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Raw Results 9/15/14 – One Nation Under The World's Strongest Man

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RAW Results September 15, 2014
From Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Henry wants to shut up Rusev. Brock and Cena will be face to face tonight on Raw!

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Heyman in the ring to serious heat, though some pop.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am here this evening to give you a preview for NoC. First, coming down the aisle will be the former Champion, and you'll hear his music (imitates Cena's music in a very silly way), and he'll take the ring and the children will scream, 'Let's go Cena!' And then down the asile, The Beast Incarnate, the reigning WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! (heat) You can boo all you want, Brock Lesnar, will give you a whole lot more to boo about Sunday, because if you think the beating John Cena took at SummerSlam was vicious...

Cena's music cuts Heyman off. Smiles and salute on the stage, then runs and slides into the ring to mixed reaction. He sucks it all in.

Cena – I know this is a little cliché, but I don't see him. Where is the one in 21-1, where is Brock Lesnar?

Heyman – Well, Mr, Cena, that all depends on your definition of the world where, because where is a relative term, and according to the legal definition of the term...

Cena – I told you last week that I was showing up for a fight. (small pop) I'm either gonna fight him, or I'm going to fight you.

Heyman smiles like a hyena.

Heyman – You really want this? I mean me, personally, as a businessman, I'd like to entice them to spend $9.99 on the WWE Network, but you want to give it to them for free. John Cena, if that's what you want, that's what you'll get, right here, the Dr. of Thuganomics versus The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, here comes the pain!

Heyman points up the ramp, Cena is ready, then Heyman laughs. Cena is not impressed.

Heyman – You're good. Really, Ladies and gentlemen, he's really good. Those who haven't heard, I thought it would be on the internet by now. My client flies on a private plane, because my client, Brock Lesnar doesn't like anybody, especially you. No disrespect from me, all from him. In modern aviation, there's delays. He will be here, but you know what I think John Cena, I think you knew Brock's plane was delayed and you called him out because you knew he wasn't here. You had me fooled, you play this hero character better than anybody in history, I applaud you sir.

Heyman starts to leave the ring, but Cena grabs him by the scruff (flab) of the neck. Heyman screams in pain, and he's just an advocate.

Cena – You know what I think? I think you're full of crap. Here is what I know, seven days ago I gave you 24 hours to produce The Beast Incarnate because I was coming for a fight. (Heyman says he hurts.) Oh, you hurt? Give or take 80 minutes, The Beast Incarnate doesn't show up, that means it's halftime, and your number is up. No The Beast Incarnate, simply put, I'm gonna kick your ass.

Heyman – Okay, I'll let you know when Brock gets there, thank you very much.

Heyman from the ring, letting out a deep breath, trying to bring his blood pressure down as he heads up the ramp, but Cena is from the ring, and in front of Heyman.

Cena – Not to say that I don't trust you, but I don't trust you, and they want a fight tonight. So all I'm going to do tonight is make sure they get one.

Cena with a side headlock on Heyman, drags him up the ramp and out, as Heyman screams and wimpers the whole way.

Announce Segment

King says he bets Heyman peed a little. Cole talks about the main event last week on Raw. Recap of Reigns taking a beating in the cage, then the curb stomp from Rollins. Rollins, Orton and Kane standing tall over Reigns in the cage.

In Ring Segment

The lights go out, 'break the walls down' and there's Jericho in his blinkie jacket.



On the App, it's shown that Cena is draggging Heyman around backstage in the side headlock. Heyman is dragged into Cena's locker room. "No The Beast Incarnate, and it's me and you." Heyman thrown in, and Cena calls Khali over to keep Heyman in, even speaking in Khali's native tongue. Khali has it, and folds his arms over his chest in front of the door.

Jericho vs Kane

Jericho is in the ring. Kane, in dress pants, to the ring to face him.

Forearms to Jericho's back, then a slap to his face. Back elbow to Kane, then Jericho low pulls the top rope where Kane flies out. Springboard drop kick on Kane, then Jericho climbs and flies. Kane off announce, and Jericho rushes Kane, but eats a right. "You sold out!" chants from many fans for Kane. Jericho back first to the apron. Kane pins for two in the ring.

Blows on Jericho in a corner. Kane whips, Jericho floats over, then an enziguri on Kane for two.

Knees and kicks to Kane, then chops in a corner. Jericho tossed off, then comes back with a forearm to Kane's face. Knees to Kane's face, but then Jericho lifted high and slammed to the mat by Kane. Jericho tossed from the ring, and lays outside by the barricade.


Headlock on Jericho on the mat. Jericho up and fee. Jericho whipped, but Jericho off the corner with a drop kick on Kane. Both slowly up to their feet. Kane knocks Jericho down, then pins for two.

Nerve pinch on Jericho sitting on the mat. Chinlock on Jericho, as Jericho to his feet. Jericho with blows, Kane punches back. Jericho whipped, takes a blow, then a side slam for two. Jericho with a drop kick on Jericho that stops Kane in his tracks. Jericho on Kane, flung over, but holds on. Jericho climbs, comes off with a double ax handle that Kane sells before he takes. Jericho on Kane in a corner with blows, but only nine. Kane steps out, tries to hang Jericho up in the corner, but too far out and Jericho pulls himself in to eat the second buckle. Kane starts untying the top buckle padding as the ref checks on Jericho, putting on rubber gloves at the same time. Jericho whipped, slides under the corner. Jericho up, flies off the corner on Kane for two.

Looks to be blood on Jericho's right upper arm (reason for the gloves?). Jericho looks for the walls, but tossed off. Kane slams Jericho down to the mat. Snake eyes, but Jericho blocks. Jericho blocks a chokeslam and gets two for it.

Kane avoids the code breaker and gets two. Jericho is bleeding from his chin a bit too, so that must be the blood on his arm. Running bulldog on Kane, then lionsault, but Kane grabs him for a chokeslam. Jericho counters, Kane eats the corner, open screw, and Jericho rolls him up for three.

Winner – Jericho (13:18)

Backstage Segment

Heyman on his cell – Brock! Brock, there's no... (to himself) No reception. Danm!


Announce Segment

Cole talks about and they recap Smackdown's arm wrestling between Rusev and Henry. Charles Austin, Olympic Gold Medalist, high jump, gives Henry huge love.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest, Roman Reigns. Roman, you were part of one of the most dominant factions we've ever seen, until this happened.

Video of Rollins turning on The Shield.

Renee – Tonight you finally have your opportunity to face Rollins, a man who not only turned his back on you, but also tried to end your career. How do you feel going into this match tonight?

Reigns – Two years ago I came in the WWE with two brothers, now I stand alone, one versus all. Seth Rollins wants to take credit for all I've done, all I've accomplished? We all know that's a load of crap. Seth is always so smart, always has a game plan, everyone's got a plan until they get hit in the mouth. My game plan is simple, I'm going to ball up this fist and hit him in the mouth as many times as I can until my knuckles bleed. Believe that.

In Ring Segment

Swagger out with Zeb in tow.


Bo vs Swagger

Bo on Swagger with a kick and punches, backing him into a corner. Bo lifted, carried across the ring, and beaten in the opposite corner. Belly-to-belly on Bo for two.

Bo is whipped, but moves and Swagger eats corner. Bo on Swagger with blows. Short clothesline on Swagger, then a kick to Swagger's ribs as he's on all fours. Side facelock on Swagger on the mat. Swagger free, but then eats a drop kick to the face for two.

Facelock on Swagger on the mat. 'We, the people!' chants. Swagger up, takes Bo over, but then takes a blow to the face. Elbows to Swagger's face in a corner. Swagger fights back, but is kicked to the gut, then kicked to the face for two.

Facelock on Swagger on the mat as Zeb chews a nail. Back slam to Bo to get free, but Swagger then takes a neck breaker for two.

Knee drops to Swagger's face, over and over, for two.

Bo is all smiles to the fans as Zeb yells at Swagger to get up. Bo on the second ropes, comes off the corner, but Swagger moves and Bo eats mat. Swagger ducks Bo, knees him in a corner, then whips Bo. Bo comes out into a big boot. Swagger gets some pop, but a bit 'We, the people!' Bo rolls to the apron, then hangs Swagger up for two.

Bo on Swagger in a corner. Swagger reverses a whip and grabs Bo' ankle. Bo kicks Swagger in the face to get free. Bo all over Swagger, gets two, but Swagger reverses into the patriot lock and Bo taps out.

Winner – Swagger (6:02)

Swagger waves the stars and bars in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. Swagger and Zeb in the ring for a We, the people!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the WWE Network for only $9.99. They push NoC and Slam City on the WWE Network. Tomorrow night is Bret Hart's chance at Monday Night War, debuting tomorrow night. (I'm so excited for the next MNW segment!)


Recap of Nikki and Brie getting into it with Jerry Springer last week on Raw, they fought, Springer was taken down in the process, and the Bella brother JJ was slapped to the mat by Nikki! Even Steph was taken down in the middle of all this, twice.


Paige & Nikki vs AJ & Brie

Paige skipping around the ring, holding the Divas strap high. Nikki comes out, showing off her booty and boobs, heading to the ring. Brie skips out to the ring, but not in a girly way. Brie poses for the fans. AJ skips out as only AJ can.

Brie and Nikki about to start, then Nikki, in her red sneakers, tags Paige in quickly. Brie on Paige, but Paige off the ropes with a kick to Brie's chest that drops her. Paige skips, then puts Brie through the ropes, knees to Brie's chest. In the ring, a facelock on Brie on the mat. Brie up, but then slammed back to the mat. Brie up with forearms, but knocked back down by Paige. A head butt to Brie for two.

Paige taunts AJ to try to tag into the match, blows AJ a kiss with Brie's hand, but then Brie rolls Paige back for two.

Head butt to Brie rattles her. Facelock on Brie on the mat. Brie with a jaw buster, and Brie reaching to tag out, but Nikki pulls AJ off the apron, so Brie can't tag out. RamPaige on Brie for three.

Winners – Paige & Nikki (2:59)

Nikki into the ring, grabs Brie into the rack and the drop down before leaving the ring. Paige skips around the ring, strap held high. Outside the ring AJ starts skipping along with her. Every time Paige stops, AJ stops, taunting her the whole time. AJ skipping up the ramp and out, leavingpge pissed and confused.

Announce Segment

Recap of the 8 Man Tag Match on Smackdown. Bray headed for the ring, but Big Show stopped him from getting involved.

Backstage Segment


Bray – They said that he was just a little Shepard boy, how could he possibly topple a giant? I'll let you in little secret, Goliath still roams the world today, in the form of sickness, and death, and conflict, that leaves me to ask the question, what exactly is your Goliath? How will you topple it? Do you think that he can help you? Hahahaha! Everything that you've been led to believe in this life is a lie! Now you have left me with the burden of having to fix everything, and tonight, I fix the Big Show. Follow the buzzards. Hahahaha!


In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.

Backstage Segment

Heyman rocking, looking quite nervous.



Don't try this at home!

Backstage Segment

Heyman opens the door, see Khali.

Heyman – I don't think we've been introduced, I'm Paul Heyman. I don't have cell phone reception in this room, and if I don't reach Brock, John Cena is going to drag me out to that ring, and you know what he will do to me, in front of a global TV audience, just to prove a point to my client, Brock Lesnar? With your kind permission – God are you big – I'm going to stand there and make a phone call to my client, then... (Khali grabs Heyman by the flab of the neck.) Another one with his hands on me, owch! That's my phone. (Khali takes the phone, drops it on the floor, and it breaks into three pieces, then stomps on it.)

Khali – What?

Heyman – I'm sorry, I get a little emotional...

Khali pushes Heyman back into John Cena's dressing room and shuts the door as Heyman screams. Khali picks up the phone and says, "Hello, don't have ception now!"

Big Show vs Bray Wyatt

Big Show is in the ring, laughing at Khali on the tron.

Bray – Cajundome, we're here.

Bray to the ring, Harper and Rowan in tow, tons of fireflies in the audience.

Bray with blows on Big Show. Big Show tosses him off, into the corner. Bray falls to the mat in the corner and laughs. Bray rushes Big Show and takes knees, blows, then a shoulder that drops him. Bray into a corner, and Big Show shushes, but Bray pushes him off. Body shots to Bray, then a big slap. Bray rushes Big Show with a clothesline in a corner. Bray tries again, Big Show gets a foot up, but he grabs the leg and hyper-extends the knee. Big Show to the mat, ends up taking a DDT from his knees for two.

Facelock on Big Show on the mat, and the fans are split for the two in the ring. Big Show to his feet, punches out, but a chop block drops Big Show to his knees, then to the mat for two.

More facelock on Big Show on the mat. Big Show gets free through a side slam. Both men are down. Both up, but Bray throws his whole body into Big Show to take him down for two.

Bray flies off the corner, but caught and tossed into Rowan on the apron. Big Show takes Bray down, but Harper in on Big Show to cause the DQ.

Winner via DQ – Big Show (4:43)

Rowan and Harper end up taking a double chokeslam, then Big Show looks over at Bray in his chair, laughing.


WWE Rewind

Two weeks ago Stardust helped Goldust in the ring, and got into it with Jey outside. Then Goldust attacked Jey further outside the ring, really injuring his knee.

Usos & Sheamus vs Cesaro & Dusts

Usos to the ring. Sheamus out to join them. Cesaro out in a black robe, red Cesaro towel over his head. The Dusts to the ring together.

Sheamus and Goldust circle, lock up, and struggle into a corner, but both out. Shoulder block drops Sheamus, then Goldust huffs at him. Goldust kicks Sheamus, then hits him. Arm bar on Sheamus who gets free and shoulder blocks Goldust. Blocks back and forth, to Goldust ducking the brogue kick. Goldust out, Stardust out to meow at his brother by announce. A right drops Goldust in the ring. Jey tags in, as does Stardust. Jey all over Stardust, whips him, but Stardust gets his feet up, walking up Jey' face. Cesaro tags in and mocks Sheamus with ten beats, then waves at Sheamus. Goldust tags in with a big right for two.

Jey in a corner, is whipped, but moves and Goldust eats corner. Jimmy tags in and clotheslines everyone in, then the loosest Samoan drop on Goldust follows by a bum slam, but Stardust tagged in and lands a glancing flying kick off a corner on Jimmy for two.


Cesaro pins for two. Cesaro sets up, the fans cheer, but no swing. Back slam on Jimmy for two. Gut wrench on Jimmy and Stardust tags in, stomping and standing on Jimmy, growling the whole time. Stardust stands on Jimmy chest as he's on the bottom rope. Goldust tags in, but Jimmy blocks him, but then eats a knee for two.

Stardust throws Jimmy into the heel corner, then Cesaro tags in with an upper cut on Jimmy. Cesaro works the crowd, but it doesn't work. Jimmy fights back with blows, but pushed into the heel corner. Cesaro grabs Jimmy with a facelock on the mat, pushing Jimmy to the heel corner and into the mat at the same time. Jimmy up, elbows free, but then Cesaro taunts Sheamus. Body drop on Cesaro and Goldust tags in. Goldust with a cheap shot on Jey, but then takes an enziguri! Sheamus and Stardust are bouncing, wanting in. Both are tagged in. double armed clotheslines on Stardust, then a running knee. Double knees on Stardust in a corner, then a rolling senton. Cesaro is caught for ten beats, but Stardust grabs Sheamus to roll him up for two.

Sheamus up top, flies on Stardust and Cesaro. Stardust rolled in, Sheamus takes a kick, and Stardust climbs. Cesaro tags in. Brogue kick on Stardust, but Sheamus didn't know he tagged out. Cesaro in with a neutralizer on Sheamus for two, but Jey breaks the count.

Goldust in and eats a superkick, but Cesaro tosses Jey from the ring. Jimmy tags in and a superkick on Cesaro, then the twin tags out. The other twin flies in on Cesaro as the other flies out of the ring.

Winners – Usos & Sheamus (13:09)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Heyman being locked in Cena's locker room by Khali. Later Rollins and Reigns will face off. Video of what Rollins did to Ambrose, the curb stomp into the wimpiest cinder blocks in the world.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Henry rallying America. Cole goes on with Henry's lifting accolades and old videos of Henry lifting.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome Randy Orton. Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, you did this.

Video of Orton attacking Jericho last week backstage.

Renee – Why did you attack Jericho.

Orton – Why wouldn't I attack Jericho. A few weeks ago he said I've been handed everything here in the WWE and that's simply not true. It didn't help that Jericho has worked twice as hard to get half as much as I have. One thing that is certain, at NoC, Jericho will have one thing handed to him, courtesy of Randy Orton. That would be the beating of his life.

Backstage Segment

Khali in front of John Cena's locker room door.


Backstage Segment

Cena – (Something to Khali in his native tongue.) Paul Heyman, paging Paul Heyman! It's showtime!

Heyman – No, no, John, be reasonable!

Cena – I'm reasonable, come on!

Cena drags Heyman to the ring, Heyman is begging.

Cena – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is John Cena! And now is the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time to watch the great Heymandini, the one behind 21-1 is going to magically make a beast appear, (Heyman tries to flee, and Cena stops him) or John Cena is going to magically use his fists and make Paul Heyman's teeth disappear! Everyone waiting Paul, produce your beast!

Heyman – So everything about hustle, loyalty and respect is a sham, isn't it? This is the John Cena I've been trying to get out of you for weeks. Last week I told you to take your aggression out on them. You're right and I'm wrong, you won't turn your back on the Cenation, that won't be the trigger, ever. Me, I can be the trigger, to beat a beast you have to become a beast, and that hatred has to be deep inside. I have to be the one to bring it out. You won't hit me, that would make you a bully. You know my client's plane is legitimately delayed, and you're going to take it out on a 49 year old father of two, no. Brock Lesnar is a bully, and you won't be Brock, which is why John Cena, you can't beat Brock Lesnar. I thought your hatred for me would let the beast come out, but this whole role model thing, you really believe it. So I'll give you a chance. Let it out Sunday, and you will be the WWE WHC. This is the precipice of a whole new John Cena, just like I told you last week, and will give you your chance, hit me John Cena, let it flow, let it out! Why don't you say it? The Champ is here! You can't, and my guy took it from you. That my time is now! You can't, that Brock Lesnar took it away from you! Your mother and father raised you better (very true), to live a code. That code is hustle, loyalty, respect, and it will stop you ever time, dead in your tracks. You can't even hit me, and we all know I deserve it. John Cena, you're gonna fail this Sunday, you're never gonna be the WWE WHC again. You can't beat Brock Lesnar...

Cena takes the mic.

Cena – If there was ever a human being on earth that deserved his face rearranged, it is you Paul Heyman. You are the scum of the earth, you are a waste of oxygen.

Heyman – Hit me. One time. Let it flow John. My vision of you as a Paul Heyman Guy!

Pop that grows into "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – No. No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I planned this whole thing because I thought for one second that you would produce Brock Lesnar and we would fight, and I would show these people that I'm ready for NoC this Sunday. But there is no beast, it's just you, an old, washed up, scumbag, has been who doesn't deserve the dirt off of my hands.

Heyman – I'll give you credit Mr. Cena, you're doing the right thing by walking away, but if I were your mother I would be very proud of you, if my son were born with a set of testicles.

This stops Cena who was getting out of the ring. Cena turns, rushes Heyman, and pushes him over, out of the ring.

Cena (off mic) – Don't talk about my mother.

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and out he comes wearing the WWE WHC around his waist. Cena glares right through Brock Lesnar as he comes down the ramp, around the ring. Both are staring, Cena smiles at Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar pulls Heyman up with one hand, they continue around the ring, Heyman holding his heart, leading the way. Back over to the ramp, Brock by the stairs. Cena is still in the ring, waiting. Brock on the bottom of the ramp when he laughs at Cena. The fans are pissed! "Cena!" chants from women and children.

Brock to the side of the ring, unsnaps the belt, then slings it over his shoulder to head for the ramp to more heat. The Brock turns back as Cena yells that he's ready to go. Heyman takes the belt and Brock on the apron. Brock into the ring and Cena on him. Brock behind Cena, lands one easy German, and Cena is in a heap. Brock kicks Cena from the ring. Brock is all cocky, but then Cena is back, taking the fight to Brock. They land outside. Brock face first to the apron, then to the barricade. Cena on top of Brock outside, on top of Brock with blows. Cena all over Brock as guys rush out to stop them. Brock scurries away as Cena is held back by at least a dozen guys.

"Let them fight!" chants as Brock leaves, holding his jaw, checking his nose.

Cena (off mic, but yelling clearly) – See you Sunday Brock.

JBL yells that Brock's nose is broken (sounding very JR). Cena is now released and goes to the ring to pose, not at all after Brock who is backstage with Heyman.


Announce Segment

Steph is in Shape magazine.

Cameron vs Naomi

Cameron in the ring with a mirror, Naomi glares at her. Video from Total Divas last night where they argued about their careers.

The bell and Cameron still has her mirror. Naomi throws it off, and Naomi with blows on Cameron. Naomi into a corner, but Cameron throws her over and then out with a blow. Naomi slow to get up as the ref counts her out. Naomi back in and choked in the ropes. Naomi pulled up by her hair, then Cameron with a snap suplex on Naomi. Cameron drops the split leg on Naomi and yells at the ref to count, but Naomi was face down! The ref asks to count what? Cameron flips nail and demands the ref count. Naomi kicks out.

Naomi slammed back by her hair for two.

Naomi slammed back by her hair again for two.

Facelock on Naomi, I think, though all that hair. Naomi's arms wrenched back, a foot in Naomi's back. Naomi whipped, kicked down. Snap mare, then a crappy drop kick to a sitting Naomi's face for two.

"Naomi!" chants. Naomi up and fighting back. Cameron blocks Naomi in a corner, Naomi gets Cameron in a submission (couldn't tell what for all the hair), and Cameron taps out.

Winner – Naomi (4:23)


Miz & Mizdow vs Ziggler & R-Ziggler

Miz and Sandow in the ring, looking like twins. Ziggler and R-Truth to the ring, all smiles. All in coordinating trunks.

Sandow on Ziggler with a side headlock. Ziggler reverses it on Sandow. Blows on Ziggler in a corner, then a head butt. Sandow eats a drop kick, then an elbow for two. R-Truth tags in. Miz ruses in and eats a double hip toss. Ziggler and R-Truth both elbow drop. R-Truth gets two on Sandow. Sandow fights back on R-Truth, hard, with blows and head butts. Miz tags in and works R-Truth as King drops famous names on announce. Sandow tags in and on R-Truth for two.

JBL is acting like he can't tell the difference between Ziggler and R-Truth. Sandow kicks R-Truth in the face and yells, "Awesome!" Miz tags in and tries to get a submission on R-Truth as Ziggler yells smack. Miz on R-Truth with a chinlock, yelling smack at Ziggler. R-Truth slams Miz back and both are down. R-Truth crawls, kicks Miz off and tags out. Clotheslines to Miz, splashing in a corner, then a neck breaker on Miz. Miz blocks and rolls Ziggler for two.

Ziggler with his famouser, but Sandow breaks it up. R-Truth in and tossed out by Sandow. Sandow holds Ziggler, but Ziggler ducks and Sandow takes Miz's blow to the face. Zig-zag on Miz for three.

Winners – Ziggler & R-Truth (5:07)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Tom – Please welcome my guest at this time, Mr. MITB Seth Rollins. Seth, right now let's take look back at Raw.

Video of the attack on Reigns on Raw.

Tom – Seth, does the same fate await Roman Reigns tonight?

Rollins – Tom, what do you think? Don't answer that. Of course it does. I don't want to take anything away from Roman Reigns, he's one of the most gifted Superstars in the history of the WWE, but Roman Reigns is nothing without me. You heard the guy earlier, talking about beating me until his knuckles bled, that's the kind of barbarian we're dealing with here, and the only reason his knuckles will be bleeding is because he's a neanderthal. He walks on his knuckles. Check it out. (squats down, putting on monkey noises, then a dumb voice) I'm Roman Reigns. I'm so strong. I'm so dumb I'm going to pound Seth Rollins into the ground. (back to vertical) Roman Reigns is part gorilla, part Samoan, and part, rhinoceros. You know a rhinoceros is one of the most powerful animals in the world, the problem is, they're not... very... smart. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's brains over brawn every single time. I made Roman Reigns, I'm responsible for everything he's done in the WWE, and tonight I take away everything he could do in the WWE. I'm the future WHC, and me, me, not Roman Reigns, I am the future of the WWE. Believe that.


Reigns vs Rollins

Reigns to the ring through the stands. Rollins out to face him, case in hand.

Reigns rushes rolling, takes some blows, knocks Rollins down. They go back and forth with blows until Rollins slides out to mock Reigns. Rollins in, Reigns in and Rollins on the apron, hanging Reigns up top. "You sold out!" chants for Rollins. Rollins in taking blows from Reigns, shoulder blocks in a corner, then tossed across the ring. A chop on Rollins, then a short clothesline on Rollins coming out of the corner. Reigns lifts Rollins who wiggles free. Rollins out, Reigns out to chase, pulls Rollins from the ring to the floor, backing him to the barricade, then the apron. Into the ring, and Rollins is clotheslined from the ring. Reigns out, bounces Rollins face off the stairs, then pulled to announce where his whole body is bounced there. Reigns then tosses Rollins over announce so he lands against the back of the chairs and barricade.


Rollins with a hold on Reigns, but then Reigns blocks him and reverses into a suplex of his own. Clothesline on Rollins in a corner, then a chop. Reigns misses his running kick on Rollins through the ropes. Rollins flies out on Reigns, driving him back into the barricade. Reigns rolled into the ring and Rollins gets two for it.

Rollins rushes Reigns, eats corner. Clotheslines to Rollins, then a big one in a corner. Rollins ducks Reigns, but Reigns plants Rollins for two.

Rollins crawls for the ropes, takes Reigns kick through the ropes. Reigns back in and Rollins eats the superman punch! Reigns is ready, but Rollins jumps over the spear. A superkick to a kneeling Reigns' face for a long two.

Rollins climbs, but Reigns is up. Rollins blocks up there. Rollins sets up, but Reigns powers out. Rollins on Reigns' shoulders,but then down. Rollins has Reigns, carries him across the ring to powerbomb him into the top buckle on the other side, but only gets two for it.

Quiet, but dueling chants for the two. Back kick to Reigns' gut, then more, but Reigns avoids the curb stomp to hit the stomp for three.

Winner – Reigns (11:30)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rollins outside, against the stairs, selling his pain. Reigns celebrates and poses in the ring.


Recap of arm wrestling on Smackdown between Henry and Rusev.



Recap of Heyman poking at Cena and his family. Cena pushed Heyman, then Brock Lesnar was there. They fought, Cena all over Brock after the first German.

In Ring Segment

Cole – This Sunday at NoC will write another chapter in the story between USA and Russia. The man standing for America, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

Henry to the ring, many little flags in the audience. "USA!"

Cole – You've represented the USA many times. Lana and Rusev have made it very clear, they have absolute disdain for the USA, how does that make you feel?

Henry – It makes me angry, what do you think? In 1996 I had to withdraw from the Olympic Games due to injury. It was a dark time for me, I lost a lot of sleep. ("What?") To this day it haunts me. ("What?") But to this day there's this thing called second chances. ("What?") And this is mine! ("What?") Michael, (Pulls him in close, with an arm around him.) don't be afraid. Michael, come NoC I'm gonna shut Lana and Rusev, and if anybody in here loves America the way I love America. And you waving those flags in America, and in this arena, I promise you, I won't, no I can't let you down!

"USA!" chants.

Cole – Ever since this challenge was made, social media has been on fire. People saying that you're a different man, a fire lit under you, however Lana has used social media to disparage the USA. In one tweet, she said the USA has no freedom of speech, that the USA is made up of a bunch of hypocrites, that the USA is a losing cause, that the USA is rumbling down before us.

Henry – Lana wouldn't be able to say all those things if she didn't live in America. If she lived at home in Russia, she shouldn't be afforded the luxury to spout that garbage.

Rusev's music cuts Henry off.

Lana – Mark Henry, shut up.

Henry – Why don't you send Rusev down here to shut me up?

Lana – It is comical that you speak of education, when all you speak is propaganda. (When did Henry speak of education?) In Russia, the one thing we subscribe to, is the one thing Americans avoid, the facts! Since America's intelligence is declining faster than President Obama's approval rating, yes, this is true, Rusev and I have prepared visual aid to help you understand said facts. Mr. Henry you forgot to mention that you participated in the 1992 Olympic Games. Oh, maybe this is because you fell there also? Mark Henry failed in the 1992 Olympic Games and Russia prevailed! Yes. So please rise and show respect for Russia's gold medalist, Aleksandr Kurlovich.

Pictures of Kurlovich on the tron.

Lana – Admit it, Mark Henry, you simply, in 1992, your confidence was shot then when you witnessed the superiority of Russia's Olympians. This is why you cited an injury in 1996, so sad.

King – If Henry doesn't shut her up, I'm going to have to give it a go.

Lana – Deep down you knew then what you know now, you reek with inferiority compared to Russia's finest and greatest athletes.

JBL – Mark, stop this!

Lana – Just like your President Obama cowers in fear when he hears the name of Mother Russia's greatest leader Vladimir Putin. (up on tron) History will repeat itself at NoC when you fail to the super athlete, Rusev!

Henry – Listen, I wanna make a pledge to each and every one of you here in Lafayette, LA, and all the American from coast to coast in the country, but right now I want to make a pledge. I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands...

Rusev in and attacking Henry. Henry backed into a corner with blows. Rusev pumps up, and Henry comes out to toss Rusev off. Rusev comes back with a superkick. Rusev rolls Henry over and tries to lock on the accolade, but Henry fights back. Henry to his feet and free. Henry plants Rusev to the mat in a huge way! Henry then tosses Rusev from the ring.

Henry grabs one of the flags from the corners, and waves it in the ring.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
Lana & Rusev

Biggest Reactions of the Night
Cena & Heyman & Brock Lesnar

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