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Raw Results 11/10/14 – I'm A Team Player

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RAW Results November 10, 2014
From Liverpool Echo Arena in Liverpool, England
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Ryback is wanted by both teams a Survivor Series. Tonight Cena faces Ryback.

Raw Starts


Recap of the start of Raw last week with McMahon and that if Team Authority doesn't win at Survivor Series, they are out of power. Then, at the end of Raw, Orton faced Rollins, but it didn't make Orton get it out of his system, because there were more problems than solutions. Trip finally had to turn on Orton, after Steph screeched for to happen, and end him so he could go off to film his movie.

Now, Cena will be fed to Ryback. Will Team Cena survive to Survivor Series?

In Ring Segment

Cena's music hits to serious heat from the UK crowd! They sing with Cena's music, "John Cena sucks!" Cena sucks it all in with a smile. Cena's music ends to some of the loudest Cena heat I've ever heard!

Cena – I always do find the English remix of that song amusing. We're in an excited and hostile environment. (heat) I can't even feel the team for Survivor Series. McMahon said it will be the most epic in history. If Team Authority loses, they're out. The Authority doesn't want Cena to have a team. They're making it into a death sentence to join Team Cena. One tweet from Ryder, now he's out for six months after surgery. Orton spoke out, and now he's out. I have two guys who are willing to stand by my side. B+ players, never get anywhere. The first being Jack Swagger, but he's facing Rollins tonight. The other one has been told he can never make it in this business, the IC Champ, Dolph Ziggler. I have those two, everyone else is scared. One guy it think isn't afraid of everyone. He's my opponent tonight.

"Feed me more!" from the fans.

Cena – He's been hurt and held back, but before we fight, I'd like to talk a little business.

"Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback. "Feed me more!" from the fans.

Ryback – The big guy's back!

Trip's music, and out comes The Authority. Trip, Steph, Kane, Rollins and the stooges. They motion, step aside, and out comes Henry with them. Trip leads them to the ring, then all in.

Steph – Honey, I know that these people know who to ask. I'm thinking of God Save The Queen for my music.

Trip – Everything is on the line at Survivor Series. You think I want to scare them away? I'm going to put the fear into every single one of them...

"Where's our Network?" chants from the fans, and it's growling louder and louder.

Trip – Because, as far as I'm concerned, I'm God. Everything is on the the line, for everyone. The stakes have been raised, the game has changed. Who has the guts to side with Team Cena knowing it's career suicide, the worst decision to be made. Or who sides with Team Authority, we may lose a battle, but The Authority always, always wins. Let me get this straight, you got two guys. Jack Swagger. Hahaha, Jack Swagger. You got that Steph? And Dolph Ziggler? (pop) Cheer for him all you want. I can almost guarantee he won't make it to Survivor Series, because...

Cena – You said almost the same about Bryan, didn't you? And he beat your ass at WrestleMania.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – And he's sitting home on the shelf doing nothing. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Doing nothing. Ziggler steps in with Henry tonight.

Steph – John, you're one of the most motivational and inspiration speakers I've heard, but all of this, join this, end The Authority is all propaganda. We all know harsh reality is better than false hope. Joining Team Authority is best for business. Ryback, if you join Team Authority, there will be a lot more main events in the future. The Authority does make or break careers. At Survivor Series, our career is on the line, so we are putting together the biggest, baddest, most dominant team in Survivor Series history. ("What?") Which is exactly why we have our eyes on The Big Guy. Look at his size, strength, sheer intensity. ("What?") Ryback has the potential to be the biggest monster the WWE has ever seen! ("What?")

Kane doesn't look at all impressed with that last line.

Trip – So, what do you get the monster with the insatiable appetite? More? More main events, more championships, more money, more fame, more glory, more, more of anything you want.

Cena – You know, this is why you two wankers should be out of a job. (pop) Because you're too stupid to know what's going on. You make and break careers, but for your own protection. My team will take the field in two weeks, no matter if there's one guy, two guys, or just me. If I get my ass handed to me, I take it as a man, not as a sellout stooge, sellout Kane, sellout sexual chocolate. (pop)

Steph – He seems a little defensive!

"Where's our Network?" chants.

Cena – I'm not gonna beg you to do nothin'. You wanna join me, fine. You join them, look at their track record. You mess up, say the wrong thing, it's over. I say this, join a team for bribes, or join a team and let the fans decide your fate. They want to see you,t hey will make it loud and clear that they want to see you!

"Feed me more!" chants from the fans. Cena holds out the mic.

Ryback – The Big Guy's not afraid of The Authority. (pop) And I also don't see Cena's name on the bottom of The Big Guy's paycheck.

Spinebuster to Cena.

Steph – Oh! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Ryback leaves, and The Authority stands over Cena. Steph is all smiles.



Recap of the opening segment.

Rollins vs Swagger

Swagger takes Rollins down with a side headlock takedown. Up to their feet, Rollins into a corner. Cheap shot over the ref in Swagger's face. Forearms to Swagger's face, but then Swagger fights back. Rollins from the ring to regroup. The ref counts. "Jamie Noble!" chants! Blows on Swagger in the ring. An elbow to the back of Swagger's neck, then Swagger blocks Rollins. Swagger with a slow, deliberate, strong suplex on Rollins that looked all Swagger. "We, the people!" chants. Leg drop to Rollins, then Swagger on him with a shoulder hold as Rollins sits on the mat. Rollins slammed back in a corner. Rollins out of the corner, and Swagger throws Rollins, appearing to be all his strength.


Rollins pins Swagger for two.

"JBL!" chants. Rollins kicks Swagger in the gut, then back. Rollins arm flips Swagger. "Jerry!" chants. Facelock on Swagger. "Michael Cole!" chants. Swagger sends Rollins up and out over the top. Swagger with a big clothesline off the ropes, then another! We, the people! Swagger bomb on Rollins for two.

Rollins off the corner, Swagger reverses into the patriot lock, but Rollins to the ropes.

Rollins sends Swagger out through the ropes. Rollins off the apron, but Swagger on the leg again. Noble and Mercury distract, and Rollins ends up sending Swagger to eat the post. Back in the ring, curb stomp on Swagger for three.

Winner – Rollins (11:32)

Doctors to Swagger. The stooges back the doctor from Swagger, and another curb stomp. Rollins gets to yelling at Zeb, calling him old man, threatening a curb stomp on him as well.



Peep Show on Smackdown with Ambrose. Bray taunted Ambrose through the segment.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – Yeah, I made a lot more enemies than friends in my career. I got a rap sheet a mile long. I'm a sinner? Fine, I'm a sinner. I've done a lot of dirty, despicable things to a lot of people, and I don't feel bad for any of it. I don't want to be anybody's hero. You want to bring up demons? You don't know about it. Every time I step in the ring, I'm fighting demons scarier than Bray Wyatt. If I can say one thing, I don't hide from any of it. The Authority couldn't put me out of my misery. Bray Wyatt sure as hell isn't going to put me out of my misery, when I go down, I'm going to self destruct, gloriously. If Bray wants to go down with me, then I hope he's right. I hope there's a special place in hell for both of us.

Backstage Segment

Ryback, and he's getting heat.

Kane – Glad to have you on the team. Your match with Cena tonight is your first opportunity to prove yourself to us Trip's job, Steph's job, the entire direction of the WWE is on the line.

Ryback – I got it.

Kane – You've had your problems with Cena in the past, but don't worry, I'll be ringside for the match.

Ryback – I said, I got it. (a huge smile the whole time)

Kane – Ryback, confidence is a virtue, but if you want to be a success cog in the Team Authority machine, you'll need humility as well, so let me make myself clear. I'll be out there with the sole purpose of helping you win. Follow my lead and you will leave victorious.

Ryback – Follow your lead? Your lead? Let me make something perfectly clear to you, when I want your advice, I'll ask for it. As far as my match with John Cena, stay out of my way.

Ryback with laughter and that big smile again. Kane smiles back, then grimaces and leaves.


Fox vs Paige

Fox in the ring. Paige to the ring to solid pop, with Union Jacks on the toes of her boots.

Fox with a Thesz Press on Paige. Paige fights back with knees to the face through the ropes. Cheers for Paige until she's slammed off the apron. Back in the ring, and the fans are right behind her again. Scary northerlights on Paige for two.

Fox wrenches Paige's arms back, feet in her back. Fox lets go, Paige eats mat. Back breaker on Paige for two and the fans are now dead.

Paige reverses and gets two on Fox.

"This is my house!" yells Paige. RampPaige on Fox for three.

Winner – Paige (2:14)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Paige takes the love of the fans at home.

Lana and Rusev heading for the ring.

Steph – Congratulations on your victory, I had no doubt you'd become the US Champion. Now, as you're on your way to you victory celebration, one my husband Triple H and I set up, and also the match that we set up where you won the US Title. Given all of that, I wanted to make sure I had Rusev on Team Authority.

Lana – We have been discussing, but for political reasons, we're not sure...

Steph – Lana, there's no such thing as politics in WWE. I think, for one night, we can put everything aside, and you can join Team Authority.

Lana – Yes, we will consider.

Steph – Consider this, you stuck up little Russian twit. I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine. Understood?

Lana nods.



Xavier Woods' new promo video.

Backstage Segment

Re-watching McMahon in the ring last week on a monitor.

Trip – When I asked your dad about that, he said, 'I like surprises, you should learn to like surprises too.'

Steph – Yeah, that's one of his standard lines. I asked him,and he told me to fight for what I believe in, and said something about a silver spoon, like I haven't heard that before. Like he hasn't made me fight for absolutely everything I wanted. Tests, and tests, and tests, and tests.

Trip – The weird thing about it, why is he telling us different things? What's going on? Trying to divide us?

Steph – I don't think so. He tries to motivate people in different ways.

Trip – Here's what I think, it doesn't matter, whatever it is, Cena doesn't stand a chance with his little team. Dolph Ziggler! Please. We're going to crush this challenge. He wants to challenge us, great, we'll fight. And we will win, like we always do.

Steph – Still, what if?

Trip – I can't even think like that. Don't even go there. The thing is, you and I, as long as we have each other, everything will be just fine. Okay?

Trip leans in and kisses Steph. They touch foreheads in an endearing moment that truly looks natural between them, or at least for Steph.

In Ring Segment

Rusev to the ring, US Title in hand, Lana in a red suit in tow. There's two suits in the ring.

Slam of the Week – they show video of Rusev beating Sheamus last week on WWE Network after Raw.

Lana – Rusev is your US Champion. How ironic. This is why he wears this Title, a reminder of Mother Russia's superiority over the United States. Speaking of superiority, if it wasn't for Russia supporting your military, right now you'd all be speaking German. (heat)

Suit #1 – Rusev, Lana, the Kremlin is overjoyed with your heroic progress in the USA and here in the UK. President Putin couldn't be more proud. (Putin on tron) He has asked that I read this proclamation. My Comrades, congratulations to you both. I highly value you developing and promoting the Russian culture. Russia continues to stand for a beacon of excellence in the world. On behalf of the world's greatest superpower, we congratulate you.

Rusev – Now respect and rise for the Russian national anthem.

The Anthem plays, the flag unfurls, they stand proud in the ring until Sheamus' music cuts the anthem off. Sheamus into the ring, but Rusev leaves. He leaves too slowly and Sheamus is left looking ineffectual for a moment.



A Veteran's Day video narrated by Cena.

US Championship Match - Sheamus vs Rusev (c)

They lock up, fight around, out of a corner, fight some more. Side headlock on Rusev. Rusev fights back with blows and kicks. Sheamus reverses in a corner, Rusev eats corner, then a blow to the ribs. More blows on Rusev, but Rusev reverses the whip. More blows on Rusev, but Rusev fights back and Sheamus to his knees. Even more and Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus fights back with a knee to the side of Rusev's head. Rusev to the apron, they struggle quite a bit, and then Sheamus with a few beats, but Rusev stops him. Sheamus head butts Rusev from the apron. Sheamus back first to the apron, then Rusev with a standing fallaway slam on Sheamus who lands on announce as Rusev stays on his feet! Sheamus rolled in, then stomped. Kicks to Sheamus' thighs in a corner, then Sheamus taken to the mat. Lana is all smiles outside. Front facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus struggles up, blows on Rusev, but Rusev falls back to the mat, turning it into a submission hold on Sheamus. Sheamus free, but into another hold, still on the mat. Rusev back into the front facelock, then into a head hold on the mat. Sheamus up, elbows free in a corner, but then runs into a spin kick.


Sheamus falls to the apron from the corner. Rusev drags Sheamus in, then stomps him. More stomping from Rusev. Back to the hold on the mat. Shmtohis feet, head butts, elbows, blows, takes a knee. The stooges are ringside. Sheamus and Rusev exchange blows, Sheamus gaining control. Sheamus ducks Rusev, then takes him down. Shouler to Rusev in a corner, then a high running knee. Sheamus then runs into a drop kick from Rusev and both are down. "You sold out!" chants. Rusev rushes Sheamus, but is caught and slammed for two.

Sheamus is dripping with sweat, Rusev sends him out, but he lands on his feet. On the apron and Sheamus gets all ten beats! Sheamus with his battering ram, lifts Rusev, but he rolls through and pulls Sheamus down. Sheamus tries to lock on the cloverleaf, but Rusev's legs are too big. Sheamus rolls Rusev through for two.

Rusev fights back, tossing Sheamus around for two.

Both are down, struggling, tired. Rusev up, Sheamus into a corner, blows from Rusev. "ECW!" chants. Sheamus across the corner, Rusev with blows on him. Rusev with Sheamus on his shoulders. Sheamus with elbows, then white noise for two! "Ole Ole!"

Both slow to their feet. Sheamus sets up, but Rusev drops out and under. Rusev out, Sheamus flies off the corner. They're out for eight. The stooges attack Sheamus outside. The ref calls for the DQ.

Winner – Sheamus via DQ (15:37)

Lana gets Rusev out of there as Sheamus steams.


Backstage Segment

Steph is clapping for Rusev.

Steph – Congratulations for retaining the US Championship. I wanted to know if you've given any more thought to whether Rusev will be joining Team Authority at Survivor Series?

Lana – Yes, we will join. Vladimir Putin is very happy...

Steph – Lana, just one thing, I don't give a damn what President Putin says. It's what The Authority wants. (Steph says something to Lana in Russian, Lana replies in Russian.) Together we will crush Team Cena!

Announce Segment

Team Authority is Ryback, Rusev, Henry, Kane, and Rollins. They then go to video of Cena calling Ryback out, but Ryback hitting a spinebuster.

Backstage Segment

Ryback getting ready.

Rollins – Ryback, my man. You are huge. I just wanted to tell you welcome aboard, and just like Rusev, you made the right call jumping on our side. You know what I'm sayin'? This is huge. WWE as we know it is on the line at Survivor Series, it doesn't get any bigger than this. It will be my honor to lead us to victory over John Cena and whatever losers he gets to come up for this match at Survivor Series. I know this might be a little sensitive, we've had our differences in the past, we got to put that to bed. We're on the same team and need to focus, all that matters. Personally, I agree with you. Tonight against Cena, you don't need to take order from Kane. That's ridiculous. You can take them from me, okay big man?

Ryback – Hey,my game plan is simple. I find a target, and I destroy it. Cena's gonna find that out tonight. And, it's not big man, it's The Big Guy.

Rollins – Okay, Big Guy.

Rollins leaves, and Ryback continues working out.

In Ring Segment

Los Matadores to the ring with El Torito in town.


Los Matadores vs Miz & Mizdow

Miz and Mizdow to the ring to Miz's music. Hornswoggle is dressed the same, and between them to the ring.

All three remove their shades together. Miz on Fernando with a side headlock. Shoulder block tofrn and Hornswoggle is selling outside, as Mizdow runs the apron with Miz in the ring. Fernando trips Miz into the ropes, Diego tags in and over the top on Miz. Miz fights back with a neckbreaker. Miz on Diego with stomps. Outside Hornswoggle points to Mizdow for pop. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Miz up top, double ax handle, Mizdow lands outside in the same way. Miz points to Mizdow to huge pop. Mizdow tags in to HUGE pop, but Miz with a blind tag, right back into the ring. Fernando all over Miz, head scissors, but eats an elbow. Fernando with a crossbody, Mizdow breaks the count, but taken out by Diego. Miz with a big boot on Diego. El Torito knocks Hornswoggle off the apron. Diego rolled up for two.

Miz over the top and in, on Diego. Mizdow holds Mizdow's foot for Miz to get three.

Winners – Miz & Mizdow (4:44)

Backstage Segment

Cena in to talk to Ziggler.

Ziggler – How's Swagger?

Cena – Not good sounding.

Ziggler – So, now it's Kane, Rusev, Rollins, Henry, and The Big Guy against us?

Cena – Yep. Yep, it is. But again, those don't seem like good odds, but it isn't Survivor Series yet, so you're the Champ, you need to take care of your career. If you need to jump ship, no hard feelings, I completely understand.

Ziggler – Jump ship? The Authority makes so many Superstars afterthoughts, for once, we're on the same page here. The Authority has to go. They will go out of their way, even to spite themselves, to make sure I don't make it to Survivor Series. For once, I got your back.

Cena – Well, I got a feeling they're up to something, so, I don't know what difference it will make, but I'll be ringside for you, and I'll swing until I can't swing no more. Good luck.

Ziggler – Thanks.

Trip bounces in, all smiles.

Trip – What's up guys? What's going on? Why the long faces? I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, while I'm cool with you fellas watching each others backsides in kinda an odd way, but you're going to have to do it from a distance because Henry deserves an honest shot at Dolph Ziggler. I'm going to have to ban you from ringside, John.

Cena – Of course you are.

Trip – Hey, shame what happened to Swagger earlier.

Cena – Real shame.

Trip – Really is. But, nothing personal, just business. Cheer up, it's a good night. Another one bites the dust!

Trip leaves singing the song, and dancing like a white boy.


WWE Rewind

Ziggler won his steel cage match on Smackdown against Kane.

Ziggler vs Henry

Ziggler to the ring, riled up and as bouncy as ever.

Harper's new promo video.

Henry out to face Ziggler. Videoof Henry beating down Big Show on Raw last week.

Ziggler with blows on Henry. Henry tosses him off. Ziggler ducks Henry. Drop kick on Henry, but he stays standing. Ziggler runs into a clothesline. Ziggler whipped and hits the mat. Ziggler slammed back into a corner again. Henry splashes, but Ziggler moves and Henry eats corner. Ziggler is able to take Henry down, but in the corner, in the ropes. Ziggler manages to reverse on Henry, planting him face first to the mat. Both are down. Slow to their feet. Ziggler kicks Henry from the ring with a kick through the ropes. Ziggler out and tossed into the barricade. Ziggler side-steps Henry who ends up in the time keeper are. Henry comes out with a chair. Henry throws the chair at Ziggler's face. Ziggler got his arms up to block, but sells it by hitting the floor. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Ziggler via DQ (2:47)

Ziggler sells on the floor. Henry pulls Ziggler up, sends him into the stairs. Henry splits the stairs, grabs the bottom, slides them into the ring. Henry grabs Ziggler by the face, pulls him up, and sends him into the ring. Henry pulls Ziggler up...but then Big Show's music hits and he comes out with his ribs taped. Henry lifts the stairs. Big Show stops the stairs. Henry goes down. Henry from the ring, Big Show tosses the stairs out at Henry.

Big Show – Don't run! Don't run! Run! Leave! Let me let you in on a secret. I join Team Cena and will see you at Survivor Series!

Big Show out to help Ziggler to his feet. Big Show and Ziggler leave together, the walking wounded.



A Kofi video, just like Woods, in front of the choir, dancing and talking. "A new day is coming!"

Backstage Segment

Ziggler – Did I do good out there Show?

Big Show – You did good. You're still good looking, that goes for something.

Cena – I can't believe it.

Big Show – No one hate The Authority more than I do. Thank you.

Cena – After all this time, I have to say thank you, sir. Welcome to the team.

Big Show – I appreciate the opportunity.

Cena – We got three, all we need to do is find two more guys crazy enough to do this with us.

Ziggler – Good luck with that.

Sheamus – Actually, you only need one more fella. 'Cause I'm joinin' Team Cena.

Cena – Damn right! Welcome aboard.

Big Show – I think business just picked up a little bit.

Cena – Got four, one more!

AJ vs Brie

AJ skipped to the ring. Nikki to the ring with Brie in tow. Nikki whispers in her sister's ear, then pushes her to the ring. Earlier Nikki poked and yelled at Brie.

"CM Punk!" chants. Shoulder block drops AJ. AJ back with a back elbow for two.

Side headlock on Brie. AJ into the ropes, then Brie's knee. A running knee to AJ's face in the ropes for two.

AJ slammed back to the mat by her hair. Nikki yelling from outside. AJ tossed into the corner, Brie stomping her as Nikki yells orders at her, distracting her. AJ on Brie's shoulder, reverses into a DDT by Nikki's distraction. Elbow to AJ's face, then a missile drop kick on AJ. Brie rushes AJ, eats knees in the corner. AJ locks on the black widow and Brie taps out.

Winner – AJ (2:20)

As soon as the bell rings, Nikki attacks them both from behind, kicking AJ in the back, sending them sprawling. Nikki attacks AJ on the mat. Nikki pulls AJ up and hits her rack attack, yelling smack the whole time. Nikki poses with AJ's strap over AJ, then lays it across her. Nikki yells at Brie to hold the ropes so she can leave the ring.


Smackdown recap of Dan Rose take his steps in the new walking mechanism that's been helping those who have been confined to wheelchairs.

Backstage Segment

Henry – Welcome to the team. So, you call yourself The Big Guy now, huh? You don't look so big to me. Remember me whooping you at WrestleMania, right? Just playin' man. Whoop.

Henry leaves and Ryback laughs.



Grumpy Cat will be on Raw next week.

Rose vs Kidd

Exotic Express comes out dancing. Rose comes out dancing with them. Video of Bunny dancing on the apron on Smackdown, and costing Rose the match to R-Truth. Rose was pissed and pushed Bunny down.

The fans singing as the men circle in the ring. Shoulder block drops Kidd. Rose blocks a hip toss and hits his own. Rose hung up top, then kicked and stomped by Kidd. Rowan comes out, sheep mask on. He pushes through the Exotic Express, but Bunny doesn't see him. Bunny pushed aside by Rowan. Rowan around the ring, looking around by announce.

Rowan – She's not here.

He leaves through the time keeper's area.

Kidd eats an elbow in the corner, then clotheslines. JBL says Nattie is the one who isn't there, maybe that's who? Bunny up to fly. Rose talks him down. Sharpshooter on Rose who taps.

Winner – Kidd (2:43)

Bunny bounces around the ring,kissing up to Rose. Back kick to Bunny. Rose has that evil, pissy face, then back out to dance. Bunny is left in the ring lamenting.


Recap of McMahon on Raw last week.

Backstage Segment

The Authority and Team Authority, minus Ryback, all together, murmuring to each other.

Trip – It's okay.

Kane – We were all talking, and concerned that he's not a team player. The guy has an attitude.

Ryback comes in.

Ryback – Talkin' about me behind my back?

Trip – Everybody needs to relax. I got it, we all have first day team jitters. Calm down, it's not what tonight's about. Tonight's not about The Authority, your main event match with Cena is about you. I want you to do what you do better than anybody. Destroy, maim, I don't care, whatever you gotta do to Cena. Don't worry about Cena's new-found little team he has, because they're banned from ringside. Just do what you do.

Steph – And then come Survivor Series, we all need to be on the same page. We cannot afford a weak link on this team. I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of kindergarteners. Do you have any idea what's on the line here? It's not just our careers on the line. Think about your futures. Think about your livelihood. Think about your families. That's what's on the line at Survivor Series if we don't all come together and fight as one. Are we all on the same page?


Kane – You heard her, let's go.

The wrestlers all leave Trip and Steph in the office.


Announce Segment

Cole talks up Christian and the Peep Show. They go to video from the show. Bray taunts Ambrose through this segment with info about Ambrose's father in prison.

Backstage Segment

Bray – Society tells us that we are all imperfect. In our own special little way. In society's little point in this tall tale, we're all to be accepted for who we are. When someone is different, like Ambrose, someone would rather spit on them, than throw a dollar in their direction. I understand that, because I walk the same lines. Ambrose admits to his sins. Knows that he's a sinner. He is. So was Daddy. Daddy was a dirty, little, rotten sinner, and that's where you picked it all up from. And society says the same thing about sin, isn't that what you were taught in school? Ambrose, there's no going back for you. Self destruct all you want, but I know what your future is, because I know the only way! You think you've seen a lot in your life, poor Ambrose. But believe me boy, you've never seen real evil. I am the sin. If gods and monsters and devils want this one, they would put oceans to walk away from me. You have a choice Dean, walk with me and enjoy the path of righteousness, or you walk away, and you will burn for it. This is the law of our society.

In Ring Segment

Cena out to the same reaction he got at the start of the show, serious heat and singing with his music, "John Cena sucks!"


Announce Segment

After Raw is ECW Exposed. In the Stamford studio is Joey Styles and a special guest. They go to the studio, and it's Joey with Heyman. Heyman stops Joey while he thanks Cole.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I'm the advocate...Brock Lesnar! I'm also the visionary behind ECW, and this guy thinks he's going to grill me on all my dirty little secrets because the statute of limitations has run out.

Styles – And you can grill Paul Heyman as well, post your questions with #ECWExposed It's right after Raw on the WWE Network.

Cena vs Ryback

"Feed me more!" and out comes The Big Guy with The Authority and Team Authority in tow.

Video recap of the start of Raw.

They lock up. Cena tossed off and rolls out of the ring. Dueling Cena chants. Side headlock on Ryback. Ryback pushes out. Shoulder block to Cena. Ryback taunts Cena. Cena with blows on Ryback. They run the ropes until Ryback grabs Cena, slams him to the mat for two.

Trip and Steph backstage watching on monitor. Ryback beats Cena down on the mat through dueling chants. Super Cena comes back with punches, but then tossed from the ring in front of Team Authority. Ryback out with a big boot on Cena. Ryback rolls Cena in, then Kane tells Ryback to get on his job. Ryback up, but Cena knocks Ryback off the apron, right into Kane. Rollins talks Kane down.


Cena on the second ropes, flies, but Ryback catches him and slams Cena to the mat for two.

Ryback with blows on Cena through dueling chants. Super Cena comes back, but then Ryback with a slingshot back suplex on Cena for two.

Cena tossed from the ring in front of announce. Cena in and takes a snap suplex for two.

Ryback taunts Cena, slapping him around on the mat. Snap mare on Cena for two.

Ryback slammed to the mat. Thesz Press on Cena. Cena slammed to the mat over and over, then Ryback splashes him for two.

Cena counters shellshocked, comes back a bit, but into a power slam from Ryback for two.

Cena counters Ryback, but then Ryback lifts Cena, slams him to the mat for two.

Ryback tries to get the "Feed me more!" chants, but nothing. Kane yells at him to finish Cena. Cena reverses on Ryback. Cena on Ryback. Cena whipped, foot up, grabbed, lifts Cena for a powerbomb for two!

Head butt to the back of Cena's head. Cena set up top, facing out. Ryback lifts, but Cena free and locks on the STF! Ryback crawls and reaches the bottom rope. Cena holds on until almost five. Ryback on the apron, launches himself in an ungainly way over the top, but Cena reverses into the STF! Ryback up to his feet, but Cena free. Cena plants Ryback on the mat, calls for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but then knocks Kane from the apron. Cena into a spinebuster. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans, but Kane is in on Cena.

Winner – Cena via DQ (15:47)

Ryback is pissed, gets into Kane's face. Rollins in to make peace between them. Off comes Kane's jacket and tie. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans. A blow to Rollins, then Kane with a big boot on Ryback. All of Team Authority and The Authority into the ring on Cena. Sheamus out. Sheamus tackles Rusev, but there's too many. Big Show's music, and he comes out. They work over Cena, but Big Show punches out Mercury, then Noble. Rollins off the top on Big Show, then Rusev on Big Show. Rollins stomps Big Show's ribs. They work over Big Show, Cena and Sheamus. WSS on Big Show. Ryback in a sloppy spinebuster on Rollins. Clothesline on Henry, ducks Rusev, then Ryback clotheslines him! Ryback then turns into Kane and his big hand, but Ryback muscles out. Kick to Kane, and then Kane's up. Shellshocked on Kane! Ryback leaves the ring to "Feed me more!" chants.

Cena tohis feet, looking around at the carnage that he doesn't understand. Ryback looks back at the ring. Cena claps for Ryback.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler is thrown into The Authority's office, right in front of Steph and Trip who are watching the monitor. It's Harper!

Harper – I'm a team player!

Trip and Steph look at Harper in shock.

Biggest Pop
Ryback – the first time

Biggest Heat
John Cena
The Authority

Most Surprising
Harper joins The Authority!??!?!

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