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Raw Results 8/18/14 – Ryback Has To Shush His Hometown Fans!

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RAW Results August 18, 2014
From Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial
Nikki tells all about turning on her sister tonight. And Brock beat Cena! All at the top of the hour.

Raw Start


Recap of SummerSlam, in an old school feeling video. Recap of the matches on the card. Superman and Serpent. The Ayatolla of Rock & Rolla and The Eater of Worlds! The Lunatic Fringe and Mr. MITB. The Bella of The Ball and the Billionaire Baroness. The Beast battled The Champ!

Steph comes bouncing out chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in jeans and a red v-necked Steph! Steph! Steph! Shirt! Into the ring, all smiles. Mixed reaction from the fans.

Steph – I have to thank you all for chanting my name when I came out. Steph! Steph! Steph!

A lot of fans are actually on their feet, pointing up, chanting Steph! Steph! Steph!

Steph – But let's talk about last night. SummerSlam was one of the most epic PPVs in WWE history. We've been monitoring social media, and a lot of you have been saying SummerSlam was even better than WrestleMania. One of the reasons why, because we crowned a new WWE WHC. (heat) Tonight, The Authority will present the brand new WWE WHC to Brock Lesnar! We here at WWE wish John Cena a fast recovery after one of the most brutal beat-downs I've ever seen. What was it? 15, 16 suplexes? I don't know how Cena will recover from that. Cena wasn't the only one to recover from something. Jericho had to recover from his lesson in humility in losing to Bray Wyatt. Dean Ambrose learned that Rollins was the one to make The Shield, as he was beaten by Mr. MITB himself. (heat) By far, the biggest loser of the night was my opponent, Brie Bella. Brie learned first hand not to mess with The Authority. Not mentally, not emotionally, and certainly not physically. The Authority always wins. You can relive my incredible victory, as well as all the incredible matches on the WWE Network for just $9.99, anytime you wish. I can't take all the credit. I'd like to publicly thank Trip. I'd like to thank him for being my rock, always standing by my side, and for always being faithful, unlike Daniel Bryan. Bryan cheated on Brie because he found out who she is. Despite her sweet exterior, deep down, all she cares about it herself. Here to tell you more about Brie, the person who knows her best, Brie's sister, Nikki Bella.

Nikki out in a black bondage dress with leather insets. On her way down the ramp she stepped out of one of her Louboutins. She stops, picks it up, shrugs, walks to the bottom of the ramp and puts it back on her foot. Steph hands Nikki the mic, then they hug to heat.

Steph – You need to hear Nikki out. You saw how upset she was, she's not herself. Nikki, it takes a lot to come out and stand out against someone who has been abusing you for so long, someone you love so much, but some people are saying it was an act of betrayal, and I'd like your point of view.

"You sold out!" chants.

Nikki starts talking, saying Brie betrayed her, but her mic isn't connected to the TV feed, so she can barely be heard.

Nikki – From the minute we came to the WWE, it was to be the Bella Twins against the world, but it was never that way. ("What?") I've always been there for Brie, as a sister, I've always loved her. ("What?") But secretly, she didn't become the woman I wanted her to be. Brie is so selfish, so manipulative, you know what? Ever since we were kids, it's always been about Brie. Every time she got in trouble, she always blamed me! Always competed with me, be better than me. I'm so sick of her telling me that I'm never going to get married, never have a husband.

Steph – That must hurt you, so much. Do you think she was competing to be the first to the alter.

Nikki – Without a doubt, but I won in that situation, because she married that scraggly, goat faced Bryan.

Steph – A man of no integrity who was clearly cheating on her.

Nikki – Clearly. Brie is cunning. She weaseled her way into a match with you Steph.

Steph – A match where I easily beat your sister, that you can all relive again, and again, and again, as I will on the WWE Network for just $9.99.

Nikki – But Steph, I'm heartbroken over the situation. I can give so many examples of how Brie has mistreated me, my whole life! But now, I stand tall on my own two feet.

Steph – That's right.

Nikki – I could say that I lost a sister, but I never really had one. And now, without that burden Brie around my neck, I am free! Free! Free! You know what Steph, it feels so damn good.

Steph – It feels good to stand on your own two feet.

Nikki – I love it! I just love it!

Brie comes stomping out on stage in a Brie Mode t-shirt and red skirt. The fans go wild for her.

Steph – Don't lose your nerve Nikki!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Brie glowers from the apron, then into the ring, demanding to know why Nikki is doing this. She's off mic until she gets close enough to Nikki.

Brie – We are sisters for life. You have destroyed our family. For what? I don't even know. For last night, I can forgive you Nikki, for all you've...

Nikki – Forgive me?

Brie – Yes.

Nikki bitch slaps Brie to the mat.

Nikki – I will never forgive you!

Brie leaves the ring crying through, "You sold out!" chants. Brie up the ramp, looks back at her sister and Steph, then leaves, still crying horribly.



Recap of the confrontation between the Bella twins.

Harper & Rowan vs Big Show & Henry

DEP! Rowan and Harper to the ring through tons of fireflies. Big Show and Henry out to face them. The German announce team, only two of them, are there tonight.

Rowan on Henry with punches to the head. Henry fights back, head butts on Rowan in the opposite corner. A big elbow on Henry, but Henry fights back. Harper tags in and eats a big boot. "I'm fire and brimstone!" yells Henry. Big Show tags in, shushes the fans, and slaps Harper's chest. Blows on Harper in a corner. Big Show lifts Harper and slams him to the mat. Head butt to Harper, then a big slap to Harper's chest in the opposite corner. More blows on Harper, but then Harper reverses with a back elbow. Big Show backed into the heel corner, cheap blows on Rowan, and then sends Harper out of the ring, over the top.


Big Show kicks Rowan on the apron, but then turns to Harper and eats a drop kick to land outside. Rowan works over Big Show outside the ring. Into the ring, Rowan gets two for it.

Harper tags in, keeping Big Show in the heel corner. Big Show with blows on Harper. Harper with upper cuts on Big Show, backing him to the heel corner. Rowan tags in with punches on Big Show. Harper launches Rowan into Big Show. Harper pins Big Show for two.

Gator rolls on Big Show in the center of the ring. Big Show back slams free of Harper, but both men are down. Henry claps to get the fans going, but Rowan tags in with a big clothesline on Big Show. Rowan with a big body slam on Big Show, like it was nothing, for two.

Big Show fights back and lands a big DDT on Rowan. Both men are down, Henry gets the fans clapping. The hot tag to Henry, clotheslines on Rowan. Harper outside, clotheslines Big Show. Splash on Rowan in a corner, but then Henry lifts Rowan, but Harper in with a big boot on Henry, Rowan on top, for two.

Big Show in with a KO punch on Harper, then another on Rowan! WSS on Rowan for three!

Winners – Big Show & Henry (11:34)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Henry and Big Show are all smiles for this win, and even a hug.


Backstage Segment

Flair talking to Ziggler, but Miz is there in his ugly white coat from SummerSlam. Miz says Ziggler isn't worthy of that Championship, and it comes home tonight to an A-lister, back to Miz. Ziggler tells Miz he's not an A-lister, just an A-hole. Flair loves this with a Wooooo!

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome, Seth Rollins. Seth, you were victorious against Ambrose.

Rollins – Ren, thank you very much, it feels so good because I did what I told the 'Universe' I would do. I didn't run, I didn't hide, I stood, planted my two feet in that ring, in Ambrose's wall of flesh, and proved that not only am I the future WWE WHC, but I'm the future of the entire WWE.

Renee flees, then all you see is a white 5 gallon bucket (what is called a pickle bucket in fast food) coming at Rollins from behind, and dumping ice water over his head. Rollins turns to see Ambrose.

Ambrose – What? It's for charity!

Ambrose throws the bucket in Rollins' face, then attacks him with blows. They fight all over, to the ground, until Finlay, Noble and Mercury, along with refs break them up.



Recap of Rollins taking an ALS ice bucket over the head from Ambrose.

Backstage Segment

Kane is telling Trip that the situation's going to get out of hand.

Rollins – What the hell! Did you see that? Did you see what just happened?

Trip – Relax.

Rollins – Did you see what just happened? Dean Ambrose is out of his mind and isn't going to stop for anything. We need to take him out. We need to take him out of the equation. You want me to be Mr. MITB, you want me...

Trip – Relax. You're Mr. MITB. Calm down. Tonight, you are going to have a rematch with Ambrose, alright?

Rollins (not exactly sure about this) – Alright, in a Lumberjack Match?

Trip – No. Dean Ambrose is a problem. People like him. He's wild, crazy, unpredictable, he's got an attitude.

Rollins – Clearly.

Trip – That's why I'm going to let the WWE 'Universe' decide Ambrose's fate. Tonight when you finish Ambrose off for good, you won't be a martyr, the blood will be on their hands, not ours.

Kane – Good luck.

Trip – Finish it.

Nattie vs Paige

Nattie in the ring. Paige skips out, Divas strap over her shoulder. Video and stills recap of the high points of her SummerSlam match with AJ.

Paige – I just want to say, despite everything, I respect AJ. And I love AJ. In fact, tonight, I'm going to dedicate this match to my little AJ.

They lock up, hammer lock on Nattie. Elbow to Paige's face, then Nattie with a fireman's carry takedown on Paige. Jacknife takedown on Paige, they bridge up, but then Paige to the back of Nattie's head, taking her down hard. Paige crawls up on Nattie, pulls her head up by her hair, head butts Nattie over and over, then pins for two.

AJ skips down to the ring, in skinny jeans and her t-shirt, but off to show off her bod. Nattie uses this to roll Paige up for three.

Winner – Nattie (1:37)

AJ – I just wanted to say, that despite everything, I respect you Paige. I love you, Paige. I dedicate my life to you Paige. I need to get in that ring and shake your hand, right now.

AJ is all riled up and in crazy mode, head cocked, the whole bit. AJ looks as though she is in love with Paige! AJ rolls in, and Paige rolls out, fleeing up the ramp. "CM Punk!" chants.

Announce Segment

Go to the WWE App and vote for the Stip for Ambrose vs Rollins
A- No Holds Barred
B- Falls Count Anywhere
C – No DQ


In Ring Segment

Trip's music, he comes out in a black suit, white shirt, red small patterned tie. Steph has changed into an amazing sleeveless black dress with a delicate lace trim around the neckline and hem.

Trip – It is a historic night tonight. After last night, in what could be the greatest SummerSlam in the history of the WWE. Not only because my beautiful wife returned to the ring victorious after ten years, but also because of a WWE Championship Match of epic proportions. We witnessed a match that will go down in history as an instant classic. Two men stood in this ring, and they gave it every single thing they had to represent the WWE into the future. It's our honor to now show you the brand new symbol of the future. I give you the brand new WWE WHC. (unveiling) It's my honor to introduce you to the man who will carry this Championship. Ladies and gentlemen, stand up and welcome, at this time, the new WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar!

Brock and Heyman to the ring. Brock in and shakes Trip's hand. They hold the belt together, Heyman on Brock's side, Steph on Trip's side. They call in a cameraman for still so it all. They they then turn a quarter turn, do it again. Then again with backs to camera side. Then to ramp side. "Lesnar!" chants. Trip then puts it on Brock's shoulder and raises his arm.

King says something about never thinking he'd hear a capacity crowd cheer for Lesnar that loudly. JBL replies with, "They will just chant for whoever is victorious nowadays."

"Thank you Lesnar!" chants. Lesnar makes himself comfortable on the red velvet stand that the strap had been sitting on.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the one behind the one who conquered the one who thought he was the one to beat the one in 21-1. at SummerSlam my client didn't just beat, didn't just victimize, my client conquered the Title holder, which affords me, Paul Heyman, the opportunity to profess myself the advocate for the brand new reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! (mixed) Now let's get down to business, shall we. My client has authorized me to reveal a secret that I don't even think The Authority wants revealed tonight, which is, ladies and gentlemen, John Cena is not here this evening. (solid pop) Don't get me wrong, John Cena would be here if John Cena could be here, but John Cena can't be here, because John Cena can't physically appear, and that's all thanks to my client Brock Lesnar! (mixed)

Brock (off mic) – I love it when you say that, say that again, please.

Heyman – Brock Lesnar!

Brock (lip reading) – I love that man. (I think, that's what it looked like to me.)

Heyman – Now, I have been in this industry, in one form or another, since I was 14 years old, never in my life, have I seen a Superstar take an ass kicking of the likes of what Cena took last night at the hands of my client, Brock Lesnar. We're not just talking just any Superstar, we're talking the top Superstar, and not just any top Superstar, we're talking THE top Superstar, the Superstar of a generation. To put this in historical perspective for you, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's run on top, legendary run at the top, three years? Three and a half, maybe? SCSA run on top. How long? Four years? Four and a half years? There's been one constant in the WWE Title picture, one WrestleMania main event guaranteed every year, there's been one MAN in WWE for the past ten years, and that man is John Cena. You have to give credit where credit is due, any man in that unprecedented position, after 30 seconds last night, would have just given the Title over to Brock Lesnar. Would have given up. Would have tapped out. Lived to fight another day. Not John Cena. As I stood here, the best seat in the house, and witnessed the suffering on John Cena's face, it was at that moment Brock that I truly understood. I never got it, but I got it last night. I couldn't understand why so many people who love John Cena, love him with such a passion. My own children are John Cena fans, which really pisses me off to begin with, but now I get it. Now I understand why. Cena was taking this heinous, vicious, violent beating, and kept coming back for more. And coming back for more. And coming back for more. Because when John Cena says never give up, John Cena means never give up. John Cena, you earned my respect and admiration, to the extent where, if I had time on my hands, I would love to make you a Paul Heyman Guy. Yeah, you can knock me all you want. If you wrote the history of the WWE before Brock pinned Cena last night, Cena would go down as the most fighting Champion in WWE history. Unfortunately my client, Brock Lesnar, does not share his opinions! In Brock Lesnar universe, John Cena walked in this ring a hero, and left a martyr. In Brock Lesnar's universe, the credo that martyrdom equals street cred doesn't apply. And even if it did apply, the one who dies with the most street cred wins, wrong answer. In Brock Lesnar's universe, the one who dies with the most street cred, still dies! Dies at the hands of the conqueror Brock Lesnar. Just like Taker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania died at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Just like Taker's career died at the hands of Brock Lesnar! Just like this whole stupid concept of hustle, loyalty and respect died at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Just like the Cenation was conquered by Brock Lesnar! Here's the problem. The same fate awaits anyone who walks into The Beast's lair and tries to take away from Brock Lesnar the WWE WHC. It's almost an unfair fight to begin with, because anyone who steps into this ring is just a challenger, just a man. My client is not a man. My client is The Beast. This Beast will lay wreckage to any man who tries to take that Title away from him, which means the same beating awaits, which makes any Title defense by Brock Lesnar not only must-see, but can't miss. Now, if you're too cheap, or too blind, or too ignorant to spend $9.99 for the WWE Network, let me tell you what happened last night. My client, Brock Lesnar, imposed his will on John Cena, and this, ladies and gentlemen, what they call basic Brockanomics. Eat, sleep, suplex, repeat, duplex, repeat, suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat... suplex, repeat! (I'm sure Heyman said it 16 times.) Brock Lesnar lives by the motto eat, sleep, suplex, repeat. Eat, sleep, F5, repeat. Eat, sleep, victimize, repeat. Eat., sleep, conquer John Cena! (hand waving in front of his face)

Brock and Heyman leave the ring, the new strap over Brock's shoulder.

Announce Segment

The announcers talk about the 16 suplexes in the main event last night at SummerSlam. They then show a recap of the confrontation between the Bellas earlier tonight. Cole talks about voting on the WWE App to vote for the match between Ambrose and Rollins tonight.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring.


IC Championship Match – Ziggler (c) vs Miz

Ziggler still in the ring. Miz out to face him.

They lock up. Ziggler behind Miz, Miz reverses. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Side headlock on Miz. Miz pulls Ziggler's hair to get free, and kicks on Ziggler in a corner. Side headlock on Miz, Ziggler flipped off, over Miz's shoulder. Miz rolls Ziggler up for two. Miz over and under Ziggler, then into a low Striker to Ziggler's knee, then Miz stomps Ziggler. Miz out, wraps Ziggler's knee around the post, and Ziggler sells the pain.


Ziggler with a backslide on Miz for two. Ziggler whipped, sells the knee, comes out with a DDT on Miz for two.

"Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler's foot caught, Ziggler flipped to the mat. Miz locks on the fig 4 in the middle of the ring. Ziggler reaches, and reaches, and reaches, clawing to the ropes, and makes it to the bottom rope! Ziggler holds his knee and rolls from the ring. Miz hung up on the second ropes, and Ziggler limps. Miz to the apron, legs pulled out from under him. Ziggler up and stomps Miz. Miz kicks him off the apron. Ziggler on the floor, holding his knee. The ref gets to ten.

Winner – Miz via Countout (4:30)

Miz out, attacks Ziggler outside and rolls Ziggler in. Miz in, but Ziggler up with a zig-zag as JBL is yelling that Ziggler was faking the whole thing and screwed Miz. Ziggler from the ring, limping. Miz on the mat, looking mortified.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome, Jack Swagger. Let's take another look at your match at SummerSlam.

Stills of the match. Swagger passed out. Then Rusev kicked Zeb in the shoulder when he was checking on Swagger.

Renee – You were in a Flag Match against Rusev, which you unfortunately lost. How are you feeling tonight?

Swagger – Last night was the opportunity of a lifetime to defend the country I love, I failed. You know what makes America the greatest country in the world? When things get hard, we come together. We, the people! When the world's turned upside-down, and times are tough, we grow stronger, that's we, the people! So I'm going to do what every real American does when their back's against the wall, I'm not going to give up, I'm going to come out swinging, because that's we, the people!

In Ring Segment

Swagger to the ring, by himself, looking quite driven.


Swagger vs Cesaro

"USA!" chants. Cesaro on Swagger's injured ribs. Cesaro on the ribs with punches. Cesaro circles Swagger, but then Swagger on Cesaro with blows in a corner. Cesaro whipped, but moves, and Swagger eats corner. Cesaro in control with a gut wrench. Swagger sells the ribs. A taunting boot to Swagger's face. Swagger on Cesaro, but then Cesaro easily back on Swagger with an abdominal stretch and elbow into the ribs. Swagger hip tosses free, but then a double stomp on Swagger's ribs for two.

More of a stretch on Swagger, this time on his arm while Swagger is on the mat. Swagger up with knees to Cesaro. "We, the people!" chants. Cesaro slammed down. Swagger bomb on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro blocks Swagger, on his ribs again with a blow. Knees to Swagger's ribs, then hung up top on his ribs. A punch from Cesaro, but Swagger back with punches. Cesaro sends Swagger face first into the post. Cesaro with a big boot to Swagger, still on the apron, but he catches the foot and holds the patriot lock on Cesaro over the top rope for four. Another patriot lock inside, but Cesaro to the ropes, Swagger holds for four. Cesaro with a neutralizer for three.

Winner – Cesaro (4:31)

Cesaro mocks Swagger who can barely stand. Then, out comes Bo!

Bo – 318. 318 million, that's how many Americans that were let down at SummerSlam when you lost that Flag Match to Rusev. And look at you now, losing again. You've lost your manager Zeb Colter, you've lost ALL self respect. You've lost your dignity. But, you can get it all back. You can get it ALL back! You just have to Bolieve!

Bo smiles, and gives Swagger a thumbs up. Swagger doesn't look impressed.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest at this time, Y2J, Chris Jericho! Chris, after everything with Bray Wyatt, how are you feeling after suffering a loss to him at SummerSlam?

Jericho – You know Renee, I realized last night at SummerSlam, after facing dozens of HOFers, I've never faced anyone like Wyatt. He acts like no other, thinks like no other, moves like no other. His upside-down is by far the most disturbing thing I've witnessed inside a WWE, but I realized when I looked into his eyes, there's nothing, an emptiness inside him. He's got nothing. He cares about nothing. When he told me in the ring last night that he's already dead, it's because he's dead inside, and even though I lost to Bray after a tremendous match, I'm not dead inside. In fact, I have three things inside me that Bray will never have. I have a fire inside of me that burns to push me to be the best in the world at what I do. The fighting spirit that drives me forward everyday of my life. And most importantly, by far, I have the best fans in WWE history. I know every Jerichoholic here in this arena and at home will have my back no matter what I do, chanting Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Chanting Y2J no matter what I do, and that's something Bray Wyatt, and no one on this planet will never, ever take away from me Renee.


Orton & RybAxel vs Sheamus & RVD & Reigns

Orton to the ring. RybAxel in the ring waiting for him. Stills of Orton vs Reigns last night. Sheamus to the ring. RVD out to the ring. (RVD is a tiger!) Reigns through the stands to the ring.

Axel on Sheamus. Sheamus shoulder tackles Axel, then a clothesline. Drop toe hold on Sheamus into the ropes. Orton tags in with blows on Sheamus. Sheamus fights back, reverses from the back breaker, then rolling senton. Blind tag from RVD and into rolling thunder! Orton rolls out to recuperate.


Sheamus lifts Axel, to the apron and ten beats. Ryback swings, then caught by Sheamus and takes ten! A blow to Orton, but then Axel on Sheamus Orton pulls down the top rope and Sheamus falls out. Orton tags in and drops outside to land Sheamus back first on the barricade. Sheamus falls into the timekeeper area. Orton poses for the fans. ""Feed me more!" chants! Sheamus' face bounced off announce. Sheamus rolled in to "Ryback rules!" chants. Orton points to Ryback, they go wild. Ryback tags in and they go WILD! Shoulder block on Sheamus in a corner, and the fans are all in there. Sheamus whipped, he drops holding his right knee. Front facelock on Sheamus. ""Feed me more!" chants from his hometown crowd! Huge delayed vertical on Sheamus for two and his fans are not happy!

Orton tags in and kicks Sheamus through the ropes, sets up, but Sheamus into the ring reverses into white noise. Both men are down. Reigns and Axel tag in as Ryback tries to quiet his fans. Reigns all over Axel! Clothesline on Axel in a corner. Reigns' running double kick outside on Axel. Reigns is ready. Axel up to eat a superman punch. Another to Ryback who is yelling smack. This gets Reigns a tiny bit of heat. Orton in with a back breaker on Reigns. RVD with a tag, comes in on Axel for two. Another two on Axel.

Split legged moonsault on Axel, but Ryback makes the break! Brogue kick to Ryback. RKO on Sheamus. Enziguri on Orton, then Reigns with a spear on Orton. Axel sends Reigns shoulder first. RVD kicks Axel in the face. RVD up for the 5 star frog splash! RVD gets the three.

Winners – RVD & Sheamus & Reigns (11:21)

The faces celebrate in the ring, up on the corners. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Recap of Rollins' interview, but then attacked by Ambrose via ice bucket.


Backstage Segment

Orton, walking along with a bag of ice on his shoulder, wiping his face with a white towel.

Flair – Hey, Randy. You're upset, let's talk about Roman Reigns.

Orton – Ric, I don't need you, or anyone elses' advice. Stay out of my way unless you want to find out why they used to call me The Legend Killer.

Orton stomps off. Flair looks annoyed.

Backstage Segment

Bray – Last night, at SummerSlam, a pale horse cometh for you Chris. The rider, his name was Wyatt. Hahaha! I warned you man. I told you this would happen. After all, I am a man of my word. Hahaha! Jericho claims that he looked in my eyes last night and saw nothing, emptiness. Well, Chris, maybe you're right. Maybe I don't have a soul. Maybe my place on this earth is to collect them, and that maybe they're just playthings to me. One thing is for certain, that is that you may never truly be able to comprehend what I am. Behold, the new face of salvation! Follow the buzzards.

In Ring Segment

Usos to the ring in blue and orange.



Recap of the confrontation between the Bellas.

Usos vs Dusts

Goldust and Stardust to the ring.

Jey and Goldust lock up. They bounce around, in and out of corners. Jey backed into a corner, comes out pushing Goldust. Goldust huffs at him, then all over Jey. Back and forth arm drags on each other. Jey with the upper hand, so Goldust backs off. Jey gets an "Uso!" chant. Goldust at Jey, but Jey holds on as he tags out. Jimmy with an arm bar on Goldust. Jey tags in, comes off the corner onto Goldust, back on the arm bar. Goldust up, but into the Usos corner and Jimmy tags in, and back on the arm bar! Stardust is bouncing on the apron, Goldust pushes Jimmy into their corner and Stardust tags in. Stardust all over Jimmy, takes him down, but into the Usos corner and Jey tags in and on Stardust. Back suplex on Stardust for two.

Facelock on Stardust on the mat. Goldust gets the fans excited, but Stardust into the Usos corner and Jimmy tags in with his facelock on Stardust. Clothesline on Stardust, and he fights it, but Jey tags in and on Stardust with a facelock. Stardust is up,back Jey into a corner, then takes a suplex for his troubles. Goldust gives his brother a pep talk through the facelock. Stardust to his feet, manages to land on his feet and dives at Goldust to tag, but can't get there. Somehow Stardust then rolls Jey up for three.

Winners – Dusts (5:56)

The Dusts celebrate on the ramp. The Usos regroup in the ring.


In Ring Segment

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Still from SummerSlam.

Lana – At SummerSlam, Rusev dedicated his match to Mother Russia and its noble leader, Vladimir Putin. President Putin was so proud of Rusev, as our nation's flag was raised high as a symbol of victory, patriotism, and supremacy. The Kremlin continues to...

Harper comes stomping out to the ring. "USA!" chants

Henry – You all here that? That's American pride! I've had the honor of representing this country, TWICE, in the Olympic Games. It has, and always will be two of my proudest moments. I never had a problem with anybody in their country, their beliefs, and their flags, except the way you two jackasses do it. Last night at SummerSlam, I gotta admit, it got under my skin to see that flag raised in MY country! It made me sick to my stomach.

"USA!" chants. Lana is yelling at Henry off mic.

Henry - I'm not talking to you! You say that America, the power in it is gone? Well I don't think so, and I guarantee none of these people do. Listen up boy, and maybe she can translate what 'boy' mean to me. I'm gonna give you a personal, guided tour into the Hall of Pain.

A sucker punch from Rusev. Henry fights back with attacking Rusev's ankle. WSS on Rusev. "USA!" chants. Henry out to celebrate with the announcers, slapping hands, wearing JBL's hat and everything!


In Ring Segment

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Still from SummerSlam.

Lana – At SummerSlam, Rusev dedicated his match to Mother Russia and its noble leader, Vladimir Putin. President Putin was so proud of Rusev, as our nation's flag was raised high as a symbol of victory, patriotism, and supremacy. The Kremlin continues to...

Harper comes stomping out to the ring. "USA!" chants

Henry – You all here that? That's American pride! I've had the honor of representing this country, TWICE, in the Olympic Games. It has, and always will be two of my proudest moments. I never had a problem with anybody in their country, their beliefs, and their flags, except the way you two jackasses do it. Last night at SummerSlam, I gotta admit, it got under my skin to see that flag raised in MY country! It made me sick to my stomach.

"USA!" chants. Lana is yelling at Henry off mic.

Henry - I'm not talking to you! You say that America, the power in it is gone? Well I don't think so, and I guarantee none of these people do. Listen up boy, and maybe she can translate what 'boy' mean to me. I'm gonna give you a personal, guided tour into the Hall of Pain.

A sucker punch from Rusev. Henry fights back with attacking Rusev's ankle. WSS on Rusev. "USA!" chants. Henry out to celebrate with the announcers, slapping hands, wearing JBL's hat and everything!



Recap of Heyman on mic earlier in the night. It's said that Cena will address the WWE 'Universe' next week on Raw.

In Ring Segment

King – Earlier in the evening, we gave the WWE a chance to choose the stip between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

A – No Holds Barred 34%
B – Falls Count Anywhere 41%
C – No DQ 25%

Falls Count Anywhere Match – Ambrose vs Rollins

Ambrose to the ring. Rollins out to face him.

The bell rings, and they start punching. Cross body on Rollins, and more blows. Rollins to Ambrose's throat. Rollins stomps Ambrose down in a corner. Rollins talks smack to Ambrose. HUGE drop kick to Rollins, knocking him from the ring. Ambrose throws Rollins over the barricade, then out on him with blows. A punch and Ambrose gets two for it.

More blows on Rollins, and he's tossed on the stage. Ambrose up, is kicked in the gut, blows from Rollins, but then Ambrose back with blows. Rollins reverses a suplex. Ambrose reverses a powerbomb. Ambrose with a suplex on Rollins on the stage for two!

Ambrose grabs Rollins for more blows. Rollins rolls down the ramp. Ambrose follows. "Let go Ambrose!" chants. Rollins rolled in, and Ambrose flips the skirt up, reaches under, pulls out chairs, and a kendo. A chair into the ring. The top of the chair into Rollins' gut. Ambrose lifts Rollins, and the chair, slamming Rollins on the chair. "We want tables!" chants. Ambrose up, flies with the chair as if it's his elbow. Ambrose gets two for it.

Ambrose sets up a chair in the ropes in a corner. Ambrose on Rollins in a corner. Rollins reverses Ambrose into the chair, head first, for two.


Rollins has the kendo stick across Ambrose's open mouth! A kendo blow on Ambrose. Rollins yells smack, then lands another kendo shot. More smack from Rollins, then Ambrose blocks the kendo, and lands some blows of his own. Ambrose into the ropes in that way he does, but Rollins is ready, ducks, then lands an enziguri for two!

Rollins out, throws a chair in (possibly the same chair). Rollins rushes Ambrose in the corner, Ambrose moves and Rollins eats chair in the corner. Big DDT on Rollins for two.

Ambrose annoyed, pounds the mat in frustration. Rollins counters dirty deeds. Ambrose ducks the curb stomp. Double crossbody, and both are down! Rollins with a forearm to Ambrose's face. Blows back and forth. Rollins in control with blows, pulls Ambrose up, but Ambrose fights back. A back kick to Ambrose's gut. Rollins with the kendo. Ambrose with Rollins' ankles, Rollins still swinging as he lands in snake eyes in the corner. Blows to Rollins with the stick, slams Rollins back with the kendo for two.

Ambrose rolls out, pulls the skirt, starts tossing chairs into the ring. It looks like a one man ECW chair toss! Rollins set up top, Ambrose climbs. Rollins blocks to avoid that pile of chairs. Rollins reverses, powerbombs Ambrose off the top into the pile of chairs, but only gets two for it!!!

Kane is now ringside, sits down by King to watch. The ref clears out some of the chairs. Rollins tells Kane he's set. Rollins pulls a table out from under the ring, and into it. Kendo to Ambrose's back, then Rollins sets up the table. "Tables!" chants. Rollins pulls Ambrose to the table, grinds his face into it. "You did this to yourself!" says Rollins. Rollins up to land the curb stomp. Ambrose up, grabs Rollins, and puts them both through the table. Kane to his feet in shock. Ambrose crawls through the broken table, but Kane up. Ambrose tosses Rollins out. Ambrose with a suicide dive out on both Kane and Rollins. Rollins in, kicks Ambrose as he comes in. Ambrose into the ropes in the way he does, and clotheslines Rollins, flipping him over. Kane pulls Ambrose off Rollins as the ref is counting. Kane bounces Ambrose off announce. Kane sends Ambrose into the stairs, but Ambrose blocks and sends Kane in. Rollins rushes Ambrose, and flies over the barricade. Kane on the tables. Ambrose up, runs along both tables and flies onto Rollins in the crowd. Rollins tossed into ringside area. Rollins eats announce. "This is awesome!" chants. Ambrose rips apart announce. Ambrose and Rollins on announce, readying for dirty deeds, but Kane pops up and wraps his hand around Ambrose's throat. Kane chokeslams Ambrose onto announce that doesn't break. Rollins stands on German announce and curb stomps Ambrose on announce. Rollins screams at Kane to finish him. Kane removes a table to show 12 cinder blocks. Kane holds Ambrose down as Rollins lands the curb stomp. Little Naich calls for the bell.

Winner – Rollins (20:12)

Little Naich turns on Kane and Rollins and yelled, "You went too far!" EMTs come out to tend to Ambrose. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Nikki Bella

Most Shockingly Mixed

Most Reaction For A Match
Ambrose vs Rollins

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