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Raw Results 9/22/14 – Engines Rev And Rollins Runs!


RAW Results September 22, 2014
From FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Ambrose returned at NoC, and will be live tonight. Also, Rollins hit Cena with the MITB case during his match, so who is Champion?

Raw Starts


Recap from NoC, the WWE WHC Match in stills. Cena won via DQ, so Brock Lesnar is still Champ.

Ambrose to the ring, all disheveled and seething, to solid pop.

Ambrose – I'm not dead! Far from it. In fact, the WWE's ugly stepchild is back. Ever since you last saw me, I've been a little messed up in the head. Since then I've replayed it over and over in my mind. I can appreciate the creativity of ganging up on me one on one, stomping my head through cinder blocks, it was pretty cool. Let's look at it again, just for me.

Video recap of the attack on Ambrose. Ambrose rubs his neck and the video gets heat.

Ambrose – There it was. I'm kind of impressed that The Authority would go through such great lengths to get rid of me, makes me feel kind of special. But I'm not dead. I'm not satisfied, and I can hold a grudge! And I'm sick of The Authority protecting their little golden child Seth Rollins! I'm getting sick of The Authority all together. I'm The Authority tonight, and I'm not leaving this ring until I get my hands on Seth Rollins, because I could never get tired of punching Seth Rollins in the face.

Ambrose out, grabs a chair, back into the ring, sets it up, and sits down, waiting. Cena's music and out he comes, also looking out of sorts and pissy. Cena to the ring. Cena circles Ambrose a couple times, grabbing a mic.

Ambrose – I'll be real honest with you John, (gets rid of the chair), really am bothered, really don't like the fact that you're standing in the ring right now. Standing close to a flying plane here brother. John, don't give me a reason to not like you.

Cena – Ah, Mr. Ambrose, what an unfortunate turn of events. See, you and I have a similar agenda. Seth Rollins did his best to take you out, but last night I had Brock Lesnar beat. I was the one to beat the one until that slimy, closed-minded, rubber-suit-wearing jackass showed up!

Ambrose – Right.

Cena – I should be holding the WWE WHC right now. But I'm not, so tonight I'm cashing in. I'm cashing in my Ass Kicking In The Bank Contract on Seth Rollins! And no one is going to stop me.

Ambrose puts a hand on Cena's shoulder, and looks him in the eye. Cena pushes the hand off his shoulder.

Ambrose – I warned you once, don't get in my way.

Cena removed his hat and tossed it away. The towel is tossed, then the shirt is removed and tossed. Off comes the tags, Cena kisses them, but then Trip's music hits and he comes out with Steph, Kane, Orton and Rollins in tow. Steph is in a white dress with black trim that makes her look like she has a whole new set of boobs in there!

Trip – Relax, before you two get into a pinch fight over something you have no control over. You both want to fight Seth Rollins, but that's not gonna happen. Seth Rollins isn't fighting anybody, but you two will.

Cena – No, no, no, no, tonight I'm going to get him myself.

Cena from the ring, so Ambrose follows. Kane, Orton and Rollins down and into the fight. Rollins tries to stay away, into the ring, then out, but both of Ambrose and Cena chasing Rollins. They are off through the crowd, Orton, Kane, Trip and Steph left ringside. Steph picks up the case and directs traffic.

Backstage Rollins is trying to flee both Cena and Ambrose, being attacked by both of them. Rollins pushes someone aside, gets in his SUV, and starts driving away. Ambrose jumps in the open back where the guy had been putting his bags in. Rollins pulls away and Ambrose falls out the back, taking a rough spill on the cement.



SCSA hosts the WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal, Part 1 tonight after Raw on the WWE Network.


Recap of Cena and Ambrose trying to beat down Rollins before he fled the arena.

Orton (to Kane) – I'm sick of this crap!

Trip and Steph walk up.

Trip - What's going on, everyone okay? Is he coming back? We've got a problem and we need to take care of it. Tonight, Kane, you're facing Ambrose, finish him. Randy, you're facing Cena.

Kane – Why do we have to fight them?

Steph – Well, Seth' not here, and given what just happened, we thought you'd want retribution.

Kane stomps off, Orton is about to follow, but stops and addresses Steph and Trip.

Orton - Tell Mr. MITB to stop starting fires that we have to put out.

IC Title Match – Miz (c) vs Ziggler

Miz out holding his new IC Title belt high, Sandow follows with a replica belt held high, following all of Miz's movements as he follows him to the ring. Ziggler to the ring by himself.

Ziggler behind Miz, takes him down. Miz regroups in a corner as Sandow paces outside the ring. Ziggler again behind Miz. Ziggler ducks the elbow and comes back with a clothesline and an elbow drop for two.

Hammerlock on Miz into a side headlock. Ziggler backed into a corner, but Miz on Ziggler with a blow and a side headlock of his own. "Ziggler!" chants. Shoulder block drops Ziggler, and Miz tries to get a 'Miz!' chant going. Ziggler ducks Miz, but then takes a high knee. Miz on Ziggler with blows, then a facelock on the mat. Ziggler to his feet, breaks free, but then Miz on Ziggler's knee, taking him down. Miz rushes Ziggler who moves and Miz shoulder first into the post. Sandow yells at Miz to 'shake it off.' Ziggler with a clothesline, then a splash in the corner. Miz flees to the apron, then lands a knee before a neck breaker through the ropes on Ziggler, landing him badly on the edge of the apron.


Ziggler kicks out at two.

Miz is seething. Ziggler into a corner, Miz with his 'vintage' clothesline. Miz climbs, but Ziggler is ready and counters with a drop kick to Miz flying through the air. Both are down, and slow to their feet. Ziggler with clotheslines, then another splash in the corner. Ziggler is fired up, gets the fans riled as well. Miz lands a solid DDT for a long two.

Again, both men slow to their feet. Front facelock on Miz, but Miz free and they wrestle around. Miz sets up, but Ziggler counters with an elbow. Ziggler climbs and flies, but Miz catches him and locks on the fig 4 in the center of the ring. Ziggler sells the pain, putting his shoulders down for a long two count.

Ziggler crawls to the ropes, selling the same way he did at NoC, finally reaching the ropes. Ziggler rolls out to the floor. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Miz after Ziggler who sidesteps. Ziggler on Miz outside, then clotheslines Sandow. Back in the ring with a SCF, but Miz only gets two for it, and Miz is shocked.

Ziggler rolls Miz up for a long two.

Famouser for another two.

Superkick to Sandow on the apron, then Miz tries to roll Ziggler up, holding his trunks, but then Ziggler rolls through, holds Miz's trunks and gets the three!

Winner – Ziggler (13:00)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Ziggler backs up the ramp, holding the strap as Miz pitches a fit.


Stills of Rollins' open challenge, and Ambrose appearing via taxi to beat down Rollins. Ambrose was tied and carried out of the arena.


Bo vs Swagger

Bo in the ring posing. Recap of Swagger making Bo tap last week on Raw. On Smackdown, and Bo got the win. Swagger out to face him.

Swagger rushes Bo at the bell, all over him in the corner, but a clean break. On on Swagger, into a corner, but kicks him in the gut, rather than a clean break. Swagger out of the corner into a big clothesline from Bo. Knee drops on Swagger, then Bo covers for two.

"USA!" chants. Swagger fights back on Bo, but then takes a sloppy knee to the gut for two.

Bo yells at Swagger to get up, as he has a facelock on him on the mat. "I'm America's sweetheart!" yells Bo. Dueling chants of "We, the people!" and "We Bolieve!" Swagger on Bo in a corner with a knee. Bo whipped and comes out into a big boot. Swagger bomb on Bo, but then Bo counters into a swinging neck breaker for two.

Blows on Swagger in a corner. Bo on Swagger's shoulders, taken to the mat, and Swagger with the patriot lock. Bo taps out.

Winner – Swagger (3:16)

Zeb – Hey Bo. Hey Bo Dallas, if that is your real name. Why you looking so dejected son? I have something to tell you. I want you to listen, and listen good, because I (high and sweaky voice) Bolieve that Jack Swagger just made you tap out.

Announce Segment

Cole extends his condolences to Eric Lynch, AKA Eric The Actor, from The Howard Stern Show, who was a friend of the WWE. He will be missed.


Summer Rae vs Nattie

Summer Rae and Layla in the ring. Summer Rae in a new red and gold outfit. Rosa and Nattie to the ring. Video recap from Total Divas.

Summer Rae – Not that any of you can relate, but it's hard being the most attractive person in the room. (fake laugh and plays with her hair) Jealousy breeds hatred, and that's why Nattie is always so rude to me. I don't need Nattie, any of the Total Divas, or any of you to be my friends, because summer is over for all of you, but it's always summer time for me and my girl Lay!

Nattie all on Summer Rae at the bell. Summer Rae slaps Nattie in the face, then all over Nattie on the mat, screaming as she does so. A swinging leg kick to Nattie's ribs as she's down, then body scissors on Nattie. Rosa gets the fans chanting for Nattie. Summer Rae moves the move around, keeping the body scissors on, and adding a front facelock. Summer Rae slammed down, then takes a drop kick to a sitting Summer Rae. Summer Rae tries to get three, but Nattie rolls through. Layla on the apron, so Rosa takes her out. Sharpshooter on Summer Rae who has to tap out.

Winner – Nattie (2:14)



Recap of Cena and Ambrose attacking and chasing Rollins from the arena.

Ambrose vs Kane

Ambrose to the ring. Recap of the curb stomp on the cinder blocks. Kane out to face him.

Ambrose with a forearm to Kane's face, then on him with blows in the corner, and a kick to Kane's knee. Ambrose tossed off, but then right on Kane with blows. Ambrose on the corner, flying back elbow to Kane for two.

Shoulder blocks to Ambrose in a corner, then a big right. Ambrose ducks a blow, and back on Kane with blows, followed by a big drop kick to Kane against the ropes. Kane tries to fight back, but he's sent from the ring. Ambrose flies out onto Kane. Ambrose pulls a chair out from under the ring, but then turns into a big boot. Ambrose into the stairs shoulder first. Ambrose rolled in, Kane in to cover for two.

An arm and shoulder hold on Ambrose on the mat. Ambrose up, elbow to Kane's face. Ambrose up, but eats a right this time as he flies. Kane covers for two.

Kane back on Ambrose's left arm and shoulder. Kane slams Ambrose back to the mat for two.

Back on that arm and shoulder again, through chants of, "Let's go Ambrose!" from a small group of fans. Ambrose sells the pain, but to his feet. Ambrose with more blows, but takes a knee to the gut. Kane telegraphs and eats a DDT for it. Blows to Kane, then another kick to the knee. A right from Kane, Ambrose uses the ropes, rolls back in and on Kane. Ambrose up top with a missile drop kick on Kane for two.

Ambrose up top, with a front facelock on Kane, but tossed off. Ambrose reverses a chokeslam into dirty deeds. Ambrose is covering, but Rollins attacks Ambrose to cause the DQ.

Winner – Ambrose via DQ (5:27)

Rollins all over Ambrose with blows. Rollins from the ring, grabs a chair, and back in, but Ambrose takes Rollins down and on him with blows. Rollins clotheslined from the ring. Ambrose going out after Rollins, but eats a punch through the ropes from Kane. Kane back in to chokeslam Ambrose to the mat.

Rollins and Kane up the ramp, but then Rollins returns to the ring. Rollins on the apron, but Ambrose is in the ring, waiting, chair in hand. Rollins thinks better of all this. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Backstage Segment

Rollins and Kane walking along together, Rollins bouncing and happy, Kane, not so much.

Rollins – I don't know either, but you know what I mean. (to Trip who walks up) It was awesome, right?

Trip – It all worked out just fine, but, here's the problem, you need to stop with these fires Seth.

Rollins – What you talking about? What do you want from me?

Trip – People are talking, getting tires around here...

Ambrose attacks Rollins from behind. Rollins is yelling, "Get him off from me!" Kane tries to get Ambrose off, but Ambrose right back on Rollins. Finlay, Noble, and Mercury rush into the fray and grab Ambrose and take him down.

Trip – This way! Get him out of my building.

Steph – No, no, don't get him out. Put him in there! Put him in there. Get him in there. Lock him in. (Trip gives Steph a look.) We ever throw someone out that didn't come back? He's a loose cannon, at least now we have him under control.

Trip – Watch that door. I'm tired of this.

Security standing in front of the door, arms crossed over their chests.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Reigns and his emergency surgery. They go to their fake breaking news by Stamford, and Reigns' talking post-op, then the doctors talking about hernias, surgery and recovery.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring. Usos out to tag with him. King and Cole talk about an auction for Connor's Cure. Steph's ring gear from SummerSlam is up for auction.


WWE Rewind

Stills from the Tag Team Championship Match last night at NoC.

Usos & Sheamus vs Dusts & Cesaro

Dusts to the ring, posing for the fans. Cesaro ringside tag with them.

Goldust on Jey, but takes blows. Jey tossed out, but right back in on Goldust. Jimmy tags in and on Goldust with a big forearm. Big body drop on Goldust, then he's tossed from the ring. Goldust rolls in and Stardust tags in. Stardust whips Jimmy who slides, then comes back on Stardust. Stardust flees to regroup, so Goldust out to talk to him briefly. Stardust slides in and tags out. Cesaro in and demands Sheamus tag in, so he does. Cesaro on Sheamus, Sheamus reverses a whip and clotheslines Cesaro as he comes out. Blows on Cesaro, but then he fights back with blows of his own. Sheamus with gut shots, and Goldust tags in. Goldust on Sheamus in a corner, Sheamus reverses the whip and lands a high running knee and clothesline. Jey tags in, then splashes Goldust on the mat for two.

Goldust flees, tags his brother in. Stardust behind Jey, blow to the center of his back, then stomps him. Stardust all over Jey in the ropes, gets yelled at by the ref. Chops to Stardust. Jimmy tags in and on Stardust for two.

The announcers talk about social media ripping on Goldust for being old. They discuss this in depth. Stardust tags in and on Jimmy for two.


Reverse facelock on Jimmy. Stardust rushes Jimmy in a corner, but eats a foot. Sheamus tags in and all over Stardust. Stardust ducks a running high knee, but then takes a rolling senton. Goldust knocked from the apron, then Stardust takes the ten beats. Sheamus lifts Stardust in, but then drops him. Cesaro tags in. Sheamus rushes him, Stardust pulls the ropes down and Sheamus flies out. Cesaro on Sheamus with a blow outside that drops him. Sheamus rolled in, and Cesaro in, on the second rope with a double ax handle for two.

They struggle and muscle around on the mat as Cesaro locks on a hold with Sheamus' arm wrapped behind his own head. Sheamus up, free and on Cesaro with blows, but then takes a sick upper cut! Sheamus backs Cesaro into the heel corner, but then Goldust tags in and takes control with blows. Facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Goldust lets go and drops a knee on Sheamus. Stardust tags in and on Sheamus in the ropes, ripping at his face. A cheap shot from Cesaro on the apron and Stardust pins, but only gets two for it.

Front facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus tries to work his way to his own corner, gets Stardust off him, but is kicked. Stardust up and slingshots off the top rope, but into a double ax handle! Both are down! Both tag out. Jey knocks Cesaro off the apron, then works over Goldust. Goldust hung up top. Jimmy tags in, off the corner with a spin onto both Dusts, but Cesaro breaks the count.

Jey in, and both of them run and fly out onto Cesaro and Stardust. An Uso off the corner, eats a foot. Final call on the Uso, but Sheamus breaks the count. Sheamus tossed out, then Goldust eats a superkick. Jey tags in, flies off the top, splashes Goldust for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Usos (15:59)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Usos and Sheamus celebrate in the ring, the Dusts regroup outside the ring.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Look, I know you're probably in no mood to talk right now, so just listen. You're tired of fighting my battles for me, that's not what this is about. I'm here to personally express my appreciation, that you're going through this match with Cena tonight. As a token of my appreciation, I may have a little surprise waiting at ringside tonight. And, and, and, Kane and I decided to go out and watch your match from ringside as well.

Orton – So, you and Kane are going to be out there tonight. And ah, you say there's a surprise. Well, I do like surprises.

Backstage Segment

Henry heading to the ring.


A look at 2K15. Many Superstars in it, ending with Sting.


In Ring Segment

Henry to the ring, not looking very happy. Stills from Henry's match at NoC.

Henry – I'm out here to apologize to you all. I feel like I let my country down. I'm not 100% physically, but I also have my heart a little bit broke. ("What?") You're entitled to pick on me tonight. You an do "What?" and whatever else you want. ("What?") But, I'm sorry. I hate I let you all down. ("What?")

Henry thinks about things, looks sad. Rusev comes out with Lana in tow in a white suit.

Lana – Mark Henry, you don't have to apologize, because these Americans understand. Shut up! Everyone here is so apologetic and so pathetic, just like you Mark Henry.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – USA! USA! Shut up! We, as Russians are very proud people. I said, shut up! (heat) So you failed at your second chance, how about a third. I know everyone here in Memphis, Tennessee want to see another match with you and Rusev! What about it America? Do you want Mark Henry to stand up for you tonight?

Henry – Did you hear what these people were saying? If these people will allow me, and they want me to destroy this man, right here, tonight, then bring it on!

Lana – Rusev, crush Mark Henry!


Rusev vs Henry

Rusev on Henry with blows. Henry pushes him off. Rusev back on Henry, backs him into a corner and kicks him in the gut. Rusev with a shoulder block to Henry's back. Henry tosses Rusev off. Rusev back on Henry with blows, as Henry sells his pain. Rusev throws his body into Henry's gut. Henry to the mat, and Rusev on his shoulder and neck. Video recap of Henry into the stairs last night at NoC. Rusev keeps the hold on Henry, taking him all the way down to the mat. Henry to his feet, but a drop kick drops Henry to the mat. Rusev back with the hold on a sitting Henry. Henry back to his feet, elbows Rusev off. Clotheslines to Rusev, then a splash in the corner. Henry lifts Rusev and slams him to the mat. Henry sells the back pain. Rusev out, Henry follows, and this time it's Rusev into the stairs. Henry grabs Rusev, bounces his face off the apron. Rusev fights back and Henry to a knee. Rusev rolled in, then Henry in after him. Henry stalks Rusev, then down on his hands and knees, goes JYD and head butts Rusev. Henry climbs to splash Rusev on the mat, but Rusev pulls the rope out and lands Henry on the mat, belly down. Rusev jumps up and down, stalking Henry. Henry can't seem to get to his feet, selling the serious pain. Rusev sets up and tries to lock in the accolade, but Henry refuses to tap out. Henry passes out and the ref calls it.

Winner – Rusev (7:27)

Rusev and Lana pose over Henry as their flag unfurls from above. The doctor is in the ring to check on Henry who is just starting to come around.


Recap of the opening segment with the attack on Rollins, then Rollins fled the arena. Rollins returned and was attacked by Ambrose until Ambrose was locked in a small room on Steph's orders.

Backstage Segment

Adam Rose leads the Exotic Express and the bunny as they head for the ring.


WWE Slam of the Week

Slater on Rose last week on Smackdown. The bunny got in the ring and flew out on O'Neil, costing Slater the win.

Rose & Bunny vs Slater & Gator

Slater and Gator ringside. Rose and Bunny to the ring. Gator clotheslines Rose, then gets him up on his shoulder, dropping to his knee with a back breaker. Slater tags in and all over Rose for two.

Bunny bounces around on the apron, getting the fans going. Rose slammed back to the mat by his hair, then Slater drops a knee. Slater on Rose with blows, then a facelock. Bunny is running on the apron, getting the fans into it. Jaw breaker on Slater, and Rose gains control. Slater stops Rose from tagging out. Gator tags in and stops Rose from tagging out. Bunny drops down so Gator can't get him. Finally Bunny tags in, all over Slater, a drop kick off the corner, sends Gator out. Slater taken down, then Rose tags in. Bunny flies out onto Gator as Rose hits the party foul for three.

Winners – Rose & Bunny

JBL says he has one clothesline left, and he's saving it for Bunny. Video recap of the high points of the match. Exotic Express parties their way up the ramp. Slater and Gator are seething outside the ring.

Backstage Segment

Nikki heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Nikki to the stage, dances, then heads to the ring.

Nikki – I know a lot of people have been making excuses as to why they didn't win at NoC, but I have a legitimate one. I wasn't going to watch my sister's interview last night, but then I thought that she's my own flesh and blood, and I could really used her support, I could use it before my big match. ("What?") But what did I hear? ("What?") Those toxic, horrible, horrific words that just stayed in my head, those are the words that cost me my Divas Championship Match! ("What?") But being fearless, that means you take matters into your own hands. ("What?") And that exactly what I'm going to do right now. ("What?") So Brie, get your butt out here right now!

Brie out to her new music, wearing the Brie Mode shirt, skinny jeans, and flannel tied around her waist.

Brie – Wow, Nikki, you're out here doing what you do best, blaming all of us for your shortcomings.

Nikki – No I'm not Brie, it's not about my loss.

Brie – Then what's it about?

Nikki – This is about you never supporting me in anything I've ever done. For some reason, in your thick head and your mind, it's never been about the Bella Twins, it's always been about you Brie.

Brie – Always been about me? You're the one who constantly calls me out here to call me names over and over and over. I'm tired of it, I'm going to do what...

Nikki – What are you going to do Brie? Tell us, please, tell us all what you're going to do. You're an embarrassment to me, the name Bella, that's why I brought you out here tonight. You don't deserve to be called Bella. You deserve to be called Nikki's Trashy Sister. Or, actually, this is my favorite one, a quitter. You know what, call yourself whatever you want, because what I want is the Bella name exclusively. I want you to give me that name Brie, because starting now, I want to be known as The Nikki Bella.

Brie – Oh, my gosh, you have honestly lost your mind. I will not give up the Bella name, it's as much mine as it is yours.

Nikki – Aren't you married? Why aren't you taking his last name? Is someone having buyers remorse. Is someone regretting marrying a broken down, beaten up troll.

Brie bitch slaps her sister. Nikki hits the mat, then Brie tries to lock on the "YES!" lock, but Nikki gets free and flees the ring. Nikki, holding her mouth, backs away, but ends up sitting on the bottom of the ramp holding her mouth as Brie yells at her. AJ's music hits, and she skips down to, and around the ring, ready for her match with Nikki. AJ then excitedly shows off her Divas Championship belt.


AJ vs Nikki

Paige is on announce looking pissed off to no end.

Arm bar on Nikki, and AJ with an arm drag. Hammerlock on Nikki, but then an elbow to AJ's face. Head scissors on Nikki, then AJ splashes in the corner. Neck breakers to Nikki for two.

Nikki whipped, but comes out with a clothesline. Nikki stalks around the ring, then pins AJ for two.

AJ into a corner, then grinds AJ's gut into the ropes, then knocks her out. Nikki out and sends AJ into Paige. Paige to her feet, she's pissed. AJ tossed in, Nikki follows and pins AJ for two.

Paige still on her feet, pacing a bit as she watches the match. Sleeper on AJ, and then Nikki picks up AJ and swings her around in the hold. Nikki with a kick to AJ's chest, and pins AJ for two.

Nikki on AJ's arm, into a cross arm breaker, but AJ won't tap out. AJ grabs her other hand and muscles free, pinning Nikki for two.

Nikki catches AJ into an Alabama slam for two.

Paige is pissed, Nikki frustrated, and AJ beaten. Shoulders to AJ in a corner. Nikki rushes AJ who moves, so Nikki eats the second buckle. AJ, from above, locks on the black widow. Nikki has to tap out.

Winner – AJ (5:09)

AJ sells the arm pain, but hugs the Divas Championship belt in the ring, kissing it to taunt Paige.

Backstage Segment

Trip to the security guards keeping Ambrose locked up.

Trip – How's it going? Good? Without a peep?

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the 2K15 roster reveal after Raw. They show another video promoting the two part show about the roster reveal with the Superstar panel talking about it all, including Sheamus, Cesaro, Cena, Hogan and Sting.


Announce Segment

King points out the covered square next to them, and says it's obvious as to what is under there.

Orton vs Cena

Rollins and Kane to ringside. Orton to the ring, posing on the corner as only Orton can. Cena out to face him, showing off his towel, and a 'Keep calm and never give up' t-shirt in blue. The red cap tossed to the fans. Again his tags are kissed and handed off to the ref. Off comes the shirt, into the crowd.

Dueling chants before they even touch each other, and neither in any rush. Side headlock on Cena on the mat. Orton holds Cena tight, and on his knees. Cena up and pushes off, but a shoulder block drops Cena. Orton poses. Orton runs the ropes over Cena, into a shoulder tackle. They circle, then Orton with blows on Cena, backing him into a corner with body and head shots. Orton chokes Cena with a foot for a four count. Cena pulls himself up, takes more blows, and a head butt Cena sells his beating from last night, but then is Super Cena, on Orton with blows, then a bulldog. Cena badly covers Orton for two.

Cena telegraphs and takes a hard kick from Orton for it.


Orton to his feet over a beaten down Cena. Cena to his hands and knees, Orton on him for two.

Super Cena is back with a shoulder block, but Orton ducks the second, and Cena flies through the air, lands and rolls out of the ring. Orton out, sends Cena shoulder first into the stairs. Orton pulls Cena up, slams him back onto announce. Orton with his evil smile, then pulls Cena off announce to send him onto the apron. Orton in, but Cena counters, sending Orton over the top and out. Cena regroups inside the ring as Orton does so outside the ring with Kane and Rollins yelling at him. Both on the mat struggling to get up. They exchange blows, a head butt, but then Orton with a back breaker on Cena for two.

Orton whips Cena who hits the mat hard. Orton stomps Cena and pins for two.

Cena whipped, but gets a foot up. Cena out, but right into a sleeper from Orton. Orton keeps his hold on, but Cena fight free. Shoulder tackles from Cena, but Orton kicks Cena in the head and hits his SICK power slam for two.

Cena on the apron, Orton sets up, but Cena blocks. Cena gets Orton up, but Orton grabs the ropes, gets free, hangs Cena up. Orton in, Cena sets up the STF, but Orton free. Orton with a clothesline on Cena. Orton on Cena with blows in a corner. Orton climbs, pulling Cena up. They struggle up top. Cena with head butts and Orton falls to the mat. Cena stands up top, but Orton knocks the top rope and Cena sits down hard. Orton sets up and hits his DDT with Cena up top. Orton pins Cena for a long two.

One man tries to get the Cena chants going, but it doesn't happen. Orton sucks up the heat from the fans. Orton pounds the mat, but Cena pushes Orton off and locks on the STF... but Rollins and Kane in to cause the DQ.

Winner – Cena via DQ (15:08)

The three stomp Cena down. Cena up, tries to fight back, but Rollins kicks him in the head. Chokeslam from Kane. Orton rolls Cena across the ring and out. Rollins is yelling at them to take Cena over there. Rollins on top announce, and Kane removes the shroud, but it's Ambrose who is under there, not poorly made cinder blocks. Ambrose on Kane with blows, then on Orton with blows. Ambrose on Rollins, but Orton attacks. Ambrose takes Orton out, then Kane is there. Ambrose tossed across announce. Ambrose to his feet on announce and flies on all three, taking them down. In the ring a sick clothesline turns Rollins inside-out. Kane heading for Ambrose, but Cena is there with an AA. Rollins flees in the fracas.

Rollins is in the stands yelling smack at Ambrose and Cena in the ring.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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