RAW Results 7/7/14 – The Big Gold Belt Comes Home


RAW Results July 14, 2014
From The Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The Authority returns after last week, and a six man tag match – Ambrose, Reigns and Cena vs Orton, Rollins and Kane.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Cena's music to huge heat. He comes out brushing off his shoulders, the straps draped over his neck the way they were last week. Into the ring he fixes his hat, then poses with the straps, still snapped. Video recap of Reigns helping Cena with Kane, then Cena and Reigns went back and forth messing with each others heads.

Cena – Now that we know the main event, Richmond, VA, the Champ is here! (heat) A feisty, feisty Rowdy, you're ready for RAW. It's because we're six days away from Battleground. I need to say it now, so I can tell you so, the free Network ends tonight, and the reason I say so is because of this. (Title) After six days, the Champ may not be here. The Authority put me in a Fatal 4 Way against Kane, Orton, and Reigns (pop). This Sunday the rules are simple,t he first Superstar with a pinfall or submission, I don't have to be pinned to lose this Championship.

Reigns' music, and he comes out through the crowd, the way he always does. Reigns into the ring to serious pop. "Roman Reigns!" chants.

Cena – Richmond, VA is chanting your name, so let me introduce you, Roman Reigns. (pop) Ironically enough you're my partner, then we face off on Sunday. I want to say thank you for what you did last week. I was in a pretty bad way, and you baled me out. So, thanks for that. And cute little stunt at the end of RAW. Your message was loud and clear, you're not to be ignored. This Sunday it's every man for himself, and I understand that. But Roman, we have to make it to Sunday. I understand you don't trust anybody, but The Authority screwed...

Reigns – Get to the damn point John.

Cena – Say what?

Reigns – You heard me.

Cena steps up at Reigns, bows up a bit.

Cena – Alright, all I'm saying is this. We deal with The Authority tonight, get Kane and Orton out of the way, then in six days at Battleground, well, we see if you're as good as you think you are.

Reigns – I think you're right. We should get rid of Orton and Kane, then it's just me and you John, then you can see if you're really as good as you think you are.

Cena – I see that look in your eye...

Ambrose (on the tron) – Guys! Guys! Guys! I understand the whole testosterone driven competitiveness that's going on, but enough of this whole prettiest girl at the dance argument you've got going on, okay? Tonight, we're fighting. We have a match against Kane, Orton, and Triple H's little bag boy, Seth Rollins. The Authority always has a plan, but I have a little plan and it's called Operation: Screw The Authority, and it starts when you stop arguing, and we get together and kick their asses!

Kane and Rollins are suddenly on each side of Ambrose. He looks at each, then attacks Kane. Orton shows up and they all beat him down back there. Ambrose tossed into pipes that fall everywhere, then he dives at Rollins. Kane slams Ambrose into the garage door. Then Orton does the slamming, then Orton and Rollins do the slamming. More punches, then Rollins tosses Ambrose head first to the door. They stomp Ambrose down, then Rollins pulls Ambrose up and slams him into a wall. A chokeslam from Kane onto a really solid trunk.

Ambrose – That all you guys got?

Ambrose struggles to his feet as Rollins up on the trunk. Rollins curb stomps Ambrose into the wooden box the trunk is on. Ambrose is out, and a boot lightly stomps his face as the camera zooms in on his face with his eyes closed.



Recap of Ambrose being beaten down backstage. Doctors are on Ambrose, and he's going to a medical facility to be evaluated.

Sheamus vs Miz

Sheamus to the ring.

Sheamus (split screen) – I heard Miz is afraid to get hit in the face. Lucky enough he's facing me tonight, and everyone knows how I hate hitting people in the face. Mi, you don't have to worry about me hitting you in the face, instead, I'm going to kick it clean off your shoulders, fella.

Miz to the ring.

Miz – This Sunday on the WWE Network I'm entering the Battleground Battle Royal and become the new IC Champion. It only makes sense that a movie star, someone adored all over the world become Champion. My goal tonight, the most important goal is to keep that brogue kick from the WWE's most important asset, the moneymaker. As a special perk for my legion of fans, thank you. The moneymaker will be on the tron through the duration of this match, enjoy.

They lock up, Miz backed into a corner and drops down. Sheamus off Miz, backed away. Sheamus back on Miz, lands a shoulder block. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and lands an elbow. Miz rolls out, so Sheamus out to send Miz back in. Miz stomps Sheamus down in a corner. Sheamus back with blows, then Miz pulls the top rope down and Sheamus out. Outside they fight, Sheamus into the barricade. Sheamus rolled in and Miz climbs. Double ax handle off the top for one.

Miz with blows on Sheamus in a corner. Sheamus reverses a whip, gets Miz up and lands a rolling senton. Miz scurries from the ring for a breather.


Sheamus rolls Miz in, who rolls right out. Sheamus grabs Miz, climbs the stairs, but Miz free and Sheamus shoulder first to the post. Sheamus knocked off the stairs and favors his knee. Into the ring and Miz gets two for it.

Miz with a foot lock on Sheamus, Sheamus is about to kick Miz off, but the Battle Royal pictures are on screen, one by one, rather than the match. Sheamus stops Miz's kick, slams him back to the mat. Clotheslines to Miz, then a shoulder in the corner. Miz to the apron, takes a knee through the ropes, then the ten beats, all 15 of them. Miz over the top and in the hard way, then slammed down again for two.

Miz tries to flee, but Sheamus brags his tights. Shmt akes Miz down again, and then again stops Miz from fleeing. A big kick to Miz's chest and Sheamus climbs. Miz up and takes Sheamus off the top by a leg, then plants Sheamus for two.

Miz's face is still on the tron, and JBL is yelling at King about it through the whole match. Irish curse back breaker for a long two.

Miz tries to flee and is caught. Miz kicks Sheamus' knee, then hangs Sheamus up top to avoid the brogue kick. Miz rolls Sheamus up for three.

Winner – Miz (10:52)

Miz flees the ring to recuperate.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – I think I broke his rib.

Orton – Never mind his rib, you might have broke his jaw! We did our job very well, and we do that Sunday and there's nothing that will stop me from walking out of Battleground with those titles.

Kane – Stop you? What do you mean by that Randy? Maybe I walk out of Battleground as champion. I've got your back, as long as you've got mine.

Orton – So, what you're saying is, I can trust you, but only as much as you an trust me.

Trip – No, you can both trust each other, because I do. What's important is that Sunday, Battleground, the WWE WHC comes back to The Authority where it gets some stability, some control. We will talk about that Sunday. Tonight, you have to have trust. Am I clear? (They both nod.) Good.

All three leave and Trip turns around.

Trip – Hey!

Steph – I know I trust you. I love the way you handle yourself in situations like that. You're so strong, and sexy, and in control. I love you!

They suck face, like they did back in the day!

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Summer Rae and Layla attacked the ref, who was Fandango. Layla and Summer Rae dance together, leaving Fandango out of it all.

Ziggler vs Fandango

Fandango in the ring dancing by himself.

They lock up. Side headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler pushes out, but eats a shoulder block. Fandango over and under Ziggler, into a huge hip toss, but then Fandango holds the ropes and Ziggler lands flat on the mat. Fandango all over Ziggler with blows, then whips him into a corner for two.

"Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler slammed to the mat, then pulled up by his hair. Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up with a huge clothesline, but then Fandango ducks and Ziggler eats corner. Fandango's music hits, Layla and Summer Rae are on announce dancing together. Fandango is distracted, eats a drop kick, then Ziggler is distracted by the Divas. Fandango rolls Ziggler up, Ziggler rolls through, hits his famouser and gets three for it.

Winner – Ziggler (3:03)

Summer Rae and Layla into the ring dancing in front of Ziggler, with Fandango in a corner, sitting on the mat. They dance all around and on Ziggler. Ziggler isn't sure they're there for him, but they most certainly are, and pose on each side of Ziggler, then kiss his cheeks together, as Fandango fumes, and the fans dance to Fandango's music. Ziggler badly dances with the Divas as they leave the ring.


Backstage Segment

Sandow works for Sonic tonight, takes it from a female car hop on wheels, even though he can't skate. Exotic Express comes in dancing.

Rose – Why are you being such a lemon to that super nice Sonic car hop? Do you know that you are holding an ultimate cheesy bacon bread dog, where what's on the outside that counts.

Sandow – Yes, I do, and I was about to enjoy some cheesy goodness, so run along.

Rose (grabs the side of the dog) – You don't deserve it! (Partiers cheer.)

Sandow (pulling back) – Yes, I do. (Partiers boo.)

Rose – No, you don't!

Sandow – Yes I do!

Rose – No you don't, and be a rosebud! (Rose whips Sandow off the screen with his momentum. Sandow crashes.) That is what happens when you're being a lemon, and this is how you Sonic.

Rose eats the dog and gets cheers from the partiers. The music starts again, and they dance off with Sonic food and drinks.

Usos vs ...

Usos out in orange, but jumped by Harper and Rowan as they head down the ramp. Harper with a big boot sending an Uso over the barricade. The other Uso into the ring, and Harper and Rowan on him, they lift him by his arms, then slam him back to the ramp. Video recap of the attack on the Usos. Rowan and Harper 'pose' in the ring.

Announce Segment

They will be in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match at Battleground. There will be the USA/Russia Detente next.


In Ring Segment

Cole is in the ring with podiums. Rusev is abusing his flag. Ole announces Rusev and Lana. Then he announces Zeb and Swagger to the ring.

Cole – The reason for this Detente is to work toward the easing of tensions between these countries through the years. Lana, you've said some very harsh things about the USA which has prompted Mr. Colter...

"USA!" chants get so loud that Cole has to stop talking and wait. Lana and Rusev argue.

Cole – Mr. Colter has put out a challenge to Rusev at Battleground. Lana, would you like to us this forum to respond?

Lana – For the people that speak the better language – (she speaks in Russian). Mr. Colter, you and America are the same. You simply chose violence to solve all your problems. ("What?") America wants to be the savior of the world, yet they can't stop themselves. Your only showing your desperation. You are stupid. You all are stupid. America is stupid. (serious heat and Lana smiles)

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up! Shut up America! Shut up! Shut up I am talking to your stupid American! Your country as birth was so stupid that when they won their freedom from the British, they started fighting each other in the Civil War like savages. ("What?") You're so stupid. ("What?") Unlike Mother Russia has always been, and always will be the peace and loving country. I think we can come to an understanding, we simply ask that you admit your mistakes.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up! I want you now to simply admit your mistakes, and your country's mistakes. The USA (pumping her fist and smiling with each letter). Apologize!


Zeb – Let me get this right. You want me to apologize? You're a visitor in our country and want me to apologize? Let me tell you and Bullwinkle something right now. Many, many years ago, I laid face down in the jungle, in the muck, in the mire, with blood flying over my head and mortars going off, and I didn't come back here for two peg-legs to bad-mouth our country. When I went over there, I took a vow to protect our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, which you are. You want me to apologize, then I will give your answer. (Zeb comes around from behind the podium.) Just so there's no misunderstanding, this is your answer. Not no, but hell no!

"USA!" chants. Lana comes around Rusev, so she's standing facing Zeb. There's less than three feet between them, and their wrestlers are slightly behind them, away from the camera.

Lana – Your arrogance is the reason why the USA is rumbling into pieces! There is hope. There is one man who has the remedy to solve your nation's disastrous situation. He is the world leader, Vladimir Putin! (heat with Putin on tron)

Zeb – You know something Loretta, that's one ugly man. We have a leader too, elect him every four to eight years, he's called the President of the United States. (mixed with Obama on tron) Whether we like or not, he is still our president, and real Americans represent the presidency of the United States. I've come here to get an answer tonight, not talk about some stupid Vladimir Putin. I'm here to get an answer, and I'm through talking to you, you move out of the way, I want to talk to this man right here. I want to ask him a question, and if he can't understand it, I want you to translate for him. I'm going to ask you straight up, when are you going to step up from behind this woman and be a man, and face Swagger at Battleground. Is it a yes, or is it a nyet?

Lana hands Rusev the mic.

Zeb – Yes, or no?

Rusev – This is war!

Zeb – That sounds like a yest to me Jack, so we have a yes at Battleground? Take him out moody. Walk away. You know Lana, I often wondered who wears the pants, or the skirt there, and now I know.

Rusev from the ring, but Lana turns to what Zeb says to her.

Zeb – But before we get to Sunday, I want you to teach him three words. What they are, I want every real American to rise... "We, the people!"

Lana over to Zeb and slaps him. Rusev back into the ring, and he's speared by Swagger. Lana grabs Swagger's head, raking at his eyes, pulls him up for Rusev to hit him. Rusev sends Swagger into a podium, then splashes him in a corner. Swagger up, Rusev heading to kick Swagger's head off, but the foot is caught in a patriot lock. Rusev finally to the ropes and pulls himself from the ring to get free. Rusev is limping as Lana screeches and Zeb waves the stars and stripes in the ring. Lana and Rusev back up the ramp, Rusev selling the ankle with a limp.


Recap of the attack on Ambrose backstage to start the show. It's extremely doubtful Ambrose will return tonight to Raw.

Backstage Segment

Cena – So Ambrose is out, so it's just you and me against Orton, Kane and Rollins. This was an obvious set up by The Authority, right?

Reigns – Yeah.

Cena – Damn it Roman, stand up! (Reigns does, looking pissy.) I understand that you want to be WWE WHC, you should. You have to trust me. Neither one of us will walk out WWE WHC if we don't work together tonight!

Reigns – Nobody knows the numbers game like me. They took out one of us, by the end of the night, we take out three of them. Believe that.

Cena turns and stomps away.



ADR in the ring. RVD out to face him.

ADR rushes RVD with a kick, and on his whole body with kicks for one.

RVD fights back through the "ECW" chants. Monkey flip on ADR, then RVD clotheslines ADR from the ring. RVD over the top, but ADR pulls the ring skirt out, then a kick to the side of RVD's head as he's stuck in there. Another kick to RVD in there as the ref counts them out. Into the ring ADR gets two on RVD.

Facelock on RVD on the mat. RVD to his feet, punches free, lands a sunset that ADR rolls through, but then a sick DDT on RVD for a long two.

RVD shakes his head to get the parts back in place, but then takes an enziguri for two.

ADR stomps RVD, then with a chinlock on RVD on the mat. RVD to his feet, elbows free, but slammed back by his chin and hair. RVD ducks a kick, then comes back with clotheslines on ADR. Hurricanranna on ADR. A superkick, then rolling thunder for a long two.

Blows to RVD's head, but RVD fights back with one kick, but ADR avoids the thrust kick. RVD comes back with a kick, takes ADR down, then a 5 star frog splash, but ADR's knees up. ADR with his cross arm breaker and RVD taps out.

Winner – ADR (4:32)

ADR over to the IC Title strap over by announce.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk up the Network. Tomorrow night, exclusively on the WWE Network is CM Punk, Best In The World.


Nikki vs Fox & Cameron

Nikki to the ring. Video of Brie quitting, then slapping Steph. Steph out to the stage.

Steph – Oh Nikki, look at you, all alone in the ring again. You must be getting used to it by now. I almost feel sorry for you. When Brie quit, she abandoned you. When she married Bryan, she left the WWE, she left her sister, her best friend, and you're left to suffer the consequences. Tonight's match, by all rights, should be a tag team match, but instead, once again, you're going to have to go it alone. Don't blame me. Don't do the convenient thing and blame The Authority, look at the person you have to blame is you sister.

Cameron and Fox to the ring.

Fox and Nikki lock up. Fox flipped down, then an arm bar on Fox on the mat. Nikki rolls Fox up for two.

Front facelock on Nikki, then backed into the heel corner, and Cameron tags in to take Nikki down. Cameron's face bounced off Nikki's knee for two.

Cameron slammed into Fox, then takes an Alabama slam for two, but Fox breaks it.

Nikki lifted and slammed down. Fox tags in and slams Nikki back, Cameron tags in and stomps Nikki. "Let's go Nikki!" chants. Fox tags back in, hair mare on Nikki into a facelock. Nikki to a knee, and Fox taunts Nikki by calling Brie's name. Fox tries t dump Nikki out, but Nikki kicks off and slams Fox for two.

Nikki all over Fox, but then into a corner. Nikki on the corner, kicks Fox, kicks Cameron on the apron, but then Fox pulls her down by one leg. Fox with a sick arm bar slam move on Nikki for three.

Winners – Fox & Cameron (3:34)

Fox and Cameron celebrate and leave the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Cena on the cover of 2K15, and only if you pre-order do you get this very special player. They go to orchestral video, all in shadows, and there's Sting's form walking through them. The lights come up, Sting is there, bat in hand, in his trench. The music stops, and all of the orchestra turns to show they're in Sting's face paint, as we expected would happen at some point after that casting call that was reported here on WNW.


Backstage Segment

Trip – What's going on?

Orton – I want to talk to you about Kane.

Trip (rolls his eyes) – What happened? When you guys walked out of here before, you were on the same page.

Orton – Nothing happened Hunter. It's just, are you sure about the guy? I get a bad vibe, that's all.

Trip – Don't worry about the guy. Kane is just a pawn, but he's our pawn. The plan is for you to walk out of Battleground as WWE WHC. Kane will stick to the plan. You are the plan.

Orton – Okay, okay, if I'm the plan, then there's no need for a Plan B.

Trip – Right.


Stardust, all smiles.

Stardust – I never realized it before, you face. Interstellar road map to the cosmos.

Goldust (in his absurd voice) – A road map? You mean like, the yellow brick road?

Stardust – No, listen.

Goldust – We're not in Kansas anymore. Where we need to be going is the most bizarre place in the universe, where all that glitters is, huff....

Stardust blows the gold confetti in his brother's face and laughs.

Goldust – Huff!

Stardust – Sssssssstardust!

In Ring Segment

Cesaro out without Heyman. King says he heard a rumor that Cesaro fired him. JBL says he heard the rumor that Heyman quit.


Cesaro vs Big E

Big E and Kofi to the ring. Video of Cesaro beating down Kofi after Kofi beat Cesaro two weeks ago. Cole saw Heyman in Richmond, but King says that doesn't mean he wasn't fired.

Cesaro on Big E, then a big clothesline on Cesaro. Cesaro knocked off the apron to the barricade. Back and forth outside the ring, then Big E over the barricade into the time keeper area. The ref is at nine when Big E gets back in, but Cesaro on the attack. A slap to a kneeling Big E. Big E up and back with blows. Big E lifts Cesaro, but Cesaro down with a clothesline. Cesaro covers for two.

Kofi cheers on Big E from outside. Facelock on Big E on the mat. Cole says he saw Heyman in the arena. King says he hopes Heyman was fired. Cesaro lifts Big E into a powerbomb, and Cesaro all over Big E. Cesaro with a blow on Big E, then a sleeper-type hold on Big E on his knees. Kofi gets the fans clapping. Cesaro backed into a corner, but Cesaro up on his back. Big E comes back with a belly-to-belly, then a shoulder to Cesaro's gut in a corner. Another belly-to-belly, then Big E with a big splash. The straps come down, but Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Big E hung up top, then Cesaro pulls a chair out from under the ring, throws it at Kofi. Cesaro up with the chair, pulls back to swing, but Kofi jumps up, pulls the chair from Cesaro's hands. Big E with the big ending on Cesaro for three.

Winner – Big E (4:36)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Kofi and Big E taunt Cesaro from inside the ring.

Announce Segment

They show the Battleground logo with all the Superstars in the Battle Royal. Bad News Barrett will be there to present the strap. Video recap of Jericho's return, then DEP! The Wyatt Family in the ring, attacking and beating down Jericho.

In Ring Segment

Jericho's music, the lights go out, then his blinkie jacket, and he comes out in jeans, Jericho t-shirt, his jacket, and a huge smile.


WWE Turning Point

Orton faced Jericho on Smackdown last week, but then DEP! Jericho takes an RKO and loses the match, though no Wyatts to be seen.

In Ring Segment

Jericho – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho. Man, it feels good to finally be able to say that. Feels good to be back in the WWE. I grew up here, this is home. This ring is home to me. I've been working here for 15 years and I've seen it all. I've seen Yurple The Clown. I've seen Naked Mideon. I've seen three minute warnings, and five second poses. I've seen Big Poppa Pump, Big Boss Man, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Lord Alfred Hayes, Lord Tensai. I've seen them all baybay!


Jericho – Thank you. I've seen Taker almost get burned alive by his own pyro. I've wrestled Cena in his first PPV match. I've been punched out by Mike Tyson and Mickie Rourke, and Bob Barker. I will still take you on anytime, anyplace, anywhere! I'm a nine time IC Champ, most importantly, I beat Rock and SCSA in the same night to become the very first Undisputed Champion, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever! (pop) I'm a six time World Champion. A Musical Chairs Champion, you forgot about that one, didn't you. Like I've said, I've seen and done it all in the WWE, or at least thought I had, because I have never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is an anomaly, a manipulator, and ominous presence, a shadow in the dark, a freak surrounded by freaks, a seemingly unstoppable force. For some reason Wyatt has set his sights on Chris Jericho, and I don't know why. Why you coming after me Wyatt? What are your reasons Bray, I don't know, but I do know this, at Battleground, Bray vs Jericho for the first time ever. Two opposites facing each other for the first time. Maybe we're more alike than you know. Maybe we got more in common than you think. Wyatt, you want to get crazy at Battleground? I'll get crazy. You want to get a little nuts at Battleground? I'll get nuts.

"Let's get crazy!"

Jericho – That's right, let's get crazy Wyatt! You say you've got the whole world in your hands? I've got the whole WWE 'Universe' in my hands! And Y2J, with every Jerichoholic here and at home, that's a true unstoppable force!


Bray (on the tron) – Hahahaha! Why? Why do you? Do you remember what it was like to be a child, Chris? To be so full of energy, and hope? Running through the grass, skipping stones. No worries about whatever tomorrow's horrors may bring. What happens? What is it that changes a man? Children have such frail little minds, and when their minds are struck by the cold hand of life, it makes them different. Why you Chris? Well, where were you when we needed you Chris? You said you'd always be there for us Chris. You would save us, and we remember everything. I've done a lot of bad things to people, Chris. I've gone to war with very powerful men. Along my journeys I've noticed something about them, there's a constant. No matter how tough or mean they thought they were, no matter what they've been through in their lives, Chris, they all sink.

"Boring!" chants from a group of male voices, but growing.

Bray – Hahaha. And so will you. Hahaha.


Bray – Hahahaha! What's the matter Chris, you afraid of the dark?

Bray blows out his lantern, and the arena lights go out. The camera lights in the audience are obvious, but do little to illuminate the arena, or ring.

The lights come up, and Jericho has removed his blinkie jacket, put down his mic as well, both by the ropes, but Jericho is in the middle of the ring, between Harper and Rowan in his mask. Jericho stands, looks between them, then dives at Harper. Rowan pulls him off, throws him down, and Jericho is able to slide from the ring and out. Jericho rips off the shreds of his shirt. Jericho backs up the ramp, watching Rowan and Harper as they advance on him, but not seeing Bray come from behind with a forearm to the back of Jericho's head. A boot to the side of Jericho's head when he's down, then stepping beside Jericho, pulling up his body, that seems to be sandbagging at first, but it's just Jericho selling. Bray gets Jericho in position and hits Sister Abigail. Harper and Rowan behind Bray, who gets to his knees, arms wide, and yells, "Follow the buzzards!"

Announce Segment

They are still in the dark as Cole starts talking about how Jericho didn't get an answer, but will be facing Bray at Battleground. They go to video of the attack on Ambrose backstage to start the show.


AJ vs Eva Marie

Paige is on announce. AJ skips to the ring. Eva Marie is already in the ring. Video recap of AJ winning the Divas Title back two weeks ago. Paige and AJ will face off at Battleground.

AJ on Eva Marie' arm, Eva Marie reverses on AJ. AJ slammed back by her hair. Paige calls AJ a frenemy. AJ with a drop kick. AJ skips around the ring with Eva Marie's hair in her hands, then slams her. Outside Eva Marie double kicks, from the floor, AJ back to the apron. Back into the ring Eva Marie gets two for it.

AJ's arms wrenched back, a knee in her back as Paige talks about really respecting AJ. AJ up, but takes a knee to the gut. Back breaker by Eva Marie. AJ whipped into the corner, comes out and locks on the black widow. Eva Marie taps out.

Winner – AJ (2:23)

AJ from the ring, strap in hand, skips around the ring, to Paige who laps for her. AJ onto announce, takes JBL's headset off and talks to Paige who talks up AJ's match. Paige loves AJ's hair. AJ says Paige looks awesome, super in shape. Okay, bye, then AJ leaves, skipping off. JBL doesn't buy any of it.

Backstage Segment

Steph – Did you read the article?

Trip – I did.

Steph – We came out in US Today.

Trip – Fro Rida.

Steph – Flo Rida!

Trip – Kane.

Kane – Plan A has a serious problem. No matter what you might say, I don't trust Orton, and I don't like Orton.

Steph – Look, Kane. We know, but that's a part of business, work with people you don't like. We have a lot of people who work for us that we don't like. It's just what you have to do.

Trip – That's right. It's business. You know what's best for business, if the WWE WHC comes back to The Authority. Do what you have to do Sunday, just get it done.

Kane stomps off.


Bo vs Khali

Bo on one knee in the ring, spotlight on him. Bo to his feet to heat.

Bo – Last week I defeated El Torito, the biggest little man in the WWE. Yeah, he might be tiny, but his heart is huge. I can only hope that my opponent tonight has a heart as big as Torito.

An open challenge, and out comes Khali.

Bo ducks Khali, then chopped to the head and down. Bo into a corner, squealing, takes a chop, then another, squealing and screaming no! A third chop to the chest. Bo up with chop to Khali, "Bad giant!" Bo tossed from the ring. Khali out of the ring, follows Bo, but takes a drop kick to the knee. Khali down, and Bo on the apron with his running Bo-dog outside the ring. Khali can't make the count back into the ring.

Winner – Bo (1:48)

JBL says he's 15-Bo. Bo goes out for his victory lap, but stop and asks for a mic. He gets right up to Khali.

Bo – Hey there big buddy. Don't get down, you might have lost tonight, and you might...

Khali chops Bo to the head. Bo goes down hard. Bo finally up, finishes his victory lap staggering and holding his head.


Backstage Segment

Rollins – To be honest with you, I don't know how these two will be getting along by Sunday. This Fatal 4 Way is literally a week away, and if Orton and Kane can't get the job done, I'll be ready to cash in.

Trip – Don't worry, we know what Plan B is.

Rollins leaves, Heyman comes into the shot.

Steph – Hello Paul.

Trip – Where you been tonight?

Heyman – Picking my spot here, biding my time, making my moves. I like your Plan B. I really do, and I hope it works out for you, I really do. But if you need a guaranteed Plan C, I'm the guy you should talk to.

Steph – Never trust that man.

Backstage Segment

Flair, red eyed and washed out, heading for the ring, not looking perfectly stable.


In Ring Segment

Renee introduces Flair.

Flair out in a dapper suit to solid pop, struts down, slaps hands of two kids, then to the ring. He bounces a bit, showing off on the apron, then into the ring and grabs a mic of his own. Renee is all smiles.

Flair – My darling Renee, we're live in Richmond, VA. Woooooo! Good Lord, have I had fun in this city. Hell yeah, ask your mothers and fathers. You won't tell Renee.

"Nature Boy!"

Flair – You know what they say about Virginia, Renee? Virginia is for lovers. Hold still, I'll walk around you. They can tell you in Richmond, there's no greater lover than the Nature Boy! Woooo! Woooo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woooo! Hell yeah!

Renee – Ric, I want to get a prediction from you. Who do you think will walk out WWE WHC from the Fatal 4 Way at Battleground? Is it going to be Cena? (heat) Orton? (heat) Kane? (more heat) Or Roman Reigns? (solid pop!)

Flair – Wow! Winner of Fatal 4 Way. There's only one man who can strike like a viper, haha. (He reaches for Renee here, then backs off.) Only one man who can rise through hellfire and brimstone. Only one man I believe in, but the man that's going to be the man in the WWE is my man, John Cena!

Flair struts and out comes Reigns, through the stands, again. To the ring and Reigns poses on the corner before getting into the ring. Renee is gone, it's just Reigns and Flair who shake hands. Flair leaves the ring, leaves Reigns in the ring alone.

Cena's music hits, and out he comes with Flair almost to the top of the ramp. Flair bows to Cena, then waves his hand in front of his face. Cena give Flair the World Heavyweight Championship belt, then heads to the ring with the WWE Championship belt around his waist. Cena and Reigns in the ring together, and they seem fine.


Cena & Reigns vs Rollins & Orton & Kane

Cena and Reigns in the ring. Rollins outside the ring, case in hand, smile on his face. Orton out to join Rollins. Cole announces that Rollins and Ambrose will face off at Battleground. Fire erupts, Kane comes out to round out his team. Kane calls fire from all four.

Dueling chants for Cena who is facing Rollins. Side headlock on Cena. Cena pushes off, shoulder block to Rollins who bounces up. Orton tags in. Side headlock on Cena. Cena pushes off, Orton over and under Cena, into an elbow. Orton looks over and tags in Kane. Kane into a side headlock, pushes off, but Cena's shoulder block drops himself, not Kane. Reigns tags himself in, and steps up to Kane who kicks him in the gut. Rights from Kane, and Reigns gives them back, but then Kane telegraphs into a head butt from Reigns. Blows on Kane in a corner, but pushes off at eight and comes out with a punch of his own. Reigns on the apron hangs Kane up top. Reigns off the second ropes in the corner with a clothesline on Kane. Another on Kane in the corner, then Orton knocked off the apron as he rushes Reigns. Kane off the corner onto Reigns and then Rollins in to help beat Reigns down.


Another advertisement for Punk's show on WWE Network tomorrow night.

Chinlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up with blows on Kane, but Kane right back with blows. A big clothesline off the ropes from Reigns, and Cena is pumped on the apron, wanting the tag! Cena and Rollins tag in. Clotheslines on Rollins, then he's slammed. 5 knuckle shuffle on Rollins, but Kane distracts and Cena takes a kick to the head from Rollins. Cena backed into the heel corner and Orton takes the tag. Orton stomps Cena down, then covers for two.

Facelock on Cena on the mat as Reigns paces on the apron. Cena to his feet through dueling chants. Cena lands a drop kick, but can't tag out before taking a 'vintage' Orton back breaker for two.

Kane tags in, drops a leg for two.

Cena with blows as he stands up. He lift Kane, but not enough power and falls. Kane gets two.

Rollins tags in and on Cena as Kane holds him.blows from Rollins on a kneeling Cena. A kick to the chest drops Cena for two.

Facelock on Cena on the mat. Cena up, but Rollins on Cena's back with a sleeper. Cena reaches for his corner, but then staggers around. Finally Cena flips Rollins off his back. Rollins then hits the three amigos! They were not Eddie beautiful, but he looked solid doing it. Reigns and Orton tags in. running clothesline on Orton, then another in a corner. A big right spins Orton, then the running kick through the ropes from outside. Rollins off the top, Reigns side steps him and Rollins immediately pulls his right foot up. He's really hurt it. Reigns clotheslines Rollins from the ring (most likely not seeing Rollins favoring that knee, and as soon as Rollins lands on his feet outside, he pulls that foot up and crashes to the floor. A trainer is to his side very quickly, and the camera stays off Rollins for most of the rest of the match. (Thanks to Jesse for telling me this was coming in the match so it didn't send me into a tailspin of worry while it was all happening.)

Orton on Reigns with blows. Samoan drop on Orton. Knkattacks Reigns from behind, stomps Reigns. The ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Cena & Reigns via DQ (12:26)

Cena in, on Orton, but Orton sent over the top. Kane rushes in, Cena ducks, and Kane punches Orton rather than Cena. Cena on Kane, but Orton in. Reigns in, tries to spear Orton, but he moves and Cena takes the spear. The faces are down, so Orton hits the RKO on Kane! Orton poses on the corner for the fans. Orton's music plays. Orton down, then speared by Reigns. Reigns music plays and he poses on a corner. Orton on the mat, Cena down in a corner, and Kane down under the ropes. Only Reigns is standing.

Biggest Pop
Sting's promo
Zeb & Swagger

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Bray Wyatt

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