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Raw Results 6/8/15 – Rollins Pays His Dues To The Man Who Saved His Career

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RAW Results June 8, 2015
From Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Cena out and the fans are singing with his music. He shows off his towel, then to the ring. Serious heat for Cena.

Cena – This one will get them riled up. The Champ is here. But if you think about it, some of the biggest moments in WWE history are defined by a Championship, simply a will to win. Hulk Hogan vs Rocky. The Streak. The MITBLM. Where this Sunday, live on the WWE Network seven Superstars enter this ring and let it all hang out for a chance for a Championship opportunity. Also, this Sundayon the WWE Network, two Champions enter this ring, the most anticipated rematch in WWE history. Not for a Championship, but for an opportunity to stake their claim. Kevin Owens. Had an unbelievable debut at Elimination Chamber, and also thinks that I'm full of crap. This Sunday, Owens fights to prove that my time is up, and his time is now. This Sunday, I fight to prove that my time isn't up, I'm just getting started. As always I fight for those who believe what I believe. I fight to prove that impossible is just a word. Hell, I fight for those who chant, "Cena sucks!"

Cena waits for the chants, but they take a very long time to get going as the fans really aren't paying Cena much attention through this segment.

Cena – See, whether you're re-mixing my theme music, or chanting at the top of your lungs, or making fun of my newest t-shirt, deep down even in your cold heart of hearts, you know there's no safe bet on Sunday than John Cena. After the Elimination Chamber, the entire WWE 'Universe' was talking about Owens vs Cena, this Sunday at MITB you will be excited, astounded, entertained, but you will be reminded that I am the standard bearer, the face that runs this place, that I am John Cena! (blah reaction)

Owens' music hits, and out he comes with that slightly bored look on his face.

Owens – John, John, all you're doing is proving my point, you really are delusional. You are delusional if you think you're going to beat me at MITB. And you're delusional if you think people want to see you come out at the beginning of Raw and issue an open challenge for the US Title, because people have been watching you come out at the beginning of Raw for about ten years now, I think they're all a little tired of it, to be honest. (pop – the most noise from the fans since them singing Cena to the ring) So why don't we give them something different? Why don't we give them an NXT Open Challenge, shall we?

Cena – Mr. Owens, that is actually one hell of an idea. For the first time ever on Raw, the NXT Championship up for grab in an open challenge. That's a hell of an idea, I accept!

Owens – John, again, you are being delusional. You and I are going to fight this Sunday, so no, you can't fight me tonight. (heat)

Cena – And the guy says I'm delusional. Let's have an open challenge for anybody to accept – except you! And I believe those three guys right there, Kevin Owens does suck.

Owens – More delusion.

Cena – When I hold this up on Raw (US Title strap), and I issue an open challenge, it is for anyone to fight, and I guess Mr. Owens is what you do best. It goes for you or any Superstars. Look around you, we in the 504 homes! (pop) By the sound of things tonight, New Orleans is the place to be! (pop) I still say John Cena's the man to beat. I figure we do this right, the John Cena US Open Challenge starts, wait for it, now. You want some? Come get some.

Owens – Why don't we do this? I'm going to ignore that, and let the next Superstar down that ramp choose which Title they want to fight for?

It's Neville, of course! Neville to the ring, dropping his cape on his way down.

Neville – John, I know I've answered the US Open Challenge before, but I'd like to fight you again, one day. The fact of the matter is this. Ever since Kevin Owens won the NXT Championship, he thinks it's a license to disrespect the Superstars and fans of the WWE. Well Kevin, the truth is this my friend, you might call yourself a prize fighter, but you're not worthy of that prize. So, as a proud former NXT Champion, John, you know what I'm here to do. I'm here to beat Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship!


NXT Championship Match – Kevin Owens (c) vs Neville

Owens leaves the ring at the bell. Cena to his feet on announce, but doesn't leave. Neville out and all over Owens. Owens on Neville with blows, then into the ring. Neville in with a hurricanranna. Owens out, so Neville flies on him. Back in and Neville gets two.

Cena talks Owens' entitlement, where Neville works for it. Owens beats down on Neville in the ring, using his size and strength over Neville. Neville slammed to the mat. Neville comes back with blows on Owens, but sent into a corner and takes Owens' cannonball in the corner for two.

Owens gets serious heat from the fans. Owens hangs Neville up top. Owens calls a shot into Neville's ear, then whips him to the corner. Neville falls to the mat. Facelock on Neville on the mat. Cena talks about how your WWE career starts when you come to this ring. Neville up and free, but caught by Owens and taken ribs first across Owens' knee for two.

Neville comes back with kicks, but is slammed down into a bottom rope. Owens chokes Neville in the ropes. Back suplex on Neville for two.

Neville tossed high over the top rope. Owens poses.


Side headlock on Neville, but Neville fights back. Blows over the top rope on Owens. Neville dives over the top, gets caught by Owens. Owens waves his hand in front of his face at Cena, but then Neville reverses the move into a DDT! Neville off the ropes eats an elbow. Owens rushes Neville, but the rope is pulled and went out. Neville with a top rope moonsault. They weren't lined up, but Owens got an arm out to help catch Neville. Back into the ring, Neville with a top rope missile drop kick for two.

Both slow to their feet. Neville tries, doesn't have the power is caught by Owens, lifted, and lands like a muscle buster, but on Owens' knee! Neville is able to kick out at two!

Neville kicks Owens in the face. Owens into the ropes, so Neville uses the momentum for a German suplex! Neville then muscles through a serious German and gets two for it!

Neville up, but Owens stops the arrow. Neville kicks Owens in the head and climbs. Owens rolls out of the way, Neville lands on his feet (barely) and rolls through. Kick to Owens' jaw. Neville climbs, but Owens into the ropes to knock him down. Pop up suplex on Neville for three.

Winner – Kevin Owens (14:00)

Cena to his feet, clapping for Owens' win. Owens with the NXT Title held him, so Cena hols the US Title high. Owens holds the ropes for Cena to get into the ring. Cena thinks about it, then slides in quickly. They stare each other down. Owens looks at his strap, then leaves the ring. A wave in front of his face, then Owens drops off the apron.


Ambrose got screwed out of the WWE WHC. Rollins agreed to face Ambrose in a Ladder Match for the WWE WHC at MITB, and dissed all of The Authority.


Backstage Segment

Steph (looking at a phone) – Look at that one, pink saxophone.

Trip – It's embarrassing.

Rollins (comes in looking at his phone) – Have you seen this? What about this one? The saxophone? Come on! This is so embarrassing. Ambrose is parading around this disgusting city, acting like it's his Title? He stole that from me! He's rubbing it in our face. What are we going to do about it?

Trip – You got a mouse in your pocket?

Steph – Our faces?

Rollins – Yeah.

Steph – Seth, you made it very, very clear to us that you do not want or need anyone's help, let alone our collective help. When it comes to Ambrose, you are on your own, unless you've reconsidered your position.

Rollins – I meant every word of what I said last week about J&J Security and Kane. I never needed that seven foot piece's of crap help. But you guys, I have always had the utmost respect for you, and for you Triple H.

Trip – You don't need our help.

Rollins – I don't?

Trip – No.

Steph – It's like you said last week, you don't need our help. And you are going to go do your best and defeat Ambrose on your own.

Rollins – You guys are going to be there on Sunday.

Steph – Sure! Of course we'll be there, but we will be there to observe your match. Okay, because you can beat Dean, all on your own.

Trip – Tonight, we thought you could pick your opponent. A little tune up, show us what you can do.

Rollins – Well, thank you. Yeah, yeah, thank you. Thank you for that confidence, and that confidence you've always had in me. I am the future of the WWE. I won't let you down.

Trip – Seth, we're banking on it.

Rollins leaves the room and Steph looks up at Trip in a knowing way. Trip locks eyes with her as they have an unspoken moment.


Recap of twin magic last week on Raw when Paige got screwed. Paige didn't realize until later that Brie had taken the pin. On Smackdown Paige spoke out about it, and said she's changing the Divas Division.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella. What's your reaction to what we just heard from Paige?

Nikki – Clearly Paige is projecting her frustration and disappointment onto my sister and I. I actually feel sorry for Paige. She's so naïve and thinks everything should be handed to her, and when it's not, she blames anyone more successful than her. The Bellas have never held anyone back. We've taken upon all comers. Tonight I will face Summer Rae, one of the Divas Paige claims is a victim of the Bellas. Paige herself gets to face me, another opportunity for the Divas Championship at MITB. Paige might not like the world she lives in, but it's not because of lack of opportunity, but because she's not good enough to change it. She likes to say, 'This is my house!' Well, maybe this is Paige's house, but she's living in the Bella's world.

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae out in blue and gold.


Summer Rae vs Nikki Bella

Nikki to the ring to face Summer Rae. In the ring she poses and shows off the strap.

School boy on Summer Rae for two.

Another roll up for two.

Again Nikki rolls up Summer Rae for two.

Nikki behind Summer Rae and takes an elbow. Summer Rae whipped, gets a HARD foot in Nikki's face. Clothesline on Nikki for two.

And arm and head hold on Nikki on the mat. Nikki up and uses her bum to get free, but then taken down for two.

Summer Rae's swing kick for two.

Paige is watching on a monitor backstage. Summer Rae with a knee to Nikki's back in a corner. Nikki back with a swinging kick off the second ropes. Summer Rae up, rack attack for three.

Winner – Nikki (2:20)


On Raw Reigns defeated Barrett, then Henry, then Wyatt to stay in the MITBLM


In Ring Segment

Reigns to the ring in black pants and a Reigns t-shirt.

Reigns – I gotta be completely honest, there was a time I hated that briefcase. I hated the contract and all it stood for. Looking at it now, it doesn't seem so bad that it's not connected with the biggest jackass in WWE history. (pop) Seth Rollins. Let's talk about history and how I'm going to make history when I go through six Superstars, climb that ladder and I take that contract. (pop) Then the day comes to cash in, and I'm going to have that match with the man who's walking out with that Title this Sunday, Dean Ambrose.

Kane's music hits, and out he comes, fully suited, and starts talking as he heads down the ramp.

Kane – Let me tell you what I believe. Based on your track record Roman, anyone stands a better chance of winning than you do. You act as though your failures are a motivational tool to win. I see them as weakness. A weakness I exploited on Smackdown to chokeslam you to hell. Further more, The Authority has put me in the MITBLM for one purpose, protect their interests. On Sunday my job is to win, and as DOO, there's no better man for that job than me.

Reigns – Kane, it's not Sunday, it's Monday. Why don't you come in this ring so I can show New Orleans how you break jaws. (POP)

Ziggler's music to the biggest pop of the segment.

Ziggler – You're going to be waiting a while for Kane to get in that ring, because old Korporate Kane doesn't do anything unless The Authority pulls his string and tells him to. I don't even know if I can call him Kane anymore. He's more of a human hardware store, throwing a wrench into plans, hammering out a problem, or just plain screwing someone over. You, Kane, you, are without a doubt are the greatest tool of The Authority. In all seriousness, Kane, you are the biggest tool in the WWE. Hey, you do your own thing, keep tooling away, and I'll do my thing. I have a ten minute set coming up at the Comedy Store, a smoking hot Russian lady by my side, and this Sunday I'm gonna do what I've done before, climb the ladder, grab that MITB contract, and then I'm going to be WWE WHC.

Kane – Dolph, even the most common household tool can be used in a variety of sadistic ways. So I suggest that you, both of you watch your mouths and remember who you're talking to. Everyone who is in the MITBLM will be in singles matches against each other tonight.

R-Truth's music.

R-Truth – New Orleans, what's up! I'm tell you what's up. At WrestleMania I conquered my far of ladders. This Sunday at MITB...

Kane – Wait, wait, wait! What are you doing out here?

R-Truth – I'm talking about what Truth is gonna do at MITB Sunday.

Kane – You're not even in the match!

R-Truth – I'm not? You sure?

Kane – I'm positive.

R-Truth – That's, this one's on me. On me. Kane, my bad. New Orleans, I'm sorry. You all be good.

R-Truth leaves. Ziggler and Reigns are laughing together in the ring.

Kane – As I was saying, as you know, everyone competing in the MITBLM...

New Day's music hits. Out they come clapping. "New Day Sucks!" chants.

Big E – Simmer, simmer, simmer. Awe Kane, New Day is here! Uh huh. Kofi, why don't you tell all these people what will help you go up to the top of that ladder.

Kofi – That's easy, the power of positivity, #POP, hold it down. When I become Mr. MITB...

Woods – We all become Mr. MITB!

Kofi – You understand Waldo? Because, New Day Rocks!

"New Day Sucks!" chants as Kane clears his throat.

Kane – As I was saying, as you know...

Sheamus' music.

Sheamus – The fact that any of you believe you will win the MITB contract puts a smile on my face. Almost as big as the one as when I bounced Orton around the ring on Raw. This WWE 'Universe' deserves a true icon as their Champion, and when I beat each and every one of you on Sunday, I'll be just one Brogue kick from becoming the WWE WHC once again.

Kane – Anyone else? Anyone else. You all seem pretty confident, but you're forgetting there's two other individuals who are also in the MITBLM, one is Neville. The other is, that's right...

Out comes Orton without a mic in his hands. He comes down to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Orton faced Sheamus on Raw last week. Sheamus beat down Orton, bringing out a chair to cause DQ.

Orton vs Sheamus

Orton on Sheamus with blows, upper cuts, and then chases Sheamus from the ring. More blows on Sheamus, and upper cuts. Sheamus rolled in, Sheamus rolls out. Orton out, Sheamus in and stomps Orton as he rolls in. Orton lands a back breaker on Sheamus, then stomps his way around Sheamus. Sheamus rolls out again as Orton mocks him. Sheamus is limping outside, shaking it off. Orton out and Sheamus on him with blows, upper cut, then a slam. Sheamus into the barricade. Sheamus up and into a clothesline. Sheamus rolled in, Orton in after him. "Randy!" chants are loud. Sheamus into a corner, kicks out at Orton. Upper cut on Orton in a corner, then another. Blows on Orton in the next corner, but Orton out with his own blows and upper cuts. Sheamus comes back with blows and upper cuts. Orton stomps Sheamus to the mat, so Sheamus rolls out again. Sheamus again working that knee. Sheamus on the apron, hung up top by Orton. Orton out, laying blows on Sheamus on the apron. Sheamus rolls in, so Orton in and whips Sheamus. Sheamus gets an elbow up in Orton's face, then a knee. Short clothesline on Orton for two.

Sheamus has a couple of deep welts showing up on Sheamus' back. Sheamus drops a knee on Orton's face for two.

Drop toe hold on Orton. Sheamus uses that to get an arm bar on Orton. "Randy!" chants as Orton to his feet. Big drop kick on Sheamus. Blows on Sheamus in a corner. Sheamus fights back, but then Orton with a foot in Sheamus' face. Orton set up top and knocked to the floor.


It was all Sheamus during the commercial. Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton up, punches free, but then into Sheamus' knee to take him down to the mat. Forearm to Orton's face, then Sheamus pins for two.

Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton up with blows to Sheamus' gut, but then Sheamus plants Orton on the mat for two.

Toe to toe, exchanging blows. Orton with clotheslines on Sheamus, then his sick power slam. The fans are getting hot, but then Orton eats Sheamus' feet in a corner. Sheamus shoulder first to the post, then taken down by Orton. Sheamus on the apron. Orton sets up and hits his 'vintage' DDT – though Sheamus drops a knee rather than taking it the way most do. The fans are HOT, Orton pounds the mat, but Sheamus counter. Orton ducks the brogue, then clotheslines Sheamus from the ring. Orton out, but slammed back to the apron, then Orton over announce. Sheamus grabs a chair, even with the ref screaming at him. Orton with a blow on Sheamus, then tosses the chair at Sheamus for the DQ.

Winner via DQ – Sheamus (13:16)

Sheamus into the barricade. Sheamus into the post. Sheamus eats announce. Orton smirks. Sheamus slammed onto announce, then sent into the stairs. Orton stomps Sheamus on the bottom part of the stairs. Sheamus rolled into the ring and eats an RKO and the place explodes!

Orton stares up at the case from the ring. Orton up on corners to pose for the fans.

Backstage Segment

Rollins is looking at his cell, seeing what else Ambrose is posting on Instagram with the WWE WHC, when J&J Security come in, Noble clears his throat.

Rollins – Yeah, what do you want Jamie?

Noble – Look Boss, we hate to interrupt, and we know when people are angry they say a lot of things they don't mean, like last week and earlier tonight, you saying you don't need J&J in your corner. You know Joey's sensitive, taking it hard. (Mercury grabs Noble's arm) No Joey, it's okay. We have confidence in you Seth, and Joey forgives you. We would be honored to be in your corner at MITB, and tonight.

Rollins – What? What did you just say? Joey forgives me? You forgive me? Are you kidding me? I meant every single thing I said about you two last week and tonight. You would be nothing without me. I plucked you from obscurity and made you my security team because I felt sorry for you, do you understand that? I made you two relevant and all I wanted was a little competence, alright? If you weren't the biggest morons in the history of the WWE, then maybe Ambrose wouldn't be running around the French Quarter with my Title! I never needed either of you!

Noble – Well Boss, we have one thing to say about that. Screw you! You would never be Champion if it wasn't for us. We're Shield 2.0! He's a better Roman than Reigns, I'm a better Ambrose than Dean, and you're the Architect! Unstoppable. What kind of man are you? You gonna turn on us like Shield? He's a catsuit wearing son of a gun and you wouldn't be anywhere if The Authority wasn't backing you!

Rollins – I wouldn't last a minute? That's how you really feel about me? The Authority gave me permission to pick my opponent tonight, and thinking about it, and I'm gonna pick you. And you. I'm gonna prove how good I am by beating both of you tonight in a 2 On 1 Handicap Match.

Rollins slaps Noble. Noble slaps Rollins back. Mercury gets between them, and right up in Rollins' face. He's finally going to speak!

Mercury – Hey! You think we're a couple of jokes? We're not. We've had your back since day one. Tonight we're kicking your ass!

J&J Security leave Rollins with his sore jaw.


Kane vs Ziggler

Ziggler ducks Kane and all over him with blows. Ziggler into a corner, but comes out with blows on Kane. Kane catches Ziggler, but Ziggler free and all over Kane. Kane in a corner and Ziggler dives at him, but catches a hard slap. Lana is outside on the ramp, watching it all, wearing a Pepto pink satin suit. Kane on Ziggler with blows. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler whipped, splashed by Kane and crumbles to the mat. Kane covers for two.

Facelock on Ziggler on the mat, all the way down. Ziggler works his way up with blows, then a jaw breaker, but then takes a back suplex for two.

"We want Lana!" chants. Ziggler pulled up in a corner by his hair. Blows from Kane as the ref back him off Ziggler. A low big boot to Ziggler in that corner. Huge scoop slam on Ziggler for two.

Kane telegraphs, is kicked for it. Ziggler whipped, comes out into a 'vintage' Kane side slam for two.

Kane catches Ziggler who reverses into a DDT on Kane for two.

Ziggler tossed off Kane's back, then eats a big boot for two.


Low drop kick to Kane's knee, then a famouser on Kane for a long two!

Kane blocks Ziggler's superkick. Ziggler blocks a chokeslam and is able to land his superkick. Both are down. On the ramp Rusev rushes down on crutches, arguing with Lana and won't let her leave. She ends up going off the side of ramp, whether falling or being pushed by Rusev's chest is the question. Lana is down holding her ankle, as she's wearing very high stilettos. Ziggler sees this and tries to get to her, but Kane catches him in a chokeslam on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Kane (10:50)

The refs are with Lana, her shoe is off. Ziggler is to her side, holding his own neck. Ziggler tells them to bring ice out to her, not wanting her to move yet. Ziggler asking what happened. Someone says she fell off.

Backstage Segment

Noble – I could tell he was intimidated when you stepped up in his face.

Mercury – He's the best, but he's going to get over-confident and cocky, and that's when he's gonna screw up.

Noble – He put us in this spot. He's asking for this.


Backstage Segment

Ziggler tending to Lana backstage. The trainer is working on Lana. Ziggler puts his hoodie over her shoulders.

Miz TV

Miz – Welcome to the most must see TV show in history, welcome to Miz TV. I should be standing here as your IC Champion, but this happened last week.

Video of Big Show punching Miz out, ending any match Miz might have had.

Miz – Don't worry my lawyers are looking into which action to take against Big Show, and Ryback, because knowing Ryback, he put Big Show up to it to not fight me. I was robbed and I deserve better...

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback as Miz sulks in the ring.

Ryback – New Orleans, just in case Miz was boring you, I'm here to say, wake up! May I sit?

"Feed me more!" chants.

Ryback – You're talking out here about being robbed. The only person who was robbed was The Big Guy of the pleasure of meathooking your face off.

Miz – How dare you? How dare you come out here. You wait until I call your name. I'm a former WWE Champion.

Ryback – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. We always know your deal, because you're always telling us your deal. Tell us your resume a thousand times. We get it, you're a former Champion. The main event at WrestleMania. Big time movie star. Your former stunt double Damien out-performed you, out-classed you, and out-wrestled you each and every night he was with you. Am I right? (YEAH!) Am I right? (YEAH!) You should be thankful what Big Show did last week, because if you'd wrestled The Big Guy, I'd have taken years off your career.

Miz – Can I be blunt with you? You're ugly. You have no idea the value of having a good looking face. None of these people have the value of having a good looking face.

Ryback – You guys think Miz has a good looking face? (NO!) Huh? (NO!)

Miz – When my hand goes up, your mouths go shut!

Ryback – When my hand goes up, your mouths go, "Feed me more!"

"Feed me more!" chants.

Miz – My hand is up, your mouth is shut! You will listen to me!

"Feed me more!" chants.

Ryback – New Orleans, you sound hungrier than The Big Guy tonight.

Miz – I know the value of my face, this is the money maker. I had to see specialists after what Big Show did to make sure I could still properly emote. If you truly wanted a match with me, I'd be furious at Big Show. You're a Champion and want to be fed more. Big Show stopped that. He ripped away your right to defend your Championship against a megastar. Don't you just want to do something about that?

Big Show's music and out he comes. Big Show stands in front of Miz who quickly gets out of his center seat and steps away. Big Show sits down in that seat, barely getting his ass into it.

Big Show – The chair's not gonna break folks, so stop chanting that. Let me make this clear. Of all the tag team partners I've had through the years, you're the one I hated immediately. See Miz, you know me. I'm a giant. I can turn bricks to powder with my hands. I know you. ("What?") I said I know you. ("What?") Some people never change. I want something broken, I break it. I want something taken, I take it.

Ryback laughs into the mic.

Miz – What are you laughing at?

Ryback – Look, we all know what you're trying to do here. If you think I'm gonna fight your battle, you're sadly mistaken.

Miz – You're a fighting Champion.

Ryback – I don't need you to try to manipulate me or motivate me into fighting Big Show. Unlike you, I'm not afraid of him. Big Show, you want my IC Championship? (stands, off comes the shirt) It's right here.

Ryback holds the strap high. "Feed me more!" chants.

Big Show – There you go Ryback, you're always trying to put a positive spin on things. You've overcome adversity, that's true, but you can't stop me, I'm a giant. There's nothing positive here. I told you last week that no one's going to beat you for that IC Championship, but me. Come MITB, I'm gonna do what I said, I'm gonna beat you.

Miz – You going to let him talk to you Ryback, or you going to put him in his place?

Big Show - MIZ! Open your mouth one more time, and I will shut it permanently!

Miz backs away looking scared. Big Show turns back to address Ryback, and Miz flies at Big Show, hitting him in the back of the head with the mic in his hand. Miz then hits Big Show in the back of the head with the mic again. Big Show pushes Miz off, then hits Ryback and pushes him down awkwardly onto one of the chairs. Big Show clotheslines Miz from the ring. Big Show turns back to Ryback, is lifted in the air, then shellshocked!

The loudest "Feed me more!" chant I've heard from the fans. Ryback poses with his strap before leaving the ring and posing outside the ring with the strap.


Recap of Rollins' issues backstage, picking J&J to face in his match tonight. After slaps, Mercury gets chatty.


Los Matadores vs Harper & Rowan

Los Matadores and El Torito in the ring. Harper and Rowan to the ring together.

Rowan on Fernando in the ring. Fernando whipped, gets a foot up. Fernando free of Rowan and gets feet up again. Diego tags in, off the top on Rowan for two. Diego slingshots off the ropes back into a blow by Rowan. Harper tags in and whips Rowan into Diego, then Diego takes a big boot from Harper for two.

Rowan tags in with a splash for two.

El Torito on the apron clapping, but Rowan bumps him off the apron and laughs about it. Diego with a low drop kick to Rowan's ankle. Diego cannot tag out because Fernando is tending to El Torito. Harper in, they hit the wave (almost a 3D) for three.

Winners – Harper & Rowan (2:16)

Wave on Fernando. Harper out to grab a mic.

Harper – Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. The time to pay for your sins is coming! The judgement is waiting at your door.

Rowan (Harper holding the mic for him) – It's okay to be afraid. You should be!

Harper and Rowan pose in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Kane comes into Rollins' locker room laughing as he looks at his phone.

Kane – Man, Ambrose has been all over New Orleans with your Title!

Rollins – What do you want Kane?

Kane – I'm here to wish you luck on your match tonight.

Rollins – I'm facing J&J, I don't need any luck, I'm the Champ.

Kane – About that. You do realize that you're in a no-win situation.

Rollins – What are you talking about?

Kane – The way I see it, come Sunday things can go one of two ways. One, you pull off a miracle and actually beat Ambrose on your own. In which case, as you're celebrating your improbably victory in the middle of the ring alone, then you freeze in terror as you come face to face with your destiny in your worst nightmare. Me! Because I'm going to come walking down that aisle, take a page out of your book, cash in my contract, and become the new WWE WHC. The Title stays in The Authority and I'm the new future. Or two, Ambrose exposes you as the hopeless fraud you are, wins the Title and I cash in my MITB contract on Ambrose. Either way, your lose, lose is my win, win.

Rollins – Let me tell you Kane, I don't need your help. I don't need J&J's help. I don't need anybody elses help to defeat Ambrose on my own this Sunday at MITB. In fact, I'm expecting Ambrose to be here later tonight, and after I make an example of J&J, I'm going to give Dean a little taste of what's going to happen to him at MITB. And, if, somehow, you actually, actually are able to win that MITB contract, I dare you to try to come down and cash that in on me, because I will gladly put my boot in your ugly, smug, sweating, disgusting face.

Kane – You know Seth, I'm interesting to see if you can make that happen, starting with J&J, because when you're out there on your own, this ugly, smug, sweating, disgusting face will be in J&J's corner. See you out there, Champ!



Promo for Ted 2.

Big E vs Titus O'Neil

New Day in the ring clapping together. Prime Time Players to the ring.

Big E mocks O'Neil at the bell as Woods is screaming about something outside the ring. Big E slams O'Neil to the ring for two.

Big E on O'Neil with blows on the mat. O'Neil rolls to the ropes. "New Day Sucks!" chants. Blows on O'Neil in a corner, then choking O'Neil with a boot up under O'Neil's chin. Abdominal stretch on O'Neil with punches to the "New Day Sucks!" clap. O'Neil free and Big E gets clapping in the ring. This gives O'Neil time to beat on Big E in a corner. Big E lifted, then tossed across the ring. Shoulder blocks on Big E. Big E driven into a corner, then whips him across the ring. Barking, then O'Neil splashes Big E. O'Neil tackles through Big E in the ring. Big E flies across the ring! Fighting starts outside the ring. O'Neil grabs Woods by his hair, but then ends up eating a big ending.

Winner – Big E (3:09)

New Day celebrating in the ring when Reigns' music hits and he comes stomping to the ring to solid pop.


Kofi vs Reigns

Kofi points up at the case above the ring. They circle as Woods runs his mouth outside the ring. Kofi on Reigns' arm. Arm bar, hammer lock, struggling. Reigns tosses Kofi off and lands a shoulder tackle. Kofi behind Reigns, to a headlock, to hammer lock, to side headlock on Reigns, then tossed off Reigns back. Reigns flips Kofi, sending him flying by one arm. Kofi out to regroup with New Day. They surround the ring, all climbing up on the apron, distracting Reigns for Kofi to attack. Kofi holds Reigns' wrist and kicks on his arm as Woods yells about visualization. Upper cuts on Reigns, then shoulder blocks in the corner. Reigns down, but then elevates Kofi. Kofi free and Reigns driven to his knees. Reigns up off the ropes with a BEAUTIFUL clothesline. Reigns then clotheslines Kofi from the ring. Reigns out, bouncing Kofi off announce. Kofi bounced off the apron. Reigns double kick, which he says is for Big E and Woods. Reigns into the ring. Reigns acts as if he's going to dive out on them, they scatter. Reigns rushes the group and ends up clotheslining Woods. Kofi in the ring with a double footed kick through the ropes on Reigns.


European headlock on Reigns in the ring. Kofi takes him down for two.

Kick to Reigns' back for two.

Reigns off the ropes, but Kofi trips him up. Kofi climbs and waits. Double ax handle off the top for two.

Kofi telegraphs and is kicked for it. Kofi tries to splash, but Reigns moves. Clotheslines on Kofi, then he's set in the corner for a splash. Kofi ducks a punch. Side slam on Kofi for two.

Woods still yelling smack from outside. Kofi kicks Reigns in the gut. Reigns blocks the SOS, lifts Kofi with one arm and slams him down in a sit-down bomb-esque move for two.

Reigns up, locks and loads. Big E up on the apron, takes a punch. Woods in to distract and Kofi gets two.

Kofi all over Reigns, then up top. Kofi flies, but eats a superman punch as he flies. It was messy, but Reigns got three for it.

Winner – Reigns (12:17)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Reigns grabs a chair from next to announce and says he's staying. Ambrose comes through the crowd. He has the WWE WHC in hand, Bourbon Street beads, a soda, a tub of popcorn, and a huge bag of popcorn hanging from his hand. As he comes through the stands, one little blonde girl, about 3-4 years old reaches for the popcorn. She wants his popcorn.

Backstage Segment

The Authority and Rollins watching on a monitor.

Trip – It's, ah, Dean Ambrose.

Steph – With, um, your WWE WHC.

Trip – You need something? Do you want to ask for something?

Steph – From us? Anything?

Trip – Okay.

Steph – Go get them.

Rollins leaves and Steph gives that same look to Trip, which he returns.

Ambrose is in the front row with his popcorn and crazy eyes.


2 On 1 Handicap Match – Rollins vs Noble & Mercury

Rollins to the ring, all by himself, no strap to be seen – except over Ambrose's shoulder. Rollins on the apron closest to Ambrose, yelling smack at him. Kane's music, and he leads J&J Security to the ring. Noble and Mercury remove their ties and loosen their shirts as they head to the ring.

Rollins pushes Mercury off. Rollins pushes him off again. Mercury looks annoyed. Rollins with an arm bar. Mercury flips free, and all over Rollins with the hold. Rollins flips out, and then with one arm flips Mercury to the mat. Noble tags in as Mercury holds his arm. Side headlock on Noble. No reverses, gets free and eats a shoulder tackle from the ropes. Rollins sends both J&J from the ring. Kane talks to both of them before they approach from opposite sides. Kane is on the apron side, up on the apron. Noble and Mercury attack Rollins, beat on him, and then clothesline him from the ring. Rollins is all pissy, yelling smack, right in front of Ambrose. Ambrose dumps popcorn on Rollins' head. Noble gets Rollins running the ropes, tags out, Rollins into a drop kick from Mercury for two.

Ambrose is yelling to Joey Mercury that his moves were good. Rollins turns the tides on Mercury and sends him out. Rollins out, sends Mercury into the barricade. Mercury stomped down next to announce, then into the barricade in front of Ambrose. Ambrose flashes the strap and laughs in Rollins' face. Mercury rolled in, selling every bump. Rollins splashes Mercury in the corner, then talks smack to Noble. "Joey!" chants. Rollins mocks Mercury, but keeps him from tagging out. "Let's go Joey!" chants. Mercury looks down and out, then hits a sunset flip off the ropes! Mercury whipped, Mercury elevates him. Rollins up, but Mercury ducks. Rollins taken down. Both down, but Mercury able to tag out. Noble all over Rollins. Swinging neck breaker on Rollins for two.

"Jamie Noble!" and "You still got it!" chants. Noble up top, but Rollins drops him right on his crotch. Noble down on Rollins, Mercury holds Rollins' foot, hiding behind the apron, but they only got two for it.

Both of J&J in the ring. Rollins powerbombs Mercury into Noble in the corner. Mercury tossed out of the ring. Rollins in Noble's face yelling smack. Rollins sets up, but Ambrose to the ring, slides the strap into the ring. Rollins grabs the strap, but then Mercury rolls Rollins up for three.

Winners – Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury! (8:58)

Mercury flees. Noble and Kane elevate Mercury as they celebrate on the ramp. Ambrose into the ring, on Rollins, hits dirty deeds, and takes the WWE WHC strap back. Ambrose to the ramp, grabs a ladder, climbs and poses close to the top, glaring in at Rollins selling in the ring. Ambrose mouths smack at Rollins, really pours passion into his looks at Rollins.

Biggest Pop
J&J beating Rollins

Biggest Heat
Kevin Owens
New Day

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