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Raw Results 3/9/15 – Jumpin' Jeff Farmer Explains His Need To Face Triple H At WrestleMania


RAW Results March 9, 2015
From CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

20 days to WrestleMania. Wiz Khalifa is the guest star tonight. And Brock Lesnar will address Reigns.

Raw Starts


Recap of the growing questions between Rollins and Orton heading into last week's main event. Orton to the ring and helps Rollins get the win.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring. The Authority is already in the ring.

Kane – Randy, we could have done this behind closed doors, but we wanted to do it in public to prove to everyone who refuses to believe you're one of us, to reveal their ignorance. It's my duty to welcome you back into The Authority.

Big Show – You and I go back a long time.

Heat stops Big Show's speech.

Big Show – See, it's ignorant people like you who make me mad when I'm making a point. I apologize for their rudeness. When I look at you I see the most talented, sadistic, aggressive athlete I've seen. You'd RKO your own father if he stood in your way. I told them what you're about, I know you. Welcome home bro, welcome back to where you belong.

Noble – As a member of The Authority. (serious heat) I'm proud... I can't do this Seth, he's a no good snake...

Rollins grabs the mic from Noble.

Rollins – Hey, wait, you will have to excuse Jamie, he's always been the sensitive one. (baby voice) Right little Jamie, your little feelings were hurt when big bad Randy gave you the RKO? Look, Jamie, I assure you is 100% thrilled to have you back in The Authority, just Like Joey, right Joey?

Mercury takes the mic, looks, rolls his eyes, then hands the mic back to Rollins, saying, "No," off mic. Mercury then simply gives an iconic thumbs up with one hand, as he's holding the case with the other hand and leaning on the top rope with that elbow.

Rollins – They're J&J Security not J&J Public Speaking. Let's all address the elephant in the room, because we've all been hearing the same thing since you came back. Everyone in the 'Universe' has said the same thing, Orton isn't part of The Authority. Orton is just biding his time to get his revenge on Rollins. (to the fans) Oh yeah, you guys must feel like the biggest idiots on planet earth right now, don'tcha? Not because you live in Pittsburgh, but because Orton and I are side by side in the same ring, proud members of The Authority.

"RKO!" chants.

Rollins – Look, they weren't alone, even myself. I'll admit that. J&J Security had doubt. Kane had some doubt. Big Show, well, no one really cares what Big Show thinks. Hey, hey, takeit easy big guy. Why is everyone stressed? Take it easy. We're all back together, one big happy family. So I'd like to extend my hand and welcome home Orton.

Rollins and Orton shake hands.

Rollins – Now, if you would please, stand up and pay respect to one of the most decorated Superstars in the WWE and my partner tonight, Randy Orton.

Orton – That was very touching. Those words were kind and I felt it in my heart, but it left me thinking something. What the hell happened to The Authority? You guys listening to yourself kiss my ass? Kane, you were the Devil's Favorite Demon, but right now the Devil's Favorite Dumbass? Which is it Kane? Kicking ass and taking names? Or kissing ass and making coffee? What are you looking at Big Show? You should be the most dominant giant in the WWE, but you use all that size, strength and power to bitch and moan and feel sorry for yourself. From the most dominant Superstar in history to the most pathetic. Jamie, you speak from your gut, tell it like it is. Why do you despise me so? Is it because everybody knows who I am? Or, wait a minute, is it because I can get on all the rides at Disney and you can't? It's okay buddy, my six year old daughter feels the same way. And you... (to Mercury) Which brings me to Mr. Seth Rollins. The Architect, Mr. MITB, the self-proclaimed Future of the WWE, you have been blinded by your ego that you can't even see what's happening here. Weeks I've been getting close to your family, biding my time, and you feel safe and secure, and only then will I pick my opportunity to strike. When I strike Seth, I won't just beat you, I won't just beat you down, I plan on making you my bitch! You're going to feel every stomp, every kick, every punch as I take you apart piece by piece until there is no future for Seth Rollins left.

"RKO!" chants.

Orton – Come on guys, I'm just playing around! I'm screwing with you! Lighten the hell up! Come on! I'm messing around guys.

Rollins – The Viper strikes again. You had me so good! Maybe you should be taking over for Jon Stewart. You think we're having fun now, wait until you see us in the main event when we derail Reigns on his Road to WrestleMania. Bring it in, because that is what's best for business!

They're all milling in the ring, none of them quite sure of Orton, but that's to be expected.

In Ring Segment

Bryan out, looks at the ladder on stage. Leads "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" to the ring. Bryan with his ponytail into the ring.


WWE Slam of the Week

Last week on Smackdown when the IC Title was passed around outside the ring. Harper ended up with it, but then R-Truth, and then Bryan led the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" But then it was Stardust who took out Bryan to get the strap.

Bryan vs Barrett

R-Truth is again on announce. Barrett out to face Bryan.

Yelling between R-Truth and Barrett before the match starts. They discuss R-Truth burlap sack at announce. Barrett off the ropes into Bryan's knee, then Bryan on Barrett for two.

Barrett controls Barrett by holding his head on the mat. Bryan drops knees to Barrett's back. Barrett comes back on Bryan in a corner. Snap mare on Bryan, but Bryan fights back. Bryan on Barrett's left arm, then a double underhook suplex on Barrett for two.

Bryan with an arm bar on Barrett, but Barrett comes back with a right. Bryan comes back between Barrett's legs and double kicks up at Barrett sending him back. Barrett fights back with knees on Bryan sitting on the second rope. A big boot drops Bryan to the floor.


Bryan across the corner, takes kicks to the ribs. Barrett climbs with a superplex off the top on Bryan. Barrett gets Bryan up, but Bryan free and reverses on Barrett, rolls him up for two. Bryan with his running knees for three.

Winner – Bryan (7:11)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from Bryan. Video recap of the high points of the match. Bryan continues leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan off the corner and eats a bull hammer by Barrett. Bryan hits the floor, then Barrett looks and says (off mic) he's coming after R-Truth. Barrett up the ramp trying to lead the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Ambrose's music hits and he comes running out to take Barrett out.


Ambrose vs Stardust

Ambrose in the ring. Video of Ambrose attacking Barrett on the ramp. Stardust out with the IC belt around his waist.

Stardust snaps the belt around the top bolt for the top buckle. R-Truth is still on announce with his sack. "Cody!" chants. Side headlock takeover on Stardust. Ambrose takes Stardust down for two. Stardust over to touch the strap, Ambrose attacks from behind. Snap mare on Stardust, then Ambrose drops a silly elbow on Stardust. Stardust blocks Ambrose and lifts Ambrose up to drop on his face. Ambrose fights back on Stardust on the ropes. Stardust into the strap corner, then Ambrose runs his face along the top rope. Stardust fights back by kicking up in Ambrose's face. Stardust sent flying from the ring, then flies out onto Stardust by announce. Stardust rolled in, but gets a forearm into Ambrose's face over the top. Stardust on Ambrose's left knee and sends him back out.


Stardust all over Ambrose's leg that was injured in the Ambulance Match with Wyatt. Ambrose fights back with blows. Ambrose on Stardust in a corner, then a running bulldog on Stardust. Ambrose lands on that leg. Ambrose comes back with a big clothesline, then dirty deeds.

Winner – Ambrose (7:38)

Ambrose takes the strap down off the corner as JBL and R-Truth argue about it on announce. Barrett into the ring and on Ambrose. Bryan in and on Barrett. Harper in and on Bryan. Stardust on Ambrose. Ziggler in on Barrett. All six of them are fighting, so R-Truth steals the strap and puts it in his sack. They all continue to brawl in the ring. Barrett tossed out by Ambrose. Cross Rhodes on Ambrose. Super kick to Stardust from Ziggler. Clothesline from smell on Ziggler. Running knee on Harper. Bull hammer on Bryan. Barrett looks at R-Truth and heads out to announce, demanding his Title. R-Truth grabs a sack, hands it to Barrett who leaves through the crowd. Obviously not the right sack. Then, with the real strap in a sack, R-Truth flees up the ramp. Barrett pulls out the strap to show it's a toy IC Title belt. R-Truth gloats on stage with the real strap.


Cole talks about the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. Last year Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. They go on to Warrior's famous speech on Raw the night after WrestleMania. This year, in his honor, they're establishing the Warrior Award, as Warrior asked last year in his speech. This year that honoree is Connor 'The Crusher' Michalek. They show the most endearing moments of his time with the WWE.



Exclusive look at Jericho's newest DVD after Raw. The DVD will be released tomorrow.

In Ring Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and all day long they have been trying to get me to preview this video, but instead I'm out here live to watch it with you.

It's a Reigns video, looking at his journey, with interview clips looking at him from NXT to The Shield to now. They look into his family and how Rock told him to remember the family, and how he needs to raise that bar. He's all for opinions, but people need to respect his opinion as well. Reigns says WrestleMania is the biggest moment of his life. Sometimes you can build a mystique and everyone's bought into it. He's backed it up, but he can be beaten. He's been told he can't win, but says he can, and will. Believe that.

Heyman – Huh, okay. So Reigns makes some interesting points, to which I shall retort, here comes the pain. The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC Brock Lesnar!

Brock's music hits and out he comes, strap around his waist, pyro goes off. Down to the ring, slides the strap in, then jumps up on the apron. Into the ring, the strap over his shoulder.

The fans are not impressed.

Heyman – I understand what a fan pleasing video, but to my client, it was nothing more than propaganda. If it came out of the tail end of a bull, it wouldn't smell any different. Oh, Reigns was the standout in NXT, went on to be the bad ass of The Shield where he was a standout. Then, he went on to win the Royal Rumble to be the #1 contender, and defended his opportunity at Fast Lane – yay! I've known that family since I was 14, so let me tell you the truth about Reigns. WWE likes to live through fantasy, and that was pure fantasy. The truth that when Reigns was nine, barely more than a savage himself, used to take Reigns and his savage cousins, point out the football players and say, one man left standing, don't come home for dinner tonight. Reigns' uncle would take him to the beach with his other criminal cousins and point out the muscle heads and say, one left standing, don't come home tonight. Take them out with a punch, a tackle, the two moves you see him do today. The same at WrestleMania, beat Brock Lesnar for the Title or don't call yourself a member of this family. Profound motivation for any young man, let alone the baddest member of the family, except one problem, Reigns won't beat Brock Lesnar for the Title at WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar won't lose the Title to you at WrestleMania. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the whole world's not against us. I know what goes on behind the scenes, so if The Authority wants to get the strap away from Brock and on Reigns so Rollins can cash in his MITB contract, and isn't man enough to cash it in on Brock Lesnar, and that's smart, because Rollins will be cheaper as Champion than Brock. If anyone has it in their heads to pull a Montreal Screw-Job on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, my client assures me that anyone involved in a Montreal scenario will not leave that arena alive! See, while Reigns is coming into WrestleMania with the mindset that he wants to stay a part of his family, he has to bite Brock's face off? Brock can get his face stitched up, but the sheer beating Brock will give to Reigns will make all of respect Reigns. Reigns down the street, after the beating he takes from Brock Lesnar. You'll say that's one bad ass Samona, he took a beating like I've never seen. When Reigns...

Heyman's mic cuts out again this week. Heyman looks really annoyed.

Heyman – You know what I really like the about this? I like that Oz behind the curtain, or in the production truck likes to shut off my mic, instead of coming to the ring and taking it out of my hand. Instead of someone in the position of authority around here comes down here and takes that Title away from Brock Lesnar. And if you'd like to take the Title away from Brock Lesnar, go ahead, grab a leg, take your best shot. Because if Brock Lesnar wants to spend his summer unifying the WWE and the UFC Title, that's what he's gonna do! (a bit of a pop) Censor this one, if Brock Lesnar decides to go to Vegas and slap around Mayweather and Pacquiao...By the way, you know if you combine those two, they're still ten pounds shy of you?

Brock smiles, chuckling to himself.

Heyman – That what Brock Lesnar is going to do. Here's a message for everyone who keeps shutting off my damn mic. This Title, no longer belongs to the WWE, this Title belongs to Brock Lesnar! It's his! And he's not giving it back! In 2002 they took a rookie and put him in the ring with The Rock, because they thought they'd make headline with Rock beating a former NCAA Champion, and that rookie sent Dwayne Johnson off to Hollywood. In 2014 they took this accomplished athlete – the first to hold the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Championship, the UFC Title and the WWE Title – sent him to Taker at WrestleMania, thinking he'd be the 0 in 22-0, and he didn't just kill the Streak, her damn near killed Taker, now Wyatt has to resurrect him. At SummerSlam, one Beast suplexed Cena out of the main event at WrestleMania. Here's my question, all the same answer, who did that to them all, and what do you think he will do to Reigns at WrestleMania? The answer to these questions is this – Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, the Beast, the Conqueror, and the one who will leave Reigns on his back at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar!

Brock rolls his eyes up to look at the WrestleMania sign. Cole talks about the intensity in Brock's eyes as he looks at the sign.


Wyatt – WrestleMania is almost here. The reaper awaits you Deadman. Where are you tonight? Find me.

Wyatt is standing behind Taker's urn.


Kane & Big Show vs Rowan & Ryback

Kane and Big Show in the ring together. On Smackdown Big Show cost Kane his match against Ryback. Big Show then faced Ryback, and Big Show won the match – with Kane's help. Rowan and Ryback to the ring together.

Ryback on Kane with kicks and punches, then a shoulder block. Shoulder blocks in a corner. Thesz Press takes Kane down. Splash on Kane, then spinebuster. Ryback showboats. "Feed me more!" but then Ryback ate a big boot. Big Show tags in and spears Ryback off the ropes. Big Show yells smack at Ryback. Kicks to Ryback in a corner, then tosses him across the ring by his head. Ryback pulled up and takes a right, then a shoulder tackle. Big Show pulls Ryback to his feet into a corner and slaps his chest. Ryback eats the heel corner, then another chest slap. Kane tags in and comes off the ropes with a big boot. Another boot to Ryback's head. Ryback blocks Kane and hits his own suplex. Both men are down and slow to their feet. Rowan tags in and takes Kane down. Kane whipped, splashed in a corner. Rowan with a shoulder to Kane for two.

Rowan whipped to heel corner and takes Big Show out. Ryback in, and Big Show uses this distraction to try to punch Rowan in the head through the ropes, but hit Kane instead and cost them the match.

Winners – Ryback & Rowan (3:25)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Big Show into the ring to Kane. Kane on his knees, holding his head. Kane to his feet, yelling at Big Show over this. They argue quite a bit in the ring, but Steph's music hits. She comes out to the stage in a Heather grey sleeveless shift dress with a subdued ruffle on the V-neck which didn't add any bulk to her already impressive chest, and knee high black boots. She looks pissed. Steph starts on mic on the stage, yelling at them on mic her whole way to the ring and in.

Steph – Hey! Big Show, Kane, turn around right now. What's wrong with the two of you? Why can't you behave like professionals instead of arguing like children? Shut up Big Show! We are three weeks from WrestleMania and you're going to behave like this? Don't you understand that you represent The Authority? That means you represent me and Trip, and WWE. You know what, maybe Orton was right. You're listening now? Maybe Orton was right. Maybe you're too busy whining and kvetching. And maybe you're too busy getting coffee. Orton may have been kidding, but I'm not. I don't know what happened to the monster and the giant, but I want them back. You know what, just get out of my ring. Get out of my ring. I said, get out of my ring!

They both leave the ring. Kane over to Steph and says something.

Steph – Oh, you can work this out yourselves? Yeah. You can do that. How about the two of you pack up your stuff and leave the arena. It's time you think about the bigger picture and what's best for business, and the role you play. And, until you can. Do I make myself clear?

Big Show (off mic) – Yes ma'am.

The two of them head up the ramp ashamed. Steph stomps up and out after them.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Miz's commercial last week on Raw. They run the segment and the commercial, followed by Miz slapping Mizdow. Mizdow kept his temper.

Backstage Segment

Miz – My background is in musical theater. I can see it, WWE's A-Lister, and hip hop's multi platinum recording artist working together on an album. Think about it, think about the name. The Miz and Wiz!

Wiz – I like that, and I like you. I seen what you did, that ad thing. I don't think our brands work together. And, I already ran into another WWE A-Lister, he signed in and everything.

Mizdow with fake loks, shades, trucker cap and hoodie. He also has cartoon talk bubbles as fake tattoos on his neck.

Mizdow – What's up?

Wiz – Give him something.

Mizdow – Coming straight to you from the 412, spitting direct and correct, all factual and true. Me and my crew, we on track, coming at you like a train, Miz, relax your brain. We still close like kin, but when it come to the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, yo cuz, I'm in.

Miz wants to say something, but can't think of anything and stomps off. Wiz and Mizdow celebrate that.



Sheamus promo.


Wiz Khalifa performs.

After he's done, Mizdow comes out to celebrate with him. #Wizdow is trending.

Announce Segment

Recap of the match between Paige and Nikki last week where Brie got involved, then AJ to the ring to get involved and help Paige.

Backstage Segment

Paige and AJ heading for the ring. AJ is skipping, Paige tries to skip with her, but can't get the momentum going.


Backstage Segment

Brie and Nikki are watching a clip of The Flintstone's Movie, wearing pink Flintstones outfits.

Byron asks what they think of the movie.

Brie – We love it. We are the stars, and only Divas in the movie.

Nikki – Who would pay to see a scrappy cave girl and her pet Pellasaurus Rex?

Brie – They don't have a chance against Nikki and I, the Bellas are the greatest since Betty and Wilma.

Nikki – AJ and Paige, they will be little pieces of rubble when we go through them. We're going to throw them back to the stone age at WrestleMania.

Brie – Yabba, dabba, do.

AJ vs Summer Rae

AJ and Paige in the ring, AJ's music playing. Summer Rae also in the ring with can and Eva Marie on the apron to cheer her on.

Summer Rae kicks AJ down, kneeing her in the back. AJ reverses on Summer Rae for two.

Drop kick to Summer Rae, then the worst head scissors from AJ, but looks to be both their fault. Summer Rae works an interesting move to take AJ down for two.

A version of the cobra clutch on AJ in the center of the ring. AJ then slammed to the mat for two.

AJ eats corner, then choked by Summer Rae's foot as if she thinks she Keibler. Thesz Press on Summer Rae, then a back elbow to Summer Rae's face. Big clothesline on Summer Rae in a corner. Neck breaker from AJ, but Summer Rae takes it too quickly and hits the mat well before AJ. DDT on Summer Rae for two.

Swinging leg kick in slo-mo from Summer Rae for two.

AJ locks on her black widow and Summer Rae taps out.

Winner – AJ (3:17)

AJ and Paige quietly celebrate in the ring together.



Recap of the growing feud between Triple H and Sting. It's narrated by Sting, but it really wasn't Sting. It wasn't his voice!

Backstage Segment

Rusev and Lana head for the ring, but there's Cena.

Rusev – What do you want? If you want another rematch, your answer is no.

Cena – I know what your answer is and I don't give a damn, I was listening last week. I know that performing at WrestleMania is not a right, it's a privilege. If I haven't earned it this year, then so be it. But you should listen close, because it seems you're too stupid to understand the same thing! You have had the privilege to come to this country and provide for your family, chase the American dream. You want to be proud of where you're from? Be proud of where you're from, he a hero of the Russian Federation. But get this straight, that does not give you the right to go down to that ring and degrade the very country that's given you the opportunity and expect your actions not to have repercussions.

Rusev – Is that so?

Cena – 100%! You have the right to free speech, but around here I have the right to shut your mouth! You think America's week? You think America has no fight? Why don't you go down there tonight and say one word about the USA, and we don't need a match at WrestleMania, pal, I will prove to you how much fight America has.

"USA!" chants. Rusev smirks and walks off.


Rusev vs Axel

Rusev to the ring with Lana in tow. Video of Axelmania running wild on Rusev on Smackdown. Axel out to face Rusev.

Rusev on Axel with kicks and punches. The bell hasn't rung yet. The ref backs Rusev off and checks on Axel. Axel to his feet, and wants this.

Rusev on Axel. Axel fights back, but then takes a big boot that stops him quickly. Rusev stomps Axel, then the accolade and Axel taps out.

Winner – Rusev (0:25)

Rusev finally releases the accolade, and the flag unfurls. Rusev and Lana celebrate in the ring together, Lana calming Rusev, telling him not to do this.

Rusev – You see this America? You see this? This represent each and every one of you. Because he's pathetic. He's delusional. He thinks he's a man from the past who is no more. Back in the read Hulkamania days, America was strong, but all you do now is live in the past! ("What?") (Speaks his native language off mic.) ("What?") You Americans, all you want to do is negotiate. You are spineless. If you had a spine, it would be made of Jell-O. If you had a heart, it would be full of disease! America, if you had a soul, then God would look down and spit on it. ("What?")

Rusev smirks at the camera, and of course, out comes Cena. Cena strips down on the stage. To the ring and Cena locks on the STF. Lana freaks out from outside the ring. Cena lots go, then locks it on again, tighter. Cena lets go when Rusev is out. A ref is in to keep Cena from Rusev. Refs, docs, and Lana into the ring. Cena grabs a bottle of water and slides back into the ring. The refs, docs and Lana flee. Cena douses Rusev with water to wake him up, then locks on the STF. Rusev taps out.

Lana – John, okay! John, okay! Please let him go! Please, John, I beg you, let him go! Okay, we will give you a match! Okay, we'll give you a match at WrestleMania. Okay, we'll give you a US Title Match at WrestleMania!

Cena lets go and looks at Lana. Cena smirks at Lana, then stands up. Cena has that lowered eyebrows, semi-evil look he got on his face last week when working against Axel. A small "Cena!"chant erupts, and it sounds male. Cena from the ring, keeping that pissy look and smile. On the stage Cena salutes. He's not goody-goody Cena, but he's not full on semi-evil Cena either.


The camera on Taker's urn. Wyatt is standing behind it. The camera pulls back to show Wyatt's face.

Wyatt – I would walk through the fires of hell just to see you. But I can't wait much longer. Tonight I raise the dead. Find me!



Recap of Cena all over Rusev, getting his WrestleMania match.

Backstage Segment

Rusev railing on Lana in Russian for letting the match come about. Rusev tells her to leave, he's pissed and being checked over.

A New Day vs Kidd & Cesaro

A New Day in the ring dancing. Split screen as the three of them talk themselves up, and clap a lot. Kidd and Cesaro to the ring with Nattie.

Kidd behind Woods. Side headlock on Woods. Woods reverses, ducks Kidd twice, then head scissors on Kidd. Big Show tags in, sends Kidd into a corner for two.

Three back breakers on Kidd, then Woods tags in for a double team and two.

Elbow to Woods, but then Kidd sent out. Cesaro with a right on Woods. Cesaro tags in and takes Woods down by his right leg. Upper cut to Woods, and Kidd tags in. Kidd grinds his knee into Woods' own knee. Kidd with a hold on Woods' knee on the mat. Wok keeps his shoulders up, and Kofi mounds the mat rhythmically. Cesaro tags in with a half crab on Woods. Kofi keeps pounding. Woods free, but Kidd tags in and knocks Big E off the apron. Nattie distracts Kidd and Woods is able to reverse on Kidd for three.

Winners – A New Day (3:43)

Cesaro and Nattie in to Kidd. Cesaro is getting pissy at Nattie for the loss. Kidd gets pissy at Nattie over this now.

Usos music hits, and out they comes with Naomi. Arguing in the ring between Kidd and Nattie.


Naomi vs Nattie

Nattie on Naomi with blows. Nattie whipped, but moves and Naomi eats corner. Nattie slingshots Naomi off the top and to her bum. They reverse holds and twos.

They bridgeup for the mat. Naomi flips off the corner over Nattie. Nattie trips Naomi into a split. Nattie sets up and locks on, but Naomi counters, slamming Nattie into a corner head first. Outside the ring everyone starts fighting. Rear view on Nattie for three.

Winner – Naomi (1:44)

Nattie is left holding her head on the mat as the Usos and Naomi celebrate in the ring. Nattie rolls out, glaring at Kidd. She takes his strap, tells Kidd it's her's, and she leaves with it.

Los Matadores and El Torito to the ring. Kidd, Cesaro and Nattie glare and talk smack at them on their way by. Nattie, Kidd and Cesaro pose on the ramp.

Usos vs Los Matadores

Diego and Fernando shake hands with the Usos before they start the match. Jey locks up with Diego, backs him into a corner, clean break. Jey whipped, but Diego ends up shoulder standing on the corner into head scissors on Jey.


Double team on Fernando for two.

Fernando holds the ropes and keeps Jey from landing his drop kick. Arm bar on Jey on the mat. Jey up, throws blows, whips Jey, then a double underhook suplex on Jey for two.

Diego tags in, they double team Jey. They both crossbody at the same time. Jimmy and Fernando in. Jimmy gets two for it.

Big and intricate DDT on Jimmy for two.

Fernando off the top into a superkick for two as Diego breaks it.

Jey and Diego reverse in and out, Jey ends up flying. Jimmy sets up, but El Torito is on the ropes. Jimmy into the ropes, slams into El Torito, and Diego gets the three.

Winners – Los Matadores (7:43)

*I honestly cannot tell Los Matadores apart when things are flying quickly, so I'm sorry if I completely mucked that up.

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Video recap of the opening segment of Raw.

Backstage Segment

Noble talking smack about Orton.

Rollins – Come on! You two need to remember, you work for me! Alright. I know exactly what I'm doing. Have I ever, ever steered you guys in the wrong direction? No, absolutely not. I know when people are trustworthy and when people are liars. Orton is one of us guys. 100%, I guarantee it. He likes to kid around, don't we all? And, maybe there was a bit of truth to what he said out there to Big Show and Kane, but you really think Orton is so stupid that he would get up in my face and tell me the plan he was going to enact tonight, or anytime in the future? That's crazy, doesn't even make sense Jamie.

Noble – We just have a bad feeling boss.

Rollins – You two have a bad feeling about this. Well, let me ask you this. Were either of you the person who masterminded the destruction of The Shield? Or, come up with the plan to bring back The Authority? Was that either of you guys? Huh?

Noble – No.

Rollins (baby voice) – Well, who was it Jamie?

Noble – It was you Boss, the Architect.

Rollins – That's right. I am the Architect, and here is the blueprint for tonight. Stop worrying about Randy Orton. You saw what happened last week. He's family. You gotta start focusing on Reigns, because tonight, he gets what he deserves. Trust me guys. I got this. Trust me.

Rollins leaves, but Noble and Mercury don't look convinced.


In Ring Segment

Wyatt to the ring through his fireflies. He puts the urn carefully on a table covered in puerple crushed velvet cloth in the center of the ring.

Wyatt – I never sleep, but I'm always dreaming. In the darkness of these dreams, I start to see things. I see the world not for what it is, but for what it should be. I see a world laid barren to the virus that infects it. I see cities burning. I see governments crumbling. All these beautiful creations laid to ruin. Hahaha! There's such beauty in chaos, is there not. In these dreams, it is the buzzard that guide me. I can see them circling off in the distance, and I follow them, and when I finally reach them, I am astonished by what it is that I see. For below the buzzards is the shell of a man. Below the buzzards lay the mighty Undertaker. Hahaha! Don't you see Deadman, can't you see it was always about you. Can't you see it was always about you Deadman! Pride has always been my favorite sin, for it was pride that cast me down to walk amongst you. It was pride that led me straight to you. Understand Undertaker, I will not worship you. I don't even want to stand by your side! I want to walk over your broken bones as I ascend to my throne! Because I am not your redemption. I cannot be your redemption Undertaker, because I am the new face of fear!

A small but solid pop from the fans as Wyatt takes a small pause in his speech.

Wyatt – Fear, that's right. You know fear because they all used to fear you. This was preordained. I was chosen! You always knew that you were gonna, that the Streak was going to end, and that you thought you'd be carried off on your shield. But that ain't what happened, was it? Instead the cruel hands of fate stole your destiny, but understand, I can give it all back to you Undertaker! For WrestleMania will be your resurrection, and it will also be your requiem. Your final resting place. So what say you Undertaker? Will you answer me? Will you accept my challenge?

Wyatt drops to his knees in the ring.

Wyatt – Come on Undertaker! Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Wyatt back to his feet.

Wyatt – Where are you? Ah, we play this game again. Or is it this? Is this how we do it? Is this how I bring you back? All of your power locked inside a jar. Hahahaha! But can this urn bring back the dead?

Wyatt takes the urn, removes the top, then looks into it. At first he looks scared, then laughs. Wyatt returns the urn to the purple covered table.

Wyatt – Surprise, surprise everyone, it is empty! It is empty and shallow and hollow just like...

From the urn in the center of table, smoke starts billowing and Wyatt's words are cut off. On the tron there's lightening! Lights flicker above Wyatt.

Wyatt (off mic) – Bring it to me! Come on! Come on! Where are you? Where are you?


Lights go out!



The lights come up and the table with the urn is gone, instead there's a spotlight on Wyatt's old chair and he's freaking out.

On the tron says WrestleMania, The Man Comes Around.

Taker's voice bellows - You will rest in peace!


Lightening strikes the chair. Wyatt laughs hysterically as his chair burns in the center of the ring. Wyatt can barely hold himself on his knees as he laughs.





Taker's music plays. Wyatt watches the tron, the fire, then throws his head back to the sky.



Recap of Wyatt in the ring, and Taker's reply to being called out at WrestleMania.


Recap of Cena's attack on Rusev, causing him to pass out, and Lana to agree to the US Title Match at WrestleMania.

Reigns vs Rollins & Orton

Reigns to the ring, on his way down he passed an avid WNW reader and commenter who goes by Eddie Edwards! Video recap of Heyman on the mic from earlier in the night. Rollins out with J&J Security in tow. Orton out, meets Rollins on the stage and they head to the ring together.

Rollins and Orton discuss who will start the match, finally Orton steps back. They lock up, Rollins slammed to the mat. Reigns into a corner. Rollins slammed down. Reigns over the top and out when Rollins pulls the rope. J&J Security over to Reigns, but the ref yells at them. Rollins out, but taken down by Reigns. Orton admonishes J&J Security. Reigns on Rollins in the ring for two.

Rollins with a chop block on Reigns, Noble cheering him on from outside. A flying lariat on Reigns for two.

Reigns choked in the ropes. Rollins distracts the ref, and Noble yells at Orton to do his job. He had an opening and should do his job. Orton punches Noble to the floor. Rollins is pissed and kicks J&J Security out of the ringside area. Reigns all over Rollins. A flying clothesline takes Rollins down. Rollins whipped, but gets a foot up. Reigns with a splash, but Rollins drops and Reigns eats corner. Rollins tries for the tag, but Orton short arms him. Rollins asks what Orton is doing, just playing around, right? Orton throws a Stone Cold Steve Austin salute. The camera drops down below the middle fingers to only show his raised arms after the first moment. Rollins turns around, right into a spear to Rollins for three.

Winner – Reigns (4:08)

Reigns leaves the ring. Orton is still staring at Rollins in the ring. "RKO!" chants. Orton into the ring, as Rollins begs from the mat.

Orton (off mic) – Shame on you! Shame on you for thinking I wasn't going to do something to you. You think that I was just going to fricken stop?

Each of these thoughts punctuated with stiff blows. Rollins tossed over the top and out. A clothesline drops Rollins. Orton sends Rollins into the stairs. Orton tosses off the top layer of the stairs, and lays Rollins torso down on it, holding tight to Rollins hair, keeping him face down on the metal, and slightly shaking Rollins with each thought.

Orton (off mic) – You remember what you did to me? You remember what you did to me? Unfortunately for you, I remember. I remember.

Rollins bounced face first off the stairs. Rollins sent shoulder first into the other stairs as the fans cheer for Orton, cat calling at Orton to destroy Rollins.

Orton (off mic) – You think I'm a part of your family? Are you crazy? Are you crazy? You think for one flippin' second I would join The Authority again? How stupid are you?

Each thought is punctuated by Orton pulling Rollins' hair back hard. Rollins up and into the barricade by the timekeeper's area. Three upper cuts in a row. Pop from the fans for Orton's smile. An upper cut sends Rollins into the area. Rollins tries crawling off through the fans. Orton grabs a chair and slowly follows.

JBL – Randy hasn't gone crazy, Randy has gone Randy.

Orton winds up and slams the flat of the chair on Rollins' back. Rollins crawls more, Orton catches up and hits him again with the chair. The third chair shot to Rollins was when he was on his back, looking like it was to his arm or torso, but really only hit the floor. Rollins up, trying to flee, gets the top of the chair to the gut, then the flat of the chair to his back.

Orton (off mic) – Who do you think I am? You don't know me Seth! I'm going to show you who I am. (Then, barely audibly.) I'm gonna show you who I am.

Rollins pulled up by his hair. Upper cut to Rollins. Rollins to the barricade, trying to struggle over. Orton grabs him, sets Rollins up, and nails his DDT with Rollins coming from the top of the barricade.

Orton (off mic) – I wasn't going to stand by and let you get away with...

Orton pounds the floor with both hands. Rollins is bleeding from a welt or something on his back. Rollins isn't moving and Orton sees announce. Rollins pulled up, and Orton sends Rollins over the table, not even touching the table, but landing against one of the chairs and the barricade. Orton starts disassembling the table. Orton tosses a monitor aside really hard. The second monitor was tossed into the side of the apron, and pieces flew off from it.

Orton gets Rollins up on announce, and Rollins is little more than a rag doll.

Orton – You thought I was just gonna let it go?

Orton hits a perfect RKO on Rollins. The table breaks perfectly, and they both seem to land perfectly.

Orton – It's only just begun!

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Big Show
Rusev & Lana

Biggest Shocking Reaction
Cena chants by men

Biggest & Best Fan Reaction of the Night

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