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Raw Results 6/1/15 – You Keep Fighting And Never Give Up, Understand Me?

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RAW Results June 1, 2015
From AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Clips of Ambrose winning the WWE WHC last night, but then the decision was quickly changed to DQ, so Rollins retained. Ambrose left with Reigns through the stands with the strap in hand.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music, and out comes Steph in mottled green sleeveless dress to her knees, and the most pissy face we've seen, and the rest of The Authority in tow.

In the ring Steph announces Seth Rollins as WWE WHC.

Steph – Just because Ambrose has the Title, doesn't mean he's Champion. (chants) You people get your chants together. Ambrose is a kleptomaniac, all he can do is steal. He stole the WWE WHC, he stole Seth's MITB, he stole the IC Title. Last week he was arrested for assault. He's hardly WWE Superstar material, let alone WWE WHC! What are we gonna do? Are we going to fine Ambrose? (heat) Suspend him? (heat) Get rid of him all together! (heat)

Trip – We're not going to have to do that at all. No, we're not. Ambrose might be crazy, but he's not stupid. I gave him until the beginning of Raw to return it. Ambrose, come out of your hole you're hiding back there. Bring the WWE WHC with you, return it to the Champion, Seth Rollins, then we can discuss what happens after that.

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Trip – First of all, shut up. Second of all, Ambrose, I'm waiting. (less than two second pause) AMBROSE, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!

Reigns' music hits, and he comes out with a huge smile and solid pop. Fist bumps through the fans to the ring, which he gets into, then paces with a smirk.

Reigns – It doesn't look like they're very happy to see me, but it sounds like San Antonio is! (POP) You're right Hunter, Dean's not stupid, and not here. He may never come back, unless, at MITB, he wants a rematch. Not just any rematch. He wants a Ladder Match. That way there's no confusion. That way whoever has the Title is WWE WHC.

Steph – Roman, we're not going to negotiate with a lowlife miscreant like Ambrose, or you.

Reigns – You better consider it, because that lowlife beat him last night.

Steph – Stole it.

Reigns – Stole by hitting dirty deeds in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3. That doesn't sound like stealing.

Rollins – HE DID NOT BEAT ME! I am still the WWE WHC.

Reigns – Is that what you call yourself?

"Justin Bieber!" chants into, "You got beat!" chants. Rollins looks even more pissed.

Reigns – The writing is on the wall. I don't think you're as good as you think you are. Dean beat ya, I beat ya. You were kinda Colette in The Shield, but now you're with your mom and dad, and the tiniest security team of allll time! You maybe the worst WWE WHC ever.

Rollins – You tell Ambrose he got his rematch.

Steph – Wait a minute Seth, I don't think that's...

Rollins – I know exactly what I'm doing. You tell Ambrose he's got his rematch, and you know what, he's got his Ladder Match! (Trip up on Rollins) No! No! You listen to me. At MITB, I'm going to prove to you (Reigns), I'm gonna prove to Ambrose, I'm gonna prove to every single person in this ring that I don't need anybody's help. I don't need J&J Security, and a don't need no seven foot piece of crap, and I sure don't need The Authority! No, at MITB, I'll prove without a doubt who the absolute undisputed WWE WHC really is!

Rollins slams down the mic and stomps from the ring.

Steph – You can wipe that smug, stupid look right off of your face! Who the hell do you think you are getting in our ring and disrupting everything?

Trip – Hold on. (Trip facing Steph, backing her off with a hand to her chest) Just who in the hell do you think you are? He's Roman Reigns. He's Roman Reigns, one of the participants in the MITBLM in a couple weeks. You know the MITBLM where you climb up and grab a contract, good for any time, any place, for a shot at the WWE WHC, you remember that, that contract when Seth destroyed your hopes and dreams with it at WrestleMania. Don't ya big boy? Yeah. I remember it too. Here's the thing, you're in the MITBLM. You don't have to be! You don't have to be in it at all, and maybe you won't be after tonight. If you lose tonight you're out of the MITBLM. You lose your hopes and dreams, again. Just so there's no long and drawn out waiting, stay right here while I go out in the back and find you an opponent right now.

Trip drops the mic like a pipebomb. All of The Authority leaves the ring together. Trip glaring back up at Reigns as he leaves the ring and heads up the ramp.


Barrett vs Reigns

the MITB case is hung above the ring. Barrett rolls Reigns up for two.

"Roman!" chants are loud, and mostly female. Side headlock on Barrett on the mat for two. Barrett free, on Reigns in a corner. Snap suplex on Reigns for two.

Shoulder block drops Reigns. Barrett lifted, then free. Barrett, on his knees, eats boot. Clothesline in a corner on Barrett. Reigns rushed Barrett, levitated over the top to the apron and kicks on Barrett through the ropes, but Barrett rolls out of the way of Reigns double feet as he hangs through the ropes. Back in and Reigns sends Barrett out of the ring. Barrett out with head butts on Reigns. Barrett flung into the stairs, but goes over. Barrett kicks back and the stairs into Reigns' knee. Barrett sends Reigns shoulder first into the stairs.


Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns starts getting strength, elbows free, sends Barrett into a corner, but Barrett moves Anderson Reigns across the corner. Barrett on Reigns across the corner with blows, then a kick to Reigns' ribs for two.

Back to the facelock on Reigns on the mat. The fans clap for Reigns who is up and free, but telegraphs and is kicked for it, but comes back with a Samoan drop. Both men are down for five. They start fighting at their knees, exchanging blows to their feet. Reigns with a huge clothesline on Barrett, and both are down again. Both slowly up. Barrett eats elbow, then a couple more clotheslines. Barrett into a corner taking blows. The ref pulls Reigns off, and he comes back for the boot. Flying clothesline on Barrett for two.

Winds of change on Reigns for two.

Barrett readies his elbow, looking up at the case, but Reigns ducks, slams Barrett, somehow lifts Barrett up from the mat in what Booker T calls a double clutch to slam Barrett to the mat again! Reigns is ready in a corner, but Barrett to the apron. Barrett rakes Reigns' eyes, then hangs him up top. Reigns ducks the bull hammer and lands the spear for three.

Winner – Reigns (14:12)

Reigns is still rubbing his eye from the rake by Barrett, but poses for the fans who love him.

Announce Segment

They talk about Owens defeating Cena at Elimination Chamber.


Backstage Segment

Trip – Looks like you're still in the MITBLM.

Steph – That is if you can defeat your next opponent tonight, the world's strongest man, Mark Henry. Good luck.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Please welcome my guest, the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella. First off, congrats on your win last night. And congrats because you've now held the Divas Title for more than six months, and you're the longest reigning current Champion in the WWE.

Nikki – It's an incredible feeling.

Byron – The question is, what's next for you?

Nikki – You know that's the exciting part. I'm looking forward to anything and everything. I feel so accomplished as the Divas Champion, and I'm just so honored to be a part of the Divas Division. I'm just...

Paige – Everything, and anything, huh? That's interesting, because I remember a Divas Battle Royal a couple weeks ago where I won a chance at the Divas Title, which I didn't get because of Naomi, but, now she's out of the picture, there's nothing standing in my way. Of course, that's if you're up for everything and anything, right?

Nikki – Is that a challenge Paige? No offense, but you sounded a lot like Naomi, talking about what you think you're owed. You want a one on one Championship Match for the Divas Championship? Then consider your challenge accepted. Oh, but, I say we have that match tonight.

They both glare.

In Ring Segment

Lilian announces Ryback, the new IC Champion to the ring. Stills from Elimination Chamber last night. "Feed me more!" chants.

Ryback – First thing's first, nobody likes an overly emotional Big Guy, but I'm proud to be standing here the IC Champion. (pop) But it was because of you guys here in this arena in October when I returned from injury, when that music hit and that "Feed me more!" chant with the standing ovation, gave me goosebumps. Because of you, you reminded me of who I am! And who I am is your new WWE IC Champion! When it comes to the challengers, you know what I say!

"Feed me more!" "Feed me more!" "Feed me more!"


IC Championship Match – Ryback (c) vs Miz

Miz to the ring. They get ready for their match, but before the bell rings, Big Show's music hits and he stomps to the ring and in. Big Show right up, readies his fist at Ryback, then punches out Miz.

Big Show – If anyone is going to beat you for that Championship, it's going to be me. You call yourself The Big Guy. You ain't got nothin' on the Big Show.

"Feed me more!" chants from the fans.

Big Show leaves the ring to his own music after one last look at Ryback. Miz is lolling on the floor, holding his face. Ryback leads another "Feed me more!" chant.


In Ring Segment

Owens to the ring, NXT Championship over his shoulder. Stills of his match with Cena last night at Elimination Chamber.

Owens – When I say I'm going to do something, I deliver. When I got to NXT and I said I'd win the Title, I delivered. When I said I was going to take out Sami Zayn, I delivered. When I said I was going to leave Cena laying in the ring at Elimination Chamber, I delivered.

"Fight Owens Fight!" chants.

Owens – Now, last night was the biggest win of my career by far, and I should be on top of the world tonight, but I'm not. Because the first thing I did after match was call home and my wife told me how happy and proud of me she was, and that meant the world to me. Then I spoke to my son, who like almost every other kid who watches WWE, is a huge John Cena fan. (heat) He's a kid! A kid! And when we talked, all he could ask, is John Cena alright? I get it, because he's been watching Cena for years. But just because I understand, doesn't mean it's okay. See because it's not his fault, it's blind worship spurred on by the fact that for the past decade Cena has been portrayed as a real life, living, breathing, superhero. No, think about it. The bright color, the powerful catchphrases, hustle, loyalty, respect. Never give up! You know what? While I traveled the world for ten years, honing my craft in hopes of one day making it to the WWE, my son was being influenced by Cena. That's when Cena became my son's hero, because I wasn't featured on WWE TV every week! That's when Cena became Super Cena.

Dueling Cena chants.

Owens – Well, last night, I beat Super Cena!

Mixed reaction to Owens' pronouncement.

Owens – Tonight, as I stand before you, those ridiculous words, hustle, loyalty, respect, never give up, are being delivered by a broken, empty shell of a man! (heat) In two weeks at MITB, when I beat him again, I'm going to expose the lie that is John Cena! (mixed) And you know what, I'm going to make sure my son watches every single second. If you're a parent, and got a kid out there begging you for a John Cena shirt, or party, sit them down, and make them watch it too, because I'm gonna show that a real role model doesn't rely on marketing, bright colors and catchphrases. A real role model says they're going to do something, and then they deliver. Just like I do.

Owens poses with the NXT Title in hand. Cena's music hits and he comes out looking a bit pissy. The fans sing along loudly!

Cena (on stage holding up his towel) – That is no catchphrase, my man!

Cena into the ring, poses with the strap high.

Cena – Man Kevin Owens is a jackass. Shut your mouth, just shut up. I know it was your first match, but act like you've been there before. Just shut up! Because after last night the entire world is talking about Elimination Chamber. After last night the entire world is throwing out hashtags like #Debutofthedecade, #Matchofthedecade, #Fight Owens Fight The entire world is talking about Kevin Owens!

"You got beat!" chants for Cena.

Cena – And for those who cannot hear at home, they're speaking the truth, because last night, in the most unbelievable debut in WWE history, not only did you take me to the limit, but you won! I got beat. Ever since I won this, I said one Superstar would beat me and be the better man, and until you opened your mouth, I was going to walk down here, shake your hand, and hand you this, because you deserve it. (heat) But I agree with them, you don't deserve this. Hell, you don't deserve the NXT Championship. (mixed) No, you did win it, and not because you're not a good wrestler, you're a great wrestler, but because you're so concerned with being a real role model when you're not even a real man. (OHHH) See Kevin, a real man throws jealousy aside, doesn't judge another man by the color of their t-shirt, appearance, or how they choose to live their lives. You want to know why your son feels the way he feels? According to you, it's the WWE marketing machine. If that were true, he's have an Adam Rose t-shirt, still love the Funkasaurus and want to grow up to play in the XFL! Your son feels the way he feels because, like those kids out there in the Cena shirt, that kid in the Cena hat and sign that says, "I am beating cancer!"

The camera flashes to the kid who is very obviously chubby from all the Prednisone, and most likely feels like hell from all he (she?) has been going through, but is still there holding that sign high with tears in his (her?) eyes. The fans cheer. (My heart hurts.)

Cena – They feel the way they feel because they believe, and they believe because they see me each and every week on this stage. Those catchphrase you're talking about were not puked out at a boardroom table, over ten years they've defined who I am and how I choose to live my life, both in this ring and outside of it! (pop) I take nothing away from what you've done, but it's blatantly obvious that my undying passion to both the WWE and the people that fill the seats every single week, is so obvious if your 6 or 69, whether I win or lose, they chant "Let's go Cena!" or "Cena sucks!"

Dueling chants.

Cena – If I say or wear the words 'Never give up!', not only am I telling the world how I live, but helping other do the same, like that person right there! (the kid with the sign who is full on bawling now) And, by the way, you keep fighting and never give up, you understand me? And that's from me! (CHEERS) Three words, you would be amazed Mr. Owens at how those three words can affect people's lives. It would be like working day in and day out, looking for an opportunity, being told time after time that you're never going to make it, but keep scratching and clawing and when the day comes that opportunity knocks, and you don't just answer the door, you raise your hand and say, the Champ is here! That is exactly what happened to you last night Kevin Owens. You see, the three words that define the life journey of Kevin Owens are not "Fight Owens Fight!" and this one is going to be a tough pill to swallow homes, are the three words that define Kevin Owens are never give up. A bit of advice from man to almost man. Think before you speak, because in two weeks at MITB you are going to have to explain how a really good wrestler couldn't deliver on a promise because he got his ass kicked by a real man!

Cena slams his mic into Owens' chest. Off comes the US Title, then the NXT Title. Off comes Cena's shirt, they look ready to fight, but then Owens flees.


Shakedown of The Night

Stills from the Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match.

Kofi vs Ziggler

New Day in the ring clapping and talking smack, but can barely be heard through the heat. Ziggler comes out with Lana in a Ted suit in tow, but he tells her to stay on the stage for the match.

They lock up, arm bar on Kofi. "We want Lana!" chants. Lana watches from the stage as Ziggler lands a shoulder block. Kofi leap frogs twice, then eats a drop kick. Ziggler pushed into corner, gets free, Kofi eats the corner, but then comes right back on Ziggler. Kofi rolls up Ziggler for two.

Woods outside the ring talking smack and cheering on Kofi. Back elbows to Kofi, then Ziggler moves and Kofi eats corner. Splash on Kofi, then a neck breaker on him. Epic elbow on Kofi for two.

Kofi reversed on and Ziggler hits his huge DDT for a long two.

Woods distracts Kofi rolls up Ziggler, holds tights, but Ziggler rolls through, holds the tights and gets the three.

Winner – Ziggler (3:14)

New Day beats down Kofi together, but then a whistle and out comes the Prime Time Players! They come to Ziggler's rescue!


New Day vs Ziggler & Prime Time Players

Young drops a leg on Woods for two.

Young rakes his back, works him a bit, but a back kick drops Young so Woods can tag out. Young is tripped by Woods outside, then tossed through a belly-to-belly by Big E. Woods tags in and stomps. Big E tags in and stomps. Kofi tags in with a running drop kick to a sitting Young's face. Snap mare on Young, then a kick to his face for two.

Arm hold on Young on the mat. Young up, but eats a drop kick. Woods tags in and off the corner with a punch. Woods pins, O'Neil breaks the count.

Arm and head hold on Young on the mat. Young up, punches free. Big E tags in and Young eats corner. Kofi tags in and pins for two.

Big E clapping in the ring, tries to splash Young, but Young gets his knees up. Big E up, shoulder first to the post. Young reaches and tags out. O'Neil all over Big E and Woods in the ring, sending Big E out, tossing Woods off, dropping Kofi down! O'Neil with a power slam on Woods, Big E breaks the count.

Woods tries to steal one. Ziggler in with a superkick. Finally O'Neil plants Woods for three.

Winners – Prime Time Players & Ziggler (5:34)

Lana is all smiles on the stage as the Prime Time Players and Ziggler celebrate in the ring.


Announce Segment

Talking about the opening segment. Video of Rollins going off on everyone.

Reigns vs Henry

Both looking up at the case. Reigns on Henry with huge blows. Reigns lifts Henry, but then falls back. Henry gets two for it.

Henry on Reigns in a corner, then stomps him down. Big chop to Reigns' chest, then another. Reigns whipped and hits the mat for two.

Henry rips at Reigns' face on the mat, then pulls Reigns up. Shoulder blocks on Reigns in a corner, then a right. A short clothesline in the corner. Reigns whipped, but moves this time. Clotheslines on Henry in the corner as Reigns goes crazy and almost takes a DQ. Reigns off the ropes with a HUGE clothesline on Henry that takes him down. Reigns tries, can't, but then lifts Henry for the Samoan drop. Outside Reigns backed into the post. Reigns back with a superman punch. Both are down outside the ring and the ref is counting. Reigns in at 9 and wins the match.

Winner via Countout – Reigns (3:45)

Reigns dumps water on his face, but then Henry's there for a WSS, then splashes Reigns on the mat before leaving the ring to solid heat.


Backstage Segment

Reigns walking backstage, struggling along, see The Authority.

Steph – That looks like it kinda hurts. Is it hard to breathe from that splash?

Trip – Congrats, you're on a roll.

Reigns – Let me guess, keep the vest on?

Trip – Yeah, you know, it's crazy how you want to be in this MITBLM. It's crazy, so you should lace that vest up real tight, and follow the buzzards.

Announce Segment

They discuss what Reigns now has to deal with. They talk about Sonic, and show videos of the Superstars auditioning for Sonic. They had Axelmania and Macho Mandow being silly and loving their shakes. New Day clapped and chanted. Big Show wants more shakes.

Divas Championship Match – Nikki (c) vs Paige

Paige to the ring.


Nikki to the ring. She ties her hair up before they lock up.

They lock up. Clean break an Nikki does jumping jacks. They lockup, no so clean break. Nikki tightens her ponytail. Fireman's carry take down into an arm bar on Paige on the mat. Up and Paige runs the ropes into a belly-to-belly for two.

Nikki with pushups this time. Snap suplex on Paige for two.

Knee in Paige's back, chinlock on Paige on the mat. Paige up, takes knees to the gut, then a slingshot suplex on Paige that barely had enough rotation, for two.

Nikki with Paige's legs tied up in a submission hold. Paige gets to the ropes. Paige kicks Nikki in the gut HARD and drops her. Nikki rolls out to regroup. Outside she does crunches. Back in Paige reverses an Alabama slam and gets two on Nikki.

Alabama slam on Paige for two.

Paige on Nikki for two.

Paige ducks Nikki. Nikki up top, Paige up with a DDT type move that lands Nikki head first to the mat! Nikki rolls out and under the mat. Brie rolls in and rolls Paige up for three. (That's why she had her hair up, so does Brie.)

Winner – Nikki (5:44)

Announce Segment

Another recap of the opening of Raw, then to Reigns' two matches.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring to huge pop.


Orton vs Sheamus

Sheamus to the ring.

They lock up, Orton backed into a corner, then free. Sheamus roughly takes Orton down, keeps him down. Orton back with a hammer into a side headlock, break in the ropes. Orton rolled up for one.

They fight back and forth, Orton rolling Sheamus up for two.

Side headlock on Sheamus. Sheamus off the ropes into a shoulder block. Orton with a back elbow, then an upper cut. Upper cuts on Orton. They exchange upper cuts. Sheamus clotheslined from the ring. Sheamus back slammed onto announce. Orton lands a clothesline on Sheamus in front of announce. Orton into the ring as Sheamus lolls outside.


Facelock on Orton on the mat. Sheamus catches Orton and slams him to the mat for two.

Sheamus on Orton in a corner with kicks. Sheamus ignores the ref, keeps stomping Orton. Orton comes back with kicks of his own, but then eats a clothesline. Sheamus sits up top, drops a knee to Orton's face for two.

Facelock on Orton on the mat. Orton up, suplexes free of Sheamus. Orton shakes it all off, but then takes a shoulder through the ropes. Orton hung up top, then Sheamus climbs, diving over Orton. Clotheslines to Sheamus, but Sheamus holds the ropes to avoid Orton. Orton avoids the brogue, lands his powerslam. Sheamus through the ropes, but Sheamus reverses. Orton reverses with a t-bone suplex! Orton with his 'vintage' DDT through the ropes! Orton really works the fans, then pounds the mat. Sheamus pushes off, lands a knee, but not the brogue. Orton from the ring. Sheamus out with an upper cut. Orton blocks being slammed into the barricade, head butts, and sends Sheamus over the barricade. Sheamus with a chair for the DQ.

Winner via DQ – Orton (13:04)

Brogue on Orton in front of announce. Orton into the barricade, then into the post. Orton then into the barricade behind announce. More refs out trying to keep Sheamus away from Orton. Sheamus getting some solid heat from the fans. Sheamus seems to be heading away, but then back on Orton with another brogue. Sheamus is now leaving, we can tell because his music is playing.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Rusev, because of your injury you were unable to compete in Elimination Chamber, and, over the last few weeks there's been issues with Lana, which has people asking about your current state of mind.

Rusev – I have nothin'. I have no Championship. I have no career. I have no woman. I'm just a broken man. I have a broken ankle, broken spirit. I am the one crushed this time. But I see, I know, what I want, what I desire, and I will get back all of it!


Bo vs Neville

Bo to the ring.

Bo – I tried. I tried to help you Neville. Now I just want to hurt you.

Neville to the ring.

Bo throws his shirt at Neville, then attacks. Bo all over Neville with blows and kicks, then into a corner with more. More blows on Neville. Elbow in a corner to Neville's face, then Bo poses. Neville tossed out of the ring. Bo out with a tackle than drops Neville! Bo yelling in Neville's face, then tosses Neville in for two.

European headlock on Neville on the mat. Neville up, but Bo pulls him back down. Neville up with blows, sends Bo rolling. Neville takes Bo down, then again. Kicks to Bo, then a last to his head. Bo reverses a whip, Neville floats over, then backflips across the ring. Neville up top, red arrow for three.

Winner – Neville (3:11)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Neville smiles down at Bo on the mat.


Reigns vs Wyatt

Reigns in the ring. Wyatt out to face him through his fireflies, wearing a new shirt.

They start throwing blows and kicks. Reigns slams Wyatt into a corner, then the next, but holding his guts. Wyatt back with blows on Reigns. Head butts on Reigns on the mat. Wyatt points up at the case. A clubbing blow on Reigns' back, then double hands chopping his throat. Reigns whipped, comes out with his own blow. Blow to the back of Wyatt's neck for two.

Reigns is favoring that left eye, and his ribs. Rollins, Kane, and J&J Security on the stage distracts Reigns. Wyatt throws his whole body across Reigns. Reigns rolls out to regroup. Wyatt out with a sick clothesline.


Blows on Wyatt, but then Reigns tossed out. They fight on the apron, Wyatt hits a dropping DDT on the apron. Wyatt splashes Reigns in a corner, then poses. Wyatt tries again, but eats a clothesline from Reigns. Both men are down.

Wyatt shoulder first to the corner, then a DDT from Reigns. Reigns splashes Wyatt in a corner, then clotheslines on him. Reigns with his running double kick outside on Wyatt. Wyatt kicks Reigns as he gets into the ring, then clotheslines him. Back senton on Reigns for a long two.

They exchange blows, until a Samoan drop on Wyatt. Reigns with a huge punch to the mat, but Wyatt reverses and gets two for it.

Wyatt with his back bend at Reigns, but then rolled up for two by Reigns.

Superman punch on Wyatt, then all four down the ramp. They surround the ring. Mercury on the apron, drops down to avoid Reigns. Kane up on the other side, and the two stare at each other. Wyatt grabs Reigns, but he reverses, sending Wyatt into Kane. Spear on Wyatt for three.

Winner – Reigns (15:14)

They surround the ring, ready to attack, but Ambrose's music hits. Everyone is looking for him, then he's suddenly on announce! Into the ring and Mercury takes a huge spear. Rollins in, Ambrose tosses the strap at him. Rollins grabs it, then eats dirty deeds. Reigns grabs the strap and tosses it back to Ambrose. Steph and Trip out to the ring. Steph screaming down at Ambrose. Ambrose and Reigns flee into the stands as Trip stomps to the ring.

Backstage Segment

Heyman through the back, to Austin's set, and sits down across from Austin!

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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