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Raw Results 10/20/14 – Foley, Rollins, Ambrose, And The Wishing Cell

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RAW Results October 20, 2014
From Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

2 On 3 Handicap Match bewteen Ambrose and Cena vs Orton, Kane and Rollins tonight!

Raw Starts


Recap of Ambrose winning the main event last week on Raw.

In Ring Segment

Trip, Kane, Orton and Rollins out in their suits, heading to the ring with the HIAC hanging low over the ring.

Trip – Welcome to Monday Night Raw. In what I'm sure will be an epic night, a night The Authority can be proud of. Proud of all of you. Tonight these three will compete in this ring in a 3 On 2 Handicap Street fight against Cena and Ambrose. Should Ambrose and Cena make it through tonight, then hell is hanging over their heads. Sunday they will go straight to hell. Hell In A Cell to be exact. The most ominous and destructive structure ever designed in the WWE. Unspeakable things will happen in this cell on Sunday and you can see them all for just $9.99. Take it from someone who's been inside HIAC, it changes your life. It's not the type of match you win, but I must say I've won more HIAC matches than any other man alive. But that's not my point. It's not the kind of match you win, it's the kind of match you survive. This Sunday this cell will put an end to two of WWE's most heated rivalries. In one cell is will be the face of the WWE, Randy Orton facing off against a 15 time WWE Champ, John Cena! (heat) In the other HIAC match it will be the unstable Dean Ambrose (pop) competing against Mr. MITB Seth Rollins. (heat)

Rollins – You know Hunter, I really like that nickname, that moniker, actually. Mr. MITB has a great ring to it...

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – Mr. MITB has always had a great ring to it, but I have thoughts on a new nickname and I wanted to get your thoughts, all your thoughts actually. Undisputed future of the WWE? Got a nice ring to it, right? (heat) What? What? The word here is future, something Dean Ambrose doesn't have after I am done with him the main event this Sunday!

Orton grabs the mic from Rollins' hands.

Orton – Seth, I'm sorry, but the true main event is going to involve a couple of Superstars who have been around the WWE longer than a hot cup of coffee. You heard me, I'm going to beat John Cena at HIAC this Sunday and end the decade long rivalry once and for all.

Trip – You're both right. You're both in the main event, it's a double main event. While the whole world wants to see Rollins destroy Ambrose in HIAC, which he will,what I'm going to say now might put your match over the top Randy, because it won't just be about putting an end to a decade long rivalry, no, it will be about opportunity. The winner of your match with Cena will receive an opportunity with WWE WHC Brock Lesnar.

Orton – Today is turning out to be a very good day indeed. Hunter, I'm going to make you so proud, unlike Kansas City whose Royals haven't won a Championship in 29 years! (heat) Any you won't win one this year, and probably won't for another 29 years. (serious heat) You watch, I will beat Cena, and face Brock, and will beat him too.

Chants and rumblings for the Royals, not really paying attention to what's being said in the ring.

Trip – Randy, I know you will make me proud. I know Seth Rollins will make me proud. I know Kane will make me proud, not only here tonight, but this Sunday at HIAC, all of you will me proud, The Authority proud, unlike all of you, The Authority always wins! (Trip smirks) And that is best for business!

Trip's music plays, then fire erupts and Kane's music plays.


Recap of Sheamusdow on Main Event last week. Sheamus took out Sandow, then Miz.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring.


Sheamus & Usos vs Dusts & Miz

Usos to the ring in pink to tag with Sheamus. Dusts out to face them. Miz out to round out the teams with Sandow in unison. Miz stops the bell, drops down, tells Sandow he's in. Sandow doesn't look happy.

Jimmy in with Stardust, Stardust slammed to the mat, and splashed for two.

Miz is on announce saying he's not a chicken, he's a giver. Jey tags in and takes Stardust down with a kick to his face while sitting for two.

Stardust with a missile drop kick off the top for two. Jey knocked out. Goldust out to yell in his face.


Goldust takes down Jey for a long two.

Stardust tags in and stomps Jey, then works him over on the mat. Sandow tags in and punches on Jey in the heel corner. Sandow with Miz's back and neck breaker for two and gets solid pop from the fans.

Sandow eats feet in a corner from Jey, and both are down. Stardust tags in and pins Jey for two.

Goldust tags in and double teams Jey with his brother. Jey blocks blows, but is then kicked. Jey back with an enziguri kick of his own. Stardust runs the apron, pacing. Sheamus and Sandow tag in. Sheamus all over Sandow, knocks Stardust off the apron, then a running knee in the corner. Sandow to the apron, but hangs shmup top. Sandow slammed to the mat for two as Goldust breaks the count. Jimmy eats a sick power slam from Goldust, then Jey flies out. Stardust with a falling star on the Usos outside. Sandow then flies out! Then Sheamus flies onto them all! Back in the ring Sheamus is ready in the ring, works the fans with a big black smear of paint on his chest! Stardust taken out by Sheamus' brogue kick after ducking Stardust flying in, but this give Sandow the chance to roll Sheamus up for three.

Winners – Dusts & Sandow (9:49)

On announce Miz starts screaming, "I won! I won!" Miz and Sandow celebrate on the ramp. Video recap of the high points of the match.



Susan G. Komen video with a great survivor who uses her voice to educate others.

Backstage Segment

Orton – Wanted to talk to you. I know I'm not always the easiest to deal with, but I'm going to make your proud. I've beaten John Cena before and will do it again. I'm the guy that's going to beat Brock Lesnar and will going WrestleMania with the gold. I'll make you proud, I promise.

Trip – I don't doubt you Randy. This is a long time coming for you, and I got to be honest with you. This whole thing was Seth Rollins' idea.

Orton – Seth' idea? Seth' idea?

Trip – He was lookin' out for you Randy.

Orton – I don't know H.

Trip – I think it was a good idea.

Orton – I think I should find Seth and thank him, personally.

Trip – I think that's a good idea.


Video about Harper and Rowan – a mixture of both previous videos, and so much more!

In Ring Segment

AJ skips to the ring, strap in hand. She kisses it ringside, then into the ring in her pink and black short shorts.


AJ vs Fox

Fox in the ring mocking AJ as Paige is sitting on announce looking moonily at JBL. Video recap of AJ destroying Layla on Smackdown. Fox into the ring, and AJ takes her out too. Paige with a kick to AJ's chest, then her finisher on AJ.

Side headlock on AJ. AJ pushes off, a shoulder block from Fox drops her. AJ with a clothesline, then rolls up Fox for one, then rolled for another two.

AJ whips Fox by her hair, off the ropes, into a kick for two.

AJ off the ropes into a kick from Fox for two.

Paige yells at Fox to stay on her. AJ whipped, then eats a fisherman's for two.

Paige still screaming as an "AJ!" chant runs through the fans. AJ up, but slammed back by her hair. Fox tries to skip, but it doesn't work and she stops. AJ's face slammed to the mat. Fox pulls AJ up and kicks her in the face. Over-rotated back breaker on AJ for two.

Fox yells that she hates AJ. Chinlock on AJ on the mat. AJ lifted and slammed badly into a corner, then choked by Fox's foot, AJ's feet of the mat. Fox showboats and takes a double kick to the back. AJ all over Fox, into a neck breaker, then head scissors sends Fox from the ring. Pushing between Paige and Fox outside, then Fox sent in by her hair. AJ yelling at Paige, and Fox rolls her up for three.

Winner – Fox (4:16)

Paige bows outside the ring. Fox and Paige celebrate up the ramp as AJ gets what happened.

Backstage Segment

Orton – I wanted to say thank you, personally, Trip said this is all your idea.

Rollins – Hey, no problem, just lookin' out for ya.

Orton – And I realized the problem I'm having. Why would you look out for me?

Rollins – The Authority, I'm a team player.

Orton – I don't need you on my team. Stay out of my business. I can take care of myself.

Rollins – Take it easy. Think about it. At HIAC you have a golden opportunity to end your rivalry with Cena for good. And, if, for some miracle, and it would be a miracle, you go on to beat Brock Lesnar and become the WWE WHC. From there, I mean (looks down at his MITB case), the future kind of takes care of itself, huh?

Orton – Yeah, the future will take care of itself.


In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.

Orton – This Sunday Cena and I face off in the most demonic structure the WWE has ever seen. Only it's not the first time we've been inside HIAC, so we know how brutal it can be. Time really flies, FIME REALLY FLIES doesn't it folks? It seems like just yesterday when John and I were both making our WWE debuts. I was third generation royalty, and John some punk kid from Boston, Massachusetts (actually West Newbury which is about an hour north of Boston – depending on traffic and snow) who thought he could rap. But now...

"Let's go Royals!" chants.

Orton – But now I said it earlier tonight, the great people of the city of Kansas city, the Royals will not win, they will never win! They've got another hundred years! In your lifetime you will never see your precious Royals win when it matters! Got your attention now? John and I went on to become the top Superstars of our generation. It was Hogan and Piper, then Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, then Rock/Austin, then Randy Orton and John Cena. Know what John, (Royals chants are growing, so Orton talks louder and louder) I've got to say I really do respect you, but at the end of the day, you're still that jacked up punk, punk kid (stutter) from Boston, Mass who has no business being in the ring. Simply put John, I'm better than you! I'm better than you! You can take you hustle, loyalty, respect and shove it up your ass! (Orton is almost yelling over the rumblings of the fans who just won't stop to listen to him.) I have never cared about fighting about what is right, and never will. That's why the last time we faced each other was Royal Rumble and I beat you, and will do it again. When I look in your eyes, the same eyes that have been the bane of my existence for the last decade, I'm telling you John Cena I will beat you at HIAC and will savor every second of it. Then I will go on to face The Beast and...

Finally Cena's music cuts Orton off. Cena to the ring, Orton removes his jacket. Cena grabs his mic, then over to the barricade to lean by a couple guys in Royals jerseys who are all wild about this. Cena just smirks. Cena into the ring, and Orton has dropped his mic, but he's pacing and talking smack off mic.

Cena – Shut up. Shut up! Shut your mouth! Everybody here knows your gifted, that your a future HOFer, but every time you open that cruddy pie hole of yours, all you do is prove to the world that you're the biggest dumbass alive! I hear talking about time flies, like some grandpa who just peed his pants! Back in my day, we used to walk uphill both ways to school, and a shiny penny got us a whimsical ride on the nickelodeon. What I'm doing is saying it ain't 2002 anymore. And to show how stupid you are, you come here, with all that's going on in this city...

"Let's go Royals!" chants, and Cena let's them go.

Cena – You come here and tell these people that the Royals have no shot at winning this year. (heat) 2002, you might have been right, Royals lost 200 baseball games. A lot happened in 2002, it was the last time you were relevant. (oh!) But since you've been living under a rock, and it's 2014, the Royals are in the World Series (pop) and they have their eyes square of the Championship.

Orton – You're right, but being in the world series and winning are two completely different things!

Cena – Oh yeah, he's a dumbass, but you're right. Being in it and winning it are two different things. Just like you're going to be in HIAC, but you ain't gonna win, you got no chance. I'll tell you why. I had my sights set on Rollins because he took that Championship from me, but now, Orton, I got my eyes on you, because if I can get past you, I get what I want, and I want to fight The Beast. Yes, this structure is painful you're not going to write another chapter in this rivalry, no, you're going to be locked in this cell with a man who when he sees you, all he sees is Brock Lesnar. This Sunday you go face to face with the man who runs the place, and hell is coming with me!

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and this revisionist history being promulgated by WWE is nothing short of laughable. The class of 2002 featured Randy Orton, John Cena, and The Next Big Thing that I signed The Beast that conquered The Rock for the WWE Championship. And if you think about it, and I think about it everyday of my life, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC in 2002 is the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC in 2014. Now, this Sunday, the two of you are going to... Whoa!

Heyman, climbing in the ring just suddenly seems to notice the HIAC hanging above.

Heyman – Are going to enter this structure, HIAC, hopefully to win, and define your legacies, especially against each other, because the two of you are stepping into HIAC with an equal, but my client has no equal, which means with winner is the ultimate loser, because then you have to step into the ring with a beast, not a man. Mr. Orton, I've always respected you, and know how much you want the WHC, but I assure you, you want no part of my beast.

Cena is leaving the ring.

Heyman – Oh, I'm not done Mr. Cena, because while Randy Orton wants no part of my beast, you want both, the Title and the beast. I don't know what you have on the brain, but it sure isn't sound thinking, because if you get by Randy Orton, and you can get by Orton, then you have to step in the ring with my challenger eating carnivore, Brock Lesnar!

Cena lifts a screaming Heyman, but then slowly puts him on his feet. Heyman is thankful, but then Orton turns Cena around, right into an RKO.

Orton (off mic) – Who's stupid now?

Heyman laughs at Cena on the mat, talking smack off mic as well. Orton motions for Heyman to go first. Heyman starts to, but then Orton hits an RKO on Heyman!

Announce Segment

Video of Henry saving Big Show from Rusev last week on Raw. Rusev was then cornered by Henry and Big Show, and ate a KO punch.

Backstage Segment

Lana and Rusev heading for the ring.



Recap of Heyman not eating an AA, but then Cena and Heyman eating RKOs.

Rusev vs Big E

Rusev, Lana and Big E are all down at the ring.

They circle as the "USA!" chants grow. They lock up, and Rusev can't get the upper hand, so pushes Big E off. They lock up again, Big E into the corner, clean break, but Big E right back on Rusev. Big E into the other corner and takes blows. Big E into another corner to take kicks, but Big E out with blows. Big E ducks Rusev, and Big E runs over and through Rusev. Rusev out, so Big E follows and on him. Rusev kicks Big E in the gut. Rusev into the barricade, then back into the ring. Big E on Rusev with blows, then shoulders in a corner. Rusev kicks back, Big E stumbles. More blows on Big E who is down. Front facelock on Big E on the mat. "USA!" chants. Big E to a knee, and up. Elbows free, but eats a back elbow off the ropes. Rusev stomps on Big E's chest three times, then blows to the head. Big E leap frogs over Rusev twice, then Rusev telegraphs, but a spinning heel kick drops Big E to the mat.


Big E with two belly-to-bellies on Rusev. Rusev comes back with a kick to Big E's throat and he's down. Rusev stomps Big E, then locks in the accolade. Big E taps out.

Winner – Rusev (7:32)

Lana – This Sunday your cowardly Big Show will fail all of you Americans. Big Show is not an American hero, he deserves to be in a circus where people throw half-eaten food at him, and laugh at him as he wallows in his own excrement.

Rusev – Big Show, I'm going to rip your giant heart out, and devour it! Big Show, you're gonna fail your country. ("What?") And all these people are going to despise you for it. ("What?")

Lana – Now, hopeless Americans, please rise for the true red, white and blue.

There's no flag from above and they're both pissed about this. Big Show is on the tron laughing. The noise hits again, and the stars and bars unfurl from above. Lana and Rusev are incensed! Rusev grabs the American flag, as if he's going to pull it down the way Big Show did with the Russian flag. A young man in full military fatigues rushes the ring, as does security. Before security can get the plant out of the ring, Rusev lands a big boot and drops him. Security gets in Rusev's face and gets him out of the ring. Rusev and Lana flee up the ramp, then down beside it and out. People in to check on the young man in the ring as "USA!" chants fill the arena. On come the rubber gloves and they're checking the young man over.



Recap of the flag, then the fatigues in the ring. Big Show came out and helped the young man to the back.

In Ring Segment

Big Show looks like he's about to cry in the ring. And now he is crying, and pissed off. Can't talk for the tears, and the frog in his throat. "USA!" chants grow to help him along. He takes it all in.

Big Show – There's certain lines you don't cross. You do not disrespect an American soldier, EVER! Rusev, you want my attention, get inside my head. Young man, my head is a very dark place to be, and what you did will only unleash every bit of wrath I have within me all over your head! I am an American. I am a giant, and at HIAC Rusev, your 15 minutes in the WWE is up!

Big Show leaves the ring, but then right back up and in. he calls for the mic again.

Big Show – On Second thought, to hell with HIAC, Rusev get out here now! You wnt a piece of America Jack? I'm right here, come get some. Come on Rusev!

"USA!" chants!

Big Show – Fine, you won't come to me? I'll come to you.

Big Show leaves the ring, stomps up the ramp and out, looking for Rusev.

Announce Segment

Cole reminds King that no matter what, no one can rush the ring.

Backstage, Big Show asks someone with a head set where Rusev's dressing room is. Big Show is directed to it. Big Show stomps over to the door, Rusev's name is next to it, and Big Show kicks the door open. Big Show stalks into the room, but no one is there. Big Show is seething, just standing there, seething. He walks out of the room, stiff and tense.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose is watching a horror flick (See No Evil, possibly?). Cena walks in and scares Ambrose enough that popcorn flies a bit.

Cena – What are you doin'?

Ambrose – Doin' some research for our match tonight. See No Evil 2, starring Kane. His guy is sick, sadistic, evil.

Cena – This is what you do? This is your plan? Movie night?

Ambrose – See the two of us are kind of like a comic book movie. Superman teaming up with Batman. You stand for truth, justice, the American way. Nice American square jaw on ya. I like to beat up scum bags, and I've been known to wear a cape. Really, we don't mix.

Cena – What are you even? We got a match tonight, and the three people in that match will do whatever they can to take us out of commission before HIAC. How are we going to handle it?

Ambrose – Relax. This might surprise you, even though I'm undefeated in Contract On A Pole Matches, Handicap Street Fights are my specialty. Here's how we're going to handle it. We throw punches at anything that moves, and if they insist on taking us down, we're going to take as many of them down with us as we can. That's how we handle it.

Cena – I like it. I like it. The whole Batman thing, does not fit you. You are much more like the Joker.

Cena flees.

Ambrose – Why so serious?



Congratulations to Stephanie McMahon, a 2015 Eisenhower USA Fellowship winner. The Fellowship Committee is led by Colin Powell.

Brie vs Summer Rae

Both in pink, but very different pinks. Brie eats corner, twice, then Summer Rae covers for two.

Brie takes Summer Rae down for two.

Kicks to Summer Rae through "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Nikki, in a low zipped red dress with gold studs watching backstage, looking pissed. Headlock on Brie on her knees, keeping control of her until Brie is up, then Summer Rae slams her to the mat for one.

The announcers discuss what will happen to the Bella who loses at HIAC. Brie slams Summer Rae face first, and takes the mat to the face as well. Both are slow to their feet as the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Brie up with blows to Summer Rae, then a clothesline. Drop kick to Summer Rae, and Brie yells. A knee to Summer Rae's face as she's sitting against the ropes. Brie up top, but Summer Rae pushes her aside as she flies. Summer Rae for two.

Summer Rae is pissed and stomps Brie while out of control. Summer Rae eats corner. Brie back up top with a missile drop kick. Summer Rae's face slammed to the mat for three.

Winner – Brie (3:40)

Nikki is pissed off backstage at her sister's win. Brie in the ring chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" with the fans.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose to the ring lugging two big duffel bags.


In Ring Segment

Ambrose to the ring, and it's actually one HUGE duffel bag, and he drags it to the ring. In the ring he sets up a chair.

Ambrose – The last three months I've had dreams, visions of what I'd do when I got my hands on Rollins, and Sunday I get what I'm craving. I get that no good, back-stabbing, half-hair-dyed, Power Rangers suit sellout inside HIAC.

Ambrose opens the duffel to pull out a fake Rollins doll, sets him up in the chair.

Ambrose – Look at ya Seth. Look at what you become, nothing but a puppet for The Authority, doing The Authority's dirty work for a pat on the back, pat on the head, big fat paycheck. Actually work doesn't suit you. We all know you never liked to get your hands dirty. Some I'm gonna do you a favor at HIAC, because I don't want you to think I don't care about you anymore, okay? First body part I rip off, so you don't have to get your hands dirty again, will be your hands.

Ambrose sets to ripping off fake Seth' hands. A lower arm came too.

Ambrose – See what you made me do! You think I like it? Huh? (Slaps 'Rollins' with his own removed hand.) Huh? (slap) Huh? (slap) Huh? (slap) Feel good about yourself? (slap) Sold out to The Authority? (slap) Huh? (slap) Huh? Seth, you're no dummy. You should know what I do to people who screw me. (digging in the black duffel that came out of the big gray one, and pulls out a very long screw driver) I screw them back harder!

Ambrose jams the screwdriver in 'Rollins' face!

Ambrose – Seth, just to hammer this point home. (slams 'Rollins' in the head with a hammer) I'm gonna tell you about how I saw something in my dream last night. (pulls out a hand saw) I saw myself sawing your testicles off in HIAC last night! Then I remembered that you sold you testicles to The Authority, so I can't do that! (pulls out tongs) This old classic! Let's see how much testicular fortitude you have left! (tongs to where the testicles would be if 'Rollins' had any) You don't need to have kids anyway.

Ambrose powerbombs 'Rollins' and his hair comes off! Music hits and out comes Rollins, leading Mercury and Noble. (JBL mentions the two mannequins behind Seth.)

Rollins – Congratulations Ambrose, you've done it. You've finally found an opponent you can relate to on an intellectual level. I mean, look, we all know you're never ever going to beat me, but you can parlay this into a comedy career, like Carrot Top, Gallagher, Louis CK, or anybody like that. (Rollins coming down the ramp.) What's next, the watermelons? Balloon animals? What's the deal?

Ambrose – Let's all give a big hand to the world's biggest sell-out!

Ambrose throws the hand at Rollins, and actually hits his feet with it.

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – This again, I sold out. You're damn right I sold out! To be honest with you, it stings coming from you. Like you, I grew up in the midwest. I'm a midwestern kid too, but that's where the similarities come to a very abrupt end! I knew, unlike all of you, that from a very young age that I was destined to be more than a midwestern piece of trailer park trash! (heat) None of you losers will have any idea what it is like to be me. I am famous. I am rich. I am somebody! That's why you've all got your cameras out, taking pictures and video of me, but later you'll be posting them on Instagram and Twitter, telling me I was the best part of Raw, like I am every single week! (heat) So yeah, I sold out, so what? I sold The Shield out. I sold Ambrose out, so what?

Ambrose – We got a main event this evening. I'm saving the worst for HIAC, but I got no problem giving the fans in Kansas City a little preview if you don't shut your mouth.

Rollins looks to mob and Mercury.

Rollins – I don't sweat you Ambrose. I don't sweat that drill in your hand, and I don't sweat HIAC! See Dean...

Car crash, and out comes out Mick Foley in a sleeveless plaid shirt over a shirt with Santas on it! Bang! Bang! To the fans before he gets in the ring. "Foley!" chants as he gets in the ring.

Foley – Excuse me if you will, I came by to visit an old friend. (The Cell) And to congratulate the two of you for fulfilling your destinies, because I remember in December 2012 the Foley children coming back from the Barclay Center after seeing The Shield in action for the first time and they were raving about you. My daughter said, "Dad, The Shield is amazing!" So I set my bar very high the next night on Raw, because though I don't grace your screens very often, I'm watching Raw every Monday, Smackdown every Friday, even subscribe to the Network for an undisclosed monthly sum. She was right, The Shield was dominant, as dominant as I've seen in this generation. But as dominant as you were as a cohesive unit, I visualized the day that you Seth Rollins would go one on one with you Dean Ambrose, and I'll be honest, as great as you are, as disturbingly poetic as I find you to be, in almost every scenario face to face, I envision Rollins coming out victorious.

Rollins – Now we're talking. Just when I thought you had nothing redeeming left in your body. Just when I thought you were an old dinosaur who dressed as Santa as a living and made a mockery of everything you ever did in this ring, I realize you still got some good thoughts in that half-working brain of yours.

Rollins – I think you missed out on the key word in that sentence, I said almost any scenario. (Foley's eyes roll up to the cell hanging above them.) That's no ordinary scenario. That's HIAC. I'm saying Ambrose has made his intentions clear. He wants to rip your face off! This structure, this instrument of evil, gives him the tools with which to do that! It's the 300th consecutive day that I've worn Santa Clause themed attire. (pop) You know why? Because I cling to the last vestiges of my innocence, the ones that weren't stripped away from me 18 years ago. You'll find the scars left on me, I'm proud of them. The tooth that was knocked out, this blue one, right here. The one that was lodged right here in my nose, I'm proud of that. I look at it every morning and I'm proud of the contribution I gave to this business. (solid pop) As a man who's been there, done that! Heed my words, the scars, you will not heal from, the scars that will haunt you for a lifetime are the emotional wounds that will no heal!

"Thank you Foley!" chants.

Ambrose – Thanks Mick. But ah, with all due respect, Hardcore Legend, I lost my innocence a long time ago, in more ways than one, and I'm not worried about adding more psychological scars on top of psychological scars. More scars on my body on top of the scars that are on my body. I'm not worried about losing any more teeth, you know what I'm sayin'? No one in this company understands me back there, alright, but you, if there's anybody on this planet that might get me. That can look into my eyes and know that I'm ready for HIAC. And Rollins, that's something you're going to have to ask yourself Monday morning from a hospital bed, was it all worth it? Were you ready for HIAC? Ask yourself. Ask yourself!

Foley holds Ambrose back with one hand.

Rollins – Alright. Okay! Haha! I get it, you're both crazy, you're both out of your minds. If you both think that's what it takes to win at HIAC, you've both lost all your marbles, because it's got nothing to do with how crazy you think you are Dean Ambrose, I know you, and you're out of your damn mind! But I'm gonna beat you, and I'm going to do it the same way I've been beating along the way. Because you guys are down here, and me and my brain are way above you. You get that? It's not about how crazy you are, it's about how smart you are!

Foley – It's about how smart you are, huh? A very wise man once said, that which does not kill you, makes you stronger. With all due respect to German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche. He was never thrown off a cell. He did no know that this match would define you the same way it did me. I look at my life in two very distinct phases – pre-cell and post-cell. And I'm not sure either one of you are prepared for the life that awaits you on the other side of that cell. In some ways I look at the two of you and they remind me of the audience here tonight. You see the people here, right here, in Kansas City, Missouri. They get the game they've been waiting for for 29 years. (pop) But on Sunday night, October 26th, when that door slams and you're locked inside, you get the match you've been waiting for your entire lives. Have a nice day.

Foley leaves the two of them standing in the ring. Ambrose's arms are thrown wide as he talks to Rollins off mic. Rollins looks shocked and shaken. Rollins watches Foley up the ramp. Rollins turns and flees the ring before he takes the chair Ambrose is swinging at his head. Rollins back up on the apron, and Mercury and Noble grab him, catch him, as Ambrose slams the dummy into the other dummy, knocking him from the apron. All three sprawl to the floor. Ambrose then throws the dummy at the dummies.

Ambrose – You should stick together.

Rollins on the ramp is yelling back at Ambrose as Noble is trying to calm him down.

Backstage Segment

Split-screen, Ziggler and Cesaro heading for the ring.


Cesaro vs Ziggler

Cesaro in the ring. Ziggler out to face him.

Ziggler on Cesaro's leg, takes him down. JBL talks about how Ox Baker passed away today. They talk up Ox a bit on announce. Side headlock on Ziggler, Ziggler pushes out, but takes a shoulder that drops him. Elbow drop on Ziggler for two.

Headlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up, free, but Cesaro blocks a hip toss and punches Ziggler in the face to drop him. Ziggler comes back with a lovely drop kick, but Cesaro to the apron. Shoulder through the ropes at Ziggler, but Ziggler knocks him off. Ziggler out and sends Cesaro into the barricade. Ziggler with a knee from the apron, then a sunset flip in for two.

Ziggler's face is bounced off the top rope.


Ziggler elbows free of Cesaro, another sunset,but Cesaro powers Ziggler up to his shoulders, lifts high above his head, then drop Ziggler on his knee for two.

Cesaro up on the second rope – in the middle – bounces, flies off with an elbow on Ziggler. Head and arm lock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler whipped, lifts Cesaro out, but Ziggler taken down. Cesaro climbs, flies, eats a drop kick to the face. Cesaro checks his teeth. Ziggler slow to his feet too, but with clotheslines and a neck breaker. Elbow on Cesaro for two.

Ziggler up on Cesaro, is able to roll through and get two on Cesaro.

Cesaro gets Ziggler up, Ziggler reverses, slams Cesaro face first to the mat for two.

Cole talks about the main event like this match isn't the best of the night, and like we don't know who they are, explaining what they look like to the viewers.

Huge and sick upper cut on Ziggler who crumbles and doesn't move through the three.

Winner – Cesaro (9:38))

Cesaro from the ring, then back in, grabs Ziggler, hits his neutralizer on him. Cesaro shows his ego, poses, then leaves the ring to head up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Orton and Rollins are arguing. Trip comes in yelling at them that's enough!

Trip – You guys are not going to screw things up. We need one general out there tonight and it isn't going to be either one of you, because you can't seem to get along. Kane is going to be the general. (Orton and Rollins are pissed) Kane is in charge. Kane calls the shots.

Rollins and Orton argue loudly.

Kane – That's enough you two. LISTEN TO ME! The end of John Cena and Dean Ambrose on Sunday begins with us destroying them tonight! So, you two put aside your differences and let's take care of business. It's time to give the golden boy and lunatic fringe a taste of hell. Understand? Let's go!

Orton glares at Trip. Rollins glares at Orton as Kane leads them from the back.



Hell In A Cell by the numbers.
20 feet high
5 tons
over ½ mile of steel
10/5/1997 – first HIAC w/ Taker vs HBK, Kane debuted
6- the most Superstars in a single HIAC
6- the most victories in HIAC – shared by Trip and Taker
6- this is Orton's sixth HIAC
47:26 – the longest HIAC – HBK vs Trip
11 men have won in HIAC
12 – the most anyone's been in HIAC – Taker at WrestleMania vs Trip, and the most souls watched – 78,363
29 – Superstars have entered
18 would never do it again
this year a double main event. Double the pain. Double the punishment. Cena and Orton have endured before, but who will face the one in 21-1. Rollins and Ambrose, the apocalypse awaits. Many things are measured in numbers, but this measures in bones broken, careers shortened, and scars taken to the grave. This is Hell In A Cell!


A replay of the same video from earlier.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring. Ambrose out to join him.


Announce Segment

Hogan is talking to Renee off mic. Hogan will be on the WWE Network after Raw.

3 On 2 Handicap Street Fight – Cena & Ambrose vs Kane & Orton & Rollins

Kane to the stage. Orton's music and he joins Kane. Rollins' music and he joins, the three head to the ring together.

Ambrose and Cena rush them and Ambrose is on Rollins. Cena with Orton and Kane, but then Orton to Cena. Rollins on Ambrose with kicks as Cena to his corner. Running bulldog on Rollins. (Why tagging in a Street Fight?) Ambrose wrenches Rollins back by his hair on the mat. Orton doesn't want to tag in. Dueling Cena chants. Clothesline to Rollins. Rollins sent out, Ambrose out and bounces Rollins off announce, and off JBL's hat. All involved, so Ambrose with an elbow off announce takes everyone down.

Back in the ring, Ambrose with a chair on Rollins a bit, then drops it to work the fans. Ambrose out and looking under the ring. "We want tables!" chants. Ambrose pulls out a table, but Kane out and takes Ambrose down on the table. Kane on Cena into the stairs.


Rollins rips at Ambrose's face on the mat as the dueling Cena chants fly through the arena. Rollins tries to rip Ambrose's nose off, pulling back on it as Ambrose is belly down on the mat. Ambrose bites Rollins' finger to get free. Rollins stomps Ambrose, then Orton tags in. Orton spends too much time getting ready, the lifts Ambrose up top. Rollins tagged in by Orton who wants to be impressed. Rollins looking at the cell, then slams Ambrose back into the heel corner. Ambrose comes back with blows on all three, but Rollins with gut shots on Ambrose. Orton holds Ambrose sitting down, from outside, as Rollins grinds his foot into Ambrose's face. Orton tags in with a blow on Ambrose as Rollins holds him. Orton gets two for it.

Orton stomps Ambrose as he crawls across the ring. Orton gets two for it.

Ambrose blocks a blow, hits his own on Orton. Orton kicks, then whips Ambrose, but Ambrose gets his feet up in Orton's face. Ambrose up top, lands a missile drop kick on Orton. Both tag out. Shoulder tackles on Rollins, then a back slam. 5 knuckle shuffle on Rollins. Kane in and eats an AA. Cena out and pulls out a table and slides it in. Cena sets up the table as Rollins reaches for a tag to no one. Rollins flips the table over, then sends Cena into a chair wedged in a corner. Outside Orton sends Ambrose into the stairs. Kane lifts the top of the stairs and holds them while Orton throws Ambrose into them – Kane swings the stairs as well.

Orton mocks the fans who are burnt out after the long night. Rollins sets up the table in the corner. Rollins, up, but counters and gets two for it. Cena sent over announce, then Kane drags him back and sends him into the stairs. In the ring Kane sends Cena into the table that breaks as he goes through it. Cena pulled out by an ankle. The announcers are mostly out as head sets are gone or broken.

Kane calls for the cell to be brought down! Kane smiles as Ambrose is outside. Cena up, but a blow drops him again. Ambrose crawls under and in. Ambrose climbs and flies off the corner onto all three. Rollins tossed out, as is Kane. Ambrose all over Orton. Ambrose with a drop kick on Rollins who is on the apron. Rollins bounces into the cell full body. Ambrose then takes Orton down hard in the ring. Ambrose beats on Orton with a kendo stick! Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick to Orton's throat. Ambrose out, slides in a chair, then climbs with it. Ambrose off the corner, rather than an elbow, it's the chair to Orton. Kane in and Ambrose on him with the chair. Kane out. Orton out. Rollins tossed out onto Orton. Ambrose launches himself onto Rollins and the cell. Orton tossing chairs around through, "This is awesome!" chants.

Orton pounds the mat, but Cena in and lifts Orton, but then Cena into Kane and a chokeslam. Dirty deeds on Kane. RKO on Ambrose for three.

Winners – The Authority (18:49)

Rollins in with a curb stomp on Orton as he was getting to his feet! Off mic Rollins yells, "I call the shots around here!"

Rollins is standing tall, and the fans are very quiet. They're tired and shocked.

Rollins climbs the cell and poses up top, yelling smack, posing with arms raised.

Biggest Pop
Big Show

Biggest Heat

Most Apathetic Reaction
John Cena

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