Raw Results 5/25/15 - Think Kevin Owens Is The Man To Change Things That You Think Need To Be Changed Around Here?


RAW Results May 25, 2015
From Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


A lovely Memorial Day video, starting with Reagan's speech in 1982, continued by Cena, Ziggler, Brie, Reigns, Fox, Booker T, Nikki, Ambrose, Nattie, O'Neil, and Reagan cutting back in through his famous speech.

In Ring Segment

"USA!" chants.

Eden asks every to stand in silence for those who sacrificed in defense of our country. There is a ten bell salute.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Trip and The Authority to the ring. Steph in a black dress with nude accents she's worn numerous times on TV and other events. Video of Raw ending last week, Ambrose getting the match he wanted, but then getting beaten down by The Authority, getting the pedigree from Rollins.

Rollins – Before we begin tonight's festivities, let's give a round of applause for Ambrose. Last week he acted like a common thug, extorted and intimidated his way into a match for my WWE WHC.

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – No, this is about Ambrose who clearly is a hero and role model to all in the WWE 'Universe' (pop) The thing is...

"We want Ambrose!" chants.

Rollins – The Authority made that under duress as that's not what's best for business. It's what you said last week Steph, Ambrose hasn't earned or deserve a title shot. After what he did last week, you can take it from him. Actually, if you wanted to, Hunter, you could fire Ambrose right now. And you considered it until I asked you not to.

"We want Ambrose!" chants.

Rollins – Thanks you, I'm a benevolent human being. Ambrose isn't really a threat to me. He's not on my level, never was, riding my coat tails in The Shield. No wonder you picked me, right?

Trip – It was an easy decision. But now while we have a verbal arrangement with Ambrose, we will need something more, pardon the pun, concrete. So, Ambrose, if you want your match against Rollins for the WWE WHC at Elimination Chamber, all you have to do is come to the ring and sign this contract.

Ambrose's music, and out he comes with a mic in hand. He stays on the stage.

Ambrose – You may find this hard to believe, but I think there's something wrong with me.

"Ambrose!" chants.

Ambrose – There might be something wrong with me, I can't sleep at night. Instead of counting sheep, I count the punches to Rollins' face. I count the teeth flying out of his mouth. By the time I get to 200 punches, I sleep like a baby. I get this feeling, you might call it happiness. Beating up Seth Rollins makes me happy. I get my jollies kicking the crap out of Rollins for free. But last week I decided that the next time it needs to be for the WWE WHC. And the crazy thing Seth, it's going to happen! All it took was a couple chairs, some cinder blocks and some imagination. I hope the WWE 'Universe' liked it as much as I did. I know The Authority appreciated it because this Sunday, their boy, their golden boy, their golden little baby boy, the Architect, gets replaced by some call a lunatic, but everyone else will call the new face of WWE. When that happens, I want to make some changes around here. First of all, J&J Security will go barefoot, like a couple respectable hobbits. Kane, you cans top wearing that cheap suit, and you can wear a collar, like the obedient little lap dog that you are. Seth, well, you can drunk dial Selena Gomez, because you'll always be our little Justin Bieber.

Rollins – You shut your mouth, Ambrose!

"Justin Bieber!" chants.

Rollins – When are you going to get it, you called me a sellout for so long, as if I wasn't proud of it. Now you call me Justin Bieber like it's an insult. Bieber is rich, famous, has to beat girls off with a stick, or because he's the most successful artist of his generation. You all wish you could be Bieber, just like Ambrose wishes he could be Rollins. The problem with that Deano is that you will never be Seth Rollins, you're just a cockroach. The thing about cockroaches Dean, they're really good at surviving. I've heard it said they could survive a nuclear holocaust, but they never thrive, never win, Dean. You are destined to be a loser your entire life. All you want is to be me Ambrose, and it's a blessing in disguise that you're weaseling your way into a match with me at Elimination Chamber, because I'm sick of chasing you away from the WWE. You have the guts to sign that contract, I will gladly scrap your teeth off the bottom of my boot for the very last time at Elimination Chamber. Come on down, I dare ya!

Ambrose – Well, I'd rather be a cockroach than the wrong end of The Authority's human centipede!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Ambrose – All I have to do is get in that lion's den and sign that contract. I might be crazy, might be stupid, but it might be worth a shot, but only one way to find out.

Off comes the jacket, down goes the mic, and he heads to the ring, then around it. "Ambrose!" chants the whole way. As he's down there, Reigns' music hits to a really solid pop! He comes out as backup for Ambrose. They bump knuckles, then look into the ring.

Steph – Everywhere I look, you Shield boys are inseparable, you are cute and sweet. Everybody likes it, so nice. Ambrose, you have until the end of the night to sign the contract, but until then, I'm going to make a main event. How about the two of you team up to face the team of Kane and the WWE WHC, Seth Rollins! But the best part is, you don't have to wait until the end of the night, because this match happens right now!


Seth Rollins & Kane vs Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Kane all over Ambrose in the ring, bouncing him off corners until Ambrose comes back with chops and blows on Kane. Ambrose stomps on Kane on the mat, then an arm bar to the face corner, tagging out to some pop from the fans. Kane eats a couple corners, then reverses on Reigns. Kane telegraphs, is kicked for it. Reigns blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Ambrose tags in and comes in off the top, on Kane's left arm as Reigns holds it. Kane pulls Ambrose to the heel corner and Rollins tags in. Snap suplex on Ambrose for two.

Tonight is the final WWE in the Nassau Colliseum! The very first SNME was there, and Hogan beat Bob Backlund. And WrestleMania 2 was there. They talk up the building as J&J Security get involved outside and Rollins double kicks through the ropes, then Kane on Reigns outside, slamming him back into the barricade. Back in the ring Rollins gets two on Reigns.

"Ambrose!" chants. Ambrose on the ropes getting the fans into it as Rollins has a chinlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up, punches free, reverses a neck breaker, then punches Rollins in the upper spine! Ambrose tags in and is all over Rollins with clotheslines and blows in a corner. Running bulldog on Rollins who then flees the ring. Suicide dive on Rollins. Kane out, so Reigns with a big right. Reigns and Ambrose stand tall in the ring.


Rollins with blows on Ambrose on the ropes as J&J Security clap and smile. Rollins takes Ambrose down for two.

Short clothesline on Ambrose. Ambrose shakes it off. Another clothesline on Ambrose. Rollins taunts Ambrose, but Ambrose comes back with a huge short clothesline of his own. Both are down, then both able to tag out. Reigns off the ropes onto Kane. Reigns is whipped, gets his feet up, then off the corner on Kane. Short clotheslines in the corner on Kane. Mercury up on the apron, knocked off. Noble up and takes a superman punch himself, but then Reigns eats a big boot. Kane sets up, but Reigns gets free. Ambrose tags in. Superman punch, Ambrose off the top, but Rollins breaks the count.

Rollins tags in, comes off the corner with a knee to Ambrose's head for two.

Ambrose and Rollins back and forth, Rollins with an enziguri. Ambrose off the ropes, misses the clothesline, but lands a backslide for three!

Winners – Reigns & Ambrose (13:01)

Ambrose and Reigns celebrate in the ring as Rollins flips out at the ref outside. Kane just tries to figure out what happened. Ambrose and Reigns taunt them from inside the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about how far around the world fans are watching Raw. The only place to watch Elimination Chamber is on the WWE Network, which is free this month to new subscribers (but screws those who've paid for the year ahead of time, because we love the WWE so much).


Backstage Segment

Renee – Congratulations on your win, but you still have to sign the contract for Elimination Chamber.

Ambrose – The Authority has played these games before. By the end of the night, I will have a signed contract.

Noble – Don't worry, we brought that contract to you. Give it to him Joey.

Mercury feels his pockets, but there's nothing.

Noble – Slap my head and call me Sally, my boy Joey forgot it. Looks like you ain't going to get it after all, anyway.

Ambrose – Don't worry about it Sally.

Ambrose slaps Noble, then goes after Mercury, beating on both of them, taking the cameraman down as well, accidentally. Ambrose checks on the cameraman who is holding his face on the floor.


An inside look at the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens, and his attack on Cena, leading to them facing off at Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

In Ring Segment

Rusev to the ring,waving the Bulgarian flag, as he moved back to his native country.


Backstage Segment

Limo pulls up and the four guys from Entourage step out. All four head off together.

Rusev vs R-Truth

Video of the fallout between Rusev and Lana last week, and he threw her out. Lana out to the ring, sucks face with Ziggler, and obviously joins forces with him. Rusev out and attacks Ziggler, but Ziggler got the final move, and left with the girl.

R-Truth to the ring to face him.

They lock up, R-Truth tossed off. Blows on Rusev. R-Truth off the ropes, doesn't really touch Rusev, but takes him down for two.

R-Truth whipped, floats over, kicks Rusev, but then eats a superkick. Rusev stomps R-Truth's back, then locks on the accolade. R-Truth taps out.

Winner – Rusev (0:59)

Rusev – Lana! Lana, we need to talk! So, could you please come down? Lana, can you please come down to the ring, we need to talk. I'm not leaving this ring until you come down Lana. Please?


In Ring Segment

Rusev – Lana, please, we need to talk. For Bulgaria, for Mother Russia, we need to talk. (In his native tongue.)

Lana comes out in a black pinstriped suit with white collar and cuffs. He holds the ropes, so she goes in the other side.

Lana – You asked me to come, I came. Now I'm waiting.

Rusev – Lana, I know you care about me, despite your actions that cost my match at WrestleMania. Despite that you misheard me say 'I quit' at WWE Payback. Despite the fact that you kissed this blond, disgusting Dolph Ziggler American, twice! I know, Lana, Lana, I know why you doing all this. You're woman, and like all women, you do these things for me to pay attention.

Lana – Rusev, everything I've done, I've done for you.

Rusev – I know. Lana, I know, I know you care about me, and I know you care about us. I know you want to crush America and the American spirit just as bad as I do. Ever since we met in Bulgaria. All our dreams, we can still make it happen Lana.

"USA!" chants.

Rusev – No, please! Please! Now is not the time for USA. Lana, please, all you have to do is take my hand and all will be forgotten.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Rusev – Lana, take my hand, we can do this. We can conquer all our dreams together, we can crush this country. We can make them bow down at the feet of Rusev, and his ravishing Lana. Don't waste all this. It was misunderstanding. Please.

Rusev extends his hand. Lana looks, almost reaches, then takes his hand. Rusev pulls her into a hug, and she's all smiles. Rusev raises his arms, and her left arm in the process.

Rusev – Now, all I need you to say, those three little words. Three magical words, I was wrong.

Lana's smile falls. She rips her hand from his and leaves the ring.

Rusev – Stop! Lana, all you got to do is admit was all your fault! Then everything will be back to normal.

Lana – But I was not wrong. You said, 'I quit!'

"You quit!" chants.

Rusev – LIAR! I never quit! Rusev never quits! I tried to be nice to you, but you need to know your place, woman! I own you! You are mine! So get back in here now! Get back here!

Lana gets back into the ring, steps up to Rusev.

Lana – No! You're a liar and a quitter. And you're so cowardly that you cannot take responsibility for your own actions! You do not own me. I belong to no one. I'm not yours and no longer your victim. So you can take your stupid ways and I am not going to listen to your cruel, caveman, brutish thick headed, moronic mouth again!

Lana drops the mic and leaves the ring to serious pop from the fans. In the ring Rusev is ranting off mic. Ziggler's music hits and he meets her on stage. Ziggler with a smirk, tilts his head with a smile, arms open. Lana steps in and kisses Ziggler. Ziggler holds her hand high as Rusev continues to rant at them in his native language, starting to look more sad than pissed.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose sitting, Trip and Rollins come in.

Ambrose – Let me guess, you came in to hand deliver my contract. Or, are we still trying to do this the fun way?

Trip – Nothing fun about what's about to happen to you.

In walks the cameraman with two suits behind him.

Ambrose – You've got to be kidding me, this guy?

Trip – (to Ambrose) You've done enough already. (to the cameraman) This the guy who assaulted you?

Cameraman – Well, I mean...

Trip – You still want to press charges?

Cameraman – But, I could have sworn a felt a shove into...

Rollins slaps at the guy.

Rollins – Hey! He asked you a question.

Cameraman (head down) – Yes. Yes.

The guys in suits arrest Ambrose for simple assault and read him his rights off the card, as that's the way to do it by the book. They start to take Ambrose out when he throws back a comment.

Ambrose – Looks like we are doing this the fun way.


Backstage Segment

Ambrose is being taken out in cuffs, one suit on each side, ranting the whole time. They get to the paddy wagon and Kane, Rollins and J&J Security are waiting for him, yelling smack at them. High fives between Rollins and Noble.

King Barrett vs Ryback

King Barrett is in the ring. The IC Title on a table outside the ring. Ryback out to face him.

They lock up. Side headlock on Barrett. Barrett pushes off. Running the ropes and Ryback lands a Thesz Press. Ryback splashes Barrett and hurts himself as much. Ryback takes Barrett down again. "Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback. Barrett rolls out. Ryback out and takes a blow to his taped ribs. Ryback into the corner of the barricade. Barrett makes sure the ref is counting. Ryback up, so Barrett puts him across the corner, landing blows, then a kick to the ribs across the corner. Barrett pins for two.

Barrett off the corner with an elbow for two.

Knees to Ryback back, then Barrett wrenches his arms back. Ryback fights back on Barrett in a corner. Barrett gets Ryback up and hits winds of change, but only gets two.

Ryback on the mat trying to breathe. Ryback cannot seem to get to his feet, so Barrett stomps him. Ryback up with a spinebuster. Ryback lifts Barrett and lands shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (3:53)

Ryback gets the "Feed me more!" chants going, but is still obviously sore. Ryback out to look at the strap and chant some more.

Backstage Segment

Steph is smiling, and Trip thanks someone on the other end of the line of his cell phone for the update.

Trip – Ambrose is on his way to central booking. Even if he gets bailed out, there's no way he will get back for the end of the show, which means he won't get that contract signed.

Steph – I can't believe. Rollins just isn't going to have an opponent at Elimination Chamber.

Trip – He deserves a night off. Hey, check these guys out.

In comes the cast of Entourage. Steph talks them up. They thank The Authority for having them, and saying that Hollywood is crazy, but nothing like this. They ask about Ambrose getting arrested. Steph says he was, and apologizes for Ambrose, and he won't put a damper on their night. They then talk up the movie. One of them talks up getting his butt kicked by Rondy Rousey in the cage, and they know what that's like. Trip and Steph aren't impressed by that. He goes on to say he was acting with Ronda, but it looked as though she was going to snap Steph's arm. The other three try to quiet him, but he keeps going. He asks Steph if she's still hurt. They drag him out of there. Steph looks about to puke. (Sorry, I don't know the shows, the actors by name, or really anything about them, so I'm flying by the seat of my pants with them tonight.)


Stardust vs Neville

Stardust on the barricade, then he gets in the face of Steve Amell, star of "Arrow" and yells. Amell stands up, selling how unimpressed he is by this. Amell throws a fake punch toward Stardust. Neville out to face Stardust.

Neville's left knee is taped, but he's on Stardust with a front facelock on the mat. Neville off the ropes, and Stardust drops, so Neville dives over and rolls to his feet. Stardust on Neville through the ropes, wrenching Neville's knee. Neville slammed face first to the mat for two.

"Cody!" chants. Single leg Boston crab on Neville. Bo walks to the ring, a big smile on his face, and yells smack at Neville. Neville fights back, but takes a knee to the gut. Neville flipped back, lands on his feet, but that knee hurts. Stardust drops down, kicks up in Neville's face. Stardust sets Neville up top. Bo smiles and waves. Stardust up, but Neville fights back. Neville able to land a huge DDT off the corner. Neville sets Stardust up, then climbs. Up top, Neville with the red arrow for three.

Winner – Neville (3:17)

Bo – Come on buddy, you can pick yourself backup. All you have to do is Bolieve!

Neville up, so Bo with a drop kick to Neville's knee. Bo leaves Neville wailing on the mat, holding his knee. Bo runs around the ring, arms high in his victory lap.

Backstage Segment

The cast of Entourage walking backstage, telling the one who opened his mouth to Steph that they can't just say anything, these guys are beasts! But there are some beauties. They come up on some Total Divas, and decide to hang out for the night.

Camera pans to show the last of the group telling Ryder he has to do it. They're on Long Island, last time they will be there. They all duck in with Ryder.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler and Lana talking off mic. Ziggler heads for the ring.


Ziggler vs Sheamus

Ziggler in the ring. Sheamus out to face him.

"You look stupid!" chants at Sheamus before Ziggler starts throwing blows and shoulders. Sheamus fights back, taking Ziggler down. Blows on Ziggler in a corner, stomping him down. Sheamus pulled back, then kicks again. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked for it, but Ziggler is quickly taken down again. Sheamus drops knees on Sheamus, then chokes him with a knee on the mat. Snap mare on Ziggler into a headlock over Sheamus' hip as Sheamus screams at Ziggler to give up. Ziggler up and stomps Sheamus' feet to get free. Ziggler off the ropes and down again. Sheamus stomps Ziggler's head so badly that it's obvious he didn't touch Ziggler, and Ziggler had nothing to sell. Ziggler rolls out. Sheamus out, grabs Ziggler, but Ziggler blocks and Sheamus eats announce table. Back in the ring Sheamus lifts Ziggler, but Ziggler lands on his feet and clotheslines Sheamus from the ring, sending himself out too. Ziggler might have tweaked his knee, then Sheamus lifts Ziggler and slams him down.

On the stage, Lana comes to the stage.


Ziggler is pinned for two.

Ziggler fights back with blows. Knee drop to the back of Ziggler's head on the mat. The ref has to call Sheamus off. Ziggler up and they exchange blows. Jaw breaker on Sheamus. Ziggler starts to fight back with blows, forearms, and finally takes Sheamus down. Ziggler out, hangs Sheamus up top. Ziggler climbs, flies with a crossbody, then a famouser on Sheamus for two.

Both slow to their feet. Sheamus tries for white noise, Ziggler reverses. Back and forth, a superkick and Ziggler gets two for it.

Rusev past Lana and heads for the ring. Superkick to Rusev over the top rope, but then Ziggler turns into a brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (10:26)

Rusev glares from outside the ring. Sheamus leaves and motions for Rusev to pick the bones. Rusev into the ring. "USA!" chants. Rusev stares down Lana, then knees Ziggler in the face. More staring, and Rusev with a right to Ziggler. Rusev still staring at Lana and Ziggler starts fighting back, but Rusev gains the upper hand and locks the accolade on Ziggler, both staring right at Lana. Rusev keeps yelling, "Kiss him now! Kiss him now!" the ref gets Rusev off Ziggler. Rusev leaves the ring and glares at Lana on his way by. Lana looks upset, torn, and confused. Up on the stage Rusev yells again, "Kiss him now!" Ziggler holds his neck and looks at Lana.


WWE Rewind

Owens to the ring, into Cena's face, then beats him down.

US Title Open Challenge

Cena out to the fans singing with his music. On the stage Cena says to the closest camera, "Apparently the remix is still a popular song!"

Cena to the ring through continuing heat.

Cena – For over ten years now, you, the WWE 'Universe' can be summed up in five words. Let's go Cena, Cena sucks! Simply put, there's those who fight with me (pop), there are those who fight against me. (heat)

Dueling Cena chants, which he waits to develop, even before they'd started.

Cena – For those of you chanting, 'Let's go Cena!' you believe what I believe in, hustle, loyalty, respect. No matter the fight, back against the wall, you never give up! Over the past ten years we've shared together the agony of defeat, and triumph of victory. But, most importantly...

An interesting dueling chant of, "We want Ryder!" and "Woo woo woo?" Cena lets them chant. Later is morphs into a chant of, "Fight, Owens, Fight!"

Cena – Most importantly, over the past ten years we've formed a fraternity, a family, a bond that will not be broken that will allow us to survive most atmosphere, no matter how hostile they may be. So, for those of you chanting, 'Let's go Cena!' I'm saying now that I'm eternally grateful for the years you've given me your unwavering support from the bottom of my heart. And then, of course, there are the others. (heat) Who chant, among other things, 'Cena sucks!' Why? Because for over ten years they have been clamoring for a man to step in this ring that is everything I am not! Knock me down, and keep me down! Here is where the story gets difficult for those chanting, 'Cena sucks!' Because name, after name, after name, hopeful, after hopeful, after hopeful have tried, and have failed. I was rather forcefully introduced to the next hopeful on Raw. (mixed) A man names Kevin Owens. (more mixed) Last Monday Kevin Owens debuted on Raw and left me incapacitated. Then he broke the Internet. Then on NXT TakeOver on the WWE Network, Kevin Owens broke his best friend Sami Zayn in half. And this, this is why those who chant 'Cena sucks!' thinks Kevin Owens is the man to take me down and keep me down. This is why those of you who chant 'Cena sucks!' thinks Kevin Owens is the man to change things that you think need to be changed around here! (almost dead silence) Amazingly enough, it's those who chant 'Cena sucks!' that at Elimination Chamber might not be chanting 'Cena sucks!' (heat) At long last you will be able to chant, 'Fight, Owens, Fight!' (some reaction, but not a lot) Yeah, that's the sound of all of you tuning into Elimination Chamber, where you see things you can't believe your eyes, but for the first time in a decade, you may not believe your ears. Because there may not be a 'Let's go Cena!' 'Cena sucks!' you may hear 'Let's go Cena!' 'Fight, Owens, Fight!' I'm here right now to tell you that 'Fight, Owens, Fight' does not promise win, Owens, win. (heat) last Monday on Raw, Kevin Owens knows how to start a fight, this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, we'll see if Kevin Owens knows how to finish one. But, that of course is Sunday. This is Monday Night Raw. And might I add a mighty raucous crowd at the last WWE ever here! On this very special day, Memorial Day, it gives me great pride to put this US Championship on the line, right here, right now. Because if you look around, Long Island is the place to be, and judging by the hardware, John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena Open Challenge opens now. You want some? Come get some!

Us Title Match – John Cena (c) vs Zack Ryder

Out comes the cast of Entourage, all four of them.

Cena – Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Entourage. The US Open Challenge is open to anybody, so which of the four of you is gonna step in the ring with me.

They say that they'd love to fulfill a childhood fantasy, they're there to announce a Superstar who is there to take him up on the challenge. "The Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder!" Ryback out with love to the Entourage, and he leads the fight to the ring.


The Entourage to chairs by announce.

Side headlock on Ryder. Ryder taken down for two.

Back to the side headlock, and another three on Ryder.

Ryder whipped, Cena back slams him in that corner. Ryder whipped, but gets his knees up. Missile drop kick on Cena, and he splashes Cena in a corner. Cena avoids the Broski boot. Shoulder tackles, then Ryder slammed to the mat. Serious heat for Cena and one of the cast members into the ring, yelling at Cena. Then he realizes what he's done, and flees. Ryder behind Cena and rolls him up for two!

Ryder up, gets free, rolls Cena up for two.

Broski boot on Cena, and Ryder covers for two!

Rough Ryder and pins Cena for two.

Ryder looks about to cry on the mat. The four outside cheer Ryder on. Ryder sets Cena up, then climbs. Cena moves, but Ryder flips and flies beautifully with a 450, and eats mat. AA on Ryder for three.

Winner – Cena (4:06)

Cena pulls Ryder up, raises his arm high. Cena points out Ryder's father, and tells Ryder to wave to him. Entourage into the ring, arms held high across the ring by all six.

Owens is there behind Cena! Owens attacks Cena with that powerbomb of his, the problem is that Cena got his elbows and hands down too early and took the landing badly (from what I saw, watching it a couple times). Owens poses over Cena, the NXT Championship held high, foot on the US Title. Video recap of the high points of the attack. Owens from the ring, looks back at Cena, then leaves up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Steph, Trip and Rollins watching the monitor.

Steph – I have to tell you, that Kevin Owens is incredibly impressive. He's almost, like, scary. You know.

Trip – Yeah, you give these guys the opportunity, they take it.

Rollins – I've known Kevin a long time, and he's awesome, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm still the present and the future of the WWE now, aren't I? Right?

Steph – Of course you are, Seth.

Renee comes in.

Renee – You think we can get an update on the Dean Ambrose situation?

Steph – The Dean Ambrose situation is that he's been given the end of the night to sign his contract in order to have a WWE WHC at Elimination Chamber. And we will abides by our word, at the end of the night we will go to the ring with the contract and Dean will have every opportunity to sign, if he shows up. It does look like Seth Rollins might be without an opponent at Elimination Chamber.

Renee – Isn't that more of a formality, seeing that you had Dean Ambrose arrested earlier tonight?

Rollins – Whoa, whoa, whoa! We? We didn't have Ambrose arrested. Dean Ambrose had himself arrested. He did this to himself. He got what he deserved. He assaulted an employee. You know what they say Renee. You can't do the time, don't do the crime. Hahaha!

Announce Segment

They talk about Ambrose's predicament. They show video of the fight and how the cameraman was pushed into Ambrose and how he tried to tend to the guy. Then The Authority forced the cameraman to press charges, and Ambrose was arrested.

In Ring Segment

Bellas to the ring.


Paige vs Tamina

Naomi and Tamina in the ring, waiting. Paige out to face Tamina. Video recap of Tamina getting involved last week on Raw, then Paige returned to clean out, then take out Nikki.

Tamina and Paige lock up, Paige thrown off. Tamina works over Paige who fights back easily. Knees to Tamina's chest through the ropes. Paige yells, but is distracted by the Bellas, and is knocked off the apron. Tamina waits inside the ring. Paige in, takes a head butt, then Tamina wrenches on Paige's neck on the mat. Paige slammed down by her hair. More of that wrenching chinlock on Paige on the mat. Paige up, throws punches. They exchange blows, Paige getting the upper hand. Tamina kicked, sent toward Animal on the apron. Paige all over Tamina with blows, slams and a sick kick to the chest. Tamina rolls out of the ring. Paige off the apron onto Tamina. Paige shows off for the fans, then throws Tamina into the ring. Tamina on Paige's hair and yelled at by the ref. Naomi with a blow to Paige's head, right in front of the ref who didn't see it. Samoan drop on Paige for three.

Winner – Tamina (3:35)

The Bellas up to glare at Naomi and Tamina in the ring. Naomi yells smack at them, Nikki raises the Divas Championship high in the air as a response.

In Ring Segment

New Day to the ring preaching and clapping.



Rock was immortalized in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

In Ring Segment

New Day taunt the fans, then start preaching about their match at Elimination Chamber, and how they are being persecuted for being positive. They're going into the Elimination Chamber against five other teams. They could lose their Championships, and no one wants to see that. (almost no reaction from the fans) Big E then starts ripping on the arena falling down around them, then onto their hockey team who left and will always be losers.

Kane out to the stage.

Kane – I hear your concerns, it's a matter of perspective. You have a one in six chance of winning, like any other team. So it's very fair, unlike your match tonight, because you're facing Cesaro, Kidd and Los Matadores, and, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players, and Lucha Dragons in a 10 on 3 Handicap Match.

10 On 3 Handicap Match

Cesaro and Kidd out. Prime Time Players out. Los Matadores with El Torito. The Ascension out. Lucha Dragons to the ring.


Woods tags in to work against Kalisto. Chinlock on Kalisto on the mat. Kalisto reaches, cannot tag out, flips Woods over, then into a clothesline. Woods taunts the other nine, so they rush in and beat him down as one.

Winners via DQ – New Day (0:52)

All the teams are fighting New Day, and each other. O'Neil clotheslines The Ascension from the ring. O'Neil clotheslined out, then he and The Ascension catch each of Los Matadores in turn. Lucha Dragons corkscrew off the corners out onto the rest. Only New Day are left standing, so Kidd flies and takes them out. Cesaro in with a big swing on Woods! Cesaro, Kidd and Nattie left standing tall, smiling.

In Ring Segment

After Raw tonight is the first look at Bryan's "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" They go to a video sneak peak of the peak they will show tonight after Raw.



Recap of J&J Security getting into it with Ambrose backstage, and the cameraman being pushed into him. From a different angle, it can be seen that Rollins pushed the cameraman into Ambrose!

In Ring Segment

The Authority to the ring as JBL and Cole yell at each other.

Rollins – What you just saw on some idiot's cell phone means nothing. Ambrose assaulted him and was justifiably arrested earlier tonight. Nothing more than a common thug and takes pride in that ridiculous Lunatic Fringe thing. Recklessness can only get you so far. Paid off for him last week, he almost gets a shot at my Title, this week, behind bars. Hahaha!

Steph – Our crew works tirelessly every week to bring you Raw live, and the deserve respect, but Ambrose doesn't have any respect for them, their hard work, for anyone. That's right Seth, Ambrose struck a WWE employee. He's a father of newborn triplets. It is our job to create a safe environment for all of our employees, and cannot tolerate such hazardous actions from our Superstars. Our goal is to create a kind, nurturing, supportive environment here at WWE. I would like to say more about Ambrose, but our legal counsel has advised us against it as this is still and ongoing investigation.

Trip – Despite Ambrose's unstable lunatic state, we are still willing to give him the opportunity to face Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber for the WWE WHC, all he had to do was sign a contract. But that same unstable mental state came back to bite him, so he's not here. So we have no choice but to formally announce at the Elimination Chamber, Seth Rollins...

Reigns' music hits, and he comes out of nowhere (the ramp?) and slides in on Rollins. He takes out J&J Security, and then onto Kane. Rollins, and J&J Security on Reigns as Steph yells at them to, "Get him!" Kane gets into the fight. Reigns free, goes after Kane, but takes a chokeslam. Steph claps for the move. Rollins with the contract in hand, right in Reigns' face on the mat. Rollins yells at them to get him up.

A siren plays, in comes the paddy wagon, looks like Ambrose driving. He comes through the back, the way Stone Cold Steve Austin would have. Ambrose rolls out next to the stage, all dressed in a jacket, hat, and badge, two night sticks in hand. Noble, Mercury tossed out. Ambrose on Rollins. Kane grabs Ambrose, but Ambrose out of the ropes takes Kane down. Rollins on Ambrose, Ambrose free. Rollins grabs a night stick, rears back with it, but Reigns takes it from him. From behind Ambrose pushes Rollins into Reigns who uses the stick to Rollins' guts. Then Ambrose does the same. Rollins clotheslined from the ring, so J&J Security and Kane back in. Reigns takes out Kane, then double spear on J&J! Kane tosses Reigns out, but as he's climbing out through the ropes, Reigns with a superman punch. Kane staggers back into the ring, right into dirty deeds!

Steph, Trip and Rollins on stage looking down at Ambrose. Reigns comes into the ring with the contract and Ambrose signs as JBL yells for them to stop the show early. Ambrose up on the ropes yelling smack at Rollins who is yelling smack down from the stage. Reigns is behind Ambrose with his arms crossed, and a smile on his face.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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