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RAW Results November 17, 2014
From Berglund Center Coliseum in Roanoke, Virginia
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw commercial

Team Cena and Team Authority will be in the ring signing contracts tonight. Who will be in power after Survivor Series?

Raw Starts


Recap of Ryback turning on Team Authority last week in the main event of Raw.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music. He comes out, leading Steph in a V-neck red dress and black heeled booties. The rest of Team Authority follow suit, including the Stooges.

Trip – Three weeks ago McMahon came to this ring and added a stip between Team Authority and Team Cena at Survivor Series. If The Authority lost, they would be out of power. ("What?") No more Raw, no more Smackdown, no more The Authority, no more power, period. You'd like that, wouldn't you? (Yes) You'd like to see us as regular employees, like all of you?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Good, remember this feeling, because how does it feel to want? (heat)

Trip – You have no idea what you wish for. You're sheep. You need to be led. You can't even see that when it's right in front of you. Isn't it ironic that when Mr. McMahon comes to the ring he's a hero. They cheer him. They worship him. Yet, years ago when he ruled WWE with an iron fist, he was the Evil Mr. McMahon! Now that's our role. As The Authority rules the WWE, we're seen as the evil empire. You cannot see what we do for you. You're just sheep. ("What?") You'd rather have the inmates run the asylum, right? Like Cena and Ziggler? The last place I recall the inmates ran the asylum was WCW. You remember them? We picked them up at the auction, after the inmates ran the asylum. We cannot and will not let that happen. It all comes down to one match. At Survivor Series. Team Authority, the most dominant and destructively lethal team assembled. Captained by the future, and Standard Bearer of the WWE, Seth Rollins. (heat) Will square of with Team Cena, a group of self-righteous malcontents led by the golden boy of malcontents, John Cena. If we win, the WWE thrives and you all benefit. If we lose, let's say we can't lose. I'm glad the WWE Network is free, free for all of you to witness the greatest victory The Authority, and I personally, will ever had. As The Authority wins and the WWE goes on and on under our leadership. (heat)

Steph – But that's this Sunday, what about tonight? (pop) Tonight, in spite of our attempts to get Team Cena on the right page, to see what's what's best for business, they continue to side with their captain, John Cena. (pop) Therefore, leaving us no other choice of how to deal with business tonight.

Trip – That's right, we have no other choice, tonight Team Cena will be decimated, either figuratively, or literally, and at the end of the night, we will have the biggest contract signing in the history of the WWE. We will see who is left, and who has the guts to sign their names next to Cena's?

Steph – But we know who will be signing on behalf of Team Authority, the man you mentioned. Oh captain, my captain, Seth Rollins! (heat) Then we have the world's strongest man, Mark Henry. We have the most twisted and sadistic monster the WWE has ever seen, Kane! We have the new US Champion, Rusev! Did I say that right Lana. And the man who personally delivered a decimated Dolph Ziggler to our feet last week, Luke Harper.

Harper (leaning down to Steph's mic) – I'm a team player.

Steph – Yes Luke, you are a team player, and we're proud to have you on our team. We are proud to have all of you on our complete team, unlike Cena who seems to be down one. Which brings me to Ryback. Last week, I'll admit, we thought we had Ryback locked up as part of Team Authority. Unfortunately things went awry. As a businesswoman, I know negotiations don't always mean expectations, personal feeling can get in the way, but the important thing to know, Team Authority isn't going anywhere. The important thing for everyone to know, with Ryback thinking...

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback to big pop to the stage. HUGE "Feed me more!" chants and he's all smiles.

Ryback – The Authority wants what's what's best for business. John Cena wants what's best for the WWE 'Universe'.

Steph – That's debatable.

Ryback – Ryback wants what's best for Ryback.

Steph – I understand that Ryback, I really do, and respect is a very important word to me as a McMahon and as a member of Team Authority. I'll admit that tensions ran high last week and we all made some decisions we might regret, isn't that right Kane?

Kane – I regret what transpired.

Steph – Kane regrets what transpired. We all regret what transpired, and Ryback, you don't have to believe me, but you need to think about whether you want to join a man, John Cena, who has absolutely no respect for you. John Cena may claim he does, but this footage shows he doesn't.

Video of Cena getting in Ryback's face and ripping him down last year. Cena says Ryback can't be a Champion, and is a whiner. Mocking Ryback whining at Cena.

Steph – The footage doesn't lie. Cena speaks for himself. I don't know why he said it, but I think he's jealous of The Big Guy. I think John Cena loathes you. Is that someone you want to go to battle with? To trust. Do you want the contempt of Team Cena or the respect of Team Authority?

Ryback – I play for the one team I can count on, that's Team Ryback.

Ryback turns and leaves.

Trip – Wise decision, play for Team Ryback. Stay neutral, stay out of the fight. It's a wise decision. For everybody in the fight, the decimation starts now. The newly found Luke Harper, you will stay in this ring and decimate a man who is a suck-up, a showoff, a man who spits in the face of The Authority. Dolph Ziggler your time is up. Your time is now.

Ziggler's music plays, and out he comes.


WWE Rewind

Harper dumps Ziggler at The Authority's feet, and says he's a team player.

IC Championship Match – Ziggler (c) vs Harper

Mr. MITB is on announce. Lilian announces that she learned during the break that it's an IC Title Match. After Lilian announces this, Ziggler is showing off his strap, but the Stooges attack Ziggler from behind. Harper gets into it all, and Rollins into the ring to hit Ziggler from behind, to the head, with the case. Ziggler is all flopping on the mat, Harper is posing, and Rollins is back on announce with the Stooges behind him. Ziggler uses the ropes to get to his feet, he's fighting through the pain, holding his head, yelling at the ref to start the match. Yelling for the bell. "Let's go Ziggler!"

Big boot to Ziggler for two.

Harper powerbombs Ziggler to the mat for two.

Harper rushes Ziggler, but Ziggler ducks and sends Harper up and out over the top.


Harper slams Ziggler back to the mat by his hair. The ref waves Harper off, and checks on Ziggler. Ziggler up, into a delayed, lands on his feet, but a blow drops Ziggler for two.

Gator roll to Ziggler. Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up with a jaw breaker on Harper. Harper to a knee, but back up. Rushing Ziggler, but Ziggler to the side and Harper to the post. Famouser on Harper for a long two.

Ziggler uses the ropes to get up. Swinging slam on Ziggler for another long two.

Harper waits for Ziggler to get to his feet, but eats a foot for a long two!

Harper looks stunned on the mat, but Ziggler is really selling on the mat. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Knee to Ziggler's gut, pulls Ziggler by his hair, yells, gets Ziggler up, Ziggler free, but then eats a sick clothesline for three!

Winner & new IC Champion Luke Harper! (8:32)

Harper celebrates with his new strap. Harper looks at the belt in awe. Rollins extends a hand, Harper shakes it as JBL talks about 'That's how you throw a clothesline, boys!' Rollins down to Ziggler's face, talking smack. Then Ziggler eats a curb stomp. Rollins poses with his case. Harper yells and poses with his new strap. Harper back to looking at the belt as if it's the most beautiful and beloved thing he's ever seen – which it might be.

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Harper holds the belt over Ziggler, looking down at him. Then Harper plays up his crazy for the camera.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE Network. That those who have never seen a PPV, they need to see Survivor Series. JBL says this is the WWE's second longest running PPV. Cole continues talking up the Network. Cole goes on to talk about Grumpy Cat.



Kofi's choir video.

Backstage Segment

Miz – You and I on this project together would be the summer blockbuster of 2015. let me paint a picture. (camera pulls back to show Mizdow doing all Miz is doing, and moving his lips) In a world ripped apart by crime and corruption, two partners opposites attract in a race against time, the only thing in this race against tyranny. So, what do you think?

The camera pans to show that Grumpy Cat isn't at all impressed. Mixed reaction to Grumpy Cat.

Miz – I get it, you want to be taken more seriously. I thought that, I thought I might sweeten your pot. Let me present to you, Grumpy Stunt Cat!

Mizdow is petting a Grumpy Cat stuffy. Grumpy Cat isn't at all impressed.

Miz – You're just like everybody else. You sit there with your smug look, acting all cocky, you don't know what true talent is. The last time Grumpy Cat had a brilliant idea, it ended up in its litter box.

They stomp off. Grumpy Cat doesn't care. Then Miz is back.

Miz – Sorry for losing my cool. I, ah, I'm a big fan. Friended you on Facebook.

Miz kisses Grumpy Cat on the side of her head, then leaves.

In Ring Segment

Out comes The Exotic Express led by the Bunny, then Adam Rose. The Bunny makes it to the ring first, and performs Rose's signature Party Dive into the Express! Rose admonishes the Bunny before going up the steps to show him how it is done properly.


Rose vs Kidd

Both in the ring. Video of the Bunny costing Rose his match last week on Raw. Rose attacked the Bunny.

Rose told the Bunny to stay in one spot. They lock up, Kidd backed to a corner, but Rose without a clean break. Rose all over Kidd in the corner, mule kicking him in the chest. Rose telegraphed and is kicked for it. Kidd fights back, and Nattie can be seen ringside. Exotic Express is singing Rose's music. Spinebuster on Kidd for two.

Bunny hops around the ring and waves at Nattie. Rose over to yell at the bunny to get back over there. Kidd locks on the sharpshooter. Rose taps out.

Winner – Kidd (1:51)

Nattie in, Kidd holds the ropes for Nattie to leave. Rose tells the Bunny to get in. Rose goes after the Bunny who goes behind and humps Rose. Bunny flees and Rose is pissed. On stage the Bunny humps air looking at Rose. Rose is pissed!


Tickets for WrestleMania. Video and talking about this year, showing people with tickets for next WrestleMania, with Bryan and Hogan.

Backstage Segment

Bray is here.


Slam of the Week

HIAC three weeks ago, Bray cost Ambrose his match with Rollins. Then on Smackdown last week, Bray attacked Ambrose backstage during an interview. Sister Abigail into a cinder block wall.

In Ring Segment

Bray Wyatt to the ring through tons of fireflies. Into the ring, lights out, spotlight in the center of the ring.

Bray – They have lied to us all from the beginning. They tried to convince us that love would make us rich, more than money. Love is the most precious gift to receive. They forgot to mention that everything you love can be ripped away at the drop of a hat. Hahaha. As we all know, a man that has nothing to love, has nothing to lose, is the most dangerous man in this world. Poor Dean Ambrose. Hahaha! For people like Ambrose, every waking day is a pathetic attempt to express himself, to share his love out of obligation, not desire. Ambrose will end up in the same misery day after day. He will always be alone. If Ambrose takes anything away from this, I pray that he doesn't mistake my generosity for something malignant. No, it is true that at first I had to get his attention, by any means necessary. I'm promising you Dean, from the bottom of my heart, right here, right now, today, I come in peace man! Hahaha! I know you still feel the torment you suffer at my hands Dean. That momentary suffering is a gift! I know the pains you have endured in this lifetime. A mother who drown herself in her own misery, rather than taking care of her baby boy. A father who abandoned you, a lifetime of isolation Dean, and I bring them to you so you can see the salvation I can offer. It's all real Dean. It's all my passion Dean, I want you to feel that I can save you Dean. I want you to feel that our souls are intertwined. Embrace us Dean. Embrace us Dean and I will make it all go away.

Ambrose – Hey, is this thing on?

Bray looks shocked toward the stage.

Ambrose – Is this thing on? Bray, you don't need to babble man. You can stop talking. I heard you the first time at HIAC, and the night after, and after. I head you loud and clear on Smackdown. Every long winded, rambling, meandering word that comes out of your mouth, I hear it. It's like nails on a chalkboard, and I don't think I can stand it anymore. I'm trying to see things your way, I really am. Bray Wyatt says he wants to help me, wants to save me, but you're digging up bones from my past, trying to get in my head, certainly not because you think it will give you an edge at Survivor Series. Certainly not because you think I care. Maybe Bray isn't such a bad guy, maybe I can learn something from him. In fact, I learned a little spooky magic trick of my own. I'm going to teach it right now to you bonehead, it's called (spooky voice) video recording! I'm not even hear right now, because I recorded this message on my buddy's cell phone earlier today, and I'm out in the arena right now, Bray Wyatt.

The lights come up in the arena. Bray is looking around. Then Ambrose is there with a Thesz Press on Bray in the ring. Bray tries to flee, but caught. Finally Bray is free and stomping up the ramp. Bray looks pissed. In the ring Ambrose grabs a mic.

Ambrose – As you can see, I don't need any saving! At Survivor Series, Bray Wyatt, you need to worry about saving yourself.

Ambrose points at Bray on stage, Bray looks a bit freaked out, but doesn't flee. Bray glares at Ambrose who stares back.

Announce Segment

JBL and Cole talk about Survivor Series and Ambrose needing saving. Cole goes on about how Raw started, then to video of the Stooges attacking Ziggler before his match with Harper, and it all ended with a curb stomp.

In Ring Segment

"Feed me more!" and Ryback comes out to the ring.



Larry The Cable Guy will be on Raw next week.

Cesaro vs Ryback

Both in the ring.

Cesaro on Ryback, they fight around through McMahon's dreaded "Goldberg!" chants. Ryback behind Cesaro, Cesaro with a side headlock, Ryback reverses. Ryback blocks a hip toss, hits his own, then a splash for one.

Chops to Cesaro in a corner. Cesaro comes back with his own chops. Suplex to Ryback, but he's right up. Cesaro slammed face first to the mat. Delayed vertical on Cesaro for one.

Blows to Cesaro, Cesaro reverses into a seriously lovely suplex on Ryback!! Cena is watching a monitor backstage. Side headlock on Ryback, grinding his face on the top rope, then choking Ryback by being on him on the second rope. Thesz Press on Cesaro, then Cesaro slammed back to the mat a couple times. Cesaro into a corner, Ryback on him, but Cesaro lifts Ryback and slams him to the mat through total silence. Cesaro fights back for two through more silence.

Finally a "Feed me more!" chant. Off the ropes Cesaro lifts Ryback and slams him for two as JBL talks about Teddy Long's tag matches.

Ryback whipped and hits the mat. Ryback off the ropes and into a sleeper. Ryback to a knee. Ryback up, blows on Cesaro, then free and whipped. Ryback gets a foot up. Ryback splashes, but Cesaro gets his knees up and then tosses Ryback from the ring.


Ryback eats corner. Upper cuts to Ryback. Ryback off the ropes into a clothesline for two.

Cena is still watching this match closely. Facelock on Ryback on the mat as the fans are dead! Ryback up with blows on Cesaro. Ryback whipped, lifts Cesaro. Cesaro climbs, flies, caught, eats a belly-to-belly from Ryback. Ryback all over Cesaro with an inverted atomic drop. "Feed me more!" led by Ryback. Cesaro to the apron, hangs Ryback up. Cesaro on the apron and brought in through a hip toss. Splash on Cesaro. Cesaro in a corner, lifted, powerbombed by Ryback for two.

Cesaro lifted, free, lands a German on Ryback, and holds on. Back elbow from Ryback to get free, but then Ryback shoulder first to the post. German on Ryback. Then a third German and Cesaro still hold on and hits a fourth! Cesaro gets two for his work.

Cesaro climbs the corner, waits, hits a flying elbow on Ryback for two.

Ryback powers back, launches Cesaro into the air, then catches and plants him to the mat for two.

"Feed me more!" from Ryback and the fans, and it gets loud. Ryback then eats an upper cut. The second toss and upper cut is really sloppy. Cesaro ready for the neutralizer, countered. Shellshocked countered. Meathook, then shellshocked from Ryback for three.

Winner – Ryback (14:14)

The fans are a bit more into it as Ryback leaves the ring, but not much.

Backstage Segment

Renee approaches Cena watching backstage.

Renee – What's your level of concern with Team Authority campaigning against Team Cena?

Cena – Everyone knows that their power, careers, and future are on the line at Survivor Series, which means, everyone's future is on the line at Survivor Series, especially those bold enough to stand up to The Authority. I see what The Authority is doing, all they can to keep my team from making it to Survivor Series, and it seems there's very little I can do to stop them. The most I can hope for and I see those guys at the contract signing, and Sunday we take The Authority out of power.

Renee – Does this include Ryback?

Cena – Well, Ryback's made it obvious that he's on Team Ryback.

Renee – With that, let's go back to ringside.

In Ring Segment

Rusev and Lana to the ring, flag, star and belt all in tow.


Rusev vs Slater

Lana – We had to handle the disrespect of President Putin at the G20 Summit. Shut tup!

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup! Shut up! Your country is pathetic. This past week you American showed your lack of taste when you salivated over the lewd photos of your socialite queen, Kim Kardashian. (heat) Disgusting. Anyways, all of you know that no American woman can compare to this ravishing figure! My body.

Lana poses and spins to show off her assets.

Lana – I'm the best. So, I have a topless photo of my own to show you. It will leave all you American men drooling. Do you want to see it? (yes, but not as loud as expected) Are you sure? ("YES!") Can you handle is? ("YES!") Do you want to see my very own topless photo? ("YES!") Okay!

On the tron is that picture of topless Putin on a horse.

Lana – And you broken American dreams.

Slater comes out to new music in an awful Uncle Sam outfit, minus beard.

Slater – Lana, sweetheart, me, everyone here, America, want you to shut up! (pop) Sweet, the American spirit flows through each and every one of us! As you can see, I've got the red, white, and blue running through this badass country boy right now, baby!

Off comes the jacket to show a really nice sequined American flag vest. Slater up and into the ring.

Slater – For you big boy, it ends tonight. Ding-ding, you son of a bitch!

Big boot drops Slater, and his hat flies. "USA!" chants. Lana laughs and claps outside. A stomp to Slater, then the accolade.

Winner – Rusev (0:29)

Rusev won't let go until the ref forces the issue. Lana in and hands him his belt, puts his star on, then the flag unfurls. They pose in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Grumpy Cat is back where she started.

Miz – Okay, okay, final offer. We do a buddy cop movie. Your name first, you get the girl, and I stay alive for the sequel. What do you say?

Rowan – Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Rowan slowly steps into the screen from the right side.

Rowan – Here kitty, kitty. (off comes the mask) I want that cat.

Grumpy Cat goes to sleep. A noise from Rowan wakes her. Miz and Mizdow look shocked. Rowan grabs the stuffed cat from Mizdow and leaves. Grumpy Cat just hangs out through it all.

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.


Big Show vs Sheamus

Steph to the ring.

Steph – Hello Show. I was watching Monday Night War on WWE Network, which my husband mentioned earlier was free for new subscribers (but those of us who have paid up for a year are not getting any discount). What I was watching was your debut, and you were billed as Andre The Giant's son, and it shows that you were always in someone's shadow. You've always wanted to be the guy, the main event that drew the fans in. You think it's up to them, they don't have that power! They don't decide who the main event is! The Authority does! As a result you're conflicted. Do you pander, or resent them? You've flip-flopped over the years, when really all you have to do is listen to your boss. To show you how The Authority can reward you, if you step away from Team Cena, you will be one of the only active competitors conducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. It's a giant honor for a giant of a man. Think about it Show. Think about it. Don't listen to them!

Big Show says something off mic. Steph talks back, off mic. They talk, she smiles.

Steph – What do you say? Don't listen to them, that's where you've gone wrong before. Listen to those who can actually make a difference.

Big Show (off mic) - I am, I'm listening to these people. Steph, my answer is no.

Sheamus' music hits, and out he comes, talking on his way to the ring.

Sheamus – Excuse me. Sorry Mrs. H, but before you go there, like Big Show there, I'm proud to be part of Team Cena. Just like Sunday, when me and the other members of Team Cena finally drive you out of power. Because this time next week, the only way I'll have to see you, or Triple H, is if both of you buy a ticket.

Steph – Hahaha! You like that one, huh? Thanks for entertaining me, and interrupting me, but, it's interesting, I'm glad you came out here. We had an issue at the office this week. It seems that coming back from the UK, there was an issue with your passport, and it turns out you're not an American citizen, are you. It would be a shame if there were some sort of clerical error, your Visa was no longer valid, and you were deported. And therefore couldn't make it Survivor Series this weekend, that would be a bit problematic, wouldn't it. I'll give you both another reason to consider leaving Team Cena, and that's that the two of you will be in action tonight, against each other. To give a little incentive, the winner of this match will have the opportunity to win the WWE WHC, and this match starts right not. Get a ref out here. Alright, now ring that bell!

Big Show and Sheamus look shocked and not thrilled by it at all.

They circle, then stop, slap hands in sportsmanship. They lock up, Sheamus to the ropes. Clean break. Lock up, into the corner, clean break. Lock up, Sheamus to the ropes, Sheamus is mad and pushes. Big Show pushes back. They go back and forth. Sheamus with kicks, but then into the corner, and a chop from Big Show. A chop in the opposite corner from Big Show. Sheamus comes back with blows. Sheamus then sent out over the top. Big Show out, grabs Sheamus, sends him over the barricade into the timekeeper's area.


Big Show stands tall, grabs Sheamus, but is kicked down. Forearms over Big Show's shoulder, ten beats to a kneeling Big Show. A big boot, then Sheamus gets two.

Sheamus tries to lift Big Show, can't is slammed himself. Elbow from Big Show for two.

Big Show slams Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus slowly up, lifted, slammed to the mat again. Sheamus struggles to his feet, and another slam from Big Show. Elbow from Big Show for two.

Big Show locks up Sheamus' legs, Sheamus screaming. Sheamus reaches for the bottom rope, and manages to make it. Big Show breaks. Blows to Big Show's body. A forearm to the face, then another, and Sheamus is able to bring Big Show down. High running knee to Big Show, but then Sheamus into a big boot. Sheamus avoids an elbow drops. Sheamus hangs Big Show up top, then climbs. Big Show spears Sheamus in the air, but only gets two for it.

Big Show motions, yelling. Sheamus caught, reverses into white noise for a long two.

Sheamus slow to his feet, Big Show in a corner. Big Show blocks the brogue, lands a chokeslam for two.

Big Show climbs the corner, but Sheamus up with blows to Big Show's back. Sheamus lifts and drops Big Show back to the mat. Both are down. Rusev and Henry to the ring. Sheamus takes a kick from Rusev that sends him through the ropes.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ? (11:19)

Rusev stomps Big Show in the ring as Henry destroys announce outside the ring. Henry lifts Sheamus, WWS through announce. In the ring Big Show is out, but locked in the accolade. "Cena!" chants from women and children. Rusev lets Big Show go, Henry stomps off from Sheamus.



Bad News Barrett, Fandango, Rosa and Heyman will be on the Survivor Series Pre-show.


Recap of the attack on Big Show and Sheamus by Rusev and Henry.

Nikki vs Brie as AJ

AJ's music, but it's Brie dressed as AJ, poses, skips to the ring, even poses on the ropes like AJ. Nikki's to the ring, with Brie glaring at her. Video of Brie losing to AJ, but then Nikki in attacking AJ with the rack attack. Lilian announces it as an exhibition match. AJ's music and she skips out, strap in hand, to the broken table.

"CM Punk!" chants. Brie fights back, Nikki yells at her. Arm drag on Brie. AJ says Brie has never looked better. Shoulder block to Brie. AJ says Brie looks better in the outfit, and she's a little offended by it. Back breakers to Brie. Nikki points to AJ. Nikki pins, then pulls Brie up by her hair.

AJ says the strap is a prop, goes good with her shoes. Brie puts an elbow up in Nikki's face and gets yelled at and attacked for it. Brie up, but AJ on the apron. Nikki swings. Brie behind rolls Nikki up for three.

Winner – Brie (2:10)

Brie with a glowing smile, but then Nikki attacks Nikki to save Brie. Shining wizard on Nikki. Brie starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", but then AJ with a kick to Brie's gut, then a lovely DDT from AJ. AJ from the ring, skips up the ramp.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about a special at midnight on YouTube and Network with a walk through of the W2K15.



Big E's version of the choir promo. He's in a white v-neck T-shirt, and sells it even better than the other two! A new day is coming!

Backstage Segment

Ryback is in a locker room.

Cena – Big man, I get it. You're your own man, you don't need anybody. The WWE needs you. Have you given any thought at all to joining Team Cena?

Ryback – First of all, it's The Big Guy. Second of all, not only can I not see you, I can't see the team either. Third, I don't take kindly to insults, especially from the likes of John Cena.

Cena – Okay, I saw the footage, and I said those things about you, to your face, and quite frankly, after I said them, you stopped whining, we beat the hell out of each other, and you earned my respect. Listen, man, you are smart enough to know The Authority is manipulating you. If you join Team Cena, they know they're done at Survivor Series, out of power. If they stay, one day you look at Trip wrong in the hall, and he suddenly decides that Ryback is no longer an A+ player. Or you can take a chance. You can take a risk, and you can control your own destiny, man. What do you say?

Ryback – You think I'm stupid, I know what The Authority's trying to do. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I'm Team Ryback all the way. Thank for stopping by John.

Cena – You know, I don't think you're stupid. I think you're selfish. I think you just got back to the WWE, and I'm asking you to do something bold, and it's amazing, the guy who always wants to be fed more, finally gets to eat at the big table, and suddenly he's not hungry. Sad.

Cena leaves and Ryback glares.

Announce Segment

JBL, Cole and Kane talking about Cena looking desperate, while sitting behind a broken table. They go to video of Ambrose turning the tables on Bray earlier on Raw.

In Ring Segment

Usos to the ring in orange.


Usos Los Matadores vs Dusts & Miz & Mizdow

Miz and Mizdow to the ring. The other three teams are in the ring.

Miz and Mizdow remove their shades. Actually, Mizdow posed, but had removed his. Side headlock on Diego. Diego under Miz, back and forth at least six times, then holds on, poses. Miz takes a kick through the ropes, Mizdow hits the floor. Miz kicks Diego in the face, then points to Mizdow for pop, but Goldust tags in. Diego eats corner, then a chop. Reversed on Goldust for chops. Diego whipped, Goldust eats elbow. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Stardust in and tossed across the ring. Mizdow in, throws himself down and rolls out. Los Matadores fly out on Dusts, then El Torito flies out on Miz.


Goldust over Fernando, whips him shoulder first to the post. Stardust tags in and stomps Fernando. Cole says news on Team Cena after the match. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Mizdow poses to huge pop. Stardust on Fernando on the mat, working over his arm. Miz tags in through "JBL!" chants. Miz on Fernando for two.

Mizdow is holding a move on air as Miz has it on Fernando in the ring. Mizdow is kicking air through "Jerry!" chants. Miz pinned for two as Mizdow flails on the mat.

Goldust tags in, snap mare, knee drop for two.

Stomps and kicks to Fernando. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Mizdow wants in, but Stardust takes the tag, laughing. Knee to Fernando off the ropes. Head butt to Stardust for nothing, then Stardust kicks Fernando. Miz tags in. "We want Mizdow!" and he gets the tag! Then Miz tags right back in and the fans give heat. Fernando kicks Miz out through the ropes. Stardust tags in on Fernando, kicks him, knocks Diego off the apron, then slammed to the ring himself by Fernando. An Uso tags in, so both in, one flies, the other in the ring with Stardust. Clotheslines for Stardust, then a really loose Samoan drop. Bum slam to Stardust, but Goldust with a slam on the Uso. On Goldust a back stabber from Fernando who takes a SCF. Super kick to Diego as Stardust ducks. Stardust comes back and pins the Uso for three.

Winners – Dusts & Miz & Mizdow (12:19)

Grumpy Cat is asleep backstage, not thrilled with being disturbed, and Cole calling her a boy.

Announce Segment

Cole says there's disturbing news about Sheamus. He's been taken to a medical facility after going through the table, and is out of Survivor Series.


After Raw there's a new look at the new Savage documentary.


Contract Signing

Team Authority to the ring. Video of Ziggler being attacked before his match, then the match and the curb stomp after. Rusev attacking Sheamus, then Henry putting Sheamus through announce. The accolade on Big Show.

Trip – This Sunday at Survivor Series, live in front of the whole world, live on the WWE Network, history will be made. Team Cena vs Team Authority, and The Authority will win, because when it comes to the WWE, when it comes to the WWE (choked up) all of you don't get it. You think you have a passion for this, you love the WWE, right. Cena will tell you he loves WWE. But the truth is, you have no idea what it's like for us. Every molecule of your being is this. Every fiber of who you are is this. You have no idea. Your great grandfather, your grandfather, your father, for us, for our kids, you have no idea. This is the air we breathe. (Trip looks deep in Steph's eyes, and she looks back with an open love for him.) We can't lose. We cannot lose.

Steph – We won't lose. We won't.

Trip – You're right. (Still staring at each other.) And we won't lose. And we won't lose. And we won't lose. We cannot lose. So this is the last chance of supposed Team Cena, this is your opportunity to back out. If you don't back out now, trust me, you will wish that you had.

Steph – And there's really no shame in backing out, I mean it takes more courage to back down from a fight than it does to start one. My father challenged us to become better leaders for you. Look at this team, the most dominant force in WWE history. In this ring it is survival of the fittest. It's the law of nature, and this team has been decimating and annihilating Team Cena all night long. So without further ado, allow me to introduce what's left, ladies and gentlemen, Team Cena.

John Cena comes out to the stage by himself. He looks apprehensive, then looks back. No one is there. Cena goes back a bit, then smiles and heads to the ring by himself. Slowly up the stairs and into the ring on the opposite side of the table from Team Authority.

Trip – I'm sorry, it's actually kind of ironic. I can't see the rest of your team.

Cena – You got jokes. It's funny. Joke's gonna stop this Sunday. I can see it in your eyes, Survivor Series, the most important day of your lives! WWE 'Universe' will be watching on the Network for free, and they're going to see you lose, then y'all will be out of power.

Steph – Oh, yeah, John, because you and what army are going to defeat this team? Sheamus has already been taken to the hospital for what Team Authority did to him. I don't see anyone else standing with you, and you know why? Because they value their careers. They value their livelihood. You're the only one too myopic to see that. Nobody's going to join you in your hopeless crusade and throw their entire lives away. Wake up Cena!

Cena – You're telling me to wake up?

Steph – Yes!

Cena – Don't get used to telling anyone anything, because after Sunday, you ain't gonna have no power! Team Authority will lose! Sitting over there with your smug dream team, and all night underhanded tricks to sabotage Team Cena. Every member except one man, the man who will make sure you lose. You say I don't see what's going on? I see what's going on, you come out here every week and put these people to sleep. Then you say it's what's what's best for business, every decision is what's best for yourself! I beat you by any means necessary. Hell, I'll pick four people out of the crowd! Is there anyone here who wants to kick the crap out of The Authority. (Cena from the ring to the front row.) I need four people who want to beat them. (There's a fake nun and a fake sailor in the front row.) Cena said they're in. (Cena calls to one guy further back.) My man, right here! (Cena slaps hand with a three year old boy in a Cena cap.) You know something Steph, Trip, even if I did go to war with those four, there's a huge difference between our teams, this is it. All of them have passion for the WWE. Your team is a bunch of suck ups and sellouts. So I promise you I know what's going on. I'll give you a preview of what's going on. You cannot miss Survivor Series on Sunday on WWE Network, it's free, not even $9.99 anymore, and this is why you need to see it. The Queen and King who sauntered to the ring, noses up, dream team trying to destroy Cena. Excuse me, I need a prop. (Cena grabs a chair.) They will take their ringside seat and think it's all a formality as the guy in the yellow shirt (Cena) is destroyed, and that's when your team, one by one, will fall. Kane will be the first. Kane, former fire breathing monster, kin to Taker, controlled by the magical urn, now a suit wear, butt kissing, bootleg Drew Carey!

Trip is leaning, face down on the corner buckle, almost drooling as he fakes being asleep.

Cena – You'll wake up in time to see Harper fail. Funny, he's from the swamp, and when he fails, you will have a swamp in your pants. Steph, you know what I'm talking about.

Trip slaps the corner in fake laughter.

Cena – It's a good one now, but your jobs will drop when Rusev can't get the job done, and that's when it gets serious. Your eyes tear up, your sweating through your suit, and you look to Steph for support, but she's like the new guy in the corner, puking her guts out. (sound effects) It's okay, after you throw up, you'll be hungry, then I will have no problem feeding you Sexual Chocolate.

"Sexual Chocolate!" chants. Cena heads back into the ring.

Cena – And that leaves just one, the sellout golden boy, Rollins. The bleached blond brunet with the fetish for latex. When he finally gets his attitude adjusted, you will be crushed. You're going to watch the ref count to three, and they will feel like three years as your life flashes before your eyes. Every person you stepped on to get to the top, every live you destroyed. It's actually pretty fitting that you spend the rest of your time in the WWE cleaning toilets. And you...

Steph reaches across the table and slaps Cena's face almost off.

Cena – You better get out of the ring, because it's go time.

Cena moves the table out of the way as Steph stands there in shock. Off comes the shirt and hat. Trip tells Cena to do it.

But then Ziggler's music. He comes out holding his neck, but he's there. Ziggler's hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Into the ring, and Ziggler stands next to Cena. Steph is still there, waiting with the guys.

Big Show's music, and out he comes to the ring. He stares as he gets into the ring between Ziggler and Cena.

Trip counts his numbers compared to Cena.

Music I don't recognize, it's Rowan! Rowan removes his mask and gets into the ring. Rowan gets pointing and yelling at a shocked Harper. Trip isn't thrilled.

"Feed me more!" chants.

Steph – Okay, that's a big surprise, but only four. One man short John. Considering who you're in the ring with, with one short at Survivor Series, that's tantamount to career suicide. So I'm giving the rest of you one last chance to consider.

"Feed me more!" chants.

Steph – One more chance.

Cesaro's pseudo-music hits! He comes out, pulls of his knee pads, and hits the ring, standing right with the rest of them. But then Cesaro over to The Authority side.

Steph – The look on your face, it was awesome! Hahahaha! Oh, my God, that was good. Anymore surprises? Hahaha!

"Feed me more!" and out comes The Big Guy as Steph's face falls! Mercury can be seen holding the ropes for Steph and Lana before Ryback gets to the ring. As soon as Ryback starts sliding in, Cena attacks. The fight starts, and Trip leaves the ring. The two captains are in, Rollins up for an AA, but Trip in, kicks Cena, and is about to pull him up, but Ryback is in the ring too. Ryback stares down Trip who stares back. Ziggler can be seen beating someone down outside. Cena grabs Trip, lifts him, and FU through the table!

Team Cena gets in the ring to join Cena as Steph is almost in tears outside the ring. They raise hands across the ring – Rowan, Big Show, Ryback, Cena, and Ziggler. Steph into the ring to tend to Trip. It looks as though Cena might have the start of a possible black eye starting. Steph continues to talk to Trip, tending to her husband. Trip is starting to sit up, hurts too much, and Steph calls for help.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Cesaro trolling the crowd
Miz tagging himself back in

Most Sad
Grumpy Cat

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