Raw Results 5/4/15 – You Have a PhD And Can't Tell They're Saying New Day Sucks?


RAW Results May 4, 2015
From Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Orton to the ring to huge pop.

Orton – Payback, Payback, what a fitting name for a PPV. Payback is what I'm getting on Rollins. Last week on Raw the 'Universe' voted on a Triple Threat Match, which adds Reigns into the fold. Reigns is going to experience bitter disappointment, but that's not my problem because I'm walking out WWE WHC. There's not a damn thing Rollins and Reigns can do about.

Reigns through the stands to the ring.

Reigns – Yeah, all that stuff, it's not going down like that. If anyone's getting Payback on Rollins, it's me.

"RKO!" chants.

Reigns – They don't work for you.

Orton – (to a fan) That's pretty good. (to Reigns) What, I'm coming to the ring to stand in the corner.

Reigns – You can stand anywhere, but come near me and you won't be standing.

Orton – Obviously you forgot who you're talking to. Obviously you forgot our past. I don't need to remind you that I'm 12 time WHC, in 12 consecutive WrestleManias. How many have you been in? Three, I think? How many times have you worn WHC gold? I think you have some catching up to do.

Reigns – Last time I checked, I beat you at SummerSlam. I'm telling you right now, and I want my Payback on Seth, but don't mind breaking you in half again and getting the 1-2-3 for the Championship.

They argue off mic, then get pushy, then New Day comes out.

Woods – Hold on! All this negativity must stop!

"New Day sucks!"

Woods – We are the only Champions out here, so we must spread the power of positivity.

Kofi – POP, holding it down!

Woods – Now, both of you are so negative, who's going to beat up Rollins. No one cares about your Montreal boo-hoo job! Those days are over, and today is a new day!


Kofi – I know both of you guys have squandered your opportunities, but look...

"New Day sucks!" and Orton claps with them.

Kofi – Don't worry about your past failures, it's a New Day! And everybody knows New Day rocks!

Big E – Roman don't let it bother you that you never won the big one. Randy, don't worry that not only has your number, but has it on speed dial. You keep getting knocked down.

Woods & Kofi – Over, and over, and over!

Big E – But, tonight you have the opportunity to change all that. To do something positive, extraordinary! Clap with New Day!

They clap, the fans chant.

Kofi – I told you they wouldn't do it, they're being hard headed, and that's a shame! There is something you're going to do, take on your Tag Team Champs, New Day! We talking about all three of us.

Woods – That's from the DOO!

Big E – You will feel the pain!

Woods – Devil's Favorite Demon always plotting and scheming.

Kofi – It's going down and about to happen, right now!

They clap away again.


New Day vs Orton & Reigns

Kofi on Orton with kicks, blows in a corner, then more kicks. Orton whipped, but comes outwith a clothesline. Kofi hung up top, and Reigns tagged in to head. Reigns suplexes Kofi off the ropes. Kowith blows, then Woods tags in with a sick smile. Side headlock on Reigns, yelling smack, and the "New Day sucks!" chants. Shoulder tackle from Reigns. Woods with a leapfrog, but caught for a Samoan drop. Orton tags in a kicks Woods as Reigns holds him. Suplex on Woods for two.

Orton stomps all over Woods for two.

Reigns tags in and kicks Woods in the ribs as Orton holds him. Reigns kicks a sitting Woods. Reigns ties up Woods, and tags out. Reigns holds Woods as Orton stomps him in the face. More stomping on Woods' ankle, then hand. Orton pulls Woods up, calling the moves to the top of Woods' head. Kofi distracts as Big E tags in and takes Orton down. Kofi tags in and stomps Orton as Big E holds him. Kofi covers for two.

Woods hangs Orton into the ropes, then in with a facelock. Orton up with blows to Woods' guts. Orton off the ropes with a drop kick for two.


Side headlock by Kofi on Reigns. Reigns up, flings Kofi off, then eats a drop kick for two.

Big E tags in, claps with a smirk, getting the chants going. Big suplex and big smile from Big Show. Big E taunts Reigns, then nails a close, but solid belly-to-belly for two.

Woods tags in with an elbow over the top for two.

Woods yells smack, but Reigns comes back with blows, but eats a swinging neck breaker on Reigns for two.

Kofi tags in and comes off the corner. Front facelock on the mat. Reigns up with blows, but slammed back to the mat. Woods tags in with a sleeper type hold on a sitting Reigns. The fans are chanting, "We want Randy!" Woods is tossed off, eats a clothesline, and both are down. Both tags out. Orton with clotheslines on Kofi, but takes a kick. Kofi off the top ropes, but Orton with his powerslam on a flying Kofi. Superman punch to Big E, then an enziguri from Woods. Orton grabs Kofi for a big DDT! Orton pounds the mat, and the fans are wild. Woods is in, spins Orton, eats an RKO. Reigns in to spear Kofi, but Kofi moves and Orton takes the spear. Kofi pins for three.

Winners – New Day (13:24)

Video recap of the high points of the match. New Day celebrates on the stage, then heads out. Reigns is pacing the mat, and Orton is down and holding his gut.

Kane – Gentlemen. I would like your undivided attention. There is no shame in losing to the TTCs. If your evening ended now, you could leave with your heads held high, but your evening isn't ending right now. I can see that you've a growing dislike for each other. I don't want to squash that, I want to exploit that. ("What?") So, in tonight's main event, Orton will go one on one with Reigns. Because that's what's best for business.

Neither Reigns or Orton look happy about this. Orton is still on the mat holding his gut. Orton rolls out, still selling the gut, glaring in at Reigns.

Backstage Segment

Kane walking along, New Day celebrates as he passes. Kane stops at Rollins and J&J Security.

Rollins – Kane it's funny to me that you think that's going to make a difference. You don't understand? You're like the spoiled rotten kid who's been bad all year long, then shapes up the night before Christmas so he can make amends with Santa Claus. What you did with Roman and Randy, but The Authority are coming back, and will punish you for what you've done to me.

Kane – Forgive me Seth, I'm having trouble relating to your analogy. I was never really close with Santa. Instead of leaving milk and cookies for him, I usually sat in the chimney with a blowtorch, attempting to fry his chestnuts. That was kinda my thing. Regardless of that, I made these matches with Reigns and Orton because it's what's best for business. Which brings me to you, I don't think I can allow the WWE WHC to do nothing while his opponents are in action.

Rollins – What are you talking about? That's the only thing that you're supposed to do!

Kane – Let's agree to disagree. Last week's main event was marred by outside interference. Tonight, we're going to have a rematch. You versus Dean Ambrose. And, so we don't have a replay of last week, J&J Security is banned from ringside.

Rollins – What are you talking about? They weren't even the outside interference! You were the outside interference! Kane, there's no point to having that match. I beat Ambrose! Ambrose knows he cannot beat me. The only reason he's even going out there tonight is to try to hurt me so I'm not 100% at Payback! Why don't you get that?

Kane – Well, if you'd prefer, you could have one hand tied behind your back. Or maybe a match with both ankles tied together. Or maybe you'd could just be tied to the ring post? How does that sound? Just say the word, and I can make it happen.

Rollins puts a finger in Kane's face, about to say something.

Kane – You say one word, and we have a new main event!

Rollins puts his finger down, makes frustrated noises, and stomps off. Kane watches him go.


In Ring Segment

Renee announces Ryback to the ring. He comes out in workout pants and a Ryback shirt. Video of Ryback destroying Bo, then taken out by Wyatt last week on Raw.

Ryback – Montreal, you sound hungry!

Almost no response to Ryback.

Renee – Ryback, last week on Raw and Smackdown, you were viciously attacked by Bray Wyatt, any idea why you've been his target?

Ryback – Renee, I have no idea why Bray did what he did, all I know is that he made a very stupid decision. The self-proclaimed new face of fear thinks he can scare The Big Guy.

"Goldberg!" chants are growing.

Ryback – I'm no stranger to fear. All my life I've had to face fear. The Big Guy loves you guys too!If you ignore it, you just keep doing it!

Ryback completely turned the chants around, and a much louder chant of "Feed me more!" took over in the stands. (He won!)

Ryback – Throughout my years in the WWE, I've had some very sever injuries, one of which I broke my ankle in three places. Top doctors said I'd never wrestle again, do what I wanted to do since I was this tall. Top doctors told me I would never wrestle. Bray, I've had to face fear my entire life. What I do Bray, I take fear and negativity, and I eat it. I put it in the pit of my stomach and turn it into positives. That is what I do. I wake up each day thankful and hungry. Hungry to succeed, hungry to be my best. Hungry to help others, hungry to be a hero to every kid in this audience. Every kid watching at home. Hungry to step foot in this ring, each and every night. On the greatest show in the world, Monday Night Raw, to get in the ring and scream in unison with each and every one of you!

Ryback leads the "Feed me more!" chants.

Ryback – This Bray Wyatt is why I do, because of the WWE 'Universe'. It's about taking chances, about living life, coming out each week and screaming "Feed me more!" Wyatt, you wanted my attention, you got it. You don't scare me. You never would. You never could. You never will. Fact, you woke me up, and I'm starving. Wyatt, talking time is done. It's feeding time!


Wyatt – This inhuman world, inhuman monster. You, you paint yourself as this untouchable force, but I can see beneath the surface, you're nothing more than a scared little boy. Deathly afraid that people will see through your facade. See your failures, but it's the fear that molds us all. The fear that dominates. We fear the unknown, and it causes us to pledge our allegiance to these higher powers. Hahaha. I'm gonna tell you a little secret – everything you love, everything that you're afraid to lose is all gonna fade away. In time, friend, so will you. Hahaha! Run!


Cesaro & Kidd vs The Ascension

Cesaro, Kidd and Nattie to the ring together. The Ascension to the ring. Split-screen -

Viktor – Tyson Kidd thinks being married to a Hart makes him part of The Hart Foundation! Really, it just makes him a wannabe, like the rest of The Hart Dynasty!

Konnor – We'll take their hearts and shove it right down their throats.

Viktor – When they clash with the greatest tag team of the future. We are The Ascension!

Konnor – Welcome to the Wasteland!

The Ascension ambush Kidd and Cesaro. Viktor and Konnor double team Kidd. JBL talks about it would have been Stu Hart's 100th birthday yesterday. He goes on to talk about carbon dating Scott Armstrong. Viktor tags in and drops an elbow on Kidd for two.

Konnor tags in. Suplex on Kidd for two.

Viktor tags in and off the corner on Kidd. Cesaro breaks the count.

Kidd slammed to the mat by Konnor. Viktor tags in, on Kidd, but Kidd free and tags out. Cesaro off the corner, and all over both, in and on the apron. Whips and upper cuts on Viktor, back and forth, at least ten of them, then a clothesline for two!

Suplex on Viktor, and the fans are wild for him! Konnor in, then clotheslined out. Viktor on Cesaro, but Kidd in, and flies out through the ropes on Konnor. Spinebuster on Viktor, then the big swing into Kidd for three.

Winners – Kidd & Cesaro (4:07)

They celebrate in the ring and the fans are wild for them! Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Seth, I want to get your reaction to your match against Dean Ambrose.

Rollins – My reaction? First of all, there's no point to having this match. Secondly, Kane is a moron.


WWE Big Moment of The Night

On Smackdown Ambrose flew out and all over Rollins and Kane. Kane grabbed Rollins and Ambrose for the chokeslam, but then Kane and Ambrose taken out, Rollins wins.

Ambrose vs Rollins

Ambrose to the ring. Rollins out to the ring, all by himself!

Kane's music cuts just barely before the ref calls for the bell, and out he comes.

Kane – Seth, before this match begins, I want you to know I've taken your sentiments to heart. Per your idea, you claim there's, how did you put it, no point to this match, but I'm going to put an end to that. If Ambrose defeats you tonight, he will be added to the main event at Payback, and it will become a Fatal 4 Way Match!

Rollins – Kane, you cannot do that. Last week we had an App vote, and the 'Universe' voted for a Triple Threat Match, and if you don't give them, if I voted for that, I would be so...

Ambrose rips the mic out of Rollins' hands and smiles. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Ambrose – I think it's a great idea. Does anybody here have a problem with me being added to that Championship Match so I can beat Seth Rollins...

Rollins – Give me that! You think this is funny, Ambrose? You think that's funny? I don't have to listen to you (Ambrose), or any of you (fans). It doesn't matter what anyone in Canada thinks, because Canada doesn't matter. I am the WWE WHC, and...

Kane – And I am overruling you! The match and the stip are on. Ring the bell!

Ambrose rolls Rollins up for two!

Ambrose all over Rollins with blows, and chops. Rollins grabs the ropes and rolls out. Ambrose out and all over Rollins. Rollins kicks Ambrose, then punches. More blows, then Ambrose comes back with a clothesline, and the fans are loving it. Back in the ring and Ambrose on Rollins on the mat, kicking a kneeling Rollins in the back of the head, then dropping an elbow for two.

STF-esque move on Rollins, pulling on his face. Suplex on Rollins for two.

Kicks on Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose eats the next corner, and blows from Rollins. Snap suplex on Ambrose. Rollins on Ambrose, up high with blows on Ambrose. Ambrose reverses and lands his own blows. Rollins whipped, flips up ala HBK, then taken down by Ambrose for two.

Ambrose off the ropes takes a knee, then slammed to the mat. Rollins drops a knee to Ambrose's head for two.

Facelock on Ambrose on the mat. Ambrose up, but slammed back by his hair. Short clothesline on Ambrose, then Rollins back on with the facelock on the sitting Ambrose. "You sold out!" chants for Rollins. Rollins telegraphs, is kicked, then sent out over the top.


Rollins stalks Ambrose, back on the facelock, wrenching Ambrose's head to the side. Booker T loses his grammar, talking about Rollins being in a worser situation than he already is. Rollins off the top rope, and Ambrose ducks. Tornado DDT on Rollins, and both men are down. Both up, Ambrose on Rollins with blows, all over the place, playing the fans. Clotheslines, then off the corner in a unique way, landing a running bulldog. Ambrose up, Rollins leaves the ring. Ambrose with his suicide dive through the ropes. "Holy shit!" chants from those right local to the move. Ambrose ducks Rollins' kick, then face plants Rollins hard, like a reverse powerbomb, for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Dirty deeds reversed, and again. Back and forth. Ambrose climbs, flying elbow for a long two.

Rollins down, Ambrose with that smile on his face. "Ole Ole! Ole Ole!" Ambrose hung up top, then a blow. Ambrose ducks Rollins off the top rope, but takes a knee kick to the head for two.

Rollins yells smack at Ambrose. Pushing Ambrose's head around. Ambrose slaps him in the face, hard. Superkick to a kneeling Ambrose for two.

Rollins argues with the ref over the count. Ambrose reverses on Rollins, they slug it out. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins and himself over and out! Ambrose reverses on the mat, but Rollins is ready and powerbombs Ambrose into the barricade. "Holy shit!" chants from a growing group of fans. The ref is counting, but Ambrose in at 9 ½.

Rollins thinks he won, realizes, then stomps Ambrose in a corner. Flying forearm on Ambrose. Ambrose comes out of the ropes with that sick clothesline of his. J&J Security are out there, all over the place. Mercury through the ring, ends up almost taking Noble out on the apron. Ambrose is slightly distracted, but then rolls Rollins up for three!

Winner – Ambrose! (16:53)

Video recap of the high points of the match, specifically Ambrose out of the ropes with his clothesline, then J&J Security getting in the middle of it all. Ambrose sits at the top of the ramp with a huge smile, then up and celebrating his win.


Recap of the opening match, showing Reigns spearing Orton.



Video recap of the high points of the match between Rollins and Ambrose.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Kane, I should beat the crap out of you right now. Did you see that? Now my Title Match at Payback is a Fatal 4 Way, huh! What are you trying to do, kill me?

Kane – Seth, it was 'Universe' who created the match. And to be honest, it was you who turned it into a Fatal 4 Way when you lost to Ambrose. Maybe you'd like me to keep adding people? Maybe seven is your lucky number? Eight? How would you like to defend you Title in a match with nine participants? Seth, I know you're upset, but this is all about making you better. Making you a man. Overcoming adversity, becoming the person and Champion you can be, the Champion we NEED you to be. Seth, there's no reason to worry, I have a plan.

Kane leaves.

Rollins – You got a plan? You plan worked real well out there. Can you believe him?

Backstage Segment

Byron – Joining me at this time, the Ravishing Russian, Lana. Before we talk about the I Quit Match between Rusev and Cena, how does it feel to be getting such a positive reaction from the WWE 'Universe' lately.

Lana – I don't... I don't know what you are talking about. My position here is only for the betterment...

Fandango into the shot, taking the mic.

Fandango – Lana, don't be coy, you've got to let it flow. Because the ecstasy of the WWE 'Universe' accepting you is euphoric. Watch this...

Fandango leaves and Rusev into the shot yelling at Lana in his native tongue. She looks taken down a few notches, and leaves with him.


Fandango vs Rusev

Fandango dancing in the ring. Rusev out to face him, Lana trailing way behind, and getting tons of pop. She waves and smiles, but Rusev makes her stop. Lana is glowing on the way to the ring.

Rusev beats Fandango down in a corner. "We want Lana!" chants. Lana is all smiles ringside. Fandango fights back with speed, but a knee to Fandango's midsection, and he's from the ring. Fandango looks at Lana out there, and he starts Fandango-ing. Lana starts Fandango-ing along with Fandango! The fans are LOVING this, and Lana is all smiles, showing some waist as her jacket rises with her arms. They are all smiles and having a great time out there, but then Rusev attacks Fandango from behind, then yells at Lana to leave. HUGE heat for Rusev sending Lana out, looking about to cry, shoulders held high. Fandango on Rusev from behind and Rusev into the post, then again. Drop kicks from Fandango on Rusev. Rusev throws Fandango off, then kicks Fandango in the face. Three stomps and the accolade, and it's over.

Winner – Rusev (2:11)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rusev is all wild in the ring.


Announce Segment

They show off some Tough Enough videos.

R-Truth vs Stardust

R-Truth in the ring,working the crowd. Stardust out with a bag in hand, wearing his WrestleMania gear.

Stardust – No, no, no, it was R-Truth, he took away my rightful place, I was mean to be King, but now, there's sheer emptiness, and until that void gets filled, it will overflow with sweet suffering as I enact my revenge on that womp rat, R-Truth. And I know just how I'll do it. (hiss)

The bag into a corner. R-Truth rolls Stardust up for two.

Back elbow on R-Truth, and Stardust looks at the bag. Shoulder block to Stardust, from R-Truth who has a lot of Stardust's face on his chest. R-Truth slammed down. "Cody!" chants. R-Truth at the bag, is kicked. Side Russian leg sweep to R-Truth, then Stardust with a cartwheel. "Cody!" chants. R-Truth fights back on Stardust. Blow to R-Truth, then blows on Stardust. Both with crossbody, but it looks like some knees were hit as well. Stardust crawls toward the bag, but then R-Truth comes back with clotheslines, a drop kick, then face plants Stardust for two.

R-Truth looks at the bag, grabs it, Stardust is there, and eats an elbow. But R-Truth opens the bag and fake spiders come flying out. Stardust rolls R-Truth up for three.

Winner – Stardust (2:55)

Stardust is on the mat, nose to nose with a rubber spider, all smiles.


Cena US Title Open Challenge

Seriously loud singing for Cena, louder than even Chicago. Heat when Cena holds the strap high. The more he poses, the greater the heat, and louder the singing, that continues after the music stops, even gets louder! Cena has to wait for them to stop – taunting them a bit.

Cena – I quit.

Huge pop!

Cena – Those words have meaning now, don't they?

"Ole Ole! Ole Ole!"

Cena – It sounds like there's some people in Montreal who actually wish I quit.

The pop is even louder!

Cena – That I would give up. That I would walk away.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – But you know me. You know I've dealt with this type of adversity for years, and years, and years. And Montreal knows, no matter the hostility, whether a critic or opponent, I never give up. (heat) So, at Payback I will fight Rusev for the last time, whether I'm US Champ or not, because if he can make me say 'I quit' I don't deserve a rematch.

"Ole Ole! Ole Ole!"

Cena – Making me say 'I quit' is more difficult than making you stop singing. It ain't never gonna happen. Yes, this match at Payback is brutal, punishing, will test a man's will...

Some chant I cannot understand. Maybe "Y2J!"? I'm not sure. Cena waits for them to get it out.

Cena – This is passion. You're a rowdy crowd who says what you want and does what you want, because you're a passionate people! (pop) That's the difference between me and Rusev. He just wants to win the match and be Champion. He wants to crush Cena. In two weeks at Payback, I fight for everything I've fought for for the past ten years! (heat) And I, just like you, will not go quietly into the night. Let me ask you a question. You give me an answer. If your back is against the wall and you're fighting for what you believe in, and someone puts a mic in your face, do you quit? What is your answer?


Cena – What is your answer!?


Cena – Guy in the pink tank top, what is your answer?


Cena – Guy next to him with the Affliction shirt, texting on your phone, what's your answer?


Cena – Hell, there's a guy wearing a Nordiques' jersey over there! (heat) They left town in 96, but he will not give up! He fights for what he believes in.

Pop from the fans, and the camera zeros in on the guy in the Nordiques' jersey who looks a bit sheepish.

Cena – Whether it's a jersey, or cheering for the Habs (a nickname for the Montreal Canadiens) (pop), or whether it's a Championship, we as human beings fight for what we believe in! This is a city that knows tradition, and I'm very...

"Go Habs go!" chants stop Cena.

Cena – That is the sound of people who believe! Here's a sentence from another guy who believes. I'm proud of this Championship, and I'm proud to be the man who never gives up, no damn different. In two weeks I will proudly say, the Champ is here! I lost track of time, but the Champ is here right now! Judging by the noise, Montreal is the place to be. And I say John Cena is the man to beat. (heat) So, the John Cena US Open Challenge officially starts right now! You want some, come get some!

Cena hands over the strap, runs the ropes, and then stops dead when Bret Hart's music hits. The fans are wild, as they should be!

Hart – I'm here for one reason, I'm here to introduce a great wrestler. I'm here to introduce a great wrestler that...

Slater's music hits, and Cena says to Bret's back, "And it's that!?"

Slater – Wait a minute! I will not let my moment to be US Champion get stepped on again, especially right here, in Montreal, baybay! I'm telling ya, in the USA we refer to you as le incompetent. That's incompetent. I can speak French. I was RKOd out of nowhere. Then, (to a fan) shut up! And then Rusev wanted to attack me from behind out of nowhere! (climbs into the ring) People, I am sick and tired of getting attack out of nowhere!

Bret throws one right, the one holding the mic, into Slater's face, and he's been attacked again, out of nowhere!

Hart – As I was saying, I came here tonight to introduce to you the hometown boy, from Montreal, Canada. And I can't wait for you (pointing at Cena) to face off against the surprise challenge, one of NXT's hottest and biggest Superstars. Let's give it up for Sami Zayn!

The place erupts for their hometown boy to make his WWE TV debut on Raw!

Out comes Zayn to continuing huge pop. Into the ring, and Zayn shakes Hart's hand. Hart then shakes hands with Cena. A closeup on a glowing Zayn, and there's something stuck in his mustache, hopefully not snot.


US Title Match – Sami Zayn vs John Cena

Zayn running the ropes, over and under Cena, into a drop kick on Cena. Cena from the ring, but then moves, so Zayn stops his dive, bounces his bum off the top rope into a back flip. He slips a bit in the ring upon landing, but sells it. Back slam on Zayn for one.

Something is wrong with Zayn's shoulder. They show that Zayn landed badly from Cena's slam. The shoulder looks out, and like the doctor pops it in. Zayn stretches, talks to the doctor again, then they start the match again. Cena on Zayn with blows, but Zayn explodes with a clothesline, then is in serious pain from that shoulder. Shoulder blocks, then Zayn is slammed to the mat. Serious heat, as Cena sets up, but Zayn reverses Cena to the mat for two.

Back and forth, Zayn off the top on Cena with a crossbody for two!

Zayn with a most beautiful flipping dive over the top onto Cena. Zayn to his feet, holding that shoulder. Back into the ring with an STF on Zayn, and heat from the fans. Zayn wiggles and crawls, gets to the ropes. Cena tells the ref to check Zayn. Zayn slams Cena face first to the mat, then locks on the koji clutch. Cena reverses on Zayn, gets Zayn up for the AA, but reverses and rolls Cena up for two.

Cena simply clotheslines Zayn. Cena gets Zayn up for the AA, Zayn misses his feet, lands on his bum, but doesn't take the full move. Both out of the ring. Zayn diver over the bottom ropes in the corner, grabs Cena and lands a loved DDT! Zayn is hurting, and bleeding from the mouth, but not stopping! Cena rolled in, Zayn in and eats an AA, but only for two.

Cena in the ref's face over the count, backing him into a corner over it. Zayn with a split leg slingshot over Cena, and then lands a blue thunder bomb for two!

"This is awesome!" chants from the hometown crowd. Blows on Cena, Cena kicks back. Zayn sells from the blows. Cena ducks a clothesline, then with his slingshot stunner on Zayn. An AA and Zayn takes it, not even fight back in the pinfall.

Winner – Cena (10:31)

Zayn is in serious pain as he crawls his ass to the corner. Cena pulls Zayn up, then raises Zayn's arm high. Zayn shakes his head at Cena over this. Cena leaves the ring, clapping for Zayn as Cena backs up the ramp. Zayn looks completely shaken by the past eleven minutes.


Recap of Reigns spearing his partner, Orton, earlier in the night, by accident.

Backstage Segment

Bellas heading toward the ring. New Day is still yelling and celebrating loudly.



Promo for WWE Network.

Backstage Segment

Renee – I'm standing by hoping to get a word with Sami Zayn who just challenged John Cena for the US Title, making his...

New Day in, all excited.

Kofi – Why in the world would you want to interview anyone else? Did you now see the glorious spectacle? The Tag Team Champions of the world once again victorious.

Big E – I said victorious!

Kofi – Say it again!

Big E – I said victorious!

Kofi – Say it again!

Big E – I said victorious!

Kofi – Vic, vic, vic...

All – Victorious!

Woods – Renee, the future is bright because New Day is shining.

Big E – The world with sing with us, New Day rocks! New Day rocks! New Day rocks!

Cesaro, Kidd and Nattie show up.

Cesaro – You have a PhD, and you don't realize they're saying New Day sucks?

Nattie – The only reason you won tonight is because Roman and Randy hate each other. Fact!

Kidd – Everyone on planet earth hates you guys.

Woods – That's where you're wrong, you catastrophe of a Canadian. They might be saying New Day suck, but this...

Big E – This negativity won't keep us down.

Kidd – What I agree with is that New Day sucks. New Day sucks!

All three clap and chant them from the area.

Nikki vs Naomi

The Bellas head to the ring together. As they get to the bottom of the ramp Brie is attacked from behind by Naomi, but then Nikki is attacked from behind by Tamina! Jesse said Tamina looks like Syndel from Mortal combat. They stomp the Bellas down, and both Bellas sell the beating. Naomi, now in long, fairly thick braids, holds Nikki for Tamina to superkick her. Then Tamina picks up Brie for Naomi to bitch slap, then land a most lovely enziguri.

Naomi – Your sibling reign of dominance over the Divas Division is over! This is what family is about!

Video recap of the attack.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how Tamina is cousins with the Usos, one of which Naomi is married to. They go on to stills of Neville versus Barrett for the KOTR.

In Ring Segment

King Barrett out, crown, cape and scepter in place.

Barrett – Here ye, here ye, gather round you filthy commoners. What a week for the royal family. The birth of Princess Charlotte, the crowning of King Barrett! I plan to rule my kingdom with an iron fist. And woe betide anybody disobeys who my rule of law, for they will be dealt with with a bull hammer. (into the ring) And get used to hearing these next four words, as you will be hearing them all the time – all hail King Barrett! (he gets almost no reaction)


Barrett & Sheamus vs Neville & Ziggler

Sheamus in the ring with Barrett. Neville out to the bottom of the ramp. Ziggler out to tag with him. Split-screen -

Ziggler – King Barrett and his court jester Sheamus. Running around, having fun, pushing people around and being bullies. You know Sheamus, I didn't see you laughing last week when I dotted that eye, brother. That's too bad. That's too bad.

Ziggler ducks a wild arm reaching out for him from the apron, but it distracts Ziggler enough for Barrett to get the upper hand. Blows on Ziggler, then he's laid across the corner and kicked on a bit, before a running kick drops Ziggler to the mat. Barrett covers for two.

Barrett on Ziggler, but telegraphs, is kicked, then lands a lovely spike DDT for two.

Barrett outside the ring holding his head. Sheamus drops to the floor, both Ziggler and Neville in the ring yelling smack out at him.


Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up and free with blows and kicks, but rather that tagging out, he runs right into an Irish curse back breaker. Sheamus yells tons of smack, then all slappy on Ziggler. Sheamus lets go and eats a big superkick to the face. Both are down and reaching. Both tag out. Neville over Barrett, then under him, finally head scissors on Barrett, sending him out. Neville flies out on Barrett. Slingshot drop kick off the top rope on Barrett. Standing SSP on Barrett for two.

Neville whipped, isn't able to float over, is caught. Neville's ankles tossed up, takes a kick to the gut as he drops toward the mat. Neville ducks the bull hammer, lands an enziguri for two.

Ziggler and Sheamus in, then end up fighting outside. Ziggler dumped over the barricade into the timekeeper's area, on his head. Neville takes Barrett down in the ring. A low drop kick to Sheamus on the apron. Neville off the top rope, but eats the bull hammer as he lands, for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Barrett (8:49)

Barrett and Sheamus celebrate on corners. Video recap of the high points of the match.

In Ring Segment

Reigns to the ring. Orton out to face him.


Orton vs Reigns

Orton and Reigns in the ring. Kane's music, and he comes out to the ringside area, Rollins and J&J Security in tow. They go around the ring. Noble grabs a mic, jumps up on announce to start talking.

Noble – Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to announce your Special Guest Ring Announcer, the secret weapon of The Authority, me, Jamie Noble! Your Special Guest Bell Keeper, the muscle being J&J, Joey Mercury. Your Special Ringside Enforcer, the DOO, Kane! And last, but not least, your future, everybody's WWE WHC, Seth Rollins! Seth is our Special Guest Commentator!

Noble claps for himself up there, and Cole calls him the Mayor of Munchkin Land.

Reigns and Orton talk in the ring. Orton tried to go for the RKO outta nowhere, but pushed off. Orton backed into a corner. Orton fights back, then Reigns back on Orton. Reigns off the ropes into a back elbow from Orton. Reigns comes back with blows and kicks on Orton. Orton whipped, comes out with a clothesline. On announce Rollins is wallowing in self pity, and saying that none of this is fair to him, that he'd proven himself over and over. Reigns with a Samoan drop on Orton. Reigns tosses Orton out through the ropes, then follows him out. Orton with a kick on Reigns, then back drops him on the top of the barricade. Reigns comes back with blows on Orton, then turns and lands a blow on Noble who was too close. Reigns turns back into a clothesline from Orton. Kane pulls Noble to his feet as Mercury seethes. Reigns into the barricade, then an upper cut. Reigns rolled in, and Orton over to glare at Kane who is holding back J&J Security. In the ring, a huge flying clothesline from Reigns, and both are down.

Slow to their feet, then Orton on Reigns with blows. Reigns fires bac/k with a right, but then runs into a couple clotheslines. Reigns gets Orton up, but Orton fights back and lands a neck breaker. Reigns on the apron, hangs Orton up top. Reigns then lands his drop kick on the apron. Reigns gets mouthy at Rollins on announce, then turns back to Orton who is slow to his feet. Orton side-steps the superman punch, then lands his power slam. Reigns on the apron, takes Orton's 'vintage' DDT. Orton looks down at Reigns, then pounds the mat. Reigns pushes Orton off, lands his superman punch. Orton rolls out, Reigns about to fly out, but then Kane trips Reigns from outside. Then the four of them fly over to attack Orton. Reigns with a suicide dive over the ropes, onto all of them. Reigns into the post, and the four roll Orton in for a mugging.

Ambrose's music and he runs to the ring to get into the fray. J&J Security and Kane are removed from the ring, leaving the four slated for the Payback main event left in the ring. Spear from Reigns, and Rollins rolls from the ring. RKO on Reigns and the fans are wild. Dirty deeds on Orton and the fans are even happier! Ambrose is left pacing the ring.

Biggest Pop
Bret Hart

Biggest Heat
New Day

Greatest POP on Debut – EVER!
Sami Zayn

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