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Raw Results 3/30/15 – The Beast Breaks All The Announce Teams

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RAW Results March 30, 2015
From SAP Center in San Jose, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

For the first time the MITB was cashed in, and Rollins is WWE WHC. Brock is steaming because he wasn't pinned to lose his Championship.

Raw Starts

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar's music and he comes stomping out, his face all cut up from last night, dressed in his ring gear, looking really pissed off, with Heyman in tow. Brock looks to be ready for a fight. Heyman is announced before Brock. A mixture of chants and head for Brock.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the most non-PG ass kicker of the PG Era, Brock Lesnar! Let's talk about it, get it out of the way. What happened last night at WrestleMania. My client, as we told him he would, laid a beating on a Samona badass, the likes of which, no one had seen at WrestleMania. My client took his hands, put them on the #1 challenger for the Title and did nothing but suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, suplex, right through the canvas.

"Suplex city!" chants.

Heyman – Or, as my client said, "suplex city bitch!" (pop) So now, Brock Lesnar is bitch slapping Reigns around the ring, this Samoan was eating the pain, smiling, and saying he'd bring the same right back to you. I will not sing Reigns' praises, he will sink or swim on his own from here. Brock Lesnar almost respects, but kid, you got a ways to go. Then Brock Lesnar got bored, was hungry, wanted to go out for dinner, F5! And here comes slimy, disgusting little Seth Rollins. Who cashes in MITB, makes it a Triple Threat Match, curb stomps everyone in sight and scores a pinfall on the challenger and not the Champion, and scurries away the most undeserving WWE WHC of anybody's lifetime. I got this. You all know, my father, the prominent New York attorney, and I have apprised my client of his legal rights, that I can get an injunction, have the decision reversed, Rollins won't be the winner, tie WWE in litigation for the next 3-4 months with the Title held up, unfortunately for me, Brock Lesnar thinks all lawyers are scumbags, and Brock Lesnar will not file and injunction, doesn't want to tie up WWE in litigation, he wants to invoke his rematch clause. I've been authorized to tell you it won't happen at SummerSlam, or next WrestleMania, or Extreme Rules, at Payback, but right here, right now, tonight!

Big pop! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph comes out in black pants, a black top, and a short black leather jacket. (She's famous for wearing black leather on the night she's the nastiest of heels.) Steph stops on the stage to talk.

Steph – Everyone is so ready to move past WrestleMania. Wasn't last night unbelievable? Setting a new attendance record!

Solid heat through Steph talking. Not a mix of noises, just solid negativity.

Steph – Brock, that was one of the greatest main events I've seen. You took it to Reigns. But it looks like Reigns took it to you.

"Ronda Rousey!" chants at Steph.

Steph – I guess you people don't want to know if you will see a rematch. Do you want to? (pop) Good, then don't make me angry, or you won't get what you want! As you well know, the WWE WHC had to fly to New York to do The Today Show, it was supposed to be you Brock, but you lost, so Rollins did it and did an excellent job. He's not back yet, still in the air. When he gets back he will prove to be a proud ambassador for the WWE, and a competing Champion. I have no doubt he will be up for the challenge.

Steph leaves.

Heyman – Well then, let me give you not a prediction but a spoiler. Tonight, for the first time in over a decade, my client is going to wrestle on Raw. My client is going to offer a beating to Rollins. After the beating, my client is going to pin, or tap out Rollins, and you will hear an announcement, but not from Lilian, but from me. I will say, "The winner and once agains reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar!

Announce Segment

Cena offers and open challenge for the US Title. Bryan will defend the IC Title against Ziggler.


IC Championship Match – Bryan (c) vs Ziggler

Bryan to the ring. Ziggler already in there. Lilian announces this match. Barrett is on announce.

They circle, dance around, finally lock hands, all through dueling chants for both men. Ziggler to his knees, and then Bryan with Ziggler's arm over his shoulder. Ziggler had to shake that off. Ziggler takes Bryan down, and they work around on the mat. An arm drag, blows on Ziggler, and Bryan for two.

Bryan all over Ziggler with frustrated blows. Bryan is seething, and they lock up to chants of, "This is awesome!" Major blows, then head butt to Bryan in a corner. Bryan reverses to "YES!" kicks. Bryan drags Ziggler out, locks up his legs, then Bryan goes surfing. Bryan wrenches Ziggler's head back. Ziggler free. Upper cut on Ziggler, then "YES!" kicks in a corner. Bryan whipped, runsup and over, and into a drop kick from Ziggler. Bryan sends Ziggler over and out, taking himself out too. Both on the floor going to commercial.


Ziggler wrenching on Bryan's head on the mat. Ziggler hit a modified piledriver on Bryan during the break. Bryan with running drop kicks on Ziggler in a corner. Ziggler up top, Bryan climbs, but then hung up there, taking the metal to the slats. Ziggler climbs and lands Ziggler the same way. Bryan climbs and lands a suplex from the top for two.

"This is awesome!" chants.

Bryan with "YES!" kicks on a kneeling Ziggler, but he ducks the last and rolls Bryan up for two.

Bryan tries for his lock, Ziggler reverses into a jacknife and they bridge up. Back and forth, but Bryan into the post. Bryan free of the zig-zag, then Bryan runs into the superkick for a long two.

Both men are down, and the fans are there for them both. They exchange blows on their knees, getting to their feet, selling each one, with the fans there. They move onto head butts like from the ladder. Bryan hits his running knee for three.

Winner – Bryan (11:44)

Barrett talks smack that Bryan isn't a real Champion, didn't beat Barrett. Barrett attacks Bryan from behind, sets up, but then Sheamus' music hits. Out comes Sheamus with a mohawk and beads in his braided beard. Barrett flees the ring, and Sheamus takes the love, then a brogue kick to Bryan to show his heel turn. Sheamus then attacks Ziggler and beats on him, yelling smack at him as he slaps Ziggler across the face in a corner. Ziggler fights back, but then eats white noise. Lastly, a brogue kick to Ziggler.

"You look stupid!" chants at Sheamus.

Sheamus – I'm back.

Sheamus smirks, drops the mic, and leaves. Video recap of the high points of Sheamus' attack.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. They go to video from the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

8 Man Tag Team Action – Cesaro & Kidd & The Ascension vs A New Day & Lucha Dragons

All in the ring, except Lucha Dragons – Sin Cara and Kalisto – who head to the ring. Both jump over the top and into the ring.

"Lucha!" chants before it even starts. "NXT!" chants. Cesaro and Sin Cara lock up. Upper cut to Sin Cara. "Sin Cara!" chants as Cesaro keeps pinning Sin Cara for one.

Head scissors on Cesaro, who comes back really taking Sin Cara down. Sin Cara off the ropes with a head scissors slam that looks great and takes Cesaro down. Kalisto tags in, tries hurricanrannam but stopped by Cesaro. Kalisto ends up standing on a standing Cesaro's chest, then all over Cesaro, and takes him down beautifully! Big E and Konnor tags in. Konnor backed into the face corner. Kofi with a blind tag and takes Konnor down. Sin Cara tags in, over the top on Konnor. Konnor all over Sin Cara. "NXT!" chants. JBL says everyone in this match is from NXT but Kofi! Viktor tags in and they double team Sin Cara for two.


Kidd tags out. Cesaro grabs Sin Cara's ankle, tags out. Big swing into Kidd's drop kick for two, but Kalisto breaks it up.

Konnor tags in and eats an enziguri. Both are down. "A New Day sucks!" chants. Kofi tags in, all over everyone, clothesline to Kidd, then a boom drop. "A New Day sucks!" and Kofi with a crossbody on Kidd for two.

Viktor and Cesaro get into an argument, as Viktor tags himself in. Viktor on Kofi for two.

Kalisto in and all over Viktor with so many moves I don't know. Each in with their own finisher on the last. Kalisto launches Kofi out, but Viktor in. Viktor is taken out by Kalisto for three.

Winners – A New Day & Lucha Dragons (10:17)

Booker T – We might need everyone from NXT on this roster!

Lucha Dragons and A New Day celebrate together.

Backstage Segment

Heyman – You won't believe this. He's here. Let's go.


Someone spiraling off a corner. It's Neville!


In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar's music again, and out they come, again! Brock is pacing in the ring, waiting. Rollins music hits, and out he comes in his new ring gear, strap around his waist, J&J Security in tow.

Rollins into the ring, right up in Brock's face with the strap. Heyman holds Brock back. Lilian announces the match with everyone in the ring. Rollins taunts Brock.

Rollins won't hand the strap to the ref, heads out to grab a mic.

Rollins – I spoke with Steph before I came out. I'm jet lagged, and my foot hurts from curb stomping you and Reigns last night. I'm a fighting Champion, and will give you you're rematch, just not tonight. Hahaha!

Before Rollins could go anywhere, Brock from the ring. Rollins tries to flee, is caught and flung to the floor in front of announce. A clothesline on Rollins. Rollins tries to flee, but sent into the ring. Rollins tries to flee the other side, is caught, eats one of Brock's famous suplexes. Rollins lands on his feet and kicks Brock in the face. Brock just looks at Rollins. Rollins flees again, gets to the barricade again, but caught by Brock, again. Brock gets Rollins up for an F5, but J&J Security pulls Rollins down off Brock. Rollins flees, but J&J Security are down.

Brock over flips announce. JBL seems to move in time, but Booker T doesn't. He gets smooshed. Mercury tossed across Spanish announce from over by timekeepers, barely touches to the other side of the table. Noble tossed on Spanish announce. Then Brock grabs Cole. Heyman tries to talk Brock down, but Brock in and hits an F5 on Cole. Cole is knocked out of his shoe, and takes the move badly. Then Brock grabs the cameraman on the apron, gets him into the ring in a rough way, then up for an F5.

Steph comes out screaming at Brock to stop.

Steph – Stop it right now! Put that man down Brock, this is unneccesary. You will get your rematch. Put him down. He's a cameraman, put him down. He's a civilian, put him down! Listen to Heyman, put him down!

F5 on the cameraman.

Steph – Brock, your actions have consequences! You're suspended. You're suspended indefinitely. Get out of my building. Get out now! Now! NOW!NOW!

"Holy crap!" chants morph into chants of, "Holy shit!"

The camera pans around to the announce. Cole is on the floor, not moving. Booker T is behind announce, not moving.

"One more time!" chants.

Brock hits another F5 on the 'cameraman' that was already down in the ring. Brock leaves the ring and up the ramp with Heyman in tow. EMTs down to Cole's side.



EMTs working on Cole who's not responding. Then Video recap of the entire attack.

Backstage Segment

Renee – You just suspended Brock Lesnar, can you explain your decision?

Steph – You saw what happened out there? Brock Lesnar F5d an innocent cameraman, would you have liked that to be you Renee? What he did to JBL and Booker T, F5ing Cole. Brock Lesnar endangered WWE employees, and I had no choice but to suspend Brock Lesnar.

Renee – Will his actions effect his contractually obligated rematch against Rollins?

Steph – Brock Lesnar will get his rematch when I say. I think I need to hit Brock Lesnar where it hurts. I'm going to have to fine Brock Lesnar. I'm fining him for all the damage, all the emotional distress. And if Brock Lesnar thinks he can go back to MMA, he signed a contract with WWE, that means I own that son of a bitch!


Stardust vs Mizdow

Byron is at announce, taking over, going over what happened out there. Stardust is in the ring. Mizdow to the ring to face him. Stills of Miz and Mizdow getting into it last night in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

Mizdow makes a show of removing his shades like Miz. The fans love it!

Stardust on Mizdow with kicks and blows as soon as the shades are off. Mizdow from the corner with a big clothesline. Mizdow with Miz's double move. Stardust with kicks to Mizdow, beats him down at the ropes. "Let's go Mizdow!" chants. Stardust all over Mizdow in a corner, then poses. Mizdow comes back with blows, but kicked down as Byron struggles alone on announce – sounding lost. Delayed vertical slam on Mizdow, then a reverse headlock on Mizdow on the mat as Stardust screams pop. Byron calls him Goldust, even though he means Stardust. SCF and Mizdow gets the three.

Winner – Mizdow (2:22)

As soon as it's over, Miz is there behind Mizdow, hits the SCF, yelling smack the whole time. "Asshole!" chant for Miz. Miz tells Mizdow that this is his own fault. "Asshole!" chants get louder. Miz just continues to berate Mizdow and gets heat from the fans for it, but he's wearing a new Miz shirt!


Announce Segment

Headlines about WrestleMania. Stills of Ronda Rousey with Rock in the ring, taking out Trip and Steph.


Recap of WWE taking over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Axel vs Neville

Axel – Don't change that channel. The entire locker room is jealous of the phenomenon known as Axelmania! It took 29 men to eliminate me from the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. The road to Axel-treme Rules starts now!

Rips his shirt, but then, out comes Neville, pyro and all. The man that gravity forgot!

Axel rushes Neville, so he pulls down the top rope. Neville then easily does a diving back flip off the apron onto Axel, then removes his cape in one fell swoop!

"NXT!" chants. "Neville!" chants. Neville over Axel in a corner, multiple back flips across the ring. Neville with flying forearms, kicks, then a running kick to Axel's face. A running upper cut in a corner. Axel slammed, Neville up top. The red arrow, and it's over.

Winner – Neville (1:12)

The fans are wild for Neville, and for good reason. He poses for the fans.


Announce Segment

Byron is still standing around behind announce, and explains why he's there and all alone. Video of Brock's destruction.

US Championship Match – John Cena (c) vs Ambrose

Cena out to a chorus of, "John Cena sucks!" to his music, but he's running with it. Into the ring with his new US Championship around his waist. He also has a new black shirt with an arrow to the US Title belt on it. Stills from his match last night. Heat for Cena.

Cena – All night you're going to hear about WrestleMania moments (heat). No, I agree with you, because I don't think you get the respect you deserve. You're the best audience of the entire year. (pop) You are always loud, vocal, and as I heard earlier, surrounded by a group of budding musicians.

They break into song, "John Cena sucks!" Cena holds out his mic.

Cena – Catchy tune, but you will have a problem with this one. The Champ is here! (heat) We been at this a long time, but don't get it twisted, tonight I'm dressed like Johnny Cash, but I'm still John Cena. (heat) I'm not out here to try to change any mind, but also not here to run away from a fight. I wanted this US Championship so badly because you deserve a Championship Match right here, right now! Earlier on I issued an open challenge for anyone from Rusev to the Brooklyn Brawler, so if there's any warm body back there that wants some, it's a hell of a time to come get some!

Byron says, "Here comes Rusev!"

No Rusev, but Ambrose comes out looking pissy. Gets into the ring, right up in Cena's face. Lilian announces the match from inside the ring. Stills of Ambrose going splat last night in his match.

Side headlock on Ambrose. "Let's go Ambrose!" chants. Back up and free, both looking a little mad. Side headlock takeover on Ambrose that looked rather stiff! Dueling Cena chants as he takes Ambrose down for one.

Side head lock on Ambrose. Ambrose pushes out into a hip toss for one.


Facelock on Ambrose on the mat. King is out there to rescue Byron on announce, making everything sound 1000% better. Forearms on Cena, then in a corner, and a running bulldog. Ambrose up, but Cena ducks and Ambrose rolls through. Cena slams Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose back up and on Cena, avoiding 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena ducks a clothesline, slams Ambrose again to the mat and lands 5 knuckle shuffle. Ambrose avoids AA, kicks out of STF, into the ropes, then Ambrose with his sick clothesline for two.

Cena with Ambrose up, but Ambrose free. They exchange big rights. Cena gets the upper hand, but then eats an elbow in a corner. Ambrose rides Cena down from the corner for two.

Cena rolls from the ring. Ambrose climbs the corner, hits his flying elbow on the standing Cena. Both are down outside, the ref is counting. Ambrose sends Cena in. Cena hits an AA for a long two.

Both on the mat again. Cena lifts Ambrose to a corner. "Let's go Ambrose!" chants. Cena sets up for an AA from the top. Ambrose sends Cena off. Cena back up, they botch, but Ambrose back up and powerbombs Cena to the mat. Super Cena somehow reverses into an STF. Ambrose crawls for the ropes, inching his way, and makes it to the bottom rope.

Cena lets go. Cena on his knees, Ambrose a puddle. "John Cena sucks!" singing. Cena gets Ambrose up. Ambrose reverses and locks on the STF! Cena crawls, Ambrose holds Cena's hand back, tries to pull Cena back and lock on, but can't.

Dirty deed on Cena for a long two!

"This is awesome!"chants, and King agrees as Byron struggles for words. King is carrying Byron. They exchange blows and kicks, slowly. Cena gets Ambrose up, but no. then Ambrose up again, but no. Ambrose with a strong crossbody, but Cena rolls through, lifts Ambrose, and hits his AA for three.

Winner – Cena (14:19)

Cena celebrates, but is winded. Ambrose, on the mat, holding his head. The camera on King and Byron, King talks, but Byron seems to forget what he's supposed to say. Ambrose to his feet, holding the side of his head, looking annoyed. Ambrose points to the Title, talking. They slap hands to show respect. Ambrose looks a bit crushed when Cena leaves with the strap.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome the new WWE WHC, Seth Rollins. Seth, earlier we all saw the carnage Brock Lesnar caused. What are your thoughts on him being suspended?

Rollins – I mean, I think Brock Lesnar is out of control, an animal. How's a guy like that supposed to represent the WWE from a corporate standpoint? Attacking employees like that is unbecoming of a Superstar, never mind a Champion. I hope he gets a hefty seven figure fine. I earned the right to cash in my MITB contract when I wanted, and I did it at the perfect time, when everybody was watching, everyone, including Lesnar and Reigns least expected it. Let's talk about how Seth Rollins walked out of WrestleMania the WWE WHC, and I'm going to keep this Title for a very long time.

Orton – How about Seth we focus on before you cashed in at WrestleMania, I beat you. And, I didn't just eat you Seth, I damn near ripped your head off with an RKO. Now, I know one of your problems have been suspended tonight, but you got another staring you right in the face, and that's me. Me, last year's WrestleMania, I never got my rematch, so I want that Title.

Kane and Big Show come up to flank Seth from behind.

Rollins – Oh, Randy, you know, I may have one problem, but it looks like you've got three. However I am a fair Champion, so I think I'll give you to the end of the night to find two partners to take on me, Big Show and Kane. I know you've got a ton of friends, so that should be easy pal. Good luck.

Rollins leaves. Big Show looks at Orton, then leaves.

In Ring Segment

AJ skips to the ring wearing a shirt that says, "I'm a hugger"


AJ & Paige & Naomi vs Nattie & Bellas

The faces in the ring, Nattie outside waits for the Bellas. All of them are in the gear they wore last night except Naomi is in light blue, rather than the red, as the Bellas are in red, and, as I said, AJ's shirt.

Side headlock takeover on Naomi. Naomi with head scissors on Nattie. Nattie kips out of the hold. Side headlock on Naomi. Naomi pushes out, but takes a shoulder block. Forearms from Nattie. Naomi into a corner, uses her legs on Nattie. Nattie moves from the corner, sling-shotting her off there, then a drop kick to a sitting Naomi for two.

Brie in on Naomi for two.

Elbows over Naomi's shoulder, into an arm bar. Naomi up with elbows, then back into the hold on the mat. Naomi elbows free, then a drop kick. Paige tags in with headbutts. Brie slams Paige down, Paige trips Brie for two.

Paige telegraphs, is kicked, they end up both getting dumped through the ropes, badly, both landing on their heads out there. All over to check on them.


Chinlock on AJ by Brie, a knee in her back. King talks about being here because he needs to be after the carnage. Hair mare on AJ, and Nattie gets two for it.

Nattie wrenches AJ's arms back, a knee in her back. AJ forces up, but takes a knee. "John Cena sucks!" singing. AJ slammed for two.

AJ slammed back and Nikki tags in. AJ sent into Nikki's clothesline for two.

Nikki mocks AJ reaching to tag out. "Let's go AJ!" chants. Nikki wrenches AJ's arms, knee in her back. AJ again muscles free, flings Nikki, but caught and cannot tag out. AJ badly slammed back, hitting her ankle and head. Nikki pins for two.

Cheap shot on a vocal Paige. Nikki locks a leg lock on AJ. AJ's toe is almost touching the back of her head. Nikki turns it into a back bend over Nikki's knee! "AJ!" chants. AJ tries to reverse into a cover. Cheap shot on Paige, but Naomi avoids it. AJ jumps on Nikki's back, but slammed into a corner. AJ fights back. Drop toe hold on Nikki to eat corner, and Naomi tags in. Naomi on Nikki, but that take an Alabama slam. Paige in to stop the cover, but Nattie in to stop her. AJ in on Nattie, then Paige and Brie fight. Elbow from Nikki, but Naomi ducks and Nikki hits Brie. Naomi pins for three.

Winners – AJ & Paige & Naomi (10:02)

Announce Segment

They discuss what happened, then show the video – again!

Backstage Segment

Ryback – When it comes to feeding time, the one thing The Big Guy can't get enough of is The Authority. So if you're looking for a partner, "Feed me more!"

They shake hands.


Goldust vs Rusev

Goldust in the ring. Then Rusev out to face him, no Lana to be seen, but wearing a new red jacket.

King says JBL and Booker T are roughed up, but Cole isn't as good. Possible cervical injuries. Their hearts are with their friends.

Goldust on Rusev with blows, all over him, but then Goldust into a corner and kicked around. Goldust whipped, then taken down. "We want Lana!" chants. Rusev kicks Goldust all over the ring. Forearms to Goldust, then tossed down, held down with a knee to the back of the head. Goldust comes back with blows. Rusev telegraphs, is hit for it. Accolade on Goldust taps out.

Winner – Rusev (2:17)

The ref makes Rusev break the hold. The flag unfurls.


Rollins & Big Show & Kane vs Orton & Ryback &

Rollins, Big Show and Kane to the ring together. Orton's music, and out he comes to the ring, but waits at the bottom of the ramp for his partners. Ryback out to join him in blue. Orton into the ring, Ryback in to join him. Then Reigns' music hits, and he comes through the stands.

Kane kicks and blows on Ryback, into a corner and more blows and a back elbow on Ryback. Ryback reverses a whip, but eats a foot. Kane out and taken down. Ryback leads a chant of "Feed me more!" Kane rolls out. Reigns flies over the top and out onto all three.


Orton covers Kane for two.

"Ole Ole! Ole Ole!" Ryback tags in, suplex on Kane for two.

Orton tags back in, backed into the heel corner. Rollins tags in, on Orton with blows, backs him into a corner, stomps him. "Randy Orton!" chants. Orton whipped, comes out with a big clothesline. Blows on Rollins in a corner. "RKO!" chants. Orton with ten blows on Rollins, then has to back down Kane. Rollins reverses and kicks Orton in the head for two.

"How you doin'?" chants. Big Show tags in and punches Orton as Rollins holds him. Big Show uses the ropes to stand on Orton's chest. "You still got it!" chants for Big Show who drops kayfabe and smiles for this. Big Show then slaps Orton's chest in a corner. Kane tags in, snap mare, drop kick to a sitting Orton for two.

"We want Ryback!" chants. Bitch slap to Orton who starts fighting back, but then taken down for two. Rollins tags in and a wave starts. Rollins stops and looks around at this wave, his hands on his hips. They just keep going round and round as Rollins watches. Rollins back on Orton, then remembers his character and yells at the fans to sit down and watch him. Rollins up, yelling smack at the fans. Orton up, punching on Rollins. "We are awesome!" chants. Big superplex on Rollins. Reigns and Kane tag in. Reigns takes Kane down. Big Show knocked off the apron, then short clotheslines on Kane in a corner. Reigns doesn't do his neck breaker he'd been setting up for, punches Kane in the side of the neck full on, seeming to shock Kane with it. Then Reigns is caught by Big Show, but free to superman punch Kane. Ryback in, grabs Big Show for shellshocked! Curb stomp on Ryback. Rollins jumps over the spear. Kane grabs Reigns, but then eats an RKO! Reigns spears Kane for three.

Winners – Orton & Ryback & Reigns (12:58)

Rollins on the stage staring down at Reigns in the ring. The three faces celebrate in the ring.

WWE Network

Sting is next with his comments.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

Debuts of the Night
Neville & Kalisto

Biggest Disappointment of the Night
Byron Saxton on announce

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