&J Security in tow. There's a big black leather recliner, and two smaller black leather chairs in the ring that they all sit in.

Rollins – You can boo me all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm the future of the WWE. And the greatest WWE WHC of all time. You don't believe me, at WrestleMania I defeated Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in the same night! Just like earlier tonight when I defeated Kane. Kane was supposed to be out there doing this, but he's left it up to me. Here's a newsflash to those who think it makes him less of a man. A real man knows when to lie down, put the team before himself. Because of my hard earned defeat over Kane, I get to pick a stip for our Extreme Rules match. Oh, I have a good one, so Randy, old friend, why don't you come out so I can deliver it to your face?

Orton to the ring with a smirk.

Orton – I gotta hand it to you, it's one hell of a setup. You comfy?

Rollins – Quite.

Orton – Seth, why do you have to over-complicate things? You have a stip, I have a stip. It's real simple. How about we clear the furniture and fight now? Then, one man can deliver the stip over the other man's unconscious body. You would be the unconscious one in this scenario, just so you know.

Rollins – Simple is so boring. I like complicated. Complicated creates opportunities, and opportunities are where I thrive. It's how I won the MITB to begin with. How I won the WWE WHC. And how I will defeat you at Extreme Rules. See all this? This is power. This is what power looks like, and how you wield that power. At Extreme Rules, my stip will eliminate your greatest weapon, and without it, you don't stand a chance. At Extreme Rules, the RKO is banned. Hahahaha! Randy, Randy, let me remind you, The Authority always wins. Hahaha!

Orton – Well played Seth. I actually like the way you think, taking away Rollins' greatest weapon in his arsenal. Are his greatest weapons his speed and strength? No. And despite what you think, it's not your intelligence either. You're greatest weapon in your arsenal is you connection with The Authority. What if The Authority couldn't get to you? Couldn't help you? What if your little munchkin stooges couldn't help you Seth? What if it was up to us to prove who the better man. My stip is that we fight inside a steel cage.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – You think I'm scared of you Randy? You think I'm scared? I'm Seth Rollins! I'm the WWE WHC! Who are you, huh? Who are you without the RKO? You're just my first victim, pal. Hahaha! Not scared of you.

Orton – Well, I guess that's that. Since the RKO is banned, I guess we should give them their money's worth right now.

Orton flips Rollins' chair and goes after Mercury and Noble. Rollins tossed back into his chair head first. Orton on Rollins with blows. Mercury and Noble pull Orton off, but he eliminates them, hitting that sick powerslam on Rollins. Rollins to the apron, but Mercury there, so he takes an RKO.

Rollins flees up the ramp with his strap in hand.

Biggest Pop
Bad News Barrett

Biggest Heat
Big Show
Naomi's turn

Most Craptastic Match!
Kane vs Rollins

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