Raw Results 2/23/15 – Do You See What I See?


Pre-Raw Commercial

34 days from WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar will defend against Reigns at WrestleMania. Orton appeared after four months to take out Rollins last night.

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Orton's music hits and the arena erupts as I've not heard it in a long time. Orton out in a new Orton t-shirt. He's as over as Rover as he heads to the ring. Stills recap of Orton causing destruction at Fast Lane last night. RKOs all around for The Authority. "Randy!" chants from the fans after his music ends.

Orton – Now, Nashville I'm not the guy with a 20 minute promo, but there's something I have to get off my chest. I've been out of action for four months, did you notice? (Yes!) It's because of The Authority, but more specifically because of Rollins. (heat) In case you've been living under a rock, look at what happened four months ago.

Video of Noble and Kane holding Orton for a curb stomp on announce. Steph and Trip told them to finish it, so Rollins with a curb stomp to the stairs.

Orton – Last four months I've been replaying that scene in my head. I'm here to tell The Authority, to tell the world, that I'm just now getting started. Last night Rollins got away. You may call it an escape. I call it a stay of execution. Starting right now, there's no more hiding, no more running. In fact, no more talking, Seth Rollins! Get your ass out here, right now!

The Authority comes out, sans Rollins. All in suits, except Steph in a black sleeveless dress with metal studs and a slit over her left knee, but the whole thing seems quite ill fitted to her body. They pose on the stage, then head for the ring.

Steph steps up, holds the rest back.

Steph – Randy, first and foremost, welcome back. You made one hell of a return last night at Fast Lane, and made another huge return tonight. Even though it was at the expense of The Authority, that devil may care, take no prisoners Orton, that's the Orton we love, and had the fans chanting last night, "Randy...!"

"Randy!" chants.

Steph – That's the Orton that blew up social media, and who I want as the face of the WWE.

Orton – Steph, please! I'm not part of The Authority, I'm not going to forgive Rollins. The only thing I'm going to do to Rollins is bash his brains in.

Steph – I don't think you can forgive Rollins, I know you can forgive Rollins. There's no reason why the future and the face cannot exist at the same time. Our hands were forced four months ago, you left us no choice, but Randy, everyone here is willing to forgive you. Let's put the past in the past and move forward. Come back home. Join The Authority.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph has her hand extended to Orton.

Orton – Steph, Steph, that's tempting, but I'd rather kick some ass than kiss some ass.

Steph pulls her hand back from where it was extended. Big Show says something quietly to Steph, then takes her mic.

Big Show – Look, Randy, I know your frustrated and very angry.

HUGE heat for Big Show, and he sounds like his voice has gone on him some.

Big Show – I'm trying to talk here!

More heat!

Big Show – All that anger and frustration you have inside, I understand. I've had to put mine to the side, but Randy, listen to me. Joining The Authority was the best personal decision I've ever made. I know you.

"You sold out!" chants.

Big Show – Randy, I know you, you coming back to The Authority is the best decision you could ever make.

Orton – And coming back to The Authority, you mean selling out.

Steph – Randy, look me in my eyes. You're not a good guy, never have been. You do what you do not for the love of the crowd, but because you want to reap the rewards. You've done some deplorable things to achieve those rewards.

"RKO!" chants.

Steph – You want to get personal? Some of those deplorable acts have been against my family, my father, against my brother, my husband. And Randy, some of the most vile and brutal actions have even been against me! You know it! (Orton smirks) I can't even show the footage that far exceeds what happened to you four months ago, Randy! All I'm asking is to hear us out. I won't force your hand, I don't want to force your hand, let's talk like professionals, so you can do what's right for you and come back home.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph – Will you listen?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Big Show holds the ropes, Steph leaves the ring, as does Kane, but Trip stares at him. Finally Trip and Big Show leave the ring. The camera focuses in on Orton's face, the WrestleMania sign over his shoulder.

Orton – Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Wait one minute.

The Authority stops at the top of the ramp.

Orton – I'll be there. I'll be there, I'll see you in the back. Business meeting, fine.

Heat for Orton. He tosses the mic off as he watches them leave with a slight smirk on his face.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Fast Lane and the fallout. Cena didn't give up, but he passed out and lost to Rusev. Reigns will go to WrestleMania and face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC.

In Ring Segment

Barrett out to the ring looking pissed off. His IC Championship is missing, Ambrose stole it last night.



Stills from the IC Championship Match at Fast Lane.

Barrett vs Ziggler

Barrett – IC Champion, as far as I'm concerned, Ambrose is nothing but a common thief. I'm the IC Champion and...

Ziggler's music cuts him off. Ziggler out. R-Truth is out on announce.

They lock up as Cole tells us what to use on social media to discuss this match. Big right on Ziggler that drops him. Barrett stomps Ziggler, then bounces his face off the corner. Snap suplex on Ziggler for two.

R-Truth asks if he has to be a thief to get a Title shot. #GiveTruthAChance is how we are supposed to help R-Truth get his IC Title match from Barrett. Ziggler with a kick, then a swinging neck breaker on Barrett. Epic elbow on Barrett for two.

Barrett all over Ziggler for two.

JBL talks about money missing from his wallet, and he thinks it's Ambrose who did it. Ziggler across the corner, Barrett kicks him in the ribs for two.

Knees to a sitting Ziggler, then wrenches Ziggler's arms back. Ziggler muscles up, but slammed back to the mat. Barrett stomps Ziggler, then rights as he kneels over Ziggler. Ziggler whipped, falls to the mat and Barrett gets two for it.

"Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Barrett rushes Ziggler with a big boot, gets caught up top, in the slats. Drop kick drops Barrett to the floor.


Facelock on Ziggler. Jaw buster to Barrett to get free. Back elbow from Ziggler, then Ziggler on Barrett with blows in a corner. Barrett counters a neck breaker, but gets caught by Barrett. Ziggler reverses into a big DDT for a long two.

Ziggler tossed off, then elbowed by Barrett. Barrett gets Ziggler up, almost falls, manages to get a powerbomb on Ziggler, but it was scary for a moment. Barrett gets two for it.

Ziggler ducks Barrett, gets two for it.

Back and forth, misses and ducks, then winds of change for two.

Barrett stomps Ziggler down in a corner. The ref gets him off. Barrett back on Ziggler with kicks. Barrett sets up, rolls up Barrett for two.

Zig-zag on Barrett for three!

Winner – Ziggler (8:13)

Ambrose's music hits, and out he comes with the IC strap in hand. Ambrose around the ring, wearing that great grey leather jacket. Ambrose into the ring, standing between Ziggler and Barrett sitting in the corner. Ambrose talks to Ziggler, then leaves the ring, the IC strap still in hand.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about the discussion and cheap shot on Sting, but in getting the sledgehammer, Sting got the upper hand with his black bat. So, they're going to WrestleMania. Scorpion death drop on Trip. Booker T says that Trip looks like he was pouting earlier when he was in the ring.

Backstage Segment

The Authority all together.

Steph – I've asked you here tonight...

Rollins – Hunter, you cannot seriously be considering bringing him back into The Authority...

Steph – Excuse me! You're going to be that rude to me? Be that disrespectful while I'm speaking? Is it because I'm a woman? I suggest you back down and think of someone other than yourself for just a moment.

Kane – As DOO, considering what Randy did to us last night, so I would suggest...

Steph – And I would suggest that as the DOO, think of the bigger picture. This isn't about you, or you (Rollins), this is about The Authority. Think about it. We have Big Show and Kane, the biggest monsters in the WWE. Seth Rollins, Mr. MITB, the Viper, Randy Orton. Together we are unstoppable. Dominance is child's play, I'm talking about absolute power.

Rollins – But how are we ever supposed to trust him again?

Steph – There are no buts Seth, if he found it in his heart to forgive you after your actions, your plan...

Rollins – My plan?

Steph – I think the rest of us can forgive Orton and move forward. Randy, I have a question for you. Are you able to move forward? If you say no, that's fine, and we will deal with the consequences of your actions, but if you say yes, then I guarantee we will all show you, you will have my personal word that we are your family. You have our support, we open our arms to you and bring you back. What do you say?

Orton extends his hand, Rollins shakes it. They're all happy, sorta.

Steph – To celebrate this momentous occasion we're going to show the dominance of The Authority. We're going have a tag team match with Orton and Rollins against Bryan and Reigns. To WrestleMania, thank you.

Orton just stands there looking around. Rollins glares at Orton.



Sheamus promo.

The Ascension vs Prime Time Players

Prime Time Players in the ring swaying together. The Ascension to the ring together.

Split-screen as The Ascension trashes the Bushwackers being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Young flailing all over the place in the ring with Viktor. Konnor tags in and all over Young. Big right to Young, then an elbow to Young's face sending him back in the heel corner. Viktor tags in with a suplex for two.

Facelock on Young on the mat. Young elbows free, but eats an elbow. Konnor tags in and they double team Young for two.

Young kicks at Konnor, cheap pop on Viktor on the apron. Konnor knocks O'Neil off the apron. Young all over Konnor with a clothesline, then a horrible suplex that almost landed Konnor on his head. Young into a corner, hits it wrong, ends up holding his head. Viktor tags in, they double team, but O'Neil beaks the count.

O'Neil clotheslines Konnor out, but Viktor sends O'Neil from the ring. Young manages a small package for three.

Winners – PTPs (3:02)

The Ascension attacks Young and O'Neil in the ring, really beats Young down for winning the match. They double team Young and take him apart in the ring.



Stills of Rock and Zoe Sadlana at the Oscars last night.

In Ring Segment

Reigns to the ring, wearing his Reigns t-shirt, not his normal ring gear. Stills from his match at Fast Lane. Decent pop, but some heat for him.

Reigns – I ain't going to lie, it's been one hell of a month. It started with winning Royal Rumble Match. But that wasn't good enough, so I had to face Bryan last night, and I did what I said I'd do, and now I can say I'm going to WrestleMania! I can hear you all month, I know a lot of you were rooting for the other guy. But to all my doubters...

Bryan's music hits and out he comes looking a little pissy, but then leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" to the ring. Many serious looks between the two as Bryan gets into the ring. Bryan soaks in the love.

Bryan – Now, I didn't mean to interrupt, and yes, I did. It's because you mentioned the doubters, those who doubt Roman Reigns. I saw you win the Royal Rumble Match...

Bryan is cut off by the heat from the fans. Reigns smiles and nods, taking it all in stride.

Bryan – I feel you deserve that opportunity to main event at WrestleMania. But somehow I felt like all these people, and inside, I booed, and booed, and booed. Because though I know a lot of people see promise and potential in Roman Reigns, if you want to talk about doubters, the biggest Roman Reigns doubter is right here in Daniel Bryan! Because when they talk about promise and potential, what they're really talking about is size, and strength and athletic abilities. And you know how many guys I've seen walk down that ramp with all that, and don't have half the heart that I do. That's what The Authority doesn't see, but what everyone here does see, that's why they like Daniel Bryan, and that's why they don't like you!

"YES!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – And that is why I didn't like you. Last night I had an opportunity, if I beat you, I go on to main event WrestleMania and bring back the WWE WHC that I never lost. And I gave it every single thing that I had, and things I didn't know I had and I had all of my heart, and all of my guts and I dug as deep as I could, and I still didn't do it. And I can honestly say, that I don't regret a thing, because I gave it every single thing I had, it wasn't me. You proved to me last night that you have more heart than I ever thought that you did. I don't care how many people are booing you tonight, you and I know that last night we fought! I fought and gave everything I had, and guess what, sir, you beat me. I put it all on the table and all I have left to say is this, congratulations.

Bryan extends his hand, Reigns shakes it.

Bryan – And if there's one Superstar that I want to team with on Monday Night Raw against Rollins and Orton, it's you. (Reigns nods.) Now, do me on last favor, and go beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar in the main event at WrestleMania.

Bryan puts down his mic and leaves the ring, leaves Reigns in the ring.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen...

Heyman stops, steps aside for Bryan to walk through and head backstage.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I know that you think I'm here to cause trouble this evening.

Heyman stops at the top of the steps and asks Reigns, meaning to get into the ring.

Heyman – May I?

Reigns motions for him to go ahead.

Heyman – But actually, tonight, I'm here to say Roman Reigns, congratulations sir.

Heyman extends his hand. Reigns grasps it. Heyman keeps holding as he continues talking.

Heyman – That was a hell of a main event last night, and an even more impressive victory by you for the #1 contender for the WWE WHC. And, bluntly, I can't say if I'm surprised, my money would always be on Reigns. No matter who you faced, my money would be on Reigns. Only a fool would say you're not the one. Only an idiot could not look at you and realize you're different, you're distinct, you're head and shoulders above the rest. Reigns vs Sammartino in 1975, my money is on Reigns. Reigns vs Hogan and Andre in 1987, my money is on Reigns. Reigns vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1998. (The heat is growing with each match mentioned!) Reigns vs The Rock in 1999. Reigns vs Triple H in 2000. Reigns vs Cena anytime in the past 13 years. My money would be on Reigns. Roman Reigns vs 29 other Superstars at Robbie, truth be told, my money was on Reigns. Last night, at Fast Lane, Reigns vs Bryan, my money was on Reigns. (Reigns rolls his eyes.) It's a very simple things here, you see what I'm laying out for you. You're the guy. You are. Reigns vs any other man in history, my money on Reigns. You are the right guy in the right place, at the wrong time. Because you're not fighting a man at WrestleMania, you're fighting The Beast. Reigns, I have so much respect for you, you can't slay my beast. You can't conquer the conquerer. You can't be the one to beat the one in 21-1! Any other time in history, my money would be on Reigns, but at WrestleMania, my money will be on my client, because at the end of the main event there will be an announcement and a Title, the Title, the only Title that truly matters will be held high above a head and an announcer will say, 'Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and still reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar.

Reigns glares at him. Glares through him.

Reigns – Why you standing over there Paul? What don't you stand right over here, Paul? Right there. Stand right there. Now I want you to tell me again, tell me Paul. Tell me I can't. Come on, tell me. I've been hearing this a lot. I can't do this. I can't do that. I have doubters. Come on Paul, I thought you were smarter than that. Give me some more motivation Paul. Because you were there the night after Royal Rumble. You witnessed me face to face with your client, Brock Lesnar. I looked him square in his eyes and I told him, you're going to respect me. I don't care if he respects me, I was doing all that to get my Samoan blood boiling. So I'm gonna tell you what I told him. I'm gonna beat Brock at WrestleMania and it's not about just beating him, respect out the window. It's the way I beat him. When I'm done with him, he ain't gonna like me anyways. Believe that!

Heyman flees the ring, and won't turn his back on Reigns as Reigns yells and rants at Heyman as he leaves.



Stills recap of the TTCs match at Fast Lane.

Tag Team Championship Match – Usos vs Kidd & Cesaro (c)

Usos out to the ring in green, Naomi in tow. Cesaro out, leading Kidd and Nattie hand in hand.

Cesaro and Jimmy work the ring. Kidd tags in, but then they go out to work Jimmy outside, but Jey off the stairs with a clothesline on Cesaro ends that. Into the ring with Jimmy getting two on Kidd.

Kidd hits behind Nattie outside, and she's pissed. Cesaro on Jimmy in the ring as Nattie glares up at Kidd. Jey and Kidd tag in. Clotheslines on Kidd, then he's hung up top to take a flying headbutt from Jey. On announce they argue about wives ringside. Cole reminds Booker T that he brought his wife to the ring each week. JBL bellows that Sharmell is a queen! So Cole tells JBL that his wife had a wart on her face. JBL bellows that Jillian wasn't his wife!

Kidd caught outside by bothy Usos, slammed into the barricade. Body drop on Cesaro out there as well. Back in Cesaro bulldogs his way in the break the count on Kidd.

Jey off the corner onto Kidd for two.


Cesaro and Jey go back and forth, Cesaro with the most control in this match. Big swing into Kidd's drop kick. Jimmy breaks the count.

Running upper cut on Jey in a corner. Jey free of Cesaro and takes Cesaro down from his own shoulders. Jimmy tags in, splashes, but then Kidd off the corner onto Jimmy to break the count. Jimmy comes back and gets two on Kidd who never really tagged in. Kidd rolled up for two.

Enziguri to Kidd, but he avoids the bum slam. Kidd uses the ropes to cover, Naomi takes the legs down. Nattie pushes Naomi down. Nattie up and trips Jimmy from up top, so Naomi pulls her from the apron. The ref calls for the bell.

Winners via DQ – Usos (10:34)

Nattie os on the floor selling a leg or ankle injury. Kidd helps his wife. Nattie glares back at Naomi as she's slowly limping back. Video recap of the high points of the match.



Clips of VKM in Muscle & Fitness.

Backstage Segment

Miz with a lint roller looking pissed.

Miz – Where have you been?

Mizdow – I just got the...

Miz – Look at my jacket. Look at it, there's lint all over it. You packed it wrong again!

Mizdow – I just got some really good news that...

Miz – I also got some news of my own. Mizdow I have won every Title in the WWE, the only thing I haven't achieved is winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Winning that match will make me the most wanted Superstar, with all eyes on me when my new movie, Marine 4 comes out in April. That means more movie roles, more TV shows, more commercials, which means...

Mizdow – Miz, Miz, that's what my big news is about, and I wanted to thank you.

Miz – For what?

Mizdow – Ever since you hired me as your personal assistant, I've been able to step out of your shadow and now casting directors and agents are all contacting me, and they see me as a leading man. As a matter of face. Matter of fact, a company contacted me and want me to be their spokesperson in their commercial. I just want to thank you. I never thought this would be possible.

Miz – That's great. Get rolling. Now.

Mizdow lint rolls a seething Miz's jacket.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how the lights went out and we all thought Taker was back.


Recap of the Druids, the casket, and then Wyatt last night at Fast Lane. They continue with a video of Wyatt talking over images of himself and of Taker.


A casket with a bunch of red roses on top. Wyatt standing at the top of the opened casket, looking down into it.

Wyatt – I wonder what you think about when you close your eyes. Do you see what I see. Do you feel what I feel? Perhaps it's a constant reminder of a paradise lost. Maybe it's number 21 and 1. Hahahaha! Now if our lives are truly defined by moments, then that moment signaled the end of yours. The mighty Undertaker reduced to a pile of broken bones, and broken dreams, on the grandest stage of them all. I'm not sure...you can feel his breath on the back of your neck, his claws digging into you, pulling you down where you belong. Don't try to resist. Guess what? That evil exists inside of me now, at WrestleMania I'll finish the job. I know you're afraid Deadman, but there's nowhere to hide. It's so much better down here. Hahaha! (Slams the lid down.) Find me.

In Ring Segment

Stardust out in his one piece fully covered outfit, the red version.


Stardust vs Swagger

Swagger into the ring. Stardust slides in and on Swagger with kicks and blows, stomping him down in a corner. More blows on Swagger who eats a corner and more blows. A kick to Swagger's gut, then Swagger fights back with blows, but with Stardust on the mat, he kicks up to Swagger's head. "Cody!" chants sends Stardust crazy and screaming. Swagger dives and takes out Stardust's left knee. Stardust off the top rope, but is caught in the Patriot lock, but gets to the ropes to break.

Swagger hung up top, and Goldust's music hits. Goldust comes out to the stage, slowly down the ramp. Swagger catches Stardust, locks on the patriot lock and Stardust immediately taps out.

Winner – Swagger (2:10)

Goldust shrugs and smirks. "Cody!" chants, and Stardust yells at the fans to stop. Goldust and Stardust yell smack back and forth.


Stills of Cena's match with Rusev, including the low blow on Cena before the accolade.


In Ring Segment

Cena's music and he comes out looking mildly pissed, shows off his merch, then heads to the ring.

Cena – Music city is a little raucous tonight. I think you know what I know, Fast Lane was a last stop to WrestleMania. It was a turning moment for a lot of us, then came the match to decide the US Championship. Yours truly against Rusev, and everyone standing on the edge of their seats as that super athlete took me to my limit. Hats off. For the first time in his career I had him staring his eyes at defeat. It was a true Championship match, both going back and forth for a shot at Championship gold. I found myself stuck in the acolyte (sic), the move Rusev has used to crush everything in his path. The one thing on my mind, telling myself, 'Never give up, John. Don't you give up!' I didn't, I fought and fought, and I knew I'd be the first to beat the accolade and defeat Rusev. I never got the chance. Rusev let me go. He let me go, spun me around, hit me below the belt to seal his victory. That's fine, last night at Fast Lane, I lost. And Rusev won. I no problem with that, my problem is with Rusev. He parades around like a Russian hero, but last night when the lights were the brightest lights were on and he could prove himself the hero, the might Rusev was a coward.

Rusev's music and out he comes with Lana in tow. Lana in a grey pinstriped suit tonight. They stay on the stage.

Lana – John, what is that American phrase you say? Oh! We told you so.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup! You're standing in the ring looking for the words to describe what happened to you, but the truth is John, you failed. Millions of people believe in you, and you let them down. You let your country down. Just like all Americans, you gave up. The great John Cena humbled by the superior athlete, the superior human being, Rusev! John, for the past 24 hours you've be searching for words to explain your loss, while Rusev has been receiving gifts from the Russian Federation and messages from our fearless leader, Vladimir Putin.

Rusev takes the mic and the "USA!" chants start again.

Rusev – You call me coward? Coward? John Cena I broke you! Now that you've embarrassed your friends, family, and your stupid country, it's my time now, it's Rusev time. I'm US Champion and nobody can beat me. John Cena I want you to admit that you're beneath me, that I'm better than you. I want you to admit that Rusev and Russia is better than Cena and America.

Cena – I'll admit this, you can come down here and say what you want about me, but you'd better watch your ass when you run down the United States of America when I'm around.

Lana – Or what? The might John Cena will comes see the day. John, you gave up, your entire life is a lie. I have no other way to put it, but this is what happened to you last night.

A still of Cena face down on the mat is up on the tron. This gets Cena agitated and pacing.

Lana – My life is a lie? My life is a lie when I fail to get back up. Because when it comes to me, when it comes to this ring, and when it comes to my country, you can bet your Grand Ole Opry that I will get up and fight and fight until I get the job done. Because that is what I do. And, I've got a cultural lesson for you, that is what Americans do! (pop) Yeah, you might get lucky with a jab and knock us down, but we don't stay down, we come back stronger than you can imagine. You make me sick, and if the Russian Federation is really calling you, then they should be embarrassed, if Putin is singing your praises, he should be disgusted, you are no here. 70 years ago today the United States Marine Corp raised a flag on Iwo Jima, they are heroes! You are garbage and it's time for me to take the trash out. Rusev, I'm going to beat you and bring the US Championship home to where it belongs, to the USA. And at my word, I will make sure you're humbled at the grandest stage of them all (points to the WrestleMania sign). John Cena is going to beat your ass at WrestleMania!

Rusev – Rematch at WrestleMania? What makes you think you deserve a rematch at WrestleMania? (speaks in his native language) What makes you think you deserve, because you're the great John Cena? ("What?") Now, you're just a quitter John Cena. ("What?") As far as a rematch goes, you don't deserve it, the answer is no!

Rusev throws down the mic on the stage. Rusev's music plays and the flag unfurls over Cena's head. Rusev and Lana leave. Cena scowls at the flag as he leaves the ring.

Announce Segment

Recap of the opening segment with Orton and The Authority. They show video of the high points of their backstage meeting.

Backstage Segment

Orton in his locker room. Rollins and J&J Security come in.

Rollins – Randy, hey, you got a minute? To talk?

Orton – Yeah, but if you're here to talk strategy in our match tonight, could you do me a favor and leave the pets at the door? (meaning J&J Security)

Rollins – It's okay, I got this. Hang out outside. Let's get this out of the way, I know you hate me...

Orton – Hate is a big work. I'm a big picture kind of guy. For the sake of what's best for business, consider us on the same page.

Rollins – I guess if you're seeing things more clearly, that's great. We can put the past behind us, move forward, and...

Orton – Wait, I'm not gonna forget what happened, but I can offer you a little reassurance, the only thing on my mind is to show Bryan and Reigns that they're lucky I wasn't in the Royal Rumble.

Rollins – You know what? That's something I can agree with. Let's do it, show Bryan and Reigns what the face and future are all about.

They shake hands.

Orton – By any means necessary.

Rollins leaves and Orton stares after him.

In Ring Segment

Paige to the ring



Ken Whisenhunt, the Tennessee Titans Head Coach is in the front row.


A fantastic look at Sting's career, from being bleached blond, to nWo forming and Sting turning into his darker Crow Sting in the rafters. Cena, Ron Simmons, Ric Flair, Paul Heyman, Booker T, Bret Hart, Williams Regal all talked through the video about Sting. Then to Trip talking about Sting as he finally appeared in the WWE.

Emma & Paige vs Bellas

Emma and Paige in the ring annoying each other. The Bellas out in yellow to face them.

Paige wants to beat down Nikki, but Emma and Brie are in. A cheap shot knocks Paige from the apron. Emma is distracted and Brie face slams Emma to the mat for three.

Winners – Bellas (0:29)

Paige in and superkicks Brie. Nikki in and takes Paige down. Bella celebrate up the ramp.



WWE Hall of Fame video for The Bushwackers.

Ryback vs Axel

Axel pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

Axel – Don't turn the channel. I was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match. In fact, I'm still in it. I've been in it for 29 days, 37 minutes and 14 seconds. 15. 16. 17. 18. And counting. The AxelMania movement is still alive and well! I deserve my WrestleMania moment, that's why I'm officially putting myself into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. I'm gonna be the last man standing, just like I was in the Royal Rumble Match. You can't stop me. You can't stop #AxelMania...

"Feed me more!" cuts off Axel. On announce they talk about how these two used to be partners.

Axel extends his hand, Ryback takes the mic instead.

Ryback – Seeing that we're here in Nashville, why don't you turn your upper lip south, and shut your mouth! We go back a long way, you were a great partner. Everybody knows RybAxel is one of the greatest tag teams of all times. (Ryback shakes his head no.) You did say one thing that was right, there will be one man standing at the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, and that's me, Ryback. But that's 34 days away, but since we're in Music City, why doesn't The Big Guy take the Axe Man to smashville? Now if that makes you hungry, make some noise!

"Feed me more!"

Axel with blows and kicks all over Ryback into the ropes. Axel calls Ryback all sorts of names as he's beating on Ryback, even called him a bastard. Clothesline on Axel, then shellshocked and it's over.

Winner – Ryback (0:44)

Ryback celebrates.


Rollins & Orton vs Bryan & Reigns

Rollins out and to the ring with J&J Security, Kane and Big Show all in tow. The giants are dressed for the ring, well, as much as Kane dresses for the ring these days. Video recap of the growing feud between Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart.

Rollins – I'd like to take this time to introduce my partner for this match tonight. The undisputed face of the WWE, and a man I'm proud to call my family. Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm Nashville welcome to my partner, Randy Orton!

Orton out in his slow way, but with almost a slight grin on his lips. J&J Security clap like young children as Orton comes down the ramp. Outside the ring, Big Show and Kane also clap. Orton poses on a corner and the fans love him. Reigns through the stands to ringside. Video recap of Reigns with Heyman earlier in the night. Bryan out to the ring to join his partner.


Bryan and Rollins lock up. Hammer lock on Rollins who gets free, but runs into Bryan's knee. Bryan sets Rollins up by locking his legs, then rolling Rollins up into a surfboard. Rollins back to his knees and Bryan tags in Reigns, but kept hold of Rollins. Rollins free and flees to tag out. Orton slowly into the ring. They circle and lock up. A shoulder block drops Orton. Again running the ropes and Reigns eats a drop kick. Reigns whipped and hits the mat. Reigns whipped, but comes out with a forearm to take Orton down. Bryan tags in and comes off the top on Orton as Bryan lands on him. Bryan works Orton's arm, but then Orton on Bryan with a neck breaker. Orton lifts Bryan and hangs him up, gut first, up top. Orton stomps his way around Bryan. Rollins tags, working back and forth with Bryan. Bryan telegraphs and is kicked for it. Rollins sent over the top and out. Orton pulls Reigns out of the way, so Bryan doesn't hit his suicide dive. They regroup outside with Big Show and Kane.


Orton works over Reigns in the heel corner. During the commercial Reigns was beaten down quite a bit by Orton.

Reigns back on Orton with blows, whips him into a corner, but Orton comes bursting out with a clothesline. Rollins tags in, is all over Reigns on the mat. A chinlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up, punching free, then reverses and slams Rollins to the mat. Bryan and Orton both want to tag in. Bryan tags in, cheap shot knocks Orton off the apron. Bryan whipped, runs up the corner and flips over Rollins. Off the ropes Bryan takes Rollins down. "YES!" kicks, but Rollins ducks the last on. Bryan reverses into the "YES!" lock. Orton in to break it up. Reigns in and takes Orton out. Rollins sent out, so Bryan is a flying goat to land on him. Rollins rolled in, Bryan climbs, but Mercury on the apron distracts, and Rollins takes Bryan's legs out. Bryan lands hard, ends up down on the mat for two.

Orton tags in and works over Bryan in a corner with blows, upper cuts, elbows, then obviously calls the move and whips Bryan. Bryan set up top. Blows on Bryan, then Orton climbs as Big Show cheers him on. Bryan blocks Orton, lands blows, then a head but. Another head butt and Orton flies. Bryan flies off the corner, but Orton rolls out of the way. Reigns is reaching, wants into this match. Both tag out. Clothesline on Rollins. Flying clothesline off the ropes to Rollins, then short clotheslines in the corner on Rollins, all ten of them. An eleventh after Reigns backed off. Reigns with Rollins up, slams him to the mat. Reigns is ready, but it's Mercury who takes the superman punch up on the apron. An enziguri drops Reigns to the mat. Orton tags in, but Reigns' blocks. They exchange blows. Orton hits his 'vintage' powerslam that looked, if possible, faster than ever! Reigns through the ropes, Orton set up, but then Rollins tags himself into the mat. Orton still hits the DDT. Orton is pissed, stomps off yelling, "Screw this!" Big Show and Kane try to calm him. Reigns avoids Rollins curb stomps, reverses it into a superman punch. Reigns backs into his corner, Bryan tags in behind Reigns' back. Reigns laughs off Bryan stealing the tag. In fact, they're both laughing through this. Bryan's running knee on Rollins for three.

Winners – Bryan & Reigns (16:09)

Reigns is all smiles at Bryan who leads "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" They both seem to really be having fun. They leave the ringside area. Orton outside the ring thinking things through as Rollins regains himself in the ring. The visual of my feed cuts out. When it comes back, Orton is in a corner of the ring, thinking things through. Orton steps toward Rollins, Noble rushes him, and Noble takes an RKO for it. Mercury backs to the corner and sits down to avoid the move. Orton pulls Rollins up to his feet, but then backs off and leaves the ring. Rollins is completely shocked that he wasn't destroyed by Orton. Big Show, Mercury and the rest in to Rollins' side.

Announce Segment

Cole is talking up the WWE Network and how it's free for the next 24 hours. (I thought it was free for February.) The WWE Network Birthday starts now.

Biggest Pop
Orton in opening segment

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Rusev & Lana

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