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Raw Results 6/29/15 – Anyone But You, Roman!


RAW Results June 29, 2015
From Verizon Center in Washington DC
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Raw Starts


Recap of the end of Raw last week where Rollins apologized to Kane and J&J. Brock Lesnar came out and tried to attack, but the four of them fought together against him. Noble was slammed against a barricade and had a couple ribs broken by Brock. Brock was laid out by the other three.

In Ring Segment

Rollins to the ring with J&J and Kane in tow. Noble is moving slowly, and Kane is staying by his side. He looks quite sore, but it's great to see him out there with the group.

Rollins – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Rollins! We are live from Washington DC. A city that is obsessed with power, which is ironic as no one in this arena has an idea of what true power is, or how to gain it. You gain it by doing things no other person can do. What Reigns couldn't do at WrestleMania. That Cena couldn't do if his life depended on it. Something even Taker couldn't do, in a match that changed the history of the WWE forever. You gain power by taking it, and I did that by conquering the conqueror. You know, Heyman's client, the one in 21-1. Brock Lesnar, I conquered him on Raw, I went to Suplex City and burnt it to the ground. Brock won't be here, he won't be here. He's heading to Japan right now. I hope that every second of that 18 hour flight, he thinks about what we did to him last week – after he injured my friend and mentor Jamie Noble. He slammed Noble into that barricade and broke three of his ribs. But Jamie Noble is tougher than every single person in this arena. (Noble nods) There's not a chance Noble would miss our moment of triumph for the world. So get up, get off your butts, and show this man the appreciation he deserves.

Mixed for Noble.

Rollins – Hell, a Slammy Award for Most Inspirational Moment of the Year, is pretty much locked up, huh Jamie. Show him some respect, all of us respect, the entire The Authority some respect. Mercury, Noble and Kane are the best. They helped me slay the beast. I got you something. As appreciation for what you do for me.

Rollins removes fabric covering something on a table in the ring. There's three of them there.

Rollins – Brand new Apple Watches!

All three look thrilled and put them on.

Rollins – You guys are always a step ahead, always on Twitter, you look so good. That looks great on you Kane. Now you can be a step ahead in style! Jamie, what do you think?

Noble – Boss, this is incredible. Thank you so much. We're going to take our first group selfie! I bet no one here ever got a new Apple Watch for being faithful!

Rollins – You guys get on those now, and relive the most epic beat down in WWE history. #BrokenBeast Kane. You're welcome Joey. Kane, I've got something extra special for you. You debuted in October, 1997, when you ripped off the door and made an impact at HIAC. A lot has changed, Bill Clinton was president back then, the Internet was on dial up, and Apple Watch wasn't even an idea. And Heyman was a fat, disgusting, rotten, filthy piece of crap! So, I guess, not all that much has changed, but that's beside the point. The past 17 years you've been the glue that held the WWE together.

Cheers for Kane.

Rollins – That's right, give him a hand. During that entire period you didn't ask for anything, but tonight I'm bestowing upon you your very first vacation. I'm sending you to tropical, beautiful Hawaii!

Out comes a hula dancer, a guy with a Yuke, and a man in a red grass skirt blowing a conch shell. They come into the ring, and Kane looks interested, in a strange way. He watches the hula dancer.

Rollins – Kane, how stoked are you?

Kane – I'm speechless Seth, this is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. I can relax on the beach and debate what living animal I can throw into the middle of a volcano. When I do that, I have you to thank.

Rollins – Thank you Kane, you deserve this. But, before you leave, why don't we team up tonight to destroy Reigns and Ambrose in a No DQ main event for the ages? But wait, there's more. A few weeks ago, I saw one of the saddest things I've seen in my life. I saw J&J arriving in a crappy rental car. My boys travel in style! Because nobody reeks of style like J&J. Without further ado, drum roll please.

A blonde on the stage plays spokes model as a red car rolls out. It even sounds like 80s Price Is Right, or Wheel of Fortune music playing.

Rollins – A brand new Cadillac 2015 CTS for you guys. Be careful, you're riding in style. Guys, thank you! What are you waiting for? Go get it. Be careful Jamie!

Mercury is all excited, and Noble is more subdued for his ribs.

Rollins – Under this hood, turbo charged, 6 cyllinder, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. All leather interior. all for the asking price of $55,860! when you travel, you represent me, and I represent the best in all walks of life.

Rollins keeps going on about the car as Kane holds the door as Noble into the driver's seat as Mercury is standing on the center console to be out to sun roof.

Rollins – This is for you, and what true power really looks like. Start it up Jamie, start it up!

Jamie wails on the horn.

Big Show's music cuts all this off. He comes out with a smile, clapping for them all, and heads for the ring. Jamie on the horn and Joey waving.

Backstage, Henry is heading for the ring.


WWE Slam of the Week

Big Show getting in Ryback's face backstage last week on Raw. They fought, and Ryback got the upper hand, leaving Big Show lying on the mat. Onto Ryback with a meathook on Kane on Smackdown, but Big Show in with a big boot, then a chokeslam, then another.

Henry vs Big Show

Big Show is all smiles in the ring. Miz is on announce for this match. Henry to the ring.

Big boot to Henry, then blows in a corner, then a big right. Henry breaks free and lands a clothesline. Henry keeps kicking Big Show as he starts to stand. Splash on Big Show for a long two.

Big right to Henry. A KO to Henry, then Big Show pins for three.

Winner – Big Show (1:24)

"Feed me more!" and Ryback to the ring and up in Big Show's face with blows. They fight in the ring. Ryback into a corner, but comes out and takes Big Show's leg out. Miz into the ring with a big boot to Ryback, then flees out the other side.

Ryback – I'm supposed to fight you later tonight, but I say get down here right now, "Feed me more!"

Miz won't come down, telling him – off mic – he has to wait for later.

"Feed me more!" chants from the fans.


Miz vs Ryback

Miz from the ring, back in and Ryback with a Thesz Press, slamming Miz back to the mat a couple times. Miz into a corner and takes chops. Miz comes back with a few blows, but then whipped to a corner. Miz on the apron hangs Ryback up top. Miz off the ropes, caught, elevated, and holds him there with Miz's jewels on the side of his face, as he wanders the ring, then marches. Miz slammed hard to the mat for two.

Miz rolls out, then crawls outside the ring. Miz into a barricade outside. Miz sent back into the ring, and Ryback follows. The ref pulls Ryback off Miz who is in the ropes. Miz fights back for two on Ryback.

Miz takes Ryback down again for two.

Headlock on Ryback on the mat. "Feed me more!" chants. Miz with his double neck breaker on Ryback for two.

Miz kicks Ryback in the face, then off the ropes with another kick to Ryback's face. Miz yells at Ryback to stay down. This third kick is caught by Ryback. Miz pushed down, then spinebuster on Miz. Miz to his feet through "Feed me more!" chants, then ducks out and flees the ring to Ryback's anger.

Winner via Count Out – Ryback (5:06)

Ryback is annoyed in the ring, but accepts the win.


Paige vs Fox

Paige and Bellas in the ring together with Fox. Fox is again in red and black. Video recap offox helping Brie defeat Paige two weeks ago.

They lock up, and Paige takes Fox down, keeping hold of Fox on the mat. Fox free, but slammed down to the mat again, keeping hold of Fox to flip her down to the mat again. Paige on Fox's arm, still, working it over on the mat, bending Fox's fingers back. Fox into the ropes, and Paige uses her body to trip Fox, then stomp her. Paige gets two.

Fox back on Paige, bouncing her face off the corner, then kicking her in the gut. Forearm to Paige's face. Paige then ducks Fox, lands a Thesz Press. Fox rolls out to regroup. Paige out too, so Fox attacks from behind, using the Bellas' distraction.


Fox stands on Paige's hair, and pulls her arms up. Fox kicks Paige in the back, then her scary northern lights suplex for two.

Paige side steps Fox who eats corner. Elbows to Fox who pushes Paige off, then kicks her to the mat for two.

A horrible facelock on Paige on the mat. Paige screams through it all, working her way up, but Fox uses her weight to slam Paige back to the mat, still in the hold. Paige sits up, then slowly to a knee. Paige with blows on Fox, but off the ropes and a back breaker on Paige for two.

Fox thought she had Paige, the Bellas are yelling at the ref – who is not botch ref from last week! Paige off the ropes into a high back elbow to the face, then back on Paige with the facelock. Paige up, flips Fox to the mat, then a running knee in the corner. More knees on Fox in the corner, then short clotheslines on Fox. Superkick on Fox for a long two.

"This is my house!" screams Paige. Fox telegraphs and is kicked for it. Nikki on the apron for the distraction. Fox rolls Paige up, but Paige rolls it through for the three.

Winner – Paige (9:34)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Bellas and Fox looking pissed in the ring as Paige backs up the ramp, smiling and celebrating.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring.


US Championship Open Challenge – John Cena (c) vs Cesaro

Cena is still posing in the ring. Immediately Kevin Owens' music hits, and he stomps to the ring. Cole is screaming about Owens possibly taking the US Challenge tonight.

Owens leaves the ring and calls for a mic.

Owens - You know what? On second thought, I'll just wait for Battleground. But John, if anyone's going to take that title from you, trust me, it's me. Or, maybe it's this guy.

Out comes Cesaro to face Cena.

"Cesaro!" chants at the bell. Cesaro behind Cena. Cesaro lifts Cena as they struggle. Dueling Cena chants. Cena reverses into a side headlock on Cesaro. Cesaro pushes off. Cena over and under Cesaro. Monkey flip on Cesaro who bounces right back up. Cesaro with a side headlock on Cena. More dueling Cena chants. Cesaro over Cena, but catches Cena as he tries to go over Cesaro, taking him down, and pinning him for two.

Front facelock on Cena, getting him down on one knee. Cesaro with a right that drops Cena for two.

Gut wrench on Cena for two.

Huge upper cut to Cena as he gets to his feet, and drops Cena. A side neck wrench on Cena, who muscled Cesaro over for two.

Cesaro immediately takes Cena down for two as Owens says that Cole is disrespecting Cesaro.

Cena into a corner so hard he hits the mat through more dueling chants. Cena mounts a comeback, but Cesaro right back to take Cena down, and double foot stomp on Cena. Crossface forearms on Cena from behind for two.

Cesaro drops an elbow off the top for another two.


Cesaro pins Cena for a LONG two.

Cena kicks Cesaro off, back slams Cesaro. Cena sets up, but Cesaro up with a huge clothesline for two.

Cesaro checks with the ref, as he thought it should be three. Cena up, but Cesaro grabs Cena and tries to snake eyes, but Cena bounces back off the ropes with his springboard stunner that was mostly botched, but they made it look as good as possible. Cena gets two for it.

Cena gets Cesaro up, but Cesaro lands on his feet. Cesaro tosses Cena up, tries for his pop up upper cut, but Cena out of place in the air, and Cesaro lands his upper cut on Cena's chest, for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. Cena locks on the STF in the center of the ring. Cesaro slips out, reverses, and counters into the sharpshooter, really sitting down into it, but Cena to the ropes to force the break.

Cesaro bounces Cena's head off the corner, from the apron. Cesaro climbs, grabs Cena, and lifts Cena from the apron to a superplex in one move, getting two for it.

Cesaro with a running upper cut in a corner. Cena whipped, but gets a foot up, and lands a huge tornado DDT on Cesaro for two!

Cena pulls Cesaro up. Cena with a right that drops Cesaro. Cesaro up again, and they exchange blows. Cesaro rolls himself over the top rope, gets a foot in Cena's face. Cesaro off the top with a crossbody, that Cena rolls through. Cena swings Cesaro around and face plants Cesaro to the mat for two.

Owens to his feet, takes a swipe at Cena's bestie, Cole. Cena is climbing the corner, but this is a distraction. Drop kick drops Cena to the floor. Owens says that was a warning. Cole says no disrespect, he was caught up in the match. Cesaro on Cena outside, then rolls him in for two.

Cesaro pulls Cena up, cracks his neck, but cannot get Cena up. Cena counters with a body drop. Cena hits his Petey Williams move – modified Canadian Destroyer for a long two.

Dueling Cena chants as he gets Cesaro up. But Cesaro reverses into the neutralizer for two.

Cesaro pulls Cena up for more upper cuts, over and over. Cena to his knees, so Cesaro pulls him up for more. Cesaro is able to hit the Cesaro swing, then locks on the sharpshooter again! Suddenly Owens is there and attacks Cesaro!

Winner via DQ – Cena (21:05)

Pop up powerbomb on Cesaro. Then Owens with a pop up powerbomb on Cena. Owens then grabs his NXT Championship, and a mic.

Owens – Like I said, if anybody's going to take the US Title from Cena, it's gonna be me, and at Battleground, it will be me!

Video recap of the high points of the match.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Rollins' issues with The Authority. He was working on that last week when Brock Lesnar appeared. Video recap of that altercation.


Wyatt – Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns. I want to open your eyes to see the truth, cover your mouth to tell no more lies. Life ain't always fair. I always thought I should be my father's favorite, but he threw me away like trash. I'm now awake, and look Daddy, I got my wings back. And who deserves all you have Roman? Anyone but you. You're not fool, you know what I can do. And you are mine. You are caught in my web, and there will be no distractions Roman. This is about you and me. The insects that watch us every week are inconsequential. I am the yin to your yang. I am the darkness to your light, and as long as you and I walk this earth, I will be your crown of suffering. You will never succeed Roman, I won't let ya. Anyone but you, Roman. Anyone but you. Run!

In Ring Segment

Lucha Dragons to the ring.



Bo in the ring was interrupted by Rocky in Boston on Saturday night.

Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Players vs Bo & New Day

Bo is in the ring screaming at the fans' heat. New Day out to tag with him. "New Day Sucks!" chants.

Woods and Kalisto lock up. Arm bar on Kalisto who cartwheels free. Woods comes back with a right forearm, then a chop. Kalisto comes back with chops, kicks, then flips off the top rope, sending Woods flying across the ring. Sin Cara into the ring and all over Woods as JBL says Lucha Dragons are just like him and Ron. Sin Cara off the top and sends Woods flying across the ring too. Bo tags in, is taken down, and screams like a little boy. Young tags in and is all over Bo for two.

O'Neil tags in, then sends Young into Bo in the corner. O'Neil taunts the heels, then tosses Bo across the ring. O'Neil barks a bit, the fans join him. Kalisto in, rolls Bo up for two.

Bo fights back for two.

Reverse chinlock on Kalisto on the mat. Kalisto backs Bo into the face corner and Young tags in. clotheslines on Bo for two.

Bo screaming is slammed down upon by Young for two.

Chinlock on Bo on the mat, as he continues to scream. "New Day Sucks!" chants. New Day claps for Bo as Young keeps him facing his corner, but won't let him get there. Young with a huge smile on his face. Bo comes back with an elbow on Young, and they fight on the apron. Young with a back slam on Bo on the apron. All of them out and about to fight at the bottom of the ramp.


Kalisto and Kofi fighting. Kofi tosses Kalisto on Big E as he tags in. Sin Cara tags in and corner well with Big E. Kick over the top rope to Big E, then Sin Cara off the top on Big E for two.

Young tags in, and he double teams Big E with Sin Cara. Young rakes his nails down Big E's back. Young lifts Big E, but can't hold him. Confusion on tags, Bo is tagged in, but Big E sends Young out hard. A big clothesline on Young outside. Back in Bo gets two for it.

Big E tags in and stomps Young in a corner. Kofi tags in and continues stomping. Woods tags in to stomp, then Bo does it. Big E back in to stomp. Big E whips Woods into a drop kick on a sitting Young in the corner. Kofi tags in and covers Young for two.

Arm and chin hold on Young, taunting his partners. Young tosses Kofi off, but then eats a drop kick. Bo tags. Young from the ring, Bo gives chase, then back on Young on the mat with a facelock. Young to his feet, chopping on Bo, but cannot reach his corner. Bo and Young collide, and are both down. Both able to tag out. O'Neil takes out Kofi, then Bo. Big boot to Kofi and O'Neil is riled up with a splash in a corner. Shoulder tackle to Kofi, but New Day breaks it up.

Lucha Dragons take out New Day, and Young take out Bo with a clothesline from the ring. O'Neil then works the fans with Lucha Dragons, sending them flying out on New Day. Kofi all over O'Neil, then flies, but is caught. O'Neil powerbombs Kofi to the mat for three.

Winners – Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Players (17:30)

Backstage Segment

Ziggler and Lana heading for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Ziggler won last week and kissed Lana. Rusev pitched a fit backstage, but Summer Rae wanted to pick up the pieces.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring with Lana in tow. Lana in a white suit with black lace trim on the collar and cuffs. Ziggler holds her hand up the stairs, then holds the ropes for her. Her hair is in a low ponytail, not a bun. "Lana!" chants.

Ziggler – I'm on your side! Okay guys, confession time. A lot of you guys might not be able to believe this, but this thing between Lana and I didn't start off as love at first site. She was using me to get back at Rusev. But I was making out with a hot babe, so a little win-win action there. But, here's the thing, and I can't believe Dolph Ziggler is saying this, but the situation has changed.

Lana – For years Rusev was my life, and for years I didn't know what a real man was. But not anymore. You see, I used to do whatever Rusev told me to. He told me how to talk, how to dress, and even how to feel about America. But now I've become my own person. ("What?") And here Dolph treats me with respect, and we have become very good friends. Actually that is not true. We have become more than just friends. ("What?") I have to say, this man is very, very passionate. ("What?")

Rusev's music hits to solid heat. Rusev limps out on one crutch to the stage. Out comes Summer Rae in a skin tight back tube skirt, and a hot pink criss-cross halter than shows tummy and sides, as well as shoulders. She joins him, and they head to the ring together. Ziggler and Lana look confused. Ziggler whispers to Lana as Rusev hops up the stairs and into the ring as Summer Rae holds the ropes for him.

Rusev – Now Lana, I don't care about you anymore, and I never did care about you. You're like, what is this American saying? You're like a cold fish. When I was kissing you, it was like kissing that ring post over there. And I can't believe...

Ziggler – Enough! Enough! Enough! Listen man, what kind of scumbag are you? You're out here trash talking my girlfriend? That sting a bit Rusev? My girlfriend. She sure does. Listen, man, you blew it. Walk away. Walk away before I do something about that other leg you've got there.

Rusev throws down his crutch. Off comes Ziggler's jacket. They yell at each other off-mic. "USA!" chants as Rusev steps back and takes his crutch from Summer Rae. Rusev from the ring, but Summer Rae grabs the mic.

Summer Rae – But before we go Lana, there's a couple things I want you to hear. There's nothing that I hate more than a gold digger. (Rusev looks about to flip out.) At WrestleMania Rusev was on top of the world, and you were by his side, but the minute he got injured, you ditched him. You and I both know Rusev is kind and gentle. (Rusev looks quite uncomfortable with what Summer Rae is saying.) And honestly, he, he really cared about you a lot. So, why don't you go ahead and tell everyone what I've always known about you, that you're nothing more than a two faced, conniving, phony.

Summer Rae steps up toward Lana, then slaps her. Ziggler holds her close, but then Lana flips and tackles Summer Rae. They roll around on the mat, not really doing much damage. Ziggler pulls Lana off Summer Rae. Lana realizes that her skirt is up around her waist, and she shimmies it down to cover her very demure, almost granny, white panties. Lana flips and rushes Summer Rae again. Rusev grabs Summer Rae's arm, and pulls her from the ring, dumping her on the floor before pulling her up to her feet. Rusev is screaming, Summer Rae is crying, and Ziggler tends to Lana who recomposes herself.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – It's not a physical thing, it's a mental thing. You get hit, get knocked down, and you choose not to feel any pain. Then you get up and keep moving forward.

Ambrose looks back at the Terminator model.

Ambrose – You know what I'm talking about, right?

There's another model behind Ambrose on the other side.

Reigns – Dean! What's up man? Why you talking to? Ready for tonight?

Ambrose – I'm ready. Always ready. Was born ready. Question is, are you ready? You look a little uptight, tense, stiff. Wyatt get in your head a little? Making you a little upset? Angry? That's good! I like my Roman Reigns angry and upset. The guy who got kicked out of Smackdown for roughing people up, that's who I want in the ring with me tonight against Rollins and Kane. You know it baby, no DQ.

Reigns – What a bunch of idiots! They're trying. Yeah, yeah, I got hot, bent out of shape. I hat Bray Wyatt. I hate The Authority. I don't like anyone around here, other than you. You're the only family I have around here. I'm ready to break some heads. Let's pull some toys out, get down and rip this place apart. Let's rage! Let's rage!!

Ambrose to the Terminators – I told you he was ready!



Terminator Genesis.

Neville vs Sheamus

Neville to the ring. Sheamus out to face him, MITB case in hand.

Neville chases Sheamus around the ring a bit, as Sheamus is told how stupid he looks by the fans. Sheamus backs Neville into a corner. Sheamus after Neville who moves. Neville all over Sheamus' left arm, working it over standing, then on the mat, and into a corner, but Sheamus with a back elbow stops Neville. Sheamus slams Neville to the mat by a side headlock. Neville whipped, but out of the corner, flipping to the other corner and gets a big boot in Sheamus' face. Hurricanranna on Sheamus. The second time Sheamus is too strong, brings Neville to the apron, but Sheamus is the one dumped out. Neville wants to fly, but Sheamus moves around the ring.


Blows on Sheamus' gut in the center of the ring. Neville over the top, blows on Sheamus, but then Neville over the top, caught by Sheamus and eats a rolling senton. Sheamus yells smack, then kicks Neville in the ribs, rubbing the bottom of his boot in Neville's face, then lifts Neville – screaming the whole time – and slams him to the mat. "Boring!" chants at Sheamus. Facelock on Neville on the mat, his back being bent over Sheamus' thigh. Neville up with blows, but then eats corner. Sheamus with blows on Neville, then stomps him down. The ref all over Sheamus, keeps pulling him off, but then Neville with a serious superkick to Sheamus' face! Neville grabs Sheamus, but eats three Irish curse back breakers in a row! Sheamus is all smiles. Neville lolling in the ropes, but then pulled up by his hair. Sheamus with blows, but Neville comes back with a huge right. Sheamus on Neville who lands on his feet. Jaw breaker on Sheamus. Elbows, then blows on Sheamus. Neville slides under Sheamus, then more kicks. A sick kick to the side of a kneeling Sheamus' head. Neville rushes Sheamus, caught, set up top, but leap frogs free and sends Sheamus over the top and out. Neville with a slingshot moonsault off the second rope, and Sheamus was in perfect position to catch him! Sheamus back into the ring. Neville with a slingshot missile drop kick off the top rope to Sheamus' back for two.

Neville up first, pushed off, but then elevated to the apron. Neville flips back in over Sheamus, then side steps Sheamus so he goes shoulder first. Sheamus lands on the mat, so Neville climbs. Sheamus reaches up and kicks the top rope. Neville falls to the mat. Sheamus uses the corner to get to his feet and pose for the fans. Sheamus readies, but Neville ducks and rolls Sheamus up for a long two.

Neville turns around into the brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (12:49)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Neville lolls on the mat as Sheamus celebrates up the ramp with his case.

Backstage Segment

Someone is shining the J&J Caddy as they both stand over him.


Announce Segment

Check out the Where Are They Now? SI issue this week. Hogan is in it.

King Barrett vs Swagger

Swagger in the ring. Barrett out to face him.

Barrett – As the rightful KoTR, I would like to make a decree. All my opponents will bow down to the glorious King Barrett.

Barrett demands Swagger bow down to him. Swagger is all over Barrett who slides out and yells at the ref to make him do it. Swagger takes Barrett down for two.

Swagger all over Barrett in a corner, then sends him flipping out to the mat. Barrett gets his foot in Swagger's face, so Swagger locks on. Barrett gets free and flees the ring. A right from Swagger out there, then Barrett into one barricade, then another. Back in the ring Barrett gets a knee into Swagger's face. Bull hammer for three.

Winner – Barrett (1:46)

Barrett stands over Swagger, showing off how he's King because he has a crown, scepter, and cape.


Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins & Kane

Reigns to the ring through the stands. There's a great black and white drawing of Reigns on a sign that's shown on his way out. Ambrose to the ring to join Reigns. Kane and Reigns to the stage. Noble and Mercury come out in their new car, honking the horn their whole way to their parking spot, then they come out and join them ringside. Rollins kisses his WWE WHC, then hands it off.

Ambrose works with Rollins, Reigns with Kane. All four in the ring, working each other over. Ambrose with blows on Rollins in a corner, then clotheslines Rollins from the ring. Ambrose dives through the ropes on Rollins, sending him into the barricade. Ambrose in to help Reigns with Kane. The two of them work him over. Ambrose climbs as Reigns holds Kane, but Rollins kncks Ambrose off the corner. Reigns chases Rollins from the ring, then in, right into a big boot from Kane. Ambrose into a barricade from Rollins as Kane stomps Reigns down in a corner.


Facelock on Reigns on the mat from Rollins. Reigns free. Rollins rushes him, but Reigns moves and Rollins splash eats corner. Rollins tags out, but blocks Reigns tagging out. Reigns whipped, but gets a boot in Kane's face. Reigns sits up top and flies with a clothesline on Kane. "Roman!" chants. Ambrose tags in and all over Rollins who also tags in. Ambrose really stomps Rollins down in a corner. Rollins into a corner, then a running bulldog. Running drop kick knocks Kane off the apron. Rollins sent flying out, so Ambrose up and flies onto them. Hip toss on Kane over the barricade into the timekeeper's area. Ambrose at Noble who backs off. Ambrose then takes Rollins down, leaving him on the mat next to Reigns. Rollins tossed into the ring, and Ambrose pulls a table out from under the ring, and slides it in. Ambrose in, but J&J pull the table out. Rollins rolls Ambrose up for two.

Rollins again on Ambrose, but Reigns breaks the count.

Reigns plants Rollins, then takes out Kane. Reigns, his mouth bleeding is attacked with a kendo stick from behind my Mercury. Reigns turns, takes it, uses it on Kane, then beats Mercury with the kendo and breaks it over his own knee. Superman punch on Kane. Superman punch on Mercury. Superman punch on Rollins!


When the lights come up, Wyatt grabs Reigns, sends him into announce, then into the stairs. Wyatt on Reigns with punches on the floor. Wyatt sets up, then plants Reigns onto announce, back first. Six refs to get Wyatt to back away. JBL's hat is next to Reigns on the floor.

Back in the ring, Ambrose out of the ropes with a clothesline on Kane. Ambrose sets up on Kane, but Rollins there. Ambrose sets up Rollins, but Kane with a chokeslam. Pedigree on Ambrose for three.

Winners – Rollins & Kane (14:47)

Rollins directs J&J and Kane. They get the table into the ring, and set it up leaning in a corner. They gets Ambrose up, but then Reigns is there to clear house. A right sends Noble out. Reigns takes Mercury from the ring and is all over Rollins. Kane is there with a chokeslam on Reigns. Mercury back into the ring, as is Noble, looking really rough. Rollins yells smack at Reigns, getting down on the mat, holding him by his hair and yelling, but Reigns trips Rollins' legs out from under him.

Reigns is able to take The Authority from the ring, but then the circle the ring, and climb in each side. They're all over Reigns on the mat, but Reigns takes Rollins down yet again. Kane grabs Reigns, but Reigns muscles Kane's hand off his neck. Mercury jumps on Reigns' back, but Reigns is still able to punch Kane to the mat. Mercury helps take Reigns down, and they're all on him. Reigns keeps fighting as well as he can, but takes a chokeslam, and they go back to stomping him.

J&J help Rollins get Reigns up, then Rollins runs across the ring with Reigns up there, and then powerbombing him through the table. Video recap of the powerbomb through the table. Rollins yelling more smack at Reigns who is trying to get out from under the table. Rollins pulls Reigns up and hits the pedigree to finish Reigns for the night.

Rollins with his WWE WHC in hand, yelling and showing off to heat from the fans. Video recap of the pedigree.

Rollins, Kane, and J&J back up the ramp, but Wyatt is there coming down the ramp. Wyatt into the ring with Sister Abigail on Reigns. Wyatt to his knees besides Reigns, poses, yelling, "Follow the buzzards!"

Biggest Pop
Ziggler & Lana

Biggest Heat
Big Show

Match of the Night
Cena vs Cesaro!

Biggest Letdown
The Caddy surviving Raw.

Most Impressive Sucking Up The Pain
Jamie Noble, who is not in the ring regularly, but worked hard with broken ribs.

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