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Raw Results 8/17/15 – Taker Takes Heat, As Brock Is Hometown Hero

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RAW Results August 17, 2015
From Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Lilian announce Trip and Steph to the ring. Steph in leggings with her suit jacket and black shell, a gold necklace or tie around her neck. They get heat in the ring, and kiss a couple times. Steph looks giddy about it.

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw. They are happy to see us, and we have news. It's the tension of Christmas morning, because we are 6 days away from the biggest SummerSlam in history. It's sold out, but you can watch it on the WWE Network.

Trip – The award winning WWE Network, by the way.

Steph – And for only...


Trip – And, for the first time, SummerSlam is so epic that it's four hours. It's gonna be an unbelievable night. Careers defined, scares settled, and history will be made! Starting with a rematch 16 months in the making! The rematch too big for WrestleMania! It is the Phenom, the Deadman, The Reaper, The Undertaker, taking on the man who ended the Streak, The Beast Incarnate, the Conqueror, Minnesota’s own, Brock Lesnar!

Steph – And, for the first time since their infamous brawl last month, both Taker and Brock Lesnar will be here tonight!

Trip – It gets even bigger, as you saw on Tough Enough, Cena has been able to pull his mangled face together to answer the challenge of Rollins. Cena will go one on one with Rollins in a match that's Champion versus Champion, winner take all.

Steph – Seth wants it in writing, so there will be a contract signing tonight.

Trip – In a match that started out personal and deteriorated from there. Roman Reigns and his so-called brother, the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose will get in the ring with Bray Wyatt and his prodigal son, Luke Harper. Now, all those men are here and will be a factor when Harper faces Reigns tonight.

Steph – You say you want a revolution, so at SummerSlam we find out who the dominant team is. Team PCB face Team Bella and Team BAD in an Elimination Match. And tonight we will find out who the Boss really is when WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella goes one on one with the NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks.

Trip – That's right, SummerSlam is going to be epic, four hours, nine matches, only on the WWE Network, and it doesn't get any bigger than that.

Steph – Actually, it does. It does, because, as was announced earlier today, we have an incredible host for SummerSlam. After 16 years on one of the most successful hosts on TV, everyone's buzzing about what the next step in his career is. The former host of The Daily Show is hosting SummerSlam, Jon Stewart!

Trip – Get ready for an epic week, and the road to SummerSlam starts right here, right now!

Orton's music hits, and out he comes.


Orton & Cesaro vs Kevin Owens & Sheamus

Orton paces the ring. Cesaro out to tag with him. Owens out to face them. Sheamus out to tag with him. Video of Sheamus almost cashing in on Raw last week after Sheamus causes a DQ for Orton against Rollins for the WHC.

Cesaro and Owens circle, then Owens tags out. Sheamus into the ring. Orton wants in, so Cesaro tags him in. they circle a bit. "RKO!" chants duel with chants of "You look stupid!" Sheamus rolls out and yells, "Respect the 'hawk!" at the fans, as he adjusts his hair. Back in with a shoulder tackle on Orton. "You look stupid!" chants start again. Shoulder tackle from Orton, then another, but Sheamus rolls out to give separation. Sheamus rolls back in, then tags out. Owens tags in, so Orton points to Cesaro, but Owens attacks Orton and mocks Cesaro. Orton whipped into a corner, comes out with a shoulder tackle. Orton tags out, Cesaro catches Owens before he can get to Sheamus and tag out. Delayed vertical on Owens. "Cesaro!" chants from the 'Cesaro section' holding up all the papers to show where they are. Flying upper cut from Cesaro off the ropes.


Head butt from Orton on Sheamus, but Sheamus comes back with a rolling senton. Owens tags in with a back senton, then a cheap shot on Cesaro on the apron. Owens all over Orton with blows, and yelling smack. Sheamus tags in and chokes Orton in the ropes. Orton whipped, shoulder to his gut, then a clothesline drops Orton for two.

Owens tags in and stomps Orton. "Fight, Owens, Fight!" chants can be heard quietly. Facelock on Orton on on the mat. Orton to his feet, but then brought down to one knee. To keep Orton from tagging out, Owens sends him from the ring. Outside Orton lands Owens spine first on the barricade. Orton rolls in, as does Owens. Sheamus tags in, but kicked off by Orton and Cesaro tags in. Sheamus whipped, then takes a running upper cut. Another whip and cut, then a third. A bunch of upper cuts in a corner, then Sheamus comes out of the corner for a big upper cut. Cesaro off the corner on Sheamus for two.

Sheamus blocks the swing in the ropes and comes back with a power slam on Orton. Sheamus comes off the top into a SICK upper cut from Cesaro for two.

Cesaro pulls Sheamus up, reversed, but Cesaro on his feet. Sheamus telegraphs, is kicked for it. Cesaro then ends up in the ropes after tagging out. Orton with his 'vintage' DDT on Sheamus. Owens in, pushes Orton's RKO off, but Sheamus eats it for three as Cesaro holds Owens tight from rolling in and breaking the count.

Winners – Orton & Cesaro (14:07)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Orton and Cesaro celebrate and pose in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole confirms that both Brock Lesnar and Taker are both in the building. They show the video of Taker appearing at Battleground, costing Brock Lesnar the WWE WHC in his match against Rollins. Then on Raw last month, the never-ending fight between the two, in the ring, the arena, and backstage.

Up next Taker addresses Brock Lesnar and SummerSlam.



When the reaper calls your name, there is no apology.
When the reaper calls your name, there is no remorse.
When the reaper calls your name, it's just, over.
Lesnar, the hounds of hell are baying for your soul,
and the gates of hell are opening and welcoming you to your eternal damnation.
Brock Lesnar, you're name has been called,
and at SummerSlam you will never rest in peace!

Announce Segment

Cole talks up Taker's words, then goes on to talk up SummerSlam being four hours this year. JBL talks up the WWE Network. Cole goes on to talk up Rollins vs Cena. They show the video of Rollins breaking Cena's nose last month, and how we haven't seen him since! (He looked greaton Tough Enough last week.)

Backstage Segment

Rollins – This is perfect. John Cena has done everything but look me in my eye and accept my challenge to be face to face. Tonight seals the deal?

Steph – Yep.

Rollins – Perfect, I've got one last question. After I beat John Cena at SummerSlam and become the first dual US and WWE WHC. This one means a lot to me. At the Headquarters of WWE there are statues of legends, Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, after I beat Cena, I feel like I deserve a spot with those legends.

Steph – What, you want a statue in your likeness?

Rollins – I didn't say it, you did, but, yeah!

Steph – I mean, if you can beat John Cena and hold both titles, you would rightfully deserve to have your statue with those legends.

Trip – You bring back two Championships, consider it done.

Rollins – You guys are the best. I won't let you down.

Steph – You better not!

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring. Reigns out through the fans to the ring. Video of them fight last week on Smackdown.


Reign vs Harper

Reigns is in the ring, Ambrose on announce, waiting. Wyatt and Harper to the ring through the fireflies. Ambrose to his feet, grabs the chair out from under Byron, and rolls it over to Wyatt who sits. Ambrose threatens Wyatt not to move to ward the ring or Ambrose will break his knees.

They lock up, Harper with the upper hand, Reigns tries to come back, but takes a big right. Ambrose talks about how Wyatt and Harper are related, who's what side of the family, but their relationship isn't enough to stand up to a real family, brothers like him and Reigns. Ambrose says that he and Reigns against the Wyatt are like cats and dogs, always at war. It may go on forever and ever. Harper telegraphs and is kicked for it. Harper ducks a flying clothesline, but then is tossed out over the top by Reigns. Reigns with his double kick to Harper's face which appears not to touch Harper at all, but he sells it, falling down against the barrier.


Front facelock on Reigns, standing on the mat. Reigns with punches. Harper blocks Reigns, then grabs Reigns off the ropes with a driver to the mat for two.

Byron is now on his knees, I guess so he doesn't get chanted at for standing like he did last week. Facelock on Reigns. Reigns to his feet and slams free of Harper. Harper comes back with what looks like a stiff big boot on Reigns. Gator roll on the mat. Facelock on the mat. Reigns with blows on Harper. Harper comes back with a clothesline, then another. A big clothesline off the ropes. Reigns eats a knee in a corner from Harper, but then t-bones Harper to the mat. Running clothesline on Harper in a corner, then more clotheslines. A forearm over the top rope, then low bridges Harper out. Reigns with a running elbow off the apron that looks a bit stiff to Harper's head, but nothing major. Both back in, Reigns takes a kick to the gut, but then fights back with a sunset flip for two.

Harper tossed out through the ropes. Harper rolled back in, and eats a sick clothesline for two.

Reigns gets Harper up, Harper elbows free. Reigns gets Harper up for a Samoan drop for two.

Reigns looks out at Ambrose, and readies, buthrp rolls out. Reigns out and eats a huge big boot from Harper. Harper rolls in, the ref starts counting. Reigns up. Harper rushes to dive out, but takes a right from Reigns through the ropes. Harper with a spinning side slam on Reigns for two.

Reigns gets Harper up, but Harper down and comes back with a kick to Reigns' face followed by a powerbomb on Reigns for two!

Everyone is in shock. "Holy shit!" chants. Harper readies, comes out of the corner into a Superman punch, then a spear for three.

Winner – Reigns (14:54)

Ambrose into the ring to join Reigns. They bump fists, then both stare out at Wyatt. Video recap of the high points of the match – specifically that sick big boot from Harper, then Reigns' finishers. Reigns and Ambrose back up the ramp as Wyatt checks on Harper, holding his head on the mat.

Wyatt yelling – Follow... the buzzards! (solid heat)


Announce Segment

They talk up women athletes and how hard they work to get to where they are.

Tamina vs Becky Lynch

Team BAD are out at the ring, Tamina in the ring. Team PCB to the ring.

They lock up, Lynch tossed off and Tamina yelling smack. Lynch behind Tamina, tossed off again. Paige and Charlotte talk Lynch up as Banks and Naomi mock. Head butts on Lynch. Tamina gets Lynch up, but Lynch free. Lynch runs under Tamina twice, then flies, but caught and slammed for two.

Team Bella are watching on a monitor backstage. Tamina slams Lynch to the mat for two.

Chinlock on Lynch on the mat as Team PCB gets the fans clapping a bit. Lynch up with blows, but runs into a hooking clothesline for two.

Tamina all over Lynch's hair, is yelled at for it. Lynch comes back with blows, is whipped, Tamina eats corner. Lynch climbs with a SOLID missile drop kick on Tamina for a long two.

Knee to Lynch's gut, then Lynch counters on Tamina with the dis-armer and Tamina taps out.

Winner – Becky Lynch (4:01)

Charlotte and Paige into the ring to celebrate with Lynch, Charlotte raising Lynch's arm high.


WWE Rewind

Henry face Rusev on Raw. Summer Rae and Lana got into it. Lana was beaten down by Summer Rae, including in the accolade.

Henry vs Rusev

Rusev and Summer Rae in the ring looking down at Lana on announce. Lana says it can be scary, but it takes courage in life to be brave, and she has a plan. Henry to the ring to face Rusev.

Head butts on Rusev who rolls out. Summer Rae checks on Rusev, but then Henry out and attacks Rusev. Into the stairs, then Rusev tossed along into the barricade. Beautiful slam on Rusev in the ring for two!

Another of the same beautiful slams on Rusev for two!

Rusev from the ring. Henry out, sent into the post. Rusev sends Henry into another post. Rusev muscles Henry into the ring, then over to yell at Lana. Rusev back in the ring with a superkick on Henry. Rusev stomps Henry, then locks on the accolade. Henry fights out of the hold! Rusev back on Henry, locks it on. Henry taps out.

Winner – Rusev (2:48)

Summer Rae in to celebrate with Rusev, the flag unfurls. JBL tells Lana it might be time for her to leave, for her safety. Video recap of the high points of the match. Rusev from the ring, Summer Rae in tow. Lana gets in the ring, removes her shoes and screeches at Summer Rae, wanting to fight. Lana tells Summer Rae to come on, get in the ring to fight. Rusev and Summer Rae on the apron. Summer Rae in, removes her shoes. Bitch slap drops Summer Rae to the mat. Summer Rae sits in the corner crying. Lana calls Rusev into the ring, yelling at him.

"Ziggler!" chants.

Lana looks over Rusev's shoulder. Ziggler's music hits and he runs to the ring. Ziggler all over Rusev, ending in a huge DDT. Ziggler is ready, almost hits a superkick, but Rusev hides behind a screaming and freaking Summer Rae. So Lana superkicks Summer Rae to the mat. That gives Ziggler clearance to superkick Rusev. Both Rusev and Summer Rae from the ring. Rusev helps Summer Rae to her feet. Ziggler grabs Lana and they kiss in the ring. Rusev is left screaming at them from the ramp.



Recap of Lana going after Summer Rae and Rusev, with Ziggler who showed to back her up.

Backstage Segment

JoJo – We were wondering why you put yourself in harm's way this week, but obviously, you knew what you were doing.

Ziggler – How 'bout that feel? How 'bout that reaction? That's why this is the greatest job in the world JoJo. The Authority talked about this being the greatest SummerSlam in history, what I think is what's best for business is adding one more match to that card. Take that Bulgarian bonehead, one on one with me, and I'll send that caveman back to the stone age, and send Brunhilde with him. JoJo it's good to see you, it's good to see me, damn it, it's good to be back! It's too bad, we're just too good.


GONG! The save promo video they showed last week for Taker and Brock Lesnar heading into SummerSlam.

In Ring Segment

"Feed me more!" Ryback to the ring.


Ryback vs Miz

Big Show talking about working with Dean Cain on a revenge movie. Miz out to face Ryback, sadly with mic in hand.

Miz – Big Show, you think you can stand in front of a camera and call yourself and actor? Being an actor takes years of honing your craft, and you're only good for is your big fat head is blocking everyone's light and shutting down catering. Ladies and gentlemen, when movie studios see my match at SummerSlam, all they will see is a reject from Planet of The Apes (Ryback), and the World's Largest Extra cancel each other out. When they see me, they will see a star, front and center, winning the IC Championship. Now I'd like everyone to shut up while I take off my sunglasses!

Big Show talks about how Miz is trying to get mental, because he can't handle them physically. Ryback all over Miz in a corner, but then Miz comes back with a chop block on Ryback's knee, then tying it up in the ropes. Miz continues to stomp Ryback as Cole tries to bring Big Show down verbally, and Big Show talks up JBL as the best announcer there. Ryback with clotheslines on Miz, then lifts Miz high to slam him to the mat. "Feed me more!" chants. Meathook clothesline, but Miz kicks Ryback away from under the ropes. Miz off a corner, is caught. Ryback marches, then shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (2:22)

Ryback – Big Show, one down, one to go. The Big Guy's still hungry, so get your big ass in here and feed me more!

"Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback.

Big Show to his feet, around the ring to heat from the fans. Big Show around and heads up the ramp to even more heat. Ryback is annoyed in the ring, so continues to work the fans.


Contract Signing

Steph and Trip in the ring, set up for the signing.

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to make it official, one of the biggest matches on SummerSlam, Title vs Title. WWE WHC versus US Champion, winner take all. It's the official contract signing, right now.

Trip – So, without further ado, please help me welcome the WWE WHC, Seth Rollins!

Rollins to the ring all smiles as Steph cuddles up with Trip. Hugs and handshakes in the ring.

Rollins – Thank you for the warm introduction, I'll appreciate it more than you will ever know. Before we get started with this, I think congratulations are in order for what will go down as the greatest SummerSlam of all time! I've got to congratulate myself as well, for the statue that will be built in my honor after I beat John Cena at SummerSlam. (heat) But most importantly, I need to congratulate each and every one of you. Give yourselves a round of applause, please. It's not very often that someone knows they will witness history, and it's a very special time to be part of the WWE Universe. I mean, you don't go to a baseball game knowing you're going to see a no-hitter. Well, unless your team is facing the Twins, then, I guess there might be some inclination that... (epic heat) No, no, at SummerSlam, every single one of you will witness a special moment in time that will never be replicated when I dethrone John Cena and be the first man to ever hold the WWE WHC and the US Championship at the same time! (more heat)

Rollins looks at the contract as a HUGE dueling Cena chant starts.

Rollins – You guys chant that, something comes to mind, there's actually a very famous song writer from Minnesota. You may have heard of him, and he once sang a line that went something like, 'The times, they are a'changin'' That very fitting, for the past decade Cena has sat atop the mountain of WWE. (heat) And every single person who has tried to knock him off that mountain, Cena made sure they never stood a chance. And John, I know you love playing the role of Superman and in a sick, twisted way, you get off in that sick deed of making sure that no one knocks you offa that mountain, you are not Superman. I've got news for you John, you are the villain. (slight pop) You are the villain John, and holding the WWE Universe hostage for the past decade, John! (growing pop)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – If you like that, you'd gonna love this. John Cena is a disease. (pop) And with one knee to the bridge of his nose I shattered his face into a million pieces. (pop) I sent Cena tumbling down that mountain, started the process that will free every single person in this room! I injected a serum into John Cena that will inoculate the entire WWE Universe, because John Cena is the disease, and Seth Rollins is the cure! (pop to mixed) John Cena, he's got the gall to disrespect me every chance he gets, calls me and my title reign a joke, well, I will have the last laugh at SummerSlam when I take your title and crush your legacy like I crushed your stupid face! (heat) John thinks he's the man, but isn't man enough to answer my challenge face to face. He went to Tough Enough, thousands of miles from where I was, and he answered there, and not even by himself, he had to ask that cripple, Daniel Bryan. (serious heat) What kid of coward? How pathetic is John Cena that he can...

Rollins is cut off by Cena's music. This is the loudest I've ever heard the singing along with Cena's music! Cena to the ring and in, US title around his waist. His nose and face look perfect, and he's in even more new merch that he debuted on Tough Enough last week.

Cena – I'm not in the mood to have a seat.

Cena waits for the dueling chants to start, then grow.

Cena – You're trying to defend your own title reign when half of them are chanting, "Let's go Cena!" and the other half are chanting, "Cena sucks!" And not a damn fool in the building is saying a damn thing about Seth Rollins. (POP) Here's the sad part, you don't even believe your own crap! The Champ!

"Is here!" - finished by all the women and children, and even some men in the arena.

Cena – Is there, but the sorry excuse carrying it around has turned into a cheap imitation of John Cena! (POP) Never shuts up. You can't see me. Hustle, blah, blah, blah, so very original Seth. No one's ever done anything like that before, you're not a John Cena ripoff, and it's about time you make that (WWE WHC) mean something! You are Seth Rollins, hand picked by Trip to be the future of the WWE. You are not picked by a man like that unless he thinks you share the same attributes. He is the Cerebral Assassin, you are The Architect. He is The Game, you are The Future. He has provided you with every single tool you need to succeed, even the pedigree. You're not just the Future, you could be a way for Triple H's legacy to live forever. One problem, and it's the same problem he's been dealing with for over a decade, and that same bright orange problem isn't going anywhere soon. The real Champ is here! (Cena points to his own belt.)

Mixed reaction for Cena, but Trip is standing there smirking, slightly nodding.

Cena – A few weeks ago you busted my nose, congratulations, and then you had the gall to come out here and tell everyone I'm finished? You kidding me? Last week I had to sit home because the doctors and The Authority made me, and I had to listen to them say I may, or may not make it to SummerSlam. That's fine. That gave me another week to think about payback. How do I pay back Rollins and his knee? Maybe I break it. Maybe I break an arm. Maybe I break your nose. (pop) Naw, those are just injuries. I may not be Superman Seth, but people come back from injuries Seth. Then it hit me, as clear as your knee hitting my nose. What I'm going to do to you Sunday is going to haunt you for the rest of my life, and is going to haunt you for yours. I'm a 15 time WHC. (pop) You'll see where I'm going with this. I designed this stuff (the orange merch with 15Xs on the back) months ago because I thought there was no chance in hell I was ever getting this close to that again, until Captain Morgan over here opened his big, fat, stupid mouth! Payback for me is the easiest thing ever. I show up Sunday and I do what I do. I win and become the WHC for the 16th time!


Cena – And this Sunday when you (Rollins) lose, you (Trip) lose. Because the all-time Championship record is held by your (Trip') mentor (Flair), who passed his legacy to you. Ric Flair. This Sunday I'm gonna prove you wrong. You're not the Future, your a footnote. You're the answer to a trivia question, all you're gonna be is, 'Who did John Cena beat to become the 16th time WHC?" It's starting to sink in, isn't it? This Sunday you fight to protect everything, the past, the present, and the future of this (Trip) man's legacy, bestowed on him by Flair and he's trying to bestow it upon you. There is one major difference here, Triple H was never Ric Flair's bitch. This Sunday, I'm gonna make you mine!

Cena signs and leaves the ring, holding the strap high, everyone watching him, especially Trip. Steph is watching Rollins and glaring. Trip turns his eyes on Rollins, and it's not a very kind look.


8 Man Tag Match – Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons vs New Day & Los Matadores

New Day comes out clapping and talking smack.
Big E - Dry your eyes!
Don't be a bummer!
In six days, the biggest party of the summer!

Kofi – You three teams are gonna learn the hard way,
are going to learn what happens when you tangle with New Day.

Woods – At SummerSlam we're going to knock all of these teams out of there socks,
And that's simply because New Day...
Always has the odds stacked against us!
This is truly outrageous!
Fatal 4 Way, PTP, Lucha Dragons...

They discuss off mic, figuring out what went wrong.

Woods – I'm having a rough day.

"New Day Sucks!" chants.

Big E – No, we don't because New Day rocks!

Fernando all over Sin Cara on the mat. Sin Cara comes back with a lovely flipping move that slams Fernando to the mat. O'Neil tags in and all over Fernando with back breakers after knocking all heels off. Diego in and slammed around. O'Neil barks, then splashes Diego. Back stabber on O'Neil. El Torito knocks Woods down on the apron, then seated senton on Woods off the apron. Kalisto off the top, enziguri on Diego for three.

Winners – PTP & Lucha Dragons (2:09)


Recap of Lana going after Summer Rae and Rusev in the ring, until Ziggler returned and helped Lana take them out. The match between Ziggler and Rusev has been made official for SummerSlam.


Announce Segment

Incredible artwork about Stardust, Neville, Barrett and Amell heading into SummerSlam. Video of the four coming together in their feud.

Backstage Segment

Stardust – Peek-a-boo, we see you. The KoTR, and the Prince of Dark Matter bring you this public service announcement about an overzealous archer.

Barrett – Last week you entered the realm of the WWE, an imposter in my kingdom. Now you claim your destiny is in the WWE ring, battling the Lords of Darkness. Lions don't concern themselves on the words of a maggot. This Sunday you will be on your knees, bowing to your rightful King.

Stardust – Can you feel it Arrow? Can you taste it Neville? The era of the fallen hero. I'm Orion, the great hunter in the sky, with two arrows in his quiver, and a date with destiny. Pontification ceases and the cosmic journey begins. I must bestow upon my friend a gift fit for a King.

It's a shiny robe with fancy shoulders and chains for Barrett to hold.

Barrett – Now all hail the Cosmic King!

Stardust – And Stardust!

In Ring Segment

Team Bella to the ring in red and black.


Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks

Banks in the ring facing Nikki.

They circle, Banks talking smack and getting pushed. Banks pushes Nikki back. They lock up, push around. Banks pushed off into the ropes. Banks ducks, side headlock on Nikki, then Nikki taken down for one.

Banks mocks Nikki who comes back with a side headlock on Banks. Nikki pushes Banks down hard for two.

Nikki bounces Banks' face off her knee, then slingshots Banks off the top rope for two.

Chinlock with a knee in Banks' back in the center of the ring to slow things down for Nikki. Banks up, takes a forearm to the back, then a snap suplex on Banks for two.

Team PCB watching on a monitor backstage. Chinlock on Banks on the mat. Banks up, but then slammed back as Nikki poses and pins with a foot for less than one.

Headlock on Banks, but then she reverses Nikki into a corner. Nikki with an elbow, but then Banks gets Nikki across the corner and all over her. Banks does Nikki's pushups to mock her.


Banks with Nikki's arms wrenched around her own neck, her knees in Nikki's back, bending her far. Nikki up, backs Banks into the corner, but Banks slams Nikki back to the corner hard. Banks blocks most of a kick from Nikki, but both land hard on the mat. Clotheslines on Banks, then a drop kick that barely touches with one foot. Clothesline in a corner, then Banks dropped to the mat. A really rough Alabama slamma on Banks who holds her head for two.

Nikki's arms wrapped around her own neck, slammed hard back to the mat for two.

Banks talks smack, but ends up on Nikki's shoulders (badly) and slammed back to the mat for two. Both slow to their feet. Nikki blocks Banks, twice, then lands a forearm of her own. Naomi on the apron distracts with Nikki having Banks up for the rack attack. Banks reverses into a back stabber into the bank statement where Nikki taps out.

Winner – Sasha Banks (10:39)

Team BAD celebrate on the ramp and stage.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Ladies, this SummerSlam, what did you see out there?

Paige – I saw two losing teams out there, Pumpkin, that means Team PCB will be going TCB.

Becky – Taking care of business.

Paige – At SummerSlam.

Becky – Last team standing is the winner.

Charlotte – That means Team PCB needs to stick together to win, and we're gonna do it, with a little bit of Flair!

All three – Woooooooo!

Announce Segment

Cena will again host the 9am hour of Today this Thursday.


Another recap of Brock Lesnar ending the Streak.


In Ring Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am your host for tonight's homecoming, for I am the advocate for the only being in history to hold the Undisputed WWE WHC, which he won from the biggest box office attraction today. The only UFC WHC which he won from the most celebrated heavyweight athlete in UFC history, and NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Championship which he won from the University of Minnesota. Ladies and gentlemen, The Beast Incarnate, the Conqueror, Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar out to possibly the biggest pop he's ever received in the WWE. Brock smiles up at his homies, confetti falling as he circles and smiles. Brock bounces up on the apron and into the ring. Brock stands in the ring, soaking in the "Suplex City!" chants, smiling through it all. The fans just keep going wild for Brock, and he's all smiles. Heyman on his knees bowing to Brock who doesn't look impressed with that from him.

Heyman – Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Conqueror, my lord.
He conquered Undertaker's Streak, I know that strikes a chord.
Now Undertaker will retire, and not on his own accord,
The Conqueror marches on!

Brock soaked that all in, smiling through it. Huge pop from the fans.

Heyman – Glory, glory, Brock Lesnar!
Glory, glory, Brock Lesnar!
Glory, glory, Brock Lesnar!
Brock Lesnar marches on!


Of course the lights go out as the first gong hits.


The lights come up with the second gong. Heyman is cowering on the apron by the stairs closest to announce. Brock is in the opposite corner looking around for Taker. Many fans are not thrilled that this was done. Brock and Heyman both laugh.

"Undertaker!" chants start, but quickly change to chants of, "Suplex City!"

Heyman back into the ring. Brock pumps his fist to the chants.

Heyman – So, let me get this straight. That's the best you've got? Jedi mind tricks? Well lookie here Obi-Wan, this Sunday at SummerSlam, you can get God and the Devil to team up with you, and I swear to you on all that is Holy and evil, and my client will take all three of you to Suplex City! You know Brock, ever since the ref's mat hit the mat for the third time at WrestleMania XXX, Taker has dreamt, fantasized, and obsessed over the moment he could take revenge on you, Brock Lesnar. And then, at Battleground, where Taker made his move and looked my client in the eyes, what did Taker do? He went for the low blow. (heat) Have you ever asked yourself why the Phenom would go for the low blow, because when he locked eyes, he knew he would never go from conquered to conqueror. Taker has never, not once, beaten Brock Lesnar. After this Sunday night at SummerSlam, I can say the very same statement, Taker will never beat Brock Lesnar. You want to know why? Because Taker has the knowledge that he fears Brock Lesnar. I don't want you to think Brock is taking Taker lightly. Did you see the shape Taker was in when he tried to take the fight to Brock Lesnar a month ago? You put any man in the ring with Taker today, and I promise that Taker has a tombstone written with that man's name on it. This Sunday at SummerSlam, you're not fighting a man, you're fighting a beast. (mixed) And not just any beast, you're fighting The Beast who put the one in 22-1. Sunday at SummerSlam, my client Brock Lesnar offers no respect to Taker's accomplishments, no recognition of your multiple WWE Title reigns. At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar offers you no recognition of your 25 years of dominance and destruction. Brock Lesnar offers you no resurrection. Brock Lesnar offers no retribution. Brock Lesnar offers the realization that you're...



The lights come up, Heyman is out of the ring, Taker is where Heyman had been, and he kicks Brock low, again. Heat for Taker! Taker poses and waits for Brock to get up. Chokeslam! More heat for Taker as Brock lolls on the mat. Brock starts getting to his feet, Heyman mouth hanging open. Taker grabs Brock for a most beautiful tombstone where Brock's head was at least five inches off the mat. Taker turns to look at Heyman to even more heat.

The lights go purple/blue. Taker to one knee, and poses. Some of the fans cannot help themselves, and they cheer, but most of the fans are still backing the hometown hero all through Taker's music playing.

Taker leaves the ring and up the ramp while his music plays.

Heyman scuttles into the ring to be at Brock's side.

Taker stops on the stage, waits, then looks over his shoulder at Brock in the ring. Taker turns his back again, and waits a couple more beats. Then, Taker raises his fist high in the air.

Biggest Pop
Brock Lesnar
Ziggler & Lana

Biggest Heat
Kevin Owens
New Day
Rusev & Summer Rae
The Authority

Most Mixed
Seth Rollins
John Cena

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