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Raw Results 10/27/14 – Rollins Is WWE's Standard Bearer, Not Their Paul Bearer

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RAW Results October 27, 2014
From AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

With the fallout from HIAC. The two winners will clash in the ring tonight – Cena vs Rollins!

Raw Starts


Audio and stills from last night's real main event at Hell In A Cell. They then go on to video and stills from Cena vs Orton at HIAC.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music. Trip, Steph and Kane are in the ring. Trip behind Steph, kisses her on the side of the head. Steph is all smiles.

Steph – Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I know you're so happy to see us grace you with our presence. (heat) For those who missed HIAC, you missed a hell of a show. Those who watched on the WWE Network got more than their money's worth at just $9.99. Well worth the price of admission.

Trip – I'll admit it was a slightly bittersweet night with Orton losing in what will only be called an epic encounter with John Cena, then there was this man. We have referred to as the future of the WWE. A man who is quickly becoming the standard bearer of the WWE. Please welcome Mr. MITB, Seth Rollins!

Rollins out in his black suit, black shirt, sand tie, Cruiserweight Division in tow. Steph, Trip, and Kane all clapping for the limping Rollins as he comes to the ring, all smiles. Trip hugs Rollins, then raises his hand.

Steph – I couldn't quite hear you guys, let's hear it for Seth Rollins! (barely a smattering of heat) Warm welcome.

"You sold out!" chants as Rollins takes the mic.

Rollins – Man, you guys are the best. Thank you so much! (heat) I want to say, finally, finally, finally the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose is out of my hair, once and for all. Ambrose is no longer a thorn in my side. Last night I proved that intellect conquers every single time over unbridled mayhem perpetuated by a madman who should be institutionalize. Now that I'm done with Ambrose, on my horizon is the man that soundly defeated Orton last night in HIAC.

"Ambrose!" chants.

Rollins – No, no, no, no. I'm through with him. I'm moving on to John Cena! (heat and derision)

Dueling Cena chants.

Rollins – Blah, blah, blah. Hahaha. Look, later tonight I'm going to be able to see John Cena. Just like all of you will be able see John Cena when I leave him like I left Dean Ambrose last night at HIAC – lying in a puddle of his own failure!

Orton's music hits and he stomps out to the ring much faster than usual. He's all riled up, and almost stuttering he's so pissed. (Orton starts talking so fast that he's barely breathing.)

Orton – I'm sorry! I'm sorry to break up this little love fest, but what did you say? What did you say? The self-proclaimed future of the WWE? What are you, the standard bearer of the WWE? You really think that's what you are? The hell with that! I got a little question for you! Why? Why have I heard twice already that Cena beat Orton at HIAC? Why did I hear Randy Orton lost to John Cena? Think about it. Maybe I lost because last Monday on Raw you took it upon yourself to curb stomp me. You have one hell of a finisher. I still see stars. I'm thinking of checking myself back into anger management, like I did in '06, but I'm not. I'm here, I made a promise to myself, that if The Authority didn't handle it. If The Authority didn't deal with you that I would deal with you, that's why I...

Orton all over Rollins. Kane, Noble and Mercury get between them. Even Trip gets in there to break them up.

Trip – Enough! We're not doing this! Back up. We are not doing this. We are not doing this here. We are not doing this tonight. Listen to me! Randy! Randy! Randy! Calm down! Listen to me. (Trip right in Orton's face, a hand on Orton's chest holding him back.)

Orton – I'll calm down when he's dead!

Trip – Listen to me! We are not doing this tonight. Relax. Look at me. Calm! Calm down! (to the fans Trip yells -) Shut up! (back to Orton) Okay, this is you and me. We are not going to do this. Take the night off. Get on your bus, have a drink. We will deal with this, but not tonight! Hell In A Cell is...

Orton breaks free and nails Rollins with an RKO. Orton immediately slides out of the ring and leaves. Trip is pissed! Off comes Orton's shirt and Trip looks ready to kill. Orton's music hits. Trip is seething in the ring, and Steph isn't far behind. Trip demands from the stooges to know what happened. The stooges pull Rollins up who can barely stand, selling wonderfully.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.

Rollins breaks free and tries to go after Orton, but can barely stand when he slides from the ring. Video recap of the RKO. At the top of the ramp Steph gives Rollins his case, but he's still selling his confusion.


Tag Team Championship Match – Dusts (c) vs Big Show & Henry

Dusts in the ring. Big Show to the stage. Henry out to head to the ring with him. Split screen – Big Show talking about losing focus. They get into it a bit about Henry being out there. Then Henry said they should be TTCs.

"USA!" chants for some reason. Goldust and Henry circle. Goldust huffs at Henry. Henry wipes his face. Goldust under Henry, then on Henry with blows, but then runs into Henry and hits the mat. Goldust tossed across the ring. Stardust tags in. Stardust slammed into face corner. Big Show tags in to pop. Stardust eats a corner, then shhhh! Slap to Stardust's chest. Big Show all smiles, then shhh and another slap. Stardust whipped into face corner so hard he hits the mat. Henry tags in with a right that drops Stardust. Henry has to shake out his hand. Stardust whipped, then Henry rubs his back all over Stardust through a "Sexual Chocolate!" chant. Stardust tries to get to his corner, Henry holds him by one foot. Big Show tags in and they get into a yelling match about how Big Show slapped Henry and hurt him to tag in.


Goldust all over Big Show on the mat. Split-screen to the fight between Henry and Big Show over the tag. Goldust planted to the mat, then Big Show with a submission on the mat. Stardust breaks the hold.

Both tag out, Henry on Stardust with clotheslines, then a head butt. Stardust with a chop block as Henry mouths off to Goldust. Goldust huffs, then a big slap in what Cole calls 'vintage' Goldust. "Sexual Chocolate!" chants. Stardust tags in and locks on a front facelock on Henry on the mat. Henry to his feet and plants Stardust to the mat. Henry rushes Stardust, but eats feet. Henry slammed into his own corner, so Big Show takes the tag and is all over Stardust. Big Show spears Stardust! Big Show's fist is ready, and Stardust is out. Goldust in, then tossed out. Henry steps into the ring, wanting the tag. They again argue. Henry with a World's Strongest Slam to Big Show. Stardust draped over Big Show for three.

Winners – Dusts (10:08)

Henry paces the ring, yelling smack at the Dusts. Big Show getting up, Henry stalking him. Henry again lifts Big Show for another WSS! Heat for Henry. Henry yells smack at Big Show down on the mat. "Ain't nobody hit me!" yells Henry. "One more time!" from the fans. Henry looks ready, then hits it a third time. Some heat for Henry, but a lot of quiet as well. Henry then splashes Big Show on the mat. More boos, but still not a lot. "That's what I do!" yells Henry. Henry leaves the ring. The ref checks on Big Show on the mat. Video recap of the high points of the match. Big Show looks up the ramp at Henry on the stage. Big Show looks hurt by it all.

Announce Segment

Rollins vs Cena tonight. Reigns for an interview next.


Backstage Segment

Renee asks why...

Henry – I did it to him before he did it to him. I'm world's strongest man, he's world's largest athlete. He always wanted to be me!

Announce Segment

Cole talks up Reigns, then go to video of Reigns' time in the WWE so far.

Reigns is on the tron via satellite.

Cole – It's great to see you. How's the recovery going?

Reigns – It's great to see you. I feel great, stronger everyday. As you know, there's nothing cool about being on the sideline, I'd give anything to be there in San Antonio.

JBL – What did you think about your former brothers Ambrose and Rollins in HIAC?

Reigns – It's exactly what I thought it would be, complete carnage. Those guys tore the house down. I know Dean, I know he bring the fight, that's why he's my boy. I know that scumbag sellout Rollins, he's a weasel and hides behind people. He did it in The Shield, and he does it behind anyone now, even Bray Wyatt. He's running around trying to prove he's the future of the WWE? Rollins, I hope you're watching this. When I'm medically cleared, I'm going to make you the past. Believe that!

In Ring Segment

AJ to the ring.


AJ vs Fox

Paige on announce. Head butts and forearms to AJ. A drop kick to AJ's chest. "CM Punk!" chants. AJ rolls out. Fox out and sends AJ in for two.

"Let's go AJ!" chants. Fox kicks AJ in a corner, then bounces her face off the buckle padding. The ref yells at Fox who yells back. Northern lights on AJ for two.

Paige calls Fox a punky woman, and then says she is too. A back elbow to AJ's face for two.

Fox yells in annoyance at not winning. Paige says she loves the way Fox screams, and her smoldering eyes. Facelock on AJ on the mat. AJ to her feet. Fox lifts AJ, but AJ reverses into a sick DDT!fox eats AJ's knees in a corner, but then AJ out into a back breaker. Paige to her feet and trips Fox from outside. Fox looks at Paige who yells at Fox to win! AJ rolls for up for three.

Winner – AJ (3:35)

Paige in and apologizing to Fox. She tries to give Fox her bracelet. Fox relaxes and reaches for it. Paige kicks Fox in the chest, then sends her outside. Fox into the barricade, still holding the bracelet. Paige then slingshots Fox into the barricade. Paige then slams Fox's head back over and over into the barricade. "She's my one best friend!" yells Paige. Paige throws her jacket at Fox. Paige is all screaming at Fox, then yells, "I don't need a best friend!"

Announce Segment

Cole talks up Reigns and that he's going to take out Rollins when he returns. Rollins is hiding behind people like Bray Wyatt. Stills from HIAC where Bray cost Ambrose his match against Rollins. Later Ambrose will face Cesaro. Cena is up next to address his victory over Orton.


In Ring Segment

Cena out, gives his towel to a little boy ringside. Into the ring and posing for the fans.

Cena – Lot of excitement in here tonight, how about that! You're acting as if you're raising a Championship banner tomorrow. Congratulations on that, by the way. Go Spurs go! Hoping for an epic night tomorrow night. Last night was epic. It might not have been the last in Cena/Orton, but it was the best! Two men went through hell for an opportunity to face The Beast, to be the best. At HIAC I beat Orton. (mixed) And I've earned the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC. While Brock sits at home thinking he's a Champion, I'm here ever night fighting like a Champion! Whenever it is Brock comes back to the WWE and stands in the ring with me, he will lose! (pop) Until then, every single thing I do will be a statement to Brock. Go through a 12 time Champion and future HOFer and survive. Tonight, right here in San Antonio, Texas, a city of champions gets a main event worthy or San Antonio. The Authority standard bearer, Mr. MITB (heat) the self proclaimed future of the WWE gets a wake up call! Because if Rollins is the future of the WWE, the future ain't tomorrow, the future ain't next month, the future ain't next year! I've often said the future goes through, tonight, I go through the future. Because Seth Rollins is about to go face to face with the man who runs the place!

Steph's music and she comes out in her black suit, tank, and pink ribbon pin, hair pulled around to a low curled side pony. Serious heat for Steph.

Steph – First of all John, I'd like to congratulate you on your victory last night. (heat) I must say I can't wait for tonight's main event against the standard bearer of the WWE, Seth Rollins. But I also can't wait for Survivor Series. We will see a traditional tag team elimination match for the low, low price on the WWE Network of...

Cena – I got this. $9.99. Okay.

Steph – John, actually... Well, I have a business proposition for you. ("What?") You work so hard. ("What?") You work so hard to pander to these people. Go Spurs go, why? To get them to cheer you? You don't have to do this John.

"Go Spurs go!"

Steph – See, even I can do it! Go Spurs go! It's so easy. You tell them what they want to hear, and they repeat it back.

Cena – Sorry Steph, I'm just listening to the people, something you should think about doing.

Steph – When you listen to the people, do you hear Cena sucks? I sure do. My point is not to upset you. I don't want to offend you. I want you to do what's best for business.

"Cena!" chants. Cena smirks.

Steph – That's so moving to you. One arena chants for you and that's going to move you after the years, and years, and years of them chanting against you. I'm sorry, but these people don't matter. What they care about is seeing you on the mat. They care about seeing you leave it all on the line, blood and guts, tearing each other apart. Something you do every night. You leave it all out here and for their appreciation. It doesn't have to be that hard John. You can join The Authority. I know it sounds crazy, but you can come to a place that you're loved, appreciated, and above all, respected. We care about what you do.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph – I mean, think about it John, you're going to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC, a man who has handily beat you, time and time again. Not just beat you, but beat you up, left that carcass laying to those people's cheers. (heat) I think, maybe The Authority could offer a little bit of insurance. Maybe we could help guarantee a victory. Just think about it. I mean, even tonight against Rollins could be the captain of Team Authority. We can give you the power you deserve. We can give you the respect you deserve. The accolades you deserve. To be part of a family.

Cena – Steph, you know what I deserve? All I deserve is a chance to come down that ramp, come in this ring and tell these people how much I love doing this. This is where you got that whole thing upside-down. You want to tell me that these people are here to see me broken, battered and busted? No, no! We show up to WWE all the time because we are all a part of this. (pop) Tell me they are not a part of Raw! They are not here for me, I am here for all of them! You're asking me to turn my back on all of them.

Steph – Yes.

Cena – Then you're asking me to sell out and join The Authority to be your glorified Team Captain. (Cena uses finger quotes for the last two words.)

Steph – I'm asking you to ensure your legacy. I'm asking you to join The Authority and to be part of something bigger for the rest of your life, because when you lose, when you're gone, they won't care! They won't chant your name. They won't even remember John Cena! But we can make sure they do!

Cena – Yeah, yeah, they'll remember John Cena, as a lowlife sellout punk, something I never have been, something I never will be, so here's your answer right now, hell no!

Trip's music hits, and out he comes with a smirk on his face, and a bit of a swagger in his step.

Trip – Told you. You weren't going to move him a bit. Didn't even crack. You're going to stand out here and play the hero. All these people are here for you! We're all in this together, yeahrrr. Big old hero. Here's the thing, you've been here 10-12 years now? I've been here 20. it gets harder every single year, and you are starting to eek by every single night. You're hanging on by a thread. Physically. With them, mentally. You're hanging by a thread because you know what I know, you can't fight the future. The future is coming, whether you want to believe it or not. It doesn't have to be as hard for you right now, and it doesn't have to be as hard as it is going to get. This business is about longevity, doing the right thing over time. Or you can be the beaten down shell of yourself that hobbles down to the ring, comes in for one last hurrah. That doesn't seem to suit you John, because I know you're really smart. I know you got a ton of heart, but this (brain) where it is for you. Maybe I need to prove to you, maybe this kind of conversation isn't where it's at for you, maybe I just got to prove it to you. You cannot stop the future. So have it your way John, work against The Authority. At Survivor Series we will have to make an example out of you. We will have Team Authority, John, you walk back there and fins someone with your guts, your gumption that will stand up against the system to ensure your future. Someone to stand up with you again The Authority, because at Survivor Series, Team Authority will face Team Cena. Team Cena will be whoever you can find to support you John, and you cannot fight the future. It will run through you, tonight or at Survivor Series. We control the future. The Authority controls the future. Whether you like it or not, you had better smarten up to the fact that The Authority always wins!

Off mic Trip is still yelling at Cena who looks like he's about to cry.


Miz & Mizdow vs Usos

All four in the ring, waiting.

Bot Miz and Mizdow remove their shades. "Usos!" chants. Miz and Jimmy lock up. Side headlock on Miz. Jimmy backed into a corner. "We want Mizdow!" chants! Miz ducks a clothesline, then a superkick. Miz planted to the mat for two. Chop to Miz into the face corner, Jey tags in and chops Miz. Miz with a high knee. Miz motions to Mizdow who poses with Miz, but doesn't get the tag. Miz stomps Jey down, then poses more. They get talking about Tom Cruise and Scientology on announce. Miz sent out of the ring, so Mizdow lays down next to him out there. Both Uso twins fly out on them.


Jey slammed back first to the apron. Into the ring Miz gets two.

King brings up some of the action from the app. Jey is caught, can't tag out. Miz with a huge DDT on Jey for two.

Jey into the heel corner. Mizdow tags in and stomps Jey. Snap suplex on Jey for two.

Facelock on Jey on the mat. Slowly to their feet to "Usos!" chants. Mizdow yells, "Take two!" and hits the same DDT for two.

Miz tags in to heat. "You know you love it!" yells Miz, motioning to his face. Miz stomps Jey down, tags in Mizdow who chokes Jey with a foot. Mizdow gets two for the double team.

Jey whipped, then fans are loving Mizdow. Mizdow eats Jey's foot, then blows. Missile drop kick on Mizdow. Both down, both tag out. Clotheslines to Miz, then a big right. Samoan drop on Miz, and the fans chant with Jimmy. Jimmy elevated in the corner. Miz flees, but Jimmy climbs with a crossbody for two.

Miz blocks the kick, Jimmy blocks SCF. Miz rolled up, Mizdow breaks the count.

Twin magic and Miz is rolled up for three.

Winners – Usos (10:56)

Video recap of the high points of the match. They show twin magic. Miz and Mizdow are yelling at the ref about the replay and twin magic.

Backstage Segment

Cena is talking to Ziggler, possibly about Survivor Series. They shake hands.


Backstage Segment

Kane (to Ziggler) – There's a report going around that you were seen talking to John Cena.

Ziggler – Yeah?

Kane - As DOO, I can only take that as an act of aggression against The Authority, which works out well because I'd like to commit an act of aggression against a certain bleached blond Superstar who claims to steal the show each time he's in the ring. I'd like to make that Superstar squeal in pain. I'd like to end that Superstar. See you in the ring, Dolph.

In Ring Segment

Lilian announces Hulk Hogan to the ring. Hogan out to the ring to solid pop in his pink Hulkamania shirt. Hogan signs a sign on his way to the ring. The fans are loving him.

Hogan – Let me tell you something brother. You know something, I can't tell you how happy I was to see Cena win HIAC and beat that no good Randy Orton, dude! Okay, but I disagree because I can't wait for my Champion to take on that stinky beast, Brock Lesnar and bring back his WWE Title Jack. We have to agree that seeing this wave of pink makes us realize Hulkamania is running wild right here in San Antonio, Texas, brother. Komenmania has been running wild all month long, and I just want to thank the WWE for letting me join the fight, Jack, and be the spokesman for this campaign. Even though October is winding down, this fight goes on day after day. These courageous women fight this terrible disease every single day. You know brother, these courageous women are the real Superstars and the inspiration for every single one of us. I would love to have our breast cancer survivors stand and be recognized by the WWE 'Universe'. (They stand, smile, wave.) With all that energy here tonight, and with all the pink in the building, all I can say is, what ya gonna do when Susan G. Komen, the breast cancer survivors and the WWE continue to run wild on all of you, brother?

Hogan motions and all the women in pink file through and climbs the stairs. Cole looks giddy as he talks about working with Susan G. Komen each year. The women are in the ring with Hogan who does his schtick, and they are all motioning and posing along with Hogan! (I have to admit I'm a bit misty watching this. I have tears in my eyes.)

Backstage Segment

Bo heading to the ring with a smile and a Courage, Conquer & Cure shirt on.


Bo vs Ryback

Bo issued and open challenge. He's to the ring, all smiles and poses.

Bo – Earlier I issued an open challenge, now it's time to find out who Bolieves they can beat me.

Ryback's music hits, and out he comes to some solid pop.

"Feed me more!" chants. Bo lifted and tossed in a corner. Ryback eats a foot, but then lifts Bo high and drops him to the mat. "Feed me more!" then a clothesline. "Finish hit!" from Ryback. Bo lifted, Ryback marches, then slammed to the mat.

Winner – Ryback (1:12)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose is getting riled up for his match.


Cesaro vs Ambrose

Cesaro to the ring. Video recap of Orton's attack on Rollins to start the show. Then, backstage (on the app), Orton told Tom that he was going to deal with this the way he deals with things! Ambrose out to face him to serious pop, limping a bit. Video and stills from Ambrose and Rollins in HIAC, all the way to Bray. Ambrose is standing on announce with a mic!

Ambrose – Last night I went straight to hell and loved every second of it. I dragged Rollins with me and beat him to within an inch of his life. The only problem was when I got to hell, I found Bray Wyatt! (heat) I don't know how or why Wyatt did what he did, and I don't care. It's a crazy, crazy world, and you need to remember the law of the jungle, don't mess with an animal whose claws are sharper than yours, and you don't screw with Dean Ambrose! (off comes his hoodie)

"Ambrose!" chants.

Ambrose to the ring and attacks Cesaro with the mic in his hand. Ambrose beats the heck out of Cesaro with the mic, all in Cesaro's face and head. Cesaro from the ring. Ambrose chases and brings Cesaro down hard. Cesaro slammed to the barricade. Cesaro tries to flee, but Ambrose all over him, still pounding Cesaro in the head with the mic. Finally the ref has Cesaro who can barely stand, and Ambrose to the ring.

Ambrose - Where is he? Where is Bray Wyatt? I'm not much for smoke and mirrors. I'm standing right here! Bray, why don't you come out here so I can kick your ass!

Bray on the tron.
Bray – I understand it, because I came from it too. Every time I look at you, I can't help but see my own deranged reflection glaring back at me. We both are victims of a system that makes men tortured. Things that would make others cringe and grimace, excite people like you and me. This world is not made for us. Think about it. What happens next? You tell me, but understand I am not your brother, and not your friend. The sins of this world I walk on a daily basis, I know you you, because I am you. I'm going to dismantle your mind, and feast on the spoils. Run Dean, run.

In Ring Segment

Nikki out with Brie in tow. Nikki makes Brie walk behind her to the ring, then hold the ropes for her. Nikki whispers in Brie's ear, then Nikki throws all her extraneous accessories out at her. Stills from their match at HIAC, then the smoothie poured over Brie's head.


Nikki vs Naomi

Naomi behind Nikki, takes her down, then a clothesline to a sitting Nikki. Nikki fights back, whips Naomi, gains control and lands a rough Alabama slam! Nikki gets two for it.

Nikki adjusts her bracelet, then shoulder blocks to Naomi in a corner. Naomi tossed into the ropes, then an arm wrenched back as Brie isn't impressed outside the ring. Nikki choked Naomi with a foot, then lifts her from the ropes and lets her slam to the mat for one.

Naomi brings Nikki into a corner, but Nikki right back on Naomi with a chinlock, wrenching Naomi back. Naomi slammed to the mat badly, but then pulls Nikki into the ropes. Drop kick to Nikki, then a flipping blow to Nikki. Nikki planted, then kicked to the back of the head. Naomi brings her back to the mat for two.

Nikki from the ring, yelling to Brie. Naomi out to send her in. Brie tentatively holds Naomi's foot. Naomi asks what she's doing and Nikki attacks from behind to send Naomi flying. Back in the ring Nikki hits her rack attack for three.

Winner – Nikki (4:18)

Nikki demands Brie into the ring and raise her hand. Nikki then slams Brie's hand off her own and down.


Kane vs Ziggler

Kane to the ring. Ziggler out to face him.

Ziggler ducks Kane, then again and from the ring. Ziggler back in and on Kane. Kane pushes off. Ziggler back on him with blows, but then eats a shoulder that drops him to the mat. Kane stomps Ziggler on the mat. Kane lifts Ziggler and hangs him up top, then kicks him. Kane grinds a foot into Ziggler's chest. Ziggler eats a corner, then blows. Kane continues on Ziggler under the ropes. Kane pulls Ziggler up, then into the ring the hard way. JBL asks if we've ever seen Ziggler and the Bunny in the same place? Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler free, then into a high knee for two.

Back to the facelock on Ziggler on the mat. The fans clap support for Ziggler. Ziggler up with a jaw buster on Kane who sells it well. Ziggler up, pulls the top rope down, Kane flies out. Kane up to the apron, eats a drop kick to the floor.


Kane is selling pain as Ziggler is on the mat. Ziggler pulled up, but reverses and free. Ziggler up, caught by Kane, but counters and slams Kane face first to the mat. Ziggler on Kane in a corner. Ziggler back, then rushes Kane and eats a SICK right to the face and crumbles to the mat. Kane kicks out, somehow!

Kane pulls Ziggler up by an arm and kicks Ziggler. Ziggler, selling, bounces all over ala HBK. Ziggler in a corner takes blows. Ziggler pulled up by his hair, takes another blow for two.

Kane with an arm and head hold on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler is all floppy and fading. Ziggler whipped, an Kane on him in the corner. Ziggler whipped, gets an elbow up. Ziggler with a foot up in Kane's face. Ziggler up and rushes Kane, on him with blows in a corner, more than ten, then a neck breaker in the center of the ring. Epic elbow on Kane for two.

Kane pushes Ziggler away, lands a 'vintage' side slam on Ziggler for two.

Kane climbs,but Ziggler ducks. Famouser on Kane for two!

"Ziggler!" chants. Kane catches Ziggler's foot, sets up, but Ziggler on him. Ziggler ducks, then a superkick of his own. Ziggler thrown off, then eats a big boot for two.

Kane stalks Ziggler, hand raised and ready. Ziggler reverses, up over Kane's shoulder and down his back, rolls Kane up for three.

Winner – Ziggler (13:38)

Kane is in shock in the ring. Ziggler celebrating outside the ring. Rollins attacks from behind, his Cruiserweight Division in tow. Ziggler into the ring, the two of them stomp him. Kane pulls Ziggler up with one hand for a chokeslam, but Cena's music hits and he runs out. Rollins flees the ring. Cena takes Kane from the ring with a clothesline. Cena raises Ziggler's hand for huge pop. Cena grabs Ziggler's IC strap and hands it to him. The two are in the ring and ready for more fight.


Cena vs Rollins

Cena is in the ring waiting for Rollins. Cena is on the cover of 2K15. They show us Cena vs Brock as the video game. Cena's music is still going, and he tries to get the fans into it. Rollins' music and he comes out with Noble and Mercury in tow, again. Rollins slow to remove his shirt, reveals taped ribs.

The bell rings and Rollins leaves the ring. Rollins talks to Mercury and Noble, then back into the ring. Back in and Cena takes Rollins down from behind. Rollins flees the ring again, this time to heat. Back in and Rollins with a side headlock on Cena. Free, back and forth, hip toss on Rollins. Rollins flees the ring to sell his ribs. Mercury yells at the ref as Noble tends to Rollins. Rollins in, kicks Cena, blows on Cena. Cena punches back and Rollins rolls out. Cena out, gives chase, grabs Rollins, sends him into announce. A blow to the ribs. Rollins behind his stooges, then back at Cena with a cheap shot. Rollins rolls Cena in, climbs the stairs, into the ring, clotheslines Cena. Blows on Cena which Cena sells. Blows on Cena in a corner. The ref pulls Rollins off, and Mercury with a cheap shot on Cena from the apron. Cena tossed out, Rollins distracts the ref for Noble and Mercury stomps Cena.

Rollins out, grabs Cena, lands a lovely suplex on Cena that hurts Rollins as well. The ref is counting them out of the match. Cena rolled in, Rollins follows. "Cena!" chants. Rollins on Cena in a corner, all on Cena's ribs. Cena whipped, Rollins with a forearm to Cena's face. Rollins pulls Cena up. Cena blocks, blows of his own, but Rollins back to Cena's ribs, then off the top with a lovely neck breaker on Cena for two.


Cena all over Rollins with blows. Noble into the barricade. Cena into the stairs. Mercury talks Rollins up. Rollins into the ring. "Cena!" chants. Cena slides into the ring. Rollins stomps Cena. Blows to Cena's face on the mat. Facelock on Cena on the mat. Cena up and out, ducks Rollins. Shoulder blocks on Rollins. Rollins side steps and Cena flies out. Cena outside, so Rollins flies out. Cena barely catches him. Rollins actually lands back first to announce and really sells the pain. Both are down outside. Rollins really sells the ribs as the ref counts. Cena sent in, Rollins in after him. Rollins pins for two.

Big punch drops Cena. Cena on the apron pulls himself to his feet. Rollins up, pulls Cena up with him from the apron. Rollins up top, Cena with punches. Rollins to the mat on his feet. Cena flies with a crossbody for two. Rollins up. Rollins gets free and lands a SICK DDT on Cena for two.

Double ax handle on Cena. Rollins stomps Cena who ends up rolling out. Rollins out, grabs Cena into the barricade. The ref is counting. Into the ring. Rollins up top, Rollins misses most of it, but gets a pin and pins Cena for two.

Facelock on Cena on the mat. One of Rollins' legs over Cena, looking like they're spooning on the mat. Cena muscles out, grabs Rollins' leg, but kicked off. Rollins with a drop kick to Cena's face. JBL, "I can't talk because I'm watching greatness!" Both to their feet. Rollins with a blow that sends Cena through the ropes. Noble on Cena with a cheap shot. Little Naich counts Cena out as Rollins waits, hanging on the ropes. Suddenly Super Cena is into the ring after 9. Rollins stomps the heck out of Cena, except when Cena rolls away and Rollins keeps stomping. Both are slow and hurting, then Super Cena with his normal routine of moves, waves his hand in front of his face to the Cruiserweight Division. Rollins up, Cena elevates him over and onto the stooges. Cena sends Rollins in, but then eats a most beautiful enziguri for two.

Rollins dives at Cena in a corner, takes both feet to the chest and ribs. A solid DDT on Rollins for two.

Both slow to their feet, wobbly, but Rollins up. Rollins somehow lands on his feet, but Cena ducks his kick. STF avoided by ropes. Kick to Cena's ribs, then Rollins hits a move that Cena does most of the work to elevate and flip Rollins, but Rollins gets two for it. Split-screen video recap of the high points of the match.

Rollins climbs. Cena up, blows on Rollins, then climbs. Rollins down Cena's back, lifts Cena then runs across the ring with a powerbomb into the opposite corner for a long two.

Both slow to their feet. Rollins calls for the finisher, but Cena moves, trips him in a messy way, but manages to lock on the STFU. Rollins can't reach the ropes, so he motions for help. Kane is there. Kane breaks the hold and ends the match.

Winner – Cena via DQ (22:16)

Ziggler out and gets into it, evening the sides with Cena. But then Noble and Mercury are in and they're out numbered again. But wait, there's Stardust, Goldust, Miz, Mizdow, and the entire locker room run to the ring for show bonuses! Rollins flees the ring as everyone else in the ring fights it out.

The Authority to the stage to join Rollins.

R-Truth, Big Show, Sheamus, Los Matadores, Swagger. They all work to the outside of the ring. Then it's just Cena and Slater. Cena with an AA on Slater! Then an AA on Bo! Cena poses in the ring and his music plays as he looks up to the stage, Trip and Kane standing tall with Rollins and the stooges.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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