Raw Results 11/3/14 – You Want To Teach Me A Lesson?


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RAW Results November 3, 2014
From First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Henry attacked Big Show last week, so they will face off this week. Who will go against The Authority to join Team Cena?

Raw Starts


Recap of Rollins being thrilled about being past Ambrose on Raw last week, but then Orton attacked. In the main event Rollins faced Cena, but then Kane got involved. The Cruiserweight Division got into it, then Ziggler. The locker room cleared out, and Raw ended with Slater eating an AA, then Bo taking the same.

In Ring Segment

McMahon's music, and he leads Trip and Steph out. McMahon looks GREAT! He's bouncy, all smiles, and looks really healthy!

McMahon – Have you missed me? (pop) I think things have been well in hand, let's hear it for The Authority! Seems like you're a little under-appreciated. Those who have subscribed to the WWE Network, for just...

Steph - $9.99

McMahon – Those of you who haven't subscribed, now you can find out what you've been missing. The remainder of November is free! The second longest WWE PPV, Survivor Series is free. On one hand, Team Authority vs Team Cena! As good as this is, a PPV for free, let's raise the stakes. I want that next generation to feel what I feel, understand what it's like to have true power. Power that you've earned, not power that was handed to ya! Raise the stakes. I remember when I beat the US Government, what a great accomplishment! Uncle Sam was on my side. Then there was Ted Turner, Time Warner and WCW. (heat) I beat them too. Laid it all on the line. Everything was out there. Then there was the fictitious battle of God. That's another story, but we know how that all turned out. Let's raise the stakes. What if we had something like this. Team Cena vs Team Authority. If Team Authority loses, they won't be The Authority. Which means that The Authority won't be in power.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

McMahon – Let's take a walk.

Steph leaves the ring. Trip motions for McMahon to go first. Steph out, then McMahon throws the mic back and leaves the ring with Trip in tow. Ambrose's music hits, and he stomps out, down the ramp, shakes McMahon's hand. Ambrose talks to McMahon off mic. Trip and Steph avoid Ambrose who heads to the ring. The fans are loving Ambrose.


Backstage Segment

McMahon – It felt so good to be out there. God, it felt good to be out there. Like old times!

Trip – I'm sure it did.

McMahon – I'm sure you were surprised out there. I've always liked surprises, especially when it's on the line.

Trip – With you, honestly nothing surprises me.

McMahon – Tie's crooked a little bit. (Trip fixes his tie.) You guys have a good night, run a good show, like you have been. It seems like you're under-appreciated, but it goes with the territory.

Trip – Part of the job. No worried, we'll take care of it.

McMahon – I just said that.

Trip – Yeah.

Steph – Thanks Dad, we've got things under control. Be safe getting home. Right here. See ya.

McMahon pulls away and and Steph and Trip share a look.

Trip – What was that?

Steph – I don't know. Let's go figure this out.

WWE Slam of the Week

Rollins faced Ambrose at HIAC.

Ambrose vs Cesaro

Ambrose is still in the ring. Cesaro out to face him. Video of Ambrose beating down Cesaro on Raw last week. Then did the same on Smackdown, with a pumpkin on Cesaro's head.

Ambrose and Cesaro back and forth. Cesaro's beard has grown in more, and looks quite dark against his shaved head. "Let's go Ambrose!" chants. Cesaro fights back with kicks to Ambrose's head, then blows in a corner. Ambrose fights back with punches in the same corner. Cesaro slammed to the mat for two.

Side headlock on Cesaro. Cesaro rolls Ambrose back for one, then one again.

Back and forth, running the ropes, into Ambrose's knee who rolls Cesaro up for two.

Cesaro gets his hands on Ambrose and dumps him out over the top. Ambrose bounces Cesaro face first off the top of the barricade. Ambrose then off the barricade with an elbow to Cesaro's head. Cesaro and Ambrose back in, Ambrose on Cesaro with blows in a corner, but Cesaro powers out, lifting Ambrose and lands a Jack knife powerbomb on Ambrose. Cesaro stomps Ambrose down in a corner, but Ambrose comes back with wild blows, then clotheslines Cesaro from the ring. Cesaro is bleeding from the side of the face/head outside. Little Naich starts counting Cesaro out as Bray's music hits. They quickly cut to commercial for the blood is gushing!


Bray is on stage in his rocker. Neck breaker on Cesaro. The lights went out during commercial for Bray to come out. They stopped Cesaro's bleeding, somehow. Cesaro kicked back into the ropes, bounces in, but Cesaro ducks and takes Ambrose down for two.

Cesaro on Ambrose on the mat with blows to his back, then a forearm to Ambrose's face. Jaw breaker on Cesaro, then Ambrose in a corner and Cesaro eats his boot. A crossbody on Cesaro, then a forearm to Cesaro in a corner, followed by a bulldog on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro comes back with a knee, but Ambrose with blows all over Cesaro. Ambrose runs into a big boot. Ambrose comes back, takes Cesaro down for two.

Cesaro kicks Ambrose in the gut, backing him into a corner. Ambrose's tornado DDT is blocked by an upper cut for two.

Ambrose launches Cesaro over the top, then Ambrose with a suicide dive through the ropes. Cesaro sent in, Ambrose climbs. Cesaro knocks the top rope and Ambrose to the mat for two.

Dirty deeds on Cesaro for three.

Winner – Ambrose (11:35)

Ambrose looks up the ramp at Bray, then the lights are out. Lights come up and the rocker is rocking, but empty. Ambrose is all smiles about Bray playing games with him.

Steph – Dad always taught me, never let them see you sweat. It has to be all confidence, all smiles. We've got to put together the strongest Survivor Series team there's ever been. What are you doing?

Trip – Calling Orton.

Steph – Randy Orton? Randy Orton the guy who defied our authority last week an attacked Seth Rollins? Seth Rollins the leader of our team for Survivor Series?

Trip – All of that was before your dad decided he needed to make us stronger, so we need the strongest team possible, that means I'm gonna call Randy Orton.

Steph looks really pissed. She glares at the floor, then over her shoulder at her husband.

Jimmy vs Miz

Usos to the ring in orange, Jimmy is the one wrestling.


Miz and Mizdow in the ring. Video from Raw last week when twin magic cost Miz and Mizdow their match. Then it happened on Main Event!

They lock up. They struggle around into a side headlock on Jimmy as Mizdow has the hold on air outside. "We want Mizdow!" chants! Shoulder block to Jimmy. Miz runs into Jimmy's foot to the gut, then a clothesline to a sitting Miz for two.

Arm drag on Miz. Jey is over mocking Mizdow, throwing moves to air as well. Jimmy keeps the hold on Miz. Miz backs Jimmy into a corner, on him with kicks and punches. Mizdow poses for pop. Miz misses Jimmy and eats a Samoan drop. Jimmy gets the fans chanting, but Miz slides out of the ring. Miz in to a hip toss, but then kicks Jimmy in the face. Miz stomps Jimmy on the mat. Miz kicks Jimmy down in a corner, then his clothesline. Miz off the top, Mizdow off the top of the stairs, but Miz only gets two for it.

Side headlock on Jimmy. Jimmy up and free, then pulls the top rope down, and Miz out, so Mizdow is down too. Jimmy flies out on Miz. The Usos stops Mizdow from getting in the ring, and he eats a superkick. In the ring, SCF on Jimmy for three.

Winner – Miz (4:35)

Miz and Mizdow celebrate and taunt the Usos.

Announce Segment

Cole quotes Gorilla Monsoon, "The irresistible force meets the immovable object." That will happen between Henry and Big Show tonight. Video of Henry turning on Big Show on Raw last week, then hitting three World's Strongest Slams on Big Show.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring. After Raw tonight, on the WWE Network Sheamus will defend his US Title against Rusev.


Sheamus vs Kidd

Kidd is in the ring, Nattie is outside in a black dress, smiling at her husband. Video of Rusev saying he's beating our biggest American, our toughest American. Now time for our American Champion. Sheamus accepted.

Kidd on Sheamus with a kick to the leg. Another kick to Sheamus' leg. JBL comments about Kidd's "tan" and looking Jersey Short. More kicks on Sheamus, but he comes back with an Irish Curse back breaker. Backstage Rusev and Lana are watching the match. Sheamus takes Kidd down for two.

There's almost no reaction from the fans, then a "JBL!" chant can be heard. Kidd works over Sheamus in the ropes, then chokes him through the ropes, his head over the apron with his foot to Sheamus' chin. Rusev and Lana are shown again. Facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to his feet, Kidd still holding on, hanging on Sheamus' back. Sheamus backs into a corner, then all over Kidd in that corner. Kidd climbs up on Sheamus, ends up taking an Alabama slam! Cloverleaf on Kidd, but he gets to the ropes. Sheamus holds on for almost five.

Sheamus tries to drag Kidd off by a foot and Kidd gets some of the upper hand, until the apron, then takes blows. Sheamus can't get Kidd in the hard way. Kidd with a slingshot drop kick off the top, sends Sheamus out the opposite side of the ring! Kidd off the apron onto Sheamus, Kidd eats a rolling senton, but then back and forth outside. Kidd pulls Nattie in front of himself, then into the ring. Kidd into the ring, Sheamus counted out.

Winner – Kidd via Count Out (5:04)

Sheamus into the ring. Kidd turns around, right into a brogue kick. Video recap of the high points of the match. Sheamus kisses his belt on the top of the ramp. Nattie is by her husband in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler is heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Ziggler and his roots to the ring. Trip's music hits when Lilian announces his opponent. All of The Authority comes out, including the Cruiserweight Division. Video of McMahon on mic in the ring to start Raw. McMahon announces that if Team Authority loses, then they won't be The Authority.

Steph – You all heard my father's announcement and we're ecstatic about this opportunity because we're winners. Unlike most people, we aren't afraid to fight for what we believe in, to pin their hopes and dreams on false idols like John Cena. And for most folks, I mean all of you. We're winners, and that's why at Survivor Series, we're going to put together the strongest Survivor Series team in history, under the leadership of Mr. MITB Seth Rollins and his teammate Kane. (Trip whispers in her ear.) And, of course, their partner, The Viper, Randy Orton!

Trip – Here's the thing, we're not naïve, we hear the rumors, we know what everyone is saying. Sure, a lot of people think we are petty enough to punish those that might want to team with John Cena, oppose The Authority. The think we might hold a grudge against that. We wouldn't. You're free to do what you want Ziggler! You're free to partner with who you want, side with who you want, but I want to question you a bit. If you side with John Cena, then what happens? Let's just play this out. Let's say you win. Team Cena wins, who gets the credit Dolph, is it you? Or does Cena look like a bigger hero because he wins, with Dolph Ziggler on his team? Let's play it out the other way. Let's say Team Cena loses. Who takes that heat? Cena going to take the blame for that loss, or you. John Cena setting himself up for the inevitable loss by saying, what could you expect with Dolph Ziggler on my team. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything about you Dolph that's a failure, not at all, but you know as well as I do, every time you rise to the top, something in your way. No matter how hard you work, and you do work hard. You bust your ass more than any other Superstar in the back, but who gets the credit for that, is it Dolph Ziggler? Is it Dolph Ziggler? No! No! It's John Cena, right. You can call it what you want. You can say it's a glass ceiling, but if it's a glass ceiling, you certainly can't see through it (waving his hand in front of his face), and you can't break through it, can you?

Steph – You have to ask yourself too, where is John Cena tonight? You're here.

Trip – That's a good question, he cares so much about his team, he's not even here for you tonight. That's okay Dolph. Let's say you take the gamble. Let's say maybe it works out for you. Maybe you get everything you want out of life. Let's say teaming with John Cena gets you championships, WWE WHC! You get the girls! You get the money! You get the fame! You get all this adulation, maybe.

Steph – But that's awful lot of maybes.

Trip – It sure is, it's a lot of maybes, lot of uncertainties, or, you can pick up the phone and tell John Cena the answer is no. Here's the think Dolph, you know you have the talent. You know you have the ability. And I know it. The thing is, you want certainties. We can tell you how. You tell John Cena no and all your uncertainty goes away. You write your own ticket for anything you want. This is where it gets interesting. You asked, we give. Anything you want Dolph.

Ziggler thinks on this, lots of negativity from the fans.

Steph – Don't listen to them Ziggler, think about yourself.

Ziggler scratches his head in thought, then looks at The Authority.

Ziggler – I can get anything, anything I want?

Trip – You name it, anything you want. All you gotta do is ask.

Ziggler – Alright, you know what I want? I want you out of power. I want you gone! I want your wife gone! I want the corporate dude gone! The sellout gone! I want these two jabrones gone! I want you out of power, for good!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – That's too bad. I really wanted to give all of you what you want. I really did. Steph and I really wanted to give to you what you want, but Dolph won't let it happen. So, when all of you 12 year olds are out there, Tweeting your displeasure about me, about this, just remember that you have nobody to blame but Dolph Ziggler. See, these are the crossroads in life Ziggler, where decisions are made, and if the wrong decision is made, then sometimes you're left empty-handed. I hope you're not left empty-handed Dolph. That could start at any time, like right now, for example, when you defend that IC Title right now, against the future of the WWE Seth Rollins. Good luck Dolph, you're gonna need it.

Trip's music plays.


IC Title Match – Ziggler (c) vs Rollins

They muscle around, then down on the mat. "You sold out!" chants. Side headlock takeover on Ziggler, chants continue. Noble and Mercury are ringside, hands on the apron. Shoulder block drops Ziggler for two.

Side headlock on Ziggler. Ziggler pushes off, eats a clothesline, but then ducks Rollins running the ropes and hits a hip toss. Ziggler gaining control, so Rollins flees the ring to regroup with his stooges. Kicks on Ziggler in the ring. Front facelock gets Ziggler into a corner for blows. Ziggler fights back with blows on Rollins. Rollins telegraphed, gets kicked for it. Rollins comes back and takes Ziggler down for one with a clothesline.

A lot of noise from the fans, but little cohesiveness. Ziggler blocks eating corner, makes Rollins eat the corner. Rollins whipped, comes out into a body drop for one.

Rollins blocks a neck breaker, hits his own for one.

Ziggler runs into a back elbow, then Rollins mocks the fans for heat. Lovely drop kick from Ziggler, then splashes Rollins in a corner. The second time, Rollins catches Ziggler, makes him eat the second buckle for two.

Chinlock on Ziggler. Ziggler with a jaw breaker to get free. Ziggler clotheslines Rollins and himself from the ring. Ziggler back into the apron, and both sell outside the ring. The ref starts to count. Ziggler eats apron.


Headlock on Ziggler on the mat. Replay of Ziggler eating stairs on the app. Ziggler comes back with blows, but takes a knee to the gut. Both run the ropes, try for crossbodies, and slam each other hard! Blow on Ziggler who comes back with clotheslines, then on Rollins on the corner. Neck breaker on Rollins and he's pumped. Epic elbow on Rollins for two.

Famouser missed, Rollins gets two.

Ziggler on Rollins, sends him snake eyes in the corner. Ziggler on Rollins with blows on Rollins in the corner, but Rollins lifts Ziggler, lands his powerbomb on Ziggler on the corner for two.

Rollins up top. Ziggler up, but pushed off. Ziggler avoids Rollins flying curb stomp. Famouser on Rollins for a long two.

Both are down, trying to get their breath. Ziggler tossed off, Rollins ducks, then lands an enziguri for two.

Again, both are down and slow to get up. Rollins on Ziggler's hair. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Kicks on Ziggler, Ziggler hits the mat. Ziggler ducks the curb stomps. Mercury avoids the hit on the apron. Noble hangs Ziggler up top. Ziggler shoulder first to the post. Curb stomp on Ziggler.

Rollins about to pin, but Orton is there with an RKO on Rollins. Noble and Mercury want nothing to do with Orton.

Orton leaves the ring, passes Kane who screams at him on the ramp. In the ring Rollins is yelling at his stooges who are trying to help him to his feet.

There wasn't a bell to end this match. It ended at about 15:15 with the RKO.



Recap of Rollins almost winning the match, but then eating an RKO.

Backstage Segment

Steph – We can't win if our team can't get along. You cannot trust Randy Orton. You cannot!

Orton – You said my name? That's funny, I was coming in here to see if you guys saw what happened out there, because that wasn't just a statement, I wasn't trying to beat Seth Rollins' ass, I'm here to ask you a favor. Give me Seth Rollins, one on one tonight, please!

Steph – And why would we do that, Randy? Why would we have our co-captains facing off against each other?

Orton – Co-captains?

Steph – Co-captains!

Orton – Co-captains?

Steph – Co-captains! You're a team!

Orton – Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Is she kidding me? That is the biggest load of garbage I've ever heard in my entire life. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'd be better off going and fighting for someone elses team. Maybe I should go fight for Team Cena! Last week I did what you didn't have the stomach to do. I put Seth Rollins down because you couldn't handle it. And today, the same thing, I handled the situation, and I'm going to keep doing it until you two...

Trip – STOP! Enough. Look at me. I need Randy Orton on our team. I need you Randy. I need you on Team Authority. I also need Seth Rollins. Here's the thing. You understand what's at stake here Randy? You understand just a little bit? Everything. Every. Thing. Is at stake here. Everything. If I burn, you burn, we all burn. We're all in it together my friend. There ain't no forgive and forget. I see the look in your eye. I need that guy. I need the Viper. I need that. I need the guy that for twelve years I've done battle with, face to face, side to side, back to back, we've gone up against them all for twelve years. I need that guy. Here's the thing Randy. Look at me. Look at me! I'm gonna give you your match with Seth Rollins, tonight. You have Seth Rollins, but look at me. Do what you need to do. Get it out of your systems. In that ring tonight, when this is over Randy, this is over, understand me. When this is over, you're going to pick each other up, pat each other on the back, and we are gonna go to war. I'm saying scorched earth! No man standing, understand me. This is a no-lose situation. We can't afford to lose! We have to win Randy. You will do that, and we will go to Survivor Series, and we will win. Deal?

Orton looks at Trip's hand, shakes it, and says, "Deal."


Eyes on the screen. Says seeing things that aren't there. See you, boy, and will piece myself back together with pieces of you.

Announce Segment

They say they have no idea what that is. They then go to video from Miz TV on Smackdown. Henry was on, but Big Show came out and attacked. Henry turned it around and put Big Show through the time keeper's barricade.


O'Neil vs Ryback

O'Neil in the ring.

O'Neil – At Survivor Series, winning will officially be spelled Titus. I've assured The Authority I wouldn't back down from anyone...

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback.

They lock up. "Feed me more!" chants. O'Neil backed into a corner. O'Neil out with a punch, then shoulder blocks on Ryback in a corner. Ryback out with blows to O'Neil. O'Neil whipped, but gets a foot in Ryback's face. O'Neil lifts Ryback to his shoulder. Back breaker on Ryback. O'Neil barks. O'Neil kicks Ryback in the face as he's on the mat. A forearm over a kneeling Ryback's shoulder. O'Neil mocks Ryback with his own chants, then stomps Ryback on the mat. O'Neil off the ropes, but Ryback up with a spinebuster. The Authority watching backstage. "Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback. Big meathook clothesline on O'Neil. "Finish it!" from Ryback. Ryback lifts O'Neil, marches, shellshocked.

Winner – Ryback (2:26)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Ryback working the fans, getting them chanting with him in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Renee – In a couple moments, you're going to have a match with...

Big Show – first off Renee, let's talk about the opportunity. The opportunity that we're going to have by removing The Authority from power. If John Cena needs the world's largest athlete, I'd be honored to be on his team. Now, speaking of partners you can count on, my former partner, Mark Henry, betrayed me in a way I can't even begin to explain. Three World's Strongest Slams, then throws me into the barricade like it was nothing. He didn't break a sweat. This is a man who's been to my house! Ate at my kitchen table! Rode on my bus! Blood sweat and tears and he threw it all away because that's what he felt he needed to do? I'm so betrayed that I can't even begin to explain how betrayed I feel. Between Henry and I, there's over 40 years of experience in the WWE. In that time we've been loved, been hated, and everything in between, and despite it all last week, there's a part of me Renee, I want my friend back. I miss my friend. Let me also tell you, that there's a part of me that wants to knock Henry the hell out of my life.



Buffalo Bills are ringside. Lilian announces them.

Henry vs Big Show

Big Show to the ring. Video of Henry turning on Big Show last week on Raw. Henry slowly out to face him.

Henry demands the bell a couple times before the ref calls for it. Big Show on Henry in a corner. Henry whipped, Big Show on him. Henry whipped again, but gets an elbow in Big Show's face. Big Show whipped, Henry splashes. Henry turns around, eats a superkick from Big Show. Big Show stomps Henry, then drops an elbow for two.

Big Show stomps Henry from the ring. Big Show slides out, grabs Henry, but ends up spine first into the post. Henry again sends Big Show into the post. Spear to Henry outside. Henry rolled in, Big Show in after him, then drops an elbow to Henry's back. Big Show hits another elbow Henry's back. Big Show hits a third elbow to the back, then locks on his new submission hold on Henry. Henry sells the pain, screaming on the mat. Henry reaches for the ropes, wiggles and pulls, finally reaches the ropes. Big Show lets go, rolls out, pulls Henry to the apron, then his big slap to Henry's chest. Another big slap. Big Show then stands on Henry's chest on the apron. Henry rolls in, Big Show climbs up top. Henry up and tosses Big Show across the ring. Henry pins for two as Big Show grabs the bottom rope. The Authority is watching backstage.

Henry stomps Big Show on he mat, then kicks Big Show in the ribs. JBL mentions about The Authority buying Big Show's house and how he cried on national TV. WSS on Big Show for two.

Henry up and kicks Big Show in the ribs, over and over until he rolls out of the ring. Henry from the ring, grabs Big Show, sends him into the stairs. The ref yells out at them as Henry grabs the top of the stairs. Henry slams the stairs into Big Show's upper arm, but a hand goes up and he sells a head shot. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Big Show via DQ (6:26)

Henry to Big Show, Big Show with a punch, but takes a head butt from Henry. Henry lifts Big Show, then hits his WSS on the bottom part of the stairs. "That's what I do!" yells Henry. Henry then in Big Show's face, yelling smack at him. "You might be big, but you not the world's strongest man!" Video recap of the high points of the match. Henry lays his shirt over Big Show's chest and face. The trainers wave Henry off.

Backstage Segment

Steph - …Has that intensity, that ruthless aggresssion that we need on our team.

Trip – Question is, can we keep him focused. Go find him Kane. See what his interest is.

Steph – With Mark Henry, Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins,our team is going to be unstoppable, we only need one more, that is if Orton and Rollins can coexist for one night.

Trip – Trust me Steph, guys get this stuff out of their system, then they will be on the same page, stronger than ever. We will go to Survivor Series and we will win, trust me.

Steph – We better.

Trip – Trust me.


Backstage Segment

AJ is on announce, strap in hand.

Renee – You're in day 8 of being Nikki's personal assistant, how you hanging in there?

Brie – I know my sister is self-centered, but lately...

Nikki – Did I say you could give an interview? No! You're not allowed to do anything, unless I tell you to. You think people care what you have to say? They don't unless you're saying 'yes, ma'am', so, #1 Contender has a match to go in, so go. GO!

Renee – Okay, there you have...

Rowan is there, mask and all. He takes a lock of Renee's hair and fingers it before dropping it. He pushes his mask up on his head and looks at Renee who is looking back, and quite uncomfortable.

Rowan – Pretty.

Renee – Thank you? Excuse me.

Renee flees and down comes the mask.

Nikki vs Emma

Nikki to the ring, Brie in tow. Video from Smackdown, and Nikki wins the Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership. AJ talks about how she's earned every single thing she has, by herself, for herself.

They lock up. "CM Punk!" chants. Emma slammed down. Emma off the ropes into a clothesline. Spinebuster on Emma for two.

Nikki lifts Emma, looks at AJ and drops Emma for two.

"You think she's going to stroke my hair and tell me I'm pretty? That's the look she's giving me," says AJ. Emma fights back with clotheslines, then a crossbody. Nikki reverses a whip, but Emma moves and Nikki eats corner. Emma locks her hold on Nikki over the ropes. Nikki with a drop kick that stops one of Emma's big moves. Emma up, rack attack for three.

Winner – Nikki (2:24)

Nikki demands Brie raise her arm. Brie does. Nikki whispers in Brie's ear, then sends her off. Brie out of the ring, heads over to AJ. Brie looks at Nikki in a sad way. Brie slaps AJ. AJ takes Brie down hard outside. AJ knows it was Nikki, so she goes after Nikki in the ring, but Nikki flees. Nikki on stage stares down at AJ in the ring who is all crazy smiles through the "CM Punk!" chants.



Xavier Woods leads a gospel group singing as he preaches. They put a cape over his shoulders and pull him away.

Ryder vs Rusev

Ryder in the ring. Ryder wants a spot on Team Cena, asked for it on Twitter earlier. Rusev out, Lana in her white suit, in tow. Video of Rusev challenging Sheamus for the US Title, and Sheamus agreed.

Ryder with forearms on Rusev. "USA!" chants. Rusev with forearms back on Ryder. Arm drag on Ryder. Ryder whipped, gets his knees up. Drop kick to Rusev's back. Ryder about to give his kick, but takes a superkick to the face. The Authority watching backstage. Rusev locks on the accolade.

Winner – Rusev (1:17)

They celebrate in the ring, their flag unfurls. "USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup! Shut tup! Tonight, today, Rusev and I will fulfill the directive of Mother Russia's greatest leader, Vladimir Putin. That directive is to bring him the US Championship.

Rusev – Sheamus, you're not different than any other. You will hurt. You will beg and suffer. ("What?") You will be annihilated! ("What?")

Sheamus – You know lad, I take a tremendous amount of pride at wearing this US Championship around my waist. Because it signifies an opportunity that someone like myself can have in this fine country. But if you two lapdogs think you're going to take this Championship and take it back to your beloved Russia well you two really are delusional. Because tonight, after Raw, on the WWE Network, you are in for the fight of your life, fella.

Sheamus looks down out of the ring at Rusev and Lana who yell smack back into the ring at Sheamus.


Backstage Segment

Steph – Lana, Rusev, congratulations, it was very impressive. I know that the two of you are very well informed. You understand what it means to be loyal. You understand what it means to respect authority. I think everyone understands the implications of what can happen after Survivor Series. Team Authority vs Team Cena, since Rusev has never been pinned, by anyone on the WWE roster, I would be honored to offer Rusev a position on Team Authority. Now, we have been able to grant your request for the US Championship Match against Sheamus, tonight, live on the WWE Network after Raw in what will no doubt be a physical and brutal match, and as we say in America Lana, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Lana – We will confer with Vladimir Putin, but what is it you Americans say? We'll get back to ya.

Steph – Thank you.

Steph and Lana shake before they leave.

Fernando vs Stardust

Stardust in the ring. Video of Stardust getting into it with El Torito on Smackdown and the Dust brothers lost the match for it. Miz and Mizdow are on announce.

Fernando on Stardust, but he comes back on him out of the corner. Stardust on Fernando on the mat. Stardust takes Fernando down on the mat, a knee in his back, his arms wrenched back. Stardust lifts Fernando who lands on his feet. Fernando clotheslined from the ring. Stardust hisses at Miz, then knocks JBL hat off announce, then back into the ring. Stardust takes Fernando down hard, then Diego takes Goldust down outside, then El Torito on Goldust knocking him into Miz and Mizdow. Miz and Mizdow up and yelling at Goldust. Back stabber on Stardust for three.

Winner – Fernando (2:33)

Announce Segment

Video of McMahon starting the show with Cole narrating it, then to Orton taking out Rollins, and getting into it with Trip backstage. Trip gives Orton his match with Rollins tonight, then it's over!


Raw Rewind

Rollins curb stomped Orton on Raw a few weeks ago. Last week on Raw Orton took Rollins out with an RKO.

Orton vs Rollins

Korporate Kane and The Authority are all ringside for the main event. Orton to the ring. Rollins out to face him with his stooges in tow.

They stare at each other across the ring for quite a bit, then Orton on Rollins with blows. Rollins whips Orton who comes out with a clothesline. Orton over to stare down at Trip, then back to circling. Rollins blocks, lands some blows, but Orton back and knocks Rollins from the ring through the ropes. Orton from the ring, around with a forearm the back of Rollins' head. Rollins into the barricade.


Orton argues with the ref, won't get in. Orton up, hung up top by Rollins. Rollins flies out over the top, but Orton isn't there to catch him. Rollins rolled in, and Orton gets two for it.

Facelock on Rollins on the mat. Rollins up, pushes Orton back into a corner. Orton reverses, on Rollins. Orton backed off, comes at Rollins, eats an elbow. Orton bounced face first off the buckle. Rollins pulls Orton up, pulls an arm, puts Orton on his knees, then kicks Orton in the ribs a couple times, then stomps Orton in the ribs. Rollins again stomps Orton. A knee drop to Orton's face for one.

Orton back into the corner, takes blows from Rollins as the ref counts. Steph and Trip discuss the match as it happens. Rollins tossed from the ring. Orton grabs Rollins, makes a cameraman move, then bounces Rollins' face off announce. Rollins back first on announce. Rollins back into the ring as Orton removes all of the stuff from announce. Trip in Orton's face, tries to talk him down a bit. In the ring Rollins reverses a whip, is elevated over the top, but then kicks Orton in the head over the top rope. Rollins up top, Orton knocks him to sitting, then punches Rollins in the face. Orton climbs to the top and hits his father's superplex from the top for two.

Video recap of the superplex. Rollins through the ropes takes a kick to the chest, but then Rollins into the ring sends Orton over the top and out. Rollins with his suicide dive, Orton was there to catch him, and Rollins' head avoids slamming into the front of announce. Trip with a hand to his forehead in shock. Orton in, Rollins up and flies with a knee to the side of Orton's head for two.

Rollins pulls Orton up, but Orton reverses. Rollins lands on his feet, kicks Orton in the head. Orton reverses the curb stomp into a sick powerslam for two.

Orton sends Rollins to the apron, calls for love from the fans, then hits his 'vintage' DDT! The fans are cheering Orton as he pounds the mat. Rollins reverses into backslide for three!!!

Winner – Rollins (13:21)

Mercury and Noble into the ring to Rollins. Kane into the ring. Mercury over to give Orton his props for the match. Rollins celebrates, Orton looks shocked. Trip to his feet outisde. Orton looks completely out of sorts and pissed. Orton over to talk to Trip. Orton asks Trip, "What would you do? What would you do? What would you have me do?"

Orton over, looks Rollins up and down. Orton shakes Noble' hand, they talk. Orton to Mercury, shakes his hand, they talk. Orton to Kane, they shake hands and talk about going full circle. Then Orton to Rollins who tries to talk Orton down, being cool but with his huge ego. Rollins talks Survivor Series, being the bigger man, and says he's sorry. Orton shakes Rollins hand to heat from the fans. They put foreheads together, they talk that way for a moment. Orton turns to wlak away, then RKO on Rollins! Outside the ring, off comes Trip's tie and jacket. Mercury to Orton, and he's tossed out through the ropes. Then Orton to Noble, he's tossed out. Then Kane's tossed out.

Rollins is on his hands and knees in the ring, Orton backs up to punt his head off. As Orton steps forward, Trip is there to stop him. Trip right up in Orton's face. Trip tells Noble and Mercury to stop, stay out of it. Head to head with Trip as he tries to talk Orton down. They both stand and Orton looks around at them all. Trip pulls Orton's head back to his, keeps talking. Orton starts to leave, but rather than just walking off, he shoulders hard past Trip. Rather than letting Orton go and ignoring the hard shoulder, Trip grabs Orton and tries to talk some more. Orton punches Trip in the face, taking him down fairly hard with a blow that almost brings Orton down on top of Trip.

Noble is the first into the ring, he's knocked down. Kane is there, and with Mercury's help, the stooges and Kane beat Orton down. Steph, outside, holding Trip who is on the apron in a crumpled mess, yells, "GET HIM!" in that hoarse roar only Steph can manage.

Orton is able to get to his feet, he gets a foot up into Mercury. Noble knocked away. Kane clotheslined from the ring. Out comes Orton after Rollins. Rollins put on announce, blows from Orton. Mercury pulls Orton off and ends up eating an RKO!

Orton back on Rollins on announce. Punches on Rollins, but then Noble and Kane pull Orton off. They hold Orton on announce and Rollins curb stomps Orton's brains out.

Trip is there telling them all to stop. He's upset and frustrated by them all. Steph yells, "You got what you deserved, Randy!"

Trip and Steph murmur to each other. Finally Steph looks at her husband and says through gritted teeth, "Finish this."

Trip down to one knee, holding Orton's bloody face with one hand. A fan can be heard yelling, "Is he still alive?"

Mercury is half under the ring, with Noble tending to him, Kane and Rollins standing there, waiting for marching orders. Rollins yells, "Screw it, we don't need him!"

Steph again yells with that hoarse roar, louder this time, "Finish him!"

Trip to his feet, motions to them, then says, "Finish him." Steph and Trip turn and walk away from the ringside area.

Rollins is yelling, "You want to teach me a lesson? You want to teach me a lesson, huh?"

Kane and Noble lay Orton out on the bottom layer of the stairs. Noble walks away, out of the screen, carefully walking over Orton's legs. Kane says, "Finish him Seth!" and tries to follow Noble, but doesn't see Orton's feet, trips over them and falls face first on his already bloody face. (It could have been Orton's blood, not sure.)

Rollins jumps up on announce with both feet, steps back. King tells him not to do it. Even JBL and Cole tell Rollins not to do it. Rollins curb stomps Orton onto the stairs.

Trip and Steph continue up the ramp. Steph is smirking.

Some fans right around there chant, "One more time!"

Rollins poses over Orton's prone body.

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