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Raw Results 12/8/14 - This Isn't Via Satellite People!

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RAW Results December 8, 2014
From Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Seth Green will host Raw and The Slammys tonight.

Raw Starts


Survivor Series two weeks ago, Big Show turned on Team Cena. Tonight Cena faces Big Show. Can Cena topple the giant, or will the Cenation be toppled by the KO punch?

Announce Segment

Cole says it's the 77th Annual Slammy Awards, or something like that.

Slammy Segment

Lilian announces King. King to the podium in a suit! "Jerry!" chants make him stop and laugh.

King announces Seth Green.

Green out in a black suit looking tiny compared to King.

Green – Oh my goodness! I couldn't be more excited to be back hosting Raw and the Slammy Awards! Unlike all the other phony award shows, this is your show. You will vote for the winners on the WWE App. Also a lot of incredible matches, one I'm very excited about...

Miz and Mizdow out in tuxes. Fake kisses to Green.

Miz – Seth, I thought we were buds, but you didn't visit me in my dressing room, but I know you're drooling about putting me in your next project. I'm an A-lister.

Mizdow is mimicking all Miz is doing, and getting pop from the fans for it.

Green – I do see an A-lister. But, it's not you. It's this guy. (pop) Damien Mizdow! This guy's awesome!

Miz – No, no, he's not awesome, he's my stunt double.

Mizdow motions to Green to call him from behind Miz's back. Green agrees.

Miz – It's about time we move on to the award named after me! The This Is Awesome Moment of the Year!

Billion Dollar Jailbird
Goodbye Authority
The All-Time Greatest (SCSA, Hogan and Rock in the ring to start WrestleMania)

Now it's time to vote on the WWE App.

Ziggler vs Rollins

Ziggler to the ring. Rollins out with J&J Security to face him.

Rollins all over Ziggler with blows. Arm bar, Ziggler to the ropes, then Rollins elevated to the apron. Ziggler knocks him off and Rollins is all pissy outside.


Ziggler on the mat with Rollins walking around him, selling being a heel. Ziggler up with blows on Rollins, but then into a high knee off the ropes. Elbows to Ziggler's face over his shoulder. Rollins pins for two.

Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Jaw breaker on Rollins for a break. Rollins dives at Ziggler and eats corner. Both are down. Splash on Rollins, then he takes Rollins down. Epic elbow on Rollins for two.

Rollins throws off Ziggler's DDT, lifts Ziggler, but Ziggler over Rollins' back and rolls Rollins for two.

Rollins ducks the superkick, and is finally able to land his DDT! But Ziggler only gets two for it.

Ziggler reverses on Rollins who ducks Ziggler. Rollins with an enziguri over the ropes. Rollins climbs. Ziggler runs up the corner, they fight up top. Rollins thinks he's set for a sunset, but Ziggler hgolds on and a body drop to Rollins off the top. Mercury pushes Ziggler off the corner and Noble distracts the ref. Rollins with a curb stomp on Ziggler for three.

Winner – Rollins (7:29)

J&J Security into the ring to celebrate with Rollins. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Slammy Segment

Green – Your votes have been counted. The winner for the This Is Awesome Moment of the Year. Sting! Unfortunately Sting can't be here tonight, so I'll just...

Green grabs the Slammy to HUGE heat.

Rollins up the ramp screaming about Sting.

Rollins – Back off kid! Sting! Sting? What makes Sting worthy of a Slammy. That he cost me the biggest win of my career? Or that he and he alone is solely responsible for putting The Authority out of power? Either way, I'm accepting this award on behalf of Sting, because he doesn't deserve it, and I do! I'm the man!

Green claps along with J&J Security so he doesn't get beaten up.

In Ring Segment

A New Day come out dancing and clapping. Kofi lifts Woods high on the stage. They chant and clap to the ring.


Announce Segment

Earlier Slammy winners were announced.
Insult of the Year – Rock insults Rusev and Lana
Tag Team of the Year – Usos
Breakout Star of the Year – Ambrose
Hashtag of the Year - #RKOOuttaNoWhere
Fan Participation Award -"You sold out!" - Rollins

Kofi vs Stardust

Goldust and Stardust are posing ringside.

They lock up. Hammer locks and reversals into an elbow on Kofi. Kofi eats corner, but then comes back with kicks. Kofi off the corner, but Stardust ducks. Stardust off the corner and takes Kofi down. Stardust stomps on Kofi, using the ropes for height, then chokes Kofi in the ropes. "A New Day!" chants can almost be heard fro the fans, then grows to barely audible as Stardust has a facelock on Kofi. Kofi up and free, then slammed back. Kofi, from the mat, with head scissors on Stardust. Kofi off the corner, then ax handle chops on Stardust. Double leg drop on Stardust. Running knee to Stardust's chest in a corner. Kofi off the top onto Stardust for three.

Winner – Kofi (2:57)

A New Day in to celebrate with Kofi and get the fans chanting with them.

Slammy Segment

Lilian announces John Laurinaitis to the stage. He comes out in a tux with a yellow bow tie! Laurinaitis gets heat from the fans.

Laurinaitis – Before I introduce the Slammy nominees for Surprise Return of the Year, I'd like to address the elephant in the room. When is People Power return. It's time to bring back Big Johnny.

Hulk Hogan
The Rock
Ultimate Warrior

Vote now on the WWE App.



Laurinaitis – The Slammy goes to Ultimate Warrior!

They play a video package for Warrior.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Thank you so much boys, I appreciate it so much. Look who decided to show up and dressed for the occasion as well.

Heyman in there smirking.

Heyman – (to Mercury) Sir. (to Noble) Sir. I'm not dressed up to meet with you. I expect a clean sweep for my client Brock Lesnar.

Rollins – Take a break.

Mercury and Noble leave.

Heyman – My client and I were talking about your match this Sunday at TLC against Cena. If you get by...

Rollins – If? If, Paul? When I beat John Cena at TLC, he will lose his opportunity to face Brock Lesnar. Then what? Am I next in line to face him? Let me tell you something. Let me remind you, (fondling his MITB case) this guarantees me an opportunity to face your client when I see fit. When I cash in, neither you or he will see it coming.

Heyman – I do see the merits of your argument Mr. Rollins, permit me to retort. My client, Brock Lesnar is the reigning, undisputed defending WWE WHC. To the point where he should be named Champion for life. That doesn't prevent you from being the future. I knew you were when you curb stomped Brock Lesnar. We didn't like it, but showed you're the future. Brock Lesnar isn't who prevents you from being recognized as the future. John Cena is standing in your way. You want to be recognized as the future, then make sure on Sunday the Cena is firmly entrenched in the past.

In Ring Segment

Charlotte to the ring with her NXT Woman's Championship belt around her waist. She does her front walkover ringside. They show a video about Charlotte.


Nattie vs Charlotte

Both in the ring, and as the bell is rung, Charlotte off the ropes with her father's 'Woooo!' right in Nattie's face.

Kidd distracts Nattie and Charlotte attacks her. Charlotte all over Nattie in the ropes, then shoulder blocks in the corner. Nattie thrown back into the corner, then Nattie gets her elbow up in Charlotte's face. Nattie on Charlotte's back, but Charlotte slams down for two.

Nattie bitch slaps Charlotte. Charlotte with Nattie's leg in hand, they slap back and forth, then Nattie uses her own leg to take Charlotte down. Back and forth, then Nattie off the ropes into a seriously sick chop! Charlotte drops a knee to Nattie's face for two.

Nattie takes Charlotte down, sets up. Charlotte reverses to set up the same hold, so Nattie rolls Charlotte up for three!

Winner – Nattie (2:27)

Charlotte is in shock over her loss as Kidd celebrates in the corner in front of Nattie.


Lilian announces that for the OMG Shocking Moment of the Year, out comes Santino! Santino in a gray suit with Cobra on his hand.

Santino – It is fantastic to see everyone here tonight! It is my pleasure to present the Ong Shocking Moment of the Year! (sic) The shocking moment took place for me backstage when I saw Luke Harper taking a shower! It's not like I stand around and watch men take showers. I watch Divas take showers. I really don't! I'm not a pervert, or a creep. Let's go to the nominees!

Seth Sells out
Bella Betrayal
Bray's Choir Serenades Cena
The Streak is Conquered


WWE Moment

Big Show turned on Team Cena two weeks ago at Survivor Series.


Santino – You votes have been calculamated, and your winner is Brock Lesnar defeats Taker's Streak at WrestleMania XXX

Heyman out to accept the Slammy.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the one behind the one in 21-1. I earned that distinction when Taker's Streak was conquered by my client, Brock Lesnar.

In Ring Segment

Bray is heading for the ring as soon as Heyman's speech ended! Over a thousand fireflies showing the way for Bray to the ring.

Bray – I will never forget the first time I saw her. She was sitting in that rocking chair, underneath the cypress tree. That was her chair!

Video of Ambrose destroying Bray's chair last week on Raw.

Bray – Ambrose destroyed a piece of me that night. He took something that didn't belong to him. He took something that I could never replace. So I decided that perhaps, I should take something from him! Hahaha!

Video of Bray attacking Ambrose on Smackdown. Steel chair to Ambrose's throat into the stairs. Ambrose stretchered out.

Bray – Does that shock you? ("NO!") Does that frighten you? ("NO!") I don't think anyone has any idea who they're dealing with. I am a monster! I am fear incarnate, and I despise each and every last one of you. To me you are moths drawn in by my flame. You get to close, I will burn you! This Sunday, at TLC, all of you will bear witness to my fire as I stand atop of that ladder and I will look down at Ambrose's mangled body and none of you will shed a tear. I will not allow you to cry for him, because he deserves everything that he has got coming. The end is near. Tables. Ladders. And chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs! (Oh my!) Tables, ladders, and chairs! (Oh my!)

An ambulance siren stops Bray. An ambulance backs into the arena, lights flashing. Out steps Ambrose from a lit up and smoky interior! Ambrose's music hits and out he comes with a table! Table tossed across the ramp. Then out comes a chair and a ladder, and they fly. On the ramp Ambrose removes his soft neck brace. The table is broken, so he grabs the chair and the ladder and heads for the ring as Bray freaks, then stops and poses, arms out. The chair is tossed in, and Bray steps aside to avoid being hit. Then Ambrose with the ladder through the ropes. Bray seems to be trying to do something with the chair, but the ladder catches Bray in the gut. Bray to the mat, and Ambrose goes under the ring to grab more chairs, tables, ladders. The first chair tossed into the ring nails Bray in the head! Bray doesn't need to try to sell, he reacted to the hit in a big way. Out comes the table and into the ring. Bray holding his head as Ambrose sets up none the wiser to it all. Bray leaves the ring, grabbing the ladder, then leaving it to hit the ramp. Ambrose begs Bray to get in the ring. Ambrose lays on the table with an Eddie-esque smirk! Bray on the apron, but takes a chair and falls to the floor again.

Ambrose – The only way you're going to leave TLC is in the back of one of those. When it's tables, ladders, chairs, you're going to know who you're in here with Sunday. I'm going to be the monster, and I'm going to eat you alive!

Bray looks shocked, all big blue eyes on the ramp!


Green – Wow! That's pretty awesome. Now it's time to return the favor and introduce the gentleman who introduced me tonight. To present Diva of the Year Slammy, Jerry 'The King' Lawler!

King – You're going to want to stick around for this Seth. This is my favorite award, Diva of the Year. These four Divas have gone above and beyond to dazzle us both inside and outside the ring. Only one can be Diva of the Year! This is when it's good to be King.

Brie Bella
AJ Lee
Nikki Bella



King – No matter who you voted for, I'm the winner. The Queen should get a hug from King. Maybe a four way tie? The 2014 Diva of the Year. AJ!

AJ skips off as the Bellas and Paige, with Titus are mad.

AJ skips to the stage, takes the Slammy, half hugs King.

AJ – Okay, so, three years ago I promised that I would redefine the word Diva, and I sure have done that. You can be a nerd, a tomboy, and still the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time! So I hope that means next year this award is won by Bayley, or Sasha, or Charlotte, or Emma, or Paige. Any of those girls could be next in line for the throne, but I'm not done being Queen. Someday I will take back what is mine and become the four time Divas Champion.

AJ kisses herb Slammy and skips off with it.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest at this time, John Cena. John, this Sunday you face Rollins, but tonight you face Big Show. What's going through your mind.

Cena – You know Renee, last week the WWE 'Universe' was shocked when McMahon told Austin all the WWE Superstars needed to step up. I know Rollins was listening, and took offense to it. I know Rollins will bring more fight than he ever has, but tonight I have to face a giant who thinks he stepped up, but really showed everyone who he really is. Show is, and will always be The Authority's puppet. He will do anything for them, Rollins, and try to make sure I don't make it to TLC. If I do, I have the most unpredictable match in the WWE, a Tables Match. You go through a table, you lose. That's where Rollins will step up. Rollins doesn't have to pin me, because without Big Show, he can't pin me. He doesn't have to make me tap out, which is fortunate, because Rollins isn't man enough! If he finds a way to put me through a table, not only is my #1 Contender ship gone, Rollins has stepped up, and I have to seriously think about stepping down. I wanna be Champion, and Champions win big matches. Sunday it's step up, or step aside. You know what? I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to show you. I'm going to step up by hoisting a 500lbs giant and slamming him to the canvas and shaking South Carolina. This Sunday Rollins, McMahon, Austin, and the WWE 'Universe' will see that I'm not done stepping up! If you think my time is done, time for someone to knock me off, pack a lunch, it's going to be a long ride! Sunday I will step to Rollins and take that spineless, gutless, backstabbing little SOC and put him through a table!

In Ring Segment

Big Red to the ring, sheep mask on his face.


WWE Slam of the Week

On Raw chaos broke out, so Rowan with the stairs brought the heels around.

Rowan vs Harper

Harper out to face his former partner, dragging a ladder the whole way. Harper sets up the ladder outside, then gets in to pose and yell.

Off comes the mask, then blows from both. Harper into a corner and Rowan head butts. Harper whipped, Rowan splashes. Harper comes back with a big boot. Harper with the gator roll into the facelock on Rowan. Rowan muscles free, but caught with an elbow. Superkick to Rowan for two.

Harper sets Rowan up, but Rowan reverses into a body drop. Short clotheslines from Rowan, then a splash in a corner. Rowan with a full nelson slam on Harper for two!

Harper rolls out to regroup. Rowan out, grabs Harper by the hair. Harper comes back by slamming the ladder at Rowan.

Winner – Rowan via DQ (2:03)

Harper tried to throw the ladder in at the ref. Harper on Rowan, Rowan reverses, sending Harper flying. Harper runs over the stairs, rather than into them. Harper back over, but then eats a forearm to the face! Rowan then lifts Harper and slams him onto the stairs face first. Harper rolled into the ring, then Rowan throws the top of the stairs into the ring. Rowan in, caught by Harper. Harper tossed off. Harper up and stairs to the skull of Harper. Harper flees before Big Red can do more damage! Video recap of the high points of the match and after. Harper is staring up at Rowan. Rowan is seething back.

Backstage Segment

Usos up to Naomi who is primping. Love for both brothers with their Slammys, then Jey head off leaving the love birds.

Jimmy – This is the second best thing that's happened to me this year. Hands down.

Naomi – Oh yeah? What's the first?

Jimmy – You.

Naomi – By the way, I heard from Miz's agent.

Jimmy – What? It's funny that you're talking to Miz's agent all of a sudden when he finds out we're a threat to their TTC. So funny. Mind games.

Naomi – I know you don't like Miz, and I don't care for him too much myself, but I had a good conversation and he's legit.

Jimmy – Legitimately full of crap. You could have been talking to Mizdow for all you know. Yes, you were.

Naomi – He may be full of crap, but I got a screen test later this week.

Jimmy – Really?

Naomi – For real.

Jimmy – You're going to Hollywood?

Naomi – Hell yeah! Why wouldn't I?

Jimmy – If you're going to Hollywood, then I'm going too. I don't trust Miz. I don't trust that little slime ball B-lister movie star.

Naomi – And what about me? You don't trust me, don't think I'm talented.

Jimmy – Of course I do. Miz is just afraid because we Usos on our game.

Naomi – And so am I.

Naomi leaves and Jimmy looks frustrated.


Lilian announces Adam Rose for the LOL Moment of the Year. Exotic Express out dancing.

Rose – Calm down. Hello all my Rosebuds. (nothing) Hasn't the Slammy party been smashing? Anything to make it better, if I was the host, and not just presenting! (murmurs) You people don't know anything, anyway. The nominees for LOL Moment of the Year.

Mr. T's Mother's Day Message
Stunt Double
Princess Pudding


Announce Segment

Faction of the Year – The Shield
Rivalry of the Year – Bryan vs The Authority
Raw Guest Star of the Year – Hugh Jackman
Best Twitter Handle of the Year - @HEELZiggler
Best Couple of the Year – Bryan & Brie


Rose – Rosebuds, your votes are all in.

Bunny pushed away.

Rose – The winner of the LOL Moment of the Year, Mizdow!

They come out to the stage, Mizdow still mocking Miz.

Miz (to serious heat) – Thank you. There's no one that conveys emotion like me. I make you laugh, I make you sad, I make you angry, but mostly happy. Because I'm an actor. Listen...

"We want Mizdow!" chants.

Miz – I hear you, you want Miz now, and you got Miz now. I have to thank someone who I wouldn't have these titles and this Slammy, someone who doesn't get the credit they rightly deserve. Someone who is truly been there for me from day one. The money maker! Thank you, I love you all! I love you all!

Miz poses with the Slammy, Mizdow poses without it.

In Ring Segment

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Lana's wearing a darker plum/purple lipstick, not her normal glaring red.

Lana – You want to know what the real LOL Moment of the Year is? Let's start of with your American economy. Or your President and Commander In Chief, Barrack Obama.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup now! Our personal favorite is your Real Americans! That is an LOL Moment!

The Real Americans, or Swagger, comes out.

Swagger – In this country there's a saying. In America what goes around, comes around. You broke Zeb's leg, I'm gonna snap your ankle.

Swagger down the ramp, Rusev out. Swagger into the barricade. Rusev rushes Swagger who moves, so Rusev kicks the barricade. Swagger lifts Rusev and slams him against the barricade, ankle to the top. Rusev sells ankle pain. Patriot lock and Rusev screams as if he's being killed, selling it all. Refs out and drag Swagger off Rusev. Swagger fights them tooth and nail! Swagger struggles more than I've seen look realistic in such a moment. Lana screams and Rusev sells on the floor. Rusev up, but putting no weight on the ankle. Swagger on the stage is still being held back.


Usos & Ryback vs Miz & Mizdow & Kane

Usos to the ring. Seth Green is on announce. Ryback out to tag with them. Kane to the ring. Miz and Mizdow out to tag with him.

Kane on Ryback with blows. Ryback with a Thesz Press. Splash from Ryback on the mat. Kane fights back, slams Ryback to the mat. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Ryback up and off the top with a shoulder tackle for two.

Jimmy tags in and off the top on Kane's arm. Jey tags in, but caught by Kane. Jey with an elbow, but then into a right. Miz tags in and stomps Jey. Low side headlock takeover on Jey that looked lovely. Green is snapping selfies on announce as they talk. Hip toss on Miz as they talk screen tests. Jey backed into a corner, kicked and stomped to the mat. The ref pulls Miz off to some heat. Mizdow poses for pop. Miz then gets heat and attacks Jey for it. A big right to Miz, then chops. Mizdow in and selling moves that he didn't take, and took the suplex as Miz took it. Miz tossed out, so Mizdow throws himself out.


Chinlock on hey on the mat. Jaw breaker on Kane. Video from during the break when Ryback had Miz up in a delayed, Mizdow was outside in a handstand. Miz taunts Jimmy, then goes after Jey. Miz with a suplex, tries to kip up, almost falls on his ass, and JBL calls him on it, laughing. Miz with a cheap shot on Jimmy. Ryback is able to tag in, and he's all over Miz. Spinebuster on Miz, Kane breaks the count.

Kane tries to double chokeslam the Usos, but eats superkicks. Flying Uso on Kane outside. Miz tries to talk down Jimmy, then sends him out. Ryback with a meathook, then shellshocked on Miz for three as Green is shocked by it all.

Winners – Usos & Ryback (10:06)

Green into the ring and tries to raise Ryback's hand, but it won't move. Ryback glares, then smirks. Green claps for Ryback. Usos in and raise Green up on their shoulders, making him look that much smaller! High five from Ryback.


Recap from the first Slammy Awards! Piper's Slammy broke as he took it. He broke the podium!


Lilian announces Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat. He comes out to a standing ovation.

Dragon – What a great night! Thanks to all of you. Every year the WWE Superstars compete in thousands of matches. Many of them good. Some of them become very, very great. A selected few qualify for Match of the Year. I've been privileged to be in matches of the year with the likes of Ric Flair. Macho Man Randy Savage. It takes that one special match on that one special night to capture the WWE 'Universe'. These four top the list, so let's take a look.

Bryan vs Orton vs Batista Triple Threat Match for WWE WHC at WrestleMania XXX
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt Last Man Standing Match
The Shield vs Evolution
Team Cena vs Team Authority

In Ring Segment

AJ skips to the ring, Slammy in hand.



Dragon – And the 2014 Slammy winner for Match of the Year, Team Cena vs Team Authority

The fans are not impressed with that answer. Ziggler comes out to collect the Slammy. Ziggler shakes with Dragon and has a very sweet moment with him, then raises Dragon's hand.

Ziggler – Ricky Steamboat, by the way. That moment at Survivor Series was not just one of the coolest things in my life, I feel we will build on that. The only reason I was in that match was because you guys have stood by me for all these years. Thank you. Sting came out! Peoples' jobs were on the line, and I did everything I could to entertain all of you. I accept this on behalf on Team Cena, but this belongs to each and every one of you. Thank you very much.

AJ vs Summer Rae

Summer Rae pats AJ on the head, then pushes her down for being Diva of the Year. Thesz Press on Summer Rae. AJ face slammed to the mat for two.

AJ whipped, comes out to a kick for two.

AJ choked in the ropes. Summer Rae wrenches on AJ's arm and head against her knee while screaming about Diva of the Year. AJ slammed back for two.

Summer Rae back on AJ with the hold. "CM Punk!" chants because Summer Rae is boring. AJ free, locks on black widow and Summer Rae taps out.

Winner – AJ (2:19)

AJ smiles, grabs her Slammy, shows it and her abs off, and heads off.


Lilian announces RVD out to announce Extreme Moment of the Year.

RVD out in a tux with purple vest and tie, looking all snazzy. "RVD!" chants.

RVD – You wanna do Slammy Awards right and you're given Extreme Moment of the Year. There's no one better than Mr. Monday Night, RVD! This year WWE 'Universe' has some epic choices to consider. From a death defying dive off a steel cage to a human skull being crushed through cement blocks. You have to love the category and all the crazies involved. In fact one of these qualifying lunatics is gonna walk out of here with a Slammy for Extreme Moment of the Year.

Brock Lesnar (destroying Cena)
Kane (Bryan tombstoned on stairs, then through announce)
Chris Jericho (off the top of the steel cage on Bray)
Seth Rollins (Ambrose' head through cinder blocks)



RVD – The winner is, Chris Jericho!

But he's not here, so out comes Fandango and Rosa? He takes the Slammy. Rosa feeling him up, leans on the podium, breathing into the mic.

Fandango – I defeated Jericho at WrestleMania. Thanks Chris. Any you will never, ever forget the name, Fandango!

Backstage Segment

Santa Foley - At which point Kane piledrove the San Diego Chicken, who turned out to be base ball great Pete Rose. Put that on the sleigh for Frank in Chicago and tell him to stop clowning around. Oh, ho ho ho. It's Santa Claus here, and I want to clear up a longstanding rumor that I love all boys and girls equally. See Santa is a WWE fan, and even subscribe to the WWE Network for a low monthly fee of what?

Noelle - $9.99!

Santa Foley – You'd have to be a cotton headed ninny muggins not to. For you special fans we have some special objects, like this replica Slammy just like the ones the Superstars win. Put that on the sleigh for Al in Ohio, I know he's always wanted one. A Macho Man. Go ahead and ask me if I'm a Randy Savage fan.

Noelle – Are you a Randy Savage fan?

Santa Foley – Yeah. This it the best of them all. A replica of the WWE WHC, all at WWE Shopzone, and that's the bottom line because...

Noelle – Santa says so!

Santa Foley – No, that's Stone Cold's gimmick, don't infringe on it. Stone Cold said so! Yeah!

Announce Segment

Cole sets up for the main event. Another video recap of Big Show punching out Cena at Survivor Series.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Let's welcome the man we just saw knock out Cena at Survivor Series, Big Show. Show, are you going to be able to focus tonight knowing that Sunday you will face Rowan in our first ever Steel Stairs Match?

Big Show – For you to insinuate that I won't be focused in the ring tonight, would be you making a mistake. I would be benevolent enough to forgive you for making a mistake, but the WWE 'Universe' they won't forgive me for making a mistake. They call me a traitor. I had a chance to take care of me and my family. A made a choice, it was a mistake. They don't let it go. The mistake will be Cena stepping in with me tonight. I'm going to release all my rage and fury on Cena tonight. Cena won't have to worry about facing Rollins, because I'm going to knock Cena off that top step tonight. And Rowan is out of his league stepping into the ring with a very focused and very angry giant. The mistakes I have made, Rowan and Cena stepping in the ring with me.



Double-Cross of the Year – Rollins betrays The Shield & joins The Authority
Animal of the Year – The Bunny
Best Actor of the Year – Rock
NXT Superstar of the Year – Sami Zayn
Anti-Gravity Moment of the Year – Rollins dives off Balcony


Lilian announces Booker T to announce Superstar of the Year.

Booker T – Superstar of the Year, as far as I'm concerned, the most coveted award of the night. Those guys have been proving their the best and do all they can for the WWE 'Universe'.

Brock Lesnar
Dean Ambrose
Daniel Bryan
Roman Reigns
Bray Wyatt
John Cena
Seth Rollins



Raw Is Jericho next week in Detroit!


Booker T – Are you ready, come along and say it with me, now can you dig that, suckah? Superstar of the Year, Roman Reigns!

Reigns comes out in jeans, black shirt and leather jacket. He takes his Slammy and shakes Booker T's hand. Reigns sucks it in the love. "Roman Reigns!" chants.

Reigns – This isn't satellite baby, this is the real deal here. (pop) It's not the brass ring, but it's pretty damn good, and I love it. It's a step in the right direction. Speaking of steps. Stepping up. I don't care if it's John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, Vince McMahon himself. If you're at the top of the stairs, I'm steppin' up, and you can believe...that.

In Ring Segment

Cena out. There's a little girl, maybe three, in the audience, wearing a Cena head band and wrist bands. She's got her hands out, posing like Cena. Cena says to the camera on stage, "Time to show what stepping up is all about!"


Cena vs Big Show

Big Show to the ring looking pissy. Again video of Big Show punching out Cena at Survivor Series.

Big Show on Cena. Head butt on Cena. A blow on Cena in a corner. Cena whipped and hits the mat through dueling chants. Big Show shushes, but Cena ducks and on Big Show with blows. Cena pushed down, gets back up and on Big Show with blows. Cena off the ropes with a shoulder block that drops himself. Cena slammed and takes an elbow from Big Show for two.

Big Show with Cena's arm, kicks Cena in the ribs. Another kick to Cena's ribs. Big slap to Cena's chest through dueling chants. Cena whipped, but moves. Cena somehow lands a DDT on Big Show and both are down. Both up, Cena runs into a side slam for two.

Big Show kicks a downed Cena in the ribs. Cena up with blows, but Big Show's blows are bigger and harder and Cena is down. Cena with a double kick, using the corner as leverage. Cena dives at Big Show, but caught in a bear hug. Cena free, caught by a big hand, but reverses and on Big Show's back with a sleeper! Big Show goes purple, then starts fading to a knee. Big Show reaches for Cena's arms, but then roars and flips Cena off. Cena with shoulder tackles, ducks the KO, lands a suplex of sorts. Cena sets up, but caught by a hand. Cena counters, gets Big Show up and lands an AA! Cena pins, but Rollins is there on Cena.

Winner – Cena via DQ (5:40)

J&J Security and Rollins attack Cena, beating and stomping on the mat. Rollins directs traffic and a ladder into the ring. Noble and Mercury hold Cena as Rollins climbs. Rollins wants to curb stomp off the ladder, but Ziggler's music and he knocks over the ladder. Cena and Ziggler on Noble and Mercury, but Big Show is up! KO to Ziggler! KO to Cena!

Rowan's music and out he comes, but Harper attacks Rowan. Harper and Big Show send Rowan into the stairs! "Feed me more!" chants. Big Show chokeslams Rowan onto the stairs, very carefully.

Ryback's music and he's on Big Show. The Ryback in on Harper. Ryback sets up a table, lifts Harper and marches, but Kane is there with a chair. The top of the chair to Ryback's ribs. The flat of the chair to Ryback's back over and over. Ryback rolls out, Kane follows and on him in a lame way with the chair. Ziggler into the ring, but Big Show is there. Ziggler reverses into a superkick, then another to Big Show! Harper up and slams Ziggler front first through a table that didn't look as though it was going to break for Ziggler's forearms there for a moment! Cena in with an AA on Harper. Harper rolls out, but Rollins in with a curb stomp on Cena!

Rollins surveys it all, then yells at J&J Security to get Cena. Mercury drags Cena over to announce. Cena sells his confusion. "Let's make an example, John!" Cena takes a triple power bomb through announce. Rollins is all riled up, then down in Cena's face yelling smack at Cena.

Video recap of Cena going through the table.

Back in the ring the heels are standing tall. Harper looks down on Ziggler through the table. Big Show, Kane, Rollins, and Harper with J&J Security stand in a row behind Ziggler through the table, posing as Raw goes off.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Big Show

Most Heartwarming
Ziggler's Speech & his moment with Steamboat

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