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Raw Results 8/3/15 – Just When You Think You Have All The Answers, Piper Changes All The Questions

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RAW Results August 3, 2015
From Shark Tank (Sap Center) in San Jose, California
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

They start with a pic of Piper on the screen, then to the stage where most all Superstars are in Hot Rod shirts. They toll the bell ten times for Piper. Everyone is on their feet and solemn, McMahon looks to be in tears. Bagpipe music plays after the


An empty chair with Roddy's name on the back, a kilt hanging from it. They go to pics of him growing up from being a baby, to video of him in the WWF, WCW, Piper's Pit, and all he's done for us fans. It was beautiful! Everyone on their feet chanting for Rowdy!

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Rollins to the ring to HUGE heat, wearing a shirt that says, "Never shuts up" Cole announces them on announce. He discusses Rollins losing to Cena, but also how Cena's nose was shattered during the match. Video of the knee and the nose. Still serious heat for Rollins, but also some chants thanking him for taking out Cena, as he waits with a mic, laughing at them.

Rollins – There is only one person in WWE that can slow me down, and that person is named Seth Rollins! (HEAT) In all seriousness, I've noticed a problem plaguing me, sympathy. I'm too sympathetic for my own good. Might be too hard to believe, but look at last week when I drove my knee into Cena's nose. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this video is priceless.

Video of the nose breaking, even in slo-mo.

"Thank you Rollins!" chants for breaking Cena's nose! Rollins is all smiles at the harsh fans.

Rollins – Guys it was disgusting. I felt Cena's nose crack on my knee. (POP) I heard the pop when it shattered. (POP) At first I didn't feel bad, that sort of thing happens, in the WWE ring. Cena's face isn't the first I smashed, and it won't be the last, but it's the first time I've broken the face of the man who runs the place. But then, look, mothers shield your eyes, this is gruesome, Cena rolled over and I saw this looking back at me.

Black and white backstage still of Cena's face, his nose pushed way to the right, not where it should be. Then another face on.

Rollins – Who wouldn't feel sympathy for a face like that? Ugh! I knew we had to stop the match and award me the US Championship, we had to, there was no choice. Cena wanted to finish the fight, and the ref isn't the humanitarian that I am, and in my sympathetic stupor I got caught, and that's on me, but I guarantee you it will never, ever happen again. So I've got a proposition for you John Cena. I know you're sitting at home in bed, nursing your wounds, looking like the cross between a raccoon and a Picasso painting, but what do you say we do it one more time? John Cena versus Seth Rollins, Title for Title, winner take all at the four hour extravaganza live on the WWE Network, SummerSlam? If you don't have the grapefruits to show up at SummerSlam, maybe you're not as tough as you think you are, then you can forfeit your US Championship to me. Either I can beat ya, or you won't show up, but for the first time ever, someone will hold both the US and WWE WHC at the same time! (virtually no reaction) I digress. As for tonight, San Jose is the place to be! I mean, not because of you guys, but because of me. (heat) The Champ is in the house. Let's not forget that this is where I won the WWE WHC at WrestleMania. And, and, this is the site of John Cena's first US Open Challenge, which gives me an idea, because clearly anything John can do, I can do better. So, tonight, for the first time ever, we are going to have a WWE WHC Open Challenge. It will start about, right now. So, if you want some, come get some! Who's it going to be, because the Champ is here!

Rollins throws down the mic and smiles wide.


In Ring Segment

JoJo is in the ring with Rollins.

JoJo – Is this Open Challenge legitimate?

Rollins – Do you doubt me JoJo? Of course this is legitimate, what are you talking about? I got verification from The Authority that I could do this, with two caveats. First being that my opponent has to be under six feet tall. I don't make the rules. The second that they have to be under 200lbs.

JoJo – So, basically you're talking about a match against El Torito.

Rollins – You catch on pretty quick, and that's no bull. El Torito, this is a chance of a lifetime, come out and challenge me for the WWE WHC!

His music hits, then stops. Then it's Neville's music! Out comes Neville to the ring, pointing at Rollins. He fits the bill!

WWE WHC Open Challenge – Seth Rollins (c) vs Neville

They lock, Neville behind Rollins. Rollins with an arm bar. Down on the mat, chain wrestling, then to their feet and continue to chain wrestle until Neville takes Rollins down for one.

Neville kicks Rollins' legs out from under him. Rollins backs Neville in a corner, but with a right rather than a clean break. Heat from the fans as Rollins is all over Neville. Elbows to Neville in the next corner. Neville whipped, floats over, flips to the opposite corner, gets his feet up. Rollins sent out, so Neville flies out on Rollins, Neville landing on his feet out there. Back in and Neville climbs, but Rollins moves. Rollins and Neville tussle out of the ring, and Neville climbs to corkscrew moonsault off the corner onto Rollins!


Neville off the ropes into a SICK back elbow. Rollins hangs Neville up top, then Rollins takes Neville down for two.

Facelock on Neville on the mat. Rollins calls the moves, then Neville lands on his feet and a jaw breaker on Rollins. High elbow, then kicks on Rollins, but then both off the ropes and Rollins with a hooking clothesline to take Neville back to the mat for two.

Running forearm on Neville in a corner. Rollins up top, but takes a foot to the gut as he flies. Neville with a shocking move that slams Rollins back for a long two!

Neville behind Rollins. Rollins reverses, but Rollins with a German on Rollins off the ropes. Neville then lifts Rollins, holds him in the air, then hits another German, this time for two!

Neville slides Rollins in position, Neville climbs, but Rollins moves. Clothesline on Neville that flips him in the air! Rollins pulls Neville up, sets up, but Neville reverses on Rollins for 2 and 89/100!

The fans and announcers think it's three, and it really was three, but the ref tried to cover that they didn't break fast enough. Rollins climbs, but Neville up, Rollins calls moves into Neville's hair, then a hurricanranna off the top, and Neville climbs. RED ARROW! But, somehow Rollins got a foot on the ropes!

Neville argues with the ref. JBL yells at Neville to keep on Rollins, but he doesn't. "One more time!" chants from the fans. Neville sets Rollins up, and climbs. But Rollins moves out of the way. Pedigree for three.

Winner – Rollins (13:14)

The ref raises Rollins' arm, and Rollins looks as though he's hurting from that match. Rollins from the ring, still in pain, but being cocky with his smile. Video recap of the high points of the match. JBL and Cole are yelling about the ref stopping his count, not that Rollins actually kicked out that first questionable time. Then the foot on the rope and Neville going for that second red arrow, but missing.


Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores vs New Day & The Ascension

Prime Time Players are on announce to watch. Woods mouthy at Prime Time Players about being fighting champions as Kalisto and Kofi lock up in the ring. Hands linked and they flip each other back and forth, Kalisto lands on his feet. Diego tags in on Kofi. Fernando tags in and they double team Kofi for two.

Viktor tags in, eats chops and taunted by Fernando in a silly way. Viktor eats Fernando's foot, but then knocks him from the top to the floor. New Day out to taunt Fernando outside the ring.

Commercial (Lucha Underground)

Kofi still on Fernando (I think). Arm drag on Kofi, but right back on Fernando for two.

Woods is still screaming his head off at everyone. Viktor tags in, gets two on Fernando.

Woods into Young's face. Viktor with a knee at Fernando for two.

Fernando back with a body drop and tags out. Sin Cara on Kofi who also tags in. Slingshot back elbow on Kofi for two. Konnor breaks the count.

Konnor tossed out, then Viktor. Los Matadores fly out on The Ascension. Kalisto with a double kick on Big E through the ropes, then a swanton out on him on the floor.

Kalisto on Kofi for two.

El Torito gets on Woods' leg when Woods on the apron. Kalisto kicks Woods off the apron, but is distracted, so Kofi gets three.

Winners – New Day & The Ascension (8:38)

Backstage Segment

Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch heading for the ring together.


Bellas (Nikki & Brie) vs Submission Sorority (Charlotte & Becky Lynch)

Team Bella to the ring. Fox is still in her black Hot Rod shirt. Split-screen as Nikki says she started the Divas Revolution. Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige with new blue hair, from the ears down, to the ring. Split-screen, they introduce themselves as the Submission Sorority. They pinkie lock together.

Brie with her ego, but Lynch steps up. They lock up, Lynch to the ropes, clean break. Lynch with a great arm hold on Brie, but slammed down by her hair. Brie pins, Lynch back bends out before one. Leg drops on Brie, tags out, then a third. Charlotte on Brie for two.

BAD is watching backstage. Brie and Charlotte struggle around, Charlotte sends Brie flying, but a cheap kick from Nikki over the top rope. Nikki tags in and locks on a front facelock on Charlotte. Cole talks about AJ Lee holding the strap longer than Nikki. Charlotte reverses the hold, then locks on a reverse headlock on Nikki – I think, as there's so much hair. Nikki back to the mat, but Charlotte kicks off. Brie distracts and Charlotte pulled off the corner for two.

Charlotte dragged by a leg and Nikki tags out. They double team wishbone leg drop Charlotte for two.

Chinlock on Charlotte on the mat. Charlotte up, Brie on her back. Charlotte slams Brie down and tags out. Clotheslines on Brie, then a drop kick for two.

Lynch with her submission hold on Brie who gets to the ropes, only after Nikki reminds her that's what she has to do. They go out, Nikki taken out, but then Brie on Lynch. Team Bella pose over Lynch on the floor as the ref holds Paige back. (She has to stay healthy for her interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin?)


Nikki taunting Lynch reaching to tag out. Nikki with a chinlock on Lynch after mocking her. Lynch up, throws blows, but then caught by Nikki, her forehead bounced off Nikki's knee for two. (great looking move from Nikki, even in its simplicity)

Nikki with another two on Lynch.

BAD watching backstage in matching shirts, not looking impressed. Brie tags in with a bulldog on Lynch for two.

Lynch choked on a second rope, then Brie mocks Charlotte, hitting her running knee on the ropes for two.

Lynch's arm pinned back, a side headlock on Lynch on the mat. Lynch up with upper cuts on Brie, then double clothesline and both are down. Both need to tag out in a huge way. Both tag out. Charlotte with chops on Nikki, knocks Brie off, then a sick neck breaker, then a spear on Nikki for two. Brie breaks the count.

T-bone suplex sends Brie rolling out. Nikki back with a sick spinebuster for a long two.

Charlotte counters eating Nikki's knee, locks on the Figure 8. Nikki has to tap out.

Winner – Charlotte & Becky Lynch (13:19)

Submission Sorority celebrate, then give Team Bella loser Ls to their foreheads.

Backstage Segment

JoJo – Team BAD, any comments on what you just saw? It appears that the Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch has just taken control of the Divas Division.

Banks – Chick, please! Did you not watch Raw last week when I beat Paige and made her tap out?

Naomi – So why don't you get your facts straight and stop asking dumb questions. It's time for Team BAD to make another statement, so I'm going to challenge Paige to a match tonight. You know what else has really been working my nerves. Everyone talking about Ronda Rousey. Truth is, we the baddest women on the planet, period. So, tonight I'm sending Paige, and what do they call themselves? *snort * The Submission Sorority? I'm sending them back to Freak Island.

Banks – Any more question, JoJo?

JoJo doesn't have any. Banks and Naomi leave. Tamina stares JoJo down, then leaves. JoJo, is very quiet, but can be heard on the mic after they all leave.

JoJo – Thank you.


Miz TV

Miz – Welcome to the 2nd most must see TV show in WWE, and I say second, as there would be no Cutting Edge, there would be no Highlight Reel, no Body Shop, no Barber Shop, no Snake Pit, no Heartbreak Hotel, and there would be no Miz TV if not for the originator of them all, Piper's Pit! (POP) From the bottom of my heart Roddy, you will be missed!

"Piper!" chants.

Miz – Welcome to Miz TV! You know, there's a saying that's about me in Hollywood right now. On fire! Because I am on fire right now. I'm a WWE Superstars, judge of Tough Enough, host of Miz TV, star of the upcoming movie, Santa's Little Helper, coming out this Christmas and DVD and Blu Ray soon. And once Ryback stops "nursing an injury" (Miz' air quotes), I'll be the new IC Champion. You know, Ryback, why don't you do the noble thing, like Bryan did, and vacate the title if you can't fight for it. It should go to me! But, as hot as I am right now, my two guests are as hot as I am, welcome my first guest, Kevin Owens.

Owens to the ring.

Miz – Welcome, they say you haven't made it in the WWE until you're on Miz TV, congratulations!

Owens – Thank you. I've actually heard that, so it's a great honor to be here. And, believe it of not, I've always been a huge fan of yours. In fact, I own all of your movies on Blu Ray.

Miz – Everyone here owns my movies, I'm a great actor. The issue between you and Cesaro has been getting out of hand. Why do you think Cesaro has such a problem with you?

Owens – Well, I think it's simple. Cesaro is jealous of me. Because, the fact is, I've accomplished a lot in the past three months.

Miz – Absolutely, no question about that.

They are cut off by Cesaro's music, and he comes out in a dark blue suit, lighter blue shirt open a few buttons down, sans tie, looking very continental.

Miz – Cesaro, you usually wait until I introduce you, but never mind that! Please welcome my second guest, the Swiss Superman, Cesaro!

"Cesaro!" chants. There's a least a couple hundred 8X10 sheets of paper being held up by fans, all saying, "Cesaro section" on them. They are all over the audience on the floor, and up into the stands. From the front row, as far as can be seen.

Miz – Cesaro, you didn't come here to pick a fight, did you.

Cesaro – Of course not Miz, I'm out here to have a front row seat to what Walk, Owens, Walk has to say.

Owens – Oh, that's so cute.

Miz – You were saying why Cesaro is jealous of you?

Owens ��� Before I was so rudely interrupted, why are you jealous of me? I've succeeded where you've failed. Not beating Cena, you never did that, but all the years of sacrifices you made. All the weddings, birthdays, and holidays you've missed. Those were all for nothing, no matter how hard you work, how dedicated you are, you will never be as good as I am, you will never match my god given natural ability in this business.

Miz - Ohhhh! Cesaro, your response.

Cesaro – Kevin, let's get one thing straight, I'm not jealous of you, if anything, I'm ashamed of you. I'm ashamed because every time you walk away from a match, you don't just disrespect yourself, you disrespect your opponent, the WWE Universe, and every Superstars who has ever stepped foot in this ring. Kevin, quite frankly, you're an embarrassment. (looking pissed)

Owens to his feet, but the chair is caught on the bottom of his short. Owens and Miz have to knock the chair back, and it falls to the mat.

Cesaro – Careful, that chair is stuck to you. (Cesaro all smiles)

Owens – I'm an embarrassment? You think that's funny? You know what I think is funny? I've accomplished more in three months here than you've accomplished in three years.

Cesaro – Really Kevin, why don't you back that up, this might be Miz TV, but this is still a WWE ring, and you might be really good at talking, and walking, but I'm really good at fighting. So, if you want to go, let's go.

Cesaro to his feet, off comes his jacket, and Miz looks excited by all of this, most likely as he's not the one getting threatened, or hit. Miz stands with a smile.

Miz – Yeah, this is what Miz TV is all about!

Both Cesaro and Owens turn to Miz and yell at him.

Together - Shut up!

Miz lands back in his seat, hard, looking a bit nervous that he might be hit if he doesn't. Miz then gets up and backs away.

Owens – Why don't you let the two guys who can actually fight take care of this, how about that buddy? You know what, I'll fight you (Cesaro), I'll fight anybody, anywhere, ah, for the right price, and, ah, tonight is not it.

Owens drops his mic and starts to leave.

Cesaro – Why don't you do what you do best, and Walk, Owens, Walk.

Owens halfway from the ring as the "Walk, Owens, Walk" chants get loud.

Miz – No, no, no, not Walk, Owens, Walk, Cesaro, you need to go do something...

Owens back in behind Miz, and pushes Miz into Cesaro, and both hit the mat. Owens on Cesaro, but reversed. Owens gets free and flees the ring, walking away. Off comes Cesaro's shirt, he's ready to fight! Owens with a smile leaves up the ramp as Cesaro tosses things up the ramp at Owens. Owens yells smack from the stage.

Backstage Segment

Rusev and Summer Rae head to the ring.



Ronda, after her match, talking up Piper, tears in her eyes.

Rusev vs Henry

Rusev and Summer Rae to the ring together. Video of Rusev attack on Ziggler a few weeks ago, just to piss off Lana. Henry out to face Rusev.

Rusev behind Henry with forearms, then blows to Henry's face. Henry pushes Rusev off in the corner, but Henry comes out into a drop kick for two.

Rusev stomps away on Henry, looking helpless on the mat. Double ax handle on Henry on the mat. Front facelock on Henry. Rusev and Henry to their knees. "We want Lana!" chants. Henry to his feet, tossing Rusev, off. Clotheslines to Rusev, then a scoop slam on Rusev for two.

Henry eats an elbow, then a kick drops Henry again. Rusev stalks Henry as he gets up. Superkick to Henry for three.

Winner – Rusev (2:03)

Summer Rae into the ring, clapping. Summer Rae raises Rusev's arm. Video recap of the high points of the match. More celebration in the ring as Rusev glares at Henry.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about SummerSlam being four hours this year. JBL goes on and on about the WWE Network, and paying so much more via PPV. This is another free month for the Network. They go on to show video of Swerved.


Wyatt – A flower has always been such a symbol of beauty. Remove all its petals, and what was once precious, is now just another troublesome weed. Hahaha. Just like that, it's gone. Roman, you have become their symbol of beauty, strength. They chose you. They decorate you. Take all that away, and you'll realize that you're no different than anybody else.

Harper – Ambrose, we warned you boy, we did. Justlike all the rest, you chose wrong.

Sheamus – And Orton, I'm gonna make this quick and painful as I drive this brogue kick straight through your face. Outta nowhere.

Wyatt – I've always admired your penitent for brutality, Sheamus. You know what they say, the enemy of mine enemy is mine friend. Tonight, Sheamus, I guess you could consider us your friends. Run!


Ryder vs Barrett

Ryder to the ring. Barrett out to face him.

Barrett – Can I have some decorum please, as your one true KoTR, it's my duty to remove all pretenders to my throne. Zack Ryder, you may be the King of the Internet, but without a crown, you're just the same as these peasants in this arena. You're worth less than the filth on my boots, so let's see everybody can do something right for once in their lives, and repeat after me, all hail King Barrett! (heat)

Barrett kicks Ryder a couple times, then whips him. Ryder back with blows, then kicks. High knee to Ryder for two.

Blows on Ryder on the mat. Facelock on Ryder on the mat, all the way down. Ryder to his knees, then up, punching free. Barrett telegraphs and is planted face first to the mat. Ryback off the corner with a missile drop kick, then splashes in the opposite corner. Broski boot to Barrett. Barrett sends Ryder over to eat corner, then the elbow to Ryder for three.

Winner – Barrett (1:54)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Barrett with his cape and crown, celebrating in the ring, Ryder still on the mat from the royal bull hammer.


In Ring Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and before I subject you to The Beast, I want to remind you it was Taker who picked this fight.

Stills from Battleground, then GONG! Taker returned, destroyed Brock with two tombstones.

Heyman – I know you saw the same thing I saw. That was not the same Taker that has laid destruction to everyone in his path for the past 25 years. No, that was an angry, vengeful, vindictive Taker who kicked my client in the groin. Why? Because confronted with the fact that he hasn't beaten my client, WWE's angry alpha dog becomes a submissive little bitch when he comes up against The Beast Incarnate. To whit I offer you this piece of evidence.

Video of the never ending fight between Taker and Brock two weeks ago.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, Taker will never rest in peace, because he cannot live with himself knowing that he cannot, and will not ever beat my client, the one, in what's now 22-1. The Conqueror of Taker's Streak at WrestleMania, my client, Brock Lesnar!

Brock's music, and out he comes to the ring. Brock around the ring, glares at the announcers, Cole on his feet, intimidating them, then around to the ramp side, then dances on the balls of his feet by the apron. Cole says he thought they were going to see a repeat. Rather than jumping up on the apron, Brock grabs the top of the stairs, tossing them into the ring. Obviously this was planned as Heyman is on the opposite apron himself. Then over to the corner and into the ring. Brock flips the stairs to upright. "Suplex City" chants. Brock smirks, then gets up on the stairs in the center of the ring.

Heyman – The last time the WWE sanctioned a match between Brock Lesnar and Taker, Taker left WrestleMania 30 in an ambulance, spent a week in the hospital, took a year to recover. If you really want to know what happens behind the curtain, want the inside dirt on World Wrestling Entertainment, here's one they can't deny. Taker called McMahon and begged him for a rematch at this year's WrestleMania, and Taker begs for nothing. McMahon turned down Taker, because even in his dark heart of hearts knows what will happen next time Brock Lesnar fights Taker. So what did Taker do? At Battleground Taker forced WWE's hands by picking a fight with Brock Lesnar. Costing my client the right to be the WWE WHC. Taker gave WWE no option but to sanction this fight, because this fight will not be in a parking lot, a church, hell itself. So, August 23rd, Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY, SummerSlam 2015, for one time ever, it's the match too big for WrestleMania. It's not a rematch of the ages, it's not a rematch of the week, it's not a rematch of the year, not a rematch of the century, the decade, the millennium, it's THE rematch then, now, forever! Why, on August 23rd, my client will stamp the repeat in eat, sleep, conquer, repeat. Taker, I absolutely, positively, one hundred percent guarantee that you, Sir, are going to Suplex City! It boils down to this. Last time Taker, you needed an ambulance. Last time you needed a hospital, you needed a year to recover. This time you will need last rights over your career, (speaking Latin). You, Taker have met your match. You are going to Suplex City at the hands of my Beast, your Conqueror, Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar gets down off the stairs all bright red, even a bit purple, but all laughing and smiles. A handshake/hug with Heyman, then Brock leaves the ring, following Heyman up the ramp and out.

Announce Segment

Pics of Cena's nose last week on Raw. Big questions about Cena at SummerSlam, and will Rollins get away with both Championships?


WWE Rewind

Charlotte getting the win over Nikki earlier tonight on Raw with the figure 8, giving Charlotte and Becky Lynch the win over the Bellas.

Paige vs Naomi

Paige, still in her Hot Rod shirt, leads Submission Sorority to the ring. Naomi leads Team BAD to the ring.

Paige at Naomi who hides in the ropes. They lock up, Paige rolls back, putting Naomi on the mat for two.

Naomi backs Paige into a corner by her hair. Naomi lifts Paige who reverses on Naomi for two, then two more.

Naomi eats corner, then Paige's back elbow. Naomi eats another corner, then kicks. Team Bella watching backstage as Paige stomps Naomi down hard in that corner. Naomi reverses, then Paige reverses the whip. Naomi gets Paige in her ankles and Paige flies. Paige comes back with a knee in Naomi's face in the corner, and it was a stiff one. Arm bar on Naomi. Banks distracts on the apron. Naomi drops back, feet on Paige's back, but rather than landing well, Paige is send spinning off to the side and lands under the ropes, not really moving, having her team mates checking on her. This doesn't stop Naomi who stomps Paige who is very obviously trying to get her wind back. Naomi gets two on Paige.

Facelock on Paige all the way down on the mat. Paige sits up, Naomi pulling her hair, then Naomi up with knees to Paige's back. Naomi off the ropes, double knees to Paige's chest for two.

Paige's head through the ropes takes a shin from Naomi. Paige then back bent around the corner post. Paige falls to the floor. Naomi slams Paige spine first, then kicks her before rolling Paige back in for a long two.

Paige's arms wrenched back, Naomi's knee in her back. Paige up, gets some blows, then kicks Naomi. Paige catches Naomi, fallaway slam on Naomi! Both slow to their feet. Short clotheslines on Naomi, then a drop kick to the gut. Naomi to the ropes to stop Paige, but then Paige bounced off the ropes, chest first. Knee to Paige's chest, but then Naomi eats corner. A kick to Paige, and Naomi climbs. Paige ducks, grabs Naomi's legs, but kicked off. Superkick to Naomi's face, then Paige locks on the PTO. Naomi taps out.

Winner – Paige (10:48)

Paige drops to the mat after the tap. Becky and Charlotte in to be there for Paige. Paige shows off her 'This is my house!' shirt to the fans, then Charlotte and Becky help hold Paige up.


Recap of Neville facing Rollins for the WWE WHC earlier tonight.

Backstage Segment

Eden – Stardust...

Stardust – Wooooo, hahaha. One more time. One more time! That's what the WWE Universe was chanting at The Man Gravity Forgot, Neville! He pandered, meandered, and then he, what rhymes with meandered? He lost! Neville, if you're not going to be my hero, who will? Hahaha!

The announcers talk about the Twitter war between Stardust and Stephen Amell, who said on Twitter that he'd see Stardust next week on Raw.


RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

Earlier there was love for Piper on the marquee at MSG!

They show the same Piper video they showed at the opening of Raw.

Cole says he is in the WWE because of Piper. He saw Piper's Pit in college and knew he wanted to be in the WWE.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – Wyatt, we're here to deliver a message. In the immortal words of Roddy Piper, "I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick some ass, (spits out his gum) and I'm all out of bubble gum."

Reigns – I've got to be completely honest, you've really impressed me with the words, and you may love to talk, but I live to fight, and I'm telling you right now that me and Crazy here and going to breaking heads, all, night, long. And it starts with you Bray.

Orton steps into the screen between the two of them.

Orton – Whatever you boys want to do tonight, that's fine. Just, leave Sheamus to me.

Orton leaves.

Ambrose – Finally he has a good attitude!

Reigns – Let's go! It's time to get rowdy.

(I have to mention that Ambrose is wearing a black leather jacket with quilted shoulders, very much like Piper wore much of the time, yet they had found the time to embroider Ambrose's overlaid DA logo onto the front. Impressed with the time and effort put in for/by the man who I never noticed looks and acts a lot like Piper himself. Further, all three of these guys wore their Hot Rod shirts in this segment.)


Orton & Reigns & Ambrose vs Wyatt & Harper & Sheamus

Orton to the ring. He poses and takes tones of time with it. Ambrose's music, and out he comes moving a bit like Piper in that black leather jacket and Hot Rod shirt. Reigns comes down through the stands in his normal RR vest/harness thingie he wears. Sheamus out with his MITB case. Wyatt and Harper to the ring together through the fireflies.

Sheamus into the ring, the other two circle to the other side.

Ambrose with chops on Harper in a corner. Harper fights back. Ambrose runs the ropes under Harper a couple times, then cross body on him. Harper tossed out, so all in to fight. Heels from the ring, so Ambrose climbs and drops an elbow on them all. Faces in the ring to pose, Ambrose on his knees mocking Wyatt.


Reigns with a SICK right to Sheamus off the ropes, then Sheamus tossed into the face corner, but badly and Sheamus falls out of the ring. Reigns out and all over Sheamus for a bit. Sheamus sends Reigns into the barricade, but he comes back with blows. Harper tags in and Wyatt out to talk to Sheamus. Harper allover Reigns in a corner. Reigns blocks a blow and lands rights of his own. Harper yells, but Reigns blocks Harper and lands his own suplex. Ambrose tags in with a running drop kick against Harper chest as Harper leans on the ropes. Ambrose all over Harper until Harper lands a drop kick. Wyatt tags in with a head butt on Ambrose, then blows on the mat. Wyatt yells smack, then pulls Ambrose up for more blows. Ambrose set up top, takes another head butt. Wyatt climbs, blows on Ambrose as he climbs. Ambrose blocks the suplex, then both throw blows, then Ambrose with a head butt on Wyatt. Harper tossed down, Wyatt with control over Ambrose after the distraction.


Wyatt on Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose comes out into a sick clothesline! Harper tags in and slams Ambrose to the mat before yelling again. Another scoop slam on Ambrose. Ambrose reverses with his own scoop slam. Harper sent out over the top. Big boot to Reigns knocking him off the apron. Harper taken down by Ambrose, both are down. Orton and Wyatt tag in. Clotheslines on Wyatt, into that sick powerslam. Orton with a horrible and messy back breaker on Wyatt who took it poorly. Orton lands his 'vintage' DDT through the ropes. The fans go wild as Orton sets Wyatt up, but stands up into a Harper clothesline. Drop kick on Harper from Ambrose who then flies out on Harper. Big boot to Ambrose, so Reigns takes out Harper. Reigns up on the corner, begging for the tag. Sheamus tags himself in. Samoan slam, then blows on Sheamus in a corner, one for Harper on the apron, then Sheamus clotheslined from the ring. Double kick to Sheamus on the apron, then another pair for Wyatt on announce! Back in the ring Reigns with a Superman punch over the top rope on Wyatt (barely connects). Sheamus rolls Reigns up for two.

Reigns reverses on Sheamus, then a Superman punch for Sheamus. Reigns turns around into a superkick from Harper. Ambrose in, takes a right from Harper, comes out of the ropes, the way he does, with a clothesline to Harper. Harper rolls out, Ambrose is about to dive out, but he's caught by Wyatt for Sister Abigail. Ambrose ducks Sister Abigail, then flies out on Harper. They both dump over announce. Then Orton in with an RKO out of nowhere on Wyatt. Sheamus in with a brogue kick, but Orton ducks it. Reigns spears Sheamus for three.

Winners – Ambrose & Reigns & Orton (16:51)


Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paige are ready. They're obviously shooting the bull and watching the end of the match as they wait to start the show.

Video recap of the high points of the main event. Ambrose salutes Piper above, as all three are smiles for the fans as Raw goes off the air.

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