Raw Report 5/18/15 - Unfortunately I'm A Notorious Line Jumper!


RAW Results May 18, 2015
From The Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

The Authority to the ring to solid heat. Trip in his power suit, Steph in a red sleeveless pants jumper.

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw. I have to ask you one question, did you miss me? (heat) You missed the sweet sound of my voice like I missed you. It's great to be back, especially after such a great night by The Authority. It's great to be winners, not that you understand that. Last night Rollins defeated four opponents at Payback. The future has never been stronger, and his name is Seth Rollins!

Trip – That's right, and all of you that questioned our choice of Rollins will question no longer as he's proved he's everything we say he is. We're great at our jobs, and I hate to be the guy who say, 'I told you so.' But, I told you so. Seth Rollins is the future of the WWE. (heat)

Steph – That's why tonight we pay tribute to him, Seth Rollins, Architect of A Dream! While Rollins is basking in the victory of last night, his three opponents – Randy Orton (pop), Roman Reigns (heat), and Dean Ambrose (bigger pop), will have the honor of acknowledging their inferiority as they go to the back of the line!

Trip – That's right, you just couldn't get the job done. Championships are for those who can rise to the occasion. Speaking of Championships, drum roll please!

Steph whips the cloth off the IC Title on a table in the ring, and there's absolutely no reaction.

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, the now vacant IC Championship that Daniel Bryan so eloquently surrendered in the ring last week. And Daniel, I know you're watching at home, on TV...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Yes, it's true, Daniel Bryan had to surrender the Title, and you're at home watching on TV. No, wait, you don't own a TV. You're picking berries, or chopping wood, or, whatever it is that you do, but I know how much courage it took to admit that I was right. In two years you had to relinquish two Championships in two years, because your body cannot take it. But unlike Bryan's career, the show must go on.

Trip – That's right, when one door closes, another opens. That is why in two weeks we will crown a new IC Champion. The most resilient Champion in history, because it will be decided inside the Elimination Chamber!

Elimination Chamber video.

Trip – Ten tons of steel, two miles of chain, I can tell you from first hand experience, it is brutal, it is unforgiving, bones will be broken, careers will be shortened, men will enter, but only one Superstar will leave as the new IC Champion.

Steph – It will be an historic night, in only two weeks, live on the WWE Network. Find out what over a million subscribers already know...

Sheamus' music cuts Steph off. Sheamus to the ring.

Sheamus – Trip, Steph, sorry to interrupt, truly am.

"You look stupid!" chants at Sheamus.

Sheamus – Obviously the WWE 'Universe' doesn't have any taste. By the way, big fan of you guys, love what you've done with the place.

Steph – Thank you, I love your look.

Sheamus – Thank you very much. You can appreciate true taste, and true class, but I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about how you don't need Elimination Chamber for the IC Championship. See, you have the one man here who did what nobody else could, and that's put an end to that silly #YesMovement. I was the one who finally ended Bryan's career. Let's not talk about it, let's take a look.

Video of Sheamus working over Bryan in the ring on Smackdown last month.

Sheamus – Thank you! It was me who finally put the little man down, so I should be rewarded. You should remove the Elimination Chamber match and do what's best for business and give me the Title, make me your new IC Champion.

"Feed me more!" Ryback to the ring. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans.

Ryback – Sheamus, you come out here. I'm sorry, I got to agree with Richmond. Gosh, has anybody ever told you that you look (two strikes to the right side of his own head) stupid!? (pop) You come out here bragging about ending Bryan's career. Bryan has more heart, compassion and determination than you could ever have! (pop) You might not be...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – You people are nothing, if not predictable!

Ryback – The Big Guy has the mic, The Big Guy's talking Steph. Bryan might not be six feet tall and look like us, but he's more of a man than you could ever be! He damn near ruined his body doing what he loves, becoming the IC Champion. So I tell you what? You like picking on little guys, right? How about here in Richmond (pop), you try picking on The Big Guy? Sheamus, Sheamus, I have a little secret for you. The Big Guy doesn't like bollies, and he certainly doesn't like you.

Steph – Gentlemen, both of you will have time to prove how much you want to be IC Champion when you compete the Elimination Chamber.

Trip – As for tonight, I kinda dig this weird thing you have going on with each other right now, why don't we leave the ring, and The Big Guy can go one on one with Sheamus right now.


Ryback vs Sheamus

Ryback flees the ring to avoid Ryback who is all fired up. Around the ring and back in, Sheamus tries to kick, is caught, but lands a clothesline and lands Ryback on his taped ribs. Ryback back with a Thesz Press. Knee to Ryback's ribs. Ryback blocks in a corner, makes it so Sheamus eats the corner over and over, then chops his chest. Calling the moves into Sheamus' chest, Ryback hits a power slam on Sheamus for two.

Ryback stomps Sheamus down under the ropes. Sheamus fights back with a blow, then a back breaker over Sheamus' knee. Ryback rolls out. Sheamus out and sends Ryback ribs first into the barricade. Ryback is back to his ribs hurting, and a bit more than him actually selling the pain he really is in. Ryback staggers back to the ring, but he's blasted off the apron again.


Both are down on the mat, crawling toward each other. They fight back and forth, on their knees. To their feet and both are struggling, until Sheamus shoulders Ryback's ribs. The beats over the ropes, Ryback in the ring, but Ryback drags Sheamus over the ropes with one arm, then Ryback catches Sheamus with a powerbomb! Both are down on the mat again. "Feed me more!" chants are starting a bit. Ryback eats Sheamus' feet in the corner, but then lands a spinebuster on Sheamus for two.

Ryback up, but still hurting. "Feed me more!" led by Ryback, but Sheamus rolls out. Ryback out, but driven into the apron. Ryback comes back to raise Sheamus high and slam Sheamus onto the table in a rather messy way. Sheamus rolled in, Ryback after him. Sheamus rolls out the other side. Ryback out and taking blows to the bibs. Ryback blocks eating the post, and Sheamus ends up eating it. Sheamus rolled in. Back elbow to Ryback, but Ryback gets him up. Sheamus with an elbow to Ryback's ribs and he's free. Sheamus in a corner, claims he has something in his eye. The ref tries to back Ryback off, then Sheamus lands the brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (10:09)

Suddenly Sheamus' eye is fine! Video recap of the high points of the match as JBL yells and screams. Sheamus is still all smiles about his sudden recovery. Sheamus is all smiles in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Steph – Seth Rollins, Architect of a Dream. A strong name for a strong movement, and it needs a strong man to pull it all together. And that strong man is you Kane.

Kane – I know Seth and I have had our problems, but after last night, I really think Seth has grown up.

Rollins – Architect of a Dream, baybay! So much to celebrate. Congratulations, champagne for everyone. And for everyone, you know what Kane, no one deserves this more than you. Because after last night, I saved your job, and you finally have something to celebrate! Haha!

Ambrose – Hey, congratulations Seth, big win last night. It only took you like four other guys to do it. That's like a new record. Anyway, it's time to reassess the score cards. Last time we fought one on one, I beat you. Last night, you couldn't beat me. In two weeks at Elimination Chamber, I'm going to grant you a rematch, under one condition, you put the Title on the line.

Trip – Kane, I'll let you handle this one.

Steph – Yeah.

Rollins – Nice try Ambrose, but I don't know what you don't understand about back of the line.

Kane – Mr. Ambrose, after careful consideration, I've determined it should be up to the Champion as to who he faces, after all, Seth is the future.

Rollins – When you find the back of the line, make sure you say hello to Roman and Randy for me.

Ambrose – I always knew you were Seth's neutered little lap dog, but seeing it up close and personal breaks my heart. You used to be a monster, man! What would Paul Bearer think if he saw you right now? Or your brother? Devil's Favorite Demon is a glorified butler.

Kane – Don't you EVER mention my family. You want action so bad, you get it, tonight, against Bray Wyatt.

Ambrose – Okay.

Ambrose drinks Kane's champagne.

Ambrose – You really shouldn't drink on the clock.

Ambrose takes the glass and continues drinking as he walks away.


In Ring Segment

Renee announces Neville to the ring.

Renee – Neville, you have your rematch with King Barrett coming up next, but first, I wanted to ask you a couple questions. You made your debut here the night after WrestleMania. How is it being out here a new Superstar?

Neville – Well Renee, I've been fortunate enough to compete all over the world, but I can tell you absolutely nothing compares to competing here in the WWE! (pop) Take one look at me, I may not be the biggest guy, and I have my fair share of doubters, but there's nothing I love than proving doubters wrong! When I'm looking down at my opponent, and I'm fling through the air, I am ten foot tall and invincible.

Renee – How has the transition been for you? You went from being the longest reigning NXT Champion in history to now being on the WWE roster.

Neville – Well...

Bo's music cuts Neville off. Bo has his mic on stage, and starts talking up there.

Bo – There is nothing more inspirational than hearing a good children's story, like The Little Engine That Could, so much optimism. But in your case, it would be Neville, The Little Engine That Couldn't. But it does take a brave man to keep his chin up in the middle of so much adversary. I would say your career's looking up, but that would be a lie. And I don't say things that I don't Bolieve. (creepy smile)

Neville – Hey Renee, do you know who I beat to start my record breaking Championship reign? I Bolieve it was you. (cocky smirk)

Bo tackles Neville to the mat. Neville tosses Bo out of the right through a little footwork as Neville is on his back. There's a bunch of silence as something is bleeped out, then King Barrett's music hits. Barrett out with that malevolent smile. JBL calls Bo over to announce to join them. Booker T isn't impressed by this.

Neville vs Barrett

Bo says he's overcome his past in NXT with Neville.

Barrett at Neville who locks a front facelock on Barrett. Barrett into a corner and Neville with a clean break. Bo calls Booker, Mr. T. Neville rolls Barrett up for two.

Barrett stomps Neville's taped knee in a corner. Bo says he's not jealous of Neville taking his record in NXT. Barrett all over Neville's knee as Cole asks Bo where he learned to speak in that voice.


Barrett still on Neville's knee, but Neville fights back, floats over, and lands badly again. Barrett gets two for it.

Bo keeps saying he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body! "Thank goodness Mr. JBL's here to help me out." Barrett on Neville's knee on the mat. Neville fight back with elbows, but cannot be able to stand on that knee very well. Barrett hung up top in a corner with one leg. Jaw breaker on Barrett, landing on that knee like it's nothing, but then raises Barrett and his knee buckles. Neville on the apron, tries to slingshot off the top, the knee buckles and Neville takes a rough tumble from the top. Bull hammer for three.

Winner – King Barrett (7:18)

Bo into the ring, all over Neville's injured knee. Bo wraps Neville's knee around the post. Then again. Neville is holding his knee as Bo stands in the ring and poses with that creepy smile of his. Bo drops to one knee and does his other pose with his music playing.

Announce Segment

JBL and Booker T argue about Bo. Cole brings up the I Quit Match last night on Payback. Stills of Rusev into the pyro. Rusev took the top rope out, but Cena used it. Lana said Rusev quit and Cena won. Booker T says we don't know what Rusev actually said.



Titus O'Neil won Celebrity Mega Dad of the Year!

In Ring Segment

Rusev to the ring, flag in hand, star around his neck, red satin jacket on his body. Rusev down and into the ring. Cole says that people in the WWE 'Universe' translated what Rusev said, and that he did quit the match.

Rusev – There will be no Lana tonight. (heat) There is no Lana. Lana needs to learn her place. And Lana doesn't speak for me. Only I speak for myself. I speak your stupid American language perfectly! I know how to say I quit.

"We want Lana!" chants.

Rusev – There is no Lana!

"We want Lana!" chants.

Rusev – There is no Lana, I said! Shut up! (heat) I never said I quit. John Cena didn't beat me last night. I crushed John Cena! (heat) I beat him so bad that he passed out the middle of this ring. Then Lana quit. Lana quit because she's weak. Come down John Cena. Bring down Authority and restart this match right now! (heat)

Out comes Lana.

Lana – Rusev, please, I know you asked me not to come out here.

Rusev – Ask you? I tell you not to come out here tonight! How dare you defy me!!

Lana – I just wanted to explain myself to everyone. Explain that you're not who you seem to be. (to the ring) You're not just the Bulgarian Brute. You're misunderstood. I believe in you. I believed in you from the very beginning, and more than anyone else. I been with you from the beginning and walking with you every step of the way. I thought you would be the man to make John Cena finally say the words, I quit. But it did not happen. It's disappointing, but that's life. I was just trying to protect you.

Rusev – You? You trying to protect me?

Lana – Because I care for you.

Rusev – You and your feelings. You're pathetic. You're disgusting! You are...

Lana – Enough! What did you want me to do? Stand there as you scream and are bent backward. I did the right thing for you, and I did the right thing for us. I couldn't stand there and see you in all that pain! And you were screaming, (something in Bulgarian). You were screaming in Bulgarian, 'I quit! I quit!'

Pop from the crowd, and Rusev's eyes bug out of his head. "You quit!" chants.

Rusev – You are liar! You are liar! There is no us. There is only me! Me! I! No you. I need no one! Rusev needs no one. You're weak and make me weak. Get out of here! Get out of this ring! Go back to wherever you came from! Nobody needs you!

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Lana leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as Rusev continues to rant in Bulgarian. Rusev poses to serious heat.

In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring.


Ambrose vs Wyatt

Ambrose still in the ring, pacing. Wyatt out to face him through all the fireflies.

Ambrose is all smiles and talking smack to Wyatt. They lock up into a corner, won't break until Wyatt with a dirty blow. Scoop slam in the center of the ring. Ambrose rolls from the back splash, then drops an elbow. Foot to Wyatt's gut, then all over Wyatt on the mat. Hammer lock on Wyatt, taking him to the mat. Ambrose kneels on that arm, wrenches the other arm back into an elbow lock. Back to the feet and blows from Ambrose. Split screen of Wyatt's back senton on Ryback outside that left Ryback in searing pain through the entire rest of their Payback match. In the ring Ambrose with blows until he flies into Wyatt and bounces off to hit the mat. Blows from Wyatt on Ambrose. More blows on Ambrose in a corner, then a snap mare. Knees to Ambrose's face, then a clothesline. Wyatt whipped, and splashed by Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose was about to fly out through the ropes, but ate a right. A snap suplex off the apron to the floor on Ambrose.


Wyatt has Ambrose's head wrenched in the ring, on the mat. Head butts to the back of the head from Wyatt. Release supled on Ambrose who rolls out. Wyatt out, then both have the same idea, and double clothesline outside the ring and both are getting the count. Both in at nine. Exchangingblows through chants of, "We want tables!" Ambrose with the upper hand into the clothesline. Wyatt in the ropes takes a running double drop kick, then Ambrose off the ropes with a leg drop to Wyatt in the ropes for two.

Ambrose might have hurt himself on the landing, but keeps going. Ambrose blocks Wyatt, then dumps him out over the top by pulling the rope. Ambrose then flies out through the ropes. Ambrose bounces off Wyatt and slams into the barricade. In slo-mo it looks as though Wyatt pushes Ambrose off. Back in the ring Ambrose counters Sister Abigail. Back and forth between them, then Ambrose sling-shotting out of the ropes the way he does, but Wyatt is ready with a sick clothesline! "This is awesome!" chants. Wyatt does his back bend in the corner, but Wyatt with a right. Wyatt is pissed, but Ambrose sling-shots from the ropes with his huge clothesline for two.

Wyatt set up top, Ambrose climbs. Wyatt with blows and Ambrose hits the mat. Ambrose rolls from the back senton. Suddenly J&J Security are there getting involved. The ref is distracted by Mercury, so Noble pushes Ambrose off the corner, right into Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Bray Wyatt (13:13)

Rollins is on the stage with his champagne and J&J Security as Wyatt poses in the ring and Ambrose is laid out.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match – New Day (c) vs #Truth

#Truth to the ring together in the black and purple they wore at Payback. New Day out sans Woods. Kofi talks about how Woods isn't with them, has been banned from ringside due to this trumped up controversy over their win last night. Big E goes on about it all, and goes on to complain about Elimination Chamber when they go against five other teams. "New Day sucks!" chants. Into the ring and they want the fans to clap with them, but they get the sucks chants again.

Big E and Cesaro lock up, but Cesaro shoulder block cannot drop Big E. Big E raised Cesaro high and dropped him badly. Cesaro lifts Big E into a delayed vertical, and Big E works with Cesaro, not fighting against him. Kidd off the corner with head scissors on Big E outside, and it looked horrible! Big E more fell over than took the move.


Kidd tags in and comes off the top rope with an elbow on Big E for two.

Kofi tags in and flings Kofi over his head, but Kidd ducks and lands a drop kick to the back of Big E, sending him out. Kidd all over Kofi, locks on the sharpshooter, but Big E knocks Kidd down from behind.
Cesaro in with blows on Big E, but tossed from the ring. Kofi and Big E all over Kidd in the corner and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners – DQ? (5:59)

Belly to back suplex on Big E. spinebuster on Kofi, and readying for the big swing, but Woods is out there and on them. All three on #Truth. But the Lucha Dragons rush out. Then Los Matadores are out and into the fight. The Ascension run out to join the fray. Last ones out are Prime Time Players – FINALLY! PTPs take out Kofi and are left standing tall. Then the Lucha Dragons fly out on the rest of the teams. O'Neil grabs Woods' hair and drag him into the ring. Young with a lovely move that throws Woods in the air, then Young drops so Woods drops across Young's knees!


US Championship Open Challenge

Cena to the ring with a big smile through all the singing from the fans.

Cena – This is the Championship of our United States of America!

"USA!" chants.

Cena – These are the three words that last night helped me keep it where it belongs. In case you missed it on Payback, on the award winning WWE Network, I can sum it up in three letters, USA!

"USA!" chants.

Cena – That is what I truly love about this. We all come from different walks of life. I hear it every Monday, we all have our differences in opinions, right? But at the end of the day, we are all proud Americans! So you guys can understand the pride and admiration I have to be honored to carry the red, white and blue into battle every single night! (pop) And it is for men like that, right there (men in military uniforms cheering) that make this Championship different from any other Championship. It is a true symbol of excellence, sportsmanship, and opportunity! Each week I give the opportunity for anybody to make history, all they have to do is accept the challenge, right? Neville, Ambrose, even an injured Sami Zayn, everyone gets a chance, no questions asked. We all know the WWE WHC is THE Championship, but I'm making a statement right here, right now. This is OUR Championship! And the Champ is here! So I think it's time we give our competition opportunity, don't you? It does seem like Richmond is the place to be, and John Cena's still the man to beat. The John Cena US Open Challenge happens now! You want some? Come get some!

The NXT Champion Kevin Owens comes out to the ring, the NXT Championship belt over his shoulder. The fans are wild over this. Cena looks confused, yet smirks.

Owens – Hello John. First of all, congratulations on your victory last night on WWE Payback, it's very impressive. Now I would introduce myself, but you know exactly who I am, don't you?

The fans pop in a very solid way, and Cena give a closed mouth smirk, the right side of his mouth raising to show his dimple.

Owens – And if anybody doesn't know who I am, well, quite frankly, those people aren't worth my time in the first place.

Cena – Hold on one second.

Cena picks up the US strap and points with that hand at Owens.

Cena – Ladies and gentlemen, we need to do this right. NXT Champion, Kevin Owens.

The fans pop, and Owens smiles widely.

Owens – Thank you, that was nice. Now, I know you're feeling responsible, feeling a little guilty about the injury Sami Zayn suffered two weeks ago in your match. But I'm here to ease your mind, Sami was injured before he ever accepted your little challenge. He was, and, I know that, because I'm the one who injured him. And this Wednesday night on NXT:TakeOver on the WWE Network, when it comes to Sami, I'm going to finish what I started.

Cena – Fine speech Mr. Owens, but it seems as though you have a lot to learn, don't you? I want you to listen very closely to what I have to say. You're right, some of these people don't know you. Regardless of what anyone tonight or any night feels, no person here ever is to be called a waste of time! (pop) You hear that? Take a good look, because without all of them, there is no you! Without all of them there is no Raw, no WWE. This is why we are here! So young man, from one Champion to another, let me bestow on you some veteran advice...

Owens – Whoa, whoa, wait. Are you kidding me? Let me make something clear here. I may not have been in the WWE as long as you, but I've been doing this for 15 years. In fact I've been doing this longer than you! The only difference between you and I is that I didn't get a break until now! You don't get to give me advice, ever! Understand me?

Cena – Fine, then I'll give you a whooping. See, I've been in the ring with Sami Zayn. The kidb blew his shoulder in half, and instead of giving up, he looked me in the eye and said, 'give me your best shot.' I'm looking you in the eye right now. I don't see no fire. I see a scared kid who came out here to try to rattle the cage of John Cena, but now he's crapping his pants, because he realized he bit off way more than he could chew. Better watch yourself. You take Sami Zayn lightly, he'd going to embarrass you and take that away from you. If you got a problem with what I'm saying. Let me remind you that this is Monday Night Raw, and the US Open is still open! Mr. Owens, the rules are simple. You want some? Come get some!

Owens – Yeah, you know what, I am a prize fighter, I am, but I already have a prize, and it's the NXT Championship. So when it comes to your little US Open Challenge, my answer is no. but, trust me, you and I are going to fight, someday. But it's going to be on my terms, not yours. If you think you have me all figured out, you're gonna realize...

Owens with a cheap shot kick to Cena's gut. Cena off the ropes into a most beautiful powerbomb from Owens! Owens grabs both Championship belts, drops the US Title belt, stomps a foot on it, and holds the NXT Championship belt high over his head to serious heat. Owens leaves the ring, and Cena sprawled on the mat. Video recap of the high points of the attack. Owens is backing up with ramp with a great smile on his face. Video recap of Owens stomping on the US Title belt.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Bryan's health and how Bryan talked to the fans last week. Video of Bryan relinquishing the IC Title in the ring last week on Raw, his eyes red, tears flowing as the fans chanted for him and he left the ring. Barrett, Ryback, Sheamus, R-Truth, and Rusev will be going after the strap. One name left to be added to the Elimination Chamber match.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring.


Ziggler vs Stardust

Ziggler still in the ring. Stardust out to face him. Stills of Ziggler getting over a dozen stitches last night, according to Cole.

Ziggler behind Stardust. Stardust to the ropes, then elbows Ziggler's cut. Side slam on Ziggler. Stardust stomps Ziggler's gut over and over, then taunts the fans. Stardust pulls Ziggler up for a clothesline, but Ziggler was falling back before Stardust touched him. Blows on Ziggler. Stardust drops down, then kicks up at Ziggler. Stardust sets up, but Ziggler reverses by kicking up at Stardust's head, then a zig-zag for three!

Winner – Ziggler (1:26)

Ziggler all smiles. Video recap of the high points of the match. Cole to the ring for an interview.

Cole – I have to ask how you feel after that brutal match with Sheamus last night at Payback?

Ziggler – I'm hideous! Look away! Look away! Seriously, this hurt, but not as bad as losing to Sheamus. I'm a hockey fan, it's playoff time, and chicks dig scars, right? So here we go.

Cole – Dolph, speaking of scars, we've been talking all night long about the Elimination Chamber match where the vacated IC Title will be up for grabs, five competitors have been announced, one spot remains, and I'm here to tell you that spot will be filled by Dolph Ziggler!

Ziggler – About time Michael! Listen, if I'll do this to get my hands on Sheamus, I promise I'll go through 20 more if I have to to get my hands on that IC Championship! Anything else, you name it! Anything! You name it! Any competitors!

Lana comes out to the ring. Ziggler stands in the ring and waits. Lana is all smiles.

"We want Lana!" chants.

Lana gives Ziggler eyes. Lana steps up to Ziggler, puts her hands on his neck and pulls him in with a smile. They kiss lightly.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Lana keeps looking up the ramp. She looks coyly at Ziggler.

"One more time!" chants.

Lana reaches for Ziggler again, and this kiss is a bit longer, a little deeper, but no tongue. Ziggler waits, as he knows what's coming. Out comes Rusev, and Ziggler is on him, but not for long. Rusev kicks at Ziggler, takes him down. Ziggler rolls out of the ring.

"USA!" chants.

Lana crosses her arms and glares at Rusev. Rusev looks at Lana in the corner and he's seething! Rusev yells at Lana in Bulgarian. Screaming at her. Lana steps up to Rusev, then bitch slaps him HARD! Lana looks about to cry, and Rusev is that much madder. Rusev looks about to blow.

"One more time!" chants.

Rusev starts screaming wordlessly. Lana keeps glaring, her arms crossed. Suddenly Ziggler is there with a zig-zag on Rusev! Lana smiles at Ziggler and they leave the ring together. Ziggler escorts Lana up the ramp, a hand on her lower back. Lana smiles. They both look over their shoulders as they leave. Inside the ring Rusev is up and completely flipping out in the ring – screaming, flailing, hitting the ropes.

Backstage Segment

Kane – Get that carpet out there, I want it vacuumed and sparkling! Sparkling!

Walking along and Kane stops when he sees Rose and Rosa sucking face. He scowls, looks disgusted, and heads on.


Ryder & Fandango vs Rowan & Harper

All four are in the ring and ready to go.

Fandango chops on Harper in a corner. Side headlock on Fandango into a shoulder tackle from Harper. Fandango over and under Harper, then a drop kick. Harper out, Fandango over the top to Harper, but slammed back into the barricade. Fandango sent in, Harper follows and walks on Fandango. Rowan tags in and splashes Fandango. Blows on Fandango, then a knee drop. Fandango up, Harper tags in and they double team him in the heel corner. "We want Ryder!" chants are quiet, but there. Harper on Fandango with a headlock on the mat. Ryback stomping and yelling that he wants to tag in. Fandango up, backs Harper into a corner, lands back elbows, then lands an interesting tornado DDT. Both men are down. Fandango covers for two.

Ryder tags in with blows. Ryder whipped, gets his feet up, then a missile drop kick on Harper. A black hole slam on Ryder. Rowan tags in and they double team Ryder for three.

Winners – Rowan & Harper (3:27)

Video recap of the high points of the match. JBL says Ryder is a big guy being tossed around like a doll. Rowan and Harper pose in the dark in a spotlight.

Backstage Segment

The Bellas walking along, heading for the ring, but are stopped by Steph clapping for them.

Steph – The Bella Twins, everybody's favorite! Listen, Nikki, I wanted to wish you good luck in your match tonight.

Nikki – Thanks.

Steph – Oh, and Brie, just one other thing. You know look, I know what I said earlier could come off the wrong way, but I do really offer my sincerest sympathy about Daniel Bryan. I really do. I'm the wife of a Superstar too. And just one more thing. At the WWE, the health, both physical and mental, of our Superstars and Divas are of utmost importance. I'm worried about you, that's why I've scheduled some counseling sessions.

Brie – Counseling?

Steph – Yeah, you know. Your emotions, you need someone to talk to. It's because I don't know what's going on up here (pointing to her head), or in here (her heart), that I don't think you should accompany your sister to the ring tonight.

Nikki – What? Are you serious?

Steph – You're tough, you can stand on your own. Besides, I know you wouldn't want to put your sister Brie at risk. Okay? So good luck, go get them.


WWE Rewind

Stills from the Divas Tag Team Match between the Bellas and Naomi and Tamina.

Divas Championship Match – Nikki (c) vs Naomi

Nikki to the ring by herself. Naomi to the ring with Tamina. When Eden announces each Diva, Naomi gets almost the same pop as Nikki.

Naomi pushes Nikki into the ropes, then flees to the ropes herself when chased. Naomi does a splitting jump over the ropes to get back into the ring. Naomi hides in the ropes again, but this time brought in the hard way. Naomi off the ropes with a big knee, but eats a bitch slap. Naomi clotheslined from the ring. Nikki with a dive through the ropes on Naomi and Tamina, then back in the ring to pose before the commercial!


Naomi grabs Nikki by the hair, then locks a chinlock on, a knee in Nikki's back. Tamina is being tended to by the doctor outside the ring, by the barricade. Nikki fights back with a face buster on Naomi, and both are down. Naomi at Nikki, eating double feet from the corner. Clotheslines, then a (horrible) body drop on Naomi! Nikki takes Naomi down for two.

Nikki sets up for the rack attack, but then Tamina is there with a superkick on Nikki to cause the DQ so Naomi wouldn't lose the match clean.

Winner – Nikki via DQ (3:37)

Tamina and Naomi beat down on Nikki in the ring as she turtles to try to avoid injury. Paige rushes the ring. Forearms and elbows to Naomi and Tamina. Tamina rolls out and drags Naomi with her. Paige yells, "My house!" Nikki stands up and looks at Paige. Paige grabs Nikki for the Rampaige! Paige poses with strap, over Nikki who is prone on the mat.


Kevin Owens on mic with Cena.

Backstage Segment

Trip and Owens are talking, shaking hands. Trip tells Owens to make him proud. Trip leaves and Renee steps up.

Renee – Kevin, earlier we saw you attack John Cena. Now we see you having a conversation with The Authority. Could you tell us what you were talking about?

Owens – You know I said I'd fight John Cena on my own terms, and The Authority agrees. So, two week, Elimination Chamber, I'm going one on one with John Cena. If I were John, I'd pay attention to NXT:TakeOver this Wednesday, because what I do to Sami Zayn then, I'm going to do to John Cena at Elimination Chamber. And Renee, guess what? The Champ is not there (pointing back), the Champ is here (points to himself).



The cast of Entourage will guest star Raw next week.

In Ring Segment

Steph – One of the greatest things about growing up in WWE was watching athletes chase, achieve, and ultimately surpass their dreams. These bold and passionate Superstars reach up and grasp that brass ring and they don't let go. They are truly inspirational, and none more so than the man we are honoring here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor to announce The Architect of a Dream, the WWE WHC, Seth Rollins!

Rollins comes out in a suit, sans tie and shirt unbuttoned at the top, J&J Security in tow. Kane doesn't look thrilled as he's clapping for Rollins heading to join them. Rollins into the ring with a smile. Rollins hugs Steph, then hugs Trip.

Trip – Seth, we believed in you from the moment we first saw you in NXT. You became NXT Champion, then you went on to make history this year when you went on to win the WWE WHC at WrestleMania. Since then you've beaten six men in three matches. You have lived up to every claim you've ever made. I have to say I see the reflection of another WWE Superstar in you. When I look at The Architect, I see the reflection of The Cerebral Assassin. And I gotta admit, Sunday, when I watched you pedigree Randy Orton in the middle of this ring to retain the WWE WHC,it gave me goosebumps. It truly did. What I wanted to say is that we are all here for you. The Authority is all here, for you. The WWE 'Universe' is here to celebrate you! Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Seth Rollins!

Heat for Rollins and The Authority. Rollins says, off mic, "It's too much! It's too much!"

Trip – So now, members of The Authority would all like to say some words, tell you how they truly feel about you. Why don't we start with you Kane?

"Justin Bieber!" chants for Rollins.

Kane – Seth, Seth, Seth. Hahaha. Where could I possibly begin? There's so many things I'd like to say to you right now. Everyone knows we haven't seen things eye to eye. But what do you expect, I'm more than a foot taller than you. But in all seriousness, we wouldn't be out here without each other. So, tonight, in front of millions of people I can finally say that I'm glad you're still Champion, and you're truly what's best for business.

"You sold out!" chants for Kane.

Rollins – That's all you have to say? There's nothing else you'd like to say to me Kane?

Kane – Thank you for saving my job, and to show you how sincere I am about that, I had this put together for you. Watch.

Video for Rollins where Rollins talks about how he's had to work for everything, even within The Authority.

Noble – Boss, I want you to know it's been a privilege being back in the ring by your side! And where I'm from, a much more cultured WEST Virginia, we say cream rises to the top. Trip and Steph made the right decision putting their faith into you. It's been an honor to protect you and the most important Title anyone can hold in the WWE. My associate Joey has something he'd like to say. He gets a little choked up, but he's gonna shock the world!

Mercury has tears in his eyes, loosens his collar, motions for a moment, his eyes getting redder, but is then cut off by Ambrose's music.

Ambrose saunters to the ring, and gets in with The Authority!

Steph – You've got a hell of a lot of nerve coming in this ring with all of us.

Ambrose – Sorry I'm late to this little love-fest, I was looking for the perfect Justin Bieber album for Seth.

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Ambrose – But I came back empty, so instead I'm going to give you another opportunity for a match with me! So long as the WWE WHC is on the line.

Rollins – What don't you understand Ambrose? This is MY moment, alright? Seth Rollins, Architect of a Dream! Except it seems to me that you're the one who's dreaming if you think you're ever going to get another shot at my Title. I told you, you're at the back of the line with Roman Reigns and Randy Orton, alright?

Ambrose – Unfortunately I'm a notorious line jumper! I want my Championship Match! Or else!

Steph – Who do you think you are coming in this ring and making demands? That's right, you've done nothing to earn a WHC match, as a matter of fact, you lost just last night. But, I tell you what, Seth is a fighting Champion, and he won't be intimidated by your threats. Seth, get him!

Everyone backs off leaving Seth in the front acting all tough, but not actually going after Ambrose. Rollins hands off his strap and jacket, then rushes Ambrose. When Ambrose gets the upper hand, turning things around so Rollins is in the corner taking the blows, both J&J rush in and grab Ambrose by the arms. Ambrose fight them off. Rollins attacks Ambrose and they fight to the outside. Ambrose with a snap suplex on Rollins outside the ring. Mercury rushes Ambrose and takes a hip toss over the barricade. Noble clotheslined, then into the barricade. Rollins kicks Ambrose, fighting a bit. Ambrose tosses at the apron, but uses the momentum, sling-shots himself around and back at Rollins who ducks. Ambrose turns around and uses Rollins' momentum to land a body drop, sending Rollins gracelessly over announce and into the barricade with his face. Rollins hits the floor behind announce. Ambrose over pulls fabric off something, and it's a pile of cinder blocks. Ambrose sets Rollins up, holding his head against the blocks with a foot, holding a chair over his head, ready to swing if he doesn't get what he wants, the fans cheering him on.

Steph – STOP! Let him go and we'll give you the WWE WHC Match. Let him go and you got it! Let him go! Let him go!

Ambrose is all smiles and says, off mic, "Steel! Steel!"

Steph – Let him go!

Ambrose, off mic, "I'll do it anyway!"

Ambrose is starting to swing when Mercury grabs the chair from his hands. Noble is also there, but Ambrose makes quick work of them both, including sending Noble over the barricade from the timekeeper's area into Kane, knocking both to the floor with Mercury. Ambrose on the barricade and dives on the three.

Ambrose sees Rollins and gives chase. Rollins into the ring, scurries across on his hands and knees. Ambrose grabs him, but so does Trip outside the ring.

Steph – Hunter, get him!

Trip pulls Rollins out as Mercury attacks Ambrose. Mercury tossed from the ring, then Noble is there. Ambrose sends Noble into the corner shoulder first. Ambrose turned around into a big boot from Kane. Ambrose up and Kane sets up, but Ambrose free uses the ropes to sling-shot himself back at Kane with a clothesline. Ambrose sets Kane up for dirty deeds, but Rollins jumps on Ambrose's back, taking him down. Rollins on Ambrose with blows. Rollins hits a perfect pedigree on Ambrose. Rollins grabs the strap, yelling and screaming at Ambrose. Rollins rolls Ambrose over so he can yell at him some more.

Outside the ring Trip and Steph clap for Rollins. Kane stands behind them holding his face.

Biggest Pop
Dolph Ziggler

Biggest Heat
New Day
The Authority

Most Over Heel
Kevin Owens

Least Over Face
John Cena

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